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Eagles Release Long-Time Defensive Tackle Mike Patterson

MikePatterson1The Eagles have just announced the release of their longest-tenured player.  Veteran defensive tackle Mike Patterson was let go.  He was selected by the Eagles in the first round of the 2005 draft.  He has played his entire eight-year career here as a Bird.

Patterson just released the following statement via the team:

“I want to thank the fans for all of their support over eight years in Philadelphia. It is never easy to say goodbye to a fan base that supported me no matter what. My goal was to come to work every day to try and make the Philadelphia Eagles the best organization we could be. The Eagles organization has treated me and my family with nothing but respect since the day I was drafted and I wish Mr. Lurie, Howie, the new coaches and all of my teammates all the best going forward. I will miss them all and I will always have a place in my heart for the Eagles and for the city of Philadelphia.”

For the last few years, the 29-year-old has undergone some serious health issues which sidelined for quite a while.

During his time here with the Birds, he played in 115 games (99 starts) and contributed 551 tackles, 16.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and seven fumble recoveries.

Amazingly, Patterson, who isn’t a speedster has the Eagles franchise record for longest fumble return for a touchdown.  It occurred on September 24, 2006 against the San Francisco 49ers.  It was a 98-yard return.

“Mike Patterson is one of the toughest players I have ever been around in the National Football League,” said Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. “He has overcome many obstacles throughout his career and I have the upmost respect for him because of it. Coach Kelly and I each had great conversations with him today. He is a class act. He gave this organization eight great seasons of hard work and dedication and we wish him all the best as he continues his career in this league.”

He never put up big numbers from a sack standpoint but he was considered a solid hard nosed player during the time he has been here.

I’ve got to give him credit for playing with a brain injury or brain abnormality which he had that was corrected during surgery. on Facebook

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75 Comments for “Eagles Release Long-Time Defensive Tackle Mike Patterson”

  1. The Birds Are cleaning house. 1. Cap Space for FA CB(s). 2. Drafting DTs

  2. Your on a roll Eagles, dont stop now!

  3. Dixon, Thornton, Cox are our remaining DTs the Rest are DE-OLBs let the cutting begin Cut Dallas Reynolds, Cut some of those WRs cut Kurt Coleman i say keep Allen just for another year, Matthews.

    • Thornton & Cox will convert to 3-4 DE’s. Too small for NT. Hopefully Dixon is cut also, he isn’t a NT & he blows!

      • dixon is alright, I would like to see us sign Richard seymor, for 2 yrs , a veteran leadership needed in the locker rm, and he could still play low risk high reward

        • Dixon Sucks…no on Seymour

          • OYE VEY!!!! Why don’t people use their brains! Dixon blows, & Seymour is a shot player! WHY would you get rid of Jenkins & bring in an older carbon copy of him? WFT!!!! Get a clue charlton. Maybe on CSNPhilly you can get away with YOUR stupidity, but on here, we actually KNOW wtf we’re talking about! SEYMOUR???? 2 YEARS NONETHELESS!!!! GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!

            • Im with you mr1Charloton.. Id like to Richard Seymour here, I have also stated it.

              D, thats where I do agree with you, it would be like bringing Jenkins back, ala a much better Jenkins. I think Jenkins was gone because he was an aging vertan that was holed over from the AR regime.

              • Seymour is done Frank. I watch a lot of Raiders games, because my dipshit Brother & Nephew are fans, & he is shot!

              • I hear ya. I’d just like to see some experience along that D-Line. Think about it, who de we have rite now?

                maybe getting out of Oak would do him some good, its worked wonders for others.

              • 2 words, Terrance Knighton. Solid, upcoming, pure, NT. Book it! Seymour is shot, old, & a waste of $$$$! We want to get younger & better, not older & worse! There’s no rational reasoning, nor argument, for signing him!

              • I saw the new Eagle DL coach talking to Sylvester Williams of North Carolina multiple times during the day yesterday, so I looked up his combine stats on NFL website and they compared him to Terrance Knighton — so DCar’s thinking might be how the Eagles are thinking also

  4. Nice, another $4.00 million off the Books..
    Patterson was a Team Play and a nice guy, but really nothing more than and 3rd/4th Rotational Player at DT any lonfer and for 20 Snaps a game, there are plenty of Younger, Hungrier and Healthier Players to fill the Roster up
    Wish him the best, but this should have been done last year once he was medically cleared but was kept on the Roster by Andy Reid and ti give him 1 more year at the Big Bucks which is a big reason that many players like PLaying for Andy Reid, He likes to hang onto his Veterans a little too long but that’s in the past now and it;s time to move forward and I expect Todd Herremans and possibly Brent Celek to be next on the Chopping BLock..
    Now is when Chip Kelly, GM Roseman and Player Personnel Tom Gamble will earn their keep as the serious Roster Decisions are all coming down now within the next 2 weeks before Free-Agency and then the Draft Strategy to follow based on Free-Agency aquisitions/departures..

  5. FA- S. Smith CB (MIA) or G. Toler CB (Ariz).
    S- ??
    Draft- 1st round- D. Millner or S. Floyd
    2nd- Safety
    5-7 BPA

  6. Correction,,
    Herremans will not be released, there is a $4.8 Million Cap hit if he is, so there is no sense in releasing him, he will be on Eagles roster for 2013

  7. Keeping Herremans is the best move for Philly regardless if it’s a cap hit or not. The dude can straight out ball. AR Was throwing that man all over the place on the online due to injuries and played very well.

    Wait until he lines up with J peters and Kelce. Look out for D Watkins to have a break out year around a healthy supporting cast with him.

    • CT Im not big on Kelce we need an upgrade there as kelce is too light in the ass. He can’t handle DT one on one 2 yrs ago he couldn’t even make the o-line calls. Hell he didn’t even beat out jamal jackson in camp . he got the spot cause Mudd liked him. yeah they claim Kelce could get out and block a LB BUT COULDN’T GET MOVEMENT ON A DT IN SHORT YARDAGE. well new coach new regime and an o-line coach thats back to power blocking. Get Kelce outta here

    • Are you nucking futs?!? Watkins IS A WASTE OF OXYGEN! That is all………….

    • Herramans, is adequate,but we could use an upgrade from him…

  8. You read the same site that I did Paulman.

    Eagles not releasing Cole, Herremans, Desean this year for sure. Those guys all huge dead money hits…..probably not releasing Celek or Watkins either.

    Interesting….you know who they can now relese for 0 cap hit at all………

    • Mike Patterson was 0 Cap Hit
      Believe it or not Jason Peters would be a 0 Cap Hit..
      Just about all other players have some “Dead $$ figure” which would be applied to the Eagles Cap
      Trent Cole will be Traded, He actually has Trade Value to return a 3rd/4th Round Selection

  9. Top #10 Draft Picks in the 2013 Draft (barring any trades)

    #1) Chiefs – OT Luke Joeckel
    #2) Jaguars – DE Bjoern Werner
    #3) Raiders – DT Shariff Floyd
    #4) Eagles – OT Eris Fisher
    #5) Lions – CB Dee Milliner
    #6) Browns – OLB Barkevious Mingo
    #7) Cardinals – OT Lane Johnson
    #8) Bills – QB Geno Smith
    #9) NY Jets – OLB Dion Jordan
    #10) Titans – Guard Chance Warmack

  10. With only having 3 DT’s on the roster, wouldn’t it make you think they target sharif Floyd or the kid from mizzou?

    • No, because both of them would only be DE in the 3-4, which they are not…

      You wait until the 3rd Round, and draft Brandon Williams 6-3 343 Monster for the middle.

      • this is not going to be a traditional 3-4 D. If they are running a D similiar to Seattle, like i said in a post earlier, they have numerous D Tackles moving along ther line. Reb Brant, Brandon Mebane, Alan Branch, Greg Scruggs, clint McDonals.. Come on fellas , to not think that having another stud like theses two is assinine.

        • Frank, they haven’t proven they’re studs in this league yet; They were barely studs in college. What makes you confident they will be. Scouts said the same thing about:

          Glenn Dorsey
          Jerel Worthy
          Brodrick Bunkley
          Michael Brockers
          Amboi Okoye
          Nick Fairley
          Gerald McCoy
          Devon Still, all overvalued, and overrated, like Shariff Floyd, and Sheldon Richardson…I tell you guys I told you so when the season is over AGAIN.

          • Cliff, you sure as shit mite be rite. but i am on the other side of this one. I still think they go Fisher at 4, actually I have no idea what they are doing at 4.

            • Big Frank, I think they will go Fisher as well, and make another deal in the first round, and move down to get more picks in the later rounds……At least that’s what I would try to do…..

  11. Floyd and Cox are the same player. Similar size I would go fisher or geno at 4

  12. I don’t think we have to go nt to early. Gamble will find a good one in third round

  13. Thank you Patterson for all of your hard work and dedication. Good luck the rest of the way! And yes Paulman i like Fisher at the #4 spot.

  14. True pdiddy.. But they are short along the whole DLine now.

  15. Yeah you right about that frank they do need depth. I mean dam they need everything except running back.

  16. You got that rite.. They have all this cap space, maybe they take a run at jake long or someone with clout to play T

  17. Hallelujah
    Bell, DRC, Jenkins, now Patterson
    48 more to go!

  18. anyone have a wish list of Free Agents available for interior DL?

    • Henry Melton, Michael Johnson and Starks from Miami. No way we get Johnson or Melvin tho. Certianly will get the tag if a long term deal is not worked out. Starks is a possibility. I would also not mind Richard Seymour if the eagles can get him on the cheaper side. 2 yrs @3-4 mil. Could provide veteran leadership an really help out fletcher cox

    • NT Terrance Knighton – JAC.

  19. Its about time!!! Patterson should have been trade 4 years ago…..

  20. Melton is too small at 290lbs to be a NT and besides, Bears are likely
    To Franchise him.. By the way, this will be QB Jay Cutler’s final Season with the Bears. Melton is a DT in a 4-3 and not a 3-4 NT, too small

  21. Shaking up the roster of a 4-12 team only makes sense. I hope however that Howie has learned from his big free agent class of 2011 failure and the example of the Redskins. Building through free agency has never really been the route of most SB teams. Let Tom Gamble do his job and build a strong and young team around Chip Kelly’s philosophy.

  22. Yea but he could play either one of the end spots in a 3-4. I did make mention that he would be tagged. This D is not supposed to be a traditional 3-4 anyway. If this defense is similar to what Seattle ran, there’s a lot of room for a player of his talent. Seattle has numerous DTs that move along the dline

  23. Starting D line of DE-Cox, NT-Dixon, DE Thorton is better than what we put out there last year with Blabin and company. We can add back ups late in draft, as Rookie FA and possibly in FA for a solid rotation guy at a good price.

    Trading some guys like Cole for 3rd/4th rounders may help obtain a productive ILB/OLB (not a stud but a starter till a stud is had)

    I would trade De-sean Jackson if I could get a mid to high 2 and a 4 or 5 for him. Then pick a big WO and a LB with those picks

    • Dixon ISN’T a NT! He’s fat, that’s about it!

    • Dixon is not a starter. He may not even make the roster.

      It would be in the best interest of the Eagles to sign a Paul Kreuger, or a Michael Johnson if possible to start instead of Thornton who I love as a player, but still needs some seasoning as a pro.

      Trade Cole, and Graham along with a few future 1st rounders, and you eould get more than a 3rd, or 4th Round pick.

      I said this to the DeSean Haters all last off-season….DESEAN IS GOING NOWHERE!!!!!

  24. I don’t get the hate for Celek. He is a starter in the NFL on most teams and he does not break your bank. He would benefit greatly from not having to be the 6th OL all the and if there was a better back up. We need to get BIGGER almost every where.

    • Celek had a really up and down, mainly down year this year. Other than that, he has been a really productive TE. I think he needs to be paired a TE that can stretch the field, than you would really see the value Celek can bring.

      • I agree FranCelek is ok, but the good Teams have that athletic type of TE that can stretch the field and create MJ’s-matches that Celek does not, eagles need to add that athletic type of TE to go along with Celek to upgrade the Position.. Harbor is to inconsistent and not that player..

        • Celek is another, that hasn’t lived up to his potential & has regressed the last 3 years. The Hindenburg ruined him for his best years, using him as a blocker, for some horrific O-lines! He’s ok, & can be a 2nd option, but we need an upgrade!

    • Regal, celek had a really bad year
      dropping passes, dropping TDs, poor blocking, missing games
      He was having a nice career up untill last season but chip kelly is not going to like the game film on celek — he will get another year with the birds but if he duplicates last season his NFL career is over

    • Celek, is a potential Pro Bowl TE, but his progression has been stunted by Andy Reid’s inept, Offensive Line, that he had to assist with blocking schemes. Celek is just fine. A two TE set would really boost his career. He is every bit as talented as Jason Witten, and more talented than JerMichael Finley.

      • celek did not have a good year only 1 TD
        but I was probably harsher than reality but I wouldn’t put him ahead of Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis, Jason Witten, or Kyle Rudolph(9 TD) for a pro bowl invitation but equal to JerMichael Finley, Greg Olsen, Brandon Pettigrew above average NFC TEs

      • No way Cliff on Celek being a Potential Pro-Bowler,, He simply is not athletic enough, he can’t even shake LB’s off of him in his routes..
        He’s a good 8-10-12 Yard between the numbers TE and is tough as nails, but the TE Positiion has evolved with more Athletic TE’s who create mis-matches and give opposing Defense’s fits, Celek is not this type of TE and would struggle to start on the 1/2 the Teams in the NFL

  25. I loved the reasoning behind preference for a 3-4 by Kelly. More LB’s = more versatile ST players. You begin to fix two phases of the game by transitioning to a 3-4.

  26. Going with more TE’s and get rid of traditional FB and maybe a WO position you upgrade also upgrade two phases Offense (A big package to run behind with 2 or 3 TE sets) and Special Teams. Don’t fool them push them and the ball across the goal line.

  27. What about adding this guy and trading away Jackson and Maclin for some picks. Then you get Hunter or De’Rock (sp)
    Brian Hartline | Wide Receiver
    Age / DOB: (26) / 11/22/1986
    Ht / Wt: 6’2′ / 199

    • Regal you wouldn’t downgrade from Maclin, or Jackson, and bring in mediocrity likr Brian Hartline. Your overvaluing him, and his real abilities.

      DeSean, isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, but I would trade Maclin, but not to bring in Hartline. I would draft DaRick Rogers, who I can get in the 3rd-4th round…..

  28. Bring in OLB Kruger and CB Smith, Cut Namdi and transition tag DRC. Draft some safties.

    DL Cox, Dixon, Thorton
    LB Kruger, Ryans, draft pick, Kendricks
    CB Smith, DRC
    NB Boykin
    SS Draft Pick
    FS Draft Pick

    That’s only 3 picks – We have 4 in the top 100 and you improve this team a-lot. Then there is bolstering next offseason.

    • Like Smith & Kruger, but we need a true NT & in no way do I want DRC back! Clean the secondary out, completely!

    • Sean Smith is Izell Jenkins reincarnated. He stinks. His nickname should be toast. He gets burned royally, and is not a starter in this league. He should only be a backup, and special teams player.

    • You can’t count on Dixon. He can’t stay on the field. And what if they need him to play NT? Has he done that before?

  29. the eagles coach at the Combine DL drills kept talking to DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina

    • I was not impressed with Sylverster Williams on the field Drills
      He looked a little slow, soft and tight in the hips and was a little disappointed in hos perfromance.. I liked the kid Kwann Short from Purdue ,
      Montori Hughes from Tenn-Martin, and Brandon WIlliams from MIssouri Southern State and Jesse Willaims from Alabama all better, they looked more fluid and natural and showed some Strngth and more agility in my opinion

  30. Notre Dame is a bunch of lying scum bags — is it so hard to tell the truth about height and weight
    Manti Teo shrunk like a prune, Jimmy Clausen shrunk like a raisin

    • Te’o will be overmatched at the NFL Level with the Interrior OL he will face week in and week out.. I would not select him at all even if he falls to the 3rd Round.. Just not very impressed by him at all… I do like that Ogletree, Reddick and Jon Bostic, Nico Johnson over Teo’ as far as Starting Pro Prospects go..

  31. A solid hard nose player is not what you are supposed to be when you are taken that high in the draft.

    He was a bum. “No push Patterson”. Kelly gets a point for seeing the truth in this former number 1 draft pick.

  32. Again, I don’t blame the Player if the Eagles Front Office takes any Player too high.. It’s just poor Talent Evalation that we’ve seen many times from the Eagles
    (Brandon Graham,Danny Watkins, Trevor Laws, Victor Abiamri,Jarrett) were all chosen before they should have been) Is this the Players fault or Front Office

  33.’s Ian Rapoport says to “watch the Eagles” on free agent DL Ricky Jean-Francois.
    Rapoport’s advice came in a tossed-off reply on Twitter, but it’s the second team Jean-Francois has been linked to in the past two days. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Monday that the Packers are interested. The Sideline View’s Adam Caplan believes as many as 5-6 teams could pursue the reserve D-lineman. It’s looking like Jean-Francois has played his last snap in San Francisco.

    • Honestly haven’t heard his name, much in 3 years. 3 sacks & 49 tackles, in 3 years. No thanks! He sounds more like the Flyboys ought to sign him.

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