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West Virginia WR Tavon Austin Would Be Perfect Fit For Birds

TavonAustin1Eagles head coach Chip Kelly believes in speed and versatility amongst his offensive weapons, so you know he had to be excited about getting a chance to see West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin. This young man is the embodiment of speed and versatility, plus he’s confident about how he measures up against this year’s prospects.

“If we all lined up and raced, I think I’d come out on top, but I’m not really a 40 type of guy. I’m a game type of guy,” Austin says. “A lot of teams are looking for the type of player who can do multiple things on the field, and I think I can be that guy.

“I think I’m the all-around best player in the draft.”

Today he backed up his words by blazing a forty-yard dash, which was initially timed at 4.24.  It was later downgraded to 4.34, but he still had to improve his chances of being drafted in the first round, despite being only 5-8, 174 pounds.

He’s being compared to Wes Welker and Percy Harvin, who happen to be two of the best playmakers in the league today.

Austin was unstoppable during his years at West Virginia as he gained 4,444 career yards rushing and receiving in four seasons.  He can play wide receiver and running back, plus he will be great in the slot position on third downs.  You could imagine how Kelly would love to put the blazing speed of DeSean Jackson and Austin on the field at the same time and keep NFL defensive coordinators up all night long before their games against the Birds.

If the Birds don’t get a shot at Austin they may be able to acquire Texas wide out Marquise Goodwin, who was also initially timed at 4.24. on Facebook

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36 Comments for “West Virginia WR Tavon Austin Would Be Perfect Fit For Birds”

  1. We already have a few fast smurfs. NO!

  2. If they are’t at least 6’3 forget they exist unless you trade Jackson and Johnson

  3. You forgot to add the Eagles already have a mini-man speedster who likes to brag about how great he is.

  4. I wish the Eagles stop drafting these small recievers I want a big fast target for a change when they had Terrell Owens that was the best team the Eagles ever had!!!

  5. He may be more effective than Damarius Johnson, but would you use a 2nd round pick; which its going to take to get him in the draft?

    • His 40 puts him mid-low 1st, with Patterson, & Allen. You know some team, will fall in love & overdraft him, EHMM, Raiders, Browns! If we get multiple 1st’s & 2nd’s, then we’d have the luxury to, IMHO, WASTE a 1st on a WR! We can get Rogers, Hunter, Williams, & Dobson, with low 2nd, or 3rd rounder.

    • DMAN KC will Franchise him…….forget about Bowe

      • GM, KC can’t franchise Bowe, he was franchised last year. Under the new CBA, he can’t be franchised again, so it’s very possible, but he ain’t going anywhere. They’re getting Smith, & it’s been reported that, KC is negotiating a contract with him. So it’s a moot point.

        • If WR Greg Jennings signs with the Dolphins (as expected to reunite with HC Philbin) then Bowe remains with the Chiefs who will have QB Alex Smith in the Pass-Happy Andy Reid System to put up big numbers.. Chiefs go 11-5 in 2013 and make the Playoffs. Andy Reid is the “Coach of the Year”, meanwhile in Philadelphia, the Eagles and Chip Kelly finish…

          • Paul, it was reported on NFL Network, that GB are going to Franchise Jennings.

            • I don’t believe it is going to happen, Jennings wants out and has his home on the “For Sale Market” Per Sources, his Family (wife & kids) are not real keen of living in Green Bay year round and wants out..
              Dolphins are a perfect fit to reunite with HC Philbin who runs the same Offense/Terminaology with teh Dolphisn where he would be a clear cut #1 Target.. Jennings is moving on for this is what he wants per dources close to him…

              • But he won’t really have a say if they Franchise him. He can move wherever he wants, but If that happens, he’ll still be working in Green Bay.

                They are choosing between Finley, and Jennings who to franchise. That’s easy, Finley is a Franchise Bum, not a Franchise Player.

        • Yes they can DCar, they we’re discussing Reids offseason strategy, on NFL Network this morning, and he himself stated that they may lean in that direction, but may be able to work something out before that happens. He is staying put in KC.

  6. 1st Harvin, now Austin, WTF, with these stupid suggestions GC? We already have DJax, Maclin, Johnson, & Avant. WE…. Don’t…. Need…. Anymore…. Smurf/Oompa Loompas…. How’s about a little talk about a big WR, like Allen, Patterson, Williams, Dobson, Hunter, & Rogers, who all are 6’2″+. We ain’t getting Austin, Allen, Patterson, anyways, because they’re 1st rounders, so it’s a moot point, unless we trade down & get the Rams 2 1st rounders! This site’s idiocy, frustrates the F^#@ out of me, sometimes!

  7. Trade D-Jax to the Raiders for their 2nd Round Pick (#35th),
    Then you can talk about getting WVU Tavon Austin
    Eagles have no need to add another 175lbs Receiver/Returnnan
    To their current roster unless D-Jax is moved

    • the raiders are typically the dumbest organization in football…they would need to be idiotic to make a trade like that and hopefully they will be. once again fraudman is in fantasy world!

    • We don’t need him. He ain’t better than DJax. Maclin, is the 1 that needs to go, & we need size with talent. No more Smurfs, Oompa Loompas, & lightning bugs! Give me Da’Rick Rogers, Justin Hunter, Dobson, or Williams, in the 2nd & 3rd. But, we need more picks for that!

      • how bout some defensive players with a high motor? high energy guy, play him out of position? make him into something he’s not….you know the type!!!!!

        • NO THANKS! Hopefully those days are over! That’s why Joeckel, & Fisher make ZERO sense at #4, unless hopefully they axe Peters. You don’t move studs like them to RT!

  8. I so like Austin though and he will make a difference on whoever Drafts him
    Probably be an early 2nd Round Pick

  9. Tavon Austin’s speed on a good roster could be making Jacoby Jones, Torry Smith, Lemicheal James type post season plays
    The Eagles cannot afford a luxury like Tavon with so many disappointing Lineman on the roster

  10. Anybody else, like a Maclin to KC, for their 4th & Jonathan Baldwin, since Bowe, is likely resigning with them? Could be do-able?

    • Baldwin is a Titus Young — Ron Artest trouble maker No thanks
      I like Maclin better than DJax going forward — I think DJax gets KO’d again, his head trauma will force him out of the league in the next two years

      • e0, how can you compare Baldwin, with scumbags like Artest & Young? No comparison! He got into a fight with Thomas Jones in College. OOOH, big deal! He hasn’t had any issues in the NFL, other than a concussion, & a broken wrist, I believe! AND, what has Maclin done, to warrant your man-love! He’s a pussy, that turtles & gets hurt, on every F^#@ING hit, has massively under-achieved, & was 1 of the biggest cancers & disappointments, of last season! Get a clue!

        • not real high on Maclin just real low on DJax and don’t want to get rid of both WR in one year because I think DJax is getting KO’d again — I never seen anyone that good play WR before and then Duante Robinson took his whole entire game in one crushing jaw hit and DJax has never been the same – stinking Kevin Kolb worst play as an Eagle setting DJax up to rocked

          • IMHO, I’d get rid of both! Maclin sucks, & DJax is a 1 trick pony. Neither are #1 WR’s. But out of the 2, DJax has the flexibility, to do Kelly’s offense. Runs, reverses, screens, in motion, etc, etc. Things, the Hindenburg didn’t utilize!

    • No……Baldwin stinks, so I would keep Maclin. Besides you can get more for Maclin than a 4th Round Pick.

  11. OT Fisher could pkay RT for 2 Seasons then slide to LT once Oeters is gone
    2013 O/L from Left to Right
    Peters, Warford, Kelce, Herremans & Fisher
    (Back-ups would be Watkins, Kelly 3 other Players)

    Trade Mathis to someone for a 4th Round Pick or package him with. pick to move up. Mathis is a “Finesse Blocker” and does not fit OL Coach Southland’s Style of Physical play..

    • NO! NO! NO! No more Reid moves! Stop taking for granted that Peters is penciled in. He’s due $10.4M, 31 years old, 2 torn Achilles, & 350+ lbs. NO!!!! He’s gotta go!

  12. This is a terrible idea. They have vet WRs and a speedy fast one. Too many wholes to chase speed. This isn’t the Raiders.

  13. With all the glaring needs this team has, why on earth would we even entertain the possibility of using a high draft pick on a slightly bigger DJax? This team needs to get bigger. I’m annoyed I even read this article.

  14. On a team full of midgets I hope we dont draft him

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