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Chip Kelly Finalizes His Coaching Staff

ChipKelly16With the selection of Billy Davis as his defensive coordinator, new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has finalized his coaching staff. Kelly will hold a new conference on Monday afternoon at 1:30pm to discuss his staff.

Pat Shurmur (offensive coordinator) This is second time through Philadelphia.  Shurmur will be in charge of the passing game and that could hopefully be a smooth transition since the quarterbacks and receivers have been playing it since they put on the Eagles uniforms..

Bill Davis (defensive coordinator)  Davis isn’t a pure 3-4 guy like he was advertised.  He really employs a 4-3 defense in the under alignment with the backers stacked behind the offensive linemen.  It means the Eagles already have the personnel to play the defense.  I’m glad Kelly decided to play a defense for which they already have the personnel.

Dave Fipp (special teams coordinator)  He was most recently the assistant special teams coach in Miami where they had a special teams unit amongst the beest in the league.

Jeff Stoutland (offensive line) He may be the best hire of all the bunch.  Hopefully he can have the Eagles offensive line dominating the way his Crimson Tide crew has done for years.

Greg Austin (assistant offensive line)

Jerry Azzinaro (defensive line/assistant head coach)

Bob Bicknell (wide receivers)

Erik Chinander (assistant defensive line)

Mike Dawson (defensive quality control)

Matt Harper (assistant special teams)

Josh Hingst (strength and conditioning)

Shaun Huls (sports science coordinator)

Bill Lazor (quarterbacks)

John Lovett (defensive backs)

Todd Lyght (assistant defensive backs)

Bill McGovern (outside linebackers)

Rick Minter (inside linebackers)

Justin Peelle (assistant tight ends)

Duce Staley (running backs) on Facebook

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86 Comments for “Chip Kelly Finalizes His Coaching Staff”

  1. Can’t lie. I actually like the coaching staff. It’s really solid and isn’t filled with coaches who have had success in the past like the eagles have had the past few season.. All that does is bring too many egos into the room. Chip is right about one thing, hiring people with a lot of different minds and ideas is smart. He doesn’t want to hire coaches who are just like him, and I blame him.

    Very smart move putting a veteran coaching staff around Chip. People question the Shurmur hire, but that’s one of the ones I have no problem with. He coached Mcnabb through his prime (02-08) and then coached Bradford through his best season of his career. Brandon Weeden also showed a lot of signs of promise..

    Bill Davis… Give em a chance. This will be the most talent he’s had in his career. If Joeckel isn’t there, we GOTTA go defense to help this man out.

    • CT…appreciate your enthusiasm but I am not sure what talent you are talking about. This D has the same shit he had in SF or Ariz. And worse he may think he can get PB effort out of DRC because he did it before. He may want to remember DRC’s second year effort helped get him fired. DRC will be absolutely awful with money in his pocket. You cannot pay him. It will be a catastrophic mistake. Let him test the market before you go shelling out $35 million for four years.

    • What f^#@ing talent?!? There is NO secondary, & the entire front 7, needs to be overhauled, for the 3-4 switch! ARE YOU HIGH?!? GOOD GOD!

  2. Im ok with some of this. But….. day 1 they should bring in a pee wee coach to tell them how to bring a guy down.

  3. I like the Shurmur move too, because he is going to be coaching a young QB either this year or very soon.

    Love the special teams move since the special teams has been awful for a very long time.

    I know that everyone likes Stoutman, but he had the best athletes on the field pretty much every game at Bama. Let’s see what he can do with the worst.

    • JP, Mathis and Herm the worst? I disagree.

      Kelse is not bad either.

      • JP is done, Mathis is a overrated, journeyman, Kelce is undersized, coming off serious injury, Herremans is not a RT & in decline, & the entire right side of the O-line, is a black hole! If you think a 31 year old, 350 lb+ man, coming off of 2 Achilles tears in a month, is going to be even a glimpse of himself, your delusional ! The O-line, is in just as bad of shape, as the secondary!

  4. Gcobb
    you forgot Lurie’s snitch Ted Williams ( TE coach)
    on the team’s coaching staff since Ray Rhodes, how he tells Jeff everything
    Justin Peelle is the real TE coach

    • Are you serious, right now. How dare you….you don’t even know that man. And that man just so happens to be my father!! I don’t understand how people go off saying stuff that is not true with such conviction. You don’t know….have never met….have never spoken to my Dad. You have no idea what kind of man he is. I can tell you, not now but right now, a snitch isn’t one of them. Ever thought he might have stayed around because he kept producing successful backs?! Hmmm…I don’t know, just a thought. You can take my comment any way you want but I don’t appreciate him being spoken about in such a false manner.

      • People say a bunch of stupid things on this site without knowing what the heck their talking about. You know what value your dad brings so just let it roll off your shoulder.

        • Your dad does a nice job. Ask him how Culley stuck around all that time with failures like Pinkston, R. Brown, Fredie Mitchell and Maclin.

      • mswill72, other than JJ, your Dad is the only consistently quality coach, this team has had, the last 15+ years. I met your Dad at Lehigh a few years back, with my 2 younger boys. Good guy, with ZERO arrogance. Don’t let the clueless, disrespectful, idiocy on here, by some of these village idiots get to you!

  5. Peters coming off of major surgery. Also missed 3 games in 2010 and 2 games in 2011 due to injury.
    Kelce coming off of major surgery. MCL and ACL.
    Even Herremans didn’t play that well at tackle last year before he got hurt.

    You may have confidence in that group but I don’t.

  6. The most interesting twist on Kelly’s staff is the addition of something called a sports science coordinator. Shaun Huls’ credentials are fascinasting. According to a bio provided by the Eagles, he was a champion weight lifter, Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor and recently served as strength and conditioning coach and combatives coordinator for Navy Special Warfare

    • Here we go Dag with the thinking outside the box. I guess he’ll be coaching hand to hand combat and how to strategically get away with holding. This staff is fine not to many retreads I don’t know about Davis though, they could have gotten someone better established OC and DC is where you need experience and success in my opinion.

      • Um actually dag is spot on ju jitsu will teach how to use your hands and get away from blockers and teach better tackling if they ask him for that type of advice. But conditioning wise not to many groups more conditioned than are naval special warfare groups. So it’s a great hire.

  7. I like the Staff. Young, energetic with most of them all having something to prove.. The proof will be in the Players Performance for it is still up to them to execute and play their assignments on every snap
    I am not as down on DC Davis as many on here are..
    His specialty is the LB Corps and his 3-4 various looks and fronts and look ant the Browns front 7 the last 2 Seasons and it was pretty tough, physical and sound fundamentally.. The Browns were hit hard in their Secondary the last couple of Seasons with some injuries to Safety TJ Ward, the loss of CBEric Wright in Free-Agency and an aging Sheldon Brown so I am going to give him time to implement his System before trashing the guy..
    LB Qwell Hackson was having an All-Pro Season b4 injuries and heck, even Chris Cogong was playing well for the Browns beefier he got hurt
    It still gets down to having quality players buying into the System and doing their jobs .. Eagles Defense needs 1 DT, 1 DE, 2 LB’s
    And at least 1 more CB and Safety

  8. Time will prove you wrong paulman and I will be the first to remind you when it happens, this is one of the biggest, most pressurized markets and he hired a bunch of no names, losers, especially with THE most important hire the defensive coordinator, this eagle regime will never eclipse the Reid years, you can suck on eggs with this hiring of Kelly, and smell my balls while you at it

  9. Hey Jake
    I was not a Kelly supporter from day 1when the Tres Amigo’s
    Started their Coaching search which I mentioned many times, but guess what, he’s the Eagles Coach whether you or I like it..
    Also would have preferred that another DC was hired instead like Ray Horton Jr, but again, it’s not what I or you think.. This is the Staff we now have in Place, so I will support them for what other alternative do we have..
    The coulda’c shoulda’s are now water unmixed the Talcony Bridge
    So lets see what happens, what new players they acquire, cut and Draft,
    Then we can complain and criticize or possibly congratulate about.
    Until then is useless..

  10. I am not enthusiastic but somehow need to watch it unfold. There is so much here to mull over and wonder about. It will be very interesting to see it unfold. I hated hiring Kelly then he kind of charmed me. Then he hired Billy Davis and I almost threw my computer off my desk. But I still have to watch it all unfold. Next thing to make my blood boil will be when Davis gets them to re-sign DRC to a fat contract with guaranteed money that sticks us with him. They better make that a Desean contract that is totally team friendly when he turns out to be shit. Intersting to see who they release or try to trade. I love the trade talk. People like to think this is one of the other three major sports and people just make all kinds of great trades. Pussy Gms won’t even give up a second round pick for a good restricted FA. The NFL is assinine in that way, but there is no real trade market. People fantasize about getting all these picks for our trash like T Cole and Herremans and Maclin. Sure you can get a 2nd round pick for a pedestrian WR that catches 60+ passes for 900 yards and seven TDs. Again GMs won’t give you a second for a quality RFA. Thats why it is retarded to think the Jets are getting multiple high picks for an injured 27 yo old corner as great as he was before the injury. It just doesn’t happen. Teams are stingy with picks.

  11. Davis instead of Spagnoulo…even if he is a 4-3 guy? I’m not sold. It would be nice if the Eagles would hire Spagnoulo to consult, so if this Davis guy sucks they can pull the plug and get a real DC in the seat.

    • Butch… the guy put on a tape of Jim Johnson’s game plan against the Patriots and did the same thing and it worked because he had a HOF Strahan on his last run, a young hungry Tuck and Ossi in his prime. We give him too much credit. What has he done since??

  12. ***Reports on CSNphilly***
    Cole had wrist surgery this week. So much for getting anything of significance, or value, in a trade for him now! Unbelievable! The hits “keepa comin!” Only in Philly! WTF!!!!

  13. Hey its not like the Eagles are married to Davis. If he doesn’t produce and get the D where it should be then they look for someone better. But as it looks right now we should be ok. And none of us on here have a crystal ball and have the ability to look into the future, so in the mean time let’s accept it for what it is and give these guys a chance. And yes i

  14. Was hoping for a better option as the defensive cord, but it is what is. Maybe Davis surprises everyone and turns this D into something special

  15. Heres a good article from Reuben Frank

    We all kept waiting for the big name. The slam-dunk. The hire that would wow us all.

    Never happened.

    Chip Kelly’s first NFL coaching staff, now finally complete, is an odd collection of fired Cleveland Browns assistants, former Boston College and University of Oregon assistants and a few guys that, let’s face it, nobody has heard of (see story).

    If you were looking for star power, you didn’t get it.

    Instead of Kirby Smart or Ray Horton as defensive coordinator, we got Billy Davis.

    Instead of Ben McAdoo or Aaron Kromer as offensive coordinator, we got Pat Shurmur.

    And right on down the line.

    No bombshells. No grand slams. Just a bunch of names that made all of us repeatedly say in unison … “Okayyyyyy?”

    That said, there is one crucial thing to remember here: None of us really has any clue what this staff is capable of.

    The Eagles’ success from 2000 through 2008 was due in great part to Andy Reid’s original staff. When those guys gradually began leaving for promotions — Ron Rivera, Leslie Frazier, John Harbaugh, Brad Childress, Steve Spagnuolo, Shurmur — on top of the tragic death of Jim Johnson, that’s when the Eagles stopped enjoying the same level of success and gradually turned into a last-place team.

    Reid wasn’t able to adequately replace most of those guys, and the inferior coaching staff, on top of poor drafting and some other bizarre decisions crippled the franchise.

    Look back at that original staff.

    When Reid announced those guys, the names certainly didn’t blow anybody away, and the reaction was much the same as it’s been the last couple weeks, as Kelly’s hires have been revealed one by one.

    Shurmur had been an offensive line coach at Stanford. Frazier was head coach at obscure Trinity College, where he started up the program. Spags was coaching in the World League, of all places. Rivera had just returned to the NFL after five years in private business. Harbs was an unknown special teams coach, still 13 years from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

    Offensive coordinator Rod Dowhower was the ultimate journeyman coach, in his 14th job in 28 years.

    Even the legendary Johnson hadn’t had a unit ranked higher than 18th during his two years as an NFL defensive coordinator, 1996 and 1997 with the Colts.

    But put it all together, and it worked. That staff had tremendous chemistry, Reid gave them a lot of leeway, they were terrific teachers, and that group of assistant coaches is one of the main reasons the Eagles reached the NFC conference semifinals seven times in a nine-year period and the NFC title game five times in eight years.

    Conversely, think about the staff Reid cobbled together the last couple years, after those coaching studs from the early years had all gone.

    Howard Mudd, Jim Washburn and Bobby April were all big-time splash names. Mudd was considered one of the NFL’s top offensive line coaches. Washburn was a legendary D-line coach. April was considered one of the best special teams coaches in the biz.

    Didn’t go so well, did it? Washburn was a disaster and didn’t even last through the 2012 season. April barely did and probably shouldn’t have. And Mudd quietly retired when it was all over, after his offbeat scheme forced the Eagles to cut ties with solid pros like Winston Justice, Mike McGlynn, Austin Howard and Jamaal Jackson.

    So Reid’s staff of nobodies averaged more than 10 wins a season from 2000 through 2010. And his big-name guys helped turn the franchise into the laughing stock of the NFL, a 4-12 travesty that ultimately got Jeff Lurie’s “Coach for Life” fired.

    If we’ve learned anything over the past decade it’s that big names don’t make a successful coaching staff. It’s all about finding motivators, teachers, communicators. Guys who work well together, guys willing to continually learn their craft and freely share their knowledge with their colleagues.

    Kelly has won football games everywhere he’s been. You can’t argue with 46-7 at Oregon. What he’s doing right now might not make a ton of sense to us on the outside, but the last guy around here to fill a new staff with a bunch of unknowns went 113-60 over an 11-year period, got to a Super Bowl and sent six of those unknown guys off to become NFL head coaches. One of them was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy last weekend and was mixing it up with David Letterman on Thursday.

    It’s a lot easier to complain than wait a decade to see how it all turns out. But Kelly’s got a tremendous track record. He wins. You don’t win without recognizing talented coaches.

    Maybe none of this makes sense right now, but maybe one of these guys will be celebrating with the Lombardi Trophy sometime in the next decade the way John Harbaugh was on Sunday.

    Who knows? Maybe all of them will

  16. If this Billy Davis doesn’t workout I can see Kelly doing the same thing that former Rutgers coach did in Tampa, the guy went and made changes in his coaching staff after his first year, I think we’re gonna be fine and daggolden, I read that article earlier, that’s a great article and makes a lot of sense, I’m on board with all the moves Kelly’s making as of now.

  17. the cupboard is bare of talent
    Howie and Chip have a tough hill to climb
    I see them using FA money on Defense ( DE, DT, SS, FS, CB) and draft picks on Offense ( OT, TE, OG)

  18. If you look at free agency, the talent is at OL and S

    One sleeper is DL Desmond Bryant of Oakland, 6-6 310 and can play DE and DT

    Other possible eagle targets S Louis Delmas and S Kenny Phillips….Jarius Byrd will be franchised so he wont be available….
    At CB, Brent Grimes, coming off an injury you can get for 1 yr and then there are a bunch of #2 corners available but not worth overpaying

    At OL, you have plenty of OT like RT Vollmer of Patriots who fits perfectly the eagles athletic scheme as he can run – then move Herremans inside

  19. Let’s talk common sense here.

    Chip Kelly has done nothing publicly to give us any insight into his plans for the team: All he has done is made a couple of PR appearances.

    The choice of coaches can be debated, but just because, say, the new Defensive Coordinator seems to be a journeyman type, that doesn’t mean that he can’t do a good job here given the right players and proper support…Hiring a number of veteran NFL coaches will give Kelly the perspective he may lack as he adjusts to the NFL.

    The real problem is the lack of players, especially on defense, and, in the last few years, the lack of any coherent schemes to use the players.

    This includes offense, defense and special teams.

    I favor going into full rebuilding mode, meaning cleaning all deadwood from the locker room…BUT, in order to do this successfully, you will have to have a grade A draft this year, and next year, plus acquire a few quality (not overpriced) free agents who can fill specific needs, and have a coaching philosophy that is both consistent AND flexible…Don’t expect miracles this season; the best we can hope for is progress.

    Just too many question marks everywhere, and, of course, the QB position will play a key role…But the goal should be to move forward with a fresh approach, and not half step to challenge for a mere playoff berth as an acceptable end result of the rebuilding.

    As for the type of football that will win a championship, just look at the teams that played in the Super Bowl, with the 49ers, although they lost, seeming to have all the ingredients for continued success at a high level, not the least of which is a coach who isn’t afraid to make the necessary changes that will take his team to a higher plateau.

    But both the Ravens and the 49ers proved that to win at the highest level in the NFL you need a balanced attack (whatever name you might want to call it) and a physical, punishing defense that has enough speed and smarts to recognize and deal with opposing offensive innovations and tactics.

  20. Frankdialouge, Kelly will b having a press conference Monday at 130 with his staff to answer all questions, you can see it live on the eagles website, I think the Eagles can do exactly what the Colts did last year, gut the team and with a good draft and some Good free agents contend next year, if we can get six starters between them, we’re right back in it.

  21. jott1972, here goes a couple name to keep an eye on that might be able to come in and help

    1) William Moore, S, Falcons-
    2) Kyle Arrington, CB, Patriots
    3) Brad Jones, LB, Packers-
    4) Donald Thomas G, Patriots
    good solid players like these plus a good draft, and were right back in it.


  23. If Jairius Byrd isn’t franchised, he MUST be had, at all costs. Also we MUST get 1 of the top tier OT’s, CB Sean Smith, & NT Terrance Knighton. William Moore is always hurt, Arrington blows, Jones isn’t better than any of our starters, Thomas is a BU! Andrew, way to plagiarise Bleacher report! Pathetically hysterical!

  24. Dcar, your stating the obvious, Jairius Byrd, do you really think we MUST jump on him if hes available? WOW, you really know your stuff, you must of did a lot of research to come up with that one, the one about a top tier OT was insightful too, way to tell us who you think that should be, J…o..! The stuff i get from those other sites are for guys on here to respond to, we need 6 starters between the draft and free agency to be right back in the mix, free agency next month will tell the picture which way were going in the draft.

  25. Free-Agent Targets
    1 Safety (Byrd Gholston,Delmas or Moore)
    1 CB Talib,Marcus Trufant,Tracy Porter, Cedric Griffin,Antonie Cason)
    1 LB (Larry Grant, Conner Barwin, Paul Kruger, Leroy Hill, M Boley)
    there is not a deep pool of Free-Agent LB’s that are under 30 Years old
    1 WR (Massaquio from Cleveland Browns ?? Has size, Potential and Cheap with low risk, Greg Jennings who will cost a ton..
    1 OL (I ilke OT Phil Loadholt from Vikings, healthy,under the radar and not big bucks, Vollmer from Patriots ) Jake Long has iffy back and will want monster deal, R Clady will be kept/resigned by Broncos with Manning at the hlem, they will probably Franchise-Tag him. Coach AR probably signs OT Brandon Albert of the Chiefs also..

    Then Draft a NT, LB, Safety, CB, OT, TE & O/Line Depth

  26. I really didn’t like the Davis hire, but one of my friends brought up a good point to me the other day. A few years back Spags was the man the hot D coordinator in the nfl. Now he is unemployed so these guys go up and down according to their situation and players. I am willing to be patient and give that man a chance to bring this D back. Looking at his overall staff it’s actually not as bad as I first thought. I actually looked up each member of his staff, now what other fans google asst coaches. LOL only in phila baby.

  27. I have a question. Why is this no good?

    2011 346comp 526 att 4385 yds 65.8% 31tds 7ints

    2012 369comp 518 att 4205 yds 71.2% 42td 6ints

    This is Geno Smiths last 2 years at WV. Its being rumored that AR and KC may make him #1 pick. What is it about him that we don’t like? He would come right in and start. Im just curious to see why no love.

    • Nothing wrong with those numbers.
      I read the negatives on Geno are all those stat numbers were first read receiver receptions – he doesn’t progress to his 2nd and 3rd pass options well
      but he will get a chance to succeed in the NFL

      • I don’t think anyone is saying he is no good. Just no good for the 4th pick in the draft. WVU offensive players aren’t exactly tearing up the NFL right now either when they were studs at college. It just doesn’t really translate to the next level.
        WVU schedule also has something to do with it. Geno Smith folded when it mattered most, in the most important games like the Syracuse bowl game. They were blown out by freaking Syracuse. Couldn’t get points on the board against a Syrcause defense with weeks to prepare.
        IMagine if he played in the SEC and had to play the Bama’s of the world. Smith would probably project as a 4th round pick in that case in every mock draft you saw.

        I would stay away from every QB in the draft. IF we actually had a defense I would say take a chance on a QB in the 3rd round but we don’t have a defense whatsoever. I also don’t want to screw our chance at getting one of the stud QBs coming out next year by taking one of the the projects in this years draft.

  28. daggolden, I gotta agree with you, if you said those 2012s numbers were Johnny Footballs, people would say they see why he won the Heisman, this happens every year, somebody goes from being a late 1st round and shoots up in the weeks before the draft, who knows, it might be Smith this year, if Kelly picks up a couple good players in the areas we need in free agency and decides to pick Smith at #4, i wouldnt have a problem with it.

  29. From day 1 San Francisco has won with Harbaugh. The Falcons when their QB was a rookie, the same with the Raven, Redskins, Seahawks and Colts. The all won with either rookie QBs or coaches.

    This is a soft team. Pink defensive backs and wide recievers all to happy to hit the ground instead of playing like Boldin and taking balls from Dbacks.

    The draft will tell us how smart this guy really is. He is coming from college and should have a tremendous amount of knowledge of all the PAC10 players.

    The Eagles draft high. The Eagles should get at least 4 starters out of this draft, combined with free agents. That’s were Kelly should excell.

    There is no way to spin the choice for defensive coordinator. His record speaks for itself, and it says…BUM. We waited this long to see him put guys from the Browns in charge???

    If this was not my team, I would be laughing so hard at Eagle fans, I would do a AL Roker…

    Unfortunately I’m a Eagles fan and I have to spin it. Same with the Juan Castillio, anti-logic move, the Danny Watkins anti-logic move, and the Chip Kelly over Gus Bradley anti-logic move.

    The Eagles front office are the Nerds in High School who want desparately to be noticed by the hot girl. So they do all these things to try to impress her. Get her attention.

    We are the Jets, screaming for the attention the Giants get. Instead of just sticking to the fundamentals, like the Ravens, Steelers and now 49ers and Seahawks. Big sound defense, run the football, and set up the play action pass.

    The Giants have recently won 2 superbowls with average teams(9-7) but above average defense. Ravens, defense. Steelers, 6 superbowls, sound defense and running game. The formula works. You have to stick with it.

    Cutesy offense will win in the regular season, but playoff teams will shut your one dimentional offense down,

    The Eagles will win again. But having a super unsuccessful retread as your defensive coordinator. Don’t even let yourself dream of a superbowl with the Browns in charge of your offense and defense.

  30. It’s a shame Kelly coukdn’t hire Georgia’s DC Grantham or
    Or Alabana’s Kirbby Smart or the DC from TCU, all these DC’s are innovative, energetic hand get their Defenses to fly to the ball and are fundamentally sound
    Hopefully, Davis and his Staff can do the same.. But they still need to add 4-5 Players to their Defense no matter who the DC is or what Scheme they run..

  31. BSM: I think that is just what we just brought into our team brother. We have a coach is in love with the run, an O-coorinatorsd who will balance us out with smart passing.

    A defense with 5 men who are great teachers and former D-coordinators. We have men who have no current aspirations to jump ship for a promotion like Lovie, would have done us. We have a defensive staff that will work together and help each other.

    We no we wanted Dontell as D coord, but I think that they fell back on the man that the beleive will present the coaching, teaching and teamwork mindset that the HC and owners believed Dontell would have brought.

    You can say what you want about Lurie, but he has brought you more respect during his tenure then what you had before he took over. No one thinks we are a laughing stock other than some Eagles fans, some Cowboys fans etc. Most people respect our team. They feel for us, because only a few teams in the league can talk smack to us, becasue most of them were bigger losers than us and longer. Seahawks can’t talk trash to us two winning season in 10 years please, 49ers think we are a laugh yeah right they been good last two season, they can’t match us over the last 10 years.

    We have a HC who is going to Run like the Steelers of old, pass like the Patriots, Hurry up like Peyton manning and be as predictable as a Bipolar, multi-personality, housewife in the middle of PMS.

  32. I feel you Paul, but that is what got us in trouble in part on defense. An DL coach with one vision, a DB coach with another vision, LB’s with another vision. I think that Kelly saw what happened saw what Reid did when he came in, and reflected on his own vision and is now brining in a staff that will move as one, with one vision and and under one standard. We brought in the top big namesand it failed us.

    Early Reid brought in the best working team of no names to serve under him now look where those guys are now, and look at how they performed for us in their day.

    Like you Paul I hope Davis staff can do the same. I have my hopes and will side with “They can” rather than they” Can’t” for right now.

    • and Howie trading the team’s best CB for a 7th rounder hoping that magic wand move would make Nnamdi better, Allen Better and DRC better

      • Mistake was not Trading Sammuel before the 2011 Season when they actually could have received a 3rd or a 4th Rounder for him once they
        obtained DRC and Signed Asmo.. Again poor planning and ROster Management by Howie Roseman.. He had no idea how a Defense could function with 3 Starting Caliber CB’s when only 2 can Start, therefore adjusting schemes,playing time and positions with the 3 which screwed them all up and the Secondary as a whole..

  33. Paul we went for all the big name coaches with winning pedigrees, high success guys and we got booty rammed and dropped from playing in the playoffs to being 8-8 and 4-12. Those no name coaches with some resume issues gave us 5 NFC Champ appearances, like 9 Div titles, and a string of +10 win seasons that should make any normal fan happy.

    Yeah, yeah I know we lost 4 of those NFCC’s and the SB, come on work with me here brother, LOL haaaaa.

  34. Plus from what I hear Davis is a great mind in merging and transitioning the 4-3 def, and the -34 defense as well as running the 4-3 hybrid. Kelly is looking for unpredictableness on defense as well. A fast high stamina defense that can hold the game at an up tempto pacefrom start to finish and never apear to be the same look twice.

  35. Mono, you make shit up…

    This current staff, ” great teachers, will work together, ” and comparing what Kelly may do to what the Steelers of old (and currently are), man you are delusional, I would say on crack , but unless someone stuffed it in your lala land snack of cookies and milk I doubt that

    And to bring up the 49ers and compare what there fan base has, had compared to what we have endured, again, maybe have those cookies inspected, or try learning a little history about the game, it didn’t start when Lurie brought his act to town, the 49ers have five super bowls,

    Remember, Lurie promised multiple championships, he failed with Reid, and it failed because the numerous ill conceived, illogical, even disastrous decisions on personell, players, draft, the mistakes have been repeatedly and poignantly stated by the likes of bsm videos, dcar, songs, paulman, dag, many others, many of theses mistakes were called out WAY before the manifested in losses, failed seasons, just read any one of bsm posts, you will get a sniffvofvwgat I am saying

    So, when the eagles could have hired Gus Bradley, but opted for a guy who makes Reid look traditional, you get no benefit of the doubt

    But, the guy sounded promising at his press conference, we leaned in a bit, but then he let out a hell of a stink bomb with the defensive coordinator hire, we ran for the doors

    Time will tell, but this move looks awful

  36. Jake if someone makes a motivational promise like that and you believe then you are a silly man.

    An they said they want a team that can produce multiple Championships and they came closer to doing it than any other coach owner in the history of the Eagles in the superbowl era point blank, name me one owner or coach of the eagles in the superbowl era that has come close to that so called promise. Just one would make me happy dear Jake, JUST ONE!

    I hold anyman suspect that holds the success of Reid lower than the losing seasons, lost playoff games and piss poor decisions of Buddy Ryan, love Ryan for his nasty Defense, but hell just how many NFCC appearances did he make.

    And don’t give me his era was tougher, hell like you say about Reid Ryan should have drafted better, and coached better than the other guys.

    I am make nothing up, the coaching staff we now have that is the general call being made on the coaching staff by other professional analysist and non pro fan commentors not living in GCOBBland.

    Finally Jake I didn’t compare the total of 49er team history just during the Reid era, and for perspective those wonderful 49ers under Haurbaugh just did what the Eagles did 4 of 5 times they went to the NFCC and lost so yeah we can compare.

    And if Haurbaugh does not take his team to another four NFCC’s or at least win a SB then he will be a lesser coach than Reid was here in Philly point blank, because Reid had high scoring and potent defesnses just like the 93res current coach and if he does not make it the NFCC again next season then shut up about his brillance becasue our Eagles did do it.

    By his second Season Reid had us turned around and wining so stop feeling sorry for your no Superbowl self stop crying like a baby. Their is war in Africa, turmoil in the middle East and the Iraninans are going to get the bomb.

    LOL see Jake its not as serios as we think it is in Eagle land, I for one am not that overly torqued to obsession about my beloved Eagles. Still if you got a couple couple billion bills to spare you can by the Eagles off of Lurie and stress all the minute details of winning us high sprung Fans a Superbowl, while every other 31 owners is trying to do the same thing with equal tenasity and equally brilliant employees working for them.

    Hell yeah I get your point its really easy to do Lurie must really be lazy. And a promise is a promise.

  37. What this whole dang site was calling Samuels a bum, no tackler, who lost a step and that gave up big plays…THE WHOLE SITE!! ……WOW the best CB. For the record I liked Samuels and wanted him to stay, but yep someone told me to wake up, don’t drink the koolaid, that I was loving a bum CB that could not tackle etc….hmmmmm.

  38. People say “Davis coached the Browns,and they sucked”… Do you know how many great coaches have coached the Browns and they sucked.

    Todd Grantham, who everybody want’s, was the defensive coordinator for the Browns that sucked for most of the time he was there. Rob Ryan was the defensive coordinator for the Browns that sucked. Nick Saban was the defensive coordinator for the Browns.

    Same thing with the offensive coordinators, Bruce Arians, Pete Carmichael, and lots of other good coaches sucked with the Browns.

    Nobody knows how this guy Davis will do with the Eagles.

  39. I wanted Samuel gone Mono, In fact, I never cared for him to begin with for when the Signed him was the beginning of the Eagles Secondary of becoming Soft and Poor Production from used to always be a strength of their Defenses which was their Secondaries of Teams/Years past…
    You look at the combined TD’s given up, Yards thru the air, YAC given up, and a lack of Int’s during the 2009-2012 Season’s and the Eagles Secondary has been one of the worst in the NFL during this time period..

    What I was pissed about is that Samuel still had a reputation and value on the marker.. (Remember they tried to trade Samuel to the Lions for a 2nd Round Pick bac in 2011 but Samuel and the Lions couldn’t restructure his Contract to his liking..
    The point is, they ended up giving a Player away who they should have received better compensation for and blew it by hanging onto to him a year too long and letting it play out like it did..

  40. Yep I agree Paul (Though I liked Sam)

  41. Good point Irish, and if we signed JJ today there would be an up roar, and Kelly would be called a fool…hmmm just like Nooooow. WOW!

  42. Seems to me you are torqued to obsession worrying about this so called stress Lurie is under, watching his investment grow to billions,, an investment in part funded by his mother, I think we’d love to have that stress, damn tough on the nerves watching your team, in a luxury box, sucker all these fans with no championships while profits escalate, ticket prices go up, wow mono, you must have it damn easy yourself to empathize with a billion dollar owner

  43. But keep posting mono, you are good entertainment with your skewed perspective on reality

    • Jake, my man Mono, really likes to hear himself talk, don’t he? He has a skewed, irrational way of looking at things. Kind of like when Schiller used to come on here & say, the teams don’t win because of our negativity, & because we don’t always wave pom-poms! Bull f^#@ing $#!t! If people can’t deal with the truth, facts & reality, TOO BAD! For anyone to make excuses, for a lying, arrogant, condescending owner, who takes his fan-base for granted, & treats us like we are stupid, is a delusional stepford! All you need to know about Lurie, goes no further, than him raising ticket prices, a year after a 4-12 abortion of a season, in which he won the Cap Bowl in pocketing $23M! F^#@ Lurie, he deserves ZERO benefit of the doubt! If criticism is warranted, the teams will get it! Some of us choose to use our opened minds, & not be skewed, nor swayed by apologists & pom-pom wavers!

  44. Ok…. truth time.

    The reason we have pause about the current hire is because we have been burned before. You can call us negative but the biggest issue we have had fir many years is our lack of a coach and a lack of an idea on d. And now… somehow we are supposed to be excited about a browns coach who has done nothing as a dc.

    The front office is a machine when in comes to p.r. and lurie can qave his pom pons for howie all he wants. Im sitting back and watching because for every no name jim johnson that was hired and went on to prove something i can point to 3 shawn mcd hires that did nothing. Point is…. im not buying what they are selling because they have lost credability.

    That being said… i take no cheap shots… no comments about personal matters like lurie getting div from his wife. All im saying is…. they thing they are smarter than the rest and clearly that didnt start with andy.

    The front office

  45. Now…. lets talk about free agents for a second. If u are a rt or a wr or a rb… u want to come to philly right now. Think about it… they are going to get a chance to shine. Butnwhat about the d free agents?

    Philly is where d players come to die right now and did they do anything to change this? Let look.

    Hired a head coach that will run no huddles, putting the d on the field faster.

    Hired a d.c. that is known for nothing.

    Not looking good mono. Sorry. Check out dave s. over at, u may fi d his commentary a little more tasteful for u. Plus…. theyve got great eallpapers for your laptop.

  46. Good Point Stevo,
    Recent Defensive Pro-Bowl Players like Asmo/DRC/Jenkins/Ryan’s as well as Cole/Babin have all seen their production and reputations S Pro-Bowlers taken a serious hit since signing with Philly..
    When you look at it with 4 DC’s and 5-6 Secondary Coaches since
    The JJ Days, is it any wonder why the Eagles Defebse was
    In a chaotic flux of change the last 5-6 Seasons or so..
    Need a HC who Values a tough, physical and fundamentally sound Defensive Unit (as well as Special Teams) and I do believe that Chip Kelly does Vslue these parts of the Team much more than Andy Reid ever did

  47. It’s called “Accountability” and I believe that Chip Kelly will have this as a HC where Andy Reid simply did not..

  48. I think you are going to see recurring themes, mistakes, in fact you already have with the hiring of position coaches before coordinator, Lurie has always been more involved, meddlesome than what he portrays, I have repeatedly posted this to deaf ears, Andy Reid was just as happy to leave as we were for his departure, but Reid may look a lot better in kc without the queer interference of Roseman, Lurie now smolenski

  49. We will see pman… as of now i see a college gimmick coach and a failure of a dc. Im open to be peruaded tho.

  50. Jake…. cant blame lurie for misused timeouts, failures to make any game day changes and the desire to throw all day. Andy was not handcuffed to make the juan call and could have brought chilly back at anytime. Andy was the prob thr last 5 years….

  51. I really like the O/L, WR, Special Teams/ DL Hires and even Pat Shurmur is a good hire to Coach up the Young AB’s (Whether that’s Fole’s or a new young QB)
    I am not so sure about DC Davis and the Secondary Coach from University of Cincinbati who I know little about. Todd Lyght as Asst Secondary Coach is a nice one also..
    But as a Fan in this new Chip Kelly Era, I will be optimistic mans support him for he’s the Coach and hopefully the man with the plan
    It will be telling on what Players they Release and Draft so we will all know a lot more about his plans here in the next 2-3 months ahead
    I believe he cuts the chord with Players that go a ways back with the Andy Reid era (Vick, Patterson, Cole,Herremans, Jordan to name a few)
    And looks long and hard at players like Asmo,, Coleman, Celek and build his Roster from there..
    Draft weekend and the days following where undrafted Players will be signed will be an interesting time along with Free-Agency
    And maybe after all his viewing of Tape and new Coaching Staff Meetings, he may come to the conclusion that he can coach a lot of these mentioned players up and get the best of them.. Time will tell

  52. Since we are talking truths, there is very little enlightenment found on this site, its heavy on emotion, but very light on insight and knowledge. The fact that no one has done a very indepth review of our new coaches is telling. There is no information to be got here. My views are not absolute, some speak on this site with the absoluteness of someone who rested on the seveth day of their creation work. “Lurie has personally wronged me and it is unforgivable…..I have been betrayed…betrayed I tell you.” LOL Your right Steve might be a better taste for me among other spots, where you can get real information.

    Well i am out I’ll be back in another 3 months or so when I am less delusional, for now I will just absorb some deeper Eagle sports writing else where .

    Paul you do bring a good degree of knowledge, so theres that.

    • goodbye, make it 6 months instead
      Coming on here criticizing us for not talking positive for the downward spiral that had a 10-6 McDermott firing to an 8-8 Castillo season to a 4-12 Bowles season with Marty staying the whole downward spiral.
      You want us to write praising words about all of Chip Kelly’s staff when he won’t give the fans a Clear QB choice or answer if the Eagles are playing a 3-4 or 4-3 D ——–
      The Eagles have 2 TE coaches LOL

      I’m sorry when did Pat Shurmur or Billy Davis answer a single Eagle question yet —

    • Don’t let the door hit you in the @$$, you condescending dorkhole! Yes, this site is filled with a lot of p!$$ & vinegar, but there are many knowledgeable fans on here, that bring a good bit of sports knowledge! While you’re gone, stay there!

      • Another thing, if you want knowledge, read The Encyclopedia Britannica collection A-Z. This is a sports website, where we have a POST COMMENT section, where we give our comments, opinions, & some of us actually investigate, read, have played, coached & taught sports, of all kinds. We ain’t here to give lessons in the differences of the 3-4, 4-3, hybrid 4-3 under alignment, Kelly’s pistol, read option, up tempo offense. We ALL want to know HOW these greedy bastards, are going to make OUR team better, who they’re going to draft, why they hired the failures that they have hired, why it took so long, & why Limp wrist Lurie raised ticket prices, after the 4-12 abortion of a year we just witnessed, all the while pocketing over $23M. WE buy merchandise, seat licenses, tickets, pack the house every game, paid our hard working $$$$ to build his cash cow, & WE are still loyal, after not ever winning a SB, & have come off a stretch, with a POS as a HC, who should have been fired 3 years ago. So I think we have the right to our opinions, worries, & thoughts, no matter how negative YOU think they are! At least ON HERE, you get honesty!

        • Dcar has spoken and dropped the mic and this subject is closed. Beautiful post DCar. This perfectly describes the passionate Eagle fans.

          • We may rip each other & disagree with other, but we love our teams, & don’t except failure & people taking us for granted. Other than a minority of the clueless, the delusional, & the blatant racists on here, I believe most of us are knowledgeable, love our teams, want winners, won’t except losing, & aren’t happy just settling with just competing

  53. Whats funny mono is thats not me… i have never spoken like that. All ive said is that im holding off the pom poms but clearly im in support of this team. As far as info…. not much to give right now. You want to know about the kind of d we run? Its going to be heavy on ryans. Im good with that. They need another dt. They need a s.s. i think we will see kendriks shine. Cole may get traded.

  54. I know Stevo, I have read you often an You are pretty right on , as i say most of you are. You guys can allow me a few break downs right. Hell i get frustrated like you guys, this pass season was bleak to say the least. i do enjoy the site but man sometimes….sometimes its like you know something is wrong and having a nagging wife that just won’t stop yapping about it over and over.

    Anyway i am a laid back kind of dude so sorry GCOBB you do provide a decent site my bad I am guilty of negative rant myself I guess, just that we haven’t even made it to the new season “and our team sucks, and our Organization is the worst in the league?” Sorry fellas you caught me off guard on that. My apologies to ya.

    Eagles0? Come on dude six months..serious what is this the soviet union? LOL I’ m back by Fa’s or the draft my friend, your punishment is way to harsh for my crimes. I exile myself for 3 and you banish me for 6? Yeeks!

  55. What id like to know….. dixon deal done yet? ….. shady come around to the chip hire yet?… vick staying?… what will they do to get good d free agents here?because davis will not be the bait. Whos the first round pic? What do they do with cole? Who stays…. nnamdi or drc? Or neither?

    Go paul… throw sh#@ on the wall.

  56. Optics.

    I have no idea whether the coaching hires will work out. None of us do.

    But right now, the poaching of coaches from the Browns does not inspire confidence. Does not inspire renewal. It just doesn’t look good.

    There is no way that there isn’t a huge portion of the fanbase asking a simple question: “Cleveland?”

    Of all the up and coming teams (the SFs, the Seas), or the recent successes (the NOs, the NYGs) or the perrenial powers (the pitts, the balts, the NEs)…the eagles decide to go Cleveland.

    Right or wrong….its very reasonable to have a fanbase thinking….you chose your OC and DC from the Cleveland Browns?

    Again maybe these guys are good coaches. They probably are. But the Optics scream – CLEVELAND!!!! And that can drown out any potential goodwill/excitement that should be surrounding this team at this time.

    Now – add Dennis Dixon to this mix? Well, do that and and they’re burning through whatever new capital the Kelly hire garnered pretty damn quickly. He’s Dennis Dixon for chrissakes.

    This is why I cannot see a Dennis Dixon signing here. Especially after some of the coaching hires that seem……odd. I don’t know how a Dixon signing could be sold to a fanbase desperate for hope/change. (or to the lovcer room for that matter)

    • Vinnie, rewrite this post please. The Eagles just re- did Vick’s contract for one year and said he will compete will Foles to be the starter this year. LOL, LOL, oh my goodness this is too funny!!!

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