Ravens LB Coach Ted Monachino Is Tops On My DC List

There are reports about the Eagles interviewing recently-fired Browns linebackers coach Billy Davis over the weekend for their open defensive coordinator’s position. I don’t see anything on his resume which makes me think he should get the job.  I think the Birds were simply doing something to take up their time while they wait for a chance to interview Super Bowl assistant coaches, 49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell and Ravens linebacker coach Ted Monachino.

After observing the defensive coordinator candidates, who have been interviewed by the Eagles or have been reported to be candidates for the Eagles defensive coordinator job, I think Monachino is tops on my list.

I like what I’ve seen about his temperament.  He does a great job of explaining the game to his players and this allows the Ravens to play on a higher level of understanding and complexity than the other teams in the league.  Baltimore asks their outside linebackers to do things that nobody else in the league asks.

I have never met the linebacker coach, but I like what I learned about him and seen of him in interviews.  He’s down to earth and he understands the NFL game.

I like what Monachino and the Baltimore Ravens are doing defensively and it’s not all about middle linebacker Ray Lewis.   They do the best job of out-scheming the opposing offense, than any other defense in the National Football League.  They show the quarterbacks both 4-3 and 3-4 looks depending on the situation.

Look at the way the Ravens are able to hide Ray Lewis on pass plays.  Lewis can’t cover running backs and tight ends the way he did in the past, but Baltimore hasn’t let him get isolated and exploited in one-on-one situation.   They do that with their pass coverages.

The Ravens are in the Super Bowl because of their defense and quarterback Joe Flacco’s big touchdown throws.  Their defense has been amazing.  In two weeks they have out-schemed, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, two of the smartest, most experienced quarterbacks in the NFL.

Manning and the Broncos offense were benefited from a kickoff return for a touchdown and a punt return for a touchdown, yet they were unable to score enough points to win the football game.  Manning seemed to be uncomfortable and unsure about what he was seeing.

Despite not having a dominating pass rush, the Ravens were able to lock down the Broncos passing game because they had done and outstanding job of preparing a game plan to stop Manning.

Brady was able to put up only 13 points against the Ravens defense and he looked unsure of himself, while playing against them.  The New England signal-caller looked downfield with plenty of time to throw, but couldn’t find a play to go with the football.  I’ve rarely seen Brady unsure about where to with the football.  The Baltimore coaches and players out-schemed Brady.

Donatell is a former D-coordinator in Green Bay and Atlanta.  The Niners have succeeded on defense because of their personnel, but not because of their scheme.  They don’t fool anybody.  They just line up in their three-four defense and dominate.

The Niners defense allowed 24 points in the first half against the Falcons, but they shut them out in the second half.  Their defense hasn’t been nearly as dominating in the playoffs as they were in the regular season.

37 thoughts on “Ravens LB Coach Ted Monachino Is Tops On My DC List

  1. Monachino will be the next DC.. which is why the Ravens hired Juan Castillo
    who will take over for Monachino as the next Ravens LB Coach.. Juan is working closely with Monachino to keep their same schemes for the Ravens LB’s for next Season and can hit the ground running ..
    Meanwhile Monachino can get more insight from Castillo about the Eagles Players on Defense..

    1. i assume this is a theory? ‘juan is working closely with monachino’ implies that your’ve read it somewhere or are actually in hte room? — all reports i see say he is the running game coordinator

        1. right i’m sure newsome and harbaugh brought juan in to help monachino get a feel for the eagles D….lol~! right in the middle of a superbowl run…makes perfect sense!

          1. Monachino is getting Castillo up to speed since Castillo will replace him as Ravens LB.. Why else would Ravens Hire Castillo unless they knew that Monachino was moving on.. Where would Juan Coach for them otherwise.. and besides, Monaochino loves Italian Food..

            1. i can only assume you are just goofing as you realize that ‘getting a veteran coach up to speed’ during a SB run is something no coach would ever do to his team. I think this is more the carry over from when they fired their OC in about week 14/15- making sure their offense is tight. as for next year he would have a long time to get up to speed– they have good italian places in Baltimore too!

  2. Geez G, I posted that he would b the D-Coord on here the other day lol, in other news, the Eagles will b taking QB Dennis Dixon off the Ravens practice squad as soon as the SB is over, it looks like Kelly has his QB in mind to start the season until he drafts his QB of the future

  3. Just to throw everybody off the track, Harbaugh said of Juan – “He’ll be a lead coach in terms of the run game and organizing the run game for us” LOL

    1. Thank you Big… I work very hard on my posts, and put in a lot of preparation,research and serious thought behind them .. (unless I am responding to a Jon Hart Post)..

      1. I can tell you and gmcliff take the time to actually research these players and coaches. There are others on this site that do some homework as well. That’s why I keep coming back here.

  4. I am fine with the Chip kelly experiment with a NFL guy handling the defense. It’s fairly obvious the Eagles are hoping to get a Ravens or 49er coach. The Ravens have done an amazing jon of hiding Lewis on pass plays, great point. I just hope Monachino has a lot of input on the game plans. Not a huge fan of either team, but it would help if the incoming D coordinator has a new shiny ring to help him get more respect in the locker room.

  5. Hopefully the Eagles just hire Spagnoulo…he already has a plan…he doesn’t have to figure it out on the fly and the personnel, for the most part, already fits 90% of what he would run. Hopefully they don’t wait for the Giants to rehire him.

  6. “Hopefully the Eagles just hire Spagnoulo…he already has a plan”

    What’s his plan – try to top last year when his defense gave up the most yards of any defense in the history of the NFL?

    I think Spagnoulo will be a LB coach somewhere before he gets another coordinator job. But, I could be wrong……

  7. I agree Irish and state so last week when he was fired by the Saints..
    His reputation has taken a major hit since his last 3-4 Seasons (as HC w/Rams
    and last years debacle as DC with the Saints who gave up the most yards and points in the history of the NFL) He needs to group and rebuilt his Coaching Chops.. a Position Coach is where he will land most likely..

  8. ***Breaking News***
    St Louis Rams Decided not to Hire Rob Ryan as D/C
    HC Jeff Fisher stated that Ryan was not a good fit for what he wants schematically for his young Defense at this Time..
    Reports are that Jeff Fisher is now courting Ravens LB Ted Monachino
    and has a good relationship with Ravens HC Harbaugh..

    1. Former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron may not be unemployed for long.

      According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Rams are expected to reach out to Jauron for their vacant defensive coordinator position.

      The Rams seemed set on hiring former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan before ultimately deciding he wasn’t a fit in St. Louis. Jauron was officially fired by the Browns on Monday despite the team already having hired his replacement in former Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

      Jauron spent the last two seasons with Cleveland as defensive coordinator.

        1. Teams DO NOT groom coaches for next year during a SB run! It is not possible it’s just the fraud trying to get people to say “hey good thinking fraud” without having thought thru himself

  9. So…basically the couple of you just want someone that hasn’t actually been in the Superbowl and wasn’t actually a considerable part of a domination of a virtually unbeaten team? You want someone that basically has to pull a playbook out of his butt, develop a daily practice regimen in a month or two and learn how to effectively or ineffectively call plays and make game time adjustments in real-time…didn’t that just happen? Genius!!

    It’s clear as the sky is blue that the last two defenses Spags coached had very little talent and the Giants were loaded with talent…It’s clear that the Eagles defense has more talent than the last two defenses Spags coached. The Saints team was demoralized by the virtual dismemberment of the coaching staff and half of the critical starters on defense.

    Spags would do very well here..someone with zero experience as an NFL DC may or may not.

    1. In “Title only” as of today
      When Ted Monachino takes the DC Position for the Eagles
      Or SL Rams, Then the Ravens will announce Castillo as their next LB Coach..

          1. Good one HAC.. I was dead wrong on that one …(Donahoe as VP)
            Can’t win em all…and I will still call them as I see them, even when I am wrong.. Ha..

            1. do you at least admit its ludicrous to think the ravens would hire juan with next year in mind? football coaches are so compartmentalized… one game at a time etc.=– they brought him in for this exact position! and even if he moved to lb coach next year he would have more than enough time to ‘get up to speed’

              1. I believe the Eagles asked the Ravens to Interview LB Coach Ted Monochino a couple of weeks back, so the Ravens are doing their due diligence and went out and hired Castillo to be his replacement in case Monachino leaves.. If Monachino does not leave, then they have Castillo to work with OL,SPecial Teams, Running Coordinator,etc,etc.. Obvisouly, HC Harbaugh and Castillo are very familiar with each other and HArbaugh jumped on getting a quality,versatile Coach to his Staff knowing that with another Playoff Run, that some of his other Assistants would get other Opportunities.. Smart HC and Organizations anticipate this and hire quality Coaches to step up and take over when Coaches get promotions and move on..
                The Eagles Never quite did this very well during the last 5-7 Years of AR Helm.. There was no real succesion plan to take over for JJ when he was ill and thre in an unprepared, not ready for prime time COach in Sean MCDermott, and then coumpounded the problem again by Hiring a DL Coach in Washburm first before hiring their next DC..
                Look at the year in and year out Good Teams (Pats,Giants,PAckers,Ravens,Steelers) they are constantly upgrading and moving Asst Coaches to be ready to step up when Coordiantors leave to move on, and these Teams hardly miss a beat.. The Eagles meanwhile have never been the same since JJ which was what over 4 Years ago..

              2. I tend to agree with you paulman. Don’t know why it’s that hard to believe. What exactly is a run-game coordinator? It seems like a position that has been made up to get Juan to Baltimore. Jaun and Harbaugh are very good friends.

  10. Juan Castillo is not a great DC (as everyone will attest…even though I don’t think he’s as bad as a lot of people rate him) Todd Bowles is not a great DC (I doubt many people would disagree with me on that. Again…I don’t think the dude is refried garbage, but he’s not a guy that’s going to be the dominant force behind the scenes of a Superbowl winning team.) Washburn was a guy that sowed discord in the locker room, was unwilling to comprise the Wide 9 at the expense of the team and the defense improved pretty dramatically after he was gone (at least until the last game.)

    A lot of people want to keep pushing that Nnamdi is garbage…I agree with that to an extent in a zone system, but I don’t conveniently neglect to remember that he shut down Megatron in Man-to-Man coverage for about 54-57 minutes of a 60 minute game either.

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