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Texas A&M OT Luke Joeckel Is Considered A Can’t Miss

LukeJoeckel2The Eagles have made it clear that they plan on drafting the best player available throughout this year’s draft.   With that thinking, the Birds may wind up selecting an offensive tackle with that fourth pick because this is a year with a number of very talented young men, who are coming out at that position.

I got the chance to get an upclose look at one of them at the Senior Bow, Central Michigan product Eric Fisher and he was impressive, but the number rated offensive tackle in this draft at the moment, is considered to be Texas A&M junior, Luke Joeckel.

Joeckel is 6’6″ 310 pounds with long arms and quick feet.  He embodies what you look for in a first round pick.  He has great size, quickness and strength to dominate at the tackle position in the NFL.

He has started as the Aggies left tackle from the first game he played in his freshman year and he’s been consistent and dominant since then.  He was the Outland Trophy winner this year as the nation’s best offensive or defensive lineman.

The young man has achieved this status while competing in the nation’s toughest college football conference, the SEC.

“Joeckel has the ability to take away good pass-rushers. There’s very little to not like. He has a ton of experience, starting on the left since his freshman season,” Kiper Jr. said. “He can really drive people in the run game, even if he gets questions on how nasty he is as a finisher. The feeling now is he’s a safe bet to be the first OT taken.”

I know there are no sure things when it comes to drafting, but Joeckel is considered to be about as close as you can get.  Chances are he won’t be there when the Birds make their pick at number 4. on Facebook

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25 Comments for “Texas A&M OT Luke Joeckel Is Considered A Can’t Miss”

  1. Would be a smart pick. The Eagles would then have insurance should Peters not make it back at LT and 2 great OTs if he does. Herremans moves back to guard and we have the makings of a terrific oline. Would love to see what Foles will do behind a good oline – vs that joke we had last year.

  2. Target Paul Krueger from the Ravens if we are deciding to move to the 3-4. Hes 6-4 270 and will be 27 this year. He is a FA and was the Ravens best defensive player this year IM. .Especially if Ted Monachino is gonna be our next DC.

    • Smart suggestion Dag. He would also provide some veteran leadership, and experience. Playing a 3-4, You could have Kruger, and Fletcher Cox as DE’s, and Terrance Knighton as the DT/NT.

      If we are able to draft DeMontre Moore, and Ezekiel Ansah, as our 3-4 OLB, we have a young, viable stout defensive pass rush that we haven’t had for some time. Potential dominance.

      Add a veteran Safety like Jarius Byrd, or Dashon Goldson, and draft Tony Jefferson, and Jonathan Cyprian………….

      Sign LaDarius Webb, and draft Xavier Rhodes, or Desmond Trufant, and we have a foundation to work with.

      • After seeing Goldson getting torched all playoffs, I want no parts of him.

        • Safeties Gholston & Whitner struggled in these playoffs for the 49ers
          who have a great LB Corp,but need help with their Pass Rush and their back end of their Defense.. They gave up big plays all Playoff long and generated very little pass rush if not bliztzing.
          DE Justin Smith has been playing with 1 arm, so Teams were able to double Team Aldon Smith (who did very little the finals 4-6 Games of the Season) and pretty much made their Pass Russ non-existent..

          The 49ers are young and have lots of very good Players and will return next Year and make another serious Playoff Run..

    • daggolden, you can believe if we get Monachino he will be recruiting a bunch of the Ravens who are FA, i hope Krueger is one of them, he looks like a beast.

  3. Here goes a nice article of who stays and who goes on the Eagles D

    This is Kelly’s team now and he needs to put his stamp on it from the start. Here’s a look at who stays and goes on defense:

    Nate Allen: Has one year left and once had great upside. Might as well see if he can be salvaged. Stays.

    Colt Anderson: Should never be anything other than a No. 4 safety and special-teamer, but deserves a chance to compete. Stays.

    Nnamdi Asomugha: Wouldn’t keep him if he agreed to a base salary of $3. Not because he can’t play anymore but because he represents much of went wrong over the past two seasons. Clean slate needed. Goes.

    Brandon Boykin: Athletic, young, physical player who should have been looked at last year on the outside. Good future ahead of him. Stays.

    Jamar Chaney: Really disappointing last season. Needs scenery change. Goes.

    Trent Cole: No 3-4 experience but that’s no reason to send the best pass rusher packing. Line him up at rush linebacker and watch him return to double-digit sack form. Stays.

    Kurt Coleman: Tough one because he’s a max-effort guy with good smarts, but it’s time to get some fresh faces in the secondary. Goes.

    Fletcher Cox: Not going anywhere, except from interior tackle to defensive end in the 3-4. He’s a rising star but needs to mature. Stays.

    Vinny Curry: Lacked ideal size (6-6, 260) for defensive end in the 4-3 but has agility for 3-4 end, which could boost his career. Met with a bunch of 3-4 teams in last year’s pre-draft process. Stays.

    Antonio Dixon: Shed major pounds last year after eating himself out of an NFL job. Now he’s probably too small for the nose in a 3-4, which the Eagles now need. Hard worker but they can do better. Goes.

    Brandon Graham: With one year left on his rookie deal, Graham should get the chance to see if he can carry over last year’s momentum — at outside linebacker. Stock rose a little last year, so if the Eagles find a trade partner, that would be the one reason to move him. Stays.

    Brandon Hughes: Good leader, solid on special teams, but if he becomes a victim of the roster overhaul, those are the breaks. Goes.

    Phillip Hunt: Great guy but really didn’t capitalize on his limited chances. Could he excel as a rush linebacker? Maybe. But the Eagles have a bunch of those. Goes.

    Cullen Jenkins: Had some productive seasons at defensive end in Green Bay’s 3-4 but his welcome here is worn out. The team needs new faces in the locker room. Goes.

    Akeem Jordan: He’s been an impact special-teamer and reliable backup, but you don’t keep those guys around for seven years. Time to find a new one. Goes.

    Mychal Kendricks: Should adjust seamlessly back into the 3-4 as an inside ‘backer, where he played at Cal. Height is a deterrent, but good player to have. Stays.

    Derek Landri: Battled injuries last year and more fits DT in 4-3 scheme. Goes.

    Curtis Marsh: Another really good guy who just can’t play at the NFL level. Was raw when they drafted him and hasn’t developed enough. I’d move him back to offense. If not, then … Goes.

    Casey Matthews: Familiarity with Chip Kelly’s defense helps, but I think he — and the team — are better off if Matthews has a new address. Goes.

    Mike Patterson: Another great guy whose leadership is significant, but the team is moving on and must start fresh. Tough call here, but … Goes.

    Ryan Rau: Try-hard guy who can make an impact on special teams. Let him compete. Stays.

    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: Falls into Nnamdi’s category. I’m not convinced he can’t play, but I am convinced that the secondary needs a new face and identity. Goes.

    DeMeco Ryans: If there’s a trade partner out there, pull the trigger. If not, keep him and he can be a serviceable base linebacker, even in the 3-4. But he’s not a star. Stays.

    David Sims: Still don’t know if he can or can’t play, but if I’m overhauling the roster, then he’s out with the rest of them. Goes.

    Darryl Tapp: Like Patterson, a great guy to have in the clubhouse. But Tapp’s production hasn’t earned him the right to come back. Goes.

    Cedric Thornton: Another scheme-versatile player who can move to defensive end in the 3-4 and be effective. Gotta keep him. Stays

    • Andrew, you copy & pasted, Geoff Mosher’s entire article, from WTF! And you gave no opinions.

      • Dcar, I said when I posted it I just read it, I never said It was me who wrote it, as for my opinion? Theirs no need, the guys right on point, I posted it to give the people on here something to talk about.

      • haha at least he said it was an article and instead of just plagiarizing and saying its info from sources…

        I think Chance Warmack is probably the best player at his position in the entire draft more than Joeckel is at LT, who I consider the second best at his position. Just my opinion, but Warmack is a beast and I think he will be the safest pick in the draft. I think he dominates on the NFL level after see him just blow people up in that National Champ game, ND had a pretty solid defensive front seven and they didn’t even belong on the same field. Warmack deserves to be taken in the top 5 in this draft for those that need a Guard. I know the position isn’t given top 5 pick respect, but this guy is too good. I don’t know about you guys but I’d rather see our Watkins holding a bucket of water on the sideline in case if the Linc burns down than seeing him on the field. I wouldn’t be mad if they took Warmack at 4 considering on the question marks of the other players being listed at the top of the draft. We need talent.

  4. Agree Andrew & Good Stuff..
    I Would try to capitalize on Trading T Cole while his Value is still relatively High and could return a 3rd Round PIck from some Team and Cullen Jenkins

    • Come on Paulman you have been singing this song for 4 months. Who the hell is gonna “trade” for a declining 30 year old defensive end? I wouldnt give you a 7th round pick for him. For the last 5 years hes a no-show after week 9 and now he is a no-show all year long. It isnt gonna get better. He is done.

  5. 3-4 Teams would love Trent Cole
    The NE Pats,NY Jets, possibly the Colts is they lose Freeney in Free-Agency, the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers to name a few would all give up a 3rd Round PIck to have Trent Cole added to their D/Lines.
    I stated for years that Cole is finished when Hunting Season gets close (by Mid-Novemeber) so you will get no argument from me that he fades every Season.. but many Teams nad Coaches still think highly of him and his game
    Now Cullen Jenkins would likely return a 5th Round Pick at Best at this Point in his Career.. LB DeMeco Ryans probably a 4th/5th Round Pick
    CB Asmo/QB Vick are untradeable due to their Contracts
    I would add WR Jeremy Maclin to the Trade List for a 3rd and possibly a late 2nd Pick in return since he still is young and has upside and althouth he’s had that scary virus and some concussion issues, he has not had the the knee or leg injurues that would scare Teams off ..

  6. Paulman’s Top 15 Draft Selections of 2013 (Mock #72)

    1st – Chiefs – LT Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M 6-6 310lbs)
    2nd – Jaguars – DE/OLB Damontre Moore (Texas A&M 6-4 250lbs)
    3rd – Raiders – DE Bjoern Werner (Flaorida State 6-4 256lbs)
    4th – EAGLES – DT Star Lotuleile (Utah 6-3 320lbs)
    5th – Lions – CB Dee Milliner (Alabama 6-1 198lbs)
    6th – Browns – OLB Jarvis Jones (Georgia 6-2 242lbs)
    7th – Cardinals – QB Matt Barkely (USC 6-2 230lbs)
    8th – BIlls – OT Eric Fisher (Central Michigan 6-7 305lbs)
    9th – NY Jets – DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo (LSU 6-4 240lbs)
    10th – Titans – Guard Chance Warmack (Alabama 6-2 325lbs)
    11th – Chargers – DE Dion Jorden (Oregon 6-6 248lbs)
    12th – Dolphins – WR Keenan Allen (Cal 6-3 210lbs)
    13th – TB Bucs – CB Xavier Rhodes (Fla State 6-2 217lbs)
    14th – Panthers – OT Lane Johnson (Oklahoma 6-6 302lbs)
    15th – Saints – DE Ezekial Ansah (BYU 6-5 274lbs)

    Of Course, this is Subject to Change with little to no Notice…

  7. From ESPN,
    Detroit Lions finally Released Troubled WR/Returnman Titus Young who they moved up and Drafted in the 2nd Round back in the 2011 Draft after a nice College Career at Boise State, but has been a Problem ever since landing in Detroit.. Immature, Late for Meetings & Practices, Disrespectful to Coaches and was actually Suspended a couple of Times for Conduct Detremental to the Team…
    He is a Talent, no doubt, but another headcase that someone will take a chance with him and my Guess would be the Rams,Cowboys, Seahawks
    as Teams looking for a Returnman/Speed WR..

  8. We just have soo many needs it’s ridiculous man.. Star L would be a BEAST next to Fletcher Cox. I have a great feeling Brandon Graham is coming into his own especially now that the Wide 9 is gone. Can’t wait to see Vinny C in action as well. Only thing is, Trent Cole is 31. We need to just trade him for a 3rd rounder and draft Jamie Meder

  9. The Eagles’ draft will be predicated upon the actions of one Andy Reid – (which is pretty funny if you think about it). What he does with KC at #1 will play a huge roll in how the draft falls for the Birds.

    I see Reid with 2 options and either will have a masive impact on the Eagles at 4.

    1 – Reid signs a up and coming FA OT, then uses his #1 pick on a QB (presumably Smith). This follows his 1999 blueprint exactly.
    If this happens, Luke Joeckel could easily fall to the Eagles’ at 4. (this would be the best scenario for the Eagles IMO)

    Why I think this will happen: Andy Reid is a creature of habit.

    2 – Reid trades for/signs one of the available vet QBs (presumably Alex Smith) and then drafts OT Joeckel to protect him.
    If this happens the Birds might be in a bit of troubs, because I could easily see Jax taking STar at 2, leaving the eagles…..Milner? Geno Smith? If both Joeckel and Star are gone here, I could easily envision a trade down…..

    Why I don’t think this will happen. Chiefs fan has just had a run of “retread” QBs plucked from other teams (Matt Cassel, Tyler Thigpen etc)….I don;t think you can “sell” the idea of Alex Smith or anyone else’s castofff as a saviour to Chiefs fans…..I think they’ll want to start anew with a QB at the draft.

    Lets hope they do anyway…..

  10. Eagles need to stay away from LB’s Jarvis Jones and Barkevious Mingo
    if Joeckel/Star are off the Board with that #4 Pick..
    I would rather them take DE/OLB Damontre Moore or DE Bjoern Werner

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