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DeSean Jackson: “It’s a no-brainer to keep him (Michael Vick) here”

One of the big questions hovering over Chip Kelly and the Eagles is what to do about Michael Vick.  Should they release him or should they keep him on the roster?  Should they force him to take a paycut or should they keep him at the same salary and give him a shot to be this year’s starting quarterback?

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was at the Super Bowl on Friday and he was asked about these questions involving his teammate and he left no doubt about what he thought should be done with the signal caller.

“For sure I can see it. Now that Chip Kelly is our offensive coordinator, I mean our head coach, Michael Vick I think it’s a no-brainer to keep him here,” Jackson said Friday in an interview with the NFL Network. “It fits his playing style and what he’s done perfect.”

Jackson seemed to give Vick the nod over Foles when he was asked about the two quarterbacks going forward.

“As far as Vick and Foles, I think we have two great quarterbacks, with Michael being a play-style quarterback that could be good for the Oregon offense,” Jackson told  “I’m excited to see how it’s going to go with OTAs coming up soon.”

“Nick has arm strength out of this world,” Jackson said in the interview with  “He surprised me [with how he read] the defense, being a certain defense, checking it if it was a run or if it was a pass getting the ball out of his hands. That’s the upside when you have a quarterback coming to the line doing things like that.”

“I think Vick is still capable of doing some great things, especially with Chip having that spread offense,” Jackson said.

This is going to be a huge decision for Kelly.  Will he give Vick a chance or let him go? on Facebook

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77 Comments for “DeSean Jackson: “It’s a no-brainer to keep him (Michael Vick) here””

  1. Please cut him. Vick has had 12 years in the league to prove himself and his play and health have steadily declined. I’m more than confident that he is not capable of taking ANY team to the Super Bowl.

  2. Desean says, foles has arm strength out of this world, but you critics know better downing a fifth, watching a pass fall short because he’s got a broken hand, and proclaim is arm is weak, keep watching, keep drinking……

  3. Per G in a previous post (, the most important attribute in running the offense that Kelly likes is to make good decisions. I would add, make good decisions “quickly.” And therein lies Vick’s biggest, most glaring weakness…. unless we want to see Vick run the ball 20 times a game… which would last a few games until he’s injured and out for half the season…. at which point you’re using another quarterback anyway.

    So the quote from Jackson is a true statement – you would have to have no brain in your head to decide to keep Vick.

  4. if chip kelly believes vick is the right move for this year i am ok with it . gotta put some faith in our coach .

    • Fair point Nev, but im not so sure injuries and turnovers can be fixed with a new system/scheme.

      • Injuries and turnovers? Who are we talking about Foles or Vick because they both had injuries and both had turnovers. Foles was hurt 5 games in and had how many fumbles and more Ints than tds.

        • Vick gets hurt every year and has only played a full season I think once. I also think Vick had like 7 turnovers through the first three games. That is mind boggling. Notice how DJax essentially praised Vick’s athleticism and praised Foles’ ability to read defenses. That’s pretty telling. Lastly, Vick had a lot more turnovers than Foles which is sad given Vick’s experience and the fact that Foles was a rookie who got thrown into action midway through the season with many of the offensive guys out from injury.

          • Im not saying keep Vick. Even though you failed to mention DJax said its a no-brainer to keep Vick, how convienient. But anyway the original post was injuries and turnovers. Answer the question. Did Foles get hurt? Did Foles have more turnovers than tds. Dont give me offensive guys out when Bryce Brown set franchise records in rushing for 2 games in a row. lol I guess that doesnt count. lmao

            • Dude, Foles was a ROOKIE. What don’t you understand about that? Yeah, Foles broke his hand. Big deal. It’s much different than getting hurt from taking hits every game because Vick can’t read a defense and has to run for his life. I mean, football IS a contact sport. What was Vicks TD:TO ratio? I’m pretty sure he leads the league in fumbles throughout his career.

              • Agreed. Im agreeing with you. I understand Foles was a rookie. Its a simple question did he get hurt and did he have more turnovers than TDs? The question was turnovers and getting hurt. Now if that just applies to certain players just say so. Say daggolden injuries and turnovers only count against certain players. Im good with that.

          • DJax also said we have two great Thats player talk. We know that shit aint true.

            • DeSean Jackson also said “I don’t think we lost anything” when McNabb got traded. He said they wouldn’t lose anything with Kolb.

              So much for his opinion.

  5. What a joke… Michael Vick won’t last two games running the zone read offense.

    First of all, he’s not 22-25 years-old like RG3, or Wilson, or Kaepernick. Vick will be 33. That’s the same age as LaDainian Tomlinson, who ran out of gas two years ago.

    Second, Vick cannot hold-up for 16 games in an west coast offense where he runs the ball 4-5 times a game. He will be injured before week six if he has to carry the ball 6-7 times a game by design. Look at the size of RG3 and Kaepernick compared to Vick. Even Russel Wilson is built like a running back. Vick is built like a sprinter.

    The only way I see Vick coming back is at a lower salary, and he won’t last half a season.

  6. dag,

    Nobody said anything about Foles. It doesn’t take much to know that Foles fits a zone read offense even less than Vick.

    If Kelly wants to run the same offense he ran in college we need a new QB.

  7. You are correct IrishEagle… He’s too old and too fragile to start and build the new offense around… And way too expensive to be a back up, which he doesn’t want to do… Time to part company.

  8. Honestly Im in the minority but for the right price if we could get Alex Smith on a 3 year deal, bring in Tyrod Taylor as a backup or keep Foles as backup and draft a QB in 2 years I would be ok with that. I just think Smith is a very good NFL QB who is also mobile.

  9. drop em both one gets hurt all the time and is over the hill the other gets paid $$$$ to drop to the ground before defender hits him or runs for the sidelines and how about he dont even return anymore this owners are a joke

  10. @DonP …I’m with you buddy, drop em both and start with a new Qb and system etc. Any remnants of Reid’s trickery are out for me. Thanks for everything Vick, good luck in your future Bro, you too Foles.

  11. I think it’s already established what’s gonna happen per reports, their gonna bring in Dennis Dixon and it will be his job to lose unless they grab Alex Smith or somebody like that. As for Foles? Andy Reid drafted him and needs a QB, trade him to the Chiefs and get what you could for him, as for Vick? Don’t wait and waste everyone’s time, we all know hes not the answer, if we know it the new coaching staff does too,if you can get rid of him 3 days after the SB, do it and move on.

    • Drew stop it. stop it. Dennis Dixon is NOT an NFL Quarterback Period.
      He’s not starting here, or anywhere else……..They may bring him in, so what??!!

      He’s not better than Foles, Alex Smith, Vick, or Trent Edwards to be honest.

      Separate what you saw him do in college, and what you think he’ll do under his college coach, because its wishful thinking. You, and anyone else who thinks he can start is hallucinating. Wake up!! He sucks!!!

    • Reporty?

      What report?

      You are confusing the words “report” and “conjecture”

  12. There is no doubt that if Chip Kelly wants to establish a new Identity for the Eagles, that most Veteran Players will have to go including Vick, Asmo, T Cole,
    T Herremans, etc, etc. Kelly needs to get his Pkayers in here to establish his System. Trade, Cut, Release every Player over 30 Years old except for LT J Peters and start anew (like the Colts did last off-season and the Seahwaks when Pete Carrol came on board and even TB Bucs HC Schiano cleaned house with the Cancers on the Bucs..

  13. Dang Paulman, I think I agree with you man.

  14. I hope we all know its going to take a few seasons (2-3) to establish a new identity considering how bad we actually are all over the board. Why get rid of Todd H? He’s arguably been our most consistent Olinemen the past 3 years (excluding last season considering the fact he played around practice squad members basically for a period of time) he’s has been shifted all over the oline from guard to tackle and has flourished when asked to do so. Not A lot of players can do that. He’s going to be great when Peters is by his side again this season. I can see where you are coming from regarding Asmo, Cole etc. They need to go ASAP

  15. Herrenabs is not all consistent in my opinion
    He’s has various leg injuries over the last few years with Foot, Ankle and now Knee issues and gas played a lot of Fanes and I feel his body is breaking down and not worthy of his $5-$6 Million Salary any longer
    He’s not an OT any longer and provably a Guard at this stage of his Career
    I just think there are better options than him and time to cut the chord
    (Just like Mike Patterson, Kurt Coleman,King Dunlap, C Jenkins, D Tapp
    A Jordan, J Chaney, c Matthews..

  16. On the subject of Vick however, Let me just say I am in favor of sticking with Foles for a season and seeing how he plays out. If he is garbage, we draft a new QB in the Next draft, but if Chip does decide to keep Vick, I wouldn’t be angry. I think Chip Kelly would ne the only HC in Vicks entire career that would use him Properly. Vicks HC in ATL sure as hell didn’t play to his strength, and AR just tried to make him a pocket passer which he is NOT, and NEVER will be.

    Chip would try to use him like a RG3, or C Kaep, etc, and I do think Vick would flourish in this offense if and ONLY if the OLINE is healthy. If the Oline is healthy I’d be willing to bet that the turnovers would lower for Mike by a considerable amount. He threw 11 ints last season if I’m not mistaken, but how many of those ints were from batted balls at the line of scrimmage? dropped passes by our own guys into the opposing defenders hands? How many of those ints and fumbles occurred when that god awful Oline allowed opposing defensive players to rush through unblocked and Mike Vick had to force something, or got pounded and lost the ball?

    Bottom line is, I’m not in for Vick. I say we stick it out with the kid and see what he has. But Vick has the greatest chance in his career to flourish this season with Chip because chances are Chip will have a more balanced approach and Mike will not be dropping back 37 times a game to throw which will also lower his turnovers and injuries. I also guarantee Mike Vick still runs today a 4.4 40 yard dash, and is a top 3 fastest QB in the game and probably is the fastest.

  17. CT, I agree with you also man.

  18. 70% chance Vick remains on the roster to back up Foles, or as trade bait, like it or not. Despite all the negative post, and personal feelings of the many……….
    Howard Eskin reports the Eagles WILL pick up the option for Vick.
    Let the hating begin……….

  19. Keep Vick one more year to stay “competitive” or at least put out the image that you’re trying to stay competitive.

    Draft EJ Manuel. Let EJ sit and learn in 2013 with the understanding that he will be taking the reigns in the near future.

    • and that’s all it would be “the image” of competitiveness. That’s all he’s been his entire career. An illusionary “image”….because I can’t see how a guy with one season with more than 8 wins in a decade is in any way “competitive”….unless .500 is the goal.

      BTW – who exactly would Manuel learn from? VIck? The negative reports on Manuel are that he’s innacurate, doesn’t go thru reads, can’t read D, and bails on plays too early…..UMMMMM…..and you want him to “learn” from the guy who is the master of all those things?

    • Birdo…EJ Manuel is not an NFL QB. He is a new draftee, that posters will get excited about because, it’s the latest, new, and improved, in comparison to what we already have, but he hasn’t been even average in college, He’s nothing.

      Some are excited about his measurables, but his skill level, doesn’t equal his hype. Inaccurate, can’t make all the throws, no real touch on the ball, and inconsistent. He’s not better than Foles!!! , Foles will be the starter.

      Realistically he is a 4th round pick, although some stupid GM who wants to be fired, will draft him higher. A 4th round pick, that will be on the bench his entire career.

  20. gmcliff — I could care less what anyone thinks of EJ and I don’t follow what others say on here. I have watched EJ and love what he brings to the table. He’s tall, athletic, and has a rocket arm. He also has speed. In the right system with the right QB coach, the sky is the limit.

    I don’t expect Mike Vick to mentor anyone, I expect EJ to learn from his coaches and then take the ball when it’s given to him.

    • I agree with you on Vick, but you can also expect to be disappointed in Manuel’s career too. Wishful thinking, not gonna happen…..bench.

    • Birdo I like Manuel watched him a ton down here in Florida, he has the ability but he comes up small in big moments and I don’t know if that can be coached out of him. Foles is the same way in my opinion a stat compiler who doesn’t make enough big plays to win. There are a bunch of QB’s like that now in the league. Stafford, Rivers and Cutler and three off the top of my head.

      • The difference Biggie is that Foles has proven he can perform on a professional stage. Granted he didn’t light up the world playing behind an inept Offensive Line, but, showed he has the talent to be a starter in the NFL, and he did put up some impressive numbers in spite of it, more impressive than Vick behind the same line.

        Don’t forget, many were screaming for him to be the starter, after the pre-season playing behind a line that was healthier.

        EJ Manuel has proven nothing. His potential is based on wishful thinking; imagining him as the new Dennis Dixon, in the Chip Kelly Offense. But, can’t see he is probably a Practice Squad Prospect himself. He is not an NFL QB.

        • GM nobody is saying Foles probably cant play in the NFL. So can Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill., Fitzpatrick, Palmer etc. Guess what them team aren’t winning any superbowls eithier lol. You need a STUD QB to win period. Those QBs will never beat the Brees, Manning, Flacco, Rogers, RGIII, Lucks, Kapernicks, Ryans, of the world. Hell those QBs are below the Staffords, and Bradfords and Romos of the league. Just take a honest look at how many QBs Foles is behind atleast 25 in the NFL. Look at our division. Just for Foles to be the best in our division he has to jump Eli, RGIII and Romo. What has he shown you that he will be better than any of them? What are the odds? Hes not a top 3 talent. Fitzpatrick is better than Foles and has a good run game pretty good recievers and a little bit of defense and they win 7 games a year. No matter how many draft picks, what you have to pay ala Redskins you better get a stud QB.

          • Dag, I know you are smart. But you also know better than to base your opinion on one incomplete years performance, in terms of Foles. You also know, that one year doesn’t make a career. Can you honestly guarantee, that RGIII, Luck, Wilson, Kapernick will have great careers based on, their rookie years?

            I personally felt that Foles biggest obstacles were Morningwig, and Reid, but I saw enough from Foles that said to me this kid has the talent to be the next Eagles Starter. Many saw it too, during the
            pre-season, and wanted Foles to be the starter then.

            I also felt that what he did in terms of performance overall, was what I would expect of a rookie not drafted to start right away. I’m not worried about Foles. Lets talk if he underachieves in his expectations this year, but for now he has to be the choice, Right now he is light years ahead of both Dennis Dixon, and EJ Manuel; 2 BULLSH@%T PROSPECTS.

  21. gmcliff….every QB in the league have performed on a professional stage….that’s not an excuse to keep a QB.

    The next QB the Eagles will get will perform on a professional stage..He lost on a professional stage ..and there’s no excuses for him that can be used as excuses for Vick’s output this year.

    We know what Foles can do and have an MVP year is not one of them and there’s only one QB on the Eagles have that type of ceiling and it’s not Foles.

    Bring in E J Manuel

    • I disagree Songs. its the same reasoning that we couldn’t 100% explain when it came to Vontaze Burfict. Sometimes, you see something that no one else does in what you deem valuable.

      Songs brother, we have no complete idea what Foles can do, and not do. It sounds to me like you just don’t like Foles, bu tyour evaluation has to be bais or incomplete. Reality, EJ Manuel can’t touch Nick Foles in terms of talent, or football smarts. The only thing he excels in that Foles doesn’t is speed. Thats it. We don’t need EJ Manuel or any of the QB’s in this draft

      I want to hear from all these Posters, just like I wanted to hear from all the guys who said Burfict couldn’t play in the NFL. That to me was very obvious that he could play, although there were some issues, he showed a level of talent on the field, but when people find petty reasons to criticize, they become so critically pessimistic, they miss on a prospect.

      In the reverse, some are not critical enough of an overhyped EJ Manuel. He has done nothing in college – I mean nothing – to be deemed a potential starter in the NFL, but in the Senior Bowl practices, all of the sudden he is a star. Not based on what I saw all year, and in the Senior Bowl he isn’t.

      • GM one of Manuel’s assets is his football smarts he knew FSU playbook inside and out so that’s not the issue, personally I would stay away from him because he hasn’t learned how to play under pressure and you cannot learn that. His skill set is better than any QB in this years draft but he came up small in big game after big game and NFL scouts know this.

        • Also will not set his feet and take a hit to deliver a throw.

        • When you say skill set Biggie what are you referring to specifically?

          I disagree on overall skill; Are you referring to overall athleticism. That I will give you. Mike Glennon, is much more skilled Quarterback than EJ Manuel flat out.

          Knowing Florida States playbook doesn’t mean anything. How is that impressive? How does that set him apart from the other QB’s? The fact that he came up small in big games, emphasizes the fact that he’s not as skilled as some would like to believe.

          • Glennon is very impressive but mobility arm strength height and weight Manuel is better he can make every throw. He’ll get drafted before Glennon which will be a mistake. Like I said before I wouldn’t draft him. But he will play and start in the NFL for somebody he won’t be a practice squad player.

            • Biggie my motto is we will see……Humble Pie is waiting

            • Big, he can make the throws, but he rarely does it in big spots. If he is still there in the 5-7 rounds maybe, but we have too many other needs, on DF & O-line, to even take him any higher with a reach pick, like a lot of the bozos on here have said.

  22. Go with Foles in 2013 and see how he does.. If he’s not the QB
    For Kelly, then get a young QB in the 2014 Draft for there are some Good ones and chances are if Fokes is not very good, the Eagles will have a Top
    #7 Pick come next Draft where there will be 3-4 QB’s all with better Prospects than there are in this 2013 Draft Class
    Recut the Roster, trade, release Veterans and acquire 2-3 more adraft Picjs for 2013 and rebuild the Defense And O/Line this Off-Season and Draft would be my plan

    • I hear you paulman but people act like this is high school. “Lets just throw him out there and see how he does”.lol Players don’t want to hear that shit. Hard working fans that pay good money don’t want to hear that shit. Throwing years away like they are nothing. You will have a last place schedule and may win 6-7 games next year(fools gold) and not get a top QB, there is no guarantees. Oakland, Buffalo, Arizona, KC, Jacksonville etc may all be thinking the same damn thing. Tajh Boyd may be long gone then what?

  23. Senior QB Class of 2014

    1) Taj Boyd (Clemson 6-1 225lbs)
    2) AJ McCarron (Alabama (6-3 210lvs)
    3) Zeke Mettenberger (LSU 6-5 230lbs)
    4) Aaron Murray (Georgia 6-1 215lbs)
    5) Derek Carr (Fresno St 6-3 215lbs)
    6) Tyler Renner (North Carolina 6-4 220lbs)

    Then look at Potential Underclassmen who may leave School early to enter the 2014 Draft
    1) Teddy Bridgewater – (Louisville 6-3 220lbs)
    2) Marcus Mariota – (Oregon 6-4 215lbs)
    3) Kevin Hoagan – (Stanford 6-4 225lbs)
    4) Brett Hundley – (UCLA 6-3 225lbs)
    5) Pete Thomas – (NC State 6-5 225lbs)
    6) Johnny Manziel – (Texas A&M 6-1 200lbs)

  24. Two QB’s that excite me on that list.. Taj Boys and Teddy Bridgewater. I have been saying for a while, next year is the year to make a run at a QB in the draft. Lets see what we have in Foles this year, draft for D and O-line this year.

    I’d stay far, far, FAR, FAR, FAR away from Johnny Manziel

    • I disagree. There is no logical argument right now to be made against Manziel. He dominated the SEC, didn’t just win but dominated them included Alabama who looked unstoppable in the Champ game. You can’t use his height against him either because he is taller than Wilson and maybe more mobile and accurate then him too when he was at school. Not only did he win Heisman but he put on maybe the best Bowl game performance EVER after all the pressure was on him. Many guys have folded after that heisman win but this dude is the real deal. There are guys every year that will call somebody a bust on the next level just to be in the minority and be able to say I told you so but right now you have no logical argument IMO.

      I do agree tho when it comes to Boyd and Bridgewater. Also like Murray as well, see what he does after another year.

      I just hope they don’t waste draft picks on a QB this year. Not worth it when you have the talent that will come out next year.

      • I know what you mean in regards to Manziels production, hard to criticize what he has done so far. I agree with PMAN tho, hes 5-10, 175, thatsnot getting you anywhere in the NFL. I think he will be a great college QB that doies not translate to the NFL level, mainly due to size.


  25. I think Boyd/Bridgewater have excellent upside for the NFL Game,
    Strong, great leaders, good arms, mobile but still look to pass first
    Boyd throws one of best Deep Balls in all of College..
    The Young QB’s out in California (Hogan/Hundley) will be good one’s too and probably not come out until after their Junior Years which would be for the 2015 Draft since they were ture Freshman this year

    I agree about Manziel who is a great College QB, but doubt he will do well at the NFL Level due to his small size, but they said the same thing about Russell Wilson.. I figure Manziel stays thru his 3rd Year about probably puts on 10-15lbs over the next 2 Seasons.. Right now, he’s about 5 11 190lbs which will get him killed on a NFL Field …

  26. Bridgewater with his body type reminds me of McNuggets but he throws a much better ball. Not sold yet on Boyd or McCarron. Murray will never make but keep an eye on Carr great arm great mindset.

  27. I’ve seen Boyd play a lot over the last 2 Seasons and with Pro Coaching, I think he can develop into a very good NFL QB.. He reminds me a lot of a young McNabb and is very smart with his decision making,has great leadership qualities, it tough,smart and very Coachable..
    This 2014 Class is much Stronger than this 2013 Class no doubt..
    McCarron is a little more athletic than he appears and then again, he played behind a dominant line at ALabama, that he didn’t have to scramble much..a solid game manager with a sneaky strong & accurate arm.. Next Season don’ be surprised if he passes more and elevated his game now as a 3rd Years Starter and going for his 3rd NCAA Championship in Row.. The guys a Winner and again has the Leadership,Smarts & Ttoughness that you look for in a QB
    Murray is too small, lacks a strong arm but could make a nice back-up for someone

  28. John Clayton has reported that Vick will be released on Friday.

    • Excellent and the Best News I’ve heard in 2013 So far…
      Unfortuntately Vick is the Face of Everything that has been wrong with the Eagles the last couple of seasons (Underachiever,Undiscplined,Arrogant,Denial,Overpaid, etc,etc) and is tied to Andy Reid closer than probably any other Eagle so there is no real choice here,but to cut the chord with him and let him start fresh elswhere and the let the Eagles start anew.. Now let’s see them Dump Demetress Bell,Nnamdi Asmoguah, Mike Patterson and then work on trading Todd Herremans, DeMeco Ryans, Trent Cole, Cullen Jeknins to stock up on Mid – Round Draft Picks .and then Rebuilt this Roster in the likeness of HC Kelly and his Defensive Coaching Staff and bring a new Vision to this Team and new Players ..

  29. I would stay far,far,far away from LB Jarvis Jones from Georgia
    Various injuries, comes up small in Big Games, quesitonalbe pass-coaverage skills..He’s a freak of an Athlete, no doubt, but I am not sure how he will do in the NFL .. A Pass-Rushing Specialists from the OLB in a 3-4 Scheme is probably what he’s best suited for, but when Drafting at #4, I think you need to get an everydown player and not a situational player with that selection..

  30. Im hearing John Clayton reported that prematurely and for all you Vick haters there is a strong likelihood that Michael Vick will be retained by the Eagles Im hearing. Im hearing Chip Kelly may infact keep Vick and will bring him back as the starter. It can still go either way but thats what im hearing.

  31. Jon Hart,

    I’m hearing that Chip Kelly had Michale Vick’s hands re-measured and found them to be the smallest hands of any QB in the NFL.

    Oddly, Michael Vick, who stands 6-0, has merely an 8½-inch hand. However, Drew Brees, who stands just 6-0½, has a hand of 10¼” – Russell Wilson, another smallish QB, 5-11 also has a hand of 10¼”.

    Kelly once said -> “If the quarterback is not tall, look at his hands. That is the biggest coaching point to finding a quarterback. How big are his hands, and how well can he control the football? The height of the quarterback is not the important thing. No one playing quarterback throws over the line. They throw trough lanes in the linemen. The important thing is the size of their hands.”

    Just saying – that’s what I’m hearing….

    • I also heard that Coach Kelly had Vick get a MRI Exam of his Cranium (Head)and that it was discovered that Vick has the smallest Brain of any QB in the NFL.. for whatever this is worth…. just saying…

    • Irish do you think the size of the QB’s hands matter? I actually do think its important and maybe its the main reason for Vick’s fumbling.

      • Oh yeah, I do think it hand size matters for QB’s, for a lot of reasons. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the two smallest QB’s in the NFL have unusually large hands.

        Wilson and Brees have 10¼-inch hands! That’s huge for 6-foot tall guys. I think it matters when they carry the ball and when they pump, and throw the ball.

        • I can remember the old Seahawks QB Dave Krieg being criticized for have small hands and every year he led the league in fumbles.

          • Right! I remember Krieg and his small hands always fumbling. The say it’s especially bad in cold and wet weather too. Which was death for a guy playing in Seattle.

            • In regards to fumbles and the hand Hand Size of Mike Vick …You guys are reaching…there’s about 10 QB’s that have more fumbles in their career than MV

              • How many of them are scheduled to make $16. Million next year?

              • Wrong again.

                Actually, there are 20 Qbs with more fumbles than Vick….however…..most have played many more games than Vick…in some cases 3x as many more games.
                In terms of fumbles/game appearance…With 87 fumbles in 121 games, VIck ranks…..

                4th all time behind…

                #1 Culpepper with .98 fumbles/game
                #2 Warner with .82/game (made up with it throwing 3x as many tds I guess)
                #3 Kitna with .77 fumbles/game
                #4 Vick with .72 fumbles/game.

                Good times.

  32. EJ Manuel is a NFL QB Prospect who will need a good 2-3 Years to Develop at the NFL Level.. He is nowhere near ready to jump in his 1st or 2nd Year and run an NFL Offense..Think of a Tyrelle Pryor, Troy Smith, Josh Johnson type. Strictly a Developmental QB who may make it, but it will take a few Years
    I see the KC Chiefs obtaining/trading for QB Matt Flynn to be their Starter and maybe BIg Red taking Manuel with his 1st Pick in the 4th Round (#97 Overall) if he is still on th board and groom him for a few years down the road for we all know that AR loves his QB’s..

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