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Notes From The Sixers’ 98-84 Loss To Orlando

hawessucksThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their fourth straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Orlando Magic 98-84 at the Wells Fargo Center. The team’s record has now dipped to 22-33.

  • Once again, the Sixers treated their fans to some of the most unwatchable basketball that the NBA has to offer. The Orlando Magic, a team with only 16 wins, came into Philadelphia and whipped Doug Collins’ group.
  • Anytime Jrue Holiday struggles, this team just has no prayer of victory. Holiday scored just nine points tonight, shooting just 4-11 from the floor.
  • Anytime you can say Damian Wilkins was the Sixers’ best player, you know its been a really rough night. To his credit, Wilkins was one of the few guys that played hard tonight, and he finished the game tied with Jeremy Pargo for the team lead in points with 14.
  • The starting lineup just seemed to be sleep-walking through the game. As a group, the shot just 13-41.
  • Evan Turner did do a decent job getting to the free throw line, attempting 10 shots, and also collected eight rebounds.
  • Starting center Spencer Hawes collected just one rebound in over 20 minutes on the floor. He was utterly dominated by former Sixer Nik Vucevic.
  • By the way, to add insult to injury, former Sixers Vucevic and Moe Harkless both played exceptionally well. Vuc scored 12 points, and punished the Sixers on the glass for 19 rebounds. Harkless contributed 10 points of his own.
  • After the game, Doug Collins sounded defeated and burnt out. It’s been a frustrating year for the head coach, he’s tried everything to reach these players, but nothing has worked.
  • Adam Arron said it best on Twitter after the game. “To be blown out at home by Orlando is madding. Sixers fans deserve much better than this.” on Facebook

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37 Comments for “Notes From The Sixers’ 98-84 Loss To Orlando”

  1. the Sixers were literally boo-ed off the court tonight twice
    at the end of the game in the final seconds the fans Boo-ed
    Once in the 3rd Quarter when Orlando extended the lead to 17 points forcing Doug Collins to replace 4 of the 5 2nd half starters( Thad Young stayed on the court denying Moultrie entrance after initially sending him to remove Thad with the other 4 players boo-ed off the court players)
    Jon Hart the fans have spoken and there is ” no love to show your stiffs “

  2. Doug Collin’s comments were interesting after the game at the press conference…He said, among other things, ‘The fans were booing me…I was booed as a player, and that’s OK…But the fans were booing ME, when they should have booing the PLAYERS’.

    He’s right: Except for Holiday, Young and sometimes Hawes, this team is one of the most unwatchable, unlikable Sixers teams I have ever seen.

    That’s saying a lot, as the first 76ers game I ever saw was at the old Convention Hall, in what is now called ‘University City’, when Wilt Chamberlain’s 76ers beat the San Francisco Warriors in the NBA Championship series…I actually got meet Wilt Chamberlain after one of those games, and let me tell you, he was an absolute gentleman to me and my other 12 year old buddy.

    These doggish young millionaires are really a bunch of bums…The current 76ers ownership, who seem to be cut from the Howie Rosenman cloth, made a big mistake getting rid of Vukovich and their first draft pick for the bums they brought in…And that brings me to Bynum:

    One night ‘I was layin’ in bed, playin’ with my cell phone’…So I type ‘Andrew Bynum is a Bum’ into the Google search engine, just for fun…Well, low and behold, I find that there was a web forum started by LA fans called ‘Andrew Bynum is a Bum’…There were also a couple of other sites, one called ‘F***
    Bynum’…I read some very interesting comments and chatter about him on those sites…

    Now, I didn’t know much about Bynum when he came here, but, in truth, somehow I was just expecting another big, overpriced bust.

    Well, to me, he is even worse than that, but I’m trying to keep it civil here…And the ‘bean counters’ who own the Sixers hold an introduction affair for him down on Independence plaza…I even hear some misguided talking heads chatter about resigning this bum…Give him a 50 pound bag of Purina or Kibbels & Bits and let ‘On the Down Low’ Bynum hit the road.

  3. next game Nationally against Chicago Thursday night on TNT 8:00PM in Chicago
    I think I might get sick listening to the National announcers kiss Jrue “no leadership” Holliday’s butt

  4. “Oh where, oh where, has my little Jon gone, Oh where, oh where can he be?” ROTFLMMFBO!!!!

  5. Vucevic will average a Double-double every game for the next 8 Seasons
    Anyone who thinks the Bynum Deal was a good one doesn’t know Basketball
    Or Andrew Bynum very well
    76ers still could have moved Iggy elsewhere and should have kept
    Vucevic. Harkless, Jrue, Thad and built from there..

  6. 76ers will go 8-22 in their final 30 Games
    Brutal 2nd half schedule with no entry from the Roster or it’s Coaching Staff
    Time to clean house yet again for the this Franchise

  7. Collins has meltdown. I watched the press conference last night and couldn’t believe my ears. Collins said he has NEVER been booed as a player and he prides himself on that. He always gave his all. He then went on to say how all he can do is give a game plan but he cant teach effort and heart. He said 3 of his players didn’t even break a sweat before the game started and that he guessed they thought they would ease into the game. He then talked about Bynum basically saying who the hell knows whats up with that situation. In the nutshell Collins most definitely said don’t blame me for this mess its my lazy, uninspired team that has caused this mess. I couldn’t believe he actually said what he said to reporters.

  8. i think the finger pointing, lack of accountability etc that we saw at the end of the eagles season will pale in comparrison to what we will see for the sixers…actually you guys will see it, i ain’t watching!

  9. That’s a great post frank, and I thought paulman was old, lol, hey frank do you remember how pathetic the sixers were in the mid seventies that you could get in with a snicker wrapper, at least those teams played hard

    It’s just not the sixers, it’s the nba of today, the players have no heart, no direction, they may have some talent, but it’s almost an unwatchable product

    Collins is from another era, he’ll be gone…

    And the nfl as we see from the eagles is headed in the same direction

    • I’ll turn 50 in July Jakeman.. and yes I do remember those Crappy 76er Teams of the mid-seventies, just like the Eagles were too… Some Rough Days/Years being a Philly Sports Fan back then..

  10. Collins is finished and will either get Fired or Step Down after this Season and go back to the TV Booth, this Team quit on him and now it appears he quit on the Team and cannot inspre or motivate this Team any longer…
    How far has this Franchise fallen in just 1 Year where last Season, they at least played all 48 Minutes, had passion and provided some Hope.. Again, I state who thinks the Bynum Deal was a Good one to clear Cap Space..
    well “F” the Cap space, put a damn Competitive Team out there is all I ask as a Fan which they had the makings of one last Season.. This Deal has set the Franchise Back 2-3 Years..

  11. Blasphemy
    LOL, where is your nemesis Jon Hart calling you names now
    Haven’t seen a post from him during this 6 game losing streak

    • He’s stuck in his boys Bron-Brons @$$, now that he was proven again, to be the imbecilic, @$$clown he is! James is now awaiting colon surgery, to remove the blockage!

  12. Collins made me SMH when he said you have Vuckovic over there with 19 rebounds and Spencer gives us 1 and Lavoy gives us 2. lol.

  13. Whats the proper antonyms for Passionate. Intense. Proud? That slogan is the biggest load of shit in professional sports.

  14. I hate to say it, they miss Iggy.
    I’m still glad they took the chance on Bynum, they weren’t going anywhere standing pat. Offer him a 1 year deal and move on.

  15. John Fingers on CSN philly writes an article predicting the whole lot of players will disappear in the next two off seasons but save Holiday and Thad

  16. Soft… Lazy… Spineless… Talentless… Undisciplined… Ill-prepared… STIFFS…
    That is all………………..

  17. Well said DCar.

    And I want no part of Bynum. Why would anyone want to pay that bonehead that can’t even last a whole season? Way too much risk involved.

    • Spot on bugs. This is the last year, I buy packages, for any games. I’ve gone to at least 10-15 games per, for 12 years. They won’t ever get a cent from me again! They are a never ending black hole, of mediocrity, stupidity, & ineptness! I can’t stomach these trash truck juice smelling, colassal wastes, anymore! The new ownership, are DISGRACES, for what they pulled with the Bynum debacle, f^#@ing us fans, then going into the witness protection program! F^#@ THEM! Don’t be surprised they sell the team, for a quick profit, because believe it, or not, their worth has risen!

      • oh my god you have paid money to watch that ‘product’? damn dcar i DID NOT know that! no offense you must feel totally ripped off– i went to a game last year for free and i felt like i overpaid!
        nba has taken a wonderful game and made it unwatchable, which is wierd since it is the highest level with the best atheletes

        • HAC, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I got suckered again this year. Never again! I try to stay loyal to all the teams. I try to do 10 for the Flyers & 76ers. At least a couple Birds games & as many Phils as I can nab! I also do Lehigh & Clearwater, every year with my Sons, Brother, Nephew & Friends. Going to Clearwater next week, meet my Twin Boys, who are at Florida State, drive to catch games on the 7th & 9th, against the Rays & Twins. Looking forward to it. Ain’t seen my Boys since Xmas.

          • A drop in a bucket now DCAr since GMCLiff is paying us $250K to
            give our Mock Lists for the Draft… Ha..

  18. Don’t be ashamed of that. I think that we all got a little caught up with Iggy leaving and the prospect of Bynum in the lineup. Just didn’t work out and now we are getting this type of effort where they get demolished by a terrible team.

  19. You guys that follow the nba I have a question… Doesn’t it seem like unless two of the top 8 teams in the league are playing each other that most games have a big chance of being a snooze fest? I am a huge sports fan, season tix to UD for years, still go to 10-15 big HS games per year… I can’t sit thru a quarter of an nba game

    • HAC, you’re correct. The NBA is borderline un-watchable, anymore. Something that this last, bogus, fraudulent, lockout, was supposed to rectify. Nothing changed, but the Owners getting more $$$$! The NBA is joke, & a shell, of it’s former self, & is filled with selfish, non-skilled, un-fundamentally sound players, that don’t play DF, & are infatuated with Dunks & gunning from the Arc! It’s a league that is dictated by the players greed, & where they want to go. If you don’t get lucky to draft a stud, you have ZERO chance to win in this league, & for damn sure, npo good free agents will play for you! It’s not a fun League to watch anymore! I actually would rather watch NCAA B-Ball, because you get great team play, especially with our local teams! It’s embarrassing to watch anymore.

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