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Analyzing Draft Prospects: Dion Jordan

Dion JordanEvery year as the NFL Combine begins and the draft draws closer, more names come out and sneak into the draft grade of top ten or solidify first round projection. This year is no different.

Dion Jordan, an Oregon “pass rusher”, is one of those guys. Jordan, who stands 6-6 and weighs in at 245 pounds, was named to the all-PAC 12 team and was a Dick Butkus Award finalist in 2012.

The term “pass rusher” is one of the ways Jordan is defined and is listed as his position by some professionals. Technically, Jordan is a DE/OLB but he spent plenty of time dropping into coverage and even lining up opposite slot wide receivers.

“Because of my athleticism,” says Jordan “I can play with my hand on the ground or I can cover guys in space playing linebacker.”

The Oregon Duck was recruited as a wide receiver out of high school and played tight end in his first year in Eugene. Mike Mayock of NFL Network, one of the most respected minds in NFL Draft knowledge, labeled Jordan as a player with “frightening athletic skills.” At 6-6, the athletic skills necessary to excel on the defensive side of the football are rare.

Jordan spent much of his time with the Ducks in a two-point stance, rarely with his hand on the ground as he described. His position was that of a typical 3-4 linebacker, only more versatile. Jordan lined up on the left, on the right, in the middle, then in the slot; all in a single series. It was impossible for one person to be assigned to Jordan and expect to stop him. Sacking the quarterback 14.5 times in his three years as a pass rusher, the towering athlete was no stranger to getting in the backfield.

The only knock on Jordan is also his greatest strength: his size. At 6-6 he only weighs in at 245 pounds, a weight that would get man-handled by NFL offensive tackles. Mayock added to his analysis: “I think Jordan is two years away from being an Aldon Smith-type player…He’s a situational pass rusher in year one and if he puts 20 pounds on, I think he’s going to be a perennial All-Pro.”

Aldon Smith has sacked the quarterback 33.5 times in his two years in the league. When comparing the two, Jordan has displayed similarities to Smith including many of the same pass rushing moves and nearly identical speed. The NFC Champion was the seventh overall pick in the 2011 draft, an area that would be more likely than drafting Jordan fourth overall, where the Eagles currently sit.

Jordan has two inches on Smith yet is outweighed by 15 pounds. For Jordan to have the same impact he did while at Oregon, he will have to bulk up while remaining fast and fit. Chip Kelly’s defense, like his offense, will be a fast-speed, high-paced defense. Jordan excelled in it before and he seems to be a perfect fit for what the Eagles are expected to look like in 2013.

Without any standout, definite, top-five players in the draft, trading back a couple spots may be a hard move to complete. Teams in need of offensive linemen could benefit from holding a top-five pick with Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel, Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher, and Alabama’s Chance Warmack all expected to be very high draft picks. Before free agency opens it is unknown what team needs will be like come April 25th, so projecting teams that may want to move up is nearly impossible.

The Eagles “team needs” cover almost all possible positions. A strong draft and an active free agency period will be necessary to compete in 2013.

The risk of “betting on a kid two years from now” (per Mayock) could be highly outweighed by the rewards any player being compared to Aldon Smith could bring. With Oregon’s former head coach leading the show in Philly and Jerry Azzinaro, Dion Jordan’s position coach in Oregon, as Chip Kelly’s second-in-command, there is no reason for Jordan not to be linked to the Eagles early in draft speculation.

The Eagles have many other areas of concern but with Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, and Todd Herremans all returning from injury in 2013, the Eagles offensive line will not be made up of spare parts as in 2012. While the top offensive linemen will be hard to pass on, the Eagles defense is unquestionably the bigger area of concern for the Eagles.

A defensive overhaul and change of scheme is in the works for the Eagles and early draft picks on the defensive side of the ball are all but guaranteed. Dion Jordan has a history with the Eagles new staff and fills an area of need for the team. Come April, Jordan will be one of the names on the Eagles short list of players they will want to join the team.

NOTE: Michael Johnson of the Bengals could make this whole argument invalid. He is reportedly in talks with the Bengals on a contract extension and wants to stay in Cincinnati but if the 6-7, 270 pound, athletic defensive end hits free agency, the Eagles will have to seriously consider spending some of their huge cap space on him.

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123 Comments for “Analyzing Draft Prospects: Dion Jordan”

  1. Very intriguing Prospect Dion Jordan is as is BYU’s Ezekial Ansah
    Who is big and probably naturally stronger than Jordan is at this stage of his development. Obviously with the fimiliarity of Jordan by Kelly and DL Coach,
    He would make a nice pick..
    The Eagles Best Chance to trade back would be with the Rams who are desperate for an OT who can Start from Day 1..the Top 3 OT (Joeckel, Fisher & Lane Johnson) will all be gone by the Rans 1st Selection (#16)
    And the Rams have 2 Picks (16th & 22nd) in the 1st Round

  2. As good as Jordan looks I don’t want to spend a 1st round pick on a guy who is described as being 2 years away.

  3. Took the words or of my mouth about Jordan and Ansah. Could be the pick for the birds in the first.. Where they pick is anyone guess??

  4. Only if the Eagles Trade back for additional picks, but at #4
    The Eagles need a Day 1 Starter and a potential Pro-Bowler and right now I only see 2-3 Players that have that chance in this Draft
    OT Fisher, Guard Warmack or DT Star Lotuleile (who I am still not sure about)
    And I don’t see selecting a Guard at #4
    My Choice would be OT Fisher unless I can get 2 additional
    High Picks for him..

  5. He reminds me of a lighter Jason Pierre-Paul. Jordan is a little more polished than Jason Pierre-Paul was coming out of college but a similar skill set.

    • Irish, he ain’t nothing like Pierre- Paul. He was chiselled from granite, this kid needs to start eating some sammiches! In all seriousness, in no way, shape, or form, is this kid worth a high 1st rouder! He shouldn’t even be a 1st rounder! Too many good pass rushers, to take a chance on a project. He’s got more Jon Harris in him, than Aldon Smith! It’s asinine, to compare the 2! Mayock is losing it! He thinks Warmack is the #1 player, on his board & thinks Fisher is better than Joeckel. Dudes nuts!

  6. This Draft is not Top Heavy at all,
    But there are many good prospects in the
    Top 85-100 Selections or so
    Eagles have 4 Picks (4,36,68 & 100)
    The key for a kick-ass Draft by them is to
    Get 2 Additional Selections in this Top 100
    Either by trading down from #4 and or Trading a
    A Current Player like Trent Cole or Jeremy Maclin is possibly Nick Foles
    Or packaging a player like Jenkins or Herremans with a 5th Round Pick to move into that Top 100 or so..

    • I say more like Aldon Smith of the 49ers who was also thin up top
      Coming out of College. JPP was bigger/stronger but definitely “raw” as far as technique when coming out and if he didn’t land on the Giants were they have a history of developing DE with talented players alongside him, he probably would be still struggling to the Pro Game in my opinion

  7. Example Send Raiders Jenkins and a 5th Round Pick for their 4th Round pick (#99), Raiders need a DT and GM Mckenzie is from the Packers and knows Jenkins very well
    Or Trade Herremans and a 5th Round Pick to Chiefs for their 4th Round (#97)

  8. I would be all for Eagles trading #4 Pick to the Rams for their 16 & 22 picks and Eagles could get Safety Viccaro or Jordan or Absah at 16
    And then select CB Rhodes or Trufant at #22 which would be a great 1st Round and building blocks for the future Eagles Defense..

  9. If the Eagles are smart they will stay at 4, and draft Eric Fisher, and make a deal to try to get another 1st Rounder, or two; The Rams would be ideal.

    If possible, you trade down to get more 2nd, and 3rd Round Picks. In that 1st Round draft Ezekiel Ansah, and Dion Jordan. They would be stars in the 3-4, and upgrades over Cole, and Graham.

    2nd Round should enhance our overall draft, starting from the first round:

    1a. Eric Fisher OT 6-7 306 – Central Michigan
    1b. Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB 6-6 277 – Brigham Young
    1c. Dion Jordan DE/OLB 6-6 245 – Oregon

    2a DJ Fluker OG/OT 6-5 335 – Alabama
    2b. Larry Warford OG 6-3 340 – Kentucky
    2c. Xavier Rhodes CB 6-2 212 – Florida State
    2d. Jonathan Cyprian FS 6-1 206 – Florida International

    3a Alec Ogletree MLB 6-3 248 – Georgia
    3b. Brian Schwenke C 6-3 314 – California
    3c. Brandon Williams DT 6-3 345 – Missouri Southern State

    4a. Da’Rick Rogers WR 6-3 212 – Tennessee Tech
    4b. Terron Armstead OT 6-4 315 – Arkansas- Pine Bluff
    4c. Sia Moore SS/OLB 6-2 223 – Connecticut

    5a. Michael Williams TE 6-7 270 – Alabama
    5b. Marc Harrison WR 6-4 223 – Rutgers

    6a. Ty Powell OLB 6-4 252 – Harding University
    6b. Alex Hurst OG 6-5 340 – LSU

    7a. Manase Fuketi OG 6-5 325 – West Texas A&M
    7b. Ray Ray Armstrong S/ST 6-3 220 – Faulkner College

    This is the official GMCliff 2013 NFL Draft Wish list for the Eagles…

    • Do not like Jordan. He shouldn’t even be a 1st rounder. Don’t waste a 1st rounder on a project. But the rest of your guys are good. Add Baccari Rambo in 3rd & Justin Hunter in 4th. BTW, my boy Lotuleilei, only weighed in at 311. Too small to be a NT! Maybe 3-4 DE, & get Brandon Williams in the 3rd.

      • Sometimes DCar, you draft for potential. Because he was an Oregon Player under CK, he may have to be overdrafted somewhat, in order to be drafted by the Eagles. Potentially, he has just as high an upside as DeMontre Moore, or an uninjured Jarvis Jones; The difference is his ability to drop in coverage, and stay foot for foot with RB’s. I draft him…

        We disagree on Justin Hunter, when Rogers, was at Tennessee between He, and Hunter…Da’Rick Rogers was the better talent..Good player, but I pass on Justin Hunter….

        I like Rambo, but I think I get more physicality from Sia Moore, with more speed than Rambo……

        Brandon Williams is in the 3rd Brother…….You know Iove your prospective DCar!!!

        • gm, we don’t have the leeway, to be wasting a 1st rounder, on a project, on a team full of holes! Our 1st 2-4 picks HAVE TO, contribute right away. He’s also a injury concern. He’s getting labrum & rotator cuff surgery, & will be sidelined for 3-4 months! NO WAY, NO HOW! I’ll take any of the 3 Tennessee WR’s- Patterson, Rogers, Hunter. In that order. I know you had Williams in the 3rd, I was saying Lotuleilei, as DE & Brandon Williams in the 3rd. Would be joygasmic! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

      • Star I’d dropping and may end up a mid-1st Rounder
        The entire NFL Crew are higher on DT Shariff Floyd as a Top 5
        Pick and probably the 1st DT Selected who played versus much better OL
        In the SEC than did Star while at Utah.. I am not that enamored with
        Star with the #4 Pick

        For the record both WVU players QB Geno Smith and especially WR Tavon had very strong workouts this morning and helped themselves out

      • Did Star really weigh in at 311?

        • Yes, he weighed 311. I thought he was much bigger. he’s 30lbs lighter & an inch shorter than Haloti Ngata. There went that comparison. LOL!

  10. Add Aaron Mellette WR 6-4 218 4.47 Elon as another GMCliff Target
    in the 5th- 6th Round

  11. GCliff, Your stealing my Players like Mellott
    I actually saw him play Live twice since Elon plays my local University Appalachian State each year in the Douthern Conference
    I am also high on Safety JJ Wilcox from Georgia Southern and FB
    Eric Brietinstein from Wofford as an undrafted FB to pick-Up
    (Eric B is from my local Town of Boone)

  12. Like those Picks GMCliff
    If Eagles could get 5-6 of these players you listed,
    Would be an excellent Draft

  13. GM Cliff I like Ray Ray Armstrong at SS. A former Hurricane with size and the ability to play the pass (ended up at a small school due to a suspension issue). Draft him and sign Byrd and saftey position is solid. On Jordan, I believe he is also having shoulder surgery and will be out for something like 4 months. So, if the Eagles like him the injury will likely ensure they wouldn’t have to use a 1st on him, as he’s sure to fall into the 2nd or 3rd round.

    • Everz, That would be cool if they don’t use a 1st Round pick on Jordan, but at this point, even with the upcoming surgery, he still has a 1st Round grade. But yeah, absolutely, if I can get him at the top of the 2nd, I flip flop, he, and DJ Fluker……

      Armstrong fro me drops to the later 6th- UFA, because he transferred to Faulkner, he lost a year of eligibility, so he didn’t play football this year. I like him as a project Safety, that can help on Special Teams.

    • Dion Jordan will not drop to the 3rd at all….Trust me.

  14. Eagles shock everyone in 2nd round if Eifert there (a big if now)

    I’m calling TE with the 2nd round pick….Eifert for sure if he’s still there (don’t think he will be after his day yesterday, but can hope)

    But…if they do make Paulman’s trade with STL (doubtful….but will consider it for fun). then Eagles guaranteed to get out of 1st round with either Warmack(who seems to be rising from the teens) or Milner and Eifert.

    • Vinnie we won’t need to draft a TE that high, if we can sign Delanie Walker.

      Michael Williams is THE BEST Blocking TE, in this draft. He is also underrated as a pass catcher as well; very under utilized in Alabama’s Offense. Has more upside that Efert, who to me will be a flop as a pro.

      • Also a building in cleats! Dude is a few cheeseburgers, away from lap-band surgery! IMHO, we need receiving TE’s that can block, not the other way around

      • Eifert has been the entire ND offense for the past 2 years, and he’s been tearing it up the past few days.

        I just have a feeling the Eagles will go there.

        As for Signing Walker….do we really want a 6′ tall TE?

        Eagles new passing attack is going to be fast quick throws all the time. Nice to have a 6′ 6″ fast monster somewhere in those first 10 yards…..

        • I think he will be a journeyman player, who never fulfilled the hype. Some of these guys are so ovehyped, that they will never live up to expectations. He’s just ok; He wasn’t that fast, and he isn’t much of a blocker, but some will hype him because, he’s one of the better talented TE’s coming into the draft, but will that translate to the pros.

          Coby Fleener was hyped like that, and he was better than Efert, and he wasn’t all that, in fact he stunk.

        • Walker is a better blocker, and Offensive threat than any TE coming into the draft, despite his measurables…….

          We get too caught up in the potential of some of these prospects that we lose sight of the fact that until they get drafted they are not professionals until they are drafted, and perform in the league. Walker is already a professional…and an All-Pro Talent at that…..

          Efert has potential, but all that means is that he hasn’t proven anything yet. Walker has, and I’d rather have Delanie Walker…….

          • So in other words Cliff the draft is worthless so let’s not get excited about young guys with potential only guys who have done it before. So where do all the young guys go to get experience? You know I’m just busting your stones right? LOL

            • There has to be a balance of quality. Veterans, and young player. Biggie ‘m just tired of the mediocrity of talent year after year, and the team as a whole never gets any better.

              People shine at the combine, or in A game, and all of the sudden, some are slobbering saying “Oh, we have got to have him on the Eagles, and he’s overrated, and overhyped,{ Dee Millner, Chance Warkmack, Matt Elam, Eifert, Sheldon Richardson, Shariff Floyd, etc…..and we pass on potential All Pros because we can’t see beyond the obvious.

      • Walker is an H-back, not a true tigh end…he is 6-0 240

        There are 5-6 legit tight ends in this draft that will be starters.

        • Jott, the experts say that all the time, and these so-called legit TE’s turn out to be nothing. Who was the last impactful TE drafted in the first 2 Rounds…other than Gronkowski, and Vernon Davis? And how many years have they been saying that and every last one of them are bust.

          I predict most of them. if not all of them. won’t be starters, because most of them still need to put on weight, get faster, learn how to block, and grow into NFL Players.

          • Gresham from Bengals is pretty good as is Jared Cook of the Titans
            Which as far more explosive than Celek who is in the bottom third of TE’s in the NFL in my opinion..

            • Jared Cook was another of those overrated bums. Paul, he has nothing on Celek. Gresham’s OK, but I still feel if he didn’t have to compensate for the OLines ineptness, he may have been closer to a Pro Bowl TE; He has shown plenty of flash.

  15. ****News, making rounds at the combine, that if they aren’t franchised, the Birds are targeting, Sean Smith & Jairius Byrd. Also Reid offered a 3rd rounder for Foles.**** I’d do all 3. Dickhead, weaselman is trying to fleece the Hindenburg, for his 2nd! XD Dude, is SOOOOO F^#@ING clueless!!!!

    • Reports from the combine are that Chiefs did inquire about Foles, and the Eagles told them that he wasn’t available……

      I did hear about Byrd, and Smith though. We’ll see…But Foles will not be traded unless the Chiefs of their 2nd, players, and a 1st next year…..Something that blows the Eagles away……

    • The Sean Smith/Byrd rumours are intruiging…ey’re being “targeted” by about 1/2 the teams in the NFL.

      Trading away the best QB on the roster would be a mistake.

      However, there is no way a Vick/Foles dynamic could possibly work. It leaves no room for error for either one of them. Neither would every be able to have a bad quarter, let alone a bad game, without calls for the other.

      Foles and Vick on the same roster would undoubetedly detiorate into a festering year long QB controversy. And that never works.

  16. Lots of good TE’s in this Draft, watch out for
    Escobar from San Diego State and Graggs from Arkansas as receiving type of TE’s to stretch the field like Graham/Hernandez/Finley etc..

  17. Sean Smith sucks! Was targeted a league high 113 times and was beat so many times and was not even a top 30 cornerback per pro football focus….he was pitiful this season and is not worth any amount of money

  18. Eagles are lucky to get the chiefs 3rd for the overrated foles….take him…he is another Feely

  19. RB/KR Onterio McCalebb, just ran a 4.21 40, & broke Chris Johnson’s record. His draft stock just skyrockted! 5’11”, 170. Ran for 2000, 27 TD’s. 2 KR TD’s. Be a nice 4th-5th rounder.

  20. Eagles would not consider Trading Foles unless a 2nd Round Pick
    nd maybe a Future 4th Rounder too..
    And Foles is not a stiff like Feely/Kafka, it’s not even a comparison
    With those two.. After watching the QB’s in Indy, I would rather build with Foles than what I saw at the Combine this morning.. This year’s QB Draft Class needs 2 years at least before any of them make an impact

  21. Dwayne Allen of the Colts is a good promising TE also and really outplayed Fleener for the Colts during their Playoff run last year. I think Colts got him with a 2nd Pick last year on him

    • He did out perform Fleener, but my point was not to get overexcited about the potential of an over hyped TE, because you can get one in the later Rounds that’s probably more NFL ready.

      Jimmy Graham, wasn’t overhyped but the Saints got a gem, because they paid attention to the skills, not the hype……I think Efert, and a lot of these TE’s are overrated.

      • But Dwayne Allen isn’t anything close to an elite TE in the league….Not even close….

        • I dunno GM. Not all 1st and 2nd round TEs are $$, but all $$ TEs from rounds 1 and 2.

          Want a difference maker at TE…draft him high.
          Gonzalez (1)
          Dallas Clark (1)
          Heath Miller (1)
          Vernon Davis (1)
          Bubba Franks (1)
          Crumpler (2)
          Shockey!! (1) lol
          Cooley (3)
          Whitten (3)
          Gronk (2)
          Graham (3)
          Rudolf (2)

          And remember, after the success (and importance) of Graham, and Gronk…..those guys are going to be drafted earlier…..not going to be hiding in rounds 4 and 5….

          TE important in Kelly’s O. If Eifert is there when they pick 2nd round….I think its the eagles’ suprise pick.

          And I think he’ll be good

          • Ihe only IMPACT that I see in your list Vinnie Brother is :

            Davis, Witten, Gronkowski, and Graham. Gonzalez, was how long ago?

            The rest you have go to be kidding me!! Bubba Franks?, Crumpler?, Dallas Clark?(Peyton makes everybody look good), Rudolph?, Cooley? IMOP, Thats not impact. Shockey was for a short period of time.

            My point is, Eifert won’t be anything special, and will play for a few teams in his career hoping to catch lightning in a bottle to re-surge his career.

  22. He just finished his a rookie Year Cliff, I am nut saying he’s Elite, but he will most likely will become one playing with Luck
    Was Vernon Davis, Gronkiwski or Hernandez or Finley or even Graham Elite their Rookie Seasons.. A lot has to do with who your QB is??

  23. Look at the Top Teams around the NFL who all have dynamic TE’s.
    Most have invested an early round pick (first 3 Rounds) in the TE Position and it’s paid off.. The Eagles continually have undervalued the Position like LB and always hope to find a diamond in the rough at both positions in the 5-7 Rounds.
    Sooner or later, if you want a game changer at a Position, you have to select one of the highly rated ones

    • Thats my point. Outside Gronk, Vernon Davis, and Jimmy Graham, maybe Witten, there haven’t been many game changing TE’s.

      BTW, JerMichael Finley, isn’t Elite either; Another overhyped/ lack of production ratio TE…..He’s a bum in my opinion too

  24. The choices are getting easier if the Eagles keep the 4th pick right now I would say Chance Warmack or Eric Fisher because Star Lotulelei has a heart condition.

  25. Report that the 49ers are leaning toward not using franchise tag on S Dashon Goldson.

    • Who cares. SF D one of the most fabulous NFL myths.

      Made a good chunk of ca$h this year rolling SF ‘overs’ any time they faced a competent QB.

      Check it. Second half of the season

      Vs Hoyer, Tannehill, and Campbell, they gave up 7, 13, 13


      Against Brees, Brady, WIlson, Rodgers, Ryan and Flacco they were shredded for 21, 34, 42, 31, 24, 34

      so fantastic….every week talking heads screaming about how dominating theit D were, when really they were swiss cheese.

      be very wary of SF DBs…….

  26. Mortensen reported Lotulelei’s left ventricle is pumping at 44 percent efficiency, below the normal range of 55 percent to 70 percent. He will undergo more tests in Utah and he plans to work out next month.

    • That really sucks. Between that & only weighing 311, he might drop hard. Between him & Te’o, both of my end of the seasons bro-loves, have hit hard times. They both might drop out of the 1st. If true, Star might need heart surgery. He’s a heart attack risk. DAMN SHAME!

      • Star probably drops to the 3rd Round I pass at him and was concerned about his level of competition playing for Utah to begin with.. Plenty of DT’s in the Draft..

  27. No doubt foles is better than any potential draft qb this year, but I am not confident the birds go this way, this is a queer organization, I would trust gmcliff, paulman and dcar to make these picks over what this puss howie will decide, I I would trust myself over anyone else if I became so invested in the draft, which I do not because to me as much as I enjoy following great prospects, I have little confidence that eagles make the right pick, so

    I defer to gmcliff, paulman and dcar, so be it

    • Jake, I think most of the posters on here can make better choices than Howie. But lets hope Tom Gamble has a good effect on the philosophy of Howie, and he give CK some weapons to give us a chance.

      Starting with not drafting a Guard, in the first round……

    • I’d do it for peanuts & would draft better. I have more athletic acumen in my urine, than Weaselman, the glorified Accountant! The only sport he has ever played, is pocket billiards! I have ZERO faith in him, & lets hope, that the hiring of Gamble, is a sign that limp wrist Lurie came to his senses, & doesn’t trust his dick puppet!

  28. Thnx for the Confidence Jake
    If Eagles stay at #4 (and that’s a big if) then I think the Selection
    Is OT Eric Fisher who OL Coach Southland will absolutely love..
    I believe earlier big names like DT Star and LB Jarvis Jones are dropping to mid 1st Round Sekections due to red flags about their Health issues
    I would be happy with this selection for the record also..

    • I would go Eric Fisher as well Paul, and go to work from there.

      • I’d trade down, & pick up additional picks. If they draft either Joeckel, or Fisher, they gotta git rid of Peters (which I think anyways), since he’s due to make $10.4M, is 31, 350 lbs, & coming off of 2 Achilles tears. Both, are plug & play, for a decade, from day 1. You DON’T draft them at 4, & switch them to RT! No more Hindenburg moves of, squeezing square pegs, into round holes! We need at least, our 1st 4 picks to be HR’s. If they do draft 1 of Joeckel, Fisher, or Warmack, they better be getting additional picks, in the top half of draft. We have many needs on DF. IMHO, there are TOO many defensive holes, TOO many good-great O-line FA’s, to be wasting a high pick, on a O-linemen! Trade down, for more picks, sign 2 FA O-linemen, Byrd & Sean Smith, release Peters & ASSomugha, trade Maclin, Cole, & either Vick/Foles, draft Defensive playmakers all over the draft. We can get good O-linemen, in the 2nd & 3rd. Get a big WR in the 3rd. PERIOD!!!!

  29. Eagles will roll with 2 TEs all the time next year. They only have 1 on the roster.

    If Eifert is there, I really think Birds go with him early in the 2nd…and unlike GMCliff, I think he’s going to be $$.

    I especially think this will be the pick if Foles is the QB. (Of course I recognize that, much like all the selections people are spouting on here, have about a 4.2% chance of this happening…….)

    The Star L heart problem. Poor kid, he just lost about 15 million $$.

    • Lol!! I don’t take any offense with them taking Eifert Vinnie , Good Brother. I just wanted to state my concern, for a player that, may not turn out to be what we are looking for….My thinking isn’t law. Just my opinion, but I still highly respect yours.

    • No players from ND, anywhere high in the draft! They’re overrated, & over-hyped! I’d take all of Ertz, Escobar, McDonald, & Kelce, over him. When has the last time, a pick from ND panned out? Tim Brown? Montana? Ricky Watters? Joe Theismann? You can have him Vinnie!

      • You orgot about Stud DT Trevor Laws DCar.. Rember that awesome player the Eagles Took with the 42nd Overall Pick .. and before D-Jax .. Good Grief,,

  30. I believe DT Shariff Floyd has risen above Star Lotuleile as well
    He could be a solid pick at #4 also

    • Paul, where’s he playing, DE? Too small for a 3-4 NT! 6’3″ 297lbs. Perfect as a 4-3 all purpose DT. Or a 3-4 DE. Get him, & Brandon Williams in 3rd. You have Cox- Williams- Floyd, for the foreseable future. Whatcha think?

  31. We need 7 players out of the top 100 and 5 must be on D probably all should be. If we can get a piece or two in FA that may change things. I would not be shocked to see DRC return but a number that can be risked and then cut him if he quits again. I hate quiters but…Would you really have played for Andy Reid last season with all the BS that was going on in house???

  32. I think you can get a NT in the 2nd or 3rd round it’s a deep position in this draft

  33. Don’t know if it has been reported yet… I saw that Star Loutieeli has been diagnosed with a heart condition. Don’t know what it is or how searous? Just some food for thoufht

  34. There are reports QB Alex Smith has been traded to the Chiefs but it wont be announced until March 12….its believed to be for a 4th round pick.

    • Check rotoworld chief

    • Again for those who still think that Nick Foles, will be traded to Kansas City…Eat your heart out, and kiss my…..

      The San Francisco 49ers have “effectively completed” a trade involving quarterback Alex Smith, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported on Sunday.

      La Canfora reported that the 49ers have told inquiring teams that they have completed a trade, but it cannot be finalized until the league year officially begins on March 12.

      The other team involved in the trade wasn’t immediately clear. La Canfora speculated that the teams that make the most sense would be the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole reported Saturday that the Chiefs were among the most active pursuers of Smith.

  35. Yep a NT could be in the 3rd or 4th even later if you start with Dixon and develop a 6th or 7th rounder height weight guy

  36. I will tell you Foles will start at QB Vick will be cut before the season starts

  37. I actually thing they will take a qb early in this draft. I think vick will just be here to not show their hand. Been thinking this way for a while now. That said…. nothing would surprise me at his point.

  38. It may be Vick with the Birds. It may be Foles.

    But it will not be Vick and Foles on the Birds together.

    That will not work. It won’t fly in the locker room, and it definitely will not fly with the fans.

    But most importantly, it places neither player in a position to succeed, for they will both be shackled by expectations. Both too afraid to make a mistake, for they would not be granted any wiggle room by a fanbase (and team) that knows, or at least thinks it knows what the other “can” accomplish.

    Neither would ever be able to make an error without players, coaches, and fans saying (or at least thinking) that the team would be better off with the other.

    A rook QB (with either MV of Foles) would not elicit this kind of feeling if the starter were to struggle (at least not for the first 1/2 the season…patience might wear thin after that).

    But if Vick is in and Foles is on the bench, disaster. One errant pass, or one patented fumble and its “We. Want. Nick Foles. Clp-clap-clapclapclap” Same the other way around (though not as much as more people realize Vick is finished, and he would be on a shorter leash (oh the pun!!) than Foles would be.

    They cannot be on the same team together. No way. No how.

  39. Dion jordan just ran a blazing forty time at the combine he might be the Eagles pick at 4

  40. ***Just reported at the combine, “Cullen Jenkins released.”*** Shariff Floyd, at #4, to replace him as 3-4 DE? HMMM, interesting.

  41. Good News, Jenkins will be picked up quickly (probably by the Raiders who
    have DT Bryant (arrested over the weekend) Richard Seymour as Free-Agent and teh aging,overpaid Thomas Kelly… Raiders GM McKenzie nad Jenkins are on friendly Terms from when McKenzie worked as PLayer Personnel Director for the Packers and know each other really well.. Look for Charles Woodson to play for Belichek or the Raiders to play for MCKenzie..

    • Cowboys might kick Cullen’s tires also – switching from 3-4 to 4-3

    • Paul, what’s your infatuation with the Raaaaidas (Boomer voice, who I hate)?
      e0, who gives a F^#@, what the Cowgirls do?!?

      • I hate the Raiders Dcar.. but everyone keeps thinking on them still being run by Al Davis which is incorrect.. Raleigh McKenzie is running the Franchise from the Football side of things and he was a 10 Year Employee in the GB Packers Organization so things are not done as usual like everyone assuems.. McKenzie will rebuild this Franchise like he helped the PAckers and that’s thru the Draft and solid Coaching and key acquisitions, it won’t happen overnight obviously, but McKenzie goes back a ways with Jenkins, Woodson,Jennings,Finely and any other Former Packer who he will recruit to go out and play for him..

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