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Gonzalez: The Eagles Should Keep Michael Vick

On Wednesday, John Gonzalez of wrote a column where he presented a case for the Philadelphia Eagles to retain quarterback Michael Vick, and give him one more shot as the team’s starting quarterback.

In the name of sanity, I can’t imagine why the Eagles, Gonzalez, or anyone capable of rational thinking would want to go through another season with Vick under center.

There just isn’t a case to be made for a Vick return. Gonzalez tried his best to lay out a strong argument for the former starter to return, but many of the strongest points he could come up with (some of which will be quoted below) were exceptionally weak.

Gonzalez writes:

Either way, keeping Vick would necessitate a contract renegotiation. Vick is owed about $16 million next year. It’s impossible to imagine paying a soon-to-be 33-year-old with an extensive injury history that much money. No sober person would consider it. Even Cat Marnell wouldn’t consider it.

Right away, Gonzalez hurts his argument by bringing up a couple of major reasons why Vick should not return to Philadelphia. As Gonzalez points out, he’s a 33-year old quarterback with an extensive injury history.

Throughout his career, Vick has played an aggressive, reckless style of football that has exposed his small frame to a ton on punishing blows. He’s never been able to stay healthy, and as he becomes older it’s going to become increasingly difficult for him to keep himself on the field.

Gonzalez then threw out the idea that Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win right now.

If the Eagles still have designs on winning sooner rather than later – the way Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman talked after saying goodbye to Andy Reid makes it sound as though they do – then Vick remains their best option. Even if his skills have eroded (and they have), he still has a monster arm and he’s still faster on his worst day than Nick Foles is on his best.

First of all, Gonzalez once again hurts his case by reminding everyone that there has been a sharp decline in Vick’s skill. The veteran has lost a couple of steps, and no longer has the elite speed that helped him become a feared quarterback in this league. It was clear how much Vick’s abilities had declined when defensive ends began to regularly catch up to him.

Second, Gonzalez is delusional if he believes that the Eagles are in a position to “win-now”.

Its as though Gonzalez completely forgot that this team finished 4-12. The Eagles are not a Super Bowl contender. They aren’t even a couple of tweaks and adjustments away from being in the mix for a playoff spot. They’re in a full-blown rebuilding mode, and the plan is to overhaul the roster to prepare for a run in the future. I don’t think the Eagles hired Chip Kelly because they expect him to put the team back in the playoffs next season. They hired him because they believe that he can build something special here, but it may take him a couple of years to gather the talent that he needs to run his offense the way he desires. Also, if the Eagles do change to a 3-4 scheme, that’s another sign that the team is in a transitional phase, and it will take some time to gather the talented required to run that defense. If anyone still believes that this team is close to anything successful, they’re just as bad as the players on this roster from the last two seasons that talked a big game but accomplished nothing on the field.

Gonzalez closed his case by expressing interest to see Vick and Chip Kelly work together.

If they can renegotiate his contract – admittedly, a big if – it would be far more stirring to see Vick lead Kelly’s crew. Why not? Once more unto the breach. The guy who wrote that line was undoubtedly an Eagles fan. Ol’ Will S. from South Philly, I think.

Why would it be “far more stirring” to see Vick continue to lead this team? Vick has shown the Eagles over the last two years what he has to offer, and it isn’t much. What you have with Vick is a guy who can occasionally tease you with a couple of nice throws and gutty performances, but ultimately he’s going to cost his team some games with his alarming turnover rate and his inability to properly read and recognize defenses. He can still be a starter in this league (albeit a mediocre one for a team desperate for an answer and some hollow excitement at the position) but on the downside of his career, he offers absolutely nothing to a rebuilding team.

People like John Gonzalez are still intrigued by Vick’s name and the mirage-run he went on with the Eagles in 2010. I can’t understand what they could possibly see in Vick that would make them want to go through another frustrating season with him, and Gonzalez himself was unable to make a case that was even a little compelling to retain him.

As former Eagles president Joe Banner once said, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Michael Vick has had more than a fair shot in Philadelphia, and it’s over. It’s time to move on, and turn the page.

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100 Comments for “Gonzalez: The Eagles Should Keep Michael Vick”

  1. These beat writers truly have nothing to do right now…they’d be better off going on vacation and letting the papers talk about wings lax or something…

  2. This guy John Gonzalez is a dope why even print this story!!!

  3. I think Chip Kelly knows who will give the Eagles the best chance to win. We will just have to wait and see who he gives the starting QB job to.

    There’s a reason Vick is always injured. When Mike Vick runs with the ball, defenders get clean shots at him. Most of the hits he takes are knockout type hits. I not talking about in the pocket hits – I mean when he takes off and runs.

    Good ball carriers rarely take a direct hit. They feel defenders around them and they lower a shoulder, or make a move to avoid big hits. Vick is not a good ball carrier, he is just a fast guy.

  4. Well Denny everybody is entitled to their opinion, the only one that counts is Chip Kelly’s. What if he determines after watching film that Vick was used totally in the wrong fashion? What if he decides that his offense fits Vick? In my opinion if they are sold on bringing in Dennis Dixon then Vick is a goner no need for both of them on the roster.

    • I wouldn’t want Dixon anyway; Vick if he is willing to renegotiate, is a much better option.

      Dixon was his QB, in college; that doesn’t necessarily translate to the pros, because he’ll be running a different offense in the pros, which Dixon has not been able to grasp on this level anyway. The guy is NOT….an NFL Quarterback.

      My signing would be Alex Smith, IF!!! Vick doesn’t want to bargain.
      Dennis Dixon, sucks worst than a newborn. We don’t need him on this team. I’d rather have Joe Webb, who, at least has actually made an NFL Roster consistently in his career, and won a few games.

      The prospect of bringing in Dennis Dixon to me is laughable.

      • Dixon is laughable yes! but why in the world would any sane man want vick? what does he do well? or should i say well enough to win on a consistent basis? he’s 33, an ancient 33 because he gets pummelled, inaccurate, injury prone and i just don’t know why anyone would want him… a couple of good highlight plays?

      • Cliff there are scouts who think the Steelers managed Dixon the wrong way. My concern would be he couldn’t unseat Tyrod Taylor to back up Flacco. All I keep reading about is the Chip Kelly vision of a QB, well the most successful QB he had at Oregon was Dennis Dixon. If he and his offense doesn’t translate to the NFL then this entire Chip Kelly regime is going to be a big disappointment. He isn’t coming to the NFL to run a traditional offense.

        • Biggie you are my boy, but honestly nobody can sell me on Dennis Dixon. The excuse that Pittsburgh handled him wrong, is just asinine. Anyone who has actually watched him play, can see he is not an NFL QB. This will not be the NFL version of the Oregon Ducks. It will be Chip Kelly’s version of the Philadelphia Eagles, w/Nick Foles as the QB.

          @ Cigar – Vick , is faster, has a stronger arm, and is a better playmaker, than Dennis Dixon, and much better with a competent Offensive Line. I will admit his skills are reclining, but that being said he is a way better option than Dennis Dixon who can’t make a roster.

          To think anybody would say different is laughable. Its more personal with some against Vick, than professional, because if you think Dennis Dixon; Practice Squad Dixon, is better than Michael Vick…You don’t know talent.

          • Chip Kelly wasn’t my choice as head coach anyway, Gus Bradley was, but I’m still an Eagles fan. If he can’t make his system work with Foles, Vick, or Alex Smith…..his system won’t work with a lack of talent like Dennis Dixon. If he was going to establish himself as an NFL QB, he would have done that by now. If you hate Vick, you WILL hate Dennis Dixon.

            • I hear you Cliff but there is a such thing as a system QB and you know that. I’m not sold on Kelly by a longshot. Like I said Dixon couldn’t beat out Tyrod Taylor nobody is talking like he’s the second coming but Kelly will sign him and give him the opportunity to run his offense.

          • I never said Dixon was better than Vick I said he is laughable! Re read! I did say anyone who wants Vick is a complete idiot

            • Cigar, you can’t be that idiotic, if you are looking for a stronger backup Quarterback crew. Dixon doesn’t strengthen that, as much as Vick, reclining skills, and all, he is a professional QB, Dixon, is not. Its not idiotic to want a better Quarterback.

              If Vick decides he doesn’t want to negotiate. I would be able to move on just fine, but you have to think, many of you are assuming, that Dixon is going to all of the sudden become something he’s not just because his coach from College, is at the helm. Yet you don’t realize you are reaching, with wishful thinking.

              Again, not liking Vick personally, doesn’t justify making a move, for a below average Quarterback. Vick is to blame for some of the decisions he made on the field, absolutely, but looking at the big picture, I blame the majority of Vick horrid season, on the Offensive Line. Period

              I think Alex Smith, should be signed, as he is more prepared to play in Chip Kelly’s PRO System, than a below average Dennis Dixon. Even if they do sign him, he is still nothing more than a Practice Squad QB.

              • All that said, I still think Foles will be the starter, unless they sign Alex Smith. But, Re-signing Vick, is a better backup plan than bringing in a semi pro QB Dixon. I said it, and there is nothing idiotic about me.

              • Wonder if Eagles can trade with the Colts and get their Back-up
                QB Drew Stanton, I liked him out of Michigan State and obviously will only be a Back up for the Colts with Andrew Luck
                There in Indy.. Maybe send them Trent Edwards and a 4th or 5th Round pick, if the Eagles can acquire other pics with
                Moving other Players.. Stanton could have had a shot at Jets job,
                Until their GM Tannebaum went out and got Tebow last off-season

              • See what I’m talking about……Drew Stanton? Why the %#%@#$ would we want him? He’s not impact. For what?,..and trade draft picks for him?

                Paul, I know you can come up with a better name than that. C’mon brother, tell me you are joking.

  5. “if the Eagles want to win now they need Vick”

    I’ve read some derivation of that line 72,000x over the past year.

    “Win now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Guy has one season with over 8 wins since he entered the league in 2001.

    “Win Now” indeed.

  6. Listen guys Im done with the Vick bs. It seems everytime it’s slow G or one of his writers drag this beat old story out. Opinions havent changed Vinnie has facts Biglion has his hopes but its a tired story. Gonzo is probably the worst writer in the city he always says stupid things…to even mention him here is ridiculous. I expect better here…80% of the commenters know more than that stooge. Ill keep reading but im gonna hold my comments till real news is made guys.

    • Gonzo is bad Xevious and after reading the entire article it was quite ridiculous. This along with the draft is all we have to talk about. Oh and who the mysterious DC is going to be. LOL

  7. I am sure the Chip KElly can bring all Current 53 Players Back intact for
    2013 and win 7-8 Games.. I don’t want this for there is no point in doing so
    This is the time under a new Coach with a new Vision to set the foundation
    and get his own type of Players in to rebuild this Franchise..
    Model after what the COlts and TB Bucs did last Off-season which was to purge veteran players either under-performing, overpaid, or over 30 Years of age of had injury situations… The time to start anew is right now.. WHy be mediocre in 2013 and be led by a 33 Year Old QB who has not played a full 16 Game Schedule in the NFL since 2006, whats the point.. Start the rebuilding Process NOW…. Plain and Simple.. This isn’t Rocjker Science here.. blow the Team apart after being 12-22 in their last 34 NFL Games as a Team.. SOme players are just beyond being “Coached Up” at this point in their Careers (Vick,D Bell,K Dunlap,T Cole,D Tapp, Asmo,DRC,Chaney,Nate Allen)
    Cut the Chord… I actually believe hanging onto some of these Veterans (even if it’s at a discount contract levle) actually undermines what Kelly should be doing and that’s laying the foundation for the next 5-6-7 Years of Success to get his kind of players in and acclimated to his system even if means taking a hit in 2013 .. Going 4-12 in 2012, tells me, How much of a step are you really stepping back.. It’s more importatn to me in 2013 to rebuild this Roster with hungry, passionate, players who play hard for 60 minutes and have each others back and buy into what System Kelly employs.. not neccessarily how Wins they get in 2013.. Chip Kelly will not change the “Loser/Selfish/Undiscipline Culture” of this Team until he replaces many of the players that helped create this atmosphere to begin wth so the sooner the better…

    Look at how the COlts/TB Bucs turned around sinking ships in 1 off-season.. it’s abopuot getting rid of the complacent and underperforming players and creating competition at every postion.. The Seahawks did the same thing when Pete Carroll came on board.. A new Coach has a huge advantage comign in, since he has no vested interested in keep High Drafat picks arouns from previous Coaching/Front Office People, He has no ties to overpaid,underperforming Free_Agents.. he jsut need to get 53 Players on his Roster that are going to 100% Committ and buy into his Program and this Team/Franchise needs an infusion of hungry,dedicated younger players who play as if there hair is on fire..

  8. John Gonzalez is the King of the media @$$CLOWNS! Dude is both clueless & idiotic! Denny, you are an even bigger numbskull, for posting it. Do your own article.
    AGAIN, for all of the deluded masses, if we release Vick before February 6, we don’t owe him a cent. If we wait until after February 6 to release Vick, we still DON’T owe him a cent, unless another team DOESN’T sign him by seasons start. But he still counts $4.2M against the cap next year regardless, but he gets NOTHING! He’s 33, injury prone, mistake prone, & NOT a good QB. We are rebuilding & want to move forward, not be stuck in neutral. We ain’t winning $#!T with him, or without him, next year! HE AIN’T COMING BACK!!!!

  9. I would not put too much thought into this one….MV is not coming back.

    On another note, I have seen an interesting link to a newspaper in england that breaks out salary spending in the NFL. I think you guys may find this interesting.,san-francisco-49ers

  10. Vick thrives in a run heavy quick pass offense. IF Kelly is looking at a run heavy offense featuring Brown and Shady and keep Vick to throwing 30x or less a game they will have big success.

    AND if it’s so CLEAR that the Eagles are moving on from Vick then cutting him on the 6th will happen. However if he’s still around you know they are thinking the same thing. If you can have a successful (winning season/possible playoff berth) for a rebuilding year..why not?

    Kelly likes to run the ball. He likes a fast offense. The one guy who for sure on the team right now who can do that is Vick – and then like Harbaugh – he can draft the QB he wants and groom him to take over next year.

    • It has been explained 100 times on here the eagles will take a 4.2 mill cap hit no matter when they cut him. They only owe him 3 million if he doesn’t play in nfl next year and make 3 mill. If he plays for 2 mill the eagles owe 1 mill. Vickmthrives in a quick offense? Huh? A fast offense? Foles gets rid quicker… Way off base

      • Long sigh.

        They aren’t gonna take a 4.2 million cap hit regardless of when they cut him…and I understand how the provision works…what you’re missing is why take the time? They need to cut him by March 11 for the money not to be guaranteed.

        What are they looking at? What are they waiting for? A possible trade? With that contract? Everyone so positive that he’s not going to be around – cut him and let him be – move on and call it a day.

        • The cap hit is because of the pro rated signing bonus. Can’t get out of it . March 11 is not February 6.
          His signing bonus is pro rated at 1.4 mill a year for the next 3 years.m3 times 1.4 equal 4.2

          • “The Eagles quarterback is due to receive that amount on Feb. 6, but the team is likely to buy time until the start of free agency on March 11 because of a provision in Vick’s contract.”

            Why are they buying time? For what exactly? Just cut him already. A trade? With his contract. Once again – there’s no need to hold onto him ’till March 11 if they are SURE they are going to get rid of him.

            I don’t buy time canceling ish I know I”m not going to use. What need is there to buy time if they are sure he’s done. Ultimately they make that choice but THINKING about it suggests they aren’t so sold on Foles either.

            • The cap hit and the payout are the same regardless of whether now or march

              • I. know. That.

                I get it is the same,

                You are missing my point. What. Are. They. Waiting. For. What. Do. They. Need. To. See. Why. Are. They. Buying. Time. For. What.

                What do they need to think about that they don’t know now. Just cut him and be done. But sure let’s just think about it to March 11.

            • You don’t get signing bonus and it’s relation to salary cap

            • Mr.Tsjohnson, thank you for proving logic comes from using your brain.

              They may not be sold on Foles, but even if they are, who do you bring in as a viable backup? If you are not going to sign Alex Smith; – who by the way would have to be the starter, if he comes here – then Vick is the most convenient choice as backup.

              You are right brother Tsjohnson. They have to be thinking about that otherwise they would given him his outright release by now. Some of these posters are thinking with their hearts, because they just don’t like Vick. They would hate Dennis Dixon more, if he was the next option.

              • Why would they cut him yet? Wait until after the season is over, see if you can get a 5th round from Buffalo, Arizona etc… I doubt either of these teams will give that up, but why not try?

  11. tsjohnson,

    Mike Vick has never done anything in his career that made me think that he could run an up-tempo offense.

    In fact, Vick might be the least capable QB on our roster when it comes to recognizing the defense and adjusting. That is the most important QB attribute for an up-tempo attacking offense.

    The closest thing that Vick ever saw to Kelly’s zone/read offense is when the Eagles used Vick in the wildcat a couple years back. There were several plays in that set where Vick was expected to read the outside linebacker/DE. Almost without exception, Vick would keep the ball regardless of what the outside linebacker/DE did.

    Vick plays school yard football. He doesn’t have the discipline to play in a zone/read offense. Where the most important thing is to make the correct READ.

    • How the f%$K does a frsshman QB straight out of high school run Chip Kellys offense? How the f*&k does 3 different college QBs who never made a mark in the NFL run Chip Kellys offense at Oregon but a 4 time pro bowl QB with 2 100 million dollar contracts cant? lmao. How does that actually work? I saw a freshman at Oregon who barley could throw run that offense great but Mike Vick thats a joke That offense cant be that damn hard to learn he had 3 different QBs in 4 years all avg 50 points a game. Give me a break. .

      • He ain’t running the same Oregon offense. It wiill more closely resemble new England.

        • Um..New England’s offense resembles the Oregon offense. Belicick got the quick, no huddle style go for it on 4th down from Chip.

          Though Kelly is likely gonna runt he ball more than New England…with Brady as ur QB running the ball isn’t essential.

      • Yes Daggolden!! Another man with common sense.

        Some think Dennis Dixon is the answer, because the remembrance of his college career reminds them of what they are seeing in Colin Kapernick now. That’s how some of these guys think. But it’s wishful thinking. Thank you Daggolden, brother, for your consistent logic.

        • cliff i don’t want dixon or vick and as for why wait…. um the only people anxious over the qb situation is people on blogs with nothing better to do! think man you claim to be a GM — they have an exact plan now, it likely doesn’t include vick — but keep him till the drop dead date, maybe there is a 5th rounder for him out there who knows. maybe they are putting pressure on him to renogotiate. maybe there is an eagles pick plus vick to SF for smith… my point is why rush? they have time

          • I hear you Ciggy. I’m not anxious either. My point is it would be smart to hold on to him for several reasons. I understand why some want him gone yesterday,….they want change. But sometime in making change, you can also settling for mediocrity, by taking more steps back then whats necessary; ala Dennis Dixon.

            Vick can provide,a possible draft pick, depth, and insurance in case they can’t get possibly who they want as the starter in a trade or free agency. I believe Foles, is already the answer with no doubt in my mind, but you are right I’m not Howie Roseman.

            GMCliff, is just a title brother; like a stage name. But, I would be very confident in putting my player evaluation skills up against anyone including Howie, Mike Mayock, Todd McShay, Mel Kiper, etc…….without hesitation I say that because for the last 11 years, my selection of players for the Eagles would have already put us in a dynasty position. Andy Reid doesn’t know talent, and we bypassed Pro Bowlers, and potential Hall of Famers.

            It is a shame I will never be in a position to prove myself, but just look at my mocks for the Eagles, every year and think of what could have been. On, I am the GM

    • IrishEagle you must be able to read a defense yourself to have this analysis on Mike Vick if so what team did you play for? Thats like me telling someone they arent speaking proper French when I cant speak French myself so how could I possibly know? Please enlighten me and tell me what coaches film you have watched on what Vick was suppose to do in that situation. Then tell me where you learned to read defenses so you can critique Vick. thanks.

      • “IrishEagle you must be able to read a defense yourself to have this analysis on Mike Vick if so what team did you play for?”

        I’m not telling you! lol Who are you?

        I’ll tell you this – it’s not so hard to run Kelly’s offense. It’s actually very easy if you are willing to follow rules. If you think that’s Vick’s strong suite then you might be in a small group.

    • WTH are you talking about…Vick is generally at his best in the 2 minute offense.

      In games where he threw the ball 30x or less, started and finished the games, the eagles are 7 – 2. He’s not a QB you want dropping back for 50x a game. A run heavy offense is his best friend and his time with the Eagles bear that out.

  12. wow. Why even post this? Slow day on gcobb i guess.

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  14. Its amazing how guys on here are saying Dennis Dixon would never work with Chip Kelly in the pros but Alex Smith would, thats the same Alex Smith who was considered a bust for five years, let me repeat that, FIVE years! how did he all of a sudden be a QB that everyone wants? COACHING! The man was a bust until Harbaugh got him. Kelly doesnt have to run the exact offense he ran in college, but, he will run parts of it and Dixon will know that, Alex Smith proved its all about coaching, if Kelly picks up Dixon like its being reported then Kelly must have something in place he knows Dixon will excel in, and if thats the case, thats fine with me, as of now im gonna trust all the moves Kelly makes.

    • Good post Andrew, Alex Smith was actually having an all pro season until his concussion and he has thrived with Harbaugh as his coach.

    • And all five years, he was never on the practice squad. There was obviously more to work with Alex Smith, then you could with Dennis Dixon. I see your analogy Drew, but your assuming Kelly can change a poor to below average Dennis Dixon, and transform him into what Alex Smith has PROVEN to be.

  15. That’s funny, when you say foles best offense is run heavy, you hear bs that he’s not a franchise qb, that he doesn’t have “it”, well by this criteria Vick never had it, and all bs aside, he had over a decade to prove it and he failed

    It’s big nicks turn, old farm hand style, go bick nick, new style, new era eagles football

  16. Yee haw……..

  17. And the best athletic, running qb of all time was Randall, and ultimately this style failed, and 12 became most effective when he became a more traditional pocket passer with the Vikings, the case against the running qb is overwhelmingly strong that it’s a filed proposition, look at the greats, not a single running qb, with the arguable exception of Steve young, who also used his legs as a secondary weapon, and his pocket ability foremost made him great

    That’s the difference fellas, pocket ability, to get it done from the pocket first, legs as a supplement, and Vick a failure at the pocket, case closed

  18. What’s annoying is everyone except the eagles knew 3 years ago that a top priority was to find and groom a QB of the future to eventually replace Vick. Regardless of how good they thought he was, he was still an over 30 running QB, and finding a franchise QB is not easy. Why then did they wait until NOW to start worrying about this? D-cking around with these mid round backup grade QBs like Foles, Kafka, and Kolb and hoping they would pan out when every statistic in the book says they wouldn’t, is irresponsible. I don’t buy the argument that this team had holes to fill. Every team has holes to fill, but few teams have elite QBs. In a pinch, serviceable linebackers and O-lineman can be had via free agency, but a top notch QB is rare. Not having consistency in a position that dictates the entire offense is far more detrimental than not having that really good linebacker. In other words, this team should have spent it’s capital and made the moves necessary to take a QB in the first round long before now. We have a better overall team than Washington, yet they had the balls to move up and draft RGIII and it won them the division in his rookie year. I’m not saying the eagles should have drafted RGIII, but they should have made some serious efforts at finding a solution while they still had the time. Now we are in a situation where we are talking about signing a PRACTICE squad QB to compete for a starting job and arguing over whether or not Vick should be given another shot. Had this team had a reasonable degree of foresight and at least attempted to act on it, this wouldn’t sting so much, but the fact that they didn’t is maddening to say the least.

    The question now becomes what should this team do. Well given the options, I can’t see how it would be prudent to let Vick go. With all his flaws (and there are plenty), when he’s healthy and behind a decent O-line, he’s shown he can win games. Foles isn’t and probably won’t be a starting caliber option, and he certainly hasn’t proven he can win. Therefore, Vick should be kept, with Foles as back-up for when Vick inevitably goes down. That will give Foles some more time to develop and buy this team another year to come up with a long term solution. Do they go for Geno Smith if he drops to #4? I’m no college football expert, but again, I think they need to seriously consider it. He’s a risk at #4 but is it better to maybe blow a #4 this year or wait until next year and likely have to spend a lot of picks to trade up to a higher spot. I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know the eagles have their work cut out for them.

  19. If Vick wasn’t the topic I guess there would be nothing to write or talk about in Philly. Just curious will there be a riot in Philly if the Eagles organization decides not to release Vick or will it just be a case of mass suicide.

  20. I frankly would prefer that they Cut EVERY player on this team before considering keeping Micheal Vick.

    Now is the time to look to the future. 33 years old – see ya grandpa. 28 y/o alex smith Hell no I would rather waste 3 seasons on Than over pay for a guy who will be in his prime until the team around him is good enough to compete and then he is old and we chase our tails.

    Draft a defense and build one to compete. Then worry about offense. I would rather lose every game this year but draft the right guys this year and next year and compete in 2014 than win 8 games this year and miss out on difference makers next year.

    The Reid Vick experiment cost us a chance to get Luck or RG III. If we had stayed the course with Kolb and found out he was the stink bomb he is and instead traded vick away for a bag of chips we likely would have been in position to get an Elite QB prospect but no the eagles fell for fools gold in 2010 and then again in 2011.

  21. listen…you guys here can’t blame Vick for the losses the last few years yet give Foles a pass in his losses.
    Look, Reid was fired for a reason…ok?

    A lot of those losses you’re giving to Vick was with Juan Castillo figuring out how to call defenses.

    Was that his fault?

    The wide 9

    Was that Vick’s fault?

    The damn fireman in the first round.

    Was that Vick’s fault?

    So come on guys with all your B.S.

    Yes Vick made errors on the field but he was a product of the choices made around him by the stupid ass head coach.

    If he renegotiate to show his worth under Chip then let an open competition begin and if Foles win then bench Vick…

    If Vick shows he’s the guy that can score points under Kelly then let the chips fall where they may.

    “No pun intended”

  22. I would Ride with Foles in 2013. I like his pocket awareness and with time I think his release will quicken. He has fight in him and if we had any Defense at all this year we may still be saddled woth andy reid after another 8-8, 9-7 season. Our Defense was GARBAGE just like our Offensive line. Demetress Bell please teach me how to STEAL MONEY like you did this year. Hey eagles I am willing to show up every day no matter how bad I get destroyed if you pay me 5+ million.

    • Sure Foles has a lot of fight in him, he has so much fight in him he fell (wasn’t hit just fell) and broke his own hand, that’s a lot of fight. Vick actually was the furthest from being the problem with this team, never did understand why he is the only qb in the league who’s expected to play without a decent line. I bet Brady wouldn’t have played behind that bullshit pretending to be an oline. Vick had his faults granted but he dam sure wasn’t the reason the season went as it did.

      • I believe he also finished the game with a broken throwing hand. Like to see you do that.

        • And your point is what exactly, he lost the dam game…but oh that wasn’t his fault was it???? And to take it even a step further I don’t believe he broke his hand. But if nothing else he sounds accident prone, 5 games and out…oh yeah he’s a fighter alright

  23. No it was not Vicks Fault. That does not mean his Time is not up either. Vick returning is as dumb an idea as Iverson comming back to the 76ers. The game has passed these to Icons of yesterday by. See Ya!!

  24. More excuses for Vick , move on , more than a decade of underperforming is enough, a tough sob, idiot , big idiot, that’s enough for us to see, let’s see what ole country boy foles has, probably tougher than Vick, a new eagles regimen is here , with new qb, nick , let’s see what develops

    • To bad all the other rookie’s came out this year and played their asses off, but all that can be said for Foles is “he has potential”….Those other rookies made him look even worse than what he is. Everytime Foles name is mentioned there’s always a “but” behind it. And another thing if the coach thought Foles was all that these discussions wouldn’t exist ….. would they? As Roseman said, when asked about Foles “Be careful” But I guess that comment slid right by you didn’t it.

      • Those rookies/1st timers were on Exceptional teams (Minus Luck and RG3)

        Although the colts and skins are both better than the eagles without their QB’s

        Sad that the colt’s Oline is all our old depth guys that kept the likes of King Dunlap off the field for years.

  25. Eagles need to cut their ties to the recent Andy Reid Era and yes, this means that Veteran Players like Vick, Celek,Cole, Herremans, Asmo, Patterson
    Need to go . You can’t Change the Culture of this a franchise with the same
    Core of players that have gone 12-22 in their last 34 NFL Ganes
    Kelly knows this and should gut the Roster of every Eagle over 30 Years of Age or that have been around to contribute to this losing Culture
    If you don’t the chord with these Player now in the off-season with by trade or flare out releases, then when us the time to do so???
    Kelly needs his group of Players to set a new Identity for the Franchise and the sooner he does, the sooner he will have success and move this Franchise Forward again in my opinion

  26. I heard the same bull with Bobby Hoying…”Give him a chance”

    Bum ass Kevin Kolb, we’ve heard he same….”quick release”…..”plays with his head”

    He was total garbage, and now we’re here with Foles.

    Does Foles give the Eagles the best chance to compete on the big stage, and have the tools to win a Bowl?

    If not then let’s play the best guy….compete and if it’s Foles then the fans will back him but we’re done after the Kolb experience anointing a guy who didn’t win the job.

  27. This argument is pointless Vick, Foles , Dixon , Smith unless they fix a bunch of other positions starting with the oline then this will be the same disaster as last year. The QB is the sexy position I get that but this team needs to get fixed. No DC no idea what kind of defense we plan on playing but let’s continue to disagree about the QB.

    • You’re exactly right, if other positions on the team aren’t fixed, especially the oline, it really doesn’t make a difference who the qb is, the results will be the same. Ask Brady if he would play behind a oline like this one…..see what he says.

  28. I heard this same shit with Vick before… “give him another chance”…. And all he does is loses games.

    I don’t care if Kelly wants to bring in EJ Manuel, or Geno Smith, or Alex Smith, or anyone, as long as it’s not Mike Vick.

  29. I think the Eagles need another Long-Snaper too..
    This Jon Donebros adds nothing to the Roster ..

  30. peace..i agree 100% and that’s why I bulk at those who just like to blame Vick for the losses when it’s clear Reid at the helm sabotaged every area of the football team.

    the offensive line was atrocious, the linebackers were garbage for years, the tight end position was nothing special for years, the receivers are small and seek hiding places after every catch, the safeties didn’t belong in the league, the corners were and are garbage, the failed offensive line coach was anointed defensive coordinator, the d line coach was calling Juan Juanita while telling his linemen to just rush the QB and forget the running game, Andy Reid is and was the worse game day coach in the history of the game……

    And yet you guys want to put the team failures on Vick?

    Remember Vick bring the team back against the pathetic Browns?

    Remember the 4th quarter leads he got back for the team only to see them squandered with that pathetic ass defense?

    All I’m saying is that the Vick that was MVP runner up not so long ago didn’t just revert back to his old self but did what any QB would do if 3 to 4 rushers are in their face 90 % when dropping back to pass.


    Well if the Eagles play against the Bucs secondary every week he’ll be in the hall of fame..but it remains to be seen if he’s any more than the guy who won one game against the weakest secondary next to the Eagles secondary.

    • vick fans ‘ALL EXCUSES, ALL THE TIME’–vicks comeback against the pathetic browns is an argument for how great he is yet foles performance against the bucs shows how bad he is.
      he only had one good year in atlanta as well… guess that was the coaching, the TE (oops that was crumpler) and the line etc…

    • take away his best year in atl and worst and his record is 20-19… whose fault was that!

    • Who cares what you think about the Eagles… are a Redskins fan and a LOSER. Go away and take your pathetic opinions to a Redskins site…we don’t care what you say….you are a loser and your opinion on the Eagles doesn’t matter because you have already stated your hate for the team.

  31. Anyone else notice that the Eagles became a “Soft” Team after changing their
    Uniforms and went from the Masculine Block Numbers to the more Wussy-fied
    Rounded Numbers on their Jersey’s… I have been calling for 2 Years, to get rid of these Wussie Rounded-Ass Numbers for they exude a “Softness” about the Team,it’s Players, it’s City and it’s Fans ..

    • No pro sport is a reflection of city they play in. The relationship is one of business partnership period. If fans stop going out and buying stuff and tickets then the team moves and re-brands. How many players on the eagles have any ties to Philly growing up? Not many and they wouldn’t care if they played for the Mar Maniacs as long as they got payed.

  32. This team should have been broken up and rebuilt starting after 2010. They tried to keep shit together with duct tape and now we got a mess.

    • you call duct tape: returning QB who finished 2nd in mvp ballot, the most coveted, all pro CB FA, a solid FA from GB, a young up and comng back, a trade for a pro bowl CB…it didn’t work out but wasn’t duct tape.

  33. Gonzalez should drink a few more corona’s. Dumb ass

  34. Paulman’s Off-Season Plan..
    Release – Vick,Asmo, D Bell, K Dunlap, M Patterson, Kurt Coleman,
    Let DRC, Landri, Tapp all walk
    Trade T Cole,( Pats 2nd or 3rd Rounder) T Herremans (6th Rd from the Chiefs), C Jenkins (5th Rd to the Jaguars)

    Then Sign the Following Players in Free-Agenecy
    Safety Darius Byrd , LB Larry Grant, CB A Talib, OT Phil Loadholt

    Then Draft the Following

    1st (#4 Oveall) DT Star Lotuleile (Utah 6-3 320lbs)
    2nd (#36 Overall) LB Kevin Minter (LSU 6-1 245lbs)
    2nd (#61 from Pats) Guard Larry Warford (Kentucky 6-3 330lbs)
    3rd (#68 Overall) CB David Amerson (NC State 6-2 195lbs)
    4th (#100 Overall) Safety James Crypien (Fla In’t 6-0 210lbs)
    5th (#129 from Jags) TE Vance McDonald (Rice 6-4 262lbs)
    5th (#132 Overall) DE Mike Buchannan (Illinois 6-5 255lbs)
    6th (#160 from Chiefs) OT Rick Wagner (Wisconsin 6-6 310lbs)
    6th (#164 Overall) LB AJ Klein (Iowa State 6-1 248lbs)
    7th (#190 Overall) DT Josh Boyd (Miss State 6-3 315lbs)

    I see the Top 3 Selections as Starters from Day 1
    CB Amerson,Safety Crypien, TE McDonald & DE Buchannan will all compete
    for Playing Time, Play Special Teams and be Key Back-ups in 2013 and push for Starter spots come 2014

    Final 3 Picks again will compete for back-up spots, and be developmental players .. OT Wagner will compete versus Kelly for the back-up OT Spot
    LB Klein to be back-up at LB and play Special Teams in 2013 and replace Matthews,Jordan as far as Depth goes, by 2014, I see Minter & Klein as the Starting ILB, after Ryans is Traded/Released after the 2013 Season
    DT Josh Boyd (former Teammate of Fletcher Cox at Miss State) has raw potential.. He’s 6-3 315lbs but has the frame to get to 325-330lbs in 2 Years Time.. If Eagles convert to 3-4 Defense, could develop into a nice back-up NT behind 1st Pick Star Loutleilei his 2nd/3rd Year

    This could be an awesome Draft Class along with great Free-Agent Pick-ups
    in WR Jennings,CB Talib & LB Grant & OT Loadholt who can play RT for 2 Seasons until Jason Peters is done and then swtich back to LT..

    This is my Authorized Plan and I support this Message

    • Paul, I like your thinking, but the only disagreement I have, is Boyd is too small to be a NT. Same thing with Antonio Dixon. Still don’t understand that resigning, at the end of the season. Just because they’re fat tubs of lard, don’t mean, they’re NT’s.

    • Unfortunately in the real world no one will give a second round pick for cole. So when it doesn’t happen you can’t say ‘if the eagles followed fraudmans advice and traded cole for a second round pick they would have warlord at guard.’

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