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Dennis Dixon Signs Deal With Eagles

DennisDixon6Former Oregon Ducks quarterback and more recently Baltimore Ravens practice squad quarterback, Dennis Dixon, signed his contract today with the Birds and is now officially on the Eagles roster.  He’s definitely a believer in the Chip Kelly system.

“If everybody buys into what Chip Kelly is selling, the sky’s the limit,” Dixon told reporters earlier today.

The quarterback, who was drafted by the Steelers and started a few games there,  plans on competing for the Eagles starting job.

“I just want to be able to put my best foot forward and let the chips fall where they may,” Dixon said. “From my understanding, the job is open. It’ll be a very competitive nature around here. It’s pretty much open, so may the best man win.”

Dixon isn’t considered much of a threat to Michael Vick and Nick Foles, but at this point, he knows Kelly’s system more than any other quarterback on the roster. on Facebook

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141 Comments for “Dennis Dixon Signs Deal With Eagles”

  1. It wouldnt shock me if the plan for restructing and signing Vick was a smoke screen so they could later trade him. I think they will trade Foles also. Kelly probably doesnt want either. Signing Dixon proves that Kelly wants a mobile qb to be the starter. You already have one,why get two?The competition will be Vick vs Dixon but Dixon has one up on Vick because he knows the offense, Wouldnt shock me one bit if Dixon ends up being the starter. Foles is gone.

  2. “Kellys System” I hate when people use those words. Dennis Dixon doesn’t know shit about his system. Maybe the system he ran 3-4 years ago at the college level at Oregon, but not the one he is about to install in Philly.

    • So you saying its just a coincidence that the Birds brought in an Oregon QB who played under Kelly?

      Otherwise no connection there at all.


      • I guess CK coaching him in college does have a little something to do with him coming to Philly, but not CK using a copy and past system from college to the pros.


        • I agree with you CT. But, I know what Vinnie saying; He is one person on here that will give you logical reasoning.. So I get where he is coming from, but my gut tells me that, the Eagles, will not get rid of Foles. He is better than every QB in this draft, so why bring in an inferior product?

          Well they brought in Dixon; There’s inferior for you, so we will have to wait and see…..How many thought Vick was still gonna be here besides GMCliff? You never know with these guys.

          • I actually posted that I wouldn’t be shocked if Vick stayed. In fact I even stated that it baffled me that 99% of the people on here thought it was impossible for Vick to return to Philly. I think deep down people knew it was a good chance for a return, we were all just so blinded by what WE really wanted, and what could had happened.

            With Dixon, you never know you’re right. But the boy can end up being a great story of the NFL for years to come. It happens here and there. A man who nobody ever gave a shot, who was on the bench and practice squad, then finally one season gets his shot and shines.

            LOL even I had to chuckle writing out that scenario.

            All I’m saying is, were really about to see how good Foles is. If he cannot beat out Vick or Dixon, then that tells you something

          • That’s a lie gmciff. He is not better than every QB coming out. He was a 5th round project taken in the 3rd round.

            • I totally disagree with you Dag. Geno Smith is the highest rated QB this year, and outside his speed, he has NOTHING on Foles.

              Regardless of where he was drafted, he has already shown enough skill to be a franchise QB, more so than any of the new guys coming in, who haven’t proven anything. I don’t tell lies brother.

              Here is some more truth. Some want Foles gone because of the impatient, personal prejudice, and preference, toward the performances of RGIII, Luck, and Kapernick. Reality is that, he doesn’t have to have the same success in his rookie year, to have equal success as those mentioned in his career. He may have excelled a little more, had he had a competent Offensive Line, and a Coach loyal to the Running game providing a more balanced attack. He is better than you give him credit for Dag.

              But some still want EJ Manuel, who is really a 5th round project himself, that will be overdrafted because some are more focused on potential, than actual talent.

              We have had QB’s rated high in the first round, and been outright bust…Then there are the Tom Brady’s of the world, rated as 6th Round Projects, and prove themselves to be every bit as worthy as the 1st Round guys

  3. kelly probably needs a year himself to get acclimated into the nfl , our offense really isnt all that bad . let the coach figure it out ( run the ball ) esp. if there are better QB prospects next year . this year concentrate on defense , defense , defense in draft and FA

  4. Chip has a really exp coaching staff around him, which is also going to help him get accommodated real fast

  5. Tony Romo in a car crash. Broke both legs??

  6. Whoops….looks like that was a fake story.

  7. Dixon won’t even be on the roster once the preseason starts. Non-story.

    • Dixon is going to be back up QB Birdo especially after they trade Foles right around draft day. Cliff, Foles isn’t better then every QB coming out this year if that was the case teams in need of a QB would be burning up the phone lines trying to make a deal with the Birds. Whatever system Kelly is trying to implement Foles isn’t the right fit.

      • how do you know who has or has not called the eagles about any player?

      • Your wrong Biggie…name me one who is better..

        Geno Smith…..No
        Ryan Nassib…..No
        Matt Barkley….No
        Mike McGlennon…..No
        EJ Manuel……..No

        The phones aren’t burning up because, Foles is already drafted, and the property of the Eagles. Just like a talent like Ryan Mallett, wasn’t available after his rookie year. He’s valued, and considered a part of the teams future. So, Why try to make a deal when, you know he shouldn’t be available.

        We’ll see about how he fits. Most thought Vick didn’t fit……You know what I mean?. If CK, thinks Dixon, will lead us to a successful future, he shouldn’t be coach.

        • I think Barkley and Smith are better and Glennon has the ability to be even better then Barkley and Smith. NFL Gm’s would not take Foles over those three.

          • Neither are better. I think McGlennon is the best of this draft, but he needs time to develop, before he is ready. Geno Smith, is Dennis Dixon……and Barkley will be the next Blaine Gabbert

            Some GM’s have already looked into it. Biggie, I think you assume, they are better because they are the new breed of athletes playing the position, coming into the league. Although they haven’t played a down.

            That being said, Still love me some BiggieLion though. Keep up the good conversation brother.

  8. With the 4th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft The Philadelphia Eagles select
    Matt Barkley QB USC

  9. cool…..Vick and Dixon will make a great 1-2 punch at QB.

    • yes…if you take Dixon’s entire career…add it to the last 2 years of Vick’s career you get:
      6000 yrds, 30 tds 26 ints and 23 fumbles (in 26 games)

      which kinda almost sorta adds up to what the top 10 qbs do in one season…except not quite…

      Exciting times ahead!

    • OMG…. with this comment Gcobb has turned into the greatest comedy blog of all time! no more sports talk… its jsut hilarious crack comments!

  10. i garauntee if the Eagles have success this up coming year with Vick undercenter people will have every rebutal ready after all the hate this offseason. it will be bc this or that happened zero credit will go to the qb. should he get credit? im not sure but it seems most have they mind made up and that’s sad. I read on here one dude had a whole game scenerio of the Chiefs whooping the eagles ass with Foles at qb, like a whole play by play lol. Epic hate!

  11. Dixon is a training camp arm
    32 teams and/or 90 QB roster spots didn’t think him an NFL 53 man roster player
    He won’t make the team, and even if he does he’ll wear a baseball cap not a helmet
    The eagles have become the Miami Dolphins — every year they use a draft pick on a QB ——– don’t let the QB coach into the draft room or they might waste another 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounder on another QB stiff

  12. Unless the Eagles stop drafting little boys who get hurt (DJax, Allen, Maclin, Graham, Patterson, Kolb, Kelce, Kendricks) they will continue to be bottom dwellers ———
    The Eagles are 4-12 and worst team in the NFC because of their draft picks —
    the team needs strength and size –
    little stubs like Graham and Kendricks hurt this team, they do not help

  13. force Howie to walk in High Heel lift shoes at the combine so consciously he stops evaluating the little Boykins of the world

  14. Dixon was a Heisman trophy candidate his senior year in College… He’s athletic, and I haven’t read that he cannot make the throws of and NFL QB. So… what make Foles better than him?

    • would you like a list of heismann trophy finalists and winners that were busts in the nfl? I won’t bother to type it as i’m sure you know how to use google. you havent read that he can make the throws? have you read that he’s spent most of his career on the PRACTICE SQUAD? … NOT A backup… THE F.ING PRACTICE SQUAD!!!!

      • would you like a list of 3rd round NFL QB’s that were busts? it goes both ways, in fact there are more busts than there are success stories in professional sports.

        • exactly… why would anyone be excited about DD? I think Foles (who i’m not super excited about) i think has as much experience in half a season as DD has in 3-4 years!
          hell there are many first round (first pick) busts! I mean even vick has not really fulfilled the promise of a 1st overall pick… 2 playoff wins in like 12 years! yikes!

          • Dixon has thrown 59 passes in 5 seasons. with a 59% comp rate, 1 td and 2 ints.

            Foles got that in 1 game vs TB.

          • yea, DD was a backup to Big Ben for how many years? 3? How many years did Aaron Rodgers sit behind Favre? 3? Of course DD is no Aaron Rodgers, but even great QB’s don’t play right away, point!…So your “experience” comment means squat. It just means about a player being in the right situation at the right time! Unfortunately for Foles a new coach was brought in, that likes what he sees in Vick after Pittsburgh Steelers a team with multiple SB championships showed interest in him for 3 seasons, and then wanted to resign him again this past season, when Big Ben went down? Oh yea as far as Vick and years played, its more like 8…your counting his rookie season, his season he broke his leg, and the season he came to the Eagles backing up McNabb?

            • ben won the SB his rook year… does that count?

              • WTF, are you talking about? what does that have to do with it? if anything that proves my point about why DD didn’t get any “experience”….

              • Actually, Ben won the Super Bowl his sophomore year. He lost in the AFC Championship game to the Patriots his rookie season which was the year the Eagles went to the Super Bowl.

            • ya…Rodgers “sat” as the second QB behind an (albeit very overrated) guy who was (wrongly) considered a legend.

              I don’t seem to remember reading about Rodgers losing that #2 spot to an 84 yr old Charlie Batch, the liiving jelly donut Byron Leftwich, or some unknown 5th rounder named Tyron Taylor.

              DD couln’t beat out Byron Leftwich for the 3rd spot. 2 different teams have let him go. (but of course that must be because all the other coaches misused him or whatever….NOW he’ll finally get his chance and do well!!!)

              This does not bode well.

              • You can’t be serious….Team like the Pitt Steelers, who won SB during DD tenure…he must not have been 3rd string the whole time, I mean he did get a couple starts, in which he ended with the same amount of wins as your boy Foles in less starts, less experience…so either scenario may not bode well

              • Dixon, got his start because Rothlisberger, was hurt, and Batch started, got hurt,and Leftwich came into the same game, and got hurt also, in the same game. So that opened the door for Dixon the following game….He wasn’t even a factor in that rotation, if not for extenuating circumstances.

            • Asinine analogy comparing Dixon, to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was expected to be a success, and has fulfilled that with a SuperBowl win. He wasn’t starting over Farve, anytime soon, so he sat and developed.

              Dixon on the otherhand, hasn’t developed into anything, except your invitation to join the kiss my ass club. Dixon’s team won a SuperBowl, without any help from him, while he was on the practice Squad….Good Job…

              Even if he won the Heisman, it still wouldn’t be enough to justify your fasination with him since, he hasn’t been successful in any part of his PROFESSIONAL Career….Not even 1 game.

              • as for the comparision…think about the source… the village idiot made that comparison!

              • @GMCliff – So here we go with the insults, trying to have a respectful convo and here you go….

                My above comment contained the words “of course DD is no Aaron Rodgers”…if you can read, you’ll notice I stated that…But the comparison was in relation to my point of players not getting opportunity because of who they are behind…it was not a comparison to Dixon to Rodgers….you dumb fuck!

                @HaveNoBrain….you are an ignorantly selectively old fart…who see’s things one way and lacks the ability to see things in a broader spectrum…simple as that.

              • haha….So whats the point? well good for Dixon…he was in the right place at the right time on that occasions, wasn’t he? I mean he got the win, even though the 1st and 2nd string QB’s went down…NFL is a league of opportunity, Foles can vouch for that.

              • Your not mad at me Real…Your upset because I make sense. My point is Dixon will NEVER be referred to as a GREAT QB, by anyone except you……..Were you looking in the mirror when you were saying Dumb Fuck?…..If so, we all agree.

                I’m not trying to insult you, but give you a dose of reality. When Dennis Dixon proves he ids what he is, because of your insults, bragging, and non-sense talk…You WILL be joining the Kiss my Ass Club….Because you do NOT know what you are talking about.

    • Since when does being a Heisman Trophy candidate mean anything? Here’s a quick list of recent QB Heisman Trophy WINNERS who didn’t amount to squat in the NFL: Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, Jason White, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow. We don’t even need to get into the crap candidates. That’s just an awful way to hype up Dixon Chucky. Dixon was a practice squad player on two different teams for a reason.

  15. It’s pretty obvious where Kelly is headed, it will be an open competition between Dixon and Vick, foles will be dealt, the are saying otherwise only for leverage to obtain a higher pick, the qb of the future is probably on a college roster right now, unless Dixon comes in and lights it up

    Stranger things have happened, but Dixon will beat out Vick, your starting quarterback for 2013 eagles will be Dennis Dixon, Vick the back up, let’s see what he’s got, I don’t like the offense, running qb, but Dixon is the most appropriate candidate to run this gimmick offense.

    • Jake with all due respect. Dixon, won’t be of any significance on this team out side our 3rd string Quarterback……..

      No Practice Squad guy, is going to come into camp, and win a starting job, especially when he has NEVER won a starting job anytime in his career.

      CK, cannot afford to put his job on the line for that Bum……

      • haha GMCliff – you are hilarious…Jake says something like “Dixon will beat out Vick”…the most craziest thing I’ve heard on this board since the season ended, and he doesn’t get a response from you saying, that is asinine? or dumb? I get it, because he is one of your buddies, right..? But me saying Dixon will beat out Foles, just rubs you the wrong way huh? just trying to understand…if you just simply dont like me and have a personal issue with me, that is fine, cause after today, I really don’t care for you that much either..

        • I won’t look for either of you at the pancake social…

          Real – I said, last week that Dixon might beat-out Vick and gmcliff jumped in and said no he wont. Go look in that first thread about Dixon.

          • IrishEagle
            February 14, 2013 – 9:05 pm

            I think Dixon will win the starting job over Vick. He’s younger and bigger, and he don’t put the ball on the ground.

            February 14, 2013 – 11:22 pm

            I bet you he doesn’t Irish……They may have signed Dixon, but he still stinks.

          • That’s not the point Irish…

  16. Real talk gettin a chubby, Dixon and Vick, his dream team

    • between the 2 of them they have been in the league 15 years and won a total of 2 playoff games, maybe 2 division titles! LOL

      • LOL

        THIS is what Vince Young was talking about!!!! Just a couple years early!! Damn, they should just bring him back too – he does have a higher win % than either of the other two….and I read he needs the $$.

        What could it hurt?

        Dream team indeed.

      • What does that mean? Why does that matter. Did they play for Chip Kelly and run his offense in those 15 combined years?

  17. haha….Dixon has the same amount of wins as Foles in less starts….don’t forget it!

    • unreal you said we can’t count mv’s rook year? i just asked if we should hold ben to the same standard! i mean otherwise that would be unfair, or in other words yet another vick excuse!
      yes you are right DD has a tremendous resume… i can’t wait for him to lead the practice squad to glory this season!

      • we can’t count MVs first year (excuse) but we damn sure better put the fumbles and picks from Foles first 1.5 games in there to prove he’s shit.

        Don’t give him any benefit there, let him get his feet wet for a game or 2 before then finishing the season very strongly with something like 65% 250/game with 5 tds and 2 ints over his last 4 games…..

        Nope….you can’t count anything in MVs first season….but you sure as hell better count that first 1.5 games when Foles made 60% of his ints and all his fumbles…..before learning and improving…..

      • now you are contradicting yourself…you are the one that has issues with people being critical of Foles rookie season, correct? So I guess if we use Big Ben as a measuring stick, that means Foles is ass? I do know Vick led the Falcons to the NFC Champ his sophomore season…Foles may not even be getting an opportunity in his sophomore season, due to “not being in the right place at the right time”…..

        • RealTalk, you can’t compare the amount of wins Dennis Dixon got with a Super Bowl caliber Steelers team to the one win Foles got with a 4-12 team. Wins is one of the worst stats to compare when it comes to QBs because there are so many other elements to a football game than just the QB.

          • @BTC – why not? I hear everyone scream and talk about Vick “sucking or being dumb” which is the reason for the Eagles struggles…Its funny that you say that though, because many don’t use the same logic when it comes to Vick and this Eagles roster…Every loss was Vick’s fault if I recall. Also I guess they can’t compare Big Ben SB team to that of Vicks team in ATL his rookie season as well…

            Also I can compare it because when they are comparing stats, completion percentages TD’s and INT’s, and saying that Foles has more experience than Dixon, but the result is the same, bottom line.

            • RealTalk, as much as I just don’t think Vick is a very good QB, I’ll certainly be the first to admit that he was not the only problem with this team over the past two years. I think many will say that our defense was a colossal disaster.

              The problem we have with Vick is that we know what his upside is. He is what he is at this point in his career. Foles didn’t light the world on fire but given the circumstances he was put into (coming in mid season, injuries, etc), he showed us enough to give him a shot. He was just a rookie and many of the NFL’s greatest QBs did not have stellar rookie seasons. At the end of the day, we have no idea how well he will be. He could turn out to be Ryan Leif or he could turn out to be Tom Brady and everything in between. This team needs to go in a new direction and starting Vick just seems like wasting another year since he certainly is not going to be in the Eagles’ plans going forward.

              • @BTC – I totally agree with you…we know what we have in Vick in AR’s /MM type of system. We know that he is prone to turnovers/injuries and if I were basing my opinion of Vick on those two things alone, then I’d be right on board with you guys about getting Vick out of town…I guess I’m hoping that we get that Vick that can catch fire…and if he catches fire, he’ll produce better than any QB on the Eagles roster…I think you have a different evaluation of the Eagles team, than Chip does…I don’t think he believes they are a bottom team talent wise, so Chip is not looking at this as a wasted year…I think he wants to win games, and feels that Vick will give him the best chance of doing that.I think he believes he can do somethings differently with Vick that will keep him clean, play him to his strengths, that will equal offensive production. Vick doesn’t sign or restructure his deal if winning isn’t part of the Eagles plans…just my belief…

    • Real, and all that said…Dixon still sucks. I want to hear what you have to say when he falls on his face….

      Are you ready Fellas, for RealTalks….Realtime EXCUSES?

      • I am a grown ass man…Dixon is a grown ass man. I don’t need to make any excuses…in fact a player not getting opportunity because they are behind an Hall of Fame player, is reality for many players just like Aaron Rodgers, not an excuse…that is real talk, son!

        But since Dixon sucks so bad, we’ll see what your excuse is when he beats Foles out for the backup spot….you fake ass wanna be GMBitch!

        • Never heard a “grown ass man” call someone a “fake ass wanna be GMBitch.” Pretty sure you’re 20-21 years old at most.

          • @BTC – I dont give a F what you believe…scroll up to see who started the insults, aight…
            also, I don’t have no issues with you…I’ve never disrespected you and called you out of your name, because you haven’t done it to me….remember that!

          • You Know BTC!!??

            I am a 6-6 265lb Athlete, and Boxer, by all definition{ a man}. That being said, I am also a goodhearted person who knows THE REAL PLAYERS FROM THE PRETENDERS, and I say Realtalk is all talk. I say we won’t hear another word from him when Dixon, turns out to be the joke that he is.

            You can call me fake, that’s fine, but most on here respect my opinion much more than your, and I have earned their respect. Your hanging your hat on a guy who has been nothing but a Practice Squad regular, on 2 teams. I can’t wait to tell you to kiss my ass.

            • how do you know who respects your opinion more than mine? why because you agree with the likes of Paulman, Vinnie…well “news flash” there are many on here who agree with things I say as well…But again, you only see things your way…your way is the right way and thats the bottom line cause GM Cliff said so…

  18. Dixon actually believes he has a legitimate chance at winning the starting QB job – sadly he might be correct because the two 4-12 combined left overs aren’t exactly sure bets

  19. your boy got to the nfc championship game in 2004… under that mean guy who ran that nasty not for vick offense (west coast)– i guess since that offense wasn’t tailored for vick he had success in spite of the offense? but in years he wasn’t running the WC he failed because of the WC?

    • haha ATL ran the rock heavily…and ATL had success with Vick, fact!
      you are right in 2002 he won his first playoff game against Packers at Lambieu…2004 NFL championship…

      Again, my point Foles may not even get his opportunity for a regular season win his sophomore season, due to not being in the right place at the right time…

      • And what would you say if Foles, isn’t traded, and he outright wins the starting job, and your boy sits 3rd string? Because he’s not better than Vick, so I wouldn’t be worried about him outplaying him, or Foles. What would you say Big Mouth?

      • To RT777
        That’s ancient History back 8-10 Years ago .. Move on Buddy
        Over the last 2 Seasons – Vick has been Poor to Average, combine his
        Int’s & Fumbles he is in the same category of Mark Sanchez & Matt Cassell.. Would anyone want these 2 QB’s to Start for the Eagles ?? No I didn’t think so, then why do you want Vick to QB..

        • I want Vick to play under Kelly’s system…whats wrong with that?
          Also I’d like to put out, if Vick had been released, or is traded etc…I was/am ready for that…Eagles fan first…lets not get it twisted…just because I may want the “other” guy to be the QB, I’m wrong….

  20. I thought this story was already posted. Anyways I think this argument is pointless. DIxon will be the last man on the roster at best…I see this as nothing more than his old coach helping him out since he would probably be out of the league this year if it wasn’t for Chip. Hello people do kind gestures all the time for their old friends in the NFL…just look at what we went through with Andy Reid. Chip gave DIxon another year of NFL salary which he likely wouldn’t have had this year. I really don’t think there is anything more to it than that.

    • excellent point! another year to the pension… dixon can help a bit as an experienced RO QB for scout team etc…

    • @Pheags88 – and I am fine with that…I’m not on here rooting for Dixon over Foles…I’m simply pointing out that this may be the best fit that Dixon has ever had in the NFL…Also the fact of him not having much experience was due to being at the right place at the right time…which is why Foles may not be the starting QB because of being at the right place at the right time…The responses I get in regards to those types of comments I make, results in the pointless argument. Responses like Dixon didn’t make a team, was 3rd string etc…etc…fact still remains players being in the right place at the right time…under the right system

    • Just like Coach Andy Reid did with Reno Mahe, Chad Hall in recent years and what he did Mike Patterson last year.. .

      • and Doug Pederson….Thats right Paul.

        • I believe Dixon is a Camp body to help inmplement and run Kelly’s Offense with the othere QB’s and Receivers
          I would not be surprised that if Dixon plays well and Foles picks up the Offense quicky and can adapt, then it’s Vick who gets Traded and or Released come Summer Time
          I can envision of a West Coast System run by Foles oveseen by OC Shurmur for 80% of the Snaps then a Read-Option PAckage for Red-Zone/Short yardage Situations or just to chance things up run by Dixon and overseen by Chip Kelly..

          I believe that Vick will struggle with his Decision-Making and his Read-Option Ability and it will be apparent to Kelly by Mid-Camp that Vick is no longer the QB to move forward with and looks to Trade Vick to a team struggling for a Qb or that incurs an injury during Summer/Pre-Season

  21. @GMCliff – this ain’t the WWF and you’re not Vince McMahon…one thing I’ll do to your ass, is stomp a mud hole in it…kiss on that!

  22. No Real, this is,and you are not the first to challenge me, and you won’t be the last, and every last one of those individuals, had mouths like you, and have all joined GMCliff’s Kiss My Ass Club. You are the next candidate.

    If you are talking physical response, I hope not. I would hate to have to snap your head back so many times, that you would need a reinforced Neck Brace just to keep your head balanced on your shoulders…Please don’t go there Brother. This is all fun, for us to be proud when we guess right. You think your right, I say your wrong, so we will see. and when its proven I’m right…Pucker Up

    • haha son you don’t know me…just as I dont know you…I guarantee you Realtalk is no punching bag, son, I got some hand skills myself trust that…where I’m from I’ve fought almost every day of my life…You have no idea the shit I’ve seen nor the shit I’ve had to do…so no, you don’t go there brother….

  23. Let me say this one more time everyone being critical of Vick and Dixon and throwing stats around. They don’t matter, obviously the HC has decided that those two fit in his system, if they fail he’ll move on until he finds his guy. Dixon has somehow managed to hang around the league for 5 years and start games for a team who won a Super Bowl please stop acting like he doesn’t have talent. But you know Chip has a plan and pleasing to posters on gcobb isn’t part of his plan.

    • Not for the last 3 years he hasn’t started for anybody. If you are on the Practice Squad, you have talent, but just not enough to impact the actual team.

      • I get that cliff but that also goes to realtalk’s point now that he’s in the right place and the right system he’ll show some of the talent that landed him in the league. By the way you both are a couple of cats who know what football is all about. Cliff you give great insight to prospects and real is all about the Eagles and if Foles is the QB he will solidly be in his corner, you guys just disagree on Dixon.

        • Your right Biggie…I don’t dislike Real, or anybody else on here. But , I do enjoy bending him outta shape. Hilarious!!! He ‘ll be more out of shape when he finds out that I’m right.

  24. i love it when the posts go internet pretend fights… ‘my dad can kick your dads ass’ and that kind of thing! usually means your argument has been proven so wrong you reduce yourself to ”i’ll do to your ass, is stomp a mud hole in it”… yikes sounds like something they do at gay bath houses!

    • Problem is where i’m from when another man says things to you like “kiss my ass”…..then talking is over….yea everyone talks big shit over the internet, including you HaveNoBrain.

      • Then lets stop talking about it , and let it play out., and don’t get mad when I tell you to kiss my ass. Where I come from you put up or shut up. So all I want, is for you, to show up in your prediction of Dixon, or Pucker up…Fair Enough?

        • You have me confused…I’m not afraid of being wrong…I have been wrong a few times in my life about many different things…If I was wrong I have no problem admitting it…but we’ll see if you react like a woman scorned…you know the way you been acting since the Eagles signed Dixon….

          • I think GCOBB owes us a all a luncheon where we can sit down and discuss Philly sports face to face. I bet it would be interesting to say the least. Del Friscos will do G…Paulman can bring diapers in case JH shits his pants.

          • Myself, as well Real. I’ve been wrong; ask Lawrrd, he won’t let me forget it, when I didn’t speak highly of Russell Wilson, before the draft…….

            and we were cool afterwards, but he joined my club as well. Like I said it’s all about fun, and pride. Your right I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but what you should know is that most of us are Eagles fans, and want the BEST for this team. I haven’t acted like a scorned woman; I just don’t think Dixon is good for this team period.

            Also, I know if I got to know everybody on here, I would find out some good things about everybody, as would you, so don’t be so quickly offended. Because all of us can be as wrong as you are now.

  25. hey i still can’t figure our why you want to stuff mud in another mans butt… but hey i don’t judge about those things!

  26. Let’s change gears here, it they let both corners walk, what do they do to replace them? Draft or FA.

    • Good question BigL…I think you gotta go after a player like Xavier Rhodes if DRC is not retained…I think you may have to move Boykins to the outside and find a CB for the slot.
      Free agents at CB, there are many stout players and a lot due to injuries…Bradley Fletcher (Rams) Brent Grimes, Derek Cox…possibly bring back Joselio Hanson to play the slot?

    • BigLion, William Moore is the guy I want them to sign most from Atlanta. However, a lot of what I’ve read and heard seems to indicate that if Atlanta can’t come to a long term deal with him that they’ll use the franchise tag. I think if both corners walk, they’ll need to draft one in the 2nd. The first pick HAS to be best player available that can’t help the front 7. We need an OLB; Ezekiel Ansah or Bjoern Werner are two guys IMO that could be great picks. I’m also still very high on Star Lotulelei.

      • Moore in my opinion is better then Goldson who wants way to much money. How about Landry? Not the brightest bulb in the pack but you know he brings some serious physicality.

        • Landry is an interesting option too. He’s definitely an upgrade over Coleman and would probably be my plan B if Moore is not available. I think Goldson is a free safety so theoretically, we wouldn’t need to choose between him and Moore.

          • A Dark Horse Safety who I like very much is Grover Quin from the Texans who had a very nice Season last year.. Texans have some Cap Issues and may not be able to afford to keep him
            A 3 Year Veteran at 6-0 210lbs had 84 Tackles and 2 Forced FUmbles and 2 Int’s and has some SPeed as well as being able to lay the wood..
            He’s very intelligent and has some great Leadership Qualities for a young Players and just turned 27 Years old last month….

            • Yeah, I’ve heard positive remarks on Quin but also read that he is going to be their top priority in terms of players they try to re-sign.

  27. CB & Safety Position are major concerns of mine not only for 2013 but for the next 3-5 Years for the Eagles.. I belive they need to sign at least 1 Veteran Free-Agent at both Positions and then Draft at least 1 Player at each position
    Can Curtis Marsh play at the NFL Level, can he be converted to a Free-Safety.
    Can Boykin play the outside CB spot (as I have stated since last year) and get him out of the Slot where he gets losts in Formations .. Let Boykin play the outside and utilize his greatest asset which is his Speed and Closing abilitiy on the ball.. He’s too small to play the SLot and gets lost in the mis-matches, screens and picks that he runs into across the middle of the field

    • Paulman they need to find out if Marsh can play last year was wasted. Nnamdi or DRC should have been benched and he should have been in there.

    • Lets see who is available after the franchise tags, have been applied,. Then add a Rookie or 2. My choice is Jonathan Cyprian.

      I also believe, players like Jonathan Brown, and Xavier Gooden who has played Safety in college can be converted into NFL Safeties.

  28. I agree with you Biggy, the last 4 games he should have been on the field for Asmo/DRc and even at Free Safety.. I think the guy can play,but he’s been bounced around with 2-3 Secondary Caoaches his 2 Years with the Eagles and has not really had a defined Role.. He has some Speed, but the SLot Position is not for him.. I still think Safety could be his best Postion

    • I think Marsh was another Reach by Reid, and Company, and will be cut by Chip Kelly.

      • I agree GMCliff, I would like to see him get a complete chance to show what he does or doesn’t have but think Kelly won’t give him a whole lot of time..
        Let me ask you Cliff, the CB from Oregon who was at the Eagles SUmmer Camp last year with raw talent with some baggage but was injured all the time and never really go to play (His name escapes me right now) but do you know who I am talking about and where he went..
        Maybe Kelly can bring him in to challenge for CB Spot..

  29. Why would kelly resign Vick, then sign another running qb, who ran his offense at Oregon,but then all of a sudden change his offensive philosphy and go with Foles, a classis drop back qb, what’s the point of these signings, what’s the point of bringing Kelly here, it wasn’t to develop the prototypical nfl offense, especially considereing how Lurie views himself as the great innovator…..

    Wake up, Its between Dennis Dixon and Vick for year one, after that its probably a qb waiting to be drafted, probably next year

    Some of you are smart football men but in your quest to be right or because of some other agenda you do not think clearly all the time.

    @Songs, sorry bro, I was way off with that last post directed at you, you definetely have agenda here, but you are smart and I really do not know what motivates you, my bad

  30. Random question; anyone know what happened to Schiller and Navy? Why aren’t they on here anymore?

  31. @pheags could you imagine the chaos if gcobb did a televised great debate? That would be must see tv.

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