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Kenjon Barner’s Advice For Eagles Players: “Be in great shape”’s Paul Domowitch is out at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this weekend, so he talked to former Oregon Ducks running back Kenjon Barner, who is out there working out for the scouts and played in Chip Kelly’s system for the past four years.  Barner gave some advice for players on the Eagles roster.

“Be in great shape,” Barner said. “That’s the best advice I can give to those guys. Be in great shape. Because he pushes you to a limit that you didn’t know you had.

“If you’re not in shape, you’re not going to last in that offense. That’s the bottom line. During the offseason, you have to push yourself to the absolute limit. To the point where you feel you can’t go any further. Then, by the time the season came around, it was a piece of cake.”

Barner also told a story of Kelly doing something which was never a strength of Andy Reid’s, thinking on his feet during a game. He recounted a tough battle that the Ducks were having with instate rival Oregon State.

“We had been running inside zone the entire day and we hadn’t really hit it like we wanted it to hit,” he said.

“Then coach Kelly saw something with the defensive end. He called timeout. He pulled me aside and told me to cut it back.

“I didn’t know what he was talking about. I said, ‘Coach, it hasn’t been there all game.’ But I did it and I ran for 60 yards. For him to see that, that’s kind of uncommon.” on Facebook

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19 Comments for “Kenjon Barner’s Advice For Eagles Players: “Be in great shape””

  1. The Navy Seal Marine trainer will make sure all these boys aren’t pussy footin in this bitch no more.

  2. Professional Athletes have to be in-shape in 2013..WOW..what a new concept.

  3. Yeah I agree, half these guys are juicing or something so they can workout like animals… Be in shape? Hmmm good idea. Another non-story

  4. Best news I’veread for a while. I really like the idea of the juiced up tempo offense. One play every 18 seconds. Good for overs!!

  5. Speaking of great shape…

    TE Tyler Eifert certainly didn’t hurt himself with a 4.6 40 (for a guy 6′ 6″ 250, 35.5 inch vertical and 22 on the bench…..

    I’m still thinking this may be the Eagles’ suprise 2nd round pick….young safety blanket for the young QB……

  6. can someone tell andrew bynum this !

  7. There is in shape and then in shape to flourish in Kelly’s offense if you guys watched any Oregon’s games you would know that. Everything is uptempo the Oline and rb’s need to be doing some serious cardio work or else this won’t work. 2 or 3 backs are a must don’t be surprised if Barner is drafted here.

  8. I see DL Dixon,Jenkins struggling and maybe even Graham who still has that Cardio-Issue where he gets winded very quickly..

  9. Brandon Graham I think is going to be a late bloomer. Was’nt he an OLB at Michigan? If I’m not mistaken that was the position he flourished in.

    Why do people hate on A Dixon… At one point a year ago or 2 he was the best Dlinemen on our whole team.. Boy has drawing double teams, and shoving em in the backfield

    • Because he’s a wasteful, tub of lard, makes no plays, who was released by us, picked up by NO ONE, & was a head scratching resign, to a 2 year contract, the last week of the year. Pure ineptness, cluelessness, & stupidity!

  10. Grahams played DE for Michigan and mostly from a 3 Point Stance, Occasionally he would rush from a Standing position but he’s never played a trule OLB that I am aware of as fard as dropping back in pass coverages, etc,etc.. He was always used as a Pass-Rusher at Michigan as he;s been with the Eagles from what I recall.. During the Draft Season when he came out, most Scouts saw him as a 3-4 OLB pass-Rusher (like a Suggs,Harrison Type who is listed as an OLB, but is really a Pass-Rusher from a 3-4 Scheme) as opposed to a traditional 4-3 hand on the ground DE
    Re : Dixon’s Problem is that he’s never in tip-top shape.. last off-season, the Eagles were counting on him to come into Camp to take that #1 DT spot and he came to camp 20-25lbs overweight, then started pulling muscles,hamstrings and just never got untrack or on the field . I have always like his play when he’s focused, but he needs to be in tip-top shape to do so to help the Team and himself. This is probably his last chance for him so I hope he works his butt off and is raring to go..

  11. I was watching the combine show on NFL Network yesterday — those work out Under Armour socks, shorts and shirts are Ugly. Guys are also running around in pastel and fluorescent sneakers, LOL.

  12. The OL went through Combine drills yesterday and they keep taking shots at Danny Watkins.
    the first stat was Danny Watkins was the smallest OL taking in the first round at 6’3”. Every other recent first round draft pick all taller than him. Then they put up another stat showing recent OG drafted in the first round and highlighted Danny Watkins as the only one selected currently not starting. LOL

  13. During Combine show 3 former GM’s gave top 10 mock drafts
    Scott Pioli had the Eagles drafting Chance Warmack
    Mike Tannenbaum & Charlie Casserly had the Eagles drafting Star Lotulele

  14. Wax on Wax offChip San

  15. All joking aside what I would really see this team get is a big fb that get drive the ball through to get critacal yds and punch in for score. We really havent had a good fb since john Ritchie when he left they never replaced him

    • That guy is now an H back and must be able to block as a FB and a TE. He must also be able to catch and run. Lastly he must be able to play special teams and it wouldn;t hurt if he could long snap. Barring all those conditions the position is mostly gone from the NFL.

  16. I still think OT Eric Fisher goes to the Eagles at #4 Pick

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