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Offensive Tackle Eric Fisher Could Be The Eagles Top Pick

Central Michigan’s offensive tackle Eric Fisher wants to walk in the footsteps of current San Francisco 49ers All-Pro left tackler Joe Staley, who also played his college ball at Central Michigan.  Fisher said he saw Staley’s picture on the wall when he was being recruited at the school as a high schooler and he said to himself, “I want to follow him there”.

He didn’t just say, I could tell from the way he works and the execution of his technique that this young man has put in the time and the work to get himself ready.

The big, lean blocker caught my eye at the Senior Bowl practice yesterday and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him during the one-on-one pass drills and nine-on-seven run drills, then the team drills.  He was kicking butt and taking names.  He dominated everybody yesterday including fellow likely first round pick Texas defensive end Alex Okafor.

The first thing I thought when I watched Fisher doing the drills at the beginning of practice is “That is a grown man”.  He 6’7″ and he weighs 305.  This kid is going to get bigger and stronger.  He’s got the frame to put on a 20 or 30 pounds, which will make him stronger, but still just as quick and mobile.

Fisher put Okafor on his back on a drive block during the nine-on-seven run drills.  The Texas defensive end isn’t a very good run stopper, but it was unusual for me to see him put the defender flat on his back at this level.  This young man has been taught very well because he rarely gets out of position.  This kid was a beast out there yesterday and he was dominating everybody who came near him, yet he doing it while under control.

Okafor, who is one of the best pass rushers in the draft, did have a good pass rush against Fisher, but it wasn’t a clean win for him.  Fisher dominated the Longhorn pass rusher for the most part, all day long.

The Central Michigan product is a very good athlete and he has everything it takes to be an outstanding offensive tackle in the National Football League for a long time.  I like the fact that he could play either offensive tackle position right or left, but he’s playing the all important left side right now.

Fisher is  disciplined with his technique.  He stays balanced and doesn’t make the mistake of trying to attack the pass rusher.  He strikes him with his hands, then gets them back into the strike position to strike again.  I like the way he keeps himself in position for the next move.

The Central Michigan blocker does a good job of using his hands to stop pass rushers from grabbing his pads.  I like the fact that he’s got a mean streak, but he keeps it under control.  You could tell that he would love to totally finish off the pass rusher, but he maintains that discipline.  I love the way he finishes a block by staying after the defender until the whistle blows.

Is he worth the fourth pick in the draft? YES. I saw nothing to suggest that he wouldn’t be.

The Eagles have stressed the fact that they’re going to draft the best player available, when they pick, so I could see Fisher coming to Philadelphia.  He’s got the total package, plus he’s right handed but has been playing on the left side.

I talked to him after practice and I like this kid.  He’s a sharp young man, who is focused and motivated.

The youngster says he could play either tackle position, which would give the Eagles the choice of using him to replace Jason Peters if he can’t come back from the Achilles tear, or he could play right tackle and allow them to move Todd Herremans to the right guard position. on Facebook

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172 Comments for “Offensive Tackle Eric Fisher Could Be The Eagles Top Pick”

  1. I do hope the Eagles commit to drafting the best player available.

    • Good point Tech, I believe the Birds will finally follow that course of thinking. They implemented that last draft and look at all the gems they came back with. Years prior guys like Banner tried to keep the cap under control and bring guys in with marginal talent, guys that can play the position but not at a particularly high level or good at all. That allowed them to go out and get a bunch of stiffs yet no impactful guys. Cared more about the Cap/Money over the success of the team. So this new thought process is what the great organizations do. Mainly the Steelers and Ravens. They just stay right where they are in the draft and always get a good player.

  2. ditto, thats all I want also . 2 yrs ago Earl Thomas was the best player @ # 12 and we missed him and that will haunt us for yrs to come ( thomas is in his 3rd pro bowl) trading back a little isn’t a bad thing as long as we draft correctly with the extra pick

    • Oh my God, get over it already and move on.
      The Eagles can draft FS DJ Swearinger and they will be fine there. People, you gotta move on from the Earl Thomas pick. It’s over, for three years already!!!

  3. Eagles need as many picks as they can get in the first 4 Rounds
    If they can trade back from #4 to later in the 1st Round, they should be
    able to get a couple of extra picks and then use T Cole, Maclin and or others in Trades to get more picks in that 2nd-4th Round area…

    • I just don’t see a lot of teams that are going to want to move up in this draft. But who knows, the new salary rules may change this way of thinking.

      Under the old rules there is no way teams would want to move up for anyone in round 1.

  4. Tthe only position, other than Defense, I would not mind see them going is tackle. I have a feeling Peters will be healthy and ready to roll. Will he be the players he was last season? Thats a tall order. I dont think you trade this #4 pick, take best available and see what we can get.

    Paul, why trade Maclin?

  5. Maclin in final Year of his Contract and will want a big Contract
    I can’t see the Eagles having D-JAx ($50 Million) & Maclin ($40-$50 Deal) on the same Roster.. Word is that Maclin is homesick and doesn’t really like the Philly area and would prefer to play for hometown Team of SL Rams or even KC Chiefs due to his familiarity of Coach AR.. I think his Value is as High as it will ever be and if I could get a 2nd Round Pick for hime or even a HIgh 3rd Round for him, I jump on it..
    I just can’t see both D-Jax/Maclin with both big Contracts on this Team in 2014 (and especially for average production)

  6. I am not impressed with Maclin. They need. Big physical receiver with good hands. Trade down gran a few extra picks and build.

    Eagles should look into mike wallace this offseason.

  7. I see your points, but I think I am on the other side of the fence. I say let him play out his deal and see what happens. He seems to be a little bit of a prick, always seems arrogant when he is interviewed. That dosent bother me, just a observation. Say the eagles trade him, than what?

  8. Off of a 4-12 Season, the Eagles have very few Players with actual Trade Value
    I keep bringing up Maclin and Trent Cole since they probably have the Highest Value of any other Eagles… (maybe Cullen Jemkins also)
    the Rest of the Veterans either have too large of Contracts (Vick/Asmo/D-Jax/Ryans) or have health Issues and age creeping up them (Herremans/Patterson/Celek)

    If the Eagles want to rebuild on Defense and add 5-7 Quality PLayers to rebuils that side of the Team, this is the Draft to do it but they need 2 Additional Picks in the earlier Rounds which means some other Players on the Roster who may not be long-term Players for the Eagles and Chip Kelly may be the ones that need to go

    Everyone has to keep in mind , a very healthy 2011 Eagle Team was 8-8
    and banged up Eagle 2012 Team was 4-12, the Reality is that this Core Of Eagles Players has been 12-20 since the 2011 Season, so I believe that no Player is untouchable as far as Trades go if it improve the Overall Team
    WR’s are a dime a dozen… Both Maclin/D-Jax’s Production #’s Rank in the #40-#50 Range of WR’s in the NFL so we are not talking about replacing some Top notch Production # here..

  9. Paulman, you have to lay off these side angles of this player homesick, that coach prefers to stay on the west coast, etc. are you homesick living away from probably not and that’s a good thing for us

    • No homesick for me Jake,
      I moved away in 1988 and haven’t looked back at the ceasepool that is PHilly area.. IN fact, I don’t how people even live up in the Northeast anymore..
      Traffic,Pollution,Crime,Taxes,Cost of Living.. You can have have it..
      My extended Family all still live in South Jersey, so I vist twice a year and that’s enough for me.. I miss the Beach and the Food and that’s about it
      but even the Beach Towns are overriden with people and congestion that it;s a nightmare to park,eat out,etc,etc..

  10. I honestly believe Maclin will have a ton more success with Foles at the helm. You could see the rapport that was building last year between the two. I would prefer to hang onto Maclin and let him play the deal out. You could see Mac is a receiver predicated on getting the ball at a spot and on time. That is def not mike Vicks strength. I do not know this for a fact, it seems like it could be a strenght of Nick Foles.

  11. Paulman is correct about one thing. Either DJax or Maclin are gonna go. Who it will be is anyones guess.

  12. Paulman i agree with 100% on trading Maclin. I’m also ok with Desean Jackson being traded too. We need to get bigger at WR. I know Kelly likes the small quick receivers, but size and speed is what this team needs. Multiple draft picks is what this team needs. I’m all for it. But we all know that the Eagles are smarter than everyone else and will go against the grain like always…

  13. Rams would love MAclin as a consistent outside Target for QB Bradford
    Rams haev 2 1st Round PIcks (#16 & #22), and 1 2nd Round Pick (#48) and I believe 2 3rd Round Picks as well with that big trade with the Redskins last Year..
    I would send Maclin to the Rams for their 2nd Rounder (#48 Overall) in a Heartbeat

  14. I honestly can’t imagine getting anything better than a 4th rounder for either Cole or Maclin. And I’d do it in both cases. Those top 3 round picks are rarely traded for anything other than a QB or pro bowler. Randy Moss went to the Pats for a 4th rounder years ago. Can’t imagine Maclin fishing anything better than that. But, if the offer is there for anything prior to the 4th round….I give a huge hell ya!!!

  15. Revis is available for the right price. Make a offer for this years 2nd rounder and next years 1st rounder and id make that deal in a heart beat. Revis is NOT Nnamdi. I know the injuries but I dont care. The best corner in the league. He will shutdown Victor Cruz twice a year, Shutdown Dez Bryant twice a year he is more than worth it and he’s only 27 years old.

  16. Revis will be 28 in July, coming off major ACL Surgery and who knows how this impacts his Lateral Movement and Overall Speed,
    No way do I as a 4-12 Team in a rebuilding mode spend a 2nd Rd (36th Overall) and a 1st Rounder in 20114 (probably a Top 10) Pick for a Player with heatlh Concerns.. This Eagle Roster needs a make-over and like 20 new Players and is 2 Years away from competing for a Playoff Spot.. Why mortgage the Furture for an expensive Veteran whose best years are probably behind him
    If Eagles were a Playoff Contending Team right now, than maybe It would make sense, but Eagles need to follow the Colts and Seahawks Blue PRint..
    Cut the CHord with Players over 29 Years of Age and draft,draft and acquire young players and Coach them up instead of relying on short-term injured,overpaid,underperforming players from other Teams,.Systems,etc,etc The Eagles have already done this the last 2 Off-Seasons with disastrous results.. Why go down this road when this Eagle Team is far from contending in 2013…

  17. I agree once again Paulman. Revis sounds tempting, but the Eagles need to stock pile picks. Plus Ashmo really put a bad taste in our mouths. And I’m sure the Eagles are a little gun shy at this point when it comes to high prized free agents. Not gonna happen this yr. It’s trade away what we have, and stock pile picks. I truly believe this is the directions the Eagles are going in.

  18. I would not be surprised if Luke Joeckel, Lane Johnson, DJ Fluker, and Eric Fisher all go top 10… What do you think?

  19. Forget about Revis and his injuries. The Eagles got burned with a healthy Nnamdi. Get the secondary fixed with some draft picks and a FA safety like Jairius Byrd.

    Your right Paulman this team needs picks and you never give away a first and second for damaged goods.

  20. Adrian Peterson came off the same injury and he’s had a MVP season. Revis is still young and by far the best corner the league has had in years. The Secondary is arguably the most important thing this team needs to fix. Consider this. We dont know how good the 4th overall pick will be but I know how good Revis is. Revis is not Nnmandi. Revis is unlike anything this city has ever seen. He would immediately be the best tackler on the team. He would shutdown any WR across from him (other than Steve Johnson). In a not so impressive draft I cant see why you dont trade the 4th pick for him.

  21. Paulman I dont think you are seeing the big picture here. The Eagles are sitting at #4 in a draft where there are not any eye catching Quarterbacks. For a team to trade up it would mean they want someone they think would be there at #4. Usually a quarterback. This year you dont have those kind of players that a team would want to trade up for. Eagles will not turn the #4 pick into 2 1st round picks this year. Perhaps a 1st next year but why do that when you can trade that pick for the best player at his position (revis)

    • The Rams have #16 and #22 picks and would a shot at OT Joeckel, Or Fisher, there are no Franchise QB’s in this Draft so I agree with you that not a lot of Teams will want to move up but believe the Rams could be one of those Teams to get an elte 10 year Starter at OT where many Teams need

      • There are a few OT that grade just a bit lower than Joeckel so why in the world would you trade both your picks for him. Just think about it would you want to do that if you were the Eagles?

        • What happens if Joeckel goes 1st (very possible)
          Then you have Eagles, Lions,Cardinals,Jets,Panthers all Selecting before
          The Rams at #16 who all need OT’s as well..
          So then the Rams if they want to Top 3 OT’s may have to move up
          As a Scenario
          Top 3 OT (Joeckel, Fisher & Lane Johnson)
          Will like go in the Top #15 Sekections as Day 1
          Starters at OT which is a difficult position to Fill as we know too well in Philly…

          • why don’t we want a top 3 tackle? a foundation… i know we need a lot of players but man a tackle for 10-12 years… think tra and john…. when you have players like that it makes everything so much easier!

  22. Steve Spagnuolo should get snapped up by the Eagles as he just got fired by the Saints. Absolutely ludicrous dismissal considering how little talent New Orleans had left on the defensive side of the football and even then he had them playing pretty well by the end of the season.

    • Since his 1, yes 1, good season as DC of the Giants, Spagnuolo has failed miserably with both the Rams and Saints. While I understand there were other issues with the Saints this year, his D was historically bad (except when they played the Birds). You can have him.

  23. Saints signed some big name free-agents in LB’s Curtis Lofton,
    And the LB from Seahawks whose name escapes me, they have former #1
    Picks in DL Cam Heyward, Sedrick Ellis and Jenkins in the Secondary and Spags was a failure for 3/4 of the Season

  24. Profootballtalk suggests Ravens practice squad QB Dennis Dixon could end up in Philadelphia next season with his college head coach Chip Kelly.
    PFT is simply connecting the dots here, but it’s a logical option. Dixon has been running the scout team in Ravens practice as the team prepares for Colin Kaepernick in the Super Bowl. Dixon played for Kelly at Oregon and was a Heisman candidate in his 2007 senior season before a torn ACL ended that run. Dixon passed for 2,136 yards and 20 touchdowns while adding 583 yards and nine more scores on the ground that year. He hasn’t appeared in an NFL game since 2010 with the Steelers.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Profootballtalk on NBC Sports


  25. I don’t even read these so called draft prospect articles on here anymore because it becomes a waste of time speculating. All I care about is what coach Kelly believes is the right guy, not what is being said on here and every other site. After years and years of this crap, I’m just waiting on draft day. Kelly might trade a first rounder for three 2nd round picks and turn them into first round talent. Fellas, just be glad Reid is gone and be happy we got a new general in charge who wants to win now. Also, I’m most delighted that Marty is gone as well, the thought of him and Reid’s pass happy arse’s destroyed my love for our team week in and weak out. Enough speculation, I ain’t assuming anything until I see the direction General Kelly takes us. If the guy doesn’t fit into Kelly’s style of team play then his pick round doesn’t mean a thing, and we saw that with Allen and Jarrett.

    • I agree Rocko, we all see these guys play and have our own opinion which counts for absolutely nothing. Roseman and Kelly are the only ones that know what they want.

  26. Cont: Oh and the overgrown fireman as well…

  27. I actually think the Eagles are in a good spot at 4. They’re going to get one of Joeckel(OT), Lotulelei (DT) or Milner (CB).

    These are all positions of need. And in 2 cases extreme need (OT and DB)

    People only trade up for QBs and OTs. There are no QBs worth trading up for and Joeckel will either be gone or available at 4 for the Birds.

    Again, the Eagles in a bit of a bind as far as the QB position goes if they want one….missed the boat last year, and are a year early for what is expected to be a QB rich draft next year. Taking a QB this year, even in 2nd round would be a reach at best. Typical.

    I can’t see how they don’t run at QB with what they have….if he’s good then $$ and we’re on our way….if he’s not then there is another 4-12 sseason and we’re in line for one of the several solid well hyped prospects coming out next year including Manziel, Bridgewater…..much better option than taking a project again and hoping he’s good in 2 years.

  28. Eagles should stay far, far, far, far away from Johnny Manziel.

  29. Taj Boyd and Teddy Bridgewater are two big bodied, athletic qbs in next years draft that would intrigue me. Thats why I think it’s pointless to go after a qb in this draft with so many other needs.

    • So true Frank thats why like henski posted earlier we may be stuck with a year of Foles/Vick/Dixon until Kelly gets the guy under center he wants and if it’s Boyd or Bridgewater the Eagles will be fine for years to come.

    • Frank, I will say it again you are a smart man…..thats how a real GM forcasts fixing problems. Totally agree!

  30. I agree with both of you. There is no QB in this draft that that I think that the Birds should take over trying to fill many other holes. This yea will be a transition year, and I would attempt to sure up some other things before I throw a young QB into the mix. Stick with what they have at QB and look to fill that position next year. A lot of agreement here which is pretty rare.

  31. What would you guys think of #4 and #35 to the Jets for Reevis and #9? Milliner is a reach at #4 but I’ll take him at #9. Instant rebuild of the secondary. Ready to rock in 2014. Just give Reevis five years at Nnamdi money with it spread out and not front loaded until we see how the ACL shakes out. That’s fair. I’m not shelling out a ten million signing bonus for a guy that is 28 and hurt. I think he and his agent would have to accept that and take the big raise. If he is worth $ 60 million he will get it in the next five years. If he is busted goods, he is SOL.

  32. More Eagles’ senior bowl meetings:

    Oregon State wide receiver Markus Wheaton,
    Colorado tight end Nick Kasa,
    Illinois defensive end Michael Buchanan,
    Texas wide receiver Marquise Goodwin Connecticut cornerback Dwayne Gratz
    Clemson center Dalton Freeman

  33. Revis wants100 million with 60 million guarenteed coming off a injury. This team isnt close to competing. Build through the draft.

  34. I agree with Dag here. Revis is going to want/demand a big payday which I think will be more that what you guys think.

    • Thats the reports coming out of Revis camp. He wants Mario Williams money. The Jets then want draft picks for Revis. High draft picks. You will have to give up definetly a #1 plus multiple other high draft picks for the best defensive player in the NFL. Eagles are in NO position to do that.

  35. daggolden….NO ONE will give him that. He is dilusional. Maybe if he balls out next year and comes back like AP, he gets 14 or 15 for four years. But not right now. I think he has to accept a contract with the money spread out right now. Thats good business. If you are worth $60 million, you will get it. If you can’t play as well anymore, you won’t and don’t deserve it. I am not guaranteeing you a King’s ransom for maybe. If you’re healthy and help my team for five years, you will get what you are worth.

    • Spoken like a GM who was screwed. lol. Ala Nnamdi has scorned us Eagles fan.Im right with you bro. Honestly I dont care it doesnt effect the Eagles but after listening to H Edwards, B Dawkins, a Jets representative and Revis rep on Mike and Mike this morning not once did the knee come up. its not even a concern. Hes doing great. All that was said by all was most DOMINATING defensive player in NFL bar none and he will be highest paid defensive player in NFL. He doesnt have to prove shit. lol Thats the reality.

  36. bugs…he can’t get it with the injury and his age. He can demand all he wants. And teams will tell him to fuck off. He has to prove it next year or take less guarantee.

    • First off he is 27. ancient. Second I really doubt teams will tell the best defensive player in the league to “fuck off”. Trust me i Mario Williams and his 6 sacks a year can get 100 million the most dominating corner/ shutdown/take half the field away corner in the NFL can get the same. IMO.

  37. SHut hald the field down like CB Asmo was supposed to do..
    You have to believe that Revis will have lost a 1/2 Step and may not be as
    quick with his lateral movment either.. At least for most of 2013..
    I stay clear away from him and do not risk trading High Draft PIcks, Taking on anothe rbig Salary for questions about his health and overall recovery from major ACL Surgery.. Eagles need healthy bodies & players and lots of them.. They should look to trade their own Veterans and stock up on Defensive Players and OL this Draft which is Deep in these areas as they rebuild under 1st Year Chip Kelly..

  38. Contributing reason as to why the Eagles would get rid of Nnamdi is his contract and performance to fulfill the contract…Same situation with #7….I don’t see the Eagles replacing Nnamdi with Revis at the money, Revis is going to want, coming off a serious injury. I say pass on Revis…Snatch a strong corner like a Xavier Rhodes in the 2nd or 3rd round, who also has the ability to move to safety, good size at 6’2 215.

  39. paul…I was just thinking if the Jets would take 4 and 35 for Reevis and 9. We get a corner that is still good and has respect from QBs and then we get Milliner at 9 where is more where he belongs. I don’t want to reach for him at 4. Then we maybe get a FA safety and the secondary is fixed. If Ed Reed wouldn’t try to break the bank would you give him three years for the leadership and toguhness he brings? I know it is age 36-38 and he has been hurt. Like I said, I’m not giving him $25 million for three years to retire on. He can find some other sucker for that. But if he would take 14 or 15?

  40. paul….I am very guarded about BPA at 4 because it is probably a DE. And as a draftnick would you not agree that is by far the hardest position in football to project with a very high bust rate? You almost have to go need over BPA if BPA is a DE. There are so many tweeners these days. Also, another question? Do you agree this team is throwing away some decent talent if they go 3-4? I think Graham and Kendricks have real potential that will be lost in a 3-4.

    • Right now at the 4th SPot going by BPA, it will at the DL/LB postions
      Star Lotulei,Demontre Morre, Jarvis Jones,Barkevious Mingo will all be close at the Spot..
      DE Spot is difficult to project.. remember the Eagles are going on their 5th DL Coach since JJ DAys and their 4th D/C when Kelly annouces his new HIre, so a lack of Stability on the entire Defensive Staff has no doubt hurt the prgress or lack of progress I believe by some of these Eagle Defenders.. Look at the Secondary alone that went for Sean MCDermott, to DIck Jauron, to Johnny Lynne to Todd Bowles, to Mike Zordich in the last 5-6 Seasons.. It’s not wonder that Nate Allen, J Jarett, Curtis Marsh,Brandon Boykin have struggled.. Look at the Veterans Secondary that have stuggled with these constant changes (Asmo/DRC/J Hanson)
      I am not making any excuses, the Eagle need to rebuild this Secondary entriely, but a stable Defensive Coaching Staff that speaks the same language and has this Unit play as 1 concerted focus group that know and understand the scheme that they are in will do wonders for the Players to at least have a chance to be succesful, Hopefully Ed Donatell is that Guy calling the Shots from a Defensive Perspective..

  41. I am sure the Jets would take #4 and #35 for Revis which equates to practically 2 1st Round Picks.. I just don’t believe the Eagles are 1 or 2 Players away fro, legitimately contending so I would pass on this Deal or any Deal to bring in Veteran Players for Draft Picks.. If I am Chip Kelly, I am looking to trade my own Veteran Players who I don’t see as a fit for my system and trade them to other teams to acquire more Draft Picks..
    Revis only makes sense going to a team that’s built to win now.. and I don’t believe the Eagles are in that group for they have to make the Playoffs first
    Now Legitimate Playoff Teams like the Falcons, Saints, Bengals,Texans, Broncos, going all in for a CB Revis for High Draft PIcks, I can see as a possibility, but not the Eagles, Jaguars,Chiefs,Raiders,Caridnals,etc,etc that need so many other pieces just to get to the PLayoffs that it just doesn’t make sound financial shape to do so in the short-term or the loss of High Drafr Picks for the long-term.. .. I just don’t do it..

  42. Real……I agree. But I don’t think Reevis is getting what he wants. Guys like Snyder and Jones that would do it are strapped right now and Al Davis is dead so that clears out a lot of the suckers that inflate the market. If you could get him for Nnamdi’s five year sixty million, would you do it?

    • JBird, good point, at Nnamdi’s price tag maybe not so bad, but 12 million a year for a player coming off a serious injury, is a bit risky for me…To me it all depends on the front office plan….If the plan is a 2-3 year plan, I think adding a contract like that will restrict them from some possible moves, that could help the team become deeper.

      If the Eagles can free themselves of Nnamdi’s big contract I would go after a young CB in the draft and bring in a free agent safety if possible, player like a Dashon Goldon to play safety (I know wishful thinking, 49ers probably won’t let him go) if that doesn’t work out look at ATL’s William Moore.

  43. paul… don’t forget my deal entails a swap of firsts. Don’t know if you caught that. They have to give us Reevis and the ninth pick. So they get to move up five spots to the HOF position in the draft and get a high second. I think if you stay 4-3, bring in two good corners in Milliner and Reevis with Cox, Graham, Ryans, Kendricks and a hopefully better Trent Cole and a healthy O line, 10-6 is a real possibility if Chip Kelly is as great on offense as we all hope. We could certainly be the Vikes/Colts of 2013. Happens all the time.

  44. Paul… Falcons are strapped and Saints and Bengals are way too cheap. So clear those names.

  45. Need to trade out of #4… too many needs…. #4 = 1800 pts….Rams have #16 and #22 = 1780 pts…. Rams need a stud OT, done deal!

    Eagles free agency:

    Sign CB Marcus Trufant, Seattle… veteran who is a safe signing..1-2 yr deal.

    Build through the draft (rounds 1-3):

    #16 – S Kenny Vaccaro, Texas…..plays both saefty positions…. can hit and cover…
    #22 – CB Desmond Trufant, Washington…..moving up the draft boards…..stud lockdown corner….held USC Marquise Lee to 2 catches for 32 yards…..pair him with his brother…

    2nd round – DT John Jenkins, Georgia 6-5 350….. need a plug in the middle for the 3-4 scheme….Jenkins is a beast in the Wilfork mold….anchor of the defense for the next 10 years

    3rd round – QB EJ Manuel, FSU…. mobile, athletic, big-arm, needs time, but can be a potential star with the right coaching…

  46. forgot to mention DRC is not coming back and CUT Gumby Asomugha – $5m cap hit but saves you from paying him $15m

  47. Remembering that the Eagles are OVER next year’s cap and will be dumping salary this off-season, not acquiring it.

    The “kaboom” sound you are going to hear this offseason is the sound this new management/coaching structure is going to do to the veteran player salaries.

    They’re not going to be adding any 60-100 million dollar players either. Not for a couple of years. No trading for Revis. No re-signing DRC (thank goodness).

    All new. All young. All cheap.

  48. I disagree Vinnie….The Eagles already have one of the youngest teams on the defensive side of the ball…They need veteran leadership to provide a nice balance…If Nnamdi/DRC are both gone as some suggest, the Eagles will be looking to bring in a veteran DB…This will take some time, Eagles won’t be cleaning house of all the players in one year time…It will take 2-3 years until we see a dramatic change in the personnel. To say the Eagles won’t be looking to bring in good players from free agency is, dumb…no disrespect…if there is a possibility to improve the team, they will try and improve the team.

    There are more players you guys want to be released than the Eagles have draft picks….haha…Eagles need to have a full roster somehow….

    • i agree in part… i just wouldn’t call revis veteran leadership… he is an outstanding player but lets not forget that he never stops talking about getting paid more and more… we have had enough of that. they will look to ryans and graham i would imagine for leadership on the D…. maybe a vet but certainly not revis………he isn’t just a ‘veteran DB’ … he is awhole lot more than that! too many headaches, cost too much and no way, no how….STAY AWAY FROM REVIS~!!!!!!!

    • They might be looking to bring in free agents…but they’re going to be young, and cheap.

    • I just dont see them holding onto to certain players. I think they will sign a few Safties from Free Agency and draft a heck of a lot of Defensive Players. Ryans doesnt fit the 3-4 nor does Jenkins…So much speculation and 2nd guessing going on. I guess well all find out together because honestly this has been the hardest off season to predict that I can remember.

  49. vinnie…along those lines. At seven mil, Herremans might be the richest RT in the league. He sucked last year before he got hurt and I think he was one of the people guys like Avant were referring to when they said they are distracted by their creature comforts and resting on laurels. Now if he slides back to OG, don’t you think he will be meeting with Howie sometime this spring about his pay cut or do they let him slide and consider it back pay from the years he was under paid?

    • Well if he heads back to guard…which I think is a strong possibility, I could see where they ask him to re-do that deal

      Its difficult to guage who those “comfortable” players were I think there were on both sides of the ball….and over the last 6/7 games I was really beginning to question the injuries out there (Watkins, Heremans, Desean, Vick….lot of guys pulling up lame when things weren’t going well….)

      I still remember the one day I attended at TC when DRC was completely goofing off doing the “robot” out to his position etc.,…Castillo got in his face…trying to get him to focus…barked at him with some colourful language…adn 30 secs later the “robot” was back. I was there with my wife and kids and turned to my wife and said, “I thihnk this is going to be a long season”

      So I am not entirely sure who will be purged…but I would guess Vick, DRC, Nnamdi if we draft a corner #1, Jenkins,…perhaps cole and Herremans (at least a pay cut)…..and perhaps even some suprises with Desean….and even Demarco Ryans…..

      I do not agree with Realtalk that we’ll be bringing in any FAs of note…not this year. Kelly will want to establish his culture…..and that’s a lot easier done on young kids.

  50. Cole keeps his money. He sucked last year and has always been over rated. But he was still under paid fior years and was really good about it.

  51. where does Cole fit in the 3-4? you don’t pay a guy $7-8m to be a situational pass rusher

  52. Jott…I agree Cole can’t play in space as an OLB. Do you think it is wise to switch to a 3-4 and just have guys like Graham, Cole and Kendricks and to some extent Ryans be rendered pretty much useless. It seems like we are going to total rebuild if you go 3-4. Essentially you look at the D and you say,”well we have Cox at DE and that’s it. Every other position needs to be filled.” So now you need ten guys instead of maybe six or seven. Thats two years if you’re lucky. I think this might be Cole and Ryans last year anyway due to cap concerns and age decline. But you have to have a stud pass rusher at OLB and a monster at NG. Those things require high first round picks. So if it is 3-4, then we need an OLB or NG this year and the other next year.

  53. This is going to be a long rebuilding project. We don’t have many great young players. If you look at guys under 28, we have Shady and Cox. Thats it. Two outstanding players under 28. Kelce and Kendricks are possible but not there yet. Boykin looks to be just a guy as does Curry. Everyone else is older. And Maclin and Jackson just don’t really cut it. Celek is fine for a few more years. He fits the bill as above average. You need a core of great young players, some select vets and everyone else (as far as starters) just can’t suck. Like you can’t have Dahani Jones or Winson Justice or Danny Watkins out there starting. But obviously every position is not going to be a PB player. But you do need a few APs and PBs on the team. At least five or six. I would say, one O lineman, A TE or WR, a QB or RB, a pass rusher, a CB or S, and one LB. Two of them should be AP (i.e. best in the league at their position, great not just good). We are talking Dawkins not Donovan. Dawk was great. Donovan was just good.

  54. If Star Lotulelei is there at #4 the Eagles will not pass on a guy like that. Honestly he could go in the top 3 so the Birds can only hope he drops to them. Hes a monster. He does remind me alot of a Haloti Ngata.. Demands a double team, franchise changing DLineman

  55. what if Joeckel and Star are still left on the board at 4? I’d tend to think they go with the best LT in the draft.

  56. Jon….I agree. But he is not projected to be there. They say the Raiders love him. We will probably take a tweener DE/OLB with high bust potential. Great piece if they live up to draft position, but probably 3:1 odds. Or we reach for Milliner.

    • I agree JB, Milliner is a good player but not in the class of a guy like Star. Two different positions (both positions of need for us) but different classes. The Raiders do pretty well drafting defensive players, its the offensive end they always mess up on. Lets hope the Raiders have eyes for QBs Geno Smith or a Matt Barkley then that ll open up the chances to get Star. Him along with Cox would be a devastating DLine.

      I could really see the Raiders drafting Geno Smith or Matt Barkley with that pick. Not much left in the tank for Carson Palmer so they really could go QB early. They do things like that all the time.

  57. Frank, Joeckel will be gone by then. Hes most likely the 1st overall pick. And if Im the Birds I wouldnt go Oline, they are getting all there guys back on the Line so IMO theyll be back intact. They have to fix this defense, have to. There is noway they go offense with the 1st pick esp being that they plan to change over to a 3-4 Defense. Star is the ideal 3-4 NT, hes very versatile. Hes the guy if hes there.

  58. Frank…my concern is this. LT and RT are two different positions that people think you can mix and match. Only the great LTs are outstanding drive blockers. Usually they are nimble pass protectors. I don’t think Joekel makes a good RT. RT has to drive block, especially if you want to run the ball. JP did both. Tra Thomas on the other hand only pass protected at a high level. The Central MI kid doesn’t drive block all that well either. RTs need to be about 325. a LT can be around 300-310 and its fine. Joekel is small for a RT. I would take Star in either 3-4 or 4-3 defense.

  59. Jon….Herremans sucks at RT. And we don’t know how Kelce and JP look until we see them. We cannot assume the O line is fine next year.

  60. Maybe the new coach will be smart and have JP play RT to compensate for his loss of quickness. I always thought the Eagles did not do things like the Steelers and the Pats do where you move guys around to maximum benefit. Dawk should have been moved to SS in 2007. In 2008, Sheldon should have been moved to FS and left Lito at CB. Andy just never thought outside the box like that. Dawk was clearly no longer fast enough to play centerfield after 2006. He could have played another five years here and been great at SS.

    • JB I agree with everything you just said. I have been saying the same thing for years about Dawk and Sheldn. But keep in mind Andy knows nothing about the defensive side of the ball. So trying to make changes and adjustments on that side could have been catastrophic, he didnt want to take that chance..

  61. Jon- I agree that Joeckel is probably going to be the #1 pick. For some reason he falls, and the two are on the board, I think you need to take the o-lineman. I agree that the line is going to be healthy and its a pretty darn good line when healthy. But how often do you have this high of a pick to take the consensus #1 tackle?

    JBird -appreciate the insight. My concern is with Peters health. I dont think he will come back as the best left tackle in football, like he was in 2011. Tho, 80% of what Peters was is still in the upper tier of tackles in the NFL. We could prob get away with Jockel at RT for a year or two until Peters moves on, than make the switch. I want to go into this year with a contigency plan at LT. Another year of Dunlap and I will jump the Ben Franklin!

  62. jbird, I also like the thinkiing of moving Peters to the right side if need be. I was actually thinking that after I finished typing the last comment.

  63. Jon……I agree the Raiders have been pretty dumb but with Al Davis dead I don’t know if they are as dumb anymore. I have been saying for weeks that Cox and Star give you the best interior D line in the league. So we are 100% on the same page.

  64. I also agree about Herremans, should go back to the guard position. Now, I know I will be crucified for this, but whatif all Danny Watkins issue was with the Howard Mudd system? Maybe Kellys running scheme will get him back on track? Big if, but wishful thinking.

    • I am not so sure thatvDanny Watkins issues last Season had more to do with the passing of Garrett Reid who he was very close with in and out of the NocaXare Center. I believe GR’s passing just sent Watkins back where he was mentally checked out for a while..
      I am not making an excuse for him but there were a few reports that GR took Watkins under his wing when he first came to Philly and showed him around and they spent a lot of time together, same age groups and likes, etc
      The 2 Closest Eagles to GR were Watkins and Herremans and both played poorly last Season at the Start and believe the passing of Garrett had a lot to do with it early on..

      • that is something that I can see as the truth. Do you think he turns it around this year?

        • Yes I believe Watkins bounces back and regains the Starting RG Posiyion making Todd Gerremans expendable and will probably get traded to the KC Chiefs by Summer Camp for Coach AR has always liked Haerramans and if they lose OT Brandon Albert to Free-Agency, then Chiefs will be looking for an OT

      • You managed to ignore the fact that Vick and Garrett Reid were extremely close as well. Vick played poorly last year as well. I guess he doesnt get the same pass huh? That death effected all the core players. Just some more than others.

  65. Frank….I would take Joekel if Star is off the board. I too think he would be fine for a year or two at RT. He will pass block as well as any RT in the league from day one and JP is out of here after 2014 if I were GM. But I agree with Jon that Star is the top player on my board (as if I have one! LOL!)

  66. If Cox and Star were paired up, it would also disguise a lot of the other defencies that birds Defense has.

  67. haha… thats why were all on this site, this is our big board!

  68. Frank….that thought has crossed my mind on Watkins too. But more so I came to the conclusion that he just doesn’t love the game. After next year, he gets three grand a month when he turns 45 so he has his pension secure to just go play fireman. That is his true passion. Kind of weird that someone would rather play fireman than football but different strokes.

  69. Baldinger suggested he would trade Shady for Revis in a heartbeat. straight up. I couldn’t do that based on the circumstances the Birds have right now. We have an unknown at QB. The last thing I would want is an unknown at RB as well. If we had a franchise QB like Rodgers/Brady or even a young stud like Wilson, Cap, Rg3, Luck then I would possibly do it. But no way considering our QB situation and the fact that Revis could want a new deal every other year. I stay away from that unless they would take like our second round pick and maybe our second next year or something. And like many already suggested, Reid fucked our team up big time. We are not winning SuperBowls any time soon so lets rebuild this thing right.

  70. More evidence that there will be a complete overhaul of this roster and we will see a complete purge…Eagles interviewed more prospects at the senior and east-west shrine bowls than any other team.

    Thery’re looking for guys who will be enthusiastic and buy in to the Chip Kelly culture.

    Terron Armstead, OL, Arkansas-Pine Bluff (EW)
    Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon (SR)
    Michael Buchanan*, DL, Illinois (SR)
    Jonathan Cyprien, DB, Florida International (SR)
    Kirby Fabien, OL, Calgary (EW)
    Dalton Freeman, OL, Clemson (SR)
    Malliciah Goodman, DL, Clemson (SR)
    Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas (SR)
    Dwayne Gratz, DB, Connecticut (SR)
    Chris Harper, WR, Kansas State (SR)
    Wes Horton, DL, USC (EW)
    Margus Hunt, DL, SMU (SR)
    Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa (EW)
    D.C. Jefferson, TE, Rutgers (EW)
    Josh Johnson*, CB, Purdue (EW)
    T.J. Johnson, OL, South Carolina (EW)
    Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado (SR)
    A.J. Klein, LB, Iowa State (EW)
    Eric Kush, OL, California (PA) (EW)
    TJ McDonald, DB, USC (SR)
    Leon McFadden, DB, San Diego State (SR)
    Robbie Rouse, RB, Fresno State (SR)
    Hugh Thornton, OL, Illinois (SR)
    Desmond Trufant, DB, Washington (SR)
    Ricky Wagner, OL, Wisconsin (SR)
    Cornelius Washington, DL, Georgia (SR)
    Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State (SR)
    Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (SR)
    Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse (SR)
    E.J. Manuel, QB, Fla State) (SR)

    BTW – the * means they met more than once.

    Also, the name Tyler Wilson keeps popping up more and more in association with the Eagles.

    • Nice info Vinnie, Barner will be an Eagle if he’s there 3rd round or later. TJ McDonald would start at safety from day one and the only QB I would think about is Tyler Wilson. I really think they should blow this roster up and do a total rebuilding job.

      • Agreed Big. They have to give an enima to this roster, flushing away as many turds as they can, from the prior regime. But only a handful, I don’t think anyone’s spot is safe, nor should it be. Guys I’d build around, with the 3-4 & Chips offense-
        Offense- Foles?, Shady, Brown, Havili, DJax, D Johnson, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, Celek. & Dorenbos.
        3-4 Defense- DE Cox, DE Jenkins, DE Thornton, ROLB Graham, ROLB Curry, ROLB Hunt, MLB Kendricks, MLB Ryans, CB Boykin & CB Marsh.
        IMHO, everyone else, can be cut, or used as trade bait. It’s a must we have a monster draft, pick up several more picks, & sign 3 good FA’s. With Cole, Maclin, Avant, Dion Lewis, & maybe even ASSomugha (find a sucker?), we have some value. I’d call the Hindenburg, & see if we can get a 2 & 3 for Maclin, & Cole.

  71. Pheags…..I agree with you. Although I think Shady will probably never duplicate 2011 and is not a top five RB in the leauge, I would take him over Reevis. BB fumbles too much to make him your RB right now. If BB can stop fumbling, then you got a nice 1-2 punch in the backfield for the next five years. Of course they will need a better O line.

    • Give Shady an O Line…and he won’t only be in the top five in RB’s, but we be the top RB in the league…man, this O Line we put out this season, have some of you cats thinking crazy….

  72. Revis is not coming to Philly who is almost $20 Million over the Cap
    The Eagles will get their financial house in order with theirvRoster for then and only then can they begin to rebuild this Feanchise back and will most likely
    Model their Plan similar to what the Indy Colts did by letting to
    Manning, Garçon, Addai, Clarke, Brackett, Lacey. Etc, etc and Draft and acquire some young Talent to replace the aging underperforming Players on this Eagles Roster like Vick, Herremans, D Bell, Jenkins, Asmo, DRC and possibly T Cole and D Ryan’s
    The time for Chip Kelly to wipe the slate clean is over these next 2 Months
    I expect a Roster Turnover like the Colts, TB Bucs did last Season with New HC on board and like Seahawks did 2 years ago under Pete Carrol
    Let’s face it fellas, Eagles were 12-20 since 2011 Season
    There are no Franchise Players on this Roster except for
    RB McCoy and maybe a healthy LT Jason Peters
    The rest are all replaceable in my opinion

  73. Paul….I am sure you meant to include Cox

  74. As we sit here now, I keep JP, Kelce, Mathis, Celek, Shady, BB, Cox, Graham for short term core. Everyone else is expendable. I will give Maclin this last year to make it and there will be no extension. He can hold out if he wants. Boykin and Kendricks make a mark this year or they not part of the plan. Jackson is gone after this year unless he goes bananas in the new offense. My bet is that he won’t. Oh and I keep the two kickers as well.

  75. ***Espn Reports that ST Louis Rams name former Cowboy, Browns, & Raiders Coach Rob Ryan as their new DC

  76. Im hearing the Eagles will give Spags a look. They we’re seen talking during this senior bowl week (Spags,Chip and Howie) before and after the announcement was made that he was being relieved of DC duties in N.O. Im hearing Donatel is leading but Spags will get a look too.

  77. Tyrann Mathieu has announced that he will participate at the Draft Combine. IMO Mathieu will surprise many and I feel that the Birds will look to draft him in a later round.. the kid can ball out no denying that.

    • Jon, dude WAS crazy talented, but hasn’t played in over a year, is another Smurf, & is a mental case. Why do you like him so much? Like you said, in rounds 5-7 maybe, but I don’t think anyone’s going to chance him high. If he played this year, it would be different, I think.

      • I know Dcar but we cant deny that he makes plays.. If you can play you can play. I know hes a smurf, but hes always around the ball making plays. Hes the one exception bc I watched him all throughout his college tenure, he plays alot bigger than his height. When coaches turn on the tape of this kid they see a great football player. Yeah hes around 5’9 maybe 5’10 but can ball. Im telling you guys hes going to impress at the combine and will shoot back up the draft charts and if he does we may miss out on a great player..

  78. Ray Horton should be the Birds Dcord right now. Still pissed about that.

    If Mathieu was there in the 5th-6th round I would take him if I’m the Birds. When he was at LSU I always compared him to Bob Sanders. He could end up being terrible on the NFL level or he could be really good but just throw it all away to get high again. Fact is who cares when you are talking about 6th round picks etc. Of course, this is after we draft Matt ELam…gotta have him on my team

  79. Look out for the weapon that is Denard Robinson whos making the switch from QB to WR.. He may be on the birds radar as well.

  80. Jon, insure as hell hope not. All the reports I saw on him is that he really struggled at the senior bowl.

  81. Guys Robinson is a offensive weapon. Im almost positive chip could use this kid in the offense in a productive way. I wont be shocked if they draft him later in the draft either, or he may be a undrafted fa steal.

    • Good call, but he better learn how to catch, or he could be another Michael Robinson, or Slash. YIKES!

      • Devin Hester, remember he couldnt catch a lick, improved that part of his game. Also Steelers great Antwaan Randle El who made the switch from QB in college to WR in the NFL. Well this kid has speed similar to Hester’s and I can only imagine how Chip would utilize the kids strengths which is speed speed speed. Chip is known for putting his players in positions to succeed not to fail. I would not mind the birds picking him up in a later round or even a undrafted FA pickup

  82. Heres a Derell Revis article already for the “Eagle Fans” who think he has to prove anything next year. Revis Will be cashing in on 100 million.

    The Darrelle Revis hot-stove talk is just getting fired up. According to ESPN New York, one source gathered from talking to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson that the three-time first-team All-Pro is “gone.”

    The clamor surrounding Revis possibilities already is drawing comparisons to the free agency sweepstakes involving Reggie White in 1993 and Peyton Manning last offseason. One general manager told in a Friday report that the interest in Revis could result in “one of the biggest potential trade markets for a player ever.”

    Added a second general manager, “There’s a Revis gold rush forming.”

    What’s the asking price? The Jets reportedly are seeking an exorbitant package including first- and second-round picks. While that’s shooting for the moon on a player coming off anterior cruciate ligament surgery and entering the final year of his contract, there is no shortage of potential trade partners. The New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers are said to be among the teams “highly interested” in Revis.

    The shut-down corner is a pipe dream for the Pats, however. The Jets aren’t going to gift-wrap the AFC East to New England by handing over one of the NFL’s true impact defenders.

    The rich will have to find another avenue to get richer.

    • Well well will just swap picks and give the Jets a 2nd rounder. lmao. Well well he has to prove to me next year. lmao. Yeah ok. 100 million 60 million guarenteed.Mario Williams money. Multiple #1 and # 2 picks will get it done. Best defensive player in NFL. 27 years old. Two many fans are caught in time warp with ACL injuries. Nobody is concerned with them anymore.

  83. Dag….who is giving Reevis $100 million? Is he Champ Bailey or Darell Green? I forget. Who says he can play more than five years at his current level? So what is he getting $20 million a year? No one is giving any corner $20 million a year. I don’t care if Mel Blount and Deon had a baby that was 6’3″ and 220 with 4.2 speed that covered like a glove and hit like a truck. No one is getting $20 million to play corner. They don’t give QBs that money. And corners do not impact the game the way they could before all these rule changes to favor the offense. Pass rush trumps coverage these days. No one can cover for more than five seconds. No one. Without the rush you are going to be fucked because you can’t put hands on anybody.

    • Sigh, you really need to watch the Jets and Revis playl. You are clueless. I just posted a article telling you this will probably be the biggest FA signing in the history of the NFL. But jbird from says no. your comical. I will give you the benefit of the doubt if you argue the injury issue about Revis. But for you to totally not understand how good a Revis is and to not understand he is the best defensive player in the NFL, that he takes out EVERY SINGL RECIEVER known to mankind removes you from any further discussion on this topic in my eyes. Yes he is worth every penny.

  84. Dag…who are the Steelers and Giants PB corners? Thats right. they didn’t need any. And I hate them both but they didn’t need corners. They hit the QB and had safeties.

  85. By the way. The Ravens and Niners? No corners in the PB.

    • The New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers are said to be among the teams “highly interested” in Revis. What part of the article didnt you understand?

    • 49ers CB Carlos Rogers was a Pro-Bowler Selection I believe but obviously won’t be playing with the Super Bowl

  86. This Revis stuff all hype. NY media crap. I can’t think of one team that will back the truck up to give him a ton of money. Not one. Giants don’t do that. Dallas and Wash can’t afford it. Eagles have too many issues to be FA crazy. Although I wouldn’t hesitate to make Byrd the highest paid safety in the league after they clean out some space. They need one sure thing in that joke of a secondary. Packers can’t afford it. Bears can’t. Detroit doesn’t spend. Vikes are a maybe. Saints are cheap. Falcons are starpped. Panthers are a maybe. Bucs are strapped after last year. Niners are capped out. Seattle doesn’t need him. Cards don’t spend. Rams don’t need him. Pats aren’t getting him. Buff can’t afford it especially if they resign Byrd. Miami is too cheap. Steelers don’t go in on that stuff. Barely pay their own. Benglas totally cheap. Browns are not close enough for that. Colts are a maybe if they free some space. Tenn is not doing it. Jax might be dumb enough to try to make a splash. Hous wouldn’t do it. They need WRs not defense. I don’t think that QB can get it done either. SD is way too cheap. KC is rebuilding. Denver probably wouldn’t do it because they would have to dump Bailey. And Al Davis is dead.

  87. Dag…..Where do the Niners have the money?? And the Packers? And Buffalo and NE are in the division. This isn’t Donovan McNabb we are talking about. And where is Buffalo’s money? They are paying Fitz, Stevie and Mario and Byrd is next. Where does this baby market team find the money for that? And how does Seattle need Revis? Denver is the only team that might try to do it because they do not have many huge contracts but Bailey is getting paid and D Thomas needs to be re-signed next year. If they sign Revis, where is their # 1 WRs money? The NY media is full of shit. You can’t beleive their crap. Just trying stir the pot all the time.

  88. Dag….I respect your opinion and I agree Revis is a great player. But he is coming off a serious injury and I just do not see how it works out logically. I definitely do not see $100 million unless it is for 7-8 years with all kinds of weird incentives built in like Vick’s contract.

  89. So are we ready to put Revis in the same conversation with PrimeTime, Blount, Mike Haynes, Rod Woodson, Night Train already after five years??

    • Yes. Hes actually better. I wasnt a believer until recently. I never thought I would see a better cover coner than Deion but what Revis does in the run game also has made me a believer. Hes really that good.

  90. Dag…..I respect everything you are saying and I agree he is by far the best in the league. Who would you like to see the Eagles go after as a reasonably priced FA corner? Would you consider Mike Jenkins for the right price? Or is that just like keeping DRC? They need to draft a corner and a safety in the first three rounds IMO. I don’t really know much about how Boykin played. I never saw anything that stood out. Did he tackle poorly like the others? I don’t think they should be major players in FA but I think they have to have a secondary target or two and go after them hard. Byrd is my top choice if they clear some cap space.

  91. Remember that Spags background is with the LB Corps
    If Donatell becomes D/C who specializes wi the Secondary and then
    Hire Spags as Asst DC & LB’s Coach that could be a pretty combo
    Also I believe that Spags reputation has taken a solid hit with
    Not doing too well as Rams HC and then heading up the worst Defense in the NFL last year with the Saints so he most likely is going to have to rebuild his Coaching Career a bit so a step back and Position Coach or an Asst DC
    Position is probably all he is going to get
    Did Chip Kelly hire the DL Coach from Oregon that worked with him??
    I remember reading some stories about it but have never seen an offical

  92. p-man , Eagles position coaching hires are officially Top Secret although they are allowed to wear eagles garb . some things do not change

  93. Cole can play in space as an OLB, but I doubt Graham can as his game is oriented around leverage coming from a very low center of gravity vs. O-linemen. Spagnoulo out there there’s no reason to switch to the 3-4. While Spagnoulo has taken a bit of hit the reality is that the “3-4” is basically the new fad in the NFL. Having said that lack of talent has been a fairly obvious problem he’s had to contend with in both of his last positions. Also, I doubt very seriously Spags would have much of a shifting between the 3-4 and the 4-3 with solid talent in the front 7 with the way the JJ system.

  94. No CB Matthieu, No QB/WR Denard Robinson and No CB D Revis

  95. Paulman, here goes the Eagles coaching staff with Ed Donatell as the D-Coord

    Some of these coaches were in Mobile at Senior Bowl practice, wearing Eagles credentials and obviously working with Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman.

    * Offense: The coordinator apparently is Pat Shurmur, the former Browns head coach, Rams offensive coordinator and Eagles quarterbacks coach. We couldn’t ask him what his hiring means for the sort of offense the Birds will run because officially, Shurmur wasn’t working for the Eagles.

    It looks as if the offensive staff will include former Chiefs and Bills assistant Bob Bicknell, who has coached tight ends and offensive line. We know former Andy Reid running backs coach Ted Williams is staying and will return to tight-ends coaching, which he did under Ray Rhodes, so presumably, Bicknell is an offensive line coach here.

    Duce Staley, who assisted Williams and special-teams coordinator Bobby April in 2012, will now coach the Eagles’ running backs.

    Mike Dawson, the Boston College special-teams coach last season, is said to be joining the Eagles as an offensive quality control assistant.

    * Defense: Former Rams Pro Bowl corner Todd Lyght, who joined Kelly’s Oregon staff 2 years ago, figures into the mix somewhere, as does former Ducks safety Matthew Harper. Ditto Josh Gibson, who was assistant director of operations at Oregon, meaning he was Kelly’s assistant.

    If you believe Wikipedia, Rick Minter is the Eagles’ new linebackers coach. Minter was formerly defensive coordinator at Kentucky.

    On hand and unofficially working in Mobile was new defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro, who came with Kelly from Oregon.

    * Special Teams: Reports indicate Dave Fipp, who was the special-teams assistant in Miami last season, will run Kelly’s special teams.

  96. Thank for the Info/update
    By the way this Guard Warmack from Kentucky
    Is a Road Grader, looks like a Day 1 Starter to me

  97. Warmack is from Alabama.

  98. Paulman is referring to warford….he is a mauler and played great in the senior bowl game……looks like a legit early 2nd round player

    EJ Manuel might have moved up to round 2 with todays performance….this draft is loaded at DL, LB and DB’s……great draft to get defensie talent

    • My bad, Warford from Znentucky looked to be the best player on the line of scrimmage for both sides of the line for both squads, he was crushing and finishing blocks as good as I have an interior lineman make in a long time
      Reminded me a little of a young Nate Newton before he got fat
      Eagkes need 2 more picks in the first 3 Rounds to have a total of 6 Selectiobs in to Top 100 .. Go 4 on Defense (DT, Safety,Sam LB and CB and than an OT and Guard) not in any particular order but get quality Prospects at these Positions

  99. The Eagles first round pick better be on the defense side of the ball and I think it will be between Dee Milner, Jarvis Jones, Damontre Moore and Bjoern Werner there are plenty of DT that they can get in round 2 players like Jonathan Jenkins, DT, Georgia , Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama, Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern St

  100. Turk- werner and milliner are not legit impact players….trust me…not worth top 10

    Hope Jones or Moore falls especially with a 3-4 defense..both can impact a game like Demarcus Ware

  101. With that high of a pick the Eagles gotta come away with a stud. It has to be Star Lotulelei or Jarvis Jones. They are both impact players at there positions you cant have the #4 overall pick and look to trade out. You cant mess this up. This team is not as far off as many on this site want to believe.

  102. Paulmans Projected Top 5 Picks

    1) KC Chiefs – OT Luke Joeckel
    2) Jaguars. – DE Bjorne Weorner
    3) Raiders – DT Star Lotuleile
    4) EAGLES – LB Jarvis Jones
    5) Lions – OT Eric Fisher

  103. Jon I like Star but DT is deep I think one of the 3-4 DE/OLB will be the pick I’m nervous about Jarvis Jones health issues so Damontre Moore and Bjoern Werner are the safer picks and Eric Fisher could be the surprise pick because the OL is aging fast.

  104. Werner is not an OLB doesnt have the movement skills….strictly 4-3 DE

  105. After watching the senior bowl Fisher should be the pick….amazing!!! Guy who can anchor LT for 10 years

  106. the redskins moved from 6 to 2 last year giving up two #1’s and a #2 . now that was to get a prize thats not in this years draft , the birds should attempt to trade down a few slots and aquire an additional 2nd and 3rd round pick and just keep drafting best availible talent. anyone agree ?

    • I agree with Trading Down, but with ant “Franchise QB’s” in this Draft
      The “demand for Teams” wanting to move in the Top 5 are just not there
      I am afraid meaning you won’t get multiple picks as in past years Draft’s
      The Rams could be one of those Teams that need an OT desperately and have the #16/#22 Picks in the First Round
      If Joeckel goes 1st (as I expect) then that leaves Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson
      And DJ Fluker on the board as Day 1 Starters with Fisher being the most desirable and Johnson/Fluker as mid-late 1st Rounders
      (Remember that Michigans OT Llewan and Texas A&M OT Matthews have decided to return to their Colleges for their Senior Seasons)

  107. Nev- agree

    Dolphins have pick #12 plus 2 picks in rounds 2 and 3 and they need a LT with Long hitting free agency….,.perfect trade partner

  108. A new name has surfaced as the next D-Coord, Ted Monachino, linebackers coach from the Ravens

  109. Makes sense that Ravens hired Juan Castillo 2 weeks ago to probably learn and take over the LB Position Coach for Ravens as
    Ted Mobachino movesto the Eagles as DC .. Book it Danno

  110. I would have no problem with the birds taking Fisher,the problem is that we need so much,this team truly stinks.As for our defense they are the SOFTEST team in pro football,in drafting defensive players this year if they are not physical and want to hit somebody i don’t want them on this team,I have seen enough soft play to last me a life time

  111. Paulman, teams will move up to take players other than QBs. Last year, Browns moved up to take Richardson, Cowboys moved up to take Caliborne, Eagles moved up to take Cox, Pats moved up to take Hightower. Those are just a few from the first round that come to mind. If the eagles want to trade back, I doubt they will have trouble doing so.

  112. I don’t doubt that some teams towards the bottom of the First Round move up to get a certain player that they really want or need..
    Out of the Top 10 Projected Players, I just don’t see the “Playmakers, the Franhise PLayers” that Teams will give up multiple picks for ..

    There are Probably only 4-5 Players that are are highy coveted and considered game-changers and will most likely be gone in the Top #5 (Joeckel/Bjorn Werner,Star Lotuleile,Jarvis Jones & Damontre Moore) and that’s about it.. No Big-Time Prospect at QB,RB or WR that I see this Year where Teams are going to jump up 10-15-20 Spots and give up 2-3 PIcks to Obtain… Can it happen, sure, is it very likely, probably not..

    • Everything I’ve read on Jarvis Jones makes me very uneasy about drafting him. Aside from his health issues, the scouting report on him just doesn’t seem all that high. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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