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Eagles Staff Is Confident They Will Get Better Play Out Of Michael Vick

ChipKelly11Jim Mora Sr. the former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts called Michael Vick a “Coach Killer” because he shows flashes of brilliance to get the media and fans all hyped up, then underperforms and gets the coach fired.  So far, Mora and been right about Vick.

At the start of 2013, Vick added Andy Reid to the list of coaches who believed they could find a way to help him play better.   Dan Reeves and Jim Mora Jr. had been shown the door because they believed in Vick and the team underperformed.

Now Chip Kelly and his staff have become the next staff to place their faith in Vick. They may be delusional, but Kelly and the Eagles believe they can make Vick a better quarterback.  I know there’s a chance that Kelly is making the same mistake which the other coaches have made.  He’s focusing on Vick’s skills and not his poor decision-making.

 “What I look at is skill set, first and foremost”, Kelly said. “What he can do, how he can throw the football, how he can beat people with his feet. There are a lot of different factors he has. And you have to look at the landscape for other quarterbacks.

“I guess the best way I can put this is I agree there is a change of scenery going on here. For Michael Vick, there is a change of scenery, but not a change of address.”

Back to the decision-making, Vick was asked to do a lot do that by Reid and his coaches, but that won’t be the case with Kelly and his staff. 

Last year with the Reid, Vick’s task began with listening in to the speaker in his helmet, then calling the play in the huddle, which had so much verbiage that it took twelve to fifteen seconds to get out.  Then he would walk to the line of scrimmage and try to decipher what type of defense front and coverage he was looking at. 

Next up he was asked to make whatever changes were needed in the play or the formation.  Of course all of this was done with the clock running, then he had to take the snap and execute the play.


I can guarantee you that Kelly and his staff aren’t going to ask Vick to do any where near as much in the area of decision-making as Reid and his coaches did.  They believe they can make the game simpler for Michael, which will allow him to unleash his skills.

The brilliance of Kelly’s system is the fact that it’s much easier to learn.  Vick and his teammates will take much less time to get comfortable with the new system.

“We just really believe he wants to do what it takes to win,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “He’s got the skill and ability that it takes to do it. I don’t know if it’s rebuilding. I think it’s going to be very new from what he was trained to do because systematically it’s going to be different. But I think it’s something that we’ll teach it in a way where he’ll be able to pick it up quickly and get out there and do what he does.”

“What I do know about Michael is this: He’s got an outstanding skill set. He’s an extremely tough player and he’s won football games,” Shurmur said. “So we’re looking forward to working with him.

Notice Shurmur emphasizes the simplicity of the system and developing an offense which will be tailored to the abilities of the players.

“I remember going to training camp at Furman when we were at the Falcons and having a chance to see him do things on the practice field”, said quarterback coach Bill Lazor. “I saw him do some things I hadn’t seen people do in person very much, so I know what Michael’s skills are.”

“So, first, I know he could be successful. I haven’t watched every single game from last year but I’ve watched enough to know that he’s a talented guy, that there are a lot of positives and that he can do it.” on Facebook

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64 Comments for “Eagles Staff Is Confident They Will Get Better Play Out Of Michael Vick”

  1. I think he will be traded at the draft or right after to whoever doesn’t get their man there.

  2. Does anyone really think Vick at 33 Years of Age is going to pick-up and master a new “Offensive System”, he struggled with the very QB happy System of Coach AR & MM which he was in for 4 Years and that made average QB’s like AJ Feely,Garcia,Kolb and even Kafka look pretty good in despite their athletic limitations.. I just don’t think Vick is smart enough to pick new things up or at least he has not demostrated the ability to do so in his 10 Year Career on any consistent basis..

    • as ronald reagan once said: , there you go again, PAULMAN …HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED FOOTBALL IN YOUR LIFE ? lets see aj feeley, Kolb , Kafka
      what did the first 2 names accomplish when they had the opportunity to be starters on other teams ? lets see .. YOU SOUND LIKE AL CAMPANIS OF 20 YEARS AGO. sad to say. lets see micheal vick has been a little inconsistant.. lets examine the possibilities… Howard mudd comes in and changes the blocking scheme.. oh by the way he names Kelce the starting center.. Kelce, a vastly overated 5th rd pick who didn’t exactly beat out jamal jackson .. he was there cause mudd liked him.. never the less Kelce couldn’t even make the freakin line calls because he wasn’t able.. which gave vick additional responsibilities… don’t remember mcnabb, garcia, feeley, kolb or Kafka ever having to make the o-line calls. Andy rarely ran the football, making it easier for a defense TO JUST TEE OFF ON THE QB.. with Kelce , and watkins just sucked against better competition. not much fun playin qb for vick ( and yes vick did contribute by his transgressions )

    • JIM JOHNSON HID ALOT OF ANDYS FLAWS FOR YEARS. The whole team fell apart after JJ with the exception of 2010. People that are worried bout Vicks age know nothin. Vick is a super athlete he can still outrun half the young qbs now and probably wont het slow til hes about 35. You keep talking about Andys shit system. How many superbowls did he win with it? It got old stale and predictable. In donovans last game as an Eagle the cowboys said they knew everything the Eagles would do(pass,pass,pass)

  3. Vick’s whole career, all his coaches thought they could make him a more productive quarterback.

    The only way Kelly can make Vick better is if he makes him a running back who throws the ball sometimes. Which is exactly what will happen. Kelly is going to end Vick’s career while he test the limits of his college offense in the NFL.

    Vick lasted 12 plays last year… so good luck!

    I hope we win the super bowl with Vick, but I’m not counting on it…

    • WE HAVE ANOTHER VICK HATER. Dude Vick is not a coach killer. JIM MORA IS A SH*TTY COACH! He proved that in Seattle dude. Vick had success with Reeves when he wasnt in a west coast offense. I KNOW I WATCHED HIM IN ATLANTA. Reeves was fired because Vick broke his leg in a PRE SEASON GAME AGAINST THE RAVENS. Vick had nothing but success in Reeves Scheme even when he missed most of the games in 2003 when he came back from injury he led the Falcons on a winning streak. Reeves was fired because Aurthur Blank was a new owner and wanted a fresh start. Mora was never a good head coach. People have been begging for Andy to be fired years before Vick so cut the crap dude. Alot of YOU people hate Vick for your own personal reasons and make up B.S

    • Stop comparing Vicks whole career til now. Because its F’ing stupid and just an excuse for the Vick haters. Why in 2010 did he have the least turnovers in the league? so you mean to tell me all of a sudden he forgot how to play the game in 2 years? stop with the B.S dude. Mudd was a HUGE problem on offense as WASHBURN was for the defense. They both happen to be best friends,how odd? But the main culprit in this is Andy Reid. Juan shouldve been left the hell alone. He shouldve continued working with the Oline. Oh well Juan got him ring with the Ravens so i guess that more than made up for the F ups of Andy Reid. The whole team struggled after Andy made all those unnecessary changes. All we needed was a real DC and a couple of good offensive lineman. Not move Juan to defense. Andy shouldve been fired alone for that one dumb ass move.

  4. I think Vick gets moved over the Summer Camp when a Team or 2 around the NFL have injuries with their own QB or relaize that they don’t have the right QB to take them where they want to go..
    I think the Vikings/Jets/Bills or maybe even the Chiefs could be Teams who would want to pursue him and now with his lower Salary, he actually would be treadeable but I don’t believe it will occur over the Draft Weekend, it would have to be a Teams last option due to a unforseen injury..

  5. I heard today the eagles can get out of the Vick deal at anytime and only 3.5 is guaranteed. So if chip doesn’t like him or someone else looks

  6. Is Micheal Vick Satan??

    I mean how do you sell the same lie over and over again.

    If you cant get the first system ah ok. The second well gee. The fourth well hell maybe it’s you!

    • He lives down at the crossroads, sell your soul for his talent and he will take you to the promise land

    • DAN REEVES SAID ON RECORD that when he left Vick he knew Vick would struggle in a new scheme which is the West Coast.Reeves said it takes 2 years to learn it. Reeves scheme wasnt a west coast system and Vick ALWAYS had success with Dan Reeves so the notion that hes a coach killer is B.S Vick was out most of 2003,even when he came back led the Falcons on a winning streak but it was two late cause they were already out of the playoffs cause of the back up qb doug johnson kept losing games.

      • Vick’s QB rating and completion percentage were awful to mediocre under Reeves. Statistically, he’s been a mediocre QB his whole career. 2010 was his only decent statistical season.
        He’s fumbled the football more than any active player (with fewer opportunities than many).

        Everybody remembers the human highlight reel, but the guy has been consistently bad to mediocre throughout his career.

      • Damn he was 11-4 his first year under mora… His only good year! Lol?.that awful, terrible Jim mora and his Vick unfriendly offense…

      • Proven wrong again Marcus!

  7. 13 years and this guy still gets coaches to wet their panties. Ugh!

  8. I hope that this is all a giant smoke screen to help them have the league unprepared for the new eagles.

    I really want to see something good. I will watch another season disgusted with myself for hoping a player gets hurt (just enough to leave the game)

    I can’t freaking stand 7 AHHHHHGGGGGG

  9. LOL
    funny stuff
    the last paragraph of this article is hilarious! LOL

  10. Garbage, pure garbage stop gcobb, you must need some serious dough to keep talking about Vick, it’s now beyond joke, only the smallest of minority, delusional fans support this move to bring Vick back, no more talk about it finis, stop, yourrrrrrrrr outttttaaaaaa herrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee

  11. I am giving up talking about Vick for Lent.. Maybe the g-Man can do the same thing and talk about the other 52 Players and 15 Positions or do that are also up for grabs like LB, Secondary, OL & DL, TE ..

  12. Mike Vick will not be traded. Plain and simple.. HE’S more than likely going to beat out Nick Foles and start for us. It’s his last year and out of his 11-12 years in the league, this will be his best and last chance to flourish. Coaching staff that has learned off what NOT to do with him by watching him the last 4 years, a coaching staff that will make it a lot more simple for him the way the article states, and a more balanced offense. If he cannot do it this season, then he never will.

    I hope the Birds sign one big time FA WR with size….AKA Dwayne Bowe.

    And in the 2nd round I expect them to take S Kenny Vaccaro
    or S Matt Elam

    • D Bowe will be heading home to South FLorida and join the Dolphins to be their feature Reciever and very unlikely that he would be interested in coming to Philly..
      Safety Kenny Vaccaro will be 1st Safety Chosen and will go in the 1st Round by the #20-22nd Selection and not be available in the 2nd Round

  13. If this happens it will be one of the best offseasons in a long time.

  14. Don’t get mad at G, he’s just reporting on what the coaches are saying, Chip Kelly didn’t turn into an idiot overnight. He has a plan and if Vick can’t do what Kelly expects. You better believe he has a back up plan.

  15. Everybody needs to realize Vick is Iverson and can get coaches and people to buy in over and over and say the same things over and over and get away with it lol. i dont think it was Vick’s fault last year at all, but as a longtime football fan his health is the bigger question. evn if he plays well and gets everybody excited that’s when he will get hurt and send us back into panic mode. Im hoping Chip and his boys are ahead of that happening and are working with Vick as the starter but the futere in mind as to who will be taking his place. that means drafting a QB or aquiring one they believe can start some point next year at the earliest or in 2014 the latetest.

  16. “Chip Kelly didn’t turn into an idiot overnight.”

    Really? He just resigned Vick didn’t he?

    Because only an idiot would do that.

    • Vinnie just knock it off dude you continuously hate on Vick for your own personal reasons and troll this site. You DO KNOW BILL LAZOR AND VICK ALREADY HAVE HISTORY DONT YOU? Lazor used to be the Falcons offeNsive quality control coach under Dan Reeves. I remember it like it was yesterday. HE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT VICK. From then until now. Btw Reeves system wasnt a west coast and Vick always had success in it. Never a bad season under Reeves in every game he started.

      • godgotvick, your name kind of says it all in terms of having your own personal agenda. People that are not fans of Vick have very compelling evidence to support their opinion. You made some good points to refute the fact that he is a coach killer; I’ll give you that. But regardless of system, Vick cannot stay healthy and he cannot hold onto the ball. Both of those things have absolutely nothing to with what system he is put into are two of the most critical flaws in his game.

        As for Bill Lazor, I live 45 minutes from UVA and I can tell you that is one of the worst offenses I’ve ever seen. My avid UVA friends laughed when we got him. I’m not going to rush to judgment on him but let’s pump the breaks on his history with Vick.

        • “DO KNOW BILL LAZOR AND VICK ALREADY HAVE HISTORY DONT YOU? ” “and Vick always had success in it.”

          Ummmm….in 19 starts under that regime he was 331 of 634 (whopping 52%) 22 tds, 14 ints and a whopping 19 fumbles

          Wow. If he can duplicate that “success” we’ll be in the SB in no time.

        • I stated the same thing when they Hired Lazo a couple week, that I was concerned about him, for Virgina’s Offense has been downright dreadful the last 2 Seaons

    • You left out the part where I said you better believe he has a back up plan.

  17. “Eagles Staff Is Confident They Will Get Better Play Out Of Michael Vick.”
    So did every other coaching staff he’s played for! He’s the ultimate COCK TEASER! That’s all he is, was, & ever will be! He’s like that hot girl in HS, she kisses you, grabs your junk, gives you wood, makes promises, but never puts out & seals the deal! Plain & simple! Enough said! NO MORE F^#@ING VICK articles, until he is inevitably starting, traded, or released! That’s the only 3 alternatives here. They ain’t paying him $7M to be a clipboard holder.

  18. LOL Yeah all them Freshman QB s at Oregon are Rocket Scientist. They are just unbelievably smart football players at 18-19 years old. lol Hell they can read defenses and throw better than anything Vick could ever imagine. I mean Chip Kelly had a stable of BLUE CHIPPERS at Oregon. Maybe Vick should call up that red shirt freshman who averaged 50 points a game and pick his brain about football. lmao.

    • The QBs at Oregon play against other kids who shared their same skill level. The entire PAC-12 conference might have 15 players that are at the skill level that a NFL QB sees every game.

      Vick don’t just have to be better than anyone who played QB at Oregon – he has to be MUCH better just to suck in the NFL.

      Mike Vick will be on IR by week three if the Eagles play Oregon’s offense.

  19. It would be a great move for the Eagles to sign WR Greg Jennings, then
    turn around and Trade WR Maclin to either the Rams or Chiefs (if they lose Bowe) and probably get a 3rd Round Pick from them
    For Eagles to sign a Top WR who will comman a large contract, then Maclin has to go, plain and simple ..The Eagles are not going to have 3 High-Salary WR’s on their Roster for 2014 and Maclin’s “Trade Value” will never be higher than it is right now..

    • paul i do give you credit…you throw a lot of crap against the wall but again… reid is not giving the eagles his 3rd rounder for maclin who is on a contract year….

      • If WR Bowe leaves the CHiefs in Free-Agency (which I feel strongly that he does), then Chiefs will be in need of a WR.. Maclin is a bargin at his Salary for this Year, obviously he knows AR’s System and he’s from St Louis,Mo and is a no brainer and AR would offer him an extension…. a 3rd Round PIck is fair compensation.. You draft a WR in the 2nd/3rd Round and it likely takes 2 Years to get wht MAclin could give you from Day 1 if your Andy Reid…

        • i’ve watched AR for a lot of years and so have you…would be waaaaay out of character for him to spend the first pick in the 3rd round on maclin who is on a contract year and will seek good money…
          to me its far fetched. in year 1 andy is looking for picks not to give them up. right now they have no one to throw the ball… or block… he values those picks you should know that.

          • I also have watched AR for Years as you and I do know that his Offense is predicated on having some Receivers.. If the Chiefs lose Bowe to Free-Agency which is a strong possibility for how they have handled his COntract the last 2 Years, there is no love lost between Bowe and Chiefs Front Office, now that AR and new GM are in town, maybe it;s a different scenario for Bowe, but if he leaves in Free-Agency the CHiefs will have the following WR’s on their Roster
            Jonathon Baldwin (a 2nd Round Pck from PIttsburgh a coupld of Years back that hasn’t really developed with 20 Catches last Season
            and Steve Breaston (7 Catches last Year) Jamar Newson (6 Cathches) and Devon Wylie (5 Catches) so you have very little firepower left remaining if Bowe moves on…

            • Which is why AR just signed my man Mardy Gilyard to their Roster

              • Also another development is to see if the CHiefs are able to sign and retain OT Brandon Albert..
                If not, they probably Draft OT Joekel with their 1st Overall Pick
                I can see a situation where a Maclin and Herremans can be Traded to the Chiefs for their 3rd and 6th Round Picks as a Scenario
                Coach AR is going to want to make a Statement in his 1st Season in Kansas City and will look to add a coupld of “his guys” even if it means letting go of a coupld of Draft PIcks, there is little doubt in my mind about this.. This is different when he took over the Eagles and had some time on his side to build thru the Draft and make strategic Pick-ups, he’s had a coupld of average to poor seasons under his belt, making big bucks and will want to make a splash in my opinion within his first 2 Seasons with the CHiefs and playing in the AFC West, he does have a very good opposrtunity to get them into Playoff Competition with a few players here and there to do so as the Raiders are a mess and the CHargers goign to the re-build mode..

            • too funny for years we all bitched about him not having recievers… do you remember thrash being number 1? how bout pinky? but what we saw was him valueing draft picks, trading down for more pics not less! he won’t trade for maclin like the eagles won’t hire dave wandstadt!
              andy will try to maximize those picks… i say he gets the tackle at 1 and then starts trading down… almost a guarantee to that!

    • I’d like to think we could get a 2nd round pick for Maclin. 3 seems a bit low but maybe that’s all he’s worth.

      • you are over valuing him. of all the trades the last 2-3 years only one or 2 second round picks have been involved and that was when reid fleeced the cards…. and that was for a ‘starting’ qb. brandon marshal got 2 3’s…. you ain’t even getting a high 3 for maclin.

        • Yeah, you’re probably right. Just sucks taking a guy in the first round and trading him for less.

          • i don’t think they trade him… i’m interested to see how the WR’s are going to be used. we all pretty much agree that we did not like them much the last year or so… but i don’t think they are awful.

            • To btc24 most 1st Rounders never return a 1st Round in return when or if they are Traded (maybe a QB is the exception) Time and Years gone by in the NFL have a way of devaluing a Player as opposed to getting the next “Great Prospect” ..

  20. I have as much faith in this coaching staff’s ability to “transform” MV into an effective QB as I do in Matt Cooke’s statement that what happened last night was an accident.

  21. bla bla bla Vick Vick Vick.. cry cry cry

  22. things I know……

    we are not getting a second rounder for Jmak. A third might be right. That said….. i see no trade unless we land another WR.

  23. I don’t think the Eagles trade Maclin
    I think this season is an all job interview/ competition between DJax and Maclin for # 1 option and the 2014 contract that goes with it
    DJax’s contract has zero guarantee’s after this year
    only one of them will be here next year at 10 Million a year and it is an even bet which one it is

  24. Maclin won’t be traded, there is nothing wrong with speculation but why would teams be willing to give premium picks to Eagles for anybody on this roster not named Cox or McCoy is beyond me.

  25. I think Kelly wants to implement his read option system sooner than later. Football isn’t just about the QB but the whole team playing together. Vick gives him a chance to begin transition to his system quicker than most anyone else not named Dennis Dixon. With the QB running the system the other players on the offense will be learning and performing as Kelly wants them to, in his system. Even if Vick doesn’t survive the season the system will be up and running for the rest of the team. I don’t think the same can be said if they try to adapt to Foles. It would be a year lost in the implementation of Kelly’s system

  26. Bwah, ha, nice head name, and that was about the most rational explanation for this move, but the negative intangibles in keeping Vick, the need to clean house, start fresh, these are the thingies that still make this decision unwise, Kelly’s type of qb is the opposite of Vick, the better approach would be to go with and modify it, see how that goes, keep it, refine it if foles succeeds, which I think he would, or if he fails with your plans, move on, but keeping Vick is a bad move, especially on the all important pr aspect, if this fails with Vick there will be a lot of venom

  27. I just think that it’s more about a suitable QB to start the system implementation. I don’t expect Vick to carry it to success. I do expect that the rest of the offense will be on board faster and when a suitable QB comes along he will have a team full of players already knowing how to run the plan.
    I saw another story mentioning that this will shorten the honeymoon. Good.
    That fourteen year honeymoon was about five years too long.

  28. I think signing Vick to this contract is a smart thing. If I were Chip and Howie, I would go with an “all of the above” strategy. Keep Vick, Foles, Dixon AND draft a QB somewhere in this QB light draft. Figure out which one, if any, can play. Vick or Foles may have trade value after you find out if they can play in this system or not. I think Vick is a talented, lousy decision maker and therefore will not fit in Chip’s system. But I also think Chip knows more than me and will figure this out. If all the QB’s suck, then we get another early pick in hopefully a better QB draft next year. If Vick is great in this system, then Chip is a genius and we will all be happy.

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