Dion Jordan Runs Fast Forty-Yard Dash, 4.53 Seconds

DionJordan2Oregon Ducks linebacker/defensive end Dion Jordan, who played his college career for Chip Kelly ran a 4.53 forty-yard dash this morning in Indianapolis.  He’s weighing 248 pounds right now.  It was the fastest time of any defensive linemen, who has run the forty this morning in Indianapolis.  Jordan is very talented and seems to fit best in a 3-4 scheme.

There’s been talk that the Birds could draft the young man with their first pick in the first round.  The Birds may doubt Trent Cole and Brandon Graham’s ability to stand up and be outside linebackers.

Jordan is somewhat of a project who has only been playing defense since 2010, when he was moved to the defensive side of the ball.  He came to Oregon as a talented tight end.

He could play the “Predator” or “Leo” position in the Eagles hybrid 4-3 under defense which would have him rushing the passer most of the time.

Jordan followed up the great forty-yard dash by doing an outstanding job of changing direction and dropping into coverage as a linebacker in drills at the NFL Combine.

Local Philadelphia product and Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd is expected to be a Top 5 pick. Floyd ran a 4.93 at 297 pounds.  Floyd is considered the best defensive tackle in the draft by many scouts.  I don’t think the Birds are going to draft a defensive tackle with their first pick, but it’s not out of the question.

Ezekiel Ansah of BYU ran the second fastest time, 4.62. at 271 pounds.  That’s a tremendous combination of size and speed.  Ansah has only been playing the game of football for a few games

Arkansas defensive end Margus Hunt ran a 4.60 forty yard dash while weighting 270 pounds, which is outstanding.

Illinois defensive end Michael Buchanan ran a 4.72.

34 thoughts on “Dion Jordan Runs Fast Forty-Yard Dash, 4.53 Seconds

  1. Since the Chiefs have Traded for QB Alex Smith and will Re-Sign both WR Bowe and OT Brandon Albert, the word out in Barbecue-Land is that Andy will Draft Jordan with the #1 Pick and make him their Tight-End… Details at 11

  2. And with the 4th Overall Pick – The Eagles Select ILB – Manti Te’o of Notre Dame.. The Eagles Carnival Continues.. Roseman speaks of Teo’s Good Heart, His Compassion and his Leadership Skills, Owner Lurie speaks about being part of the “Bigger Picture” where Sports Owners are helping in rehabilitating people who are down and need some help.. Also, is doesn;t hurt that Lurie has opened up and couple of Merchandising Stores in Hawaii to be run by his ex-Wife.. More Details as they come..

  3. Also the new “Theme” song we will hear at the LInc when Teo’ is announced at Home Games is the Turtle’s Classic Tune “She’s Not There” if any of you guys remember that one …. I can’t make this stuff up..

  4. Chip Kelly in his Interview after the Eagles Select LB Teo states that He Coaches to his Personnel and that he has full confidence in GM Roseman and the Scouting Dept with a smirk on his face..
    Meanwhile it is reported that Kelly is contacting Colleges on the side, to get out of this gig with the Eagles and return back to College Football..(University of Texas & Miami & Tennessee are the leaders per sources..)

  5. Lurie’s Ex-Wife states after the Teo Selection..
    ” I think this is a great thing for the Gay/Lesbian Community to rally around and support Manti Teo’ as he transitions to the NFL, and to give young kids a Role Model ” .. This could potentially open up an entire new Market think Jeffrey as Teo’s Shirts and Merchandising fly’s off the shevles of the Samson & Walnut Streets Store…

  6. GCobb, enough with the Dion Jordan hype! Dude converted from TE in his Sophmore year, is only a skinny 248 lbs, is getting labrum/ rotator cuff surgery, sidelining him for 4 months. You don’t waste the #4 pick, on a freaking project! I don’t care if he’s the Flash, or whether we have his X Coach, or not! With all the good pass rushers, DT’s, & Lb’s, coming out in this draft, why do we need 3 articles on Jordan?!?

    1. DCar, said I don’t care if he is the Flash…ROTFL!!!!!! hahahahahah!!!! LOL!!!

      wOOOOOO!!!!! pwahahahahahah!!!!!

      DCar, if he is the Flash, I want him on my team…hwwhahahahwhhahaa!!!!

  7. Watching NFL Cgannel to catch up on Field Drilks,
    I like this Dion Jordan, Ezekial Asbah and Buchanban kid from Illinois,
    Also like Datone Jones from UCLA as DE In the 3-4

    1. Good names Paul. Can you see GMCliffs vision of Dion Jordan, and Ezekiel Ansah coming off the edge. I like Jones as well, but not as much as I like the speed from the later.

      1. And the ability of the two of them to play in coverage of TE’s, and RB’s……something I think my man DCar is neglecting to consider. Jordan’s versatility is something we have never had on the Eagles.

        I also would consider converting Myckal Kendricks to a Strong Safety, and utilize his speed, and strength, and use my sleeper Ty Powell in his 3-4 Inside LB Spot.

        Size, and Speed, all over the Defense

        1. gm, I’m not neglecting to see anything. Yes, he’s versatile, a versatile project, not worth th #4 pick. He’s too small, makes no plays, & unless he miraculously puts on 25-30 lbs, by training camp, he will be blown off of every play, by NFL lineman. Not to mention his lack of strength & muscle, & the shoulder surgery sidelining him for a 1/4 of a year. He’s a situational pass rusher, for at least 2 years, & is a waste of a #4 pick. That pick HAS to be a stud, from day 1! HE AIN’T! He had 5 sacks, ZERO TO’s & 20+ tackles. WOW, love that versatility! Sign me up! NO THANKS!

          1. I heard TastyKake, Wawa and Breyer’s Ice Cream are putting
            DIon Jordan on their Packages.. Let the Hype begin…

            1. Birds wont be competing for atleast two years anyhow. I woulp prefer Fisher at 4 if Joeckel is not there. If they do decide to go D at #4 I would not be upsert either. I thnk any of Zig Ansah, Dion Jordan, Sharif Floyd and Mizzou kidwould be suitable.

              1.) Joeckel
              1a.) Fisher
              2). Floyd\Ansah

            2. On a serious Note, I like Dion Jordan’s upside as an OLB..
              Reminds me a little like Willie McGinest when he came out of College. Long,lanky, athletic.. When he gets that Shoulder 100% and puts on 20 lbs in a NFL Program, he will be a Beast and potentially like a Demarcus Ware and be more versatile since he can drop back in pass Coverages which most Pass-Rushing OLB’s can’t do very well.. He has a Bright Future be will probably be year 2 in the NFL before we see it come to the surface..
              I do agree with DCAR that at #4 Spot, the Eagles need a Starter From Day 1 which to me means that only 4 Players should be selected in my opinion which are DT Shariff FLoyd, OT Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher or Guard Chance Warmack

    1. DCar, we both have been saying that all off-season. Howie should already be making trades, by packaging the likes of Cole, Graham, Maclin, Mathis, Herremans, and some future #1’s.

      Then perhaps we could get another #1, or two, then we can continue to trade down, and get extra picks.

      1. we have 30 million of cap oiney to use and we havent even dealt with Nnamdi yet….

        we do not need 3 #1 picks and we do not need to trade guys like Maklin or Herm. Cole may be a posssability but im fine if he stays….

        What they need is to…

        1. Cut nnamdi
        2. Sign a FA CB
        3. Sign a FA SS

        Use the draft to load up on D players and see what happens from there.

        1. I agree Stevo,
          Unfortunatley, I believe they are coming to an agreement with Asmo
          or he would have been released already… so if Asmo Stays which is looks like he will. IN Free-Agency, add a SS, CB (there are plenty of expereinced 2nd Tier CB’s out there who can contribute and khlp) and a OLB experienced in a 3-4 Scheme is needed I believe (Kruger or even Barwin)
          The Draft OL,DT,Safety,CB,LB & TE and the Eagles can well be on the way of rebuilding..
          I think Asmo should have been given no option and just flat out released in my opinion, which maybe means that they let DRC walk, but I have a feeling they will re-sign DRC since he had a has best Season playing for DC Davis when he was in Phoenix a coupld of Seasons back and maybe they think that connection will work again when he was playing at a Pro-Bowl level that Season..

        2. Stevo we need as many picks as we can get, to get the most impact from this draft.

          If you disagree with me, then I can only assume that you are content with the same old mediocrity we’ve had through the years.

          Maclin, Herremans, Mathis, Cole, and Graham must all go. Make deals for them all, and continue to build through the draft, and bring in some more than adequate free agents, and we are in business.

          1. no need to assume, i will explain…

            The idea that we could package all our high priced vets together and land 2 #1 picks together is silly. Be real.

            Also…. i do not think we need to trade away ALL of our leaders. I think a guy like Herm should stay. Same goes with Ryans. I for one want to see what a guy like Maklin can do with a coach who also runs.

            Pman has the market on dreaming up stupid trades that will never work….. dont move in on that.

            Graham stays. Mathis stays. Herm stays.

  8. Eagles pick at 4 will be Milliner, Jordan or a surprise in Floyd they won’t go Oline but will draft Howie Long’s other kid who played tackle for Kelly at Oregon.

  9. Hey Paulman I think the Eagles will trade there 4th pick to San Francisco with them taking Shariff Floyd and the Eagles receives 31 2nd pick in 2nd round and 3rd round pick and 5th round pick.

  10. Wow that would be great but San Francisco is too smart for that
    They now have the 31 and 33rd picks Nd should get 2 quality Players
    To fill out a pretty Strong Roster
    If the lose Goldstone, Geaham to Free Agency I see them Selecting a Safety
    ( Eric Reid, Matt Elam or J Cyprien with one of their Picks and then a TE
    If the lose Walker) or a big DL since Justin Smith is getting up there in age/injury

  11. Since Chiefs have their QB in Alex Smith, and if they resign
    WR Bowe and OT Brandon Albertb( who only gave up 1 Sack last Year
    I see the Chiefs selecting DT Floyd or perhaps even CB Milliner
    If they don’t Trade down to fill their biggest holes remaining

  12. Chiefs have Disappointing DT’s Glenn Dorsey as a Free-Agent
    And also have Tyson Jackson who is due $17 Million this Year who they may just release or work out a new deal to free up $$$
    Which makes DT Shariff Floyd a much needed Selection
    And a upgrade who will be a Starter from Day 1

  13. Chiefs have CB Brandon Flowers and Safety Eric Berry who are both very good Players, have Pass rushers Tambi Hali and J Houston on the outside
    They need DT and a WR and they are a Playoff contending Team
    In a weak AFC West plus a last place Schedule in 2013

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