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Report: Eagles Talking To Nnamdi Asomugha About Paycut

NmandiAsomugha1If you are a member of the “Get Rid Of Nnamdi Asomugha” club, you’re going to be disappointed at a report by Jeff McLane of  He says the Eagles are talking to Asomugha’s agent about negotiating a pay cut so that the cornerback can stay with the ball club.

He’s scheduled to make $15.5 million this year as part of a five-year $80 million dollar deal.  They’re going into the third year of the deal and there’s no way he’s performed at a level which would make the Eagles feel that they got the best of the deal.

Asomugha is guaranteed $4 million even if the Bird release him, so the Birds must decide if they want to eat that $4 million dollar sum of money or try to work out a deal when Asomugha takes a paycut but plays for the team again this year.

If it were up to me, I would be saying adios to Asomugha because he doesn’t seem to be committed to football.  Normally a veteran like Asomugha who was the most accomplished player in the Eagles secondary, usually takes over as a quasi-assistant coach.  He would make sure everybody was on the same page before each game.

Asomugha seemed to be disinterested in football and more interested in becoming a U.S. Senator one day than becoming a Super Bowl Champion.   He has a heavy schedule of making speeches and appearances on the part of his foundation during the season when he’s not playing football.  These off the field matters seem to be his focus.

It’s a very dangerous situation with a young ballclub to have the highest-paid and most accomplished player in your secondary setting a bad example for the younger player by not being committed to being the very best player he can be.

The guy who is making the most money becomes a role model for his teammates, where he is a good role model or a bad role model.  I would rather have a less talented player who is passionately committed to being the best he can be than a “going through the motions” kind of guy like Asomugha.

From what I’ve heard the Eagles don’t want to throw that $4 million dollars away and get nothing for it. on Facebook

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23 Comments for “Report: Eagles Talking To Nnamdi Asomugha About Paycut”

  1. They also said that if he doesn’t want a restructured deal he will be cut. plain and simple this article is Late.

    • All the articles, are always late on here! We do all the leg work, informing each other, better than the Authors. Denny & JJ are the 2 best on here. No offence GC, but you got to get on the ball.

  2. I think he would take the money an sign a 1 yr deal with a team- lions, Jets, tampa then he will perform admirably an be signed by either of those teams 2 yr contract with incentives.

  3. Remember from a Players Perspective, it’s just hard for some Athletes to swallow their Pride and admit that they were overpaid and take a pay-cut to remain with the same team..
    What Mick Vick did was the exception, most players take offense and want out of an organization that asks them to take a pay cuy (look at Assante Samuel for example) once they feel they are no longer valued or wanted

    • not in all cases p-man, it all depends on the individual and his age. Namdi’s not your typical athlete, he has a very high IQ, and he comes from a 2 parent houseold ( which matters ) and he is a likable teamate. I know that he is a west coast guy, so we will see. the ball is in his court. I know that chip kelly wants to win now ( as evident by his QB decision ) if I had to keep one of the corners between Namdi & DRC it would be Namdi hands down. I think that DRC is an idiot whose not focused & would command alot of coin on the free agent market

  4. For those who don’t think Nick Foles will be on this roster this year..Per Rueben Frank……

    Once again, Kelly faced questions about whether Foles’ minimal foot speed and mobility would clash with the identity of the offense he intends to implement compared to the athletically superior Vick.

    Once again, Kelly shot down theories that his Eagles offense would completely mirror the schemes he designed at Oregon or that he would force feed his playbook to a quarterback whose best assets weren’t suited for the blueprint.

    “I’ve said that 1,000 times,” Kelly said. “When I was at the University of New Hampshire we threw it on every down because that kid (Ricky Santos) was really good. He threw 123 touchdowns and like 22 interceptions in a four-year span and he probably ran a 5.0 in the 40. So we catered to his strengths and I threw the ball more there than I did at Oregon.

    “When I got to Oregon, when I got there I was fortunate that I had Dennis Dixon on our roster. That’s what I think any coach does. You go figure out what your personnel can do and you play to your strengths.”

    Dixon is a security blanket for plan c, he knows Foles has more potential to be the real deal……I expect Foles to supplant Vick, at sometime during the season, and Dixon WILL be 3rd String…..Thank You, and Good Night!

  5. Word out in Indy is that Vick is being dangled as Trade bait
    To a couple of Clubs (Vikings, Cardinals & Jaguars) Stay tuned for this
    QB Corps is not settled yet for the Eagles..

    • Good, maybe he can take NoDee ASSomugha, Cole, Maclin & Herremans, with him too! We need much more flexibility, in this draft, by obtaining more top half draft picks. If we can either get a 4th for Vick, pry KC’s 3rd for Foles, a 3-4 for Cole, or a 2nd for Maclin, it’s gotta be done!

  6. GmCliff We can only hope that all this Vick stuff has been posturing.

    One great coaching move would be to cut Vick after he loses to Foles in the QB competition thus aligning firmly the locker room behind the Kid because they sense the faith the coach has in him. They can only F this up by bringing in a high draft pick QB.

  7. Take offense r u kiddin me he knows hes a bum and was lucky to dupe the strappers into giving him all that dough. Kick the lameass to the curb I wouldnt want his ass on my team. Get rid of all the bad shit imagine another season watching him do nothing against wr and look arouind with arms up trying to blame someone else u kiddin me man start fresh get people in here that want to play hard nose football not this shit we been watching for 2-3 seasons

  8. Cut him, he is a nice guy but that is half the reason the eagles defense is called milk and cookies.

  9. I stated 2 Years ago, that signing Asmo could be a Colossal Mistake..
    It turns out that he was and at lease I am encouraged that they have addressed it now and need to draw a line in the sand and to be honest, should just flat out eat the $4 Million and release him.. He’s obviously not going to be a happy campler coming back at 50% Paycut, so why bother having him around the younger players in a new system for I tdon’t believe he’s even worth having around lockerroom moving forward for he is not part of the Future any way you look at it.. keep him for 2013 for his $4 million Bonus plus a $6-$7 million salary.. I say, whats the point .. move on from Asmo and take it as an expensive lesson learned

  10. Correction.. I did not say it “could” be a mistake, I said it “was” a mistake which was an easy call to make since Asmo’s last good year was back in 2008 and was simply average in 2009 & 2010 but his reputation preceeded him and was living off the ‘hype” and many folks/fans on the East Coast, just didn’t see him play that much or really knew how “soft” he was and how his lack of foot speed prevents him from being a solid cover CB on routes beyond 20 yards.. He’s a good press-cover CB for the first 10-15 Yards and that’s it.. He cannot back-pedal quick enouighm he has poor leaping and timing abilitly and just seems to lose the ball in relation to where the Receiver, most Good CB,play the man or the Ball and Asmo seems to not do either and plus he’s always had poor hands.. What a “Overrated Player” he truly is and the Eagles got suckered and so did the Fans who bought into the hype.. Good Riddance

  11. I’d take a late round pick on the kid from Duke. Renfree

  12. I think QB Glennon is the first QB Drafted
    To either the Bills or Jets in the 1st Round

  13. I always said Nnamdi was overrated, simply because he’s never had the kind of interception numbers you look for in an “Elite” CB. Having said that, he could have a comeback year and it’s more likely he’ll be a positive force in the locker room versus some other players. The Eagles are eyeing Sean Smith, because of his size and speed, but his stats haven’t been great. I wouldn’t mind seeing him, but he does seem to have a potential “locker room cancer” element about his character from what I’ve read.

  14. If N amdi takes a 50% pay cut, how do you or anyone else think that he’ll be
    A Positive Influence and especially with the younger plAyers who are trying to beat him out.. Just acknowledge that it didn’t work out for him or the Team and move on, why can’t the Eagles make simple decisions?

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