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How Will The Eagles Defense Look In September?

FletcherCox1The question still remains for Eagles fans about what the team’s defense will look like when the season finally rolls around.

Chip Kelly held a press conference on Monday afternoon to discuss his new staff made up of 21 assistants. He hinted multiple times at the defense but was still noncommittal, or at least publicly, about the defense remaining a 4-3 or being switched to a 3-4. The 3-4 is becoming the new norm in the NFL as many teams are switching to that scheme.

“I’m not caught up with labels,” Kelly said. “I think it’s going to be a defense that creates a lot of turnovers and gets the ball back to our offense.”

Turnovers would be a welcomed change for the Eagles defense who finished tied for last in the league in takeaways (13) and turnover differential (-24).

Kelly said that he would implicate an adaptive defense, one that could look entirely different on third down than it did on second down. He also slipped when he said “I like the 3-4 better.” He covered himself by saying that it helps special teams by having more linebackers on the roster than defensive linemen.

A move to the 3-4 would fit Chip Kelly’s whole ideology towards football perfectly. Speed. In the 3-4 defense, once passed the defensive line, the linebackers are much quicker and more athletic than in the 4-3 counterpart. With DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks already on the roster, both of whom have 3-4 experience, the Eagles may be ready for the switch with just a few more roster moves.

Trent Cole, one of the most athletic players on the Eagles defense, has ideal size (6-3, 270) for an outside, rushing linebacker in the 3-4. Toward the end of 2011, then-defensive coordinator Juan Castillo set Cole and Jason Babin in the two-point stance on certain packages and Cole seemed to thrive. No stranger to tackling the quarterback, with 71 career sacks, Cole had his first season since 2005, his rookie season, with fewer than eight sacks in 2012. The Cincinnati grad would fit nicely into the role of a pass-rushing outside linebacker with a full offseason of work in the system.

The defensive line, which the Eagles currently have 13 defensive ends and tackles, faces more questions. With such a committee, it will not be hard to find a group of defenders who can make up the line. While many players such as Brandon Graham, Cullen Jenkins, and Fletcher Cox, could fit into the 3-4 defensive end position, there is no standout candidate for the nose tackle position. When looking around the league, names like Haloti Ngata, Casey Hampton, and Vince Wilfork are guys that dominate the nose tackle position. Currently on the roster, Antonio Dixon is the player that most closely fits the physical description (6-3, 322) of an ideal nose tackle, but lacks the talent that the previously named behemoths have shown in their careers.

Free agency yields no standouts as far as nose tackles and very few 3-4 linebackers. Pre-Combine and free agency, the Eagles could answer one of those questions with their 4th overall pick. Georgia’s Jarvis Jones, whose stock seems to be falling, could be had at 4th overall if the Eagles choose to go in that direction. Utah’s Star Lotulelei is likely to be a high pick as well and could be the middle force at nose tackle. Moving back a few picks with a team looking to move forward might best help the Birds who are, admittedly or not, in a rebuilding mode.

The Eagles new staff, while remaining noncommittal, has given the media all the signs towards a switch to a 3-4 or some version of it. The defense for 2013 will have plenty of new faces and tons of new looks different from the 2012 crew. Heck, from the sounds of it, the defense will have new looks from first to second down.

The defensive situation is very fluid and we will be hearing new things in regard to scheme, personnel, and packages as the offseason progresses. With free agency looming and the draft quickly approaching, more and more questions will be answered. Fasten your seat belts fans because this offseason is going to be exciting!

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142 Comments for “How Will The Eagles Defense Look In September?”

  1. Brenden, good points but Haloti Ngata does not play NT. I’d like to hear who you think the Eagles should target in FA.

    • 24 would you target safeties during FA or during the draft? We also need to upgrade the linebackers badly.

      • Free Agency for safeties the dingbats in the scouting department and Howie have struck out so many times drafting safeties no need to let them try again — Nate Allen will always be remembered as the pick Howie, the new GM, used in return for Donovan McNabb

      • BigLion, hard to say. I think Jarius Byrd is going to get franchised and if Dashon Goldston hits the market, rumors are he will want about $8 mil a year which is what he wanted last year. I really like William Moore from Atlanta. He would be a nice FA pickup. In the draft, I would target Jonathan Cyprien in the 2nd round if we don’t get a safety in FA.

        • I like Moore and Cyprian. Howie scares the heck out of me when it comes to the draft.

          • Why is he scaring you? We have Gamble now!

            • And Gamble won’t bring i an average William Moore. Goldson, is getting a little older, and won’t get 8 million from anybody. Jarius Byrd, would be the ideal target, but even he shouldn’t be paid like the top 3 Safeties in the League. Byrd, would be my choice.

              I also love Cyprian, as a draft prospect, but we won’t be drafted before the 3rd Round.

              Also, there is a player by the name of Xavier Gooden, who played safety, but is in the draft as a Linebacker Tweener, that would be an excellent Strong Safety prospect, as a former running back.

  2. Brenden, you say on one hand the people that thrive at NT in the 3-4 are guys like Ngata and Hampton then you say theirs no one in free agency this year, Hampton is a free agent this year and won’t be resigned by the Steelers, I know he’s up their in age but for a year or two he could be a perfect fit if what your saying about him is right.

    • Cassey Hampton is done, he’s missed significant playing time 2 of the last 3 Seasons.. He probably couldn’t pass a Team Physical and will most likely retire.. I rather go with Knighton from Jaguars or even the recently released Chris Canty fromthe Giants at NT ..

  3. how will the defense look in September? easy answer – like shit

  4. Brandon Graham makes Evan Turner and Danny Watkins look like a genius picks
    He stinks in the 4-3, he stinks on special teams and he’ll stink in a 3-4

  5. 1st Play from Scrimmage on Opening Day at the Linc
    Chiefs QB Nick Foles hits a streaking Derrick Bowe down the left sideline over the fallen CB Nnamdi Asamough for a 64 Yard TD…
    On the Eagles next Series, Vick overthrows a wide open D-Jax and Chiefs Safety Eric Picks it off and returns it 52 Yards for another KC Chiefs TD as the Chiefs and Coach AR go on and wupp up on the Eagles 31-10
    Foles ends up 18-26 for 244 yards and 2 TD’s and 1 Int
    RB Jammal Charles rushes for 160 Yards and 1 Td

    RB McCoy, WR Maclin abnd OT J Peters all leave the field with serious leg/Knee injuries.. Eagles Fans Boo Chip Kelly, MIke Vick and even the Cheerleaders and then revive the “We Want Andy” Chant by the middle of the 4th Quarter
    It’s amazing for the Eagle Franchise, the more things change, the more they stay the same … Eagles go on and finish 6-10 for the Season in which Kelly states “Progress is bring Made”

    • that game might be the only chance the Eagles and KC get a prime time game
      on their schedules

      • KC Cheifs will finish 8-8/9-7 in AR’s 1st Season
        They have some Talented players and play Raiders and Chargers Twice
        and a last place Schedule so they will play the Jaguars,Browns Bills & Eagles on their Schedule who all have new Coaches and are rebuilding also
        They get just solid Play from their QB (Foles or Matt Flynn) they will make some noise.. I think AR will Trade for Foles for he seems to like his upside
        and leadership and maturity in the Pocket.. Flynn is still a complete unknown for the most part who has played in less NFL games than Foles..

  6. Unless Chip Kelly removes the weaklings and smurfs, the D in September will look like road kill from being trucked over just like in 2011 and 2012
    They fired Sean McDermott ( who got them into the playoffs ) and cost themselves all their jobs LOL

  7. I believe the Eagles make a hard push for the Following Free-Agents on the Defensive Side of the Ball

    OLB – Paul Kruger of Ravens or Conner Barwin of the Texans
    ILB – Larry Grant of the 49ers, Jordan Senn of the Panthers
    DT – Terrance Knighton (Jaguars) Glen Dorsey (Chiefs) or Chris Canty
    Safety – Dason Goldson or Louis Delmas (Byrd will get Franchised by BIlls)

    Add 2 or 3 of these PLayers with 4-5 Draft Picks in the Early Rounds on the Defensive Side of the ball, maybe they can have a shot ..
    The Still need to Draft a DT, a Pass Rushing/OLB, Safety & CB

    • I love the list Paulman,- minus Barwin, Glenn Dorsey, and Louis Delmas. I also think Byrd gets Franchised,{but if he isn’t the Eagles have the best shot}.

      I add to that list, however:
      1. LaDarus Webb – A Physical Tackling Corner, who is also a ballhawk.

      2. Dane Fletcher – Almost outright took the MLB starting spot from Jarrod Mayo, before he got hurt.

      3. Phil Taylor – If he is made available, more Physical, and stout at the point of attack than Glenn Dorsey

      4. Delanie Walker – need I say more. Brings so much to team in need.

  8. If the sixers doctors exam hampton he will pass the physical pman LOL.

  9. My thoughts-
    We trade down in the 1st round with the Rams, 2 1st’s & 3rd.
    Starting DF-
    LCB Xavier Rhodes- FS Jairius Byrd- SS Jonathan Cyprian- RCB Sean Smith
    LOLB Anthony Spencer- LILB Michael Kendricks- RILB Demeco Ryans- ROLB Brandon Graham
    LDE Fletcher Cox- NT Brandon Williams- RDE Jesse Williams

    • Jesse Williams can play NT & DE in a 3-4.

    • Dcar, I think you may be overvaluing Jesse Williams talent a bit good brother. He’s OK, but he wouldn’t start his rookie year.

      I’ve been telling you guys about Brandon Williams, all off-season; so you know I love his talent, but coming from Missouri Southern State, he will need to get some experience playing behind, a veteran like Terrance Knighton, or Phil Taylor, or a stronger talented rookie like Star Lotululei.

      BTW, whats the love for Sean Smith? He’ll be available because of his consistency, for being burned by average WR’s in the league, and break downs in coverage. What do you see, that you like brother?

    • Anthony Spencer is a bum…..

      • gm, you know I respect you opinions & football IQ, but Jesse Williams is a good, young, versatile NT/DE, who would fit right in, from the get go. He’s very strong, makes plays. Brandon Williams, we agree on. Sean Smith is a good, big, young, talented, physical, cover corner, who’s inconsistent, but hits, tackles & played for a $#!T team, & BTW, is a huge upgrade, to any of the trash truck juice, that we have! LOL! Also, Spencer isn’t a bum. YES, he’s a Cowgirl, but he’s been arguably their best defensive player, the last couple of years, with Ware. 11 sacks & almost 100 tackles, for a secondary, playmaking option 3-4 ROLB, isn’t a bum. If $$$ warrants, he’d be perfect to lead our revamped, 3-4 ROLB’s. I’d rather have him, than invisible Cole, bust Graham, & a green Curry. Get Spencer & draft another 3-4 ROLB, & rotate Spencer, Graham, Curry & the draft pick. Cole, gotta go.

  10. Would be awesome DCar
    But I don’t think the Eagles will release Asmo for Howie is chicken shit to admit he F’d up in signing him in the first place, i do think Asmo will restructure his deal for he has little choice in doing anything different.
    Safety Byrd will gEt the Franchise Tag from the Bills so
    Very doubtful he lands on the Birds
    CB Spence will end up in the Browns who will overpay for him
    And Team him up with CB Harden to give them a nice tandem
    I believe the Eagles will overpay DRC to keep him in Philly and reunite him with DC Davis who coached him in Arizona when he made Pro-Bowl
    Spencer would be a nice pick-up and very possible

  11. I agree about trading down from the 4th Spot
    The Eagles need to more picks from in that #20-#85 Range and by trading down and some trading of current players (Trent Cole/ Maclin for example)
    Then they can be on the road of improvement

    • There will be a revolt & rioting, if they bring back Vick, ASSomugha & DRC! They CAN’T bring any of the secondary back! I’ll go absolutely nuts on here, if they do! Buffalo, WOULD be stupid, NOT to Franchise Byrd, but it is Buffalo! Sean Smith, not Spence. LOL! I think a lot like you & GMCliff, in regards to trading down, getting multiple picks, & also trading, & getting something for Cole, Foles, & Maclin. That has to be accomplished, if anything else in this draft, & they better hit a HR, with their 1st 4-5 picks!

  12. The last 10 years or so Andy had been making the draft picks and the problem with Andy is he draft players who don’t fit what they want to do and I don’t think you have to change this roster around as much as you think I would keep both corners and change the safties add a DT and 1 or 2 linebackers and your safe.

  13. The reason why I’m keeping both DRC and Namdi is because I don’t see much in free agency and the draft is thin at corner I can’t believe that Namdi is all that bad it’s kind of hard to judge the talent on this team when the coaching was so terrible the wide 9 has ruined this team and the only other team that runs the wide 9 is Detroit Lions and there defense is terrible also.

  14. Here are the top CB free agents… Aqib Talib, CB, Patriots. Age: 27. Keenan Lewis, CB, Steelers. Age: 27. Sean Smith, CB, Dolphins. Age: 26. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Eagles. Age: 27. Chris Houston, CB, Lions. Age: 28. Leodis McKelvin, CB/KR, Bills. Age: 28.

    • My choice Turk is LaDarius Webb. DRC will be resigned, and they will draft 2 corners in the draft. I like:

      1. Xavier Rhodes, or Desmond Trufant
      2. Blidi Wreh-Wilson

      • Like it gm, very much. Let’s pray, we get 2-3 more, high end draft, because thus far, this off-season has been very disappointing & discouraging, & a good draft & FA period, is the only thing, that will give me hope & any optimism!

      • Wilson had a terrible Senior Week per all reports and looked too slow to play outside CB, many Scouts think he may be a better Free Safet Prospect than a NFL CB

        • You obviously didn’t see the Senior Bowl Paul. He was the hardest hitting CB on the field that day, and was shutting Receivers down like my guy Quinton Patton, and was so fat to the ball Mike Mayock said, “have you noticed the QB’s have stopped throwing in Wilsons direction?”.

          He is underrated, but as good as Desmond Trufant, and by the way Trufant was one of those on the field that day, but he didn’t overshadow what Blidi, was doing on the field; Outplaying all the CB’s, just like Jonathan Cyprian, was outplaying all the Safeties.

  15. Here are my choices for free agency pick ups

    Dashon Goldson, S, 49ers. Age: 28. Patrick Chung, S, Patriots. Age: 26.

    Larry Grant, ILB, 49ers. Age: 28. Paul Kruger, DE/OLB, Ravens. Age: 27.

    Ed Dickson (RFA), TE, Ravens. Age: 26. James Casey, FB/TE, Texans. Age: 28.

    Julian Edelman, WR/KR, Patriots. Age: 27. Ricky Jean-Francois, DE/DT, 49ers. Age: 26.

    • Patrick Chung, is a good name. The rookies that are drafted shouldn’t be starting, but playing Special Teams, and playing in specific packages, at least for their first year. Sign a Dashon Goldston, or if possible Jarius Byrd, to play next to Chung, you have a pad, or stop gap, so you don’t have to rush the rookies.

      But Nate Allen, should be traded, or cut, and Kurt Coleman, I think should be exclusively Special Teams, and Colt Anderson, make for decent depth.

  16. 49ers are close in Cap Space, they’ll let Alex Smith go to free up some $$
    But will have to extend Kapernick from his current rookie deal
    They have 4-5 quality Free-Afents and can’t sign all of them
    (Gholston,Walker, Grant,etc)
    Also Gholston is 28 years old and not old at all, just coming into his prime
    I also like CB Webb from Ravens but missed most on 2012 Season due to torn ACL
    I do like Safety Grover Quinn from Texans

    • Did I miss something on Ladarius Webb? I don’t believe he is slated to be a free agent.

    • I do like Grover Quinn…….@ BTC, Yes good brother Webb is a free agent.
      I wanted Keenan Lewis last year, as a free agent. Wouldn’t mind our rookie CB’s playing behind some vets for the first couple of years.

      There is a very good chance that Goldston, Grant, and Delanie Walker, follow Tom Gamble.

  17. CB Keenan Lewis from Steelers is another young under the radar player

  18. There are some loooong cold winters coming to philly. I hope I am wrong but my gut is telling me its going to ugly.

  19. ***Draft News
    University of Georgia ILB Alec Ogletree was arrested for DUI,
    He also was suspended 4 Games in 2012 for Marijuana Possesion
    He was projected as a 2nd Round Draft Pick but have to believe he will fall down the 4th Round or possibly later depending how he does at Indy Combines and the Interview Process with Teams, but twice in the same year will have many cross him off their list for poor judgement/behavior though he is a very talented football player…

  20. Both ILB’s Teo’ & Ogletree are dropping while Minter (LSU) and
    Reddick (UNC) are rising
    Also both OLB’s Jarvis Jones & Barkevious Mingo are dropping as well
    This LB Draft not looking as strong as it did a month ago

  21. Isn’t ogletree on outside LB, well projected as one in the NFL? Could be a good SAM.

    • You are correct Frank
      Alec Ogletree played OLB opposite of Jarvis Jones at Georgia and at 6-3 235lbs plays the OLB position and not MLB or ILB.. , my bad and good catch..
      Right now, Jones, Ogletree were rated as #1 & #2 at OLB Position but appears to be dropping while Athur Brown (K-State and brother of Bryce Brown) and Kasheem Greene (Rutgers) appear to the rising up the Board..

    • He is the MLB at Georgia.

  22. Yea Dion Jordan is also rising up the boards. Wonder If Chip an Co. Would have him in play in 1fst? I think it’s too high, but what do I know. I really like ogletree too, would be a steal I’d he fell to the birds in the 3rd.

  23. Yes he is, big time.. He’s another Physical Freak.. At 6-6 245lbs,
    He’s listed as a DE, but many see him as that Pass-Rushing OLB like a Demarcus Ware type.. Has the frame to put 10-15lbs on in 2 Years time and has tremendous upside..
    DT Star Lotuleile is dropping also.. some questions about the level of competition he played while at Utah.. Florida’s Shariff Floyd (from Philly) is rising

    I’d say the Top #5 (In no Particular order – OT Joeckel, DE Werner, DE Moore, OT Fisher, Guard Warmack or CB Milliner)

    I think we will see a lot of names move up to the Top 20 Selections as others fall back for whatever reason (Jarvis Jones, Geno Smith, Star, Mingo, Barkely all seem to be sliding)

    • This may cause them to consider trading down for more picks; Which they need.

      Star, unlike Jarvis Jones, isn’t falling out of the top 10 though……My guy Ezekiel Ansah is a real possibility, as our #1 pick.

      • Ansah makes me a little nervous.. I don’t think they’re projecting Ogletree as a MLB. That’s what I was saying, he seems long and lean like a SAM for the league

        • He’s been their MLB, for the last 2 years, skinny frame and all. He weighs 245 lbs. There is not one Mock that has him as a OLB. He is a MLB.

  24. WHat about Chase Thomas? He has been my personal favorite since day 1. The dude is a tough football player that has size and can tackle very well. He has been on my wish list for the second-third round.

  25. I liked Chase Thomas very much also but he had a very poor showing at Senior Week by most Observors. Reports were he looked completely lost in Pass-Coverages, that he lacked the Foot Speed and was overall just too slow to react on Defense and had little explosiveness once contact was made.. . Again these are a 3 Day Drills, Practic Sessions with other Players,Coaches and Schemes that many have never played with.. but per Mayock, Charles White, Rob Rang, and others on-site Reporters/Drafat guru’s , Chase Thomas probably fell from a solid Mid-2nd Rounder down to the 4th Round or even 5th Round . He played a lot at the line-of Scrimmage for Stanford and played very well.. He may not have the Strength to play at the Line of Scrimmage in the NFL at this point and probably doesn’t have the athleticism and experience to play out in space as a pure OLB and have to drop in Pass-COverage.. he may be best Suited in a 3-4 (pass-Rusher) or a SAM LB where he’s coming to the backfield versus the run or pass and then take him out on obviouls Passing Down.. Would probably make a solid Back-Up and Sprecial Teams Player in his 1st 2 Seasons..
    He needs to do well at the Indy Combines & Stanford Team Workouts.. (which I think he will)

  26. Its a christmas miracle….. an actual convesation about whats really needed here…. a D!!

    wow… where to begin…. um… this is so unexpected… im kind of caught off guard… um… pman your list is good.

    Guys… i didnt want this dc but i wanted this style so… that counts for something.

  27. Webb is not a free agent

    • Correct Turk…It would’ve been nice but he signed something like a six year extension last offseason.

    • My apologies Turk Brother. You are correct. LaDarius Webb was a restricted free agent last year.

      However he may be a cap casualty, because he is a 10.5 Million Dollar Cap Hit next year coming off a torn ACL, on a team that didn’t need him to win the SuperBowl. Then he would be in play for the Eagles.

  28. I totaly disagree with FA signings for this eagles team unless you are getting middle of the road vets to be depth. We should be doubling down on going YOUNG and drafting Talent. FA should only sprinkle in a missing peice Ala TO in 2004.

    • You have to sign free agents, for this team, that won’t get everything it needs in the draft, to upgrade positions that have been assumed strengths.

  29. If the Eagkes cut the chief with 3-4 players on Defense (which I think they need to do) then you have to fill some Positins via Free-Agency
    They have to add an NFL experienced Safety , CB & LB at the minimum
    refardkess on who they Draft, bout if they bring back the Veterans under Contract (Asmo, Cole, Patterson, Jenkins, Jordan, Cokenan)
    And Re-Sign DRC, then this rebuild job will take 3-4 Years Defebsiveky
    If they clean out the Dead wood omr players who simply don’t fit a 3-4 Schene, add 3-4 Free Agents, then Draft 4-5 Defebsive a pkayer’s in the Top
    4 Rounds then they have a chance in 2 years time..

  30. Regal…. we cannot take the norman bramond road here… we need to be involved in FA. I know we have been burned before but i trully believe in had more to do with coaching than we will ever know… lets think about this… ill buy the fact that we struck out with 1 or 2 of these guys but wow…. nnamdi… drc via trade… vince young…. rb brown… steve smith…. wow. Maybe… just maybe they should have hired a D.C.

    Did you notice that juan was kinda getting in a sort of groove before he became the skapegoat? I mean… he needed to go but man did he get better.

    Bottom line is this….. we need players… we need at least 3 or four new starters assuming we keep the corners. I hate the dream team idea but they cannot go without bringing in talent.

    We have a dc now… maybe not a good one but he at least has a ssystem and a plan and if he thinks we need to grab a fs that can bring a guy down… im all in.

  31. We need

    1 ss

    For sure via free agency or trades.

    Aftwr that they hit the draft and get that fat

  32. Hey Stevo,
    I’m getting in Draft Bd Free-Agency mode, tired of the QB talk day in and day out, there’s a lot of other needs and decisions to be made on Defense and OL
    To discuss in my opinion regardless of who the Starting QB is

  33. Ive been here for about a month but…. glad to have you along. Ill end my qb points the same way i did last year… if there was a better qb out there worth the $ id jump on it. For now…. we can make do with what we have. Its not pretty but… Truth be told… i wanted payton last year but… not getting him got me what i really wanted…. andy out of here. So…. yes… please….lets leave the qb crying to the simpletons and press on focusing on what has been our biggest issue for about 4 years… the d.

  34. Anyone know what the franchise tag number on DRC would be? Im not saying I would def do this if I was Lurie, I want DRC and NA gone, pairing two corners together that don’t tackle and avoid contact at all costs with safeties and linebackers that are small and can’t tackle as well was a disaster of a decision to make.

    But if they cut NA (no way he comes back at the same number), would they really let DRC walk as well? I mean even though I want to get rid of the entire secondary, I don’t think it can be done in one year? Thus if the cap hit for DRC would be about what they were going to pay NA anyways if he played well, they might opt to go that route for a year while they draft a corner high in the draft and Gamble brings in Goldson and they draft Elam.
    Then you let DRC walk, unless his play and attitude somehow magically changes with Chip/Davis running the show. The guy has talent, can’t argue against that, somebody on this team just needs to kick his ass

  35. I agree..

    Out of this draft we need:

    free agency:

  36. And a tall possession receiver

  37. Last year I believe it was 11 million

  38. 91 Cox, Fletcher
    DE 6-4 298 22 R Mississippi State

    90 Dixon, Antonio
    NT 6-3 322 27 4 Miami (FL)

    72 Thornton, Cedric
    DE 6-4 309 24 1 Southern Arkansas

    54 Graham, Brandon
    OLB 6-2 265 24 3 Michigan

    59 Ryans, DeMeco
    ILB 6-1 247 28 7 Alabama

    50 Matthews, Casey
    ILB 6-1 245 24 2 Oregon

    95 Kendricks, Mychal
    OLB 5-11 239 22 R California

    23 Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique
    CB 6-2 182 26 5 Tennessee State

    31 Marsh, Curtis
    CB 6-1 197 24 2 Utah State

    42 Coleman, Kurt
    SS 5-11 195 24 3 Ohio State

    29 Allen, Nate
    FS 6-1 210 25 3 South Florida

    22 Boykin, Brandon
    CB 5-9 182 22 R Georgia

    • Please, don’t show me any list with Casey Matthews on it, unless it’s the cut list.That Bum should not even be in the league. He has no business being on this team. This includes:

      Brandon Graham, Antonio Dixon,Curtis Marsh, and Nate Allen

  39. Obviously They need to upgrade from there.

  40. This allows you to move guys like Cole, Jenkins for 5th rounders or less to come compete with the above in camp.

    2 years and some coaching all new D.

    I like the size of the DL in this situation though.

  41. Hunt and Curry spell at OLB if they can transition.

    We likely draft a Corner a Safety and a LB. I predict a QB with a second rounder after trading down from 4 for a 1 this year a 2 this year and a 1 next year.

    I see a safety in FA Not ED Reed ( I love him but he is old and we need young)

  42. Not gonna happen but
    9 Foles, Nick
    QB 6-6 243 24 R Arizona

    25 McCoy, LeSean
    RB 5-11 208 24 4 Pittsburgh

    18 Maclin, Jeremy
    WR 6-0 198 24 4 Missouri

    14 Cooper, Riley
    WR 6-3 222 25 3 Florida

    10 Jackson, DeSean
    WR 5-10 175 26 5 California

    87 Celek, Brent
    TE 6-4 255 28 6 Cincinnati

    71 Peters, Jason
    LT 6-4 328 31 9 Arkansas
    69 Mathis, Evan
    LG 6-5 302 31 8 Alabama
    62 Kelce, Jason
    C 6-3 295 25 2 Cincinnati
    63 Watkins, Danny
    RG 6-3 310 28 2 Baylor
    79 Herremans, Todd
    RT 6-6 321 30 8 Saginaw Valley State

  43. There are 22 starters and we have some good back ups like

    Brown, Polk at RB

    I relegate D Jackson to the slot but he comes out and add a TE or FB when running the ball beacuse he can’t block. Heck If you can trade him for a high 2nd or low 1st do it! We need a big receiver opposite Maclin who can block. Cooper is a good back up and ST player. (that is important)

    • How do we know anything about Polk.. How many Snaps did he see..
      He had foot/ankle issues all last Season and was basically a Wasted Roster Spot in my opinion from Day 1 ..
      I hope Kelly tells him to train for the FB Postion and have him battle with
      Havilli and may the best man win..
      D-Jax would not return a 1st Round Pick in any trade scenario.. A late 2nd possibly but more likely a 3rd Round Pick in Return due to his past injuries,concussions, and overall lack of production in the Red-Zone..
      Super Fast 1 Route WR’s are a dime a dozen (Jacoby Jones,Devin Hester,
      TY Hilton,Titus Young,Louis Murphy,Jarius Wright, Kyle Williams, Donte Stallworth, etc,etc)
      These 1 Trick Ponies have a relatively short shelf life and if they are not contributing on Special Teams (which Jacoby Jones ,Devion Hester and TY Hilton all do) then they are not worth a big contract
      If I am paying D-Jax COntract, I want him to have 8-10-12 Touches a game, whether that’s Kick-offs, Punts, WR, En arounds, Bubble routes and if he gets hurt, so be it.. but to limit his Touches and take him off Special Teams for fear of him getting hurt is stupid, it’s what he does the Best
      He is not, as I have stated since he was Drafted an everydown WR
      If D-Jax played 40 Snaps a game instead of 65, he would put up about the same #’s.. I rather him Return Punts’Kick-offs and and take him off the Fied once inside the 25 Yard Line on Offense since he add’s little to nothing in the Red-Zone

  44. No to jackson in the slot. Jackson however is used everywhere. Mccoy too if im running the show.

  45. Regal, let me get this straight, you’re bringing back the same exact offensive & defensive roster, with no FA starters, or draft picks that can start from day 1? Are you f^#@ing huffing aerosol cans, or are you saying that’s as of now, what we have? If you’re saying, that that’s next years opening day 1 starters, you’re nucking futs!!!!

  46. Gm, I’m keeping ghram, Watkins and Allen and possible herremans if the birds can’t get a 5th rounder.

    • Big Frank, I wouldn’t because I can upgrade those players easily. Had Andy Reid, not drafted them, we may have had better players anyway. I move on from mediocrity like Herremans, and Bust like Graham, and Nate Allen. I also get rid of Evan Mathis as well. I want better talent for this team.

      Thats why I would draft upgrades like: DJ Fluker, Larry Warford, and possibly Joeckel, or Fisher, depending how the draft fell; Bigger, more talented, kick tail Lineman; No more of what we’re used to seeing Frank.

  47. Watkins, is an old bust too; He cannot play.

  48. If they are heck bent on saving face, and keeping Watkins on the roster, I would start training him as a back up center. He is not aggressive enough to be an effective Guard.

    • gmcliff….I was trying to figure out a 3-4 line up this weak and something occurred to me that I would like your opinion on. A lot of teams go with big space eating DEs that are useless as pass rushers in a 3-4. I was very surprised when the Niners signed Justin Smith a few years back. I was like “he is too small for a 3-4.” But he has been great. I was trying to think of our other DE and how the current pieces fit in. I realized Trent Cole is the same size as Smith. I also have always assessed that Cole is an OVER rated pass rusher and UNDER rated run defender. I think he would be a capable weak side DE in a 3-4. He would get less double teams thatn he gets now and he would not be expected to get double digit sack figures. He absolutely cannot play OLB in a 3-4 and I don’t want Graham coming off the bench behind Cole. According to what I have read, Graham is fine as the predator because they only cover 5-10% and almost always rush. But neither can play the SLB who covers up to 50%. Either Cole plays DE or you trade/release him. My front seven would be

      NT-Star L
      SLB-A Spencer

      What do you think?

      • In many 3-4 Schemes, and in particular on passing downs, it’s the job of the DE’s to crash down inside between the Guard/Tackle to creat a opening on the Outside for the speedier pass rushing OLB’s to come in..
        Look at the Stats over the Years of the Steelers,Ravens,Packers, DE”s sack totals.. It’s not their DE’s who get Sacks, it’s their OLB’s like James Jarrison,David Woodley,Terrell Suggs,Clay Matthews..

        • Yeah and I think Cole is done as a pass rusher but offers some value as a run defender that would be a better pass rusher than the typical 3-4 DE. Meaning 5-6 sacks as opposed to 2-3 which is typical. Also he is going past 30 which means things stick to the waistline more these days. 285 probably would not be hard to do. Just power lift and eat what you want.

  49. GM, I agrre with what you are saying in pricipal. I just dont see it being realistic to let 2 of your last 4 1fst round picks walk. Also 2 of your last 4 2nd round picks just his the street in Allen and Jarett. Obviosuly Jarett is laready out of here. Ghraham would go to the Gmen and get 13 sacks next year,

    • Its called an honest evaluation, and it is what it is. They would be cut or traded, if I were GM. They made a mistake drafting them, swallow that pride, and make the right decision out of the best interest of the organization…Trade them.

      Brandon Graham, will never get 13 sacks in a season; C’Mon Frank you are way smart to honestly believe that. His career season was last year. He can do no better; he’s an average DE, that should be coming off the bench in a rotation. Anything else would be wishful thinking.

      • Graham is not a bust, he was the best DL on the Eagles Roster the last 6-8 weeks of the 2012 Season and was one of the few Players who did not quit on the Team and Fans
        I wish some Fans would remember that Graham was projected as an OLB?Pass Rushing DE and was projected anywhere for 16th to 22nd in the 2010 Draft.. The fact that the Eagles Overvalued him and traded up to #12 to get him is not Graham’s fault.. He was hurt at end of 1st Season which slowed him down for his 2nd Season but think he came on strong last Season once he was 100% Healthy.. Is he an All-Pro Player, no he is not.. If playing 40-45 Snaps a game, He will generate 8-10 Sacks per Season, is pretty strong against the Run and a good (not great) All-Around Player..

        • He’s a bust, he MAY get 6 sacks tops. He’s not strong, and any part of the game, he’s some what adequate, but not spectacular.

          He played ok last year, but nothing for me to feel he’s something other than what he is…..average.

  50. I agree Paulman.

    GM, I dont believe he will get 13 sacks with the birds. I was saying, if he went to the GMEN, he would have 13 sacks. He would get those sacks just tp spite us. Also playing along side of JPP would give him some added help.

  51. What paulman said is the exact reason I would not cut him. He showed marked imoprovement toward the end of the season, when healthy. He also did not QUIT on his teamtes like most did. If I were Kelly that is exactly what I would be looking at.

    • Paulman is my ace, buddy, and friend, and I totally disagree with him, as I do at times. I respect his opinion, but I respectfully disagree on both Graham, and Watkins. GMCliff feels we should move on from mediocrity.

      • I hear ya cliff, and you might be 100 percent correct in regards to them. I just think its to early to give up on these first round picks.

        • It’s never too early to move forward towards a SuperBowl, and you need both players, and talent to do that.

          1st Round pick or not, he’s none of those.

  52. Graham and Watkins are not going anywhere..
    Now Trent Cole, Todd Herremans, Mike Patterson, Cullen Jenkins will all be packing their bags..

    • Graham should be trade bait……….suckering a team; capitalizing on a year he played over his head. My reasoning was the same way last off-season, when I said we should trade Babin….Its time to bring some closure to this non- sense. He’s average.

    • Watkins ia waste of oxygen & Graham is nothing special. Other than last years draft class, I’d trade everyone!

  53. One would have to think Watkins gets one more shot with Southland to see if he can turn it around,

  54. He has most definetley stunk the last two years. I still think the brass wants to rectify this and will give him every opportunity to start.

  55. Watkins will work this year because he wants his pension and if he gets cut there is the chance he does not make a team somewhere else. His whole fireman gig depends on that pension so he is very motivated to make sure he can stay in the league another year. As far as ever being good, I can’t see it. But he may be servicable for this year if the coach can simplify things for him. I hate Herremans at RT though so I think that the O line is not going to be as good as people hoped if we don’t end up taking Joekel or Fisher. If the line is JP, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, Joekel I am pretty happy. If it’s JP, Mathis, Kelce, Watkins, Herremans I am pretty concerned.

  56. Let’s be honest here for a moment..
    Who on this Eagles Team has looked good over the last 2 Seasons
    Look at both sides of the Ball and tell me 1 player who has performed at a High-Level Consistently over the 2011 & 2012 Seasons .. .
    I come up with one Player, RB McCoy..
    QB Vick,TE Celek, WR’s all Underperformed anf the OL was poor to overmatched once the injuries mounted but Herremans was playing like shit before his inmjury, Him and Watkins were in a funk all season long and never overcame the loss of their Good Friend Garret Reid in my opinion…
    The entire Defense was a joke oustide of Fletcher Cox & Brandon Graham last Season.. LB’s Ryans and Kendricks really faded the 2nd half of last Season,in my opinion and the Secondary was brutal all Season long as it was in 2011, 2010 and 2009..

    Bottom line here, lots of rebuilding needs to be done which is why I say cut the chord with the players over 30 Years of Age now and rebuild,obtain more Drafat Picks and count on the 3-4 Year Vets as being Coached up and hopefully stepping up for the Future .. players like Graham,Cox,Thornton,Curry, Kendricks,Boykin,Allen, Marsh and if they can’t cut it, then you replace them.. but keeping Players like Trent COle,MIke Patterson,C Jenkins,Asmo,A Jordan, D Tapp just doesn’t make sense to me at this point of these players Careers and the needs and rebuilding that needs to be done by the Eagles.. .Maybe JEnkins hangs in this Years since he’s played and had success in the 3-4, but Patterson,Tapp,Cole,Jordan all must go for they are not Fits for the 3-4 Scheme

  57. Paul….I still think Cole can play DE in a 3-4. A Jordan was our second best ST player so I would keep him. Patt, C Jenkins, Asmo, Tapp need to go. I think they end up sticking with Allen out of necessity. I would not be surprised if they franchise DRC until they can figure something out on the corners. I could see a secondary next year that looks like this:

    CB-Xavier Rhoades
    FS-Nate Allen
    SS-George Wilson

    • I hear what your saying jbird about Cole but I think he’s at the end of the line and he;s probably the only Defender who can return Value in a Trade which is why I move him this Off-Season while hi’s value is High..
      Eagles need a BIG Strong Side OLB and can utlize Graham/Hunt/Curry for that Pass Rusher OLB while Flet Cox/C Jenkins slides out at DE once they get a big NT.. COle at 260lbs is too small to anchor a DE Position in a 3-4 for their assignments and reposibilities are much different than the 4-3 he’s been playing in for his entire Career with the Eagles..
      I rather get a 3rd or 4th Round Pick and use the time it will take for the Learning Curve for the 3-4 Scheme for Younger Players who will be around the building blocks for the next 3-5 Seasons and Trent Cole to be honest, just doesn’t fit this at his stage of his Career..

      • Paul do you watch eagles games? Apparently not but I can guarantee you tha real GM’s do…. Cole does not have any significant value… Maybe a 6,7

        • I disagree, Trent Cole and Jeremy Maclin probably have the highest Trade Calue based on their Age, Production, Current Salary’s..
          If the Eagles are to nake a move for additional 3rd or 4th Rd
          Picks, these are the Players that would have to moved in order to do so..
          There would be 6-8 Teans who would want these 2
          For their Teams in 2013..

    • I do lie George Wilson JBird

  58. Paul…it sounds like you see the core being Shady, B Brown, Kelce and maybe Maclin right now on offense. And defense it would be Cox, Curry, Boykin and Kendricks and everyone else can go. That is sad. The cupboards really are bare aren’t they?? That shows you how much Reid ran this thing into the ground. In 33 years I can’t remember having this little talent on the roster since the Swamp Fox days.

  59. Paul…..I think Curry will turn out to be a waste of a 2nd rd pick. He seems to lack elite pass rushing qualities at this level and seems more a run defender. A good fit to play LDE in a 4-3 scheme. Can’t see him standing up as a 3-4 OLB. Maybe he can bulk up and play DE.

  60. I have Reservations about Curry making an impact.. probably more of a Roational Pass-Rusher.. It was a shame we didn’;t see more of him the last half of last season when the Eagles would have Darryl Tapp activated and sit CUrry which didn’t make sense to me…
    Actually I never know why DE Darryl Tapp, DT Mike Patterson , RB Chris Polks were even on the 53 Man Roster.. All wasted Roster SPots, Tapp/Patterson don’t contribute on Special Teams and Polk hardly was heatlhy with a season long “Ankle Injury” which I thought was unusal.
    By keep this 3 Players, Eagles were unable to have any Quality back-Up Safety or a 3rd TE on the Roster and Quality back-up OL and we all saw the result of a poor Roster once the Injuries began
    IN 1 late game the Eagles lost to the Redksins .. Eagles had to bring in a TE (Evan Moore) off the Streets with 2-3 Pracatice to suit up and play which is inexcusable adn he Drops a sure TD Pass which could have made a Difference in the Game.. but instead the Eagles carry 5 RB’s (when they pass 65%-70% of the Time) Carry 7 DE’s and Short at Safety Position

    The Overall Roster Management for this Eagles Team the last Few Years has had a lot of head scratchers.. Was it Reid, Was it Roseman or Both.. who knows.. Hopefully Kelly, Roseman and Player Personnel Tom Gamble will be on the same page and maximize the bottom 1/3 of the Roster as solid Back-ups with potential and Strong Special Teams Players atr the minumum..
    One thing that concerns is the Tom Gamble, I believe has a different Philosophy than Chip Kelly does about Players and I am not so sure how well they will mesh….
    I think Kelly is similar to Andy Reid in being enamored by the small, super fast players while Gamble tends to prefer the bigger,strong,still Athletic Physical Players..
    This should be an interesting dynmamic to look out for and become more apparent in Free-Agency/Draft to see what Players the Eagles bring in..
    If Kelly contines the small but fast philosophy in his Players, then look for Gamble to be a short-term Player Personnel Director with the Eagles which would be a shame ..

  61. Cole is too small, to play DE in a 3-4.

  62. In another Aquisition by the EAgles
    Free-Agent OT Ed Wang (a former 5th Round Pick of Buffalo BIlls in 2010)
    He played in 6 Games in 2010 when he took over for Demtrress Bell who got hurt.. Then was on injured reserve all of 2011 and then was released and signed by the Raiders and did not make the final cut last year so another player who saw no action in the NFL in 2012.. This is the 4 Signee this Off-Season with a Player who was not on a NFL Roster last Season…

    It appears noting has changed with GM Roseman..
    One last side note, when a OT cannot play for the Buffalo BIlls or Orakland Raiders who are desperate for quality OL, then they probably can’t play for anyone … (See Demetress Bell as an example)

  63. Ha ha
    The Eagles going to be the First NFL Team with a complete Roster of Asian-Americans.. another brilliant Marketing & PR move by Lurie & Smolenski as they go after the growing Asian Population.. Word is that Eagles will play 1 to 2 home games a Season in China to Promote the “Eagles Brand”
    (1 a Pre-Season game, 1 a Regular Season Game) The Die-Hard Regular Season Ticket Holders will be footing the bill for the Eagles to play oversea’s.

  64. Bradon Graham is incapable of playing 16 games — his is too short, his arms too small to prevent 300 lb. OL from injuring his fragile little body
    If dingbat Joe or Howie didn’t give him a foolish 5 and half year guarantee contract worth a staggering 5 million a year he would already be gone

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