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Is Doug Collins Doing A Good Job?

I mean, what can I say about the Sixers’ season thus far. I could drop a couple of “F” bombs and other fun adjectives. I can save them for later though. I think Doug is about to let them fly. Can you blame him? Well, actually you could. He hand a big-hand in putting this roster together. But Doug the GM is for another day.

In this streak of going 7-19 in their last 26 games and 3-13 in their last 16 games…Actually it doesn’t matter how I put it. This is ugly basketball, but I will give Doug some credit. He has tried positive reinforcement to get his troops going. He has basically coddled them. But I believe that Collins may have finally reached his breaking point in Milwaukee.

“It is unacceptable the way we are starting games. It is unacceptable,” he said. “We coaches have worked so hard to prepare these guys and to come out and look up and see six points on the board, 5-for-20 shooting and the other team is up 12 or 10 — every single night, every night.” via CSN

I am just as frustrated as you there Doug. The Sixers come out sleep walking night. You know what Doug’s probably more pissed about? That the bench guys that he turns to for help in these slow starts are Ivey, Wilkins, Hawes, N.Young and Kwame. Doug talks about having Spencer coming off the bench…

“I’ve got to have something coming off my bench. It’s like rob Peter to pay Paul,” Collins said after Tuesday’s loss in Milwaukee. “Guys have got to play. Lavoy comes out and shoots the ball the first three times he touches it. How about moving the ball and go screen somebody?”

I really don’t know what to tell you, Doug. I know I said that I would not get into the “GM Doug” but this is his roster, though they are missing a big piece of it. Still though, these are his players. He was the one that decided to give Kwame a two year deal. Doug also touched on not getting to the line against the Bucks:

“They had 33 free throws to our 13. At some point in time, you had better learn how to get to the free-throw line. It is what I come and talk about every single night.”

Again Doug, the players you brought in are mostly jump shooters. J-Rich, Wright, and N. Young are all jump-shooters. They all love the three-ball and their long-two’s. So what do you expect? Nick has the ability to get to the line more but refuses too.

So this is what we are left with a jump-shooting team that can’t get to the line, A bench that has basically nothing going, a team that can’t defend and a team with no INDENTY.  Bynum could help solve some of these problems. on Facebook

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39 Comments for “Is Doug Collins Doing A Good Job?”

  1. Doug came in with the idea that Bynum would be playing. If Bynum comes back and can play and we lose. Then…let him walk.

  2. Bynum is a goner after this year regardless..
    The Team outside of Jrue Holiday has regresses.. I think a new Voice/Leader
    needs to be found to head this Team that’s going nowhee anytime soon..

    • How’s about getting another franchise, & move them out of town. They are a team with never ending mediocrity. They are a blackhole. No good players will come here, & unless we get lucky, & draft a Superstar, we will NEVER sniff a Championship!!!!

      • OH, & NO, Collins isn’t doing a good job. Not having anybody in the middle, continuing to start Allen, Hawes, & stiff @$$ Brown, & not even giving playing time, is all you need to know! He needs to be fired! He’s a burned out old man, that has lost his team. Not that they’re gonna win, if they listen anyways! They blow, the LOT OF THEM!!!!

    • Do you even think before typing. You type some dumb stuff. You said Bynum wants to play in New York? I guess bc hes from NJ, yeah bc everyone that was originally from a certain state automatically wants to play for there hometown right? You say the same stuff for every sport. What a clown. Just throwing crap against the wall. Oh and btw genius both the Knicks and Brooklyn are against the cap and cant afford another huge contract so no Bynum will not be in NY at all.. you throw crap out you get crap back clown

  3. Doug Collins is a worn out grandfather coaching players, kids who do not share his work ethic, vision for a winning franchise, he will be gone after this year , I blame the current ownership, there was a lot of momentum with iggy last year, he was not the long term answer, but he was the bet player on the roster, the only star, now they have nothing, jrue is young, but not even close to the star quality of iguodala

  4. Larry Brown was old when he coached the Sixers, so there’s not a problem with the coach being old, but Collins philosophy on basketball and the emphasis on shooting is not good, he has a team of shooters (most of whom aren’t very good consistently) Collins is exposed. The Sixers need to trade Turner, probably Thad Young and Spencer Hawes to the Lakers for D12…he’s not going to stay in LA and they aren’t going to trade Kobe…so the D12 trade is probably gonna happen. If the Sixers front court is Bynum, Howard and Moultrie with Jrue and whoever they have a solid core…then you can also fire Collins, hire Brian Shaw and bring in the triangle.

    Problem solved.

  5. Even if the SIxers have to do a sign and trade to make salaries for a D12 trade work it makes sense.

  6. No thanks on Howard. He is too big of a whiner to last here in Philly when he underperforms and then complains about the coach and his teammates. I also can’t sit through a season with a guy who shoots 40% from the line. Plus, he wants to play in Brooklyn, so he won’t stay. And seriously, Bynum playing with Howard? How is that gonna work?

  7. 76ers should have kept Vucevic & Iggy for 2013, they would have been a Playoff Contender and a better Team building off of last years 1st Round Playoff Series Win.. . This Franchise is a JOKE… and the sad thing is, no one gives a damn anymore about the great history of B-Ball in the City of Philly..

    • disagree paul… i’ve seen 5 games in philly this year. All great and entertaining games…oops they involved the real philly teams, the ones associated with a university! The NBA is a brutal game, not worth one minute of viewing time!

    • Your a joke. You don’t even live in Philly you clown. You called it a dump. Anybody with a brain knows you make that trade for Bynum. Both Iguodala and Vucevic are quoted as saying you make that trade for Bynum. Bc Bynum has been injured doesn’t mean it wont pay off down the road. Your not a fan of the NBA or this team so why do you keep commenting on the team? You dont watch games at all never attend games. All you do is sit in North Carolina and complain and criticize this city. Your a Fraudman Fraudfan not to mention a Wrongman

  8. I see JH is still sucking on Bynum.. How many times do I have to tell you
    that he has no intention of playing/staying in Philly beyoned this Year.. His stated intention has been that he wants to play for the Knicks/Nets and not the 76ers..He’s a 1 Year and done anyway anyway you look at it, so how was this a good deal for the 76ers.. They and the bottom 15 Teams in the NBA have no chance of signing any big name Free-Agents.. Who wants to
    play play for the 76ers,Pistons,Kings,Charlotte,Wizards,Minnesota,Sacramento,etc,etc…
    The NBA Sucks and your Boy Bynum is a BUST of epic Porportions (as I said he would be)
    You were wrong,wrong,wrong again JH….

    • Fraud is an idiot. All the teams he mentioned minus the Sixers didnt make the playoffs and this clown put the Sixers among the worst in the league. Hey genius the Sixers made it to the Semi’s of the eastern conference, took the Celtics to 7 games. You sound so stupid. Now when this team gets Bynum back and they start winning remember this conversation

      • The 76ers are in the bottom half of a horribly im-balanced NBA and it’s not about to change anytime soon.. Your’re stuck with them Dweeb…

  9. paulman slappin”down the jh, love it

  10. Pman… even if Bynum doesnt play the trade is still good. They need to clear cap and it was a win win for us.

    • Its my understanding that he can make $20mil more by staying w/sixers? like he can make $100m in philly and $80 mill elsewhere? and the sad part is someone is going to pay him that money… wish i was 7 foot and lazy!

  11. The Sixers have no other choice but to sign BYNUM. They gave up way too much for him to let him walk, not gonna happen. And like stevo mentioned if it doesnt work out they still have enough money to go out and sign a FA or two. They are no longer cap strapped like in years past with guy like Allen Iverson, Chris webber,Elton brand,Iguodala among others who used to hinder this team from making any legitimate moves to improve this team. This team is headed in the right direction. They are young and talented and no longer are just guys with potential theyre starting to tap into that potential, guys like Jrue Holiday,ET,ThadY, Swaggyp, spencer hawes, young guys but are playing good ball. They are currently 2-1 on this 8 game home stand. Since putting Swaggyp in the starting lineup along with Spencer Hawes theyve been playing good basketball, above. 500.. Next week Bymun will begin practicing with the team and it seems like the teams morale has improved bc of it. A sign of good times ahead… They have another game at home tonight against the Kings who have some good young players, in particular Center Demarcus Cousins. Let’s hope the Sixers can win another one tonight moving to 3-1 on this home stand.. Showyaluv!!!

  12. Bynum had Knees injected again today so Practice for him is probably 2 Weeks away from most reports (as far 5 on 5 in a Full-Court Setting)
    Then a good 2-3 weeks to get into Game shape and build up his Cardio
    So he can actually stay out on the Court for a few minutes
    Looking at late Feb/Early March if no other setbacks
    (Which I expect there will be Swelling or who else knows what (infection, kidney stones, gall bladder or maybe even vertigo..)

    • Again, your showing that you have no idea what your talking about. If you knew anything about basketball you would know that the Synvisc injections that he received in both knees is common for players returning to play nba ball. The shots he received are for 6 months of osteoarthritis knee pain relief. Btw, this was already previously scheduled, this is no set back or anything, and it took place on thursday not today. You are so clueless. Also to destroy your entire post, BYNUM can resume workouts this Sunday and the team already made an announcement on thursday stating that BYNUM will practice with the team next week. In what capacity, we do not know yet but he will practice this upcoming week. Since you don’t live in Philly or anywhere near here, stop acting like you know whats going on when you don’t. You didnt even know the reason why he got the injections, all you saw in the report was “Bynum receives injections”.. You dont watch the Sixers, all you do is browse news on the internet to see if there is any bad news thats being reported, just like you tried to do with the BYNUM Synvisc injections. Get a life Fraudman Fraudfan Wrongman. So pathetic..

  13. Bynum Sucks, 76ers Suck & JH Sucks..
    I bet about 17 People in Philly even give a rat’s ass about
    Bynum or 76ers ..
    Lets see if you can get more that 17 Posters on this Thread who
    care about Bynum..

  14. Deflect deflect deflect all you want, you’ve been exposed once again by yours truly. You had no idea what a Synvisc injection was nor did you care. All you saw was “Bynum gets injections in knee”. You made false statements and reports about Bynum and his status. Your a joke. All you do is complain like a little girl about every Philly team. Your a Fraudfan. Once the teams start to succeed then youll jump on the bandwagon. A Fraud is what you are.. Your no real fan. Go make up a new nfl draft Big board ya geek, for you have no clue what your talking about when it comes to Basketball at all.

    • Neither do you imbecile! By your above comments about tapping int the potential of “guys like Jrue Holiday,ET,ThadY, Swaggyp, spencer hawes” You’re a clueless @$$MINER! Jrue is the only good, young player with potential. Hawes is a 5 year vet, is God awful & soft, ET is an inconsistent dog, Thadd is a solid, 5 year vet, playing most of the time out of position, & Swaggy P is a 5 year vet, who runs & guns, & is off, more than he’s on! So your assessments, of them being good, young players, tapping into their potential, & playing good ball, is all of the following- STUPID, FACTLESS, DELUSIONAL, CLUELESS, IDIOTIC, & NON-EXISTING! STFU, & go back under your rock! You ain’t a Sixer’s fan anyways! Go root for your BRON-BRON, & the Heat, you f^#@ing fraudulent @$$MINER, & stop calling Paul something YOU CLEARLY ARE!

      • He at least was honest to not being a big fan, or follower of the current NBA! It doesn’t take a genius to see, that this organization is a black-hole, full of ineptness, & this team is going NOWHERE!!!!

        • Just because Fraudman son’d you doesnt mean you must defend your father every chance you get even when hes incorrect. Your obsession with me is getting pretty ridiculous. Your 45 years old yet talk like your a 14 year old saying some of the dumbest terms Ive ever heard. If you had a clue and clearly you do not other than with flipping houses and stealing cars, you would know that this team does have very young players with good potential. All that I mentioned are under 25 years of age other than Swaggy whos 27 (Still young in comparison to you and in basketball years). I guess a team cant grow together and gel huh? Players cant work on there games and get better? Noone other than myself said Jrue would be a great player and would be an Allstar, everyone else was saying “trade him and Iguodala for”.. Just because of impatience. Id rather this young team grow together and learn to win. Bynum will be returning and this team is about to take off. After another win last night they are 3-1 on the current 8 game home stand. So after your done blindly worshipping your god and father Fraudman, open up your eyes and see that this team is headed in the right direction..

  15. And if the Fraud isnt a fan, why comment on articles about the Sixers spreading false reports? You can stick up for your father all you want, fact of the matter is he had no clue what he was talking about yet he just had to try and take advantage of a report that Bynum received more knee injections, but the thing is they were Synvisc injections that are very common for all NBA players about to return to play ball and he scheduled this to be done months ago. So he had no clue he just wanted to sound like he knew what he was talking about, as usual, and didnt. Talk what you know not what you think you know..

  16. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! obsessed with you?!? You ain’t that important SON! I’ll stick up for whoever the F^#@ I want! Another thing, little boy, I have forgotten more information, than you could ever hope to attain. Paul is a few years older than me, nitwit, so he ain’t my Father. This team stinks! Where is the good, young potential? WTF team are you watching?!? You ain’t a Sixer fan, you’re a Heat fan, & Lebron’s groupie. You are just a little boy, with NO life, that thinks he is knowledgeable & correct all of the time! You are a SAD, SAD, little boy, who has to resort to name calling, & thrashing a fellow poster, who doesn’t defend himself, nor has he ever disrespected anybody on here, or resorts to disrespectful behavior! You & a few other of your cohorts, are a POS, & as long as I see classless, clueless, imbeciles, like you on here, saying dumb, stupid, disrespectful $#!T, I’ll defend them. So go back to play pretending, that you are an intrepid reporter, breaking, already broken news, & being Lebron’s @$$jockey, OK “LIL BRON-BRON, mini D Gunn, Jon Fraud.” You got nothing for me SON, so beat your chest some more, to delude yourself into thinking, that you DON’T, have lady parts! Go back to getting excited with your Hentai, anime porn, & I’ll keep living in the real world, where I’m happily Married, to an actual real woman. You’re a clown, you are clueless, & it’s OK to admit you’re wrong sometimes! Have a nice weekend in your bubble, in your Parents basement!

    • Also, in nowhere in my assessments of the Sixer’s, was I incorrect, nor for the last 2 years of your deluded, incoherent, irrational, thinking of them, have I been!!!!

  17. I am a Fan of Good BAsketball and until the 76ers and the NBA start playing play Good Team, Competitive Basketball,
    Then the Hell with them

  18. Go tell this to your buddy Brian Baldinger. You’ll forever be known as the clown that made that announcement. What a joke u r hahaha… Your better off minding your own business and stop trying to stick up for your “Father” all the time. Go flip a house or steal a car or something. You bring nothing to this site but comic relief thru your tourette’s syndrome. Fraudman talks his crap towards me as well so mind your business clown. You call names all night long on here making your dumb rants and cursing, dont get me mixed into your weird world. All you do is disrespect guys on here, don’t try to get me involved in that man. Yout 45 years old sounding the way you do, hahaha.. You’ve been son’d by Fraudman, hes your idol, you worship him so whatever he says you follow. Deal with it and get a life Freddie Mitchell. Oh btw Baldy is on the other line im hearing he has some juicy news he wants you to reveal to the whole world, are you gonna answer it? Hahaha

    • At least I have many real friends, acquaintances, & colleagues, & not make believe sources in my head, like your useless, sissy, delusional, @$$ has. I have no problem making people laugh, especially busting on your imbecilic, retarded @$$! My announcement, as you say, was true! Go re-read my original comments fool! Just because Gruden didn’t get the job, has nothing to do at what I reported. Nobody even knew he was involved, before I said it, then it came out that next week. You kill me with your hypocrisy, you call me everything you are, fool! Don’t be salty because you’re a loser, & get clowned all the time. Get a life & find yourself a woman, or do you prefer guys instead? I have a Family, Friends, a weekend & SB party to tend to. You ain’t worth the sweat out of a homeless mans, dirty @$$! PEACE OUT @$$MINER!

      • BTW, my rants are towards the teams ineptness, to defend myself, & at @$$HOLES like you!

        • Hush puppy, you have Tourette’s.. try to relax. Your making this more than sports as you do with every conversation you have on here. Go take your meds and go to sleep..

  19. Last years playoffs was one of the best in a very long time. Its a league that is growing and has room for more improvement of course. Its a extremely competitive league what are you talking about man? And the Sixers are headed towards that elite type of team, obviously theyre not there yet but they are headed in that direction. Get BYNUM back and healthy and they will be right in the conversation. With a healthy BYNUM id put the Sixers up against any team in the league and would feel confident with their chances of pulling out the win. Thats with a healthy BYNUM, and it has alot to do with two people that play a huge role in the success of this team. Both Jrue Holiday and Doug Collins.

  20. DCAR is his own man as I am as are most Posters on here excpet for you JH
    Last Years Playoff’s were exciting only because the 76ers haven’t been in it and competitve for a while .. If Derrick Rose doesn’t get injured, then 76ers are bounced in the 1st Round and as a pure Basketball Fan, the 76ers/Bulls Series was some of the ugliest/executed Basketball for a Playoff Round that I can remember as both Teams struggled to even get 75-80 Points a Game…
    and BS that it was good Defense.. Both Teams SHooters were horrible..

  21. The Finals were Anti-Climatic if you ask me

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