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Chip Kelly Speaks Well Of Foles And Ryans, But Not Asomugha

NmandiAsomugha5Eagles head coach Chip Kelly had nothing but good things to say about some of his players and practically nothing good to say about others.

“I want to coach Nick,” Kelly said about second-year quarterback Nick Foles. “I want to get a chance to spend time with him. I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of his, the way he plays the game, his toughness, his ability to throw the ball, very accurate. I want a chance to hopefully get him out on the practice field.”

Add that to the fact that Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has said that Foles isn’t available to them, you can see that the Birds are serious about giving the youngster the chance to be their starting quarterback if he can outplay Michael Vick in the team’s practices.

Kelly was also very positive about starting middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

“A physical player, obviously the leader of the defense in terms of getting guys lined up”, Kelly said. “Plays the game the way you want it to be played. From listening to other people in the building, there’s a quality about him that you want to be around him.”

It sounds like Ryans position is secure.  I would like to see him take over the defense more by calling out his teammates when it’s needed.  He doesn’t have to do it publicly, but he needs to demand a certain level of effort on each play.

If I were Eagles veteran cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha I wouldn’t take it for granted that I was going to be a Philadelphia Eagles in the 2013 season.  Birds head coach Chip Kelly didn’t have much to say about him despite much prying for the local sports media in Indianapolis yesterday.

All Kelly could say about Asomugha was,  “I don’t have his group of plays, or how he played in Game 1 through the last game of the season,” then after more questions, “I think Nnamdi has the skill set (pause) that can play football.”

We all know that the former Oakland Raiders cornerback played horribly in 2012.  He can no longer run with the faster receivers in the league, his quickness and change of direction are subpar and he seems indecisive when he comes up into the press technique, which used to be his strength.  Bottomline, he’s no where near worth the the $15 million dollars they slated to pay him now. on Facebook

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42 Comments for “Chip Kelly Speaks Well Of Foles And Ryans, But Not Asomugha”

  1. G-andy HAS to say that about a player on another teams roster! that comment meant NOTHING

  2. I am telling you Cigar, he has contingency plans just in case Vick is really terrible, he is smart enough to have more then one way to run his offense. In my opinion he’s playing poker, talk up Foles in case somebody panics and offers a 2 or a 3. If no good offers come keep him if Vick is terrible or injured then you go with offense number 2 with Foles running it. Now if Dixon shows up and blows them out of the water during camp then who knows.

  3. Sounds like to me management is telling the coach who his qb is jut like it did with Reid, look at those quotes above by Kelly, he talks as though the choice of who plays qb is not his, the birds are looking to ship foles outttttaaa heeeeerrrre, and maybe Kelly doesnt like it, I don’t trust that nerd Roseman for one minute

    • Really? Really? So let me get this straight. Chip Kelly changes his mind and comes to Philly only to have the Eagles management tell him who his QB will be. lol. Yeah that makes sense. Chip gave up his great job in Oregon so Howie tells him what to do in Philly. Does that even make sense? Come on man.

      • agreed. kelly is making the calls on who is qb is!

      • His so called great job he left, is about to get steam rolled with NCAA Sanctions! He cowardly quit on them, a day after he was at 3 recruits homes, to leave for a $$$$ grab, given to him, by a clueless, moronic owner!!! Get a F^#@ING CLUE dagg!!!! You don’t know what the f^#@ you’re talking about!!!!

        • that is just par for the course– college coaches are a.holes at that level– kelly is no different- ego, money etc…
          i’m more concerned that he is spurrier not harbaugh

          • Surrier 2.0! No NFL experience, at all! Gimmick coach! Trying to re-invent the game! Bringing in failures & familiars! Sounds like a carbon copy to me! Didn’t like it when it happened, & hate it worse now! Other than Tom Gamble, not 1 positive thing, has happened, been said, or reported, to give me any optimism!!!!! This is an inevitable train wreck, filled with gasoline cars, ready to happen!

            • I think the diffrence is, Spurrier was married to a certain way of doing his thing. How knows, maybe Chip is as well. From what he has been saying and the offensive coaching staff, it sure appears that he is open to ideas about the pro game.

  4. notice also how Kelly’s words and demeanor about the quarterback, system, have changed since his initial hire, where he was, one, effusive about foles, and, second, described the ideal qb that gets rid of the ball quickly, doesn’t take sacks, makes good decisions, all the attributes of foles and not Vick

    Now he’s here for awhile and Lurie, through howie, not so fast chip with your plans, we like Vick, we want to restructure, we also like some of these other bums that howie brought here drafted

    Read those quotes, not for what he’s saying versus what he’s really saying, ” hope howie gives me the chance to go with the better quarterback”

    • Jakedog. This is Kellys team. Deal with the facts. Everything you don’t agree with is Howies fault? Come on man. Just deal with it. This is from Eagles 24/7 read it.

      Chip Kelly has told Howie Roseman and the Eagles’ personnel staff exactly what kinds of players he wants on his roster.
      And by all accounts, he’s been extremely specific.

      We touched on the topic last month at the Senior Bowl. The gist is that Kelly has particular measurables for certain positions. He’s not quite ready to share the details with us, but they do exist.

      “I’d say there’s a little bit more of a stress going forward on some height, weight, speed,” Roseman said Thursday at the Combine.

      “He told us examples of things that were important to him by position. We got our position specifics out to our scouts. They’re very much on board. They know what we’re looking for at each position. We’re on board, we’re rolling.”

      The Eagles’ draft board is pretty much set, but it could see more changes than usual this year because of Kelly’s requirements. Roseman admitted that there are certain deal-breakers with players.

      “I hope not drastically different,” Roseman said, when asked how his draft board now would compare to the one he’ll use in April. “Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a particular position where a certain height, weight, speed characteristic is really important and their characteristic is too low on that that you’re going to have to move them down or even off the board. But basically, it shouldn’t change drastically.”

      Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie have said multiple times that the Eagles are a coach-centric organization, meaning the personnel department’s job is to cater to Kelly and give him what he needs. That means Roseman and the scouting department will undergo an adjustment period from how Andy Reid ran things.

      “In terms of position priorities, they believe in the same things. I think that’s one of the things that was appealing. We had a lot of success with Coach Reid,” Roseman said. “And so, the things that were important to Coach Reid are important to Coach Kelly.

      “At the same time, there are going to be other things that he stresses that he’s looking for in particular positions that we have to adjust to, and we did that when he had our scouts in at the meetings. And we’ll continue to discuss that as we’re here.”

  5. For Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, the options are simple: Take a pay cut or get cut.

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Eagles and Asomugha’s representatives will meet this morning, and the team will ask Asomugha to restructure his contract. If Asomugha refuses, the team will cut him.

    Asomugha is guaranteed $4 million from the Eagles this year whether he plays for them or not, so it would be a costly move to cut him. But it will cost the Eagles $15 million to have Asomugha on their team this year under his current contract, and Philadelphia has concluded that he simply isn’t worth his massive contract.

    When Asomugha signed with the Eagles before the 2011 season, the deal was advertised as a five-year, $60 million contract — and was advertised as one of the deals that made the Eagles the Dream Team. But that now looks like a contract that the Eagles regret, and if Asomugha won’t take less money, he’ll soon become an unrestricted free agent again. An unrestricted free agent who will get a much smaller contract this time around.

  6. Kelly is not his own man dag

  7. And that article is what the eagles want us to believe, but propaganda nonetheless, you always must look harder as the old cleric raffiki says to simba, look harder……

  8. Be your own man dag come up with an original thought, I don’t give a shit what any one else says unless it’s an original though, otherwise you are a parrot, a retained attorney

  9. Relax jakedog its all good. You can take the articles or leave them it doesn’t bother me one bit. We all have different views. Theres really nothing original to contribute right now. You are just going around and around and around for weeks.We get it. You hate Vick you hate management you hate everything. Nothing really original about that. Kelly is being made to play Vick because jakedog says so. That’s your beliefs which is why we are all different. I don’t share them beliefs.

  10. ***Just made official on WIP, “Roseman met with ASSomugha agent, & he was told either he restructures his contract, & takes a major pay cut, or he gets cut.”***
    WTF, are they doing, these absolute imbeciles?!? Just do the smart thing & release him! He is a cancerous tumor, who needs to go, at all costs! He is horrid, he can’t cover a corpse anymore, is a quitter, & was a horrific team-mate! GTFO, with this $#!T!!!!!

    • all due respect? I’m not a Nnamdi fan and really didn’t want him when the Eagles signed him, considering I knew the result would be to get rid of Asante at some point….man o man, do I wish the Eagles still had Asante….but I still have to ask, how do you know what type of teammate he is? and how do you know if he quit?

      • i would say body language and play on the field showed he was a quitter.
        my big concern is that ‘attitude’ and chemistry which both sucked last year are not being addressed… it was a culture of shit! CLEAN IT UP

      • Real, him pointing at his team-mates, after his mistakes & getting torched! Not sitting with his team-mates at lunch, but in his car! No leadership! Quitting on the team! All well documented on several sites, & numerous times on WIP! Doesn’t sound like a good team-mate to me!

        • thats interesting to learn about him eating lunch in his car…I’m not worried about the leadership, not everyone is meant to lead…And you really can’t be a leader when you have a hand in giving up critical touchdowns almost once a game…passion and confidence may have been lacking, which could be interpreted as quitting…

          • All the reasons, for him to GTFO here! He ain’t no Eagle, & DAMN sure ain’t 1 of us! No heart! Soft! Can’t tackle! Selfish! Quitter! SEE YA, WOULDN’T WANNA BE YOU, “NO DEE ASSomugha!”

    • Though i agree with you remember they still take a 4 million dollar hit whether they keep him or not.

  11. yeah i don’t know why they gave the option???
    its still at least a $4 mil cap hit if he restructures at a lower number? i think so because it represents money he’s already received in a bonus

    • If he gave any inkling, of still being an NFL quality CB, I’d bite on the pay cut, but he is a shot player, & ISN’T worth bringing back, at any price! Not even for food stamps! He MUST GO!!!!

  12. Once again, proves my point this ain’t chips team, it’s howie’s and his boyfriends team, won’t let chip can’t cut assomaugh, it was howie who signed him, howie saving face, Kelly is howie’s stooge, ” please howie let me play foles”,, ” no chip, you know the drill, just be quiet and take it”, “ouch”

  13. Haha, good one dag, I like it, don’t hate that last post of yours one bit, dag slapping me down, nice

  14. JD that ain’t how this goes… there are salary cap issues that kelly has inherited and yes he did inherit them from roseman but thats the cost of doing business.

  15. The comparisons of Kelly to Spurrier need to stop. Football to Spurrier is a 8 hour a day job. In the NFL coaches put 15+ hours a day. From what I have heard about Kelly, he puts in the time. If he fails it won’t be because he’s an 8 hour a day guy.

    • Nothing needs to stop! Get real, my may! All comparisons are valid, accurate, & almost carbon copies! WTF has he proven so far, that he has a clue! Bad staff, contradictions, resigning Vick, & signing a stiff, practice squad QB, just because he coached him, 5 YEARS AGO!!!! Nothing needs to stop!!!!

      • I’m not saying I like everything Chip Kelly has done. He could possible be a total failure. Just think that Spurrier is not a good comparison.

  16. So to review, Chip Kelly thinks Michael Vick has “the skills to win with his offense”, thinks Nick Foles has “toughness” and the “ability to throw the ball very accurate”, and thinks Nnamdi Asomugha “has a skill set that can play football.” If Chip didn’t score enough points with you pretending to care about cheesesteaks and the Wing Bowl he’s definitely making up the difference by sneak-dissing everyone’s least favorite and most overpaid Eagle. THAT’S how you win over the Philly faithful, CK. Good old-fashioned Nnamdi bashing.
    “No, I’m not trying to sound lukewarm on the guy I’m just saying he has a skill set that can play football. I’ve also seen that he has two arms and two legs which at this level is very important. Also saw on film that he has full control over all of his bodily functions as it didn’t appear he pee’d or pooped his uniform at all last season. So there are some positives. I don’t want to make any statements about contracts or how much I like specific players but Nnamdi Asomugha is definitely a guy with ten fingers who also appears to own shoulder pads.”

  17. I don’t know when these sports writers will learn that football is a business and what teams say is not necessarily what they mean. Of course the eagles are going to talk highly of Foles. If they don’t plan on keeping him, they want to trade him for a high pick. You can’t bag on a guy you want a “1st or 2nd round” pick for. (which we all know is code word for we’ll be exited to get a 3rd rounder) Asomugha is the exact opposite. They are either going to cut him, or persuade him to restructure his deal. Downplaying his skill and the team’s interest in him, lowers his perceived market value. That presumably gives eagles more leverage when it comes to renegotiating his contract. I’m sure what the eagles say, does have a grain of truth to it, but logic would suggest that they are a bit less enamored with Foles and bit more interested in Asomugha than what their public message would indicate. Its foolish to hang on every word kelly says as gospel, without considering all motivations involved.

  18. I think the key line in Kelly’s comments about Foles was:

    “I want a chance to hopefully get him out on the practice field.”

    That’s a far cry from “I can’t wait to get him on the practice field….”

    Semantics? Perhaps.

    “I want a chance to hopefully get him”…..????????

    Might as well have added,” but you and I all know that I won’t get that chance ’cause he’s outta here. Enjoy another 3 years of QBs running around Philly!!”

  19. Yea Vinnie, I agree with you in regards to Kelly’s comments…
    “I want a chance to hopefully get him out on the practice field”

    keyword, hopefully….why say “hopefully”?

  20. Because it’s not his choice who plays, starts , that’s why he’s hoping Howie let’s him have a chance with foles but it ain’t hsppeniing

  21. Come on Jake… $5 million a year to be told what to do by a guy making $800K. That don’t make sense.

  22. Jake and DCar are the posterboys for why everyone hates Philly fans. Both of you need to man up and at least let the preseason get here before you turn into whiny bitches. Oops too late.

    • You are the poster boy, of a soft, tender @$$, who lives his life in a delusional world, where you’re afraid of criticism! You’re the Tootsie, that F^#@ING needs to man up! Who the F^#@ is whining? I speak the truth & fact all of the time! So for you, & any other POS, that doesn’t like Philly fans, Jake, or I, can kiss my mutt @$$! If the truth hurts, & you don’t like what we say, don’t read, or comment on here! You don’t bring anything to the site anyways, but excuses, & kissing @$$! YOU MAN THE F^#@ UP!!!

  23. You all are making way too much out of coaches speak! Re-fucking relax! He said hopefully or he said this or that. He is a football coach he speaks on vague terms, stop psychoanalyzing

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