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Howie Roseman And Eagles Want To Avoid Overemphasizing The Combine

NFLCombine1The NFL Combine will take place this weekend in Indianapolis.  Eagles GM Howie Roseman is looking forward to it, but he’s intent on putting too much weight on what happens there.  He and the Eagles players personnel staff want to make sure they don’t allow the Combine to have too much influence on their draft board.  Right now, their draft board has been set based on the video tapes they have watched of the draft prospects in action during games.

Putting less emphasis on the Senior Bowl and Combine performances, along with the Pro Day results is the correction the Eagles made prior to the 2012 draft. They don’t want to let the “Underwear Olympics” change their perceptions of this year’s prospects, so that they go back and completely rearrange their draft board.

“There are certain positions where you look at the height, weight, speed”, Roseman said.  “Maybe a guy doesn’t test well or tests well, so you go back and evaluate the tape, evaluate the player. But it really shouldn’t change drastically.  I think some of the problems you get into is you get into the Senior Bowl, you get into the Combine and all of a sudden your board changes drastically. It’s got to be back on the tape.”

The other change the Birds want to make from past draft is selecting the best player on the board and not letting the team’s position needs become a priority.  That’s the reason they gave for drafting Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett, whom the rest of the league had penciled in as a fifth round or later selection.

Former Eagles President Joe Banner has been blamed for be the main source of stressing position needs too much during the draft process.

Right now, I expect them to draft Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher or Utah’s Star Lotuleilei with that fourth pick.   I also wouldn’t be shocked if they traded down.   I expect Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel to go in the first three picks and think Fisher will still be there for the Birds. on Facebook

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43 Comments for “Howie Roseman And Eagles Want To Avoid Overemphasizing The Combine”

  1. That ain’t Howie thinking like that, that sounds like CKelly to me. HR ain’t that smart after the last three years.

  2. The Eagles are gonna use free agency for need and the draft for selecting the best player available.

  3. The funny thing is that No ONE save Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman and a select few others have any Idea who was really in charge of anything..Ever..

    I pray that the Vick Dixon stuff is all smoke screen through the draft as the eagles select to move down from 4 and get a CB, a S, and an OL in the first 2 rounds followed by a couple of LB’s in round 3. Yup… I hope they are able to make moves for 5 players out of the top 75 in this draft and hopefully 7 out of the top 100. They need to get 10 -14 players to come in here and challenge this roster. 7 out of the top 100 would be a great start for rebuilding this mess.

  4. Eagles have been spending too much time on the combine and senior bowls since Mamula anyway.

  5. In NFL news, teams beginning to cut their aging, overpriced, or underperforming vets. Or players who had been brought in by previous regimes.

    KC just cut Kevin Boss and Steve Breaston
    NYJ cut 5 guys and are going to trade Revis
    Giants cut Bradshaw
    Bills cut George Wilson, Terence McGee, and Nick Barnett
    GB cut charles woodson and jeff saturday
    Det cut Titus Young
    NO cut David Thomas
    SF cut Chad Hall (from practice squad – just thought that was funny)

    Eagles…..resigned Mike Vick.

    I expect we’ll see some Eagles released pretty shortly.

    • Chad Hall ends up in KC battling Mardy Gilyard for the 5th WR/Punt Returner Roster Spot for Andy Reid.. Old Habits are hard to break ..

    • I like Breaston… he’s an upgrade over Jason Avant

      • Breaston was a solid #3 WR with the Cardinals back when Warner was QB and never did much with the 6-0 189lbs, not sure he would be an updgrade over the Top 4 WR on the Eagles (d-Jax/Maclin/Avant/Cooper)
        He also is another “Soft Player” at the WR positon, Eagles need some Size,Strength and should go after WR Boldin on a 2 year Deal if the Ravens don’t offer him a reasonable deal..
        Ravens have lots of Players coming to Free-Agency and cannot sign all of them..
        I expect them to let Safety Ed Reed,WR Boldin, TE Ed Dickson, Center Matt Birk walk, They probably get outbid on OLB/DE Paul Kruge and will instead concentrate on Re-signing Flacco, Ellerbee, Pitta, Jacoby Jones, Bryant McKinney which is going to tie up most of the $$$ but they will be unable to retain all of their Free-Agents that they have this year due to Cap Reasons .

        • P-man Breaston was a perfect # 3 WR between Boldin / fitzgerald at ariz
          OF COURSE HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING @ KC, WHO WOULD, WITH THAT TEAM. By the way Breston had a heck of a SB vs Steelers. and yes he is a better WR than Cooper / Avant. Cooper hasn’t shown me anything and is doubtful to be on the team this yr. Sometimes there is 1 or 2 opportunities to define a player. Example Mike Kafka: when he came in for Vick vs Atl on a Mon nite, he came in with the lead and had he made some plays he might still be here…. Cooper has gotta know situations WC game vs GB he’s gotta either grab the DB or knock the ball down HE’S GOTTA KNOW THE SITUATION.

  6. bell gone. DRC gone via FA

  7. Asmo needs to go too…don’t forget about that over priced garbage player. Maybe they make a run at Revis? I think the Eagles will sign an OT in free agency, and then focus on the D in the draft. But i agree with taking the best player available.

  8. Shoot…we should just trade asmo to jets for revis…ill even throw in a 3rd pick if they start need to get players and more picks…i hope we trade down cause we can get a safety and an oline man in free agency.

  9. Fletcher Cox was a good selection last year then
    Howie and/or Reid went back to small ball — with Kendricks (5’11”)and Boykin (5’9”)
    You may have a quality little player or two in the lineup but not 4 or 5 at once –
    Graham, Kendricks, Coleman, DRC, Boykin, Landri, Patterson is too many smalll fellas
    Vick, Maclin, Djax, Kelce — one or two is OK, 4 is too many
    The Eagles have enough little guys — hope Eagles only draft Size and Strength
    I prefer the Eagles to draft an OT ( Bell, Dunlap, Kelly never again) but if the Eagles think they know a superstar who is not an OT — go get him
    The Eagles’ young talent is not very good so an infusion of quality is going to take a few drafts to rebuild the core

  10. If Howie Roseman wants to really do the smart thing, he’ll back up and let Tom Gamble handle the draft, his input on the past few drafts with the 49ers speaks for itself.

  11. Corey Simon
    Donavan McNabb
    Mike Mamula
    Antoine Davis
    Kevin Allen
    Kenny Jackson
    From what I can remember the Eagles haven’t really drafted well in the top 10

  12. **NFL News

    More Cuts/Player Releases announced around the NFL
    Saints release back-up TE John Thomas (a very versatile TE) and CB Johnny Patrick, who was a 3rd Round Pick from Louisville in 2011 has played in 24 Games but only 1 as a Starter

  13. That jerkoff screws this pick up and they should run his kitchen bitch ass out of town

  14. EOS – Mcnabb was a solid player. So your way off with that one. Corey Simon wasn’t bad either. But the rest of them i agree with.

  15. **Eagles News
    GM Roseman & HC Kelly to invite former Sixer Allen Iverson for a work-out as a Potential Read-Option QBa as Kelly tries to fill the Roster up with QB options . AI led his High School Team to a Championship in Virigina some years ago… and was very adept and the Read-Option Scheme
    JH to follow up on the Story…

  16. Im havin flashbacks to the last time the eagles had the 4th overall pick
    with the 4th pick in the first round the Philadelphia Eagles select Kenny Jackson WR Penn St ” Yikes “

  17. Please no Poe type players no combine warriors please. If the guy is 6’3″ 350 and runs a 4.2 in the 40. Leave his ass on the track and get you a real football player dammit. SAY NO TO THE COMBINE WARRIORS!

  18. Howie Roseman has as much of clue of drafting talent than a prepubescent girl who watches football with her divorced mother, if he’s in charge like I think he is, like Lurie was previously, but they both wanted Vick, talk all you want, this is a pink panties pussy organization, and chip Kelly has fag written all over him

  19. the “Underwear Olympics” is what attracted Rosebud to the event in the first place.

  20. Once the bears cut Devin Hester, we will sign him and that will take care of our kick returner.

  21. When these guys gonna learn and start drafting REAL football players and not these little corners, wr, etc look at giants line ravens packers 49s we have smallish guys get pushed off the ball, cant cover big receiver, and our little wr get manhandled tired of this shit.Hope next drafts see some size and toughness coming here people that want to rip somebodys head off seriously

  22. Combine Info..
    Looking at the OL and on Potential Players the Eagles may select
    I am watching the following Players that are not the big names we all know that will go early in the first 2 Rounds (Joeckel,Fisher,Warmack,Johnson,Fluker,Warford)

    Here’s who I have my eyes on as mid-late Round Draft Selections

    1) Kyle Long (Oregon 6-3 313lbs) – Obvioulsy Chip Kelly knows him very well and has the verastility and will probably play Guard in the NFL
    2) David Bakhtiari (Colorado 6-4 300lbs) – Kelly also knows him from playing against him the Pac-12, very athletic with great feet.. Projects as a RT in the NFL
    3) Terron Armstead (Arkansas-Pine Bluff 6-5 306lbs) Naturally strong and very good feet and again, probably projects as a Guard in the NFL..
    4) David Quessenberry (San Jose St 6-5 302lbs), Tough as nails, high motor and very Physical player who projects as RT and/or Guard in the NFL and may be a great for new OL Coach Southland’s style of Physical Play..
    5) Ricky Wagner – (Wisconsin 6-6 308lbs) another Physical OL who specializes in Rush-blocking, probably projects as a Guard in the NFl and is another physical player that fits Coach Southland’s Profile

    1) Justin Pugh – Syracuse (6-4 307lbs), very Athletic, Tough and Versatile
    2) JC Tretter – Cornell (6-4 305lbs) Smart, and Physical, the kind of player that Kelly likes..
    3) Omoreggi Uzzi – Georgia Tech (6-3 302lbs) Great run blocker, pretty quick on his feet and could be a late Round Pick
    4) Jeff Baca – UCLA (6-3 300lbs) Kelly knows from Pac-12 Games, very versatile and can play both Guard and Center

    1) Brian Schwenke – California (6-3 315lbs) – Nice size center, very bright and physical, again Kelly knows him from Pac-12 Competition.. could also swing to Guard ..

    If Eagles go Defense in the first 3 rounds to sure up the Secondary,LB’s for the 3-4 and get a NT, then I do believe that Kelly will use his influence with the Draft Room to select some Plyers that he knows from the Pac-12 that he’s faced in competition if he feels strong about them… I expect 2 Players from this list above to end up being Drafted by the Eagles

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