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Report: Chiefs Intertested In Trading For Nick Foles

NickFoles4Mike Garafolo of the USA Today reports that Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs are interested in trading for second year quarterback Nick Foles.  Garafolo wrote the story and he lets us know that Eagles haven’t told the Chiefs that Foles is available.

“It appears what the Eagles are saying publicly about Foles — that they like his skill set and believe he can run Kelly’s offense — is sincere, so it’s unlikely he’ll be made available for a trade anytime soon.”

I think the Eagles are doing a good job of giving the impression that they’re going to hang onto Foles, but I don’t think he’s in their plans at all.  Right now I believe they’re playing the game and this is merely a strategy to get a better draft pick from Reid and the Chiefs.

Garafolo is helping the Eagles cause by writing that they really like Foles’ skills.  I’ve seen videos of Kelly talking about the importance of having a quarterback who can threaten the defense with his legs.  Foles couldn’t threaten a high school defense with his legs.

I think Chip Kelly and the Eagles eliminated Foles from their plans immediately when they saw him take 15 seconds to run twenty yards for a touchdown during the season.  They know that Reid values this young quarterback and they’ve got plans to get a good draft pick for him and I think they’re going to get what they want in the end. on Facebook

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73 Comments for “Report: Chiefs Intertested In Trading For Nick Foles”

  1. G I think the eagles be making a big mistake dumping Folesn I’m not sold on the Vick experiment again I think he last 3 games at most I watched him get run down too many times I dont think he has any gas left in that tank and Dixon is a stretch too. If anything I would hold on to Foles as backup for Vick till he gets hurt or srews the pooch let Dixon be 3rd man.The only reason I say hold vick is cause they did the deal already.I hope they concentrate on defense and draft people to fill those needs, like the dude from alabama miliner I’m out tc

    • No way they do that. If they get Foles, they want Joekel. And they know we will take Joekel if they switch. Although I might rather take Star if they actually did that. But Reid is very stingy and usually wins these trades.

  2. a trade of Foles means another draft pick would have to be used to draft “QB of the future”
    I never liked Foles’ arm strength
    I also don’t like his left side of the field game — all his completions were to the right side
    He looks like Dave Brown or Kent Graham to me ( a below average NFL starter)

  3. Paulman reported this Yesteday on other posts
    I expect a Packaged Deal to include OL Todd Herremans (one of Andy Reid’s favorite players) to the Chiefs for their 2nd Round (#33) and their 5th Rd (#129th)

  4. Trade him if you can get any value. I like Nick Foles, but he is nothing special. If we had let Vick walk, I would have been all for keeping Foles and giving him and Dixon this year, but I don’t think Kelly has any intentions of making Foles the long term QB.

  5. foles will command a 2nd i’ve come to the conclusion. his start is similar to kolb… a lot of the same stuff… now the caveat is to say that the other qb’s reid traded didn’t work out and maybe the league is smarting up…but i doubt it!

    • HAC, in no way, we get the #35 pick from KC. #63 maybe, but their 2nd, is basically a 1st.

      • agreed… i wasn’t really talking that pick from kc– will be interesting- teams are always searching for a qb and take major reaches for them… bidding war? We are not obligated to reid!– if he offers 63 and someone else offers 62…we take 62 and ship him to whereever!
        no way his value dropped… no way in hell… there is now nfl tape of him against nfl players! … no college kid in the draft has that!

      • HAC, IMHO, what I think will happen is, if we do trade him, he goes to KC, for their 3rd & 5th. I’d do that, you? Because it’s evident, he won’t be back, unless this is the smoke screens, of all smoke screens, to try & build up value for Vick!

        • sure… i’m getting kelly fatigued.. he absolutely doesn’t nor shouldnt tell us his plans… but i guess its fun to speculate… keep the vick lovers/haters going…. its getting exhausting…one of them has to be traded i assume its foles but like i said kelly is working his plan not commenting on blogs! i was real high on the fast paced NE style that i swore was going to happen w/foles at the helm. after watching the SB victory by my boy and the way they went about it, actually beating a ‘better’ team run by the RO guy i was sure that kelly was going that direction with our version of flacco… oh well.

    • Really? I don’t see this at all. He was a 3rd round pick, did he really show enough to move up to 2nd round value?

      I don’t see it. If anything, I think his value dropped.

      • E, how did his value drop? He was a 3rd round rookie, with ZERO expectations, that showed promise, poise, & that he could play. Don’t be a dope, with biasness!

        • I’m looking at from the perspective of another GM. I can draft a QB with that 2nd round pick, or trade for Foles who didn’t show me a whole lot. 2nd round picks are valuable, using one to acquire a 3rd round pick from the year before who could still be a bust has more potential to cost me my job than selecting a fresh QB in the 2nd round.

          • What makes this Potential Trade to the Chiefs desirable & AR is that Foles already knows his System,Playbook and Terminology and for the CHiefs, that would most likely be worth giving up their 2nd Round Pick (#33) as opposed to Drafting a QB who you hope can learn the System and who will have a learning curve..
            At least with AR & the Chiefs, Foles could be lined up behind Center from Day 1.. Who else in this Draft at QB can you say that about ..

            If Chiefs traded down from their #1 Spot and accumuilated addisitonal Picks, they could give up their #2 PIck for a Starting QB if Reid feels that strongly about him which is probably why he played him the lsast 6-7 Weeks of the Season

          • the man has had 3-4 mini-camps, training camp, 17 weeks in the film room studying defenses, a year of a qb coach in the pros, 6 games, positive (and negative) games against pros, thrown td’s and ints against pros… thats why!

            • Mostly because it’s been for Coach AR who probably knows what he’s capable or not capable better than anyone else around the NFL
              The NY JEts could be a player here also, since MM was very high on Foles and liked his Coachability and his ability to pick-up Plays,Formations and his Work ethic..

  6. Only way they trade Foles is if they get something better for him than a 3rd round pick. Only if they get a 2nd or like two 3rd rounders. His cap number for the next couple of years is nothing. You don’t just trade away young players at the QB position for next to nothing when they are making low salary.

    Whats funny is that Foles would likely get the most in return in trade value then any other QB on the roster.

  7. HOPEFULLY WE TRADE THAT OVERRATED BUM. NOTHING BUT KEVIN KOLB ALL OVER AGAIN. Foles only won 1 dam game out of all the games he started and it was against a sh*tty BUCANEERS TEAM.

    To add insult to injury nobody had any real film on the kid cause he was new to the league. But when they do he will look like a deer in the headlights just like Kolb JUST WAIT and see. Foles couldnt even score a TD against the damn PANTHERS. FAILED TO THROW A TD against the Redskins,and only through 1 TD both times agains DALLAS.

    FRIKKIN DALLAS! People also fail to mention that Vick actually played the tougher part of the schedule as where Foles had the easier part.

    • yeah, but Vick didn’t come out of the season well
      Vick had to be Mercy removed from he Giant game week 17, he was flat out scared out there
      Vick’s head might not be able to take one more concussion? The next head shot, which we all know will happen might be more than a 4 week head injury

    • Vick took a beaten last year — an unfair beaten
      but he isn’t recovering from that brutality to return to a productive player –
      Mike Vick post 2012 season is way different than the Mike Vick entering the 2012 season, his accumulated head trauma in the 2012 should not be ignored

    • I’m not a Foles fanboy, but your love of Vick is confusing. Mike Vick has always been and always will be average. His career QB rating is 80.6. This rating is being pulled up by 2009 and 2010 when he rated 93.7 and 100.2. He cracked the 80 QB rating mark only once prior to being an Eagle. He’s completed 56.3 percent of his passes. He’s fumbled the ball more than ANY active player. Outside of an 11-4 record in 2004 and an 8-3 record in 2010, his teams have been mediocre.

      Talented athlete, lots of heart, average QB.

    • How could he be overrated if he has only played half a season? Your boy Vick scored 13 points against one of the all time worst defenses in the history of the NFL in the Saints last year.

      And we already talked about how you overinflated how difficult Vick’s part of the schedule was. So let it go.

      That being said, if someone wants Foles, then trade him, because with Kelly’s background and the Dixon signing, it seems clear that he will not fit in.

      And be careful what you say about Kolb, because he beat your guy Vick pretty handily last year. But I know that was all the fault of the defense, offensive line and the coaching. Vick has no responsibility for that loss. 17-37 for 217 with 2 lost fumbles.

    • Vick is the MOST overrated, overhyped, QB of the last 15 years! WTF, are you smoking! Put the wet down, Bruh, your mind ain’t right!!

    • Go back to jail Marcus!

    • By overrated bum I’m assuming you’re referring to Vick?

  8. I love how these retards bring up Foles 1-5 record this year as an argument for themselves. Actually Im not surprised they do since they don’t seem to be too educated. Doubt most of them could even get into community college. BTW Vick went an impressive 3-7 as a starter this year (with I think 100 more games of NFL experience). Fucking laughable. And when he played with the team Foles had to play with at the end of the season he was the starter for the biggest debacle of the season in the week 17 42-7 loss. Makes me laugh even more…I looked at the scores of each game.

    Eagles offense with starting Foles: averaged 19.5 ppg (Foles offense also put up our highest point total of the season in 38-33 loss to Dallas, Bryce Brown fumbled the game away tho)
    Eagles offense with starting Vick: averaged 14 ppg

    Eagles Defense gave up: 30.16 ppg with Foles starting
    Eagles Defense gave up: 26.3 ppg with Vick starting

    So because our offense was weaker with Vick starting…Vick would have likely went 0-6 during that Foles stretch.

  9. I wouldn’t trade Foles, but moving forward we’re gonna find out how committed Kelly is to allowing Foles to compete within his system.

  10. if Foles win the competition then he deserves to be the guy.

    So, it’s really a mute argument.

    If Foles is a good as you guys say then he will blow Vick out of the water.


  11. Correct you are and we will see if Vick makes it through the preseason this year.

  12. @Songs… it’s “moot” not “mute”


    • If Vick starts its a throw away year, install the offense and draft a real RO QB next year

    • Diddy you actually believe that nonsense about Vick getting coaches fired? I know your smarter then that.

      • Biglion,

        Vick doesn’t get coaches fired, literally. That’s not what Mora Sr. meant when he said it and it’s not what others mean.

        Coaches (literally) get themselves fired because they have confidence in their ability to win with Michael Vick.

        You are seeing it right now with Chip Kelly and his offensive coaching staff – GCobb is writing articles about it left and right –> Eagles Staff Is Confident They Will Get Better Play Out Of Michael Vick >/i>

        So what do you suppose will happen if Kelly has a 8-8 and a 4-12 season with Vick at QB? I’ll tell you what – he might get fired. And it wont be because of Vick directly…. right?

        • Irish you are assuming Chip Kelly is married to Vick and i’m saying he isn’t stupid enough to keep playing a guy if he’s a bad fit. And yes most of these posters do believe Vick gets coaches fired.


  15. I think he is losing his legs for the RO to cigar but we shall see about that one.

  16. The thing that’s really interesting is that Reid is the person that ultimately brought Vick in, Reid is the guy that’s publicly called him “The Great Micheal Vick” yet Reid doesn’t seem a bit interested in getting Vick now. Interesting…

    Vick really isn’t Russel Wilson, or Colin Kaepernick, or Rob Griffin, especially after all the years of physical punishment he’s taken.

  17. Vick is the starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles….get behind your guy!

  18. Songs,

    You got balls saying that – like you got behind your guy when it was Foles….

    • Good point Irish. Songs proves yet again to be a hypocrite. I know Vick will fail but I’ll get behind him if he is the starter.

  19. Chip Kelly may be the genius that finally get to Michael Vick and help him unleash his full potential minus the mistakes.

    With some good safeties and a new corner that can cover and tackle, this team may sneak up on some teams…

    It’s going to be exciting now that teams are not keying on by knowing the Eagles playbook. no more predictable offense and soft defense.

    I’m all in.

    • 10 Years in thecNFL and your still talking about Vick and his potential and yet you are quick the write off Foles after 6-7 Fanes with 5-6!Starters out of the line-up.. Your a racists Songs, if Vick were white, you would have been all over his ass 2 Seasons ago, instead you clam our for the next ” Great Black Hope”, your a Chump-Ass, why don’t you move to DC and follow your RGIII
      Fair-Weather Fan.. More excuses and denial is all we hear and talk about with Vick just like you did abbout Coach AR..

  20. Songs, as much as I acknowledge your football knowledge, and insight on other areas, I can not any longer support you here, in fact I am calling you out as the most racist mfer I have ever encountered on this web site, you are about black agenda, in fact it was you who got me started her years ago when kolb was the heir apparent, I knew very little of kolb, except from the press clippings and what I heard from Reid, and you immediately used pejorative , racists terms to describe kolb, because he replaced your hero, another black qb, I beame curious here, but your agenda has not changed, you are a racist mother fucker to the worst degree, fuck off and die

  21. And likewise to all you other mother fuckers who root for color over performance, fuck off and die

  22. Songs is one hundred percent weasel , racist, pussy

  23. @Big, I got a little carried away with the post earlier. Vick doesn’t get coaches fired, I just don’t like his quarterback style thats all. I went a bit far with the coach stuff tho.

  24. Irish point is exactly where I was going with it but I broke out into a rant my bad.

  25. This draft is pathetic at QB

    I would only deal Foles if we could move up for the Chiefs #2 pick…..Foles and pick #67 for pick #34

    Foles would be a 2nd rounder if he was in this draft

  26. i agree with songs , vick is our man . but i am not trading foles , he will get game time this year . draft defense this year . next year cut vick if he sucks and draft all offense and your QB if it is not foles !

  27. I agree with everything jake and Paulman have said about Songs.

    • Agreed, except for the die thing! Songs ain’t the only one who roots for color, over talent! They’d rather root for Vick, to be a failure again on this team, than Foles to succeed here. It’s ludicrous & asinine! I’m half Black, & it bothers me, with the racist $#!T on here, on both sides! I’m a fan, & I don’t care if the Red Hulk wins us a F^#@ING SB!!!!

  28. My words are over the top, but not close to the way over the top hatred, racially motivated posts by this weasel songs, and for perspective, I defended him gave him praise as a very smart eagles fn, but the hate in is heart is too much for me to no longer bear

    • Cool but don’t let his words throw you off like that, you bring a different light to the conversation but it gets lost if you go off like that. Songs will continue to come off as racist at times but he’s just as much a Eagle fan as the rest of us. Remember he went on those ridiculous I’m rooting for the Skins then Seahawk and 49érs rants but he still here posting.

      • Big, he ain’t an Eagles fan! He’s a racist, front running, band wagon jumping, fraud! With each 1 of his posts, comes more proof in the pudding. He’s sickening, & doesn’t even bother to hide it!

  29. It Appears Songs will follow any Team with a Black QB..
    And chastise any White QB as Garbage…

    • Whats funny is that fans have been doing the same for years and continue to do the same shit today. They state every black QB cant read a defense, can only run and cant throw and wont give a black QB any credit for anything. But when it is occasionally reversed its blasphemy. It really bothers people when someone reverses the situation. Its the end of the world! How could he! No he didn’t! How dare he criticize white QBs and like only black QBs! Who does he think he is! He really blames the oline and the system? dumb ass racist!

  30. Dag,

    What I find funny is that when some quarterbacks suck we can all agree that they just plain sucks. Like Mike Kafka or Bobby Hoying, or Ty Detmer, or many others. When these guys had a chance to play, they showed that they sucked and we all accepted it.

    But when a guy like Vick proves over and over that he is not a good quarterback, it’s always someone or something else that is to blame. Some people just can’t accept that he just plain sucks.

    Even Chip Kelly has to see it with his own eyes.

  31. Songs is hysterical
    Songs cheers for black people, so what, he is too funny not to read.
    Songs is going to cheer for Tiger Woods over Phil Mickelson , is that so wrong
    He is the one of the best GCobb posters on the site.
    Navy vs. Songs OMG you can’t make that stuff up — Navy got so mad at songs

    Reading his “I’m all in” had me on the floor laughing —-every QB’s fan club he joined this post – season they lost, LOL and he just switched to the next black QB , too funny until he finally settled on the darker toned Kaepernick over Flacco.LOL

    This time last year Songs took on all comers in his Luke Kuechly vs. Burfict pre-draft speculation, & it keeps paying off ­­­– Kuechly drafted in top ten, Burfict not drafted at all, Kuechly Defensive Player of the year, all the while songs stuck with Burfict and witness his draft stock fall every news report but Burfict is an NFL player and GCobb posters had to admit he wasn’t exactly wrong about Burfict.

    Songs, keep posting – I disagree with you and agree with you but either way – you entertain
    Next super bowl maybe two black QB’s will play against each other and I’ll laugh at your I told you so posts

  32. Get Vick out of here. Foles showed more poise and game winning drive than Vick. Tom Brady ain’t got running legs. If Chip Kelly thinks he’s going to get production out of Vick he’s nuts. If they trade Foles they better draft a mobile QB.

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