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What Does The Future Hold For The Quarterback Position?

MichaelVick5“I’m not going to change anything. I’m going to be who I am.”

Mike Vick doesn’t get it. This quote most recently provided via 97.5 The Fanatic should come as no surprise. At face value, a bizarre string of personnel decisions and an announcement from Chip Kelly of a quarterback competition leaning toward Vick beginning the season under center have many questioning the hiring of the new head coach.

Specific to Vick, anyone lucky enough to get another chance in this situation to be a starting quarterback in the NFL would be willing to make different statements and concessions when asked what will be different this year.  Statements like “I need to make better decisions with the ball”, “I need to avoid taking big hits”, “I need to slide”, “I need to be able to read defenses and change plays at the line more often”, “I need to be more patient and not force the big play.”

Vick is going to do exactly what he said above. In an offense designed by Kelly that requires quick throws, release, and decisions, the former Pro Bowler will struggle and not thrive with the new design if he is in fact the quarterback that starts the 2013 season. The Mike Vick approach has resulted in the opposite of the projected quotes above over the years. Chip Kelly also prefers a quarterback that can be a running threat. Although Vick is older, he can still run fast enough to elude most tacklers, the problem is he is injury-prone and has no idea of when to get out of bounds or slide before getting crushed by headhunting linebackers and safeties.

Is Mike Vick an elite quarterback? No. Is he a good quarterback? No. Is he an average quarterback? Yes. I believe if he is under center this year his statistics should be slightly better than last season if the offensive line can remain healthy before he is injured a couple games into the season. The one admirable quality of Vick is his toughness. He’ll take countless hits, and keeps bouncing right back up. The offensive line last year was horrendous and even Nick Foles was destroyed on a weekly basis as well.

If Foles is in fact dealt, and the the Eagles lose Vick a few games into the season, what is the plan? Dennis Dixon? I don’t think that Chip Kelly hasn’t thought about this scenario, and I think there is some type of plan in place that inserts another variable into this situation.

My personal opinion is that the Eagles are doing what they can to increase the perceptive value of Mike Vick this offseason. They restructured his salary and saved money, they also included performance incentives for Vick to make up to $10 million dollars. This is contingent that he steps foot on the field and beat out Nick Foles for the position if he is still on the roster. Cutting Vick is not an option for the Eagles at this point, I am not sure what value he would even have on the market in a trade right now. I don’t think you could argue the trade value of Vick is higher than Foles.

My biggest fear is trading Foles and seeing him turn out to be a great quarterback. I think Foles will be a great NFL quarterback and it would be a mistake to let him go. I understand he may not be the fit for this system, however, if traded, Nick Foles will most likely be the first bad quarterback trade for the Eagles since the Andy Reid era began.

I have to think that Chip Kelly, despite the questions around the decisions he’s made thus far, is an extremely intelligent coach. I also think that he wants to keep his job a long time, I do not think it will vie well for him if Mike Vick takes center in 2013 and I would be shocked if he is still the starting quarterback in 2014. on Facebook

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64 Comments for “What Does The Future Hold For The Quarterback Position?”

  1. So on target it i’n’t even funny! Great Article. Can you believe the word championship exited 7’s mouth. C’mon man really 7 that’s as bad as Dynasty from last off season. Delusional much?

  2. Fix the defense. Play Foles and run the ball…. Maybe a play off birth in year 1 with an arrow pointing up!

    Start Vick, Fix the Defense and maybe 8-8 with an arrow pointed at the coach.

  3. This is a business ….making a commodity out of 7 …By increasing his value with a manageable 10 million signed one year deal he’s extremely enticing to the fat man…he looks like a melted cheeseburger ,we assume Andy will take the bite and well make a positive from a negative..I applaud the organization for restructuring Mikes deal and making him a valued commodity…we will put foles behind a line and he will scan the field surveying his first and second options with his quick release ,without having to worry he has to run for his life and the offense will establish mixture and balance with runs setting up passes….refreshing change is in the air and a high draft pick for number 7 ..I’m green with envy….desert eagle

  4. NF9 ISnt going anywhere unless we get a 1st round pick. Chip praises the boy way too much

  5. I can’t understand why everybody believes its not possible for Foles to handle Kelly’s offense, we saw the Redskins run a similar offense with the same kind of QBs we have, one mobile, one not, and we saw both of them handle their offense with no problem, somebody can say Cousins might be a little faster or more mobile then Foles but if he is, it’s not by much and he’s a statue compared to RG3, I think unless we get at least a 2nd rounder for Foles we keep him, it won’t be no different then it is in Washington, with two different QBs being able to handle Kelly’s O.

  6. Why wont Vick STFU. He knows every lil thing he says will be blown out of proportion just like that dynasty comment he made last season.He claimed that he can rush for a 1000 in Kellys offense seems like everytime someone on this team talks big sh*t we have a losing season. 2011 “Its like we’re dream team” -Vince Young

    2012″ I think that with the players we have on this team,we have potential to be a dynasty” -Vick

    2013 ” I could probably rush for a 1000 yds in Kellys offense i did it in 2006″

    Vick i support your comin back but everytime anyone on this team talks cocky we always have a losing season. So VICK PLEAASE JUST STFU and let your play speak for itself.

    • Beacuse he is not very bright GGV…This is why I don’t want him to QB the Eagles any longer..

      • he won’t stfu because he is a total hamburger aka moron aka has mashed potato brains.

        hey mike nobody cares if u rush for. 1 k yards, 1 yard or 1 million yards. don’t throw picks, don’t take sacks, make good throws and win. I know u r incapable of Any of this but at least try moron

        • I believe Vick has been hit so often these last couple of years that he is contantly in a state of Concussion and will end up like Muhammed Ali 10 years from now .. It’s a shame, but he needs to get out of the NFL if he wants to have a somewhat healthy, normal, remainder of his days..

  7. This snit has to stop. Honestly…. enough already. Tomorrows topic…. will vick take car or truck to store? And more importantly… have to foles feel about it?

  8. Now to the damn blogger or creator of this crap. Dude whatever your name is,talking bout You want Foles to start after ONLY winning one game.You make absolutely no sense whatsoever. You same smart bloggers swore up and down kolb was a great qb after beating one of the worst teams in the league(chiefs) But howd that turn out? the sumbych gets hurts more than Vick. Foles Got hurt at the end of the season and did not look good he beat a garbage Bucaneers team dude.

    Vick had the tougher part of the schedule boy. So Cut the crap and if you wanna sit up and here and lie and say Foles lead offense scored more than Vick lead offense,its because of Bryce Brown, he had 4 rushing TDs. We actually used him more in the redzone when Foles was in unlike when Vick was in there. The problem with this team is not Vick its that trash of an Oline and stupid play calling.

    • Kolb and Foles are unrelated. Just because people thought Kolb would be better and were wrong doesn’t mean we can say the same for Foles. Saying Foles won one game shows you don’t know anything about football and you clearly never played. QBs don’t win games; teams win games. Vick has steadily declined over the past two seasons and I see no reason to believe that will change this year. I actually think he’s more likely to get hurt in Kelly’s offense. At least with Foles, there is upside and “potentially” a very high ceiling. We know what Vick’s ceiling is and it’s average at best.

  9. And to the suckaz that wanna blame Vick for 2011.Clearly do not know football

    -Most of his interceptions were deflected passes off the recievers hands this happened in the 49ers game with Djax and against the Gmen in 2011

    – In 2011 Vick had an unhappy number 1 reciever not giving his all because of a contract

    -The Oline had rookies at the most important positions on the line. Kelce was a rookie and watkins is trash. Oline didny gell until Vick lead them on a 4 game win streak at the end of 2011

    I basically just made a fool out anyone that wants to blame Vick for 2011.

    If anything in 2011 if Vick had any problem it was getting his passes batted at the line thats it.

    • Sounds like excuses… How come Brady, manning Rodgers supporters don’t use excuses when explaining bad games? Your boy has had like two good years and for the other 10 years it’s excuse after excuse. Marcus you are pathetic!

  10. Godgotvick
    Vick trying to play through cracked ribs and not playing well is lack of leadership in 2011 — He put his desire to beat Atlanta in the 2nd game of the season above the welfare of the entire Eagle season and got hurt

  11. Who is Michael Frantantoro??? and what really warrants your opinion… Next article. Enough Said… If you cannot write an article and be unbiased, then please don’t write.

    • ChuckRob, why wouldn’t a writer on this site give his opinion? Isn’t that why we all come to this site? Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make it a biased article.

    • Who is ChuckRob??? and what really warrants your opinion? Next moron.
      Enough said…. If you cannot write a comment and be unbiased, then please don’t comment.
      ChuckRob, why don’t you try bringing something to the table, other than criticising the author, of someone rightfully criticising your bogus hero. Try giving your thoughts on the matter, converse, or bring something of merit to the table. If you don’t like the truth of the article, don’t read it!

  12. Holy Shit.. Mike Vick is going to be the QB, live with it. I cant take another one of these articles. A majority wanted Foles because he was the unknown. We know what we got from Mike and it can be frusterating to say the least. Was it bad coaching? YES. Was it bad line play? YES. but it was sure as shit his fault too. People dont owe this guy anything, yet some people treat him like he cured poverty, AIDS and global warming. People can have all the opinions in the woprld, dosent mean they are correct.

  13. Everybody saw how the Ravens stopped the 49ers read/option by tackling both the QB and the pitch man. If defenses are allowed to tackle QBs without the ball, then this read/option craze is about to end.

    If the league doesn’t protect Mike Vick while running the option he will be injured again next year. That’s the big problem with Vick. He is not RG3 or Russel Wilson, and he is sure not Kaepernick. Those guys are built to take a little more punishment than Vick.

    Plus, he is going to be 33 years-old. That might not be old for Romo and Eli, but it is old for Duce McAlister who is more like Vick those other guys.

    Kelly’s plan for Vick is very short term.

    • And the 49ers still ran for a 182 Yards against the Ravens (with about 150 of it coming in the 2nd Half)
      The Ravens Defense didn’t stop the 49ers Rushing attack, the 49ers simply ran out of time and their own Offensive 2 Turnovers cost them the game (The Fumble on the Goal Line by Crabtree was a killer for them)

      • Paul…Crabtree fumbled on the goaline in the NFCC not the SB.

        • My bad.. That was versus the Falcson
          but the 49ers Rushing Attack ran all over the Ravens in the 2nd half
          Gore Left, Gore Right, Kap lef, Kap Right, Hunter left or Right

      • Paul,

        My point is that the refs allowed the Ravens to hit Kaepernick all game like he was a running back. He got hit even after he handed the ball off.

  14. if the Eagles are going to be successful, then Chip has to adjust his offense to Foles’s strengths and build the team around him….Vick is a piece of garbage and there are NO QBs in this draft that will be franchise types…. they all suck!

    I like Chip’s fast pace offense, but having a QB run in the NFL 40% of the time will not work and will only cause harm to the QB… let Foles run the offense and surround him with bigger receivers and a better TE

  15. The article is titles “what is the Future….”


    Hard to see “Future” in a 33 yr old mini-man who has missed 12 games in the past 3 years.

    Hard to see “Future”in a guy who was benched for weeks 12-16, and when the coach was forced to sit him down again at the end of the 3rd because he was ineffective.

    Hard to see “Future” in a guy who hasn’t won a playoff game since 2004.

    Hard to see “Future” in a guy that looks like this since joining the team:
    2010 5 Philadelphia Eagles Out rib 2010 6 Philadelphia Eagles Questionable rib 2010 7 Philadelphia Eagles Questionable rib 2010 9 Philadelphia Eagles Probable rib 2010 14 Philadelphia Eagles Probable quadriceps 2010 17 Philadelphia Eagles Questionable quadriceps 2010 18 Philadelphia Eagles Probable quadriceps 2011 3 Philadelphia Eagles Questionable concussion 2011 4 Philadelphia Eagles Probable hand 2011 5 Philadelphia Eagles Probable finger 2011 11 Philadelphia Eagles Out ribs 2011 12 Philadelphia Eagles Questionable ribs 2011 13 Philadelphia Eagles Out ribs 2011 14 Philadelphia Eagles Probable ribs 2011 15 Philadelphia Eagles Probable ribs 2011 16 Philadelphia Eagles Probable ribs 2012 11 Philadelphia Eagles Out concussion 2012 12 Philadelphia Eagles Out concussion 2012 13 Philadelphia Eagles Out concussion 2012 14 Philadelphia Eagles Out concussion 2012 15 Philadelphia Eagles Out concussion/illness 2012 16 Philadelphia Eagles Probable concussion

    Hard to see “future” in a guy who, despite the bove still says, “I’m not going to change anything. I’m going to be who I am and I’m not going to change. I think everybody just has to accept it.

    And don’t get me going on the “future of a twice cut, can’t make an active roster” Dennis Dixon as the backup.

    This isn’t about whether or not we like Mike Vick, or who we percece to be the best “right now”….this is all about the future. (or should be – wasn’t I saying this very same thing last year?)

    It is stupid and irresponsible for this new regime to be hitching their wagon to an old guy whose ceiling is a know commodity (bottom 1/3 of the league),rather than a young promising kid.

    A decision, like the one apparantly being made, does not reflect “future”. It reflects failed past.

  16. What a phuccin surprise. Vitriole masked as sincere commentary for Vick. If I hear another one of you bytches twist shyt/lie to make it seem like some are defending Vick because he’s a saint or “cured poverty, AIDS and global warming”(frank22) as oppose to countering the ridiculous level of hate, I’ll scream.

    • Thank you brewski, not one person on this site has a clue what Kelly’s offense is about and what it will look like so regurgitating Vick stats from years past is just stupid. Chip Kelly can analyze and decipher stats but he resigns Vick anyway so logically thinking it should tell you he’s going to use him differently. If Vick cannot play the way Kelly wants him to or as you guys say he’s too dumb then he’ll be replaced. No offense but I’ll ride with the coach on this one.

    • My man, learn how to spell, & use punctuation marks. Vick sucks bruh, get over it!

    • Thing is.. That’s not a criticism. It’s the truth, he has his detractors and people in his corner. I stated I wanted to see what other options the eagles had at qb, no matter how limited. We saw that his game is declining. I hope Chip Kelly can make it work with him. I support Vick, but my support is not blind to him, like 9-10 posters in his favor.

      My reference to him curing AIDS was over the top, but so is turning a blind eye to seeing his negatives as a qb. There is a stigma to Vick where he relates to a lot of the inner city youth and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just the old adage, a spade is a spade.

  17. what’s the future hold for the qb position this year you ask. well I know (as long as Vick is behind center)

    1. lots of sacks
    2. lots of interceptions
    3. lots of batted balls
    4. lots of holding the ball to long
    5. lots of fumbles
    6. not a lot of points
    7. low completion percentage
    8. lots of fans yelling at the qb for being awful

  18. As I stated before, you need two QBs. There is no one else out there so we kept Vick. It does not mean he is the starter.

  19. I am just waiting for 3/12 to see if Lurie is going to try to pocket that FA money after raising prices. The FO better bring in at least one outstanding FA or I will be pissed. And I hate the way we always take way too long to do everything around here! How long is it going to take to take out the trash?? I want Nnamdi gone yesterday. What is the hold up? One of the frustrations of being an Eagle fan is they “Think” more than they “Do” and everything takes way TOO long and they miss the train because of it.

  20. I would be surprised and disappointed if Nick Foles gets traded before he gets an opportunity to compete…I mean VIck and Dennis Dixon are just not guys I would rely on at this point this early in the off-season because of the number of question marks.

  21. I’ve been watching all kinds of stuff on Kelly’s offense… It’s all predicated on a QB to threaten the defensive player they are reading… I think it’s unprovable to hire a coach with this innovative system and then say don’t run it… I was on here early on saying he will adapt and run an uptempo thing with Foles… I really think I was wrong… Vick can run this offense….but as people say… He might get killed by week 3

  22. G, where is a Phillies article screw tbe eagles, we know already how the train will wreck with Vick, how about some Phillies talki

  23. Utley reports that he feels great which is a good sign
    I think Phil’s will have a good Spring and a good start to their Season

  24. Wow paulman, some unexpected optimism there, phils will surprise some this year, I’m looking at 92 wins, wild card or national league east outright

    • I liket the make-up of this Team with Michael Young, Ben Revere, Mike Adams, John Lannan.. I am not so sure about Delmon Young but with the Phils Veteran Leadership, Delmon Should fit right in and contribute..
      Losing Ruiz for the first 50 Games hurts a bit, but this Team is flying a little under the radar which is when they seem to play their best ..
      I look for bounce back Seasons from Utley & Doc which helps tremendously..

      • if I’m not mistaken its 25 games for Ruiz..

        • No joke.. Big year from Howard. He looks lean and seems to be in a good frame of mind. I have been in Tampa with the in-laws for the last 5 days and thats all the talk down here. Went over to Clearwater on Saturday, that facility is top notch.

          • That would be good with Ruiz only missing 25 Games
            Howard will have a Monster Year I believe .. 40-45HR’s 120 RBI’s
            I think he comes out smoking..

  25. Chip Kelly is going to tailor his gameplanning with Vick’s strengths. If Vick STILL struggles and doesn’t play at a high level, then and ONLY then will I be done with him.

    The way I see it, if you can’t play at a high level with a coach that tailors his gameplan to your strengths, you don’t deserve the position.

    • Agreed Birdo, but the facts are still this unless he has a pro bowl season and or the Eagles are in the playoffs, he’s still not going to be the QB in 2014. Kelly will find his QB next year somehow someway.

      • and thats fine. right? I mean…. i like Foles and will rooting for him but…. i wouldnt change my overall gameplan to suit a 3rd round pick who played ok.

        Vick gets the job prolly…. because he is the best guy for this system. So…. dixon gets a look but noone expects much. So… they will draft someone either this year or next to be the face. And thats how it goes. For now…. we focus on getting this D right. For now… we try and build an oline (most are old and wont be here for more than a few years). The good news is that our weapons are young so…. bring in a QB late in this draft or early in next years and go from there.

      • exactly why that strategy is garbage biglion. It takes a half season (minimum) for a rook qb to begin to acclimate to the NFL….so under the Vick now someone later scenario, we just may expect the team to good in 2015.

        Wasted season in 2013, and then 2014 for whoever the new guy is. I’d like to try the new guy now. AND if he doesn’t work than another new guy in 2014.

        • Honestly Vinnie, I don’t know what the hell the thinking is down maybe they want all the focus on the QB situation so they can make some other moves without being questioned about them.

          • It is just a very very strange situation (at best).

            I can’t see why they want to avoid questions about other moves, because they’re pretty obvious. No one is going to question any moves on the oline, Dline, LB or DBs….perhaps there are plans to change out wrs, but quick speedy guys seem to fit Kelly’s coaching profile….

            I don’t see why they have to deflect attention away from any moves forward, or the cutting o any dead weight.

            Right now Eagles fans not only expect massive moves, they welcome them….do they not? I mean right now there are really only 10-11 guys I think are untouchable. (which again, makes the MV move very strange…….)

            And if you want…my only untouchables are Foles, Shady, Brown, Peters (if healthy), Celek (bc we have no other TE), Cox, Graham, Curry, Kendricks, Boykin, Henery ….is there anyone else?

            So eagles fan is right now welcoming the move away from the dead weight…..which makes the MV return even more strange…..not only are his once limited skill set declining rapidly….keeping him does not represent the change this team desperatly needs.

            And I think this is big….To change a team’s culture dramatic changes are required…..teams that pick and choose and try and hang on too long with clearly declining plays, or retreads are those teams that spend years and years rotting at 6-10, 7-9 with the occasional run to 9-7.

            Cut bait. Cleanse it. Rot at 3-13, 4-12 next year with only goal to have new, young players (especially at QB with Foles)…and be ready to go in 2014.

            This plan sees the Eagles perhaps competitive in 2015.

  26. I really was under the impression even with Kelly coming in that Vick was gone, I would love to know who persuaded who to bring Vick back, was it Howie convincing Kelly or Kelly selling Vick to Lurie and Howie. Big picture wise did Kelly say give me a year to fix him and if not we get rid of him. Bigger question if Vick goes out and has a monster year does that warrant another gigantic contract?

  27. Yes Vinnie, strengths. Strengths that a man who has coached SUCCESFULLY at a highschool, collegiate level and now the head honcho for a professional football team can see.

    But of course, you being the great football mind QB guru that you are, probably know better than him. After all, your 8-10 year old girls flag football team wouldn’t have made it to the semi-finals without you!

    • apparently, I have known better than the last 3 coaches who hitched their wagon to that loser, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be 4 for 4.

      actually the girls are 13-14…and we did lose (by I point) in the city championship this year….

      • how bout the fact that you have 2 coaches that have hitched their cart to that Kolb guy you were crazed about and it went as we all said…. Kolb is a coach killer?

        • oh wait…. Vick bailed out Andy that year…. nevermind.

          • I am not sure Coach AR stay hitched to Kolb.. It was only a few games before he realized that Vick gave them a better chance and moved on from him..
            Coach Wisenhut went from Kolb to Skelton to Rookie Lindley over the past 2 Seasons, so it was pretty evident that Wisenhut didn’t think that Kolb get them their Best Chance to win..
            Kolb will get cut from Cardinals and probably sign on as a back-up for someone.. maybe the Saints,Bears,Falcons,Vikings who can all use some quality Back-Ups

            • um… we traded away McNabb. Kolb was the chosen one… no camp comp.

              As i have said again and again…. i dont like our QB depth chart but…. not much we can do without giving Flynn or Smith tooo much. The Eagles qb of the future is sadly not on this team right now. So… its limp along and build our team till we get one. Look at what the cards did… they built a team and gave up the farm for baby arm. We dont need to do that. Just be patient right now on the qb front.

              and now…. back to the D.

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