Report: Eagles To Hire Alabama Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland

Crimson Tide Football Practice Media is reporting that the Eagles head coach Chip Kelly will bring Alabama offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland on his staff to coach the Birds offensive line.   The hiring of Billy Davis as defensive coordinator wasn’t impressive, but the hiring of Stoutland from the best football program in the country will definitely make Eagles fans stand up and take notice.

Stoutland has done an outstanding job with the Crimson Tide and has been regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches in college football for quite a while now.  His offensive lines have dominated opponents by opening huge holes for Crimson Tide running backs like Heisman Trophy Mark Ingram, first round pick Trent Richardson and current Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon.

This report could improve the chances of the Eagles drafting Crimson Tide All-America offensive guard Chance Warmack with their fourth pick.  It’s very unusual for teams to draft guards so high, but they do have need at the position and Warmack is supposed to be a very special player.

I personally don’t want to see them draft a guard that high.  If they wind up using that pick on Warmack, it means they do think he’s a very special player and that Kelly plans on running the football a great deal.

124 thoughts on “Report: Eagles To Hire Alabama Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland

  1. On paper..Best hire probably this offseason.

    He’s been coaching the oline in Bama for 2 years, and back to back has national championship game appearances

  2. Roll Eagles Roll..
    Best news I’ve heard so far from the Kelly Team .. Great Hire
    If they can get him

  3. Very good hire. No way can I see the Eagles spending another 1st round pick on a guard. After the fireman, no way they spend it on a guard. Even though he coached the player, how much sway does an OL coach have on the 4th selection in the draft?

  4. Now just pray for Luke Joeckel.

    I have a feeling we will have a top 3 oline in the league next year. If healthy.

    I saw a mock draft having the Eagles taking Ej MANuel with the 4th pick. Now that’s some scary shit. I like the guy a lot, but not that much..Maybe our 2nd or possibly thrird

  5. Jarvis Jones has to be the pick. One thing in history of the 3-4 is the first thing you ever talk about is the dominating OLB. From Lawrence Taylor, Kevin Green, Greg Lloyd, Clay Matthews, Suggs and so on and so on. Im not taking Star Lotulelei(a nose tackle) over a dominating Von Miller clone. You need a play maker on defense.

    1. With Harvis Jobe’s “Spinal Condition” I would stay away from him with the 4th Pick.. Apparently he has some kind of degenerative condition in his Spinal chord and who knows what kind happen after continuous contact

      1. Daggolden, Jarvis Jones is dropping in the mocks mainly because of his physical illness, and inconsistent tape. He will probably drop to the later half of the 1st round.

        The only Von Miller clone is DeMontre Moore, who may be taken by the Jaguars at #2. He could be the pick if the Jags pass. If they don’t, they could trade down for more picks, and draft Ezekiel Ansah, He will be a star for whoever selects him.

        1. Damontre Moore is a beast.. A combo of a Aldon Smith and when he fills out in Pro Workout Program , like J Pierre-Paul/D Ware
          You can stand him up, move him all around the formations or have him come from a 3 point Stance. I would take at #4 over OT Joeckel or DT Star and wouldn’t even consider CB Milliner or LB Jarvis Jones
          At #4

          1. I agree damonte moore is a beast, and i think he will go 2 or 3 in the draft with star lotulelei going 2 or 3 also .I think luke joekel will go no 1 to kc, so that leaves the eagles with either ot eric fisher, or olb/de bjoern werner.I think at 4 you need to get a pro bowl guy, and i strongly beleve eric fisher is a 12 year pb type player [mike mayock also likes him as much or better than joekel] .You definitely cannot take a cb at 4 unless hes patrick peterson, and milner is not .i think fisher is just as good as joekel, but after those 2 it falls off .The kid from oklahoma is good but not great.i agree that defense is the bigger problem but i also think you have to pick the best player who projects to last the longest time at a prime position [qb and Lot are prime positions].

        2. are you serious? where do you hear this BS? Jones is a lock as a top 10 pick. Inconsistent tape? What games do you watch…stop talking BS

          1. Not anymore is a top ten lock Jott. He is falling in the mocks because he has an illness that may not allow him to play football.

            Why would you take a chance on a talent, yes, but a prospect with such a serious situation?

            Yes, he has disappeared in games. I watched the SEC Championship game, and you rarely heard his name. He was getting hit on the second level by that Alabama/Pro Offensive Line so hard the Commentators couldn’t believe it…….until they showed him getting bullied into the sideline. Yes inconsistent tape.

      Von Miller clone??? O.o
      The clueless, idiocy, never ceases to amaze me on here!

  6. I just want a solid player that actually isn’t considered a BUST! The Eagles can’t screw up the 4th overall pick. We need this player to be a dominant factor no matter if it’s offense, or defense. We have too many holes on both sides. The logical pick would have to be Luke Joeckel. But i’m afraid he won’t make it to #4. You know Reid loves his O-line players..

  7. The sounds of Danny Watkins, Nate Allen, Brandon Graham (word is still out on him) make me sick. We could of had all-pro Earl Thomas, Jason Pierre-Paul etc etc…i know it’s the past, but i don’t wanna see anymore reaches when the best player available is right in front of you

    1. I think I had too many “Stella’s” when I was typing that.. Ha
      Jarvis Jones is who I meant, stay away from him , way to risky health wise plus I don’t be is all that cut out at the Pro Level and see him as a situational Pass-Rusher his first 2 Seasons, needs upper body strength and that Spinal Condition he has scare me off completely to be honest with you

  8. Hell no! No Jarvis Jones! The Eagles need at least one first round O-LInemen to solidify the group or Milliner to start to rebuild the defensive backfield. There’s no need to grab another potential BUST.

  9. Trade Down for a lower 1st a 1st next year and a 2 if you can get it. Play Smash mouth run ball with Foles. If he can not cut it you have two swings at a 1st round QB next off season.

    You may still get a guy like Warmack or Milner if you drop back a bit.

    The owner should have hired a President of football operations before hiring a head coach. What lourie really needs is a football guy he can trust for 15 years and insulate him from the process. Then if he needed to change coaches/ or GM’s or what ever,every 5 years or so the President could have made these decisions quick and clean with total insulation for the owner. Now I fear sitting through 15 years of giving Kelly a chance to put it together.

  10. If they do not get rid of via trade or release all players (save OL) over the age of 30 (prob.27) there is something wrong. We have a real chance to turn this roster over and get young and aggressive and clear out all the crap.

    Last thought.. If Micheal Vick returns to this team it will show that he is the OWNERS pick and Reid (who had to go anyway) will be absolved in my mind for having to play a turd QB because Jeff Lurie wanted to make a movie (Blindside 2 ish) about the number 7 redemption story and be smarter than every one else. Arthur Blank is STILL LUAGHING HIS ASS OFF that he gets Matty Ice and a future while philly roles with 7.

  11. Strengths: Elite playmaker off the edge. Possesses an explosive burst to complement very good timing to consistently cross the face of offensive tackles and get them backpedaling. Has enough flexibility to dip under their reach and close on the quarterback, demonstrating strong hands and an eye for ripping the ball free for the sack and forced fumble. Stronger than he looks and has an effective bull-rush. Also uses this strength to be surprisingly effective in setting the edge despite routinely giving up 70-plus pounds to opponents. Locates the ball quickly and pursues with passion. Athletic enough to drop back into coverage.

    Weaknesses: Size limitations. Possesses an impressive build but a frame that may not have much room for additional mass. Relies an awful lot on speed, showing few complementary pass rush moves. Was diagnosed with a spinal stenosis condition while at USC, a condition which has led some notable NFL players to end their careers rather abruptly, including San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl left tackle Marcus McNeill a year ago at just 28 years old.

    Compares To: Von Miller, OLB, Denver Broncos — Jones isn’t quite as explosive off the snap or as reliable an open-field tackler as Miller but he’s close. The medical concerns are frightening but make no mistake, Jones is a Pro Bowl talent whose impact in the NFL will be immediate

    Jones started every game in the 2011 season, recording a career high 4 sacks against Florida on October 29.[1] He posted 70 total tackles including 19.5 for a loss, 13.5 sacks (which led the SEC),[6] 2 forced fumbles and 26 quarterback hurries.

    In 14 games, Jones recorded 85 tackles, 24 tackles-for-loss, 14.5 sacks, 1 interception, 7 forced fumbles, and 2 fumbles recovered.[8] He missed games against Kentucky and Florida Atlantic. [9] He played an integral role in wins over Missouri and Florida.[citation needed][10][11] So far Jones has been named an AFCA First Team All-American and the South Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press.

    So don’t act like he cant fucking play. Like OMG don’t compare him to Von Miller. lmao. He did all this in the SEC. Yes he is a risk with his medical condition which I probably wouldn’t take a chance on but he will be drafted by a 3-4 team in top 12.

    Ive looked at 15 drafts with 6 having him going to Eagles and that’s before the DC signing.

    1. All of the sudden this Dee Millner is a shutdown corner? Everyone is talking about this kid all of the sudden. He is ok, but the #4 pick? Hell he isn’t Patrick Peterson or even Claiborne who struggled. Jimmy Smith the kid up in Buffalo I forget his name. Like I said maybe I would stay away from Jones because of medical reasons but other than that I will take the SEC defensive player of the year EVERY year and take my chances.

      1. I have watched Millner play and he is not a shutdown corner… the guy plays physical but gets beat deep often… I think he goes between 10-20.

        The best value for CB is in rounds 2 and 3

      2. Thats right Dag he’s not all that. The Scouts made a lot of hype around another Alabama CB, named Kareem Jackson, a few years ago, even exaggerating his size. Millner, to me is a little better than him coming out of college,but not so much you take him high in the draft.

        Keep in mind that Kareem Jackson, at this point in his career, is a bust. Some players production in college, is ASSUMED to mirror what their NFL careers will be like. Dee Millner is JUST OK, and should be in the top 20 of the draft.

    2. No one is saying he can’t play Dag. I’m saying he’s too much of a risk to take at four or in the 1st round altogether. If he were healthy, he no doubt would be top 5. But the point is ….is that he isn’t, and that willcause a drop in his draft status…..Remember DaQuan Bowers?….Where did he go in the draft that year?…2nd Round….Jarvis Jones Situation is life threatening…Where do you reason he will be drafted?

      Not arguing with you Dag, just informing you of a realistic issue with him right now. I wish he were healthy, or there was some sign that he could get healthy rather quickly, that in itself would keep him in the 1st Round. What do you think?

  12. Education is about to proceed… We are switching to a 3-4 D..All great 3-4 Ds have monster nose tackles. They take up blockers allowing the LBs to do there job. Roam freely. your front 3 make the mid 4s job easier. and your front seven makes your back 4…Hence more effective blitzes, free LBs to busts gaps to make plays on RBs. Ill take Star L..Jarvis Jones has a medical issue in which he was told to retire at USC. I wouldn’t take the risk on taking him with a top 5 pick. But if he’s gone Demontre Moore is the guy. He’s the more versatile pick.

    So it’s not bad. Luke J will be gona at one. We kno how Andy picks. They need n oline in KC. I beieve star and Moore will be there at 4. No trading back bullsht. We need a blue chip to build on and around. We need us a wilfork, Hampton, ngata type to plug the middle.

    1. Yeah but the question is can you find a space eater later in the draft or is it easier to find a rush OLB later in draft? Rush OLB are game changers not big NT. Suggs over is winning MVPS not the NT. Matthews is winning MVPs not the NT.

        1. So one minor trade down in the 2nd round and Howie loves to trade down? I think you’re just scarred from 2007 and 2008 when the Eagles traded out of the first round; but I don’t believe Howie was involved with those drafts.

      1. Good research Jott. That is accurate. He is a potential ALL- PRO Guard in the NFL. That is why, I have both he and Larry Warford, as my new Guards, that I would draft in the 2nd Round.

  13. It took 2 trained psychologists, firemen and a voice from my deceased parents to talk me off the bridge, when the Eagles hired baby”Reid”.

    They said I was over reacting. Give the man a chance…

    Well, what the hell have the cleaveland browns done, to warrant hiring our offensive and defensive coordinator from them?

    Here we go again. Smarter than the rest of the world. I may delay the jump until Gus Bradly is hosting our superbowl trophy. Naw…what the hell…



    I made it!!!! I’m in heaven!!!!!

    It’s Vince Lombardi!!!!!

    Vince, Vince tell me, will the Eagle ever win a Superbowl????????

    Vince ” Your an Eagles fan right?”

    “Yes Yes do I get to see them win???”

    Vince ” Do they run the football?”

    No. They hire passing coaches..

    Vince ” Do they have a good defense. Defense wins championships”

    No. They don’t even care who coaches the defense.

    Vince ” Do they believe in fundamentally sound football, like those Harbaugh brothers?”

    No. They like to be innovative. Come up with the next big thing.

    Vince ” You know we can’t lie up here. I think you know the answer.”

    Vince ” Look kid I like you, cheer up, this oughta make you feel good.”


    Vince “Andy Reid is going to draft a punter with the first pick in the draft. He’s talked Ray Guy out of retirement.”

    Vince ” thought that would you rolling”

  14. guys-
    Moore is not worth the #4 pick… he is strictly a rush end and isnt the best playing in space… Jarvis Jones is a much better talent….
    Moore is a 10-20 area pick in round 1. The Eagles must land a versatile player who can make an immediate impact, whether its on offense or defense.

    I would prefer Joeckel or Fisher to solidy the OL then use the rest of the draft on defense.

    1. Moore will go as high as #2 in the first Round, and no lower than #4 to the Eagles.He is another DeMarcus Ware.

      I also look for the Eagles to make a draft day trade that will land them Eric Fisher. He will be their Right Tackle for the next 10 years.

      If they are able to get extra picks in the 2nd Round, they could also trade back into the 1st Round, and grab Ezekiel Ansah to pair with DeMontre Moore in their 3-4 rush DE/OLB Package.

      1. Most drafts I’ve seen have Ansah going in the early to mid part of the first round. He’s one of those guys whose draft stock with probably sky rocket after the combine. He’s a raw talent with very little football experience; a lot like JPP was back in 2010.

        Also, isn’t Damontre Moore better suited for a 4-3?

        1. No Btc, he can play in both. Texas A&M, played in a 4-3 his sophomore year, and converted to a 3-4, where he, and his counter part Sean Porter both excelled.

          If Moore is off the board, If i’m the eagles I would trade down to get Eric Fisher, and an extra 2nd round pick or 2, and make a deal to grab another #1, to draft Ansah.

        2. The only Red Flag on Ansah is his experience, he has only been playing football for a few years. JPP, is JPP, but you cannot use that equation with every player, but he will be drafted in the first round …where is another question…but I love his potential.

          Perfect scenario, would have the EAGLES drafting DeMontre Moore, making a draft day trade, and trading down for an extra pick or 2, to draft Eric Fisher, and trading back into the 1st Round, and drafting Ansah.

          I also try to make a trade to get an extra 2nd Round pick along with the 2, I already have, and draft:

          2a. Larry Warford 6-3 340lb Guard Kentucky
          2b. Xavier Rhodes 6-2 210lb CB Florida State
          2c. DJ Fluker 6-5 335lb OG Alabama

          1. How are you going to get these High Draft Picks GMCliff..
            But trading Future Picks.. the bad Teams want players not, not 2-3 Years from now, very difficult to trade a Furture 1st or 2nd Rounds Picks to get Picks for this year, very little demand around the NFL to pull this off..

  15. Gcobb you are stealing my surprise pick of Chance Warmack at 4 which I mentioned the other day before Alabama coach even came into the picture. I agree with most of you guys when it comes to the risks of Jones/Milliner/Star etc. Thats why I said I wouldn’t be mad if Warmack was the pick. He is maybe the most talented guy in the draft. ANd I am with DMAN, all I want at 4 is pure blue-chip talent. Wherever position of need it is…I really don’t care if I know he will be a stud for a good decade or so I’ll be happy. Just give me blue-chip talent at 4…no guys with question marks!

    1. at #4 you would be overdrafting a guy who would normally drafted between 15 – 20 Pheags………I like him, but not in the first round, so I move on to someone who arguably may be just as good,or possible better than Warmack, in Larry Warford.

      Warmack can play every position on the line, but his bread and butter is at Guard. You don’t draft a Guard in the top ten.

  16. G……Chance Warmack is a terrible pick at 4. He better damn straight be in the same class as Alan Faneca or Steve Hutchison by year three. And I don’t mean in the neighborhood. I mean living on the ALL PRO tem like Anthony Munoz. Notice I didn’t say PB. The Eagles have had too many PB players and not enough APs. APs are guys that have Canton in their future. Dawk was the only guy to come close and he is a question mark. Every team needs two or three of these to win a SB. You cannot name one SB champ that I can’t tell you who is in Canton or on their way. EVERY single one. And at No. 4 you are really looking for sa perennial AP/HOF player because you don’t get to pick there too often. I did some research and half of the HOFers drafted since 1987 were top five picks. Half. This is where they come from and you must not fail in this spot.

  17. On another subject. Although I know you don’t buy championships and 2011’s FA spree was disastrous. However, you don’t raise ticket prices and make excuses about building through the draft so you can pocket $23 million either. We need too much help on defense not to bring in a big time FA or two. I think they need to define three hot targets and make sure they land at least one. I don’t have a third guy exactly in mind but I would love suggestions. But two of them need to be Jarius Byrd and Anthony Spencer. Spencer is the best 3-4 SLB in the game and Dallas cannot afford him nor does he fit their new scheme. Plus unlike an ex-Giant he won’t have that Cowboy in his veins. The Cowboys have no team concept for years so their guys are not true blue like Giants are. S. Smith hated being here. Spencer would look forward to pounding Romo. Byrd is the closest thing to a future Ed Reed in the game. We have to sign someone noteworthy in the secondary because you can’t replace four guys that all suck in one draft.

    1. Jarius Bryd would be great if he is available. Some think the Bills will franchise him. I’d also go after Dwayne Bowe. This offense doesn’t exactly scare people.

  18. **Eagles News**

    According to sources Chip Kelly has hired Cincinnati Bearcats Defensive Backs coach John Lovett to the same position

    My Thoughts: This was a key hire due to how poorly the secondary played this past season.

  19. EOS, who knows what type of offense Chip will run at this point in time. I guarantee it wont be the same thing as Oregon tho, just can’t do that in the pros on the regular. And Blue-chip players are usually capable of being studs regardless of the scheme.

    Jbird, that is my exact point. At 4 you need the best player. If Warmack is not off the board by the time we pick at 4 he will be the best pure talent available. He is probably the most talented guy in the draft at his position, even over Luke Joeckell. Joeckell is just a LT which is giving him the edge, but on pure talent Warmack is probably better. I’m not saying I’m hoping he is the pick, I’m just saying I wouldn’t be mad if he was because I would feel safe about it, he doesn’t come with spinal diseases or questions about his effort or size. I don’t want a question mark. And btw, our offensive line sucks. Do you really wan’t to see the fireman lining up anymore? I sure as hell don’t.
    If Byrd is available, I would def try and sign him. I just have a hard time seeing Buffalo let him go, he is top priority for them. He is still young. Im not looking for a FA frenzy like the other disaster, but adding 2 starters on defense is needed, esp in the secondary.

  20. The Offense will be a high octane run first pass second team. Defense we have a little of everything i think what will help us and isn’t being talked about is special teams the guy from 49ers i think it was if i am not mistaken he will help us get great position on the field may score points on ST and help keep our Defense fresh an also our Offense.
    Every one wants to be a critic when it hasn’t even commenced lets just wait and see.

  21. DT/NT we can draft- Star Lotuleilei, Jonathan Hankins, Jonathan Jenkins, Jesse Williams, Sylvester Williams, Kwame Geathers, Montori Hughes, Brandon Hughes, TJ Barnes. Other than Star, the rest can be had from mid 1st- 7th, & all have high upsides, & Barnes is a project with talent.
    3-4 ROLB we can draft- Early 1st- Damontre Moore, Bjorn Werner, Ezekiel Ansah, Mid/ late 1st- Jarvis Jones(+?), Barkevious Mingo, Dion Jordan, Alex Okafor, 2nd Thru 4th- Sam Montgomery, Chase Thomas, Tank Carradine, Travis Long, Mike Buchanan, Stansly Maponga,
    3-4 DE we can draft- 1st- Sheldon Richardson, 2nd- Shariff Floyd, Margus Hunt, 3rd thru 4th- William Gholston, Datone Jones,
    I say trade down with Rams for #16, #22 & 3rd rounder. Trade Maclin for KC 2nd rounder. Draft at #16 Jones/ Jordan/ Richardson- #22 Jesse Williams/ Jenkins/ Hankins- 2nd round- combination of 2 of Rhodes/ Reed/ Elam/ DJ Fluker/ Barrett Jones/ Larry Warford/ Montgomery/ Hunt-
    3rd round- combination of 2 of Justin Hunter/ Kyle Long/ Jonathan Cyprian/ Baccari Rambo/ Brandon Williams. Then all line & secondary 4-7.

  22. Just heard Vick is ready to renegotiate his contract to stay with the Eagles, which obviously means he’s staying, I’m starting to get scared with these moves this new regime is making.

  23. Pheag….I see your point on Warmack. And like I said if you told me this guy will be the Steve Hutchison/John Hannah of his generation, then I would do it in a heartbeat. Hell I would take Shawn Andrews without the back problems and psychiatric issues because he would have been the top OG to this day if he didn’t flake. But if he turns out to be Jermaine Mayberry, you really blew it. That’s why I think if Joekel and Star are off the board, you trade down for the right offer. Maybe just a little so you could get a Milliner in the 6-10 range where he belongs. I am seeing Jarvis Jones and that scares the hell out of me because I promise you that guy will be a bust unless he lands in Pittsburgh. Only because Pitt is extremely blessed and he will end up fine there. On the other hand we are extremely cursed and he will end up with scoliosis if he comes here. And he is too small anyway. And I can just never get over his performance in the SEC title game. How do you disappear like that?? That told me how he would look against grown men.

  24. Pheag….How do you feel about Anthony Spencer? He is an outstanding SLB. He is not that pass rushing guy you want in a 3-4 and I think he always got ripped by Cowboy fans because of that. They wanted that Woodley/Harrison combo and Spence just didn’t give them that. But he is very good in coverage and against the run and a decent pass rusher. We do not have anyone that can play that position right now. Graham can be the “predator” because they cover less than 10% of the time. But the SLB has to cover up to 50% of the time. And we are not going to get that guy in the 4th or 5th round. They are going big impact first and either EJ Manuel or secondary second. If it is Manueal second, then it will be secondary third. So you begin to reach at that point.

    1. Jbird, I think he will end up being that good. To me he is the safest pick in the draft. And Chip loves to run. I’m sure Shady wouldn’t mind running behind that beast. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be mad if that was the pick.

      Anthony Spencer would be an upgrade on this team. Akeem Jordan has been our starter off and on for how many years now so if you could give me Spencer I would have no problem with it. I don’t think he is as good as you say tho. Keep in mind the guy played on the other side of Ware his entire career. Nobody game planned for SPencer, the focus and double teams were on Ware every week, so Spencer should of been a bigger playmaker than he was. But I would still take him at the right price.

      1. Oh and if EJ Manuel was a our second round pick (what is that 35 overall?) I would be pissed off. And that goes for any QB in this draft. I don’t want any of them. So much defensive talent in this draft. Breaking News: We don’t have a defense. Too many defensive players I would rather have at that point in the draft, I would even rather have Ertz or Eifert over Manuel (or other QB) at that pick.

    2. JBird, I guarantee you they won’t draft EJ Manuel, and Anthony Spencer is just a name that nothing special in terms of what he can bring to this team. I don’t even bother with Anthony Spencer.

  25. eagles0…..ten years from now Joe Banner will do aninterview and he will admit that Jeffrey was extremely involved. That Jeffrey was very much like Al Davis or Jerry Jones but in a more sneaky way where he didn’t want to appear that way because he did not want to take the heat when his plans failed. So he put loyal soldiers and “yes” men in front of him to take the fall while he played the puppeteer. I said when Ray Rhoades was the coach that this guy wants to play fantasy football with a real team. I think he is so much more hands on than we will ever know because he THINKS he really knows about football when he is dumber than us fans because he is a total copy cat. He jumps on passing trends rather than fundamental principals of team building and infastructure (linemen, front seven, strength up the middle). Why would he hire a 19 yo GM and a college coach?? So he can be the big dog with twenty years in the biz that will “guide” them on what decisions to make.

  26. If you look at the recipe for championships, there have been a variety of different ways to do it. But there are fundamental commonalities that this organization seems to be blind to. Fist, Hugh Doglass said it best when he said you have to have “ballers.” You need several PB players and at least two or three AP players. As I said before, every champ has at least one HOF player or usually more. And then of course you need a good coaching staff to guide them and maximize their ability. So who were the Eagles AP HOF players?? Dawk? Who else? No one. One guy. And you would prefer he was front seven or corner over safety. Or an offensive skill player like maybe the QB or RB. Having APs in a given year is fine too. They do not have to be perennial APs. But you want them sprinkled around. Not like two or three guys that all play in the secondary or all on defense. You would like a guy on the front seven and another at an offensive skill position and then an O linemen would be nice. In addition to your APs, you have to have other PB players. And you do not need twelve of them like the ’90s Cowboys. But you need a handful or so. A pass rusher is a must. A disruptive LB thats difficult to block is good. A shut down corner. Either the QB or RB has to be outstanding unless your defense is unbelievable. Then you might get away with it. QB definitely has to be superior game manager at a minimum. Almost every SB champ has a PB WR/TE. If not, they all have to be respectable. You can’t have a guy that the defense can just ignore and roll the coverage to your best guy. This is true at the corners too. Both guys have be solid or they will just attack the mediocre guy all day. Kicking needs to be solid but the return men don’t have to be great. Just don’t fumble or fair catch at the seven yard line. And pretty much everyone else just needs to be a servicable starter. You cannot have many (if any) guys out threre all day that kind of suck. Like you are not winning a title with Winston Justice or MJG or Matt McCoy or Damon Moore out there starting. Just a couple holes like the Eagles favorites WLB and SS can sink the whole boat. So who is AP on this team? And who is the 4th pick in the draft? These are questions that are key to our whole future and SB dreams.

  27. Shady and that 4th round pick are the foundation to everything Chip Kelly will accomplish here. Shady and Star Lotulelei would be a great start to building a champion. If JP is still good and Kelce emerges as some think he can you have a nice group there for a few more years. Joekel would cover you for the next ten years if Kelce is all that. These receivers are actually “good enough” but Desean needs to get back to his younger self and lose the diva act or at least dial it down. Used the right way, its a group you can win with if your QB is competent. Cox may be a cornerstone on defense but we need a lot of help over on that side. If you had Cox and Star, that would be a pretty damn tough 3-4 D line. If Graham can be that rush LB, we would be in great shape on the front seven. The secondary really sucks though and that will take some time.

  28. My defense for next year. Totally reasonable:

    LDE- Cox
    NT- Star Lotulelei
    RDE- Cedric Thornton
    SLB- Anthony Spencer
    ILB- Demeco Ryans
    ILB- Kendricks
    RLB- Brandon Graham
    LCB- Brandon Boykin
    RCB- Xavier Rhoades
    FS- Jarius Byrd
    SS- Colt Anderson/rookie?

  29. *Just released Eagles Complete list of Coaches and Coordinators*

    Pat Shurmur(offensive coordinator)
    Bill Davis (defensive coordinator)
    Dave Fipp (special teams coordinator)
    Greg Austin(assistant offensive line)
    Jerry Azzinaro(defensive line/assistant head coach)
    Bob Bicknell(wide receivers)
    Erik Chinander(assistant defensive line)
    Mike Dawson (defensive quality control)
    Matt Harper(assistant specialteams)
    Josh Hingst (strength and conditioning)
    Shaun Huls (sports science coordinator)
    Bill Lazor(quarterbacks)
    John Lovett (defensive backs)
    Todd Lyght(assistant defensive backs)
    Bill McGovern (outside linebackers)
    Rick Minter(inside linebackers)
    Justin Peelle(assistant tight ends)
    Duce Staley (running backs)
    Jeff Stoutland (offensive line)
    Press Taylor (offensive quality control)
    TedWilliams (tight ends)

  30. Offense next year:

    RB- Shady
    WR- Maclin
    WR- Jackson
    WR- D. Johnson
    TE- Celek
    LT- JP
    LG- Mathis
    C- Kelce
    RG- Herremans
    RT- Dennis Kelly/rookie?/FA?

    1. So in other words we will still have the same Bull crap Offensive Line, I get rid of the problem of Defenders just running through enept blockers like Mathis, and Herramans. My line would have, and w/backups:

      LT- Jason Peters – Ryan Clady – Eric Fisher
      LG- DJ Fluker – Marcus Cannon – Alex Hurst
      C- Jason Kelce – Danny Watkins – Travis Fredricks
      RG- Larry Warford – Travis Fredricks – Manase Fuketi
      RT- Ryan Clady – Eric Fisher – Terron Armstead – Dennis Kelly

      1. gmcliff…we are so in-sync on Milliner. I went so far as to say he is Sheldon Brown. Physical, tough corner that gets beat deep and can’t handle elite NFL receivers. He ends up a FS in four years. And I also agree that I don’t love my O line picks but I had Star Lotulelei so obviously I can’t put Joekel/Fisher in there. The FA choices suck. If Kyle Long is there at 67 he definitely grabs him. But scouts say he is an OG at the NFL level. Definitely too weak to play RT. Maybe you slot him at RG and leave Herremans out there but he sucked last year at RT. And I have to say, you are really dissing our best linemen last year. Many say he deserved PB honors. Lay off Mathis man. I know this is a stretch, but fireman needs his pension and if he gets cut NO ONE will pick him up. So he will have to work out and play like he actually cares about football this year. Once he seals the pension, he might retire after his rookie deal is up. I think he cares that little about football.

    2. I think Mathis is not a good fit for new OL Coach and Dennis Kelley is not a starting RT in the NFL..
      This same O/L would be ineffective in my opinion
      Need a new Guard and RT at the minimum

      1. I’m not high on Dennis Kelly either Paul, but I left him on as a backup because he is a young guy, who played okay for a guy who came out of nowhere. But you are right, he is not a starter at this point in his career.

        What do you think of my offensive line, and the depth Paul? Big, and Nasty, Dominance is what I’m looking for.

  31. if they are going to a 3-4, then give me the best NT in the draft which is Star. They are a lot harder to find, and some of the vet tackles may shake free from their teams this year. Can’t fill everything, but I think that it is either LT or DT with pick 4.

  32. You can get the jenkins kid from georgia also in the later rounds. Star is good but you can get guys in the later rounds to do the job also.

  33. If Chip decides to clean house they could end up having over $40 million to spend. Since this team is moving to a 3-4 getting some young veteran players in here accustomed to playing in the 3-4 I feel is very important. You cant just go rookie/ 1year players all over the entire team. They need some veteran leadership, specifically leaders on and off the field with a voice. Id start with signing DT Paul Kruger.

    1. Hahaha, sad to say it pdiddy but Trent Cole may be a goner soon. He does not fit into the 3-4 scheme unless the Eagles plan to bring a different kind of 3-4 that we have never seen before. Hes too little to play DE in a 3-4 and if he was asked to drop back and be a OLB he couldnt do that either. Hes a pure pass rusher. The Birds may be forced to trade Trent Cole, I dont see them releasing him because he just signed a extension a year ago.

  34. Chip Kelly will under perform Reid, Gus Bradley was the hire, eagles are more gimmicks than under Reid , I give this failure two years, hopefully by then lurie sells. His boyfriend moves on and lurie with him. Faggots

  35. Let’s talk about some real franchises in town, instead of this homosexual eagles brand, where are the phillies and flyers articles

  36. Chip Kelly will prove to be the worst hire in eagles history, worse than kotite, Rhodes, Campbell, kayatt, McCormick, and the long laundry list of losers, but Kelly will top them all

    1. I agree Lurie needs to sell and he is more responsible than we know for the mess that was created here. He is Jerry Jones hiding in the shadows to avoid the blame. However, the Flyers suck. So we should always talk Eagles over Flyers any day. Snyder will die without another cup. And by the way, 38 years is pretty close to as pathetic as 53. But somehow they get a pass. And at least the Eagles didn’t lose six straight SB appearances.

      1. And please don’t say at least they were there six times. That means less than nothing. They never closed the deal and nobody cares about second place.

  37. Trade DE Cole and WR Maclin for 2nd or 3rd Round Picks
    They have the highest Value due to age, production and Salary
    On this Club.. The other traceable players like Herremans, Jenkins, and
    de ego Ryabs will only return 5th Rd Picks

    1. Paul….Trent Cole will not get you better than a fourth round pick by some dumb desperate team like the Raiders. Maclin maybe a third because he is young. What a bust with the 19th pick. A pedestrian no. 2 WR. Nice one Andy. Its not McDougal or Watkins or even Freddie Mitchell but it still sucks.

      1. Mathis along with a pick should get you a 2, or 3……all that overhype like when Kolb was on the trading Block. Some sucker will take him off our hands.

  38. Paulman, nobody cares about your arm chair gm moves, if you are right, wrong, it doesn’t matter, address the real issues like songs, bsm videos and Jakedog has, this current coaching regime is way far behind the Reid years, that’s a problem, start talking about relevant shit

  39. Andy’s first rounders in order of quality:

    1) McNabb
    2) S. Andrews
    3) Shepperd
    4) C. Simon
    5) Fletcher Cox (although I think he is better than Simon)
    6) Patterson
    7) Maclin
    8) B. Bunkley
    9) B. Graham
    10) Freddie Mitchell
    11) Watkins
    12) McDougal

    1. QUALITY?!? Other than McPuke, & Simon, everyone else on that list are garbage, or mediocre at best! Cox is Rosebuds pick. Graham is still a ????

      1. Shawn Andrews was an All-Pro a few times, and have yet to replace him since his injury.

        Cox still has something to prove before we can say he is better than Corey Simon. Simon, was a Pro Bowl Player, and played in a Superbowl. Will Cox? That remains to be seen.

        Brandon Graham played good toward the end of the year, but I didn’t see enough to say he should be a guarantee to be on this team next season.

        I think the Eagles reached on Graham; He just doesn’t have enough talent to think of him as anything more than what he is. I would try to trade Brandon Graham while he still has some value in his career.

      1. Lito was AP twice. Simon was PB once. I know Lito took plays off and games off with malingering injuries, but he was a better more talented player than Corey Simon.

    1. IF he was younger, weighed much less, & played anywhere else, but in the trenches, I’d believe he’d have a sliver of hope. But he is 31, weighed 350 lbs before the injury, & plays OT, where all you do, is push off & put extreme pressure on your lower body. So for anyone, to take for granted, that he’d be anything but a shell of his former self, are both delusional, & gullible. For what he is set to make, with a team clearly in rebuild mode, & the health risk involved, it is NOT worth bringing him back. The entire O-line, needs to be rebuilt. We need 2 OT’s & a RG. Mathis MIGHT be a stop-gap. If healthy (which isn’t a given) can be a plus. Herremans is on decline & now a man without a true position. It is dire, we sign 1 of the top FA OT’s, & another 2nd tier FA G, &/or OT, then also come out of the draft, with 2 future starting O-linemen.

  40. Great fans in this city, the football season just ended. Yet we are still fired up like training camp is around the corner. Gotta love EAGLE FANS man.

  41. I think Jason Peters will return and be fine, he probably won’t be dominant, but I still think a 85-90% Peters can play 2 more Years.. He’s a highly competitive player and looking back provably rushed his rehab too fast after his initial Achilles Tear.. If Eagles were to Draft OT Joeckel, they could slide Peters to RT
    And he would be fine while Joecjel took the LT position
    Of course it would depend if the left-handed QB Vick were still around
    Where the RT is more critical since that’s his blind side

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