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Michael Vick: “I expect LeSean, DeSean And Jeremy To Be Leaders”

MichaelVick6“I expect LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to be leaders,” Michael Vick said yesterday on ESPN’s 97.5 radio station.  Vick said he plans on pushing himself and his teammates to improve their record in the  upcoming season.

Vick, who took some verbal shots at his teammates after the final game of the season, doesn’t think there’s going to be in problem with his teammates because of his critical comments.

“I talked to about 15, 16 of my teammates already,” said Vick.”They know me as a person. They know me as a competitor. I wasn’t pointing the finger at one person. It would have been easy to just point out one group of guys or a couple individuals who I thought could have played better, but I said that including myself.”

Vick knows the most important thing he’s got to do is improve his own play.  The lefthander needs to stay away from interceptions and fumbles.

“Well if you think about what I endured [last season] and how many hits I took, I stayed upright for seven games and took about 180 hits,” he said. “I am going to train the way I train, I’m not going to change anything. I’m going to be who I am and I’m not going to change. I think everybody just has to accept it.  I am going to put in all the hard work to be the best player I can be, but it’s not just about me. It’s about team, it’s about unity, it’s about everybody playing together. That’s the only way I’m going to win.”


“That was five years ago,” said Vick. “We’re talking about winning championships now, putting ourselves in position to win and what makes sense. They know that I’m thankful for what they’ve done for me — I could have parted ways two years ago when I signed the franchise tag — that’s not an issue.” on Facebook

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22 Comments for “Michael Vick: “I expect LeSean, DeSean And Jeremy To Be Leaders””

  1. Vick had every right to criticize those who were slacking on the field, we all saw it, people can say anything they want about Vick concerning his skills but noone can question his heart and him giving 100% everytime he steps on that field.

  2. I agree with Vick, those guys need to step up and lead, stay healthy and win some football games stop talking and start producing. Now Vick needs to stop with the turnovers and actually be a QB.

  3. Agreed Biglion. Somebody needs to step up and be leaders cause the people we thought would be leaders last year didn’t do anything to show any leadership abilities.

  4. Nonsense. Vick should lead all the quitters out the door! Djax can’t run nothing but his mouth. Shady is a great talent but far too immature to lead a team. Guys like Avant are leaders but he lacks starting ability making him ineffective.

    Maclin is soft spoken.

    Vick is not a leader either. A leader would not have allowed guys to quit in the first place last year. 2nd he would not complain/mention (even if it’s accurate) the number of times he was hit. (You can bitch in the locker room not in public)

  5. If there is a true competition (there won’t be) Vick never wears an eagles uniform in a regular season game again.

  6. Earth to Vick… The championship bus left town already and you can’t even buy a ticket anymore!!!

  7. Please give me a break mike…actions speak louder than words ..stop all the chatter..last year you promised you’d do a better job(no pun intended) taking care of yourself? You are more brittle than peanut brittle…you have more turnovers than a bakery on Sunday morning…point the finger as did the owner at the coaching the damn ball..utilize the best player (shady) on the field,and give the offensive line a chance to pancake some people,instead of backing up on there heels…this is what’s called demoralizing ,not quitting..there was and is a difference ..lest hope coach understands this and isn’t persuaded as was Andy and morning idiot.

  8. The funny thing is everyone forgets how young the Eagles still are in a way.. DJAX ,25 Lesean and Maclin 24. These players will all end up being leaders. Starting this season.

  9. are in a way..still young

  10. Really wish Vick would shut the F up. I support his coming back but everytime he says something like he can rush for a 1000 yards, or we have potential to be a dynasty i cringe. Everytie Vick talks this big sh*t he always jinxs the team. I understand he has confidence and all,but just stfu and let your play speak for itself on the field. You know anything he says will be blown out of proportion by the media anyway.

  11. Vick’s Fanatic interview sounds like Lurie’s vote of confidence in Reid speech last year
    blah blah blah Everything’s great blah blah blah Kaboom (4-12)

  12. Lets review:

    The Eagles’ “Leaders” to be

    1 – A Lesean McCoy who now seems most famous for twitter battles with Osi Umin and his “baby mama”. He also may, or may not, be delinquint in his child payments.

    2 – A desean jackson who quit on the team in 2011.

    3 – An “I’m not going to change” Mike Vick who uses the word “I 78x every sentence, and who is just about the quickest person in the NFL to tell anyone who is listening how grat he is before the season, only to turn around and throw everyone else under the bus after things don’t go well.

    Yup. Sounds like 3 “leaders” to me.

  13. Just show up play good football and win, that’s all

  14. This leader crap is over played and overrated.

  15. Mccoy is the only real beast we have on offense, besides a healthy peters of course. Maclin and Djax are soft receivers you hit them hard once and they get randy moss syndrome. I don’t like vick but I will support him because I am an eagle fan and I have no choice.

  16. We need bigger receivers and better quarterback play to be successful in this NFL.

  17. Dam it would be nice to have receivers that’s like 6’4″, and weight like 220 or so. T.O. type dudes or Calvin Johnson no more freakin smurfs.

    • pdiddy, there are plenty of 6’2″- 6’4″ talented WR’s in this draft, to be had. At least 7-10 , by my count. No Fitzgeralds, or Megatrons, but a lot of them have #1 & #2 qualities. We can get Hunter & Rogers in low 2nd, high 3rd, if we can get more picks.

  18. That’s good new Dcar maybe we could get at least one of them, that would be nice.

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