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My Thinking On Chip Kelly’s Reasons For Hiring Billy Davis

4-3UnderAlignment1After doing some research and utilizing my 11-years of the playing numerous defenses in the NFL, I think I have a good idea how Billy Davis convinced Chip Kelly and the Eagles that he was the best option for them at the defensive coordinator position.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think he was the first or second option, but he’s got the job and a chance at having success.

Davis probably put together an argument pushing the belief that he’s the best guy for the job because his base defense has the flexibility of a 3-4 defense and he will be able to utilize the best players on the Eagles current roster.

The former Browns linebacker coach employs a base defense which will feature the Eagles best defensive lineman, Fletcher Cox, and their talented second-year linebacker, Mychal Kendricks.  It will also give either Trent Cole or Brandon Graham a chance to put up some big sack numbers from that weak side defensive end position.  Middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans will still be playing the middle linebacker position, which will allow him to keep doing what he does best.

Davis was able to also make an argument that he knows how to get the best out of talented cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.  His strongest piece of evidence is the fact that DRC made the Pro Bowl with Davis as his defensive coordinator in 2009.

First of all, let me give credit to Sheil Kapadia over at Birds 24/7 on the website for giving me much of the material I needed to put this together.  Kapadia wrote an article titled “Billy Davis, Predators And the 4-3 Under”.  You need to check it out because it explains the defense which Davis uses as his base defense.

Kapadia highlights an article by Eric Edholm of Pro Football Weekly.  In the article Davis explains his hybrid 3-4 or 4-3 defense.  I played versions of this defense during eight of the 11 years of my NFL career.  At one time or another, I’ve played every linebacker position in the defense.

The fact that Davis came in promoting a defense that is played by both the Baltimore Ravens and the Seattle Seahawks didn’t hurt his chances of becoming the team’s defensive coordinator.  Remember that current Jacksonville Jaguar head coach Gus Bradley pushed this defense to the Birds front office.  It’s a defense which has the versatility which Kelly likes, plus it will help to utilize the talent which is already on the roster.

Let me attempt to explain to you what type of defense it is that Davis is really playing.  His base defense is really a 4-3 defense for the most part.  The only difference between his 4-3 and most 4-3 defenses is that Davis has his weak side defensive end standing up in a two-point stance, rather than getting down in a three-point stance.  If he had him down in a three-point stance, it would be a regular 4-3 defense, but simply because he has that DE in a two-point stance, it’s called a 3-4 defense.

Buddy Ryan was really the first to use this defense back in the 80’s.  He was light years ahead of the rest of the league.  Buddy first had Richard Dent play that weak side defensive end position for him when he was coaching the Bears, then he had Clyde Simmons play that position with the Eagles.  This player has to be a good athlete.

Buddy would have each of them play some pass coverage at times, for the most part he would have them take the running back, if he released outside on the weakside.   He would have them do it from their three-point stances rather than from a two-point stance.  At times, Clyde would stand up at the last split second before the snap in order to make it easier to cover the back out of the backfield.

Cole and/or Graham will be rushing the passer over 90% of the time, but they will also have to play some pass coverage every now and then.  They don’t have to be great in the pass coverage, but only need to be able to cover a running back or tight end for a couple of seconds.  Chris Clemons was playing this position in Seattle for the Seahawks and Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger play this position in Baltimore for the Ravens.

The 3- technique defensive tackle to the weak side (away from the tight end) in a 4-3, or the defensive end to the weak side in a 3-4 is a featured player in this system.  He will be able to put pressure on the quarterback and get into the offensive backfield because team’s won’t be able to double team him very easily because the weak side offensive tackle will be blocking the defensive defensive end or linebacker which were talking about.  Here’s Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talking about that player.

“The 3-technique player should be your premier interior pass rusher,” Carroll said. “He is going to get a lot of one on one blocks as it is hard to double team him because of where he lines up.”

Haloti Ngata played this position for the Ravens and Cox would be playing it for the Eagles.  Again, it will give him the opportunity to be one-on-one most of the time with the other team’s offensive guard on pass plays.  This should be a great matchup for the Eagles.  Hopefully Cox will be able to dominate in the same way Ngata has for the Ravens for quite a few years.

Davis will have Kendricks lining up at weak side linebacker and that’s where he belongs.  He will rarely have to take on blocks, which is a good thing because the youngster had a lot of trouble getting of the blocks of these huge NFL offensive linemen.  His job now will be to run to the ball, make tackles and make big plays.  Occasionally they’ll blitz him, but he will be able to use his speed.  He fits this position like a glove.  It’s a great position for an athletic linebacker like Kendricks.  The Ravens have Dannell Elerbee playing this position and he does a great job.  They should send Kendricks some tape of Elerbee playing the position.

If I were coaching Kendricks, I would train him to attack the football every chance he gets.  He should be tackling the football and trying to strip ball carriers of the football.  He should be thinking turnover on every play.  Kendricks could and should be a big play guy for this team.

Davis had Karlos Dansby playing the weak side linebacker position for him in Arizona.  Check out how the coach describes Dansby ‘s abilities and his job. “what we’ve done with Karlos is put him behind a three-technique, so basically – we call these anchor points – he’s got a wall in front of him,” Davis said. “So he can run and use his athleticism. The center can’t get him because the nose is on him. The guard can’t get him because the end is on him. And the tackle can’t get him because the predator is on him. So this is your athlete that can run, go cover ground and make plays.

As I said earlier, nothing would change with Ryans who is more comfortable with the 4-3 scheme than the 3-4 alignment.  He will essentially still be playing the middle linebacker spot in the 4-3.  Ryans was the Eagles most consistent defensive player this past year and they would like to keep him in the middle.

Whatever Davis did to get DRC to play, he needs to do again.  I would demand the best out of him and stay on him until he plays at his ability level.  I think he needs a foot up his butt at every practice and every game.

If I were the Eagles I would keep an eye on the Ravens and Kruger.  If there were any way to acquire him I would consider it.  The guy is 26-years old and a playmaker.  He is a perfect for that outside pass rushing position.

All in all, Davis could come in here and a do a good job, but one thing is for sure, he hasn’t done it yet.   Sometimes a coach arrives at the right place at the right time with the right players and things just click.  That’s what happened for the Eagles with Jim Johnson, Brian Dawkins, Jeremiah Trotter and etc. on Facebook

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104 Comments for “My Thinking On Chip Kelly’s Reasons For Hiring Billy Davis”

  1. Sounds Promising G-Man..
    Kendricks definitely needs to build up his upper body strength and his overall stamina as he really wilted down the stretch of last Season.. Hit that Rookie Wall in mid-November which is not unusual for Rookie players playing a lot of snaps like Kendricks did..
    Anyone have any details on the new Defensive Secondary Coach ..
    I believe the Front 7 will be much improved with the New DL Coach and DC Davis who specializes in the LB Position.. but the Secondary is where the most improvement needs to come from if this Defense is going to get back to the Top #15 in the NFL as a Unit.. Creating Turnovers, 3rd Down Efficiency nad Red-Zone Efficiency are the Critical areas to improve on for the Defense to get back to Eagle Football

  2. Great Post G

    As I said in some of my earlier post on previous articles, I think we really need to give this man a chance. If Billy D does everything G says he thinks he said to get the job, then our defense will be real solid next year (Assuming we draft a pro bowl caliber player with the number 4 pick). I have a feeling our past rush is going to be fierce with Trent C breaking out for another big year, and Brandon Graham coming into his own. If Fletcher gets his one on ones this man will have a 8-10 sack season. Also using Mychael K on the weakside would be brilliant and would be playing into his str allowing him to make plays and tackles with his 4.5 speed. Demeco is only going to get better and mentor this kid.

    Also DRC best years were at ARZ with Billy Davis. Billy is’nt going to let this kid play like a pussy no more.

    Cut Nhamdi and give Boykin his chance along with Curtis.

    Draft a Safety Matt Elam our of Florida or Kenny Vaccaro out of Texas in the 2nd round.


  3. And don’t even get me started if we actually do make a run at Kruegar

  4. Good article G…right place at the right time, sounds familiar!

  5. I’m one that does not believe either Trent Cole, or Brandon Graham can get any different results in their production playing in this defense or any other type of defense. I think the Eagles would be wasting time with wishful thinking, assuming they are better than they really are.

    I guarantee you Howie Roseman, will bypass better talent than he drafts this year. Overvaluing mediocre talent, and not valuing impact. They need impact players to offset this coaches deficiencies.

    It starts by trading, mainstay has beens, like Cole, Graham(never was), Mathis, Herramans, Asomugha…..and cutting out right bums like Casey Matthews, Nate Allen, Danny Watkins, and Kurt Coleman( I think he would be an animal playing special teams exclusively).

    Improve your personnel, and upgrade the individuals evaluating the personnel, and you have a chance to improve your team, even with a mediocre coaching staff.

  6. Eagles sign Vick to a 1 yr deal…idiots

  7. I don’t see them getting rid of Cole/Graham unless they make a big splash in FA or in the draft. Someone like Kruger.

  8. Attention Eagles Fans! Per Adam Schefter Mike Vick just signed a restructured deal to remain with the birds! More details coming soon!
    Jake/ Vinnie don’t cry. It’ll be ok. You’ll get your great white hope QB one day. Lmao.

    I’m good with this because if he sucks we will be in position to get one of the blue chippers next year in the draft.

  9. Wow, I guess I was wrong about him re-structuring. Plus/minus 4 for the amount of games that he misses next year if he is the starter.

    • Thats about two less than Foles. How many did Foles last? Refresh my memory. Kelly will protect Vick and run the ball. Dixon will br signed as tjr backup and a QB will be drafted this year for the future. Foles will be traded to KC for hier 4th round pick.

      • This isn’t about how much you like or dislike Foles. It is about the fact that Vick can’t make it through a whole season without being injured. Add concussions to the list of ways that he could miss games.

  10. Where are all you Vick haters at now huh?! Haha! I told you Chip was not going to release the man and was going to give him a chance to compete if not just give him the starting job flat out! ShowyaVickHate now! I love it!! Haha

  11. Look for a top 5 pick again next year, boys! Not one move, since his press conference, has Kelly made a good move. He’ll be gone in 2 years. Vick can still make $10M with incentives. Why would you keep Vick, if you’re rebuilding, with ZERO chance to win with him? Un-f^#@ing believable!

  12. And Chip Kelly continues his bad decisions. This guy is sinking fast already. I give him three years. Already, between Vick and Billy Davis, I want him fired. What a clown.

  13. I wonder what they get for Foles in a trrade. Andy probably gives them the first pick of the fourth round for him. It will be sad when he turns out to be a decent QB and we have EJ Manuel or Geno Smith and keep up our 25 year tradition.

    • He has to be more than a 4th rounder… He has 6 games and had some success.

      • no its the first pick of the round which is only a few spots down from where he was drafted. Andy rarely loses on these deals. He won’t give you a pick higher than Foles was drafted. He will draft Joekel and Foles will be his QB.

        • Foles was drafted in the Third round. I don’t think he will be traded. If he is it would be another mistake. The first mistake was hiring Chip Kelly. I stand by my choice of Gus Bradley as head coach, rather than this nonsense. Howie is not going to be able to hide for long.

          I told you guys that Vick maybe resigned. He is a much better back up option than Dennis Dixon{ who by the way, has yet to be signed…I wonder why?} and they still won’t draft EJ Manuel.

  14. If he is the qb I will root for him and the birds. I sit here dumbfounded. Kellys decisions seem stupid but I have to say he knows more than I do… Going with Vick was the death knell for the last coach…



  16. Please note I’m keeping track of all the chip kelly haters. If/when we win it all with him you are not allowed to celebrate with us. No reindeer games for you! Lol
    Jumping off the ship before it even sets sail is the ultimate form of cowardice. Let the man execute his plan before you label it a failure! Sheesh!

    • c_m, with all his decisions thus far, are you confidant he has a plan? His choice to keep Vick, & the hiring of his horrid staff alone is mind boggling! Another egotist who thinks he can re-invent the game. I hope I’m wrong, but he gets a E from me so far.

      • DCar…..Its Lurie who thinks he can re-invent the game so he hires like-minded coaches. This is all Lurie. And I realized the reason he was so in love with Chip aside from him being inovative is the fact he is a New Englanda just like him. They totally bonded over that. I used to live up there. And they stick together those Yankees.

      • hahaha….football fans with common sense, saw this coming…It all made sense…Everyone talking that nonsense of Kelly changing his system, I mean really? The system in which he made a name of in college, the system in which basically got him his NFL coaching job…

  17. The important thing is that we can keep that attitude and culture going in the locker room where young guys look up to the Madden hero they loved as kids and follow his example of inattention to details and relying on natural ability over smarts and technique.

  18. It’s just for a year. In essence we are using him to install Kelly’s offense. This year is a wash anyway. Did y’all think we were a really going to compete this year? Cmon guys!
    Now if this was a long term deal I’d be pissed but its not.

  19. Vick does have a chance to play better with a better running game. He is still an average QB that will turn the ball over. But at least he will be throwing it less. The biggest problem for him is actually the fumbles more so than the picks. He just will not secure the ball.

  20. marley….I can agree with that. But he is still going to draft a QB that you can’t win a SB with. So after Vick it will just be another bum in there.

  21. @Jbird- So you think this guy who has won everywhere else he’s ever coached, who has now reached the pinnacle of his career aspirations is just freestyling now? Just making it up as he goes along? That’s ridiculous! Of course he has a plan.

  22. Aside from who likes, or dislikes Vick, this just isn’t a smart move! He’ll be 33, lost a step, is already injury prone & isn’t accurate enough, for Kellys offense! VERY, VERY, STUPID DECISION!!!!


  24. I hope your wrong about the draft jbird but for now let’s take it easy. I no you love this team as I do. I hate to see my bird brethren in pain especially when it’s self induced. We will be ok and one day we will all pour beer on each other while partying down broad street. Go birds!

    • Not until your buddy who sat on Jim Taylor kicks the bucket and Lombardi lifts the curse. He is fucking 87, so it needs to happen soon. And if you don’t think there is a Vince Lombardi curse, you don’t know the Eagles.

  25. Somewhere vinnie is crying. Vick a bird in 2013.


  27. Yeah I would trade Foles for Kc’s 3rd rounder in a heartbeat!

  28. They really better fortify this line now! On a positive note, at least we know Kelly likes to run the ball, so that ought to cut down on mistakes!

  29. There may be more to this decision than we know…

  30. I guess I’m a “Vick hater” because I wanted him off my team. And in all seriousness this is good news. Keeping Vick just guaranteed us another top 5 pick in the draft next year to either draft Jadevon Clowney or a real franchise QB in Bridgewater or Johnny Football. Fact is Vick sucks and is the most injury prone QB in the league, he will be on IR by week 3 (maybe he doesn’t even make it out of preseason which has happened before) or he will miss the usual 4 games or so throughout the season. Thus Foles will still start some games, or any other young guy on the team will still start some games. We get a top pick next year and Vick (and the rest of the overpriced overrated loser vets) will be gone and we can finally rebuild this thing right.

    • From the looks of it now, Foles ain’t going to be here

      • Dcar, I still think Foles is here this season because personally i don’t think they trade him for anything less than a second round pick.
        To me there is just no way they will just give away young players at the QB position for low round picks, when he put up quality numbers for a rookie considering who he was playing with. Esp when Vick is going to be 33, and will be absolutely useless in this league once his speed is gone, and its almost gone right now.

        And the league just saw Flacco win a superbowl and MVP. Just another “statue” holding up the Lombardi at the end of the year, nothing new, happens pretty much every year. Which might just be the best thing that happened to Foles.

  31. Actually, I’m not “crying”. All this means is we’ll be seeing 10 games of Foles (or some draft pick) instead of 16.

    Last year I predicted Vick would be gone by week 12 and it came to pass 2 weeks early.

    This year’s prediction is week 6.
    Lets recap the Chip Kelly Regime so far:

    Hire Cleveland Browns coaches for OC and DC
    Keep Mike Vick as starting QB.

    Its like we’re intentionally trying to be the worst franchise in history.

  32. Best article since the season and Mike Vick’s renegotiated contract trumps it — dam

    I have doubts about Kendricks size so I am interested in seeing him play in an Dannell Elerbee type role

    Mike Vick good luck, the wolves in the stands love Foles
    I personally don’t like Foles’ arm strength or his left side of the field game but that last Vick concussion and subsequent return scares me more

  33. Ive gone back and forth on this but…. for the kind of o we will be running im fine with it. Im excited about this thing they call a run game and would love to see how this helps our team. I said id be fine either way and i am.

    About this post from g…. great job g, ive been reading all about this elsewhere and was waiting for your take.

  34. In Chip Kelly we trust! No longer will we try to fit a square peg into a round hole! Chip will use the talent that he has and mold his offense around it instead of the other way around! Look for McCoy and Bryce to have big years. I also think we should go after Reggie Bush if he’s released by the Dolphins.

  35. Best article GC wrote in a long time, & this happens! LMMFBO!!!!

    • I was just getting ready to post that DCar, that cat Mono wanted information and bam here it is. By the way the press conference about the coaching staff is pointless because now all the questions will be about Vick. Or was that the point?

  36. Worst case scenario is Vick sucks like you all think he will and they Eagles draft top 5 again next year. Best case scenario Kelly builds his offense behind the running game and Vick thrives and finally you have a coach who uses his vast talents the correct way. Dennis Dixon will not sign here because with Vick staying he becomes redundant unless Foles is traded away.

    • billion….don’t you think that vast TALENT would have shown up by now. He won six games in 2010 against teams with shit for defense and it was downhill after the tapes got out. He is too short and not a great student of the game. In case you are new, the best students win in the NFL, not the best athletes. Do Brady and Manning seem athletic to you??

      • jbird, I don’t know what the hell to think after Kelly has signed here, and who said anything about being a student of the game don’t hand me that crap. Foles is a student of the game how did that work out? Manning and Brady both crapped out this year with them being students and all so please man stop that.

      • Don’t get with upset with me if Chip Kelly disagrees with you.

    • Right Biggie. But Foles isn’t going anywhere.

  37. Lurie is a stupid fuck for retaining Vick. I can’t believe this shit.

  38. On this day, when Vick decides to restructure his deal and stay with the Birds, I decided to bring a positive stat to the table on this huge day. I know there are alot of you Vick haters on this site but with a new Head Coach and a new scheme, I believe we will see more positive than negative. Check out these stats..
    Since 2010, Vick is only nfl player w/ 8,000+ pass (8,683) & 1,000+ rush (1,597) yards

    Those are unbelievable stats. You can talk about the fumbles and ints yada yada yada, those are unreal stats.. We have yet to see Vick in a Chip Kelly scheme, it looks like we will see this year and it will yield positive results as long as Chip remains balanced with both run and pass.. Vick! Vick!Vick! Lets Go Birdgang!

    • Unbelievable stats?? those are unreal stats..

      what game do you watch? 10000 yrds of O over 3 years. And you think that’s “unbelievable”????????????????

      First of all…Aaron Rodgers has 12860 passing and 1025 rushing over those same 3 seasons. 1300 more yrds a season
      Brees had 15274 yrds passing over those same 3 years…about 1500 more a season than Vick
      Brady had 4000 more yards…or 1300 more/season
      Eli had over 3000 more…or 1000/season

      you know who else had 1000 yrds of O over the past 3 seasons……Mark Sanchez

      Unbelievable indeed.

      10000 yrds of O in 3 seasons??

      BTW the only unbelievable stat he has is the turnovers….”yada yads” it all you want. The ball has been on the turn or in a defender’s arms 45x his last 23 games.

      Now that is unbelievable.

      • Get him vinnie how dare he encroach on your area of expertise.

        • No, see again Vinnie misses the point, JH was making…he said over 8000 passing and (AND) 1000 RUSHING…something that Vinnie routinely forgets when discussing Vick…I’ll tell you this, Brady could of used some “mobility” in the Raven’s game…

          • I did not “miss the point”. I put total offensive numbers together (passing and rushing) and the former superstar still gets his ass handed to him by over 1/2 the other QBs in the league.

            • Unfortunately, rushing is a different category than passing, they are measured separately…yes QB’s pass for more yards than Vick, alot to do with the fact he misses games, if you want to go by stats….You do realize the QB who won the SB this season had 11 others QB’s ahead of him statistically as well.

              Of course I have a problem with Vick committing unnecessary turnovers and how he misses games. (some turnovers, you can live with, happens to every QB)

              We will see if “he gets his ass handed to him” in a system that may be more balanced and utilize his skill set the way it should be….I’ve been preaching put a player in the right position and he will succeed, for some reason the HC must think the same.

      • Vinniethehater believes and sees what he wants to with Vick. He knows those are some impressive stats. And he saw that that stat was since 2010. No other QB w/ over 8,000+ pass (8,683) & 1,000+ rush (1,597) yards since 2010. Thats a punch to the mouth stat for you Vinnie

        • Since 2010

          Rodgers has 12860 yrds passing and 1025 rushing over the same period.

          I think he qualifies as “another qb”

          • Sorry, he only has 850 yrds rushing….(yay mike still holds the completely made up record!!)

            however Rodgers also has 121 tds to go along with his greater yrds. (112 passing, 9 rushing)

            Which is a little better than vick’s paltry 62 tds (51 passing, 11 rushing)

            But Vick, does have him beat on fumbles and ints with 62 over the same period. (30 ints, 32 fumbs)

            Rodgers only has 39 (25 ints, 14 fumbles)

            so you’re right….8000 passing and 1000 rushing….he’s the only one!!! He’s super duper awesome.

            • Vinnie…how was the red zone play calling? haven’t we been talking for a while about the red zone issues? nothing to do with not having big physical receivers? a little more than the QB involved in regards to TD passes…
              did we have a dominating O Line? #25 is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, after scoring 20 TD’s in 2011, 5 TD’s in 2012, that major drop off of TD’s has to be attributed to the fact that #25 is just awful, right?

              • I understand your narrative Realtalk. Every playcall, every coach, every oline, every WR and RB that have worked with Vick have been terrible, and he has only succeeded despite all those around him.

                Its everyone else’s fault that he’s never “reached his potential”

                If only if only if only…..

                and now we have to probably sit through another year of “if onlys”

    • Cam Newton is close to this and only played in 2011 & 2012.. Give Cam Newton his 3rd Year and he will eclipse Vick Offesive Productions by a lot and then RGIII could break that as well when adding his first 3 Seasons

  39. Thanks for providing some cause for optimism over the defensive scheme.

    I’d feel a lot better if the man had more success as a DC, but we’ll get what we get.

  40. If anyone had told me 2 months ago that6 we’d have an unproven college HC, a DC and OC from Cleveland and the former superstar back under centre I’d have told thenm to STFU as no franchise would be that stupid.

    No seriiously. Ask yourself….if anyone had proposed that scenario 2 months ago

    Inexperienced college HC
    Cleveland OC
    Cleveland DC
    MV7 at QB

    Would anyone have been happy about that?

  41. Vinnie…. u wanted…..

    A dc for hc
    Foles or a vet
    A priven d.c.

    Lurie is smaryer than us i guess.


  43. Good stuff G. Vinnie when you put it that way… shitshow fer sure

  44. Reports from a friend out in the Kansas CIty

    AR to offer his 2nd Round Pick (#33rd Overall) to the Eagles for Nick Foles..
    AR will Draft OT Luke Joeckel with Chief’s 1st Overall Pick, and then has a QB familiar with his System who can hit the ground running instead of AR over-reaching for a mediocre Draft Class or overpaying for a Free-Agent QB like Alex Smith or trading for Matt Flynn..
    This is my Story and I am sticking with it and if I was the Eagles, with Vick now in tow for another Season, I take this Deal in a Heartbeat..

  45. Then Eagles on Draft Day Trade their #4 Pick to the Rams for their #16 & #22 giving the Eagles 4 Seletions in the first 2 Rounds and then Draft the Following

    #16 Overall – DE Ezekial Ansah – BYU 6-5 274lbs
    #22 Overall – CB Xavier Rhodes – Florida St 6-2 215lbs
    #33 Overall – OL DJ Fluker – Alabama 6-5 350lbs (converts to Guard)
    #36 Overall – LB Kevin Minter – LSU 6-1 245Lbs

    A prtty good start to the Draft

    • I would be fine with that Paul, except I would draft Larry Warford in Flukers spot, and draft Fluker, instead of Minter, giving me 2 dominant Guards who kick tail up front, and can protect Foles, or Vick better than Mathis, and Herremans.

  46. Im going to play the wait and see game. We have no idea what the out come this year will be. Theres allot of time before the first game. Any thing can happen. Between trades, free agency,and the draft. This could be an entierley different looking team. Or not. All i know is that ried is gone. This is some thing almost every one wanted. A fresh start. And now most of you are starting to pile on this guy. Take it easy, and try and be positive until they give you a real reason not to be. Vick for one year, not the end of the world.

  47. Then Eagles Trade Trent Cole to the Indy Colts for their 3rd Round Pick (#88)
    giving the Eagles 2 more Selections in the 3rd Round which go like this

    #68 Overall — DT Brandon Williams – Missouri Southern State 6-2 340lbs
    #88 Overall — Safety Tony Jefferson – Oklahoma 5-11 212lbs

    4th Rd
    #100 Overall – TE Gavin Escobar – San DIego State 6-5 255lbs

    A nice continuation of the Draft..

    • Why would the colts want Trent? They also run a 3-4.

    • Nice Paul. I see you did your research on Brandon Williams?! In the third round I would draft Jonathan Cyprian, instead of Tony Jefferson. I think Jefferson will be available in the 4th Round.

      And it would be nice, if they are able to trade down, and get extra 3rd, 4th, and 5th Round picks. I have my eye on:

      WR’s – Quinton Patton, Aaron Mellette, and Da’Rick Rogers
      OLB’s – Sean Porter, Xavier Gooden, and Jonathan Brown
      OT – Terron Armstead
      OG – Travis Fredricks, Alex Hurst, and Manase Foketi
      S – Cooper Taylor, and Ray Ray Armstrong

  48. Think about this.. This Vick thing means another entire year we have to have the same arguement. That’s the most disheartening thing about this whole situation. Minus the turnovers, iq, health, press conferences, the me factor and the want to start fresh. With that said, I’m pulling for him! Go birds

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