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Mayock: Eagles Should Be Able to Get Their Safety In 2nd or 3rd Round

MattElam1NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is very high on the safety position in this year’s draft.  All of you Eagles fans know how desperate the Eagles are when it comes to the safety position.

I saw their scouts and player personnel people interviewing and measuring every safety that came to the Senior Bowl.

“This is one of the best safety classes I’ve seen in years”, Mayock said on a conference call yesterday.

“I think the Eagles are going to get a chance to get a safety in the second or third round, and that’s important. They need a safety badly. They could also use a corner.”

This safety draft is very deep, but the key will be drafting the right safety or right safeties.  Yes, I could see them drafting more than one of them because they can’t feel comfortable about any of the safeties on their roster.

The highest rated safety in this year’s draft is Kenny Vaccaro, who has good size plus the quickness, speed, coverage and tackling ability to do everything which is needed from an NFL safety.  In college at Texas, Vaccaro played the nickel position on third downs, by covering the slot receiver.  That’s tremendous versatility.

Matt Elam of Florida is the next safety on the board.  This young man knows how to come up and lay the boom on ball carriers.  He’s also got great instincts for breaking on the ball.  The youngster had four interceptions this season for the Florida Gators.

The following safeties are rated next on the list.

3. LSU’s Eric Reid didn’t have a big year this past season because he was beaten for too many big plays, but he still makes plays that showcase his talents. Reid had two interceptions, seven pass breakups, one recovered fumble and one tackle for a loss.  He’s got good size, 6’1″ 211, although he will need to put on a pound or two for the NFL.   Reid has the speed, quickness and instincts to be the sheriff in a NFL secondary.  to run can play the deep third or the deep half.  He can make open field tackles,

4. Georgia Southern J.J. Wilcox

5. Georgian Bacarri Rambo

6, Florida International Jonathan Cyprien on Facebook

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80 Comments for “Mayock: Eagles Should Be Able to Get Their Safety In 2nd or 3rd Round”

  1. Would be cool to get Cyprin and Elam. also i doubt it but i would love to get brandon flowers (KC) as a CB for our team but its just in my imagination.

  2. bring em here. We need help.

  3. DJ Swearinger – SC Gamecocks

  4. We need 2 of those on that list Vaccaro and Cyprien would be nice.

    • That would be really nice, but near inpossible. Eagles wouldnt be able to fill many other needs in the first 3 rounds if they go safety in rounds1 and 2 or 1 and 3, depending on where Cyprien goes.

    • There you go Biggie. Now that’s impact, but they would have to get more picks in the earlier rounds to make that happen.

    • No offense Biglion but how in the world would we get Vaccaro and Cyprien? We have too many needs to draft back to back safeties.

      • btc, Vaccaro is a 1st rounder, Cyprian is a 3rd. So it won’t be back to back. If we trade back for additional picks, & use trade commodities in Cole, Herremans, Mathis, Maclin, & either Vick, or Foles, to get more picks, we can get 2 high quality safeties, & still fill holes. But this all hinges on getting those additional picks.

  5. i say, draft a stud lb. or move back, and collect a few picks and still get a very good lb.And then go for a nt and fs/ss in the second. As free agency goes. theres only a few free agents i’d consider on defense. Most are going to re sighn or get tagged. Of course bryd. Paul kruger. And the dt from oak. red bryant i think his name is. derek cox intigues me a little. And chung to me seems a liabilty in coverage. And my dark horse pick is they make a run for revis IF hes avialable in trade.

  6. I like Matt Elam a lot. I would take him in round two. I know gmcliff is not high on him but I think he will be a good pro.

    • Elam is going to be a good pro the only drawback on him Irish is that he will strictly be a safety no picking up receivers in the slot he’s not fast enough to do that.

  7. I have been saying this the past couple of weeks now. Vicarro Or Elam in the 2nd round would be an AMAZING pick up for them. (Remember what round B Dawk was taken in?) Along with Dee Milliner with the 4th pick, our 2ndary is automatically back to where it needs to be just like that.

  8. Vicarro…Elam…Cyprien..Phillip Thomas…i wouldnt mind 2 of those…thats why we need to trade back if possible…shoot…i would even think of doing it twice…i know it may sound crazy…but this draft is full of good cb..and dt…and ss.

    Also i wouldnt mind taking a run in the late rounds or even as an undrafted free agent signing of ray ray armstrong…i still think he has the size and skills to be a good safety in the nfl

    • Nice reasoning Rhino; Thats not crazy at all. I would lik eto see them set that up by staying put a #4….Draft Joeckel, or Fisher..

      Make a deal with the Rams, to get their 2 first rounders, by giving them :
      Cole, Maclin, Mathis, Graham, Herremans, and 3 future #1’s

      Trade down a couple of spot with each of those picks; perhaps a couple of times for extra 2nd, 3rd, and possibly 4th Round picks…….

      Draft: Fisher, Vacarro, and Ezekiel Ansah in the first
      Dion Jordan, Fluker, Warford, and Rhodes in the second
      Brandon Williams, Cyprian, and Alec Ogletree in the third
      Sia Moore, Travis Fredricks, and Da’Rick Rogers in the fourth

      • No way that deal is working GMCliff
        Rams have 2 solid DE’s in Chris Long and Robert Quinn so they have little to no need for Trent COle.. They also have 2 Solid Guards (harry Dahl and Robert Turner) so they would not be interested in MAthis..
        What the Rams need the most is a OT and a WR so a package deal
        of teh Eagles #4 Pick and maybe a Maclin could return their 16th & #22 and maybe their 4th Round or a futture 2014 Pick..
        Fisher is rebuilding the Rams with Young Players, his Picks and is very unlikely to take on Veterans from other Teams in my opinion..
        Also, you cannot jeopardize your Future by giving up 3 Future #1 Picks as an Organization, it just doesn’t make Football sense to do that..

        • Robert Quinn is not solid, he has potential, and is still coming into his own, and could use a veteran to push him.

          The Guards are less than impressive.

          I am referring to future #1 draft picks every other year. In the years you don’t have a #1, I try to acquire an extra 2nd, or 3rd and utilize free agency those years as well. I wouldn’t be jeopardizing anything. I’m banking on getting the talent I need, and allowing them time to develop. In the meantime, I get to draft potential All Pro’s, and never missing the draft pick, and I still have a one every other year…Makes sense to me.

          • BTW Paul, love talking Draft with you this time of year brother….I love it

            • Same here GMCliff, it’s nice to share info, insights on
              Potential prospects and especially the ones under the radar
              Most folks follow the big names or the players from the big tine Universities but w both know that many times, these players are overhyped or have already maxed out as Football Players
              These 2 months are my favorite part of the Season, until the Games start
              This Years Draft and Free-Agency Period is critical to the Eagles future if they want to get back into Pkayoof Contention
              Lots of Teams in the NFC have improved the last 2 years while the Eagkes have fallen back..

  9. Not that crazy Rhiino, because the more I read, the more the experts think that after 4/5, it is a crapshoot through the 20s in the first round. If they could get 2 picks in that range or another at the end of the round. Why not? This draft is heavy in all the areas that they need that you listed as well as OL.

  10. Safety Discussion of 2013 Draft Class

    – Vicarro will be the 1st Safety Selected between #10-#16 and not available in the 2nd Round..
    – Matt Elam & Eric Reid will be 2nd Rounders — I am not sold on either one being an impact Safety in the NFL.. They both lack overall Speed and are succeptible to getting caught up in the Box and get burned deep, both are thumpers and will lay the wood and strong versus the Run Game but need to be paired up with a True Free-Safety, who is better in Pass Coverage and then let these guys roam down in the box.. If your looking for Elam/Reid to be strong in Pass-Coverages, you will be disappointed..
    – Jonathon Cyprien of Florida International has bolted up the Draft Boards but still has some concerns.. He straight-line speed is not great at (4.56), he played in a Cover-2 Scheme where his responsibilities were half the field.. Positives, Highly motivated, Smart and Instinctive, Coachable, good size at 6-0 210lbs and a sound physical tackler.. Has huge hands at 10 & 1/8′, which helps in breaking up passes, making Int’s,etc,etc . Looks great on film against good Teams and had strong games against the Good Teams that Floriday Int’l played against..
    A Couple of Strong Safeties that I like that will be Available in the 4th/5th/6th

    4th Rd – JJ Wilcox – Georgia Southern (5-11 215lbs, 4.54 Speed) Another highly motivated Player from a smaller school, who is a natural leader, smart, physical and a very sound all-around player and very Coachable..

    5th Rd – Duke Williams – Nevada (5-11 205lbs, 4.46 Speed)
    A Speedy Safety who has nice pass coverage Skills who played his College Ball in the wide-open Mountain West Conference, Had 100 Tackles with 5.5 For Losses, Forced 3 Fumbles, Recovered 2 Fumbles and Credited with 8 Pass-Break-ups.. This player has a knack of being around the ball and making things happen.. would need a year or 2 in a NFL Program but could be an excellent Special Teams Player his 1st Year & be a quality Back-up as he learns the Pro Game and competes for a Starters Spot 2 Years in

    Dark Horse Pick
    6th/7th Rd – Cooper Taylor – Virginia – 6-4 228lbs , Don’t let this Players Size fool you, he is very athletic and runs a 4-5, Was very impressive during the Shrine-Bowl Week, a natural leader, very smart with a high Football IQ..
    Is very solid fundamentally, could be a Special Teams Ace with size/strength and be a nice complimentary/back-up at Safety.. Played in ACC so has gone up against good QB’s and WR’s during his Career , think of a Terry Hoage type. long arms, rangy but quicker than would you think..

    • Cooper Taylor, will make a nice, back up Safety/Special Teams Player, and possible Starter at SS; He may have to be converted to a Linebacker he is 6-4, but he is 238 lbs. He can be had between the 5-7 Rounds. I like him a lot though Paul

  11. Howie drafts safeties as well as I evaluate Noble prize physicists —
    Free Agency or Trade — no more chances using draft picks

  12. I prefer signing a Proven Free-Agent and then Drafting one the Safties I mentioned above in the later Rounds..
    maybe a Grover Quin,Dashon Goldston,Louis Delmas or even William Moore.. ( I believe the that Jarius Byrd will resign with the BIlls as they are already talking to each other about a new deal this week)

    A short-term choice could be Charles Woodson or a Ed Reed (who will not be re-signed by the Ravens) and then one of these wily Veterans could delp mentor the younger Secondaty Players on the Team..

  13. At the Free-Safety Position in the Draft Class

    3rd Rd – Phillip Thomas (Fresno State 6-1 210lbs) A 3 Year Start who is very smart, instinctive and a team leader.. Had 13 Int’s, 6 Forced FUmbles in his College Career.. Was one of 3 FInalists for 2012 Jim Thorpe Award for the Best Secondary Player in the College along with CB’s Dee Milliner (Alabama) & Jonathon Banks (Miss State)
    I think this guy is a steal in the 3rd Round and has a very good chacne to be Starter in his Rookie Season in the NFL.. I do believe the Eagles need to fill the Strong Safety Position first, but Phillip Thomas is a Football Player

  14. If Im the Birds I try and work out a deal with the Texans. Maclin for their second round pick (57). The Texans are in win now mode with AJ up there in age, thus they don’t have the time to wait and hope for a WR in the draft to develop which usually takes 3 years for WRs (there is no julio jones or CJ in this draft that allows you to bank on immediate impact). And even though there are veteran WRs in FA, the Texans don’t have the cap room this year to likely sign any of them, Maclin gives them a true number 2 compliment to AJ for a low cap number this year. It makes sense.
    I would also try and trade down from 4 but I don’t think you will get somebody to trade up in this draft.

    Eagles sign Mike Wallace
    Delanie Walker
    Dashon Goldson
    Larry Grant/Manny Lawson
    Jason Smith (dont laugh, he could be the Bryant McKinnie pickup of the offseason, maybe Stoutland can make him serviceable)

    Round 1(4): Chance Warmack G (blue chip player, position of needs, CHip will likely use the run game, I dont care if he is a G, he will be the best player at 4 available)
    Round 2 (35): Matt Elam SS (he has been my guy since day one, i think he is Brian Dawkins, so sick of having a soft defense, this guy is probably the biggest hitter in the draft)
    Round 2 (57): Logan Ryan CB (one of the best cover corners in the draft)
    Round 3 67: Devin Taylor DE (freakish body build, gives us some size, no more midgets, could easily add 15-20 pounds, kinds reminds me of Justin Tuck)

    • Devin Taylor is a 5th -6th Round draft pick Pheags, but you would draft him in the 3rd? I’m not trying to be sarcastic brother,I’m just wondering if you knew that. I’m baffled by that.

      Logan Ryan is mocked in the 4th Round.I believe…….
      Matt Elam, mute issue to me…..
      Warmack……asinine to draft a guard that high

      • Gmcliff, we all disagree on players in this draft, and thats fine. This draft will be exciting because of all those unknowns. Fact is no one knows where these guys are going. If you or me made a mock of the top 10 I bet neither of us would even get more than half correct and thats just the top 10. I saw Devin Taylor mocked in the 3-4 rounds. If you could get him in the 6th I would be ecstatic because due to his 6-7 frame I think he can be a player. I doubt Ryan lasts that long due to CBs being needed by so many teams. Obviously we have disagreed on Elam, we will see what happens with him. And for the last time, it is not asinine to draft Warmack at 4 IN THIS DRAFT. Mayock who studies college football more than anybody on the planet even agreed with me. Who gives a fuck if he is a Guard, when he is a blue chip player and maybe the best player in the draft, and a player we could obviously use. I don’t see too many sure things in this draft for that pick. AT 4, you better get a sure thing.

        But again, I doubt anybody on this site could even get half of the top 10 draft order correct. Its just that type of year. And of course it would be the year the Eagles draft top 5. Either way, I like to get your insight on here, even if we disagree.

        • Much Love with that Pheags.

          Mike Mayock, I flat out respect; you can tell he knows what he is talking about. But Mike Mayock, has been flat out wrong on a many of drafts, as has Todd McShay, and Mel Kiper, in reference to those who they claim are some of the top talent that will be, or close to be can’t miss.

          A Guard does impact the game,but not as much as other positions of value. I haven’t knocked that Warmack is a good player, but I will say he is a little overhyped, to be considered a top 5 player.

          • As far as the top ten, that would always be tough. I generally concentrate on the impact players themselves that I would target, and I have been spot on with the majority of them for the last 11 years. In fact I will honestly say more than 85% of those talents are making an impact now, that we passed on.

            I can distinguish the purely college achievement, from NFL Potential, and I buck the popular trends ,with some of the overhyped players.

            Because some of them have benefited by playing next to, or with players that are more talented, but don’t get a lot of hype, but cover their weaknesses, or just put them in a position to make them look better than they really are.

  15. pheags – i cannt see any way the eagles sign Mike Wallace. It pretty much defeats the purpose of getting bigger at WR. He is smaller than Maclin and not much bigger than Jackson.

    • I want height at the WR position. But with Chip coming in, I don’t know if height is a necessity for him in his fast offense. Mike Wallace plays bigger than his size. He goes over the middle.

      • pheags, Wallace is not big in any way. He’s barely 6’0″ & my turds are bigger than his arms. Nor does he go over the middle. He’s a gunner like DJax, & is a YAC receiver. He has allergies to contact too, at times. We don’t need him. We need a big, quick receiver, that can catch & get YAC. Either DJax, or Maclin need to go!

  16. I do like the rest of the plan.

  17. even taking a look at smith

  18. OT Jason Smith is an absolute no go in my book
    He’s been a bust since the Rams took him with the 2nd/3rd Overall pick
    4 Years ago.. Lost his Starters Job with the Rams to a undrafted Player, traded to the Hets and Austin Howard beat him out..
    In short, Jason Smith is another Demetress Bell
    And a little Trivia for everyone, name the Aplayer who took over for Jason Smith at Baylor.. That’s right, Danny Watkins…

  19. I hear ya.. He has been a bust to say the least. Like pheags said, maybe a little help from Southland can help turn it around. I can be completely incorrect, but it’s a low risk, high reward type of situation.

  20. He just hasn’t have the tanacity or energy level to compete at the highest level…. He’s soft and too passive like Demetress Bell was, like Stacy Andrews was and others.. You need OL with a little fight and passion in them to play at the NFL level and especially for new Eagles OL COach Southland for he won’t put up with anything else.. ..

  21. True that..but if you can get him on a minimum deal, camp body type of player, he could be worth a looksie. Would it work? Probably not. He can’t garner much attention otherwise.

  22. I rather have Southland work with some younger,highly motivated OL, but no harm in bringing him or anyone else in for that matter, to check out..

  23. I agree, I’d rather see him try to lite a fire under a certain Danny Watkins. Neat stat before, never put two and two togather

  24. TYRANN MATTHEIU! Forget off field issues, look at janoris Jenkins this year. Kids gonna be a stud.

  25. Dcar this isn’t madden you can’t just start throwing players at teams to move up or down in draft.. It’s rarely ever done genius

  26. All these safeties being talked about wer getting as much hype as Nate Allen was..

    • That is what I am afraid of too. If they want to go safety, and Vaccaro is viewed as the guy who will have the most impact, then that is who I want.

      • Safety Vacarro is the Best Safety in this Draft and it will be ntersting on where he lands.. He could go as high as #9 (Jets) or Drop down to the #22
        (Rams) depending on what happens.. there are Team like the Panthers,Saints,Bengals who can all use updgrades at Safety but probably have other pressing needs at other Positions and since this is a pretty Deep Safety Class in this Draft, Vaccaro will most likely fall to the down into the 20’s in my opinion since these Teams figure they can still get a quality Safety Prospect in the 2nd/3rd Rounds
        A lot will depend how Free-Agency works itself out
        right now, I see the Following Free-Agent Safeties landing to the following Teams ..
        1) Charles Woodson – Patriots (to attempt to win another Championship)
        2) Ed Reed – to the Saints (is from Louisiana and will finish Career there)
        3) Jaruis Byrd – remains with BIlls (new Contract already in the works)
        4) LeRon Landry – remains with Jets (Jets cut other players to make Cap room to re-sign Landry who Coach Ryan wants to keep)
        5) William Moore – word is they are working on a new deal to remain with the Falcons
        6) Grover Quin – word is they are working on a new deal to remain with the Texans
        7) Kenny Phillips – talking a new deal to remain with NY GIants

        Then the other Top Free-Agent Safeties appear to be available out on the Market and to the highest bidder
        Dashon Goldson from 49ers & Louis Delmas from the Lions
        Patrick Chung from the Patriots
        a Dark Horse is NY Giants Safety Steve Brown who came out of nowhere last season and had an All-Pro Type of Season.. He’s restricted free-agent meaning the Giants can match an Offer, but Giants have other Free-Agents to deal with like Phillips,Nicks,Cruz,Beatty and can’t re-sign them all for what they will be asking, so the Giants may sign Brown first and let Phillips walk, for I doubt they will be able to re-sign both of them

        • Yeah, I don’t think that any of these teams are gonna let their safeties go. They will get deals done or franchise since franchising a safety is relatively inexpensive.

  27. I think Southkand sill have sucess working with both Watlins and OT Kelly.
    South lands techiques are more about physicality than finesse which was Mudd’s Scheme.. I expect all the OL to improve but Mathis will struggle for he lacks the upper body strength I believe and may be the odd man out
    Come Camp time.. Mathis is better suited for a zone/finesse Scheme
    Kelly has raw potential, size and strength but doesn’t know his to use it prooerly.. I think he can become a solid back- up swing OL and feel strong about Watkins making great improvement under Southland..

  28. Youzer… Dcar is going to be pissed!

    • Not pissed, I’m baffled! IDK, WTF he’s talking about. All I said is we have players to use as commodities to get additional picks. To move down was with our 4th pick. I guess we have another retard, with the reading comprehension of a head of lettuce! He ought to follow his screen name, & SILENCE himself! BTW, The Silencer, Rosebuds, moves around more in the draft, more than any other team. Have you watched the last 3 drafts, that he was involved with? Just saying there, GENIUS!!!!!

  29. Take Millner off your 1st round board reports are out saying he needs shoulder surgery. We cannot afford any damaged goods

  30. He has a “Torn Labrum” in his Shoulder and will participate in Drills this weekend at the COmbines but will not do any weirght lifting per ESPN..
    Doctors expect him to be 100% by Late May/June in time for Camp
    I am not as high on him as others are.. He’s definitely a 1st Rounder but not worthy of a Top #10 Pick in my opinion

  31. If Eagles’ plan to trade down, then the Milner injury could be good. Means he’ll still be on the board at a later number if Eagles thinking that way.

  32. I’m looking at TWO free agent acquisitions right now. I think they are high priority. First would be at Safety. I want either Jarius Byrd (not looking likely to hit the market) or Louis Delmas (should hit market). I think both are ballhawks and will vastly improve our secondary at the safety position. The other position I believe that needs to be addressed is the o-line and I’m looking at Jake Long. Not only is it a necessity to get Jake as insurance for Peters, but even if Peters comes back healthy and better than ever, we can put Jake at RT and move Herremans back inside and quite possibly have the best O-line in the league (on paper). As for the draft, below is my first “mock” of the year. I have included a back-up contingency plan just in case the first player is off the board. It is subject to change after free agency:

    Round 1: Jarvis Jones – OLB/DE, Georgia
    Backup: Luke — If Luke is still there at 4, I wouldn’t mind taking him.

    Round 2: John Jenkins – NT, Georgia
    Backup: Dion Jordan – OLB/DE, Oregon

    Round 3: TJ McDonald – S, USC
    Backup: Baccarri Rambo – S, Georgia

    Round 4: EJ Manuel – QB, FSU
    Backup: Honey Badge – DB, LSU

    Round 5: Gerald Hodges – LB, Penn St
    Backup: Micah Hyde – DB, Iowa

    Round 6: Marquise Goodwin – WR, Texas
    Backup: Kenny Stills – WR, OKL

    Round 7: Alex Hurst – OT, LSU
    Backup: TJ Barnes — DT, GT

  33. TE with the 2nd round pick???

    ….anyone given any thought to the Eagles taking either Ertz or Eifert at the TE position??

    They both measured in at 6’5″ 250 at the Combine. Ertz is supposed to be an excellent run blocker along with being a great receiver……

    TEs are more and more important these days and TE was the 3rd receiver on the Ducks last year….Celek is a pretty solid, but unspectacular TE….

    I understand that most of the emphasis has been on the D, but if either of those guys is sitting there when Eagles get to their 2nd round pick….they might be tempted….

  34. I wouldn’t do it Vinnie. TE that high when you already have athletic pass-catching tight ends in Celek and Harbor….I just dunno. However, in Chip’s system, he may be looking for a more run-blocking tight end so it’s possible….but a second round pick for one? Doubt it. We can get one of those in free agency.

    • I wouldn’t do it either….but I wouldn’t have done anything the FO did this year…every decision so far has me shaking my head…..

      I just think it might be a suprise pick in the second round….keep the head-shaking going….(though these 2 do seem like can’t miss prospects)

  35. I don’t know if FA want to come to Philly?
    No QB,
    No prime time games
    No head coaching experience
    Philly wage tax
    Me myself and I locker room environment
    Money up front is the only draw —-
    2010 yes FA wanted to be winners
    but 2013 the Eagles are losers

    • Eagles will have to overpay this year, and this is one of the reasons I want the Birds to stay far away from the FA market this year.

      I will keep up the mantra that this is a “blow it up” year, and unless the FA is young and rising, I want no part of him at all. No point.

      The other thing you are also leaving out is that no player (esp offensive players) have any idea what the Eagles O is going to look like. I think that will keep any FA (on O) a long way from here…..

      Well, every FA not named Dixon, who still has to be doing cartwheels that anyone even offered him a contract……..

  36. What the Eagles can Offer 2nd Tier Free-Agents is the chance for more $$$ and more Playing Time.. Quality Rotational Players like LB Larry Grant,
    CB Tracey Porter, DT Chris Canty , TE Walker or ED Dickson is more snaps and a real shot to become Starters as opposed to Rotational Players that they currently have been playing on …
    Sounds like the 76ers Off-Season acquistions doesn;t it … Yikes

    • Other teams can offer those guys the same thing.
      + they can offer them hope….we can offer them a 33 yr old retread that everyone knows will miss 5 games and then throw his teammates under the bus.

      And this is why I can’t get off this QB topic. Yes the D is terrible. Yes the Oline sucks.

      That is not the first priotity. The first priority is culture. Andrew Luck brought a lot more than QBing skills to his team. He brought promise.

      The change at Qb (if successful) brings change of attitude, of culture.

      A lot of you guys fail to recognize the completely slim difference in talent on NFL teams. Culture changes everything.

      The Eagles had/have a point at me, look at me, me-first, fractioned locker room/team. (oh and it is fractured….and I can tell you there are members of the oline who are not happy with recent developments)

      And we resigned their king.

  37. Lets look at it another way. Take the 3 QBs on the roster, and how the team/fanbase will respond to the first mistake. Is there any “wiggle room” with Vick? Will anyone give him the benefit of the doubt? Dixon?

    You can pump up the team and fanbase all you want. Spend 5 months telling us/team how great everything is going to be and the first mistake with either of those two and POOF. All built up capital disappears innstantly.

    1st Q, 1st game. 2nd posession…..annnnnd turnover. Either bad pass for int, or sack fumble….doesn’t matter…….

    What is the response back on the sideline?

    “Alright kid. We’ll get that back next drive. You gotta see that blitzer…”

    “Uhhhhh (shoulders’s slumped). Not again.”

    “We hitched our wagon to Dixon?”

    Now imagine the Linc….you’ll get the same 3 responses, only with 74 f-bombs in between the words.

    You may like this, or you may not. But there is NO WIGGLE ROOM on VIck or Dixon. They will be granted nothing. No benefit of the doubt.

    Foles fumbles….”well its his 7th start”. Vick fumbles…”for *&^&*%^&*^ sakes, this *&^(*^(*&er has led the league his entire career…when is he going to learn?!?”

    It may not be right…it may not be fair…..but it will happen. And it will infect (will….I mean has) the team.

    And so you will have a team, and a fanbase constantly on edge waiting for the next mistake.

    Won’t work.

  38. Paulman, give me an analysis on my mock draft posted above.

    • Give me a little bit here Birdo and I will give you my thoughts on your Mock
      I like the Safety/OT Acquisitions big time which solves the Eagles 2 biggest glaring Holes

      Your 1st Round Selection – I do not like LB Jarvis Jones at #4, His Spinal Condition scares me for Health Reasons to be honest with you and would not take him this High in the Draft. If Eagles sign OT Long, then their is no need to Draft Joeckel with the 4th Pick.. I would prefer DE Damontre Moore, Bjorn Werner or DT Star Lotuleile or even Guard Chance Warmack (I am not a believer in Herremans returning back to a Starter’s level any longer whether it’s Guard or OT and see Herremans as a quality back-up only)

      Your 2nd Rd With DT Jenkins I have some reservations for his lack of being in shape.. he’s 345 lbs already, Can he maintain stamnia nad endurance to play 40 snaps a game at the NFL Level.. Per reports from Senior Week, Many Scouts were disappointed in his lack of conditioning where he was slow and unable to keep up with the others in basic drills.. This is a deep class at DT and there are many good ones available in the 2nd Rround.. Your back-up pick Dion Jordan would be excellent to make, but he’s been moving up the Draft Boards and now projects as a late 1st Rounder and most likely will not last to the 2nd Round
      I prefer the Eagles Target a CB with their 2nd Round Pick for their are about 6 Quality CB’s in the this Draft and Milliner,Rhodes and Trufant will probably be gone in the 1st Round but there will be 3-4 still on the board when the Eagles Select in the 2nd Round before there is a big drop off at this critical Position
      Jonathon Banks,Logan Ryan, Jordan Poyer should all be on the board at the #36 Pick (I prefer Logan Ryan from Rutgers at the best Selection here)

      Your 3rd Round Selection of McDonald or Rambo I don’t no like at all..
      I think there are better options here with Phillip Thomas, Jonathon Cyprien, and others who will be around later in the Draft
      Eagles need to land a LB here , A player like Kasheem Green, NIco Johnson from Alabama,Arthur Brown from K-State or Sean Porter from Texas A&M would all be fine selections in the 3rd Round

      I will go over your 4th thru 7th Round Selection here in a little bit..
      Good Work Birdo, and I hope I don’t come across an a ass or too critical, just giving you my honest assestment of your Selections..

      • Take your time, and when you’re being serious with your posts, you give much better perspective than when you post your idiotic rants!

        But thanks Paulman, just tossing out ideas

        • Thnx Birdo, I cannot be serious all the time though and have to throw a few zingers in there once in a while..
          I know many of you would be very disappointed in me if I was serious all the time …ha ha

    • You want to add Jones, Jenkins, and McDonald this draft, to last year’s draft of Cox, Kendricks, Curry
      that’s 4 DL in two consecutive drafts in the first 2 rounds
      Would that fix the Eagles Defensive Front?

      • No E0S, because Jones is a serious risk, and may not be counted on one play the next literally.

        Your looking at how big Jenkins is, but may not be anymore stout at the line than Antonio Dixon. I didn’t see much domination, against some of even the mildly hyped Guards, and Centers of the SEC. That means rotational Bench Player? Maybe? I take a chance on a Brandon Williams 6-3 343 in the 3rd Round with no expectations, and a higher ceiling, who did dominate his conference.

        McDonald OK, but that’s it for me, after watching him get burned by Michael Williams the TE from Alabama, a couple of time, I question his ability to cover. Paul is correct in saying there are stil better Safties on the board. Rambo is one of them. Thumbs up on him, but his off field issues may drop him to the 4th or 5th round.

  39. Eagles Draft is really up in the Air depending on what they do with Free-Agnecy when you think about it.. If they go out and sign a Starting Safety and OT,
    then the likelihood that they use High Picks (1st-3 Rd Round Selections) become less likely and they will instead look at DL,LB CB & Guards..
    I like 3-4 Safeties that should be available in the 4th/5th Rounds like JJ Wilcox,Duke WIlliams,etc..
    Now if the Eagles do not sign an OT or Safety in Free-Agency, then I think they must address both of these Positions in the 1st 3 Rounds which bring
    Joeckel,Fisher,Land Johnson, Fluker,Eric Reed,Matt Elam into the picture..

  40. What about Gerald Hodges as a late draft pick? Maybe in the 4th or 5th?

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