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Percy Harvin Would Be A Great Fit In Chip Kelly’s System

Seahawks vs. VikingsChip Kelly’s system utilizes speed and versatility.  He told Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson that he wanted to use him in much the same way he did DeAnthony Thomas at Oregon.

Kelly used Thomas as a running back and handed him the football for runs inside and outside.  He put him in the slot and threw the ball to him short and deep.  He lined him up outside at a wide receiver position and ran go routes with him.

I don’t think Jackson can stay healthy if Kelly asks him to run with the football like a running back.  But there’s another player in the league, who would be ideal in that role.

I’m talking about Vikings WR/RB Percy Harvin.  There’s not another player in the league who has as much speed and versatility as Harvin.

Minnesota is having major problems in trying to get him signed to a deal.   According to, the Eagles have more room under the salary cap, $23 million, than any other team in the league.

Still I wouldn’t pay Harvin a salary on the level of Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.  I could understand paying him $12 million a year because he would be a very valuable player in Kelly’s offense.

The Eagles should look into the possibilities of acquiring Harvin.  The Birds must also do some homework to see whether Harvin would be more trouble than he would be worth.  If they believe they can get production out of him, he would be a great weapon in Kelly’s offense.

Think about the problems a defense would have with Jackson lined up next to Harvin.

If you were able to line up Harvin in the backfield and have the option of running the football or getting him out into a route against a linebacker or safety.  It would be a “no contest” match-up. on Facebook

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64 Comments for “Percy Harvin Would Be A Great Fit In Chip Kelly’s System”

  1. Stay away from Percy Harvin at all costs
    He has a unknown medical condition causing him “Migraine Headaches/Dizziness” that has kept him out of games and many Practices
    (This guy has practiced less then half the time in his NFL Career)
    He’s a talented Player no doubt, but has some health, maturity and coachable issues and besides, the Eagles have 3 Small,Fast WR’s already on their Roster in D-Jax,Maclin & D Johnson, and need the other 2 tio have size,strength and be Red-Zone Tagets and make those tough Catches across the middle so why out another scat/back Receiver to the Team..

    • Paulman do some research the headaches/migraines/dizziness are under control and did not affect him this past year. Also Percy catches everything thrown at him, makes tough catches, runs every route and is unguardable. He is like Steve Smith of the Panthers in his prime but better. Dude is a beast and nothing like Desean.

    • Just like you said the Eagles should stay far away from Chip Kelly for a number of reasons? Now you just love the guy. Gimme a break.. your all over the place as usual. You change with the wind.. If its a popular choice you make it a point to be objective or outright go against it. Same game different day.. Next..

      • Where did I say I love Chip Kelly.. I don’t like or agree with half the moves he’s made so far and wasn’t a Kelly Supporter to get the HC Position to begin with, which I stated many times.. But now that he is the HC, it doesn’t matter what I think, for he’s going to build the Roster in his likeness and for what he feels works best for his System and I cannot question his moves (though I don’t agree with some of them) until we see how this Team shapes up and more importantly, how they actually Play on the field which is really all I really care about..

    • This guy is a beast but paulman is right stay away from him he’s more trouble then he’s worth and he’s a 10x worse teammate then Desean.

  2. G, you forgot to mention Harvin can’t stay on the field, the guy missed a ton of games since he’s been in the league because of migraines or something else, I would love to have him but no way would I pay him 12 million a year.

  3. I believe JH just said a few days ago on here that the Birds need to look into acquiring Percy Harvin. Percy is a dynamic weapon even more than Desean.. but imagine both these guys lining up together. This would be one of the most feared offenses in the league. Don’t forget about LeSean McCoy who plans to have a bounce back year.. Don’t say Dwayne Bowes name because its looking like he’s going to sign long term with KC. Greg Jennings is a possiblity too but it looks like he wants to play for the Miami Dolphins.. Free agency starting up in a few weeks so its alot to look forward to..Stay tuned

  4. You want to talk about a bad guy, Harvin is that guy the stories I could tell you about him going back his high school days are legendary he is bad news. Urban Meyer couldn’t wait for him to leave a year early. My sister taught at the High School he went to in Virgina this guy is the ultimate cancer. At Florida he routinely fought teammates and coaches chocked one choke on the practice field this guy is bad news.

  5. Question to Stevo from Minnesota,
    Can you shed some light on the the Maturity, Locker Room, Coachability and Health Issues I’ve mentioned about Percy Harvin.. I am sure there have been stories out your way about this guy.. I have read and believe he is bad news..

  6. Live from mn its stevo- you dont want this, trust me. Hes a me me me guy. He cries as much as vinnie. He gets head aches and takes weeks off.

  7. More from me… the locker room here is a good one and its known he is a pain. He has had probs with coaches over his lifetime…ive heard he tried to spreewella coach once.

  8. More from me… the locker room here is a good one and its known he is a pain. He has had probs with coaches over his lifetime…ive heard he tried to spreewell a coach once.

  9. Why not just trade Jackson for Harvin straight up? Just a thought though..

      • i would love that shit. harvin is wayyyyyyy better than desean

        • Perhaps. But…. Jackson has been asked to go deep MOST of the time.
          Harvin has been asked to do more endarounds (with a A.P. faking up the middle drawing real attention instead of the fake crap andy did cause we all knew he wasnt pounding the ball) Harvin also lined up as the RB much of the time. Harvin was used more in a screen game.

          Truth is…. they put the ball in harvins hands and had a real run game up the middle to draw attention. Its apple to oranges here folks.

  10. g,

    Come on man. You KNOW that part of the problem we have here right now is a locker room full of guys who put themselves first. We DO NOT need 1 more of these. Harvin needs to go to New England…. its going to happen…. its whats best for all involved ( i dont him too but you know he will). In about 5 years when we clean up this roster we can handle 1 of these guys but we’ve got a mess on our hands right now.

  11. NO! We already have a small, injury prone WR in DJax! GC, you FAILED to mention he suffers from a condition, that causes him lingering, major, migraines, that causes him to miss chunks of practices, & games. He misses plain trips, & has to sit in quiet, darkness, to alleviate the migraines. WTF do we need that headache for? No pun intended!

  12. The only problem with this thinking “G” is Harvin is more injury prone then DEE JACK in my opinion…… But I hear ya

  13. Chip will have his hands full getting everyone to buy in on his program. No need to ask for a problem.

  14. If we get another small receiver I am going to flip a cunt. If were going to grab a receiver via trade or fa…DWAYNE BOWE..I;d rather have mike Wallace over percy to

  15. Watch for the Eagles to Sign Free-Agent WR Mohamed Massaquoi from the Cleveland Browns.. At 6-2 210lbs, he has the size to be a legitimate Red-Zone, cross the middle type of Receiver and has more Speed than Avant, who may be the odd Receiver out in in Kelly’s/Shurmur’s System, and Massaquoi obviously would be familiar with Pat Shurmur’s System/Terminology and would be availble relatively cheaply..

  16. I’d rather have herpes than Dwayne Bowe. Speaking of cancers, from all I have heard, he is one also. P)lays when he wants, above the team adtuide. When he gets his money, hes done.

  17. Mike Wallace is likely a goner in Pitt. If I’m the eagles I would make him and Byrd my top priorities. Wont need to give anything up for him either like you would Percy. Then you could just trade Maclin for some more defensive help. I know Wallace isn’t the tallest guy either but he is a beast.

  18. His migraine situation and inability to play a full season drops his value tremendously regardless of his physical tools.

  19. Dwayne Bowe could work in this system IF he wasn’t an “ALL ABOUT ME!” player. That kid needs to get coached by Mike Singletary for a couple of years.

  20. Dwayne Bowe has little interest in coming to PHilly..
    He either is going back to SOuth Florida where he’s from to the Miami Dolphins
    or staying put in KC.. He wants to go where he remains the Top Dog and #1 WR..
    With WR Mike Wallace, again another talented WR, but many you guys are killing me was having an entire WR Corps of 6’0 and smaller WR’s..
    It’s not going to happen.. The Eagles are not going to add a Top Tier WR unless Maclin or D-Jax were Traded..
    Look for a 2nd Tier, under the Radar WR who has some size and familiarity with the Coaching Staff or has played in a similar type of System
    Keep a Check of players like a Louis Murphy, Brian Hartline, Mohamed MAssaquoi, Greg Camarillo, Legandee Nanee,etc,etc..

    • says who? he text you? Bowe will most likely follow the $ because this will be his chance to make the money.

      about your list of WR’s the birds would prolly get… I agree. They will be spending money this off season on D or an Olineman. but i think they may add a wr or 2 under the radar. Lets also not forget….. this system will give MANY wr’s a chance to use their speed. We have that.

  21. Say’s me Stevo.. Eagles are not giving any WR a big COntracat
    Greg Jennings leaning heavy for Dolphins to rejoin Coach Philbin who was Packers OC for Jennings Best Seasons.. The Chiefs will resign and overpay to keep Bowe for they have no choice based on who else is on their WR Coprs in Coach AR’s pass-happy Offense…
    I predict we will see when the Eagles play the Chiefs in 2013 a nice
    QB Foles to WR Bowe Combination for a TD Pass or 2 .. I also predict that it will come against CB Nnmadi Asmogoah..

    • no no… i mean…. did Bowe tell you he didnt want to play in philly or are you just thinking that? I dont think he comes here either but too many people here make stuff up and call it a fact.

  22. They don’t need another small receiver. Are you gonna move JMac or DJax? You need a BIG receiver. I am thinking if he was faster and could catch the ball, King Dunlap is about the size we need. Notice how Anquon Bolden went up and caught balls in the Supe that would not have been thrown to our smurf receivers much less caught. I like DJax and JMac, but the combo is not good. Need size. Djax coming out of the backfield too often would lead to his untimely demise. (By the way, I was joking about King, but if I was him, I would try learn to play TE in an attempt to stay in the league.)

  23. Stay away from Harvin…lmao…dude look at the receivers in this league. They all get hurt and all of them barely play a full 16 game schedule. And Harvin has been the most used/targeted receiver in the league for the past few years. He wouldn’t here in this system. Do some real research damn. Turn off ESPJunk.. Turn off NFL network…half u fools don’t kno sh*t…it’s pretty 101

    • Harvin gets lots of passes with the Vikings because they have zero other threats/targets opposite of him..
      Go be like your sign-on name and remain silent and do us a favor

  24. Paulman ur the biggest tool, fraud..with ur stupid ass trade rumors, it’s fans like you that make eagles fans look bad. I saw a trade u posted on and other page. Vick, herramans and maclin. That’s just idiotic. Ur keyboard needs not spell check, but stupid ass theory correct.

  25. If the Eagles followed 25% of my Trade Alerts over the Years, they probably would have a Super Bowl Trophy or two by now
    I will always call them as I see them and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.. So read in and maybe you’ll learn something
    Or better yet, you can remain the “Silencer”

    • Right, now this is why you are Fraudman! You don’t understand it takes two to make a trade… Call them as you see them? Dick head it’s like you saying trademtrent cole for a 3rd rounder to whoever and then draft a certain player…you make a lot of ASSumptions… Like the other team is willing!!!! This is where you are a total DICK… You are entertaining but then you make statements like ‘if they followed my advice….’. Dickhead if you were in their shoes you would get it…

  26. Trade alerts … Lmao … Ur trades are bizzare , unrealistic n would never happen… This is sad… Tool bag

  27. Well I guess we can talk about QB Vick all off-season then
    A 3Rd Round Pick is not a given on most Teams that the player is going to pan out. If your a good team already and need a quality Pass-Rusher
    Why would you not want to be interested. In a Tent Cole
    Teams like the Falcons are built to win now but desperately need a Pass rush in 2013 as the Pats, Panthers, Vikings, and now the Colts sine they are letting Dwight Freeny go.. A 3rd Rounder is between the 65th & 96th Pick
    For the 32 Teams.. Not every Team is in a rebuild mode like the Eagles

  28. I saw that last evening also Irish,
    Briing g him in and play Safety, even at 85-90% he’s still better than what Eagles currently have on Roster

  29. Percy Harvin would be good for the system, but not at the price he’s going to looking for, besides even if DeSean Jackson doesn’t sqaurely fit the WR/RB mode Shady clearly could. I’d actually like to see the Eagles grab Ramses Barden, 6’6″ with a little bit of flexibility he will give a lot safeties fits on quick in type routes.

  30. Trade alert… Paulman gets traded to cowboys fan page, for 2 fake cowboy fans…this is unheard of.. Lmao

  31. Dcar quit jock riding ur husband the fraudman..

    • I don’t jock ride anyone! You & many other imbeciles on here, just ain’t intelligent enough, to get his humor & sarcasm. So like I said, change your pad, & wash the sand out of your vagina!

  32. You should be the jock riding champion.. And u just won the golden jock to place ur lips around… Lmfao!

  33. Maybe Dcar was off..he was up at 3:16am….and you must have been off too, since you replied just 13 minutes after my comment. So you ingenious comment was that of a middle schooler. What a turd.

  34. Lmao… Damn.. I guess I’m a child …

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