Andy Reid And Eagles Pursued Alex Smith Last Year

Alex SmithIn a surprising revelation, Andy Reid and the Eagles were trying to acquire the services of Alex Smith last year during the off season.  Former Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Trent Dilfer, who now works for ESPN, made it known this week in New Orleans.

“There was a courtship last year, to a certain degree,” Dilfer told the San Francisco Chronicle during an interview.

Dilfer couldn’t get into the details, but he made it clear that Andy Reid wanted to make Smith an Eagle.

“I don’t know a whole lot. I just know there was a courtship. It was not even an inside source, you know what I mean? It was just kind of the scuttle in the offseason.”

That information could give us an idea what Reid is going to do in Kansas City in their search for a quarterback.  It also lets us know that Reid wasn’t as sold on Michael Vick as we were led to believe.

Even though the 49ers came up short at the Super Bowl, Colin Kaepernick seems to have moved into complete possession of the San Francisco starting quarterback position, so Smith will definitely be out their on the market.

This information could in a round about way have an effect upon what Chip Kelly and the Eagles do at the quarterback position.  If Reid and the Chiefs are very aggressive about acquiring Smith it could move Kelly and the Birds into another direction.

Fact of the matter is that we don’t know whether Kelly and the Birds have any interest in Smith.  The Birds are expected to make a run at Ravens practice squad quarterback Dennis Dixon, who was a starting quarterback for Kelly at Oregon.

23 thoughts on “Andy Reid And Eagles Pursued Alex Smith Last Year

  1. You see my issue with this Alex Smith talk is that signing him could screw this team’s future as we have just seen somewhat with Vick. Maybe the Eagles trade the house to move up for RG3 or Luck if they didn’t sign a below average QB on the books as being one of the highest paid players in the league. Maybe they pull the trigger on Russel Wilson in the second round. We know the Eagles were very interested in Rg3. Its been widely reported that if Wilson was on the board during the Foles pick, Wilson would have been the guy. They also missed on Peyton Manning in Free Agency who will also play for another 5 years probably. Even though the guy has trouble in the playoffs, he has got it done and his stats are HOF worthy. Doesn’t even compare to guy like vick who might not even belong in the same category as Jake Delhome.

    And thats my problem with Alex Smith. We have seen a ton of the guy. He had a good run in his career, but has mostly struggled and was average at best which is a major disappointment like Vick is when you are drafted 1 overall. If they get Alex Smith, it likely wouldn’t be a one year deal. The guy is probably looking for longterm commitment. That means you can say goodbye to Johhny Football or Bridgewater next year. I don’t think Smith is worth that. The Eagles are not winning shit anyways next year. Play the young guys, cut the overpaid loser vets, and establish a new identify of this team. Then draft your franchise stud at the top of the draft next year.

    And for people that say Chip needs to win now you don’t make sense. Keeping Vick or signing Alex Smith won’t translate to wins. Their careers in general show they are not winners.

  2. On the subject of Vick however, Let me just say I am in favor of sticking with Foles for a season and seeing how he plays out. If he is garbage, we draft a new QB in the Next draft, but if Chip does decide to keep Vick, I wouldn’t be angry. I think Chip Kelly would ne the only HC in Vicks entire career that would use him Properly. Vicks HC in ATL sure as hell didn’t play to his strength, and AR just tried to make him a pocket passer which he is NOT, and NEVER will be.

    Chip would try to use him like a RG3, or C Kaep, etc, and I do think Vick would flourish in this offense if and ONLY if the OLINE is healthy. If the Oline is healthy I’d be willing to bet that the turnovers would lower for Mike by a considerable amount. He threw 11 ints last season if I’m not mistaken, but how many of those ints were from batted balls at the line of scrimmage? dropped passes by our own guys into the opposing defenders hands? How many of those ints and fumbles occurred when that god awful Oline allowed opposing defensive players to rush through unblocked and Mike Vick had to force something, or got pounded and lost the ball?

    Bottom line is, I’m not in for Vick. I say we stick it out with the kid and see what he has. But Vick has the greatest chance in his career to flourish this season with Chip because chances are Chip will have a more balanced approach and Mike will not be dropping back 37 times a game to throw which will also lower his turnovers and injuries. I also guarantee Mike Vick still runs today a 4.4 40 yard dash, and is a top 3 fastest QB in the game and probably is the fastest.

  3. How did Atl not use him to his strengths? they knew he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed..they knew he didn’t want to study to improve his game…Vick even had the audacity to say himself he didn’t give a shit when he came into the league. They gave him one read which was all he could pretty much handle and basically said if you didn’t like it take off. They always ran a ton with Warrick Dunn and their other backs to keep the pressure off of him as well. To me thats playing to Vicks strengths..
    Vick is not anywhere near as fast as he was. Gets tackled from behind by Dlinemen all the time, don’t know what football you have been watching the past 2 years to call him the fastest QB in the league. His speed is nowhere near where he use to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if Luck beat him in a 40 right now.
    And if you use Vick like Rg3, colin kaepernick, or Wilson he will be on IR by week 3 of preseason.

    1. Listen to what you just said.. “They knew he didn’t want to study or improve his game” That right there is not using him to his str.. That’s terrible coaching to let this man do whatever he pleased basically. Not disciplining there players or trying to make them better is not using them to their str or trying to make all the players around Vick better. They didn’t draft that man number 1 overall and think “He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.” There is a reason why picked his ass up in the draft to secure the most important position on the field and to represent their franchise.

      Also I didn’t say Vick was as fast as he used to be. He ran a 4.25 in his rookie combine. I said he runs a 4.4 40 yard dash today. Which I’d bet my left nut he can. Andrew Luck runs a 4.6 at BEST. And if im not mistaken I think RG3 ran a 4.48 dash in his combine. I guarantee you Mike Vick would beat him in a foot race. Go back and watch man, everytime a dlinemen tackled Mike Vick, he was looking to throw the football while running, and not taking off to actually rush.

      1. What? Now it’s the coaches fault that VICK didn’t put the time in? Are you kidding me? Really? QBs and other good players put in their own time on study. A coach can only require so many hours per week. So the 100 million qb can and did say F.U to extra time. More excuses from Vick supporters.
        Vick ran 4.33 rg 4.41 . Vicks time 12 years ago bro.
        Yes they knew he was stupid… He scored embarrassingly low on the wunderlick

        1. I think you need to look at what you wrote because you make no sense at all as HAC pointed out. SO a player that doesn’t give a shit, and even admits he didn’t give a shit, is not used to his strengths by his coaches according to you? WTF
          “Not disciplining there players or trying to make them better is not using them to their str or trying to make all the players around Vick better”…Im laughing so hard because of how ludicrous that sounds. It literally makes no sense at all. And QBs make players around them better. There is no secret to that when you look around the league. Roddy White would have never caught 100 balls in a season with Vick as QB. Julio Jones wouldn’t have had the impact he has had in the league with a QB that has accuracy and decision making deficiencies like Vick has.
          Also, Luck actually ran a 4.5 at the combine so your wrong again. They said all his numbers compared to Cam Newton actually. The guy can run so don’t say he can’t. Cool, Vick might edge him out in a foot race at 33…but you know what, I bet Luck wins championships because he actually knows how to play QB and not just run.
          “They didn’t draft that man number 1 overall and think “He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.” There is a reason why picked his ass up in the draft to secure the most important position on the field and to represent their franchise.”
          And, yes they didn’t draft Vick because of his smarts. They drafted him based upon physical ability and knew he would fill a stadium by making a highlight play here or there. no secret there either. And Vick showed how stupid he was by throwing that franchise in the trash to engage in reprehensible illegal activity after they gave him 100 mill. Only an idiot would do that.

  4. Alex Smith is not coming East to Philly or the Jets..
    He will land in Arizona or Kansas City..
    Matt Flynn will land in Kansas City, Jacksonville or Buffalo

  5. Pheags you are an idiot. Although Vick isn’t as fast as he was in his heyday, he’s still faster than any QB in the league not named Kaepernick or Griffin.

    The problem isn’t the Vick lost is speed, the problem is that he has become indecisive on when to take off and when not to. Too many times he got caught from behind because he was looking to throw down field as he placated to Andy Reids offense.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Although I still think he’s faster than Collin Kaep just due to the fact that Mike Vick is way smaller than Collin in weight by atleast 35-40 lbs. And shorter by like 8 inches. Smaller/ Lighter people are going to be a lot more faster and quicker than someone that is a lot heavier. Russell would give mike a run for his money thought

    2. No Birdo, far form it. You are by far one of the most idiotic people I have ever seen post on here. You said guys like Peyton, Eli, Brees, Flacco are becoming extinct basically for guys that run fast 40s…Honestly, this is maybe the most retarded statements I have ever read. When you throw in slow Brady, you basically have all the last Super Bowl winners. But now all of a sudden they are extinct.

      Yea Flaco is extinct now…LOL. He just won a superbowl and MVP less than 24 hours ago…BUT now he is extinct. GCOBB should ban for saying something so retarded.

      And you are delusional when it comes to Vick. ANybody that has watched football knows he has lost serious speed. And that is a problem even though you don’t want to admit. His legs were his game, and he is losing that ability as every year goes by to the point where he almost useless in the NFL at age 33 next season.

  6. MV& rushing yards/carry

    2002 7.5
    2003 8
    2004 8
    2005 6.8
    2006 7.7
    2010 8.3
    2011 5.8
    2012 6.2
    Notice where that graph is going 2011 and on? After he turned 31

    Next year, if he’s playing in the NFL, he’ll drop to the 5s.

    When running backs/running QBs hit the wall they hit it fast. So fast people keep hoping/believing that its still the same player…..when they aren’t. The wheels have come off….and without that threat, the guy is nothing.

    But damn some of you guys love him so much….faster than RGIII……lol.

    Did you know that the former superstar has 1 run of 50+ yards in the past 3 seasons with the Eagles?

    Did you know his longest run this year was 20 yards? 20. That seem to you like a guy who can run away from defenders anymore? That seem to you like a guy who has wheels? The wheels have come off.

    He will not be the Eagles QB next year. And neither will Alex Smith. I’m beginning to think it won’t be Foles either, and I think that’s too bad.

  7. And I still think he would beat RG3

    So what? There’s a lot of track stars that are faster than RG3 too. But if you tackled them while they were running they would break in half. Same with Michael Vick.

    RG3 and Kaepernick are 225-235 lbs. – and they are 22-25 years-old. Unlike Vick who will be 33 years-old and is built like a sprinter.

    If you want to see your hero Mike Vick sitting on the Eagles bench again next year with another concussion, and maybe worse, then let him run the read/option.

    1. Irish he wouldn’t beat RG3 he was a world class track athlete at Baylor, who cares about who’s faster anyway both of them will have one thing in common. Injuries

  8. My point is…Mike Vick is still a top 3 fastest QB in the league. And if you look what I posted above, I said I want the Birds to Stick with Nick Foles and ride em out, If he sucks then we draft a QB.

    BUT if the Eagles decide to Keep em,, which some of you seem to think there isn’t the slightest chance he stays, this will be the season where he does flourish. With a OLINE, with a new coach who will know how to scheme for his ass and build around him. WITH A New balance approach of around 55-45. I think he stays healthy with all these factors weighing in onto each other. 33 is not old ESPECIALLY when 2 of those were in prison, so really he’s 31. That’s younger than Brady, Manning, Brees, E Manning, and some other pro bowl quarterbacks, You have to remember Brett Favre arguably had his best season ever when he was a grandpa at age 41!! Mike is still fast enough to evade defenders and move around in the back field and make plays.

    Anybody that doesn’t believe it is just coming off what they have seen the past 2 seasons. Listen to every analyst. It’s not even close to being all of MV7’s fault. Even the year we got labeled the dream team our defense was awful. The oline was banged up and etc etc.

    Luke Joekel with the number 4 pick (Could you imagin him next to peters? todd? mathis? and a improved Watkins who will be better now that he wont be playing next to practice squad caliber players)
    Jarvis Jones

    One of those 3 will be a GIANT step in the right direction

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