Eagles Are $23 Million Dollars Under The Cap

It’s too bad you can’t build a championship football team thru free agency because the Eagles are in better position than any other team in the league when it comes to having money under the cap.  They’re $23 million dollars under the cap going into the 2013 season.  Yes they were a horrible football team in 2012, but they’re in great position financially to make moves.

Here’s the list according to ProFootballTalk.com:

Eagles:  $23.0 million.

Jaguars:  $21.1 million ($19.5 million carryover).

Browns:  $14.3 million.

Broncos:  $14.1 million ($11.5 million carryover).

Chiefs:  $14.0 million.

Seahawks:  $13.2 million.

Titans:  $12.8 million.

Bengals:  $10.2 million ($8.5 million carryover).

Buccaneers:  $10.1 million ($8.5 million carryover).

Bills:  $9.8 million.

Vikings:  $9.6 million ($8 million carryover).

Packers:  $7.0 million.

Patriots:  $5.6 million.

Dolphins:  $5.3 million.

Raiders:  $4.5 million.

Panthers:  $3.6 million.

Cardinals:  $3.6 million.

Colts:  $3.5 million.

Jets:  $3.4 million.

Bears:  $3.2 million.

Saints:  $2.7 million.

Texans:  $2.4 million.

Steelers:  $1.4 million ($758,000 carryover).

Falcons:  $1.3 million ($300,000 carryover).

Ravens:  $1.1 million.

Giants:  $1 million.

Chargers:  $995,000.

49ers:  $859,000.

Lions:  $466,000.

Rams:  $247,000.

Cowboys:  minus-$2.67 million ($2.33 million carryover).

Redskins:  minus-$13.8 million ($4.27 million carryover).

51 thoughts on “Eagles Are $23 Million Dollars Under The Cap

  1. Heres the whole article

    As the Eagles embark on a new era for the first time since 1999, coach Chip Kelly and company have an edge when it comes to their cap situation.

    The Eagles may inflate their base cap number by up to $23 million in 2013.

    That’s the amount the Eagles may carry over from 2012, if they choose to do so. Under the current labor deal, teams may carryover over any, some, all, or none of their cap surplus.

    The full list of available adjustments appears here, with both the Cowboys and Redskins losing cap space due to the penalties imposed last year after they were determined to be in violation of the spirit of the uncapped year in 2010.

    The numbers don’t reflect total cap space for 2013; instead, it’s the additional amount that each team has, or doesn’t have, available under the unadjusted cap, which is expected to be in the range of $121 million per team. For example, the Eagles will be able to bump the cap from $121 million to $144 million.

    The fact that cap money is available to be carried over doesn’t mean it will be. Last year, the Cardinals left $5 million on the books, and the Chargers and Texans carried over none of their excess cap space from 2011.

    There’s no good reason to not carry over cap space, unless a team simply doesn’t want to spend the money. Thus, fans should pay close attention to whether their favorite team is willing to spend its money on players, before the fans decide whether they’re willing to spend theirs on tickets, hats, and jerseys.

    1. The last part is what bothered me with the 2012 Eagles, every roster decision made was about money, we had one the God awful rosters in recent memory. Not one guy that could play a competent safety, other then Akeem Jordan does anybody remember a linebacker making a special teams tackle. Let’s not even talk about the lack of depth on the Oline. 5 rb’s and what 22 defensive ends just ridiculous. They are going to be further under the cap because no way Vick and Nnamdi get paid the salaries they are due.

  2. Most of the better teams are at the bottom of the list. The Ravens don’t have $23M free to spend, but they have something else we’re all interested in seeing. Cap numbers don’t mean squat if you aren’t winning and haven’t won anything. For years we had to listen to this nonsense about how well the Eagles worked the salary cap while building “competitive” teams. How many championships did that get? The thing that really sucks is that I don’t see many free agents that I think can even help make the team significantly better out there.

  3. Cap Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Green Confetti everywhere!!!!!!!!

    Now let’s raise the ticket prices to make up for the merchandise lost in the last quarter due to the pathetic product we put on the field. The same frauds who told us in the offseason that the team is rearing up for a Super Bowl run.

    Well…… Shekels in the coffer = successful season.


  4. Redskins over by almost $14 Million..will see some Veterans released/cut from
    their Roster … Santana Moss, DeAngleo Hall, maybe even London Fletcher…

  5. I hope they don’t go out and get a bunch of high priced free agents and spend that money. I think we all saw that the big name free agents don’t build a winning team.

    With any luck we will lock-up the players we to keep and start drafting better.

    Here’s an idea – let’s fill the roster with 4 or 5 throw-away quarterbacks and have them run the Oregon zone/read offense. We can replace them as they go down…

  6. PFT has reported Cap figures final!

    Last year, teams had until February 28 to decide whether to carry over unused salary cap space. This year, the deadline came two months early.

    Per a source with knowledge of the schedule, teams had until December 29 to decide whether to shift remaining cap space to 2013. Thus, the numbers we posted last night reflect not the available carryover but the actual amounts that were carried over.

    Ross Tucker has tweeted that the full amounts were carried over by every team. Last year, multiple teams opted to abandon unused 2011 cap space.

    Of course, having the extra cap space and using it are two different things. If the Eagles, for example, opt not to spend their extra $23 million, they can carry that amount over to 2014 — and beyond.

    But what about the minimum spending requirement that kicks in this year, you ask? That applies only to the unadjusted cap, which is expected to be roughly $121 million per team. The Eagles and no other team have any obligation to spend more than 89 percent (on a three-year rolling average) of the unadjusted cap.

    If my calculations are right that means the Eagles would have to spend at the minimum 128,160,000 this year. 89% of 144 million. So if they start releasing players like Nnamdi and Jenkins even though they have cap hits they will have to do some spending I would imagine.

  7. The Eagles are gonna have no choice but to spend big in free agency if they plan on gutting the roster, they only have 7 draft picks and how many are gonna be day one starters? They have to trust their D-Coord and let him pick the guys he feels comfortable with, their really isnt that much to overhaul on offense if the injured linemen come back healthy, lets just hope they spend wisely.

  8. Hey he is solid maybe not great but we will transition to the 3-4 pretty easy aside from him the ST coach is the only coach with NFL experience so i rather have some one with the experience of the nfl, cleveland though sucks had a respectable D. So i rather him then Spags and Ryan.

  9. Nice Hire…
    Started out with 3 Years as a Defensive Assistant under Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh from 1992-1995, then Coached the Carolina Panthers LB’s under Dom Capers from 1995-1998 (LB”s Kevin Greene and Lamar Lathon were All-Pro’s under his Coaching ) and then a couple of 1 Year Stints with the Browns and Packers as LB Coach.
    Worked for Atlanta Falcons from 2001 thru 2004 under Dan Reeves as LB Coach under DC Wade Phillips (Keith Brooking an All-Pro each Year under Davis’s Coaching)
    Became DC of the 49ers from 2005-2006 under HC Mike Nolan as he wanted to implement a 3-4 and Davis was highly recommended
    Davis then moved on to Arizona in 2007 and was LB Coach then elevated to DC Coach thru 2010 as the Cardinals began hiring many ex-Steelers Coaches (Wisenhut,Grimm,Horton,Jr,etc,etc)
    In 2011, Davis was the LB Coach for the Cleveland Browns

    He obviously has a well experienced background and has mostly worked in 3-4 Schemes, He also specialized in the LB unit (Which the Eagles have neglected for about 15-20 years in my opinion)

    Per long-time NFL Coach Tim Lewis of the NY Giants, “Davis commands respect from the Players and other Coaches in the room, he would plan up all the Blitz Packages for us as a Position Coach with such detail that normallly only a DC would do” ..

  10. Davis with the help of Horton helped elevate the Cardinals Defense that took them to the SB against Pittsburgh. with the Falcons help lead there Defense to the playoffs ( NFC Championship)

  11. im going to put my pom poms on hold because i dont understand switching to a 3-4 D for a lb coach. good news…… he has worked on the D side of the ball.

  12. He is from Youngstown,Ohio and has always coached that attacking,physical, fundamentally sound type of Football.. His father was a lifelong NFL Coach.Front Office Type so he has grown up with the NFL.. Davis was actually a Ball Ball for the Eagles (Vermiel era) and the Dolphins (Shula Era) when his Father worked for both Clubs.
    The amazing thing is that he;’s only 47 Years old and has the drive,passion and eneergy level that the Position Demands…
    I am curious to see who the Secondary Coach will be which will be a very important Position as the Eagles revamp their Secondary..

    1. his ball boy experience, youth, drive, passion and energy level really helped him get the cards and 49ers to play great 30th ranked defense… not sure how you can proclaim ‘nice hire’

      1. LMMFBO!!!! I agree idiotic hire! Entire coaching staff already hired before the DC! SAME $#!T AS THE HINDEBURG DID! The little optimism I had, is down-spiraling, to irate pessimism again! Rosebuds inept @$$ still hear, gimmick HC, Vick not released, coaching staff already hired before the DC, a practice squad stiff, in negotiations to QB, now a failed retread, as DC! Super Bowl BAAAAABY!!!!

  13. So assuming its a 3-4 lets get an idea of who may come to the eagles via FA/ Trade/ Draft who comes and who goes…

    Cox/ Star or J. Jenkins/ /NT/UT/DT/DE possibly C. Jenkins or the guy from Ravens. OLB Graham, Kendricks, Trent or Traded Tapp or Traded or FA or Draft Pick
    CB Boykin/ DRC/ Milliner ( if our first pick) C. Marsh

    Elam( maybe) Jefferson, Nate Allen J. Byrd

  14. I like the type of coach he is and I hope he can bring that here. That said…. we went from needing 3 or 4 players on D to needing 4 or 5 players on D. Add to that….. one, maybe 2 of our best players on D likely need to be traded.

  15. I like the hire. Donatell was not permitted to interview by SF. The 3-4 transition may be more seemless than expected. The Eagles have brought in nothing but “high motor” tweeners under Reid, that many fans questioned thier effectiveness in a 4-3 anyway. Based on what my eyes saw the last two seasons, this personnel is not very good in a 4-3 scheme. Maybe 3-4 is their better base D. I’ve always thought B. Graham would be a nasty 3-4 OLB in the mold of L. Woodley, I just didn’t feel he was worthy of his spot in the draft cause we were a 4-3 team at the time (and E. Thomas was the obvious pick). Until the secondary is fixed, 4-3 or 3-4 isn’t all that important.

      1. Graham’s arms are too short to be an effective OLB where he can’t create space between he and the oncoming blocker against the run (same wilth Trent Cole) but strictly as a pass rusher from various spots across the formations, I think he can be very effective
        In obvious passing downs..

  16. False Everz. The tweener thing faded a few years ago. Those tweeners were drafted and then walked 4 years later. Right now we have a few players that can switch but we barely even draft Lb’s anymore.

  17. Defensive Line

    Gone for sure —
    DT Mike Patterson, DT Derek Landri, DE Darryl Tapp
    Probably Gone – DE’s Trent Cole & Phillip Hunt

    Cox/Jenkins,Thornton can all be moved out as big DE’s
    A Dixon can be a NT

    Need’s – 1 or 2 NT and 1 more big DE

    LB Corps
    ILB – Kendricks,Ryans with Matthews as a back-up
    OLB – Spots are wide open… Graham, T Cole, V Curry are all ?? Chaney, Kendricks Matthews ??

    Needs – at least 1 ILB and 2 OLB

    Whose out there…

    DT Canty just released has the experience and size at 6-6 325lbs to play NT
    OLB’s … Krueger, Larry Grant, Leroy Hill, Conner Barwin, are out there as Free-Agents who have played in 3-4 Schemes

      1. I agree, but I am sure that his former College Coach (Chip Kelly) will give him at leastt this Season as an Eagle–I am not saying I agree with it, but it’s what’s going to happen I am afraid)

        Plus add the newly signed OLB Chris McCoy from the Canadien Leauge. At 6-3 240lbs, McCoy will play at one of the OLB spots and signed a 3-Year Deal Yesterday..

        Good Times for this Eagles Team… Can you Feel it …

        1. He’s already showing himself not to be a competent, impartial coach if he is going to bias toward his below average former players.

      2. Unfortunately HAC, that stiff ain’t going anywhere. He basically kissed his @$$ to stay on the team, with his kind words, for Kelly, before the hire! WTF!!!!

  18. Paul…..Are you serious?? I hated hiring Kelly and he hasn’t made one damn decent decision yet. Davis is a failure. This is like rehiring Sean McDermott. His defense in SF and Ariz were awful. Here are his point rankings: 30, 32, 14, 30. THREE TIMES finished bottom three in foru seasons. Great Fucking Hire!!!! Yardage ranks: 32, 26, 20, 29. Bottom half of the league all four years and bottom five twice! Chip Kelly and Howie clearly have no fucking idea what they are doing! Jeffrey Lurie is an idiot who thinks he is soooo clever. We will never win a SB with him as owner because he will never hire a coach with fire and balls! He wants a thinker. How about hiring a DOER!!! The Eagles are fuckred for the next four years until Lurie fires Kelly and hires another bad coach that has no history of toughness. I am so fucking depressed it makes no sense.

  19. We could have hired a hard ass Dego that looks like a dock worker and has coached great LBs. Instead we hire another nice guy who looks like a tool and has never done anything.

  20. come on off the ledge my man! it will be ok, i too am not psyched about this off season. chip kelly was my worse nightmare but i now have to get behind him and ASSUME he knows what he is doing….

  21. cigar…..the worst thing I have ever lived through is Marion Campbell. I did not experience the hell of pre-Vermeil Eagles. I have a feeling this will be similar. This guy is supposed to be a genius?? He is Spurrier just like I thought he would be. Great job Jeff and Howie you just set this organization back even further!!

    1. ahhh the swamp fox! if he blows then my sundays get freed up…when they suck i become a better hubby, father and care taker of my yard.. learned that from my dad in the pre-vermeil era!

  22. cigar….I appreciate that you are a diehard fan. I am too which is why I am so pissed off right now. Of all the people he could have hired??? I am just not one of those diehards that loves unconditionally. This moron has not done one damn thing right except appeal to the mustard stained 700 level idiots by going to Wing Bowl. That’s not going to help win football games. He is a college coach and that was so obvious to everyone but Asshole Lurie.

  23. Calm down fellas. No none knows how this is going to work out so just relax and breathe easy. How many of you were excited about Jim Johnson when AR hired him? He was a “failure” as well. When Bill Belichek was hited by the patriots he was coming off abject failure as well. that seemed to turn out ok. We eagles fans are way delusional when it comes to this team. Every coach should be a Lombardi and every player must be All Pro or they suck! That’s just plain ridiculous! The Angela Cataldi disease is spreading fast! It needs to be stopped!

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