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Report: Asomugha Eating Lunch In His Car Instead Of With Teammates

NmandiAsomugha5Early last season, I had heard a rumor about Eagles cornerback Nmandi Asomugha going to his car to eat his lunch so he could make some calls on his phone to run his affairs outside of football such as; his foundation, speaking schedule and endorsement deals.  He has a team of professionals who help him to manage his off the field life and he talks to them nearly every day.

Today on WIP, former Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas talked about Asomugha’s habit.  He said the cornerback did it in order to get some “me” time.

I didn’t like it when I heard about it because it’s very important that veteran players spend time with their younger teammates.  The veteran are supposed to be making sure everybody is on the same page on coverages.  A veteran like Asoumgha should be making sure that each young player in the secondary understands exactly what type of receivers they’re going to be facing in the next game.

Asomugha didn’t do a good job of serving as a veteran mentor to his young teammates in the secondary. on Facebook

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255 Comments for “Report: Asomugha Eating Lunch In His Car Instead Of With Teammates”

  1. Why is this a story? Either he will be out or he will be here it is good to be alone get away sometimes but he played aloof as well just cut the guy. Here is how i see it the Front Office is like you want to play with us Yes or No? and it will be for this amount take it or leave it. No need for Nnamdi to play to his favor your either going to make the money here or elsewhere, it is either that his agent can’t find a market suitable for him at his price range or the eagles dont want to give him what they are asking but also they dont want to lose the 4 mil if they have too

    • Why is it a story when your prized free agent signing 2 years ago sits in his car to get away from his teamates? Really??

      Truth is the guy played on terrible Raiders team and probably acted the same way there…..those guys were all focused on themselves because the team stunk, and had for years. He lived off of a reputation in Oakland, and on a terrible team it was easy to just throw at the weaker CB instead of towards the guy with the big reputation. Here in Philly he was exposed.

      It isn’t hard to see that this guy was a selfish player….his on-field reactions to blame others and lack of any off-field leadership is not a suprise….unfortunately for the Birds and their fans. Please cut this guy loose.

  2. We can be critical of Howie Roseman but he is an Accoutant and he is Great with Money thus the reason why we are always tops in the Salary cap year in and year out, yes we want to see results and wins and championships i get that but for the haters or naysayers we need Howie because he knows how to work contracts that are cap friendly and also helping us get other talent, whether it works or we get something of value that is another story an they may not even know how to evaluate talent but at the end it is up to howie to screw the pooch only he can get himself fired Gamble is here an the Eagles Owners have no issue keeping gamble as the new GM and head of personnel decisions.

  3. This story doesn’t surprise me either. And I’m not sure i can blame him for it. He is entitled to do as he pleases on his own time. And I’m sure this wasn’t frequent. But i personnely would like to see him cut from the team. To me tackling is a huge part of being a DB and he was flat out horrible at it. And i don’t see him getting any better at it no matter who coaches him.

  4. they blamed Asante for Nmandi’s first year’s awful play
    his 2nd year was worse without Asante( 5 int.) who took his big plays to Atlanta for a 7th rounder ——– Howie has yet to be asked by the Ruben Frank’s of the world about that poor decision.

  5. Who cares where he eats his lunch stupidest story of the off season. Now if you want to be critical of him for his play fine. I will say he needed to be more vocal with the two safeties about the constant mistakes made calling coverages. They looked like 4 guys who were communicating in 4 different languages.

    • His F^#@ING team mates care, dopey! He is supposed to be a leader on a team, & building comradery with them! Not be a selfish, arrogant, introvert, & not bother with them, because you think he’s better than them! How’s about talking to the young secondary mates, & building a relationship, that can help on the field! You guys crack me up, with your cluelessness! Are you that dense?!?

  6. It’s a Story because it shows everyone the self,me first type of personality NNamdi Has which is why I didn;t want the piece of garbage to begin with..
    He’s more concerned about “making it” after his Football Career is over with his outside work than he is about playing Football to the best of his abilities which were grossly overrated as I stated 2 Years ago.. I sadi, stay away, stay far away and instead the Eagles tied up major $$$ for a bust instead of addressing the Safety and LB Position and now fast forward 2 years later
    the Eagles are still trying to address the Safety and LB Positions..
    This Eagles Organization has become a joke

    • LB has improved as opposed to Safeties new coach new look andy is not the coach

    • All it tells me is he wanted to eat his food by his damn self and not be bothered. I guess thats a crime of selfishness. Get the hell out of here with that nonsense man.

      • YES, it is selfish, when you’re the only one not eating with your team mates, & being an introverted, arrogant dickhead! I can tell, you never were a team player of any sort. Probably one of those me, me, me, first guys, that took his ball & went home, when he didn’t get his way! You get the hell out of here, clueless!

  7. Its not a story….if it were a story it should have came out when it was first rumored..yea BigL…I agree…
    Everyone is different…I know some people who do not like people talking to them when they eat. Maybe, because the manners of those around them, aren’t so good…talking with mouth full, coughing sneezing etc……certain things turn people off when they are eating…I could imagine a team of football players not have the best eating habits/manners. Where you eat what you eat, is your choice your decision….its funny that you cats are making a big deal about one hour or so away from teammates.

  8. I guess the “we are in this together” there is a different culture with a team than a job

    • cigar one of the most irritating things to me in life is when I’m interrupted when I’m trying to eat sometimes you need that hour to mentally regroup. This is tabloid reporting at it’s worse what’s next because he ate in his car he’s gay? Hollis Thomas should be ashamed of himself for bringing that nonsense up on WIP especially being a former player.

  9. I never heard gay and I’ve actually been hearing these reports for a week . Point is the dream team had me guys not team guys this just epitomizes it. For whatever reason Namdi has always lost wherever he’s played I have no idea why

  10. He’s played on losing teams and as a CB I don’t know how much he has to do with that remember Jamarcus Russell lol, and I just made up the gay part as an example of stupid journalism like what’s going with on with Manti Teo right now.

  11. Did you guys ever play sports , football, real you sound like some faggot ass pussy, you eat with the team, sorry if a few burps, housingburgers with your mouthful offends you, go play in the band

  12. And it is a story, an important side line to what we see on the field

  13. The more time you spend with the guys in your unit, the more cohesive a unit you become. Not a big deal, but perhaps one of many little factors for the birds dysfunctional defense. I’m trying to understand how the team was so quick and absolute in cutting Jenkins and Patterson and so far hanging onto Vick and Nnamdi. IMO all should be gone.

  14. To an athlete it’s a big deal, huge deal, there s nothing more important in team sports than comraderie, anyone who has ever worn a sweaty jock understands this, but today’s fans, well , because of fantasy football we have geeks, nerds, following sports, football in particular, but they don’t understand the importance of unity, cause they havent been in the fold, years ago they would be playing with erector sets, now they are fans with a gay voice

    • Jake…you are a loud don’t know what the hell you’re talking about…I’ve played sports I am an athlete, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if a teammate didn’t eat lunch with me. If I didn’t have to provide for my family, I’d be trying to play professional basketball somewhere…I’d bet 10K that I’m a better athlete than you…can run faster, jump higher, catch better, shoot better, tackle better, defend better…whatever that is involved I know I can do better than you! Real Talk!
      There are other places where players can get comradery by the way. But if I were Nnamdi I’d be eating with my teammates…To eaches own, I’d understand if shit like that bothered a player and I’d laugh about it, crack some jokes…you know, joking around brings some comradery to all individuals, teammates, loved ones, co workers….You sound like a little bitch worrying about where another man eats.

      • internet jump shooting contests! can’t wait to watch!
        someone said later in the post and i agree if it happened once/twice– non story– if it was regular and especially after the finger pointing then it was cowardice on his part and acting like a baby.

  15. Give him lots of “Me Time”. Cut the non-tackling, non-covering, non-lock down
    overpaid and overrated guy with a name that annoys when you have to spell or
    speak it.

  16. Beautiful big e can always count on you for prose

  17. No way he stays anyway so at this point who cares, He has a 4 million cap hit regardless if we keep him or not, theirs no way they will give him a penny more, if thats the case, he can sign with another team, they can give him a couple million and he gets the 4 million from us, wth him at this point its all about the dollars, hes outta here and good riddance, gotta get rid of all these cancers.

  18. Hey big lion , sorry to interrupt your lunch, but dick vermeil ate his lunch while taking a shit , ewee….

  19. So you manly men think Peyton Manning hangs out and eats lunch with guys? You dudes haven’t spent enough time on locker rooms to know jack.

    • Big, I played Youth League baseball, B-Ball, & Football, HS Baseball, Football & Wrestling, College Baseball, & Semi-Pro Baseball for 2 years, in the NASPBA, so don’t give that BS!!!! Peyton Manning used to bring his team mates over for cook outs all of the time, & bought them $#!T every year, because he knew were his toast was buttered! You are clueless, & clearly a selfish me 1st person, by all of your comments on this topic! Sorry my man, just being real here!

      • DCar I am being a realist because I played sports at a high level in three different sports and by most accounts was a good teammate who still at the age of 50 call most of those guys friends, I guess you were a blind sheep who wasn’t an individual thinker. The guys I played with put it all on the line for each other and we didn’t have to sit and eat lunch together to have that bond. But wait I’m clueless so what would I know.

        • and you believe namdi put it all on the line? didn’t point fingers and was a good team mate? -Team meals are a ‘something’

          • Nobody on that defense put it all on the line, that was the issue but hey if they ate lunch together maybe they would have been 12-4 and not 4-12. Geez.

            • no never said that – and never singled him out as the only player that sucked– i said that team mates should do these things. it is a symptom of the disease the birds had last year.

        • Big, you are as far as a realist, as they come on here! I’m real, honest & truthful, all of the time! BLIND SHEEP?!? I follow no man, use my brain to think for myself, & have ALWAYS LED, no matter what walk of life I’ve chosen. WTF, is that DUMB comment?!? You’re only real, in your own mind, when it suits you. You are one of the critical apologists on here, that can’t wait to defend, everytime something negative is said! So don’t give me your verbal diarrhea. The dude is an introvert, is selfish, not a leader, a mutt, a fraud, & flat out sucks! There is NO debate here! You are wrong!!!!

          • DCar good for you, again him eating lunch in his car was why he played so bad and not his declining skills? Talking loud on the internet means as much as Nnamdi eating his lunch in his car absolutely nothing. You have lead you were in the service and were a cop your telling me everybody you came across had the same personality?

            • Big, stop putting words in my mouth. Something you’re good at BTW! I never said, eating in his F^#@ING car, made him, or his team play bad! ALL of my comments, on this subject, was his selfishness, lack of leadership, the dog in him, & him being an introvert! Also, the idiocy of you guys saying it’s a non-story. It’s a story, that the hacks in this city, didn’t have the balls to report timely! If you don’t think his not associating with his team-mates, didn’t have a negative affect, or impression, on the team, especially with the kids, you are irrationally delusional. If I was an impressionable, young player, looking for guidance, from the so called 2nd best CB in the league, veteran, leader, wouldn’t I want him to spend a lot of time around me, lunch & all, where you can bond easier?!? He even did that $#!T in Lehigh! Stop putting words in everyones mouths, to try to make your baseless, clueless points. You ain’t making sense!

              • Me, myself, have always taken the young-heads under my wing, to try & give them my knowledge, experiences, lifes journeys, rights & wrongs! That’s why I’m a successful mentor, leader & communicator to troubled youths, a Big Brother, good Father/ Grand Father & successful in every walk of life I’ve chosen!

  20. Bottom Line to me, Asmo is not an true “Eagle”.. He never was and never will be, kick his ass right out to the Airport.. End this Soap Opera and release him.. He does not belong in Philly and does not deserve to Wear the Silver and Green 1 more Day..

    • What’s a true Eagle paulman? Enough of this crap all these guys are highly paid mercenaries, is Peyton a true Bronco? Is Cutler a true Bear or a Bronco you see how stupid remarks are like that?

      • Manning played 13 years for the Colts, was RELEASED for cap reasons, in a rebuild mode, & didn’t leave for the $$$$! Cutler was traded & didn’t leave for the $$$$, you numb-skull!!!!! I can see if they left for the $$$$ as greedy FA’s, but they didn’t, so how are they mercenaries? Again, your comments are fact-less, baseless, & clueless!

        • Oh I see you leave on your own for more money then your selfish but if a team who wantss loyalty decides you are no longer needed then its okay to where another jersey. So is Peyton a true Colt or a Bronco?

          • WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? You called them, ALL HIGHLY PAID MERCENARIES! I pointed out, how you were INCORRECT, about Manning & Cutler! You are senselessly, irrationally, idiotic!

            • Yes I was incorrect in this instance, but you irrational if you don’t know what I’m talking about. These guys will go and play anywhere as long as they can sign a contract. Isn’t is amazing that guys like John Elway and Eli Manning dictated where they wanted to play and it’s never brought up anymore. But hey they are great guys right?

              • Hahaha! Who said that? Again, pointless, baseless & has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand! I am agreeing with you, that most FA’s are greedy mercenaries. Again, nothing to do with anything! You’re spinning your wheels, in a mud puddle of nonsense! Just stop, PLEASE!

  21. Actually I do expect guys on my team to eat together. I get that Namdi was probably instructed by some life coach to manage HIS time like this in order to maximize HIS time and reduce HIS stress. The problem is that this is all done on OUR (meaning team) time not HIS. If you (Namdi) are more concerned about your side projects than your gig===> EXIT this way!

    • So all teams that win eat and play together and all teams that lose have players that go off on their own? Regal that doesn’t even work in college and you want pros to sit around and sing songs and share meals together? I have been a competitive athlete most of my life. The atmosphere in locker rooms is something every man should experience but stop believing the crap that gets shoveled thru the media.

      • don’t talk in absolutes you can’t say ‘all’ of anything. but high paid players isolating themselves from the team is trouble– however you paint it.
        imagine if brady or manning did this? or VICK! it would be disgraceful

  22. Ignore me all week and see if I have yopur back on sunday ASSombag

  23. Hollis Thomas is wrong and big lion is right okay, I here you….I here you

  24. Biglion, I dont understand why you and others might have such a problem with this being a story. Just look at the combine. Teams are asking teo if he is gay, asking players if they have girlfriends or if they like girls…That should tell you how much good rapport among players matters in the locker room and on a team. Thats just sports. And as others have noted, these guys put their necks on the line for many of each other, esp in football. Distance yourself from the team and see what happens on Sundays. And as we saw every sunday there was total discord on that defense among the players, which Nnamdi was the prime example of. how many times did that loser point his fingers at others when he was getting burned? These guys didn’t give a shit about one another which is why they are blowing the defense up.

    • Pheags please don’t tell me you believe that crap, BTW every locker room has its share of loners and idiots that’s how it goes or would you rather have guys like Romanowski beating the hell out of teammates great teammate right there the Raiders were winning games when that happened bet not to many guys were eating lunch with him. Randall and Donovan were winning successful aloof guys remember.

  25. This just goes to show you that Nnamdi is more interested in what he does off the field than what he does on it. Not that its a BAD thing. Nnamdi does great charity work and is a terrific human being……however, his primary duty is football, and it seems like he put his love for the game and the craft that made him the millionaire he is today on the back burner.

    • does it? is that what it shows us? Maybe he likes to pray? maybe he wants a break?

      Honestly…. i get why this is a story but…. seriously…. enough already.

  26. this is the kind of crap that gets talked about when your team sucks and is getting their arsses handed to them. EVERYTHING is a big flipping deal then.

    If the birds went 13-3… noone would care.

    Honestly guys…. lets just hammer hi for being out of position during the game. Thats enough… trust me.

    • No Stevo, this is what happens, when the MEDIA, doesn’t have the F^#@ING BALLS to do their jobs, & F^#@ING report it, when it is happening! I’ve been saying this for months now, on here! Some of us on here, do a better job of reporting & informing each other, than OUR local media! I’ve read & reported this months ago, on other sites! It’s hack, ball-less journalism, with the local media, in this city! It IS a story, & SHOULD be brought to light! But I agree it is a little too late, & piling on now! But some of the $#!T some idiots on here saying, that it’s a non-story, & that it isn’t selfishness, from an introverted team-mate, is mindbogglingly, nauseating!

  27. Perhaps Asomugha was afraid someone would steal his lunch again…

  28. DUDE, I reported this nine hundred times, for months, on here already! Why is everything a day late, & a $$$$ short on here! Report it, when it’s happening! JEEEESH!!!!

  29. Per Sources in Asmo’s Camp,
    Nnamdi Assmoguah is coming out with a series of motivational books and video’s titled “Who moved my Chicken Salad”
    Look for these inspirational readings/video’s at Barnes & Noble and Starbuck’s
    Stores near you .

  30. I quess Nmandi is a little slow renegociating his contact to Cheap Jeff Lurie’s liking, he instructed his Lurie Lemming press and PR machine to discredit Nmandi Nationally
    Geoff Moesher once wrote a don’t feel sorry for Howie and Jeff when Jason LaCanfora was writing an un-friendly piece on their coaching search because they did the same to others many times
    ————-Well, Here it is
    If the National press was writing something about Kendricks or Graham’s behavior essentially off the field without the Eagles leaking it then there would be smoke coming out of Daily News Live Hosts ears protecting the Eagles ( like when McNabb was puking in the huddle)

  31. LMAO….It’s only a story because he played bad…
    If he had been balling these last 2 years this story wouldn’t have been mentioned
    I’m sure if this was about your favorite player in would defend his choice to eat alone…

    • So true Gotta, but be careful you’ll be called clueless because you know bs when you read it. Dude played horrible last year but I guess its because he ate by himself and not because he has declining skills. If he played at an all pro level then it’s not a story. People need to get a clue.

      • Agreed Big. This is ridiculous. Eating in his car has zero to do with leadership.

        • I didnt want to chime in on this because this is the shit that I feel, as a fan, is irrelevant.
          But, if dude is going to eat in his car so be it. I just think this is the type of behavior he just exhibited all across the board. Arrogant, aloof, fingerponter and lax in his approach to the game. Like Gotta Luv it mentioned, if he played well, this is a moot point. But he sucks, so can his ass!

  32. Can I get a Phillies article sometime in the near future?

  33. For instance, I would love an article in regards to the rivalry Jason Werth is trying top get started with the Bravos and Phils. Doc, Lee and Hamels have all lokked good. Brown is off to a great start and Howard looks to be getting comfortable again. Papelbon is a douche, which we all knew. C’mon!!!

  34. I think what this article and many others like it fail to point out is how often he was doing this. If he was eating in his car on a regular basis then it’s kind of a big deal. For those of you who think otherwise, you obviously have not been part of a sports team past middle school or high school. This guy is one of the top paid players on the team and a veteran at that. He’s expected to be a leader. I think eating in your car away from your team can hurt camaraderie and also alienate yourself from your teammates. If it was just a couple times then I agree it’s a non-story.

  35. I think the Birds should go after Darrelle Revis. That is all.

    • Okay Birdo you want them to cut Nnamdi and I agree they should he cannot play anymore and then trade for a guy who’s middle name is holdout? Just proves my point if you can play people will overlook everything.

  36. Although Revis is intriguing, he represents everything that is wrong with our team. A big name player who is coming off major knee surgery. He’ll be 28 years old when the season starts and he will command a small fortune. No thanks. I’d rather pick up a guy like Keenan Lewis and then draft a young CB in the draft.

  37. I enjoy kicking the Eagles when they are down (4-12) as much as cheering for them but
    Roseman and Lurie have the capitol to bring in major NFL talent this off-season
    they have a redo on the entire 2011 Free Agency Season ( everyone one of those bust FA signings is gone and all their money is waiting to be spent again)

  38. @DCar, I do the mentor thing as well and have no problems guiding young people and keeping them on the straight and narrow. You lead your way I’ll lead mine we just disagree on this.

    • Big, if you truly are mentoring kids & teens like I do, you wouldn’t be successful, or get through to them, with your thinking & frame of mind. Try your BS with a troubled kid from the hood, with a single parent, who desperately needs Fatherly guidance, positive reinforcement, a foot in the @$$ & brutal honesty, they’d look at you like who’s this FOOL! I have over 15 years of experience, so give me your nonsense & stoogery about leadeship! You couldn’t lead starving mice, to find cheese, in a cheese warehouse, with your retarded thinking! GTFO, with your bogus $#!T!!!!

      • DCar I deal with troubled kids in the hoods of Jacksonville Florida 3 days a week and do just fine again you know everything and only your way works so you gtfoh with your holier then though nonsense you sir are a clown.

        • Claiming to know about everything about everybody from reading a blog.

          • I’m not perfect, don’t know everything, don’t think I’m holier than thou & never claimed to! Just like someone, when they are proven foolish, & stupid, they through out, immature, factless, clueless, insults! You’re a joke, my man! Loose an argument & act like a petulant brat! You know it all, I’m taking my ball & going home! Grow the F^#@ UP, & take it like a man!

  39. Alex smith is now with the Chiefs.

  40. Rich get richer….SF gets the #34 overall pick in this draft from the Chiefs for mediocre Alex Smith….HEIST!!! Reid got taken….

    SF now has #31 and #34 to add to their already ridiculously talented team….

    • Jott your right about that. Speaking of rich getting richer, PFT is saying that they will likely trade for Revis with all that ammo they have now in draft picks.

      SF trading for Revis makes a ton of sense because they are already a SB contending team. For the Eagles, absolutely not, by the time our team gets to that level again Revis will be getting old.

      Alex Smith with a pass happy coach seems like a disaster to me.

    • And a conditional 2nd next year too! LOOOOOOOOL!!!!

      • Dcar, at least we don’t have to deal with that crazy bastard Reid anymore. Feel bad for them KC fans…
        Pretty stupid trade if you ask me…to give up that much when SF was probably going to have to cut ALex Smith eventually. HE was killing their cap and bringing him back would be a distraction for a team that is SB ready. They would have released him or gave him up at the last second for before the draft for next to nothing.

        • I’m glad his fat, useless @$$ is gone, but why am I getting a sinking feeling, we’re going to be worse off, & Reid is going to win a SB with them? God, I hope not!

    • reid will take them to the playoffs 5 of the next 6 years .. the eagles will be getting ready to terminate their second coach in year 6… i feel the 70’s coming!

  41. Cant blame the 49ers though. They made out like bandits in this trade. Almost a lock that KC selects OT Luke Joeckel with that 1st pick

  42. can’t call it a heist…. kolb for a second and a ‘pb corner’– that was a heist– actually it just goes to show how desperate teams are for a qb that can keep them in a game and with a chance to win…

    • Depends on what Alex Smith does for KC, he was playing at a pro bowl level when he was injured. If Andy uses Jamal Charles the right way then Smith will be fine.

  43. This doesn’t surprise me in least and proves what I have been saying for years, Reid wanted no parts of Vick he drafted, gave the qb position to kolb, then was told to play Vick, then Reid drafted foles, Reid leaves, but birds still want Vick

    Reid wanted foles in a trade but howie lost the game of poker, so Reid went to plan “B”, you still will not see foles start, it will be Vick for a year, then geno smith or some other quarterback who can run and otherwise suites the agenda laden eagles

    • how? how does this prove any of that? Perhaps reid called and asked about both Vick and Foles. perhaps neither was free. Perhaps Reid knows Vick is crap now but was in love with him 3 years ago.

      jake…. just keep throwing crap against a wall like Pman does and someday… maybe someday something will stick.

  44. The Chiefs are going to suck for a long time…Reid will be fired in 3 years after he finishes 18-30 as head coach

  45. I wonder if a guy we know named Vinnie has an opinion on Alex Smith & Andy Reid’s QB tendencies ? LOL

  46. Wonder if the Birds could have had the #34 pick for Foles…probably, but Howie “Rat” Roseman said no….

    • no way of knowing that number 1 and number 2 smith is worth more than foles for christs sake!

    • Either the Chiefs didn’t want to pursue Foles or the Eagles were firm in keeping him…Possibly the Chiefs thought anything more than a 3rd round pick for Foles was too much…Andy Reid being the man he is and the friendship he has with Lurie, pursuing Foles could have been a little smoke screen to help assess his value around the league. It also may be true that Kelly really wants to work with Foles.
      Alex Smith is not worth 2 high second round picks, no way! But even though he may not be worth it, with that running game and that pretty solid defense I see improvement from the Chiefs in 2013…Smith is a step up from the Chiefs QB’s of last season. Never know what you get in the draft..

  47. Ah Andy Reid. 2 high second round picks for Alex Smith? What a moron.

    We should send a get well card to the Chief fans, because Andy is going to make them sick.

  48. I guess Foles was Roseman’s draft pick and not Reid’s. If your KC and your offered Smith or Foles you have to go with Smith. we will find out real fast how good Andy is with QB’s. If I were KC I’m trading out of the first spot and getting that second round pick right back.

    • 100% agree Biglion If Reid truly was in charge of Personal here for the Eagles then the #1 pick is for sale to recoup the picks the Chiefs just lost
      that was his Modus Operandi ( concerned to a fault about number of draft picks)

      • maybe foles isn’t available…. do you think just because reid likes foles they should make him available? he don’t work here no more! i know someone who is still in eagles scouting dept. who was in the war room when there was a discussion about that pick…AR himself pulled the name off the board. fact.
        he will win more games in the next 5 yers as the next two eagles coaches!

        • Good stuff cigar I haven’t heard that, from listening to sports talk everyone is saying Foles was a Howie and Marty guy and Reid wasn’t sold on him.

  49. I think its funny that someone called Alex Smith plan B. That Foles was plan A. Muahahahahahahahahahaha

    Does anyone in this room think the Chiefs called and offered the eagles that 2nd round pick for Foles and the eagles said no? Anyone?

    If Foles was plan A and Smith was plan B dont you think the Chiefs would have offered more? So….. maybe they offered their 2nd rounder and their 3rd rounder? muahahahahahaha I spit ice on my Computer.

    Guys….. I like Foles too but lets settle down with all the hype. for real.

    • I believe Foles was plan A…He said himself on NFL Network that they called and the Eagles informed them that Foles was not available….well before they started the process of trading for Alex Smith……..

      Why don’t you guys just accept that you were wrong about how they felt about Foles. Foles is better than any QB in this years draft, and he is the QB of the future of the Eagles………EAT YOUR HEART OUT, AND LISTEN TO GMCliff……

  50. Alex Smith 2012


    Nick Foles 2012 stats

    Regular Season

  51. There is no hype… I simply stated that smith is more of a known then Foles hence worth a better pick… I also stated Reid liked Foles. I think where the speculation is whether Foles is available

  52. No stevo, but players in the nfl with not much game experience like foles are like new cars when they leave the lot they depreciate, I would bet they offered a third and howie said no, the eagles with Lurie will not go with a traditional, pocket passer, that’s the whole reason for the Kelly hire, foles is as good as gone,

    And no one is overhyping his value, if foles were to come out this year he probably would go in the first, no later than second round

  53. There goes stevo fanning the fire for more illogical, biased rants from the foles sucks crowd

    A players worth , desirability is based on more than current ability, salary sonsiderstions prevail, years in league, current, future production, Reid wanted foles but was not going to give the house for him like he argueably did for smith, but he can justify for smith who is a seven year pro, former first round pick, and other bs reasons, but foles was his qb but not at smiths price

    • Hmm…. really? How do you see that? All i did was post his stats. I dont think Foles sucks at all. I think hes woth keeping and I think he may be pretty good. So….. hmm… wrong again. I think he sucks just because I dont compare him to hall of famers??

      Reid wanted Foles? More than Smith? How do you know that? Because he called?

      By your comment are we to assume that Reid wanted Foles more than Reid but he knew fans/media would crusify him for giving so much for an unproven like Foles? Wow… what a claim.

  54. jake- I agree, the offer was prolly a third…. IF they even offered. My guess is that the Chiefs called around to get an idea who the COULD land. Smith was choice #1… clearly or they would have waited.

  55. Stevo you pointed out stupid stats.

    Alex Smith 2012
    70.2 1737 13 5 104.2
    Nick Foles 2012 stats
    Regular Season
    60.8 1699 6 5 79.2

    And you use that to make your “case” that Smith is more valuable??

    You seem to have left out how one was after 6 season and 70 starts under his belt, while the other was with 0 seasons and 0 starts under his belt.

    Why don’t we get into a time machine and look at Smith’s first 7 games:

    84 of 165 (51%) for 875 yrds 1 td and 11 ints

    Did you read that?

    Now, I can guarantee you that Nick Foles is more valuable right now (an unknown commodity with promise) is more valuabvle than a known commodity with a known ceiling is.

    If Smith is to be had for a 2nd, then I bet the Eagles are asking for a 1st (oh, and if I was one of the teams thinking of taking a QB in the first round, I’d take him with that first over any of the fodder coming out.

    • Vinnie… that was not my point at all. I was not comparing the 2 overall. I actually think Foles will be a better qb when its all done BUT….. in a “what have you done for me lately” NFL…. they are trading for NOW/

    • Vinnie… there is NO flipping way the birds will land a #1 pick for Nick Foles. I like him. I hope he stays. I hope he becomes the starter but he is not worth as much as Alex Smith RIGHT NOW. He’s not. He just isnt. And if you disagree… you are just being a vinnie.

  56. He ate his lunch in the car because he got tired of chocking infront of everyone

  57. Your right stevo. Alex Smith was by far there #1 choice. And i actually like the move they made. I like Foles too, but I’m almost certain the Eagles would have taken that offer for Foles.

    • Wouldn’t be worth it if you like Foles, which Kelly says he does. He never said he wanted to trade him, all the haters assumed that…..Jokes on them. Foles is staying

  58. Foles way better prospect, qb than any qb coming out this year, better prospect, qb than smith, I hope but doubt the reason foles has not been dealt yet is because Kelly feels the same way, wants to build his offense around the hoss, with the hose

  59. Priceless melmilliomns

  60. See… this is what I mean. Im telling you…. i like Foles but some of you had a little too much punch tonight.

  61. Dispute what I said stevo, go ahead, make yourself sound foolish, or like the poster who wants to trash foles because, well, he’s foles, he doesn’t have “it”, hes better than any qb coming out this year , nick foles, the best qb for the eagles

  62. Jake… i know this is hard for u because it doesnt fit your hope but… i want foles to win the starting job… i hope he pulls it off. Im not a hater man. But if you think the birds were offered what the 49ers got for smith… u are crazy. Foles MAY be something.. its too early to tell but lets not get carried away

  63. i want to know who told all you people that think that the eagles asked too much or that reid didn’t want foles… who told you he was available for trade??? tell me exactly who?

  64. Well,

    If I were trying to resurrect a moribund franchise, I’d be rolling with the 2nd year guy who acquitted himself very very well in his first 6 starts, over the 28 year old who has never thrown for more than 18 tds in 7 seasons.

    “right now” Foles is more valuable than Alex Smith.

    • Vinnie.. i hope he wins the job but wow… you are head over heals for our backup qb. The 3rd round qb played well enough to comp here in philly but alex smith led his team to win after win on their way to the sb. Dont get me wrong… smith is no where near the top but noone in their right mind is handing foles the keys to the franchise..philly either. A first round pick for foles is a stretch… id take it… but its a stretch.

      • Easy to be head over heels for the backup when Vick is the starter.

        But for a team thinking of drafting a QB in the 1st round…..all they have to do is ask themselves….do we want Geno Smith, Matt Barkley or Nick Foles.

        If they’re going to use the #1 pick on a QB anyway, I think it would be prudent to take one who has thrown TDs in the NFL over a guy from West V who has never played a team I’ve heard of (that’s hyperbole) or Matt USC Barkley.

        Of course, most NFL teams don’t think like that and always go for the bright shiny new thing….so it won’t happen.

        • But the bright shinny new tbing is what u are saying foles is. Thats your sellingg point for him…. or was it…. that hes tall?

          Maybe gour selling point is that he won an actual nfl game.

          Im telling you… your man lve has to slow down. What happend the last time you fell in love? Kolb will be lucky to have a job this year.

  65. the #1 pick and/ or their 3rd rounders is for sale in KC, that has been Coach Reid’s, Modus Operandi here — He likes more picks than 7 per draft now he is down to 6 in the next 2 years — So the Eagles can move up if interested

  66. talk about bragging…and bragging about something that has not even been proven….wow….So because you believe Foles was plan A, its the truth? Everyone, GMCliff says the world is ending next week, go out and spend all your money, and do everything you’ve always wanted to do..

    Cliff, you dont know what is going to happen…Foles may be on the Eagles roster in 2013, but that does not guarantee for 2014…Foles may not be better than some QB’s coming out in 2014…From what I heard the Eagles were offered a 3rd round pick for Foles…Maybe KC didn’t feel two 2nd round picks were worth the trade? possible? Do you think the Eagles really would of turned down to 2nd round picks for Foles? Your comment is nothing more than a prediction, it has not been proven yet…

    • do you think they were offered 2 2nd rounders? its all specualation … its all a game of information and misinformation…. kelly MAY be thinking foles will lead him to promised land he MAY be thinking that he’d be lucky to get a 3rd rounder… we absolutely don’t know crap… speculation abounds– its fun but
      i personally think smith for a 2nd and a 3rd (i’ve even heard conditional mid-rounder) is a great trade for both teams… anyone who thinks the chiefs will not be in contention for their division next year i think is nuts.

      • reports i’ve read are 2nd rounder and conditional 3rd rounder….you are 100% correct Haveacigar…its all speculation on all sides…we don’t know, and for the record if Kelly feels he wants to hold onto Foles, I’ll trust him…KC will definitely be in contention for a wild card spot, not sure about the division…I still see the Broncos taking the division.

        • yup
          it does seem that the broncos have the upper hand but the nfl is a marathon, health, breaks etc–the last years of AR were a disaster no doubt but he didn’t forget how to win games even if the fans forget he won a helluva lot of them! he will put them in the position to make plays! LOL

    • My comment was a quote from Andy Reid on NFL Network Real. Where HE STATED, that they inquired about Nick Foles, and the Eagles told them, he wasn’t available. There may have been an offer, but Reid said he would give any details about what was being negotiated……That wasn’t a prediction….

      I just want to hear from you when Dixon is proclaimed 3rd string. I don’t need to say another word in reference this topic because I have your club membership t-shirt all ready for you…….My point will be made after training camp, no defense needed.

  67. @realtalk, that’s why people saying KC gave up too much makes no sense we just don’t know. The draft is a crapshoot suppose those picks are busts, what if KC makes the playoffs I guess Andy will be a genius. The point is we don’t know yet.

  68. It’s a great Trade for both Teams..
    The Chiefs were not going to Draft QB this Year that would help them from Day 1 as Alex Smith will.. I am not saying Alex Smith is elite by any stretch,
    but looking at his last 2 Seasons, he is far away better than any QB coming out in this YEars Draft or even Matt Flynn who has 2 Starts under his belt and was on the Bench all last Season behind Russell Wilson, at least with
    Alex Smith, you know what you are getting and that’s a pretty Good QB who has experience and can and has won in the NFL

    • and for whatever reasons qb’s do get their best games under reid… he will be just fine. chiefs roster has talent i think 12 p. bowlers. they will be just fine….

  69. Coach Ar’s System is very QB freindly and has always been..
    If you can make quick reads and get the ball ou timely, you can complete a high %, Move the ball and ultimately put up good Stats . .(McNabb,Feely,Garcia,Kolb,Vick have all put some good #’s in AR’s System) You stay away from the Negative Plays and the Turnovers, and your good to go in his System (something the Mike VIck has been unbable to do since Nov of 2010)

    • all of which smith will do!

    • Coach Reid’s system only works if his Defense is a top Five and gives his offense good field position and ensures they always have the lead
      He was a tag a long offensive coordinator coach 100% reliant on DC Jim Johnson’s genius

      • right! all his wins were because of JJ and all of the losses were because of him! he was just tagging along! lol– and who by chance hired JJ? and JJ was an unknown at time and reid insisted on him… maybe just to tag along!

        • Chiefs have a solid DC Sutton who is chomping at the bi to run his own Defense and to get out from Rex Ryan’s Shadow.. Sutton will run a very attacking,blitzing and exotice coverages and schemes.. Chiefs should be in good shape moving forward.. NEed a WR (even is they sign Bowe which is a must, need a TE, DT and another CB and they are a solid Roster

  70. It doesnt matter who Reids QB is, the man will NOT run the ball even though he has as a pro bowl back, he still wont be able to make halftime adjustments or manage timeouts so who cares, good riddance.

    • I disagee for 3 years. After that i 100 % agree.

    • In over 100 wins he made zero adjustments? Really? Do you know what an adjustment is?
      How do you get all those wins in the nfl, a league where guys work 120 hours per week on minute details without adjusting. I get that we were AR fatigued but to discount all the wins….

      • Go listen to Trotters comments he made on espn, he said the same thing, he also said the players knew when he went up against a good coach he was gonna get outcoached, i guess Trot doesnt know what hes talking about either.

        • Bitter that he got cut, member of media causing a stir to promote his cause. None of his wins were against good coaches … He was the best of the worst. Good one!

  71. Any chance of Kevin Minter being available in the 2nd?

  72. I have really been pondering this Dion Jordan chatter. It is obvious that the eagles D is going to need a hell of an athlete to chase down/contain these read option qb’s. Since the birds prob have the best one in RG3 , in division. Part of me wants to see a 4.5, 6 foot 6 inch LB. He just needs to add 15 lbs.

    That brings us back to the old subject of practicality/value in Fisher or Joeckel. VS. upside and pure athletecism.

    • I like Fisher over Joeckel because of Fisher’s Nasty Attitude, he plays OT like a Defensive LIne.. Joeckel is far more polised and a better tactician, but I will take Fisher’s High energy, nasty streak over, block to the whistle goes than Joeckel.. Just my Opinion of course..

    • It is going to be interesting to see what happens…how the Eagles approach acquiring personnel…whether draft or free agency…Problem with some of the top OT free agents is injury history especially Sebastian Vollmer (NE) and Branden Albert (KC) Andre Smith (CIN) Sam Baker (ATL) could be solid pickups… I wouldn’t mind if the Eagles go after the O Line with the first pick (on some mocks I’m seeing Joeckel, Fisher at OT or Warmack from Alabama who is an OG) also seeing the Eagles taking a DE(Richardson/Jordan)/CB(Milliner) with their 1st pick in some mocks…improving the line should be a top priority in my opinion…2nd and 3rd round pick should be used on the CB and safety positions in my opinion…Take the best player available first at safety/CB…

      But I think the O line is the priority…I know there were injuries but there is age to consider at that position. I dont see the Eagles selecting Joeckel or Fisher due to Herremanns and Peters playing those positions, but possibly Fisher/Joeckel could be moved to right tackle, Herremans moved back to guard. anyone know how difficult if at all it would be to switch young players like a fisher or joeckel to the opposite tackle position? Or the Eagles could just keep Herremanns/Peters where they are and select the OG from Alabama (Warmack)

      • With some much cap room that this team has, you wonder if they do spend cash in FA on a RT? The names you listed would be a big upgrade. Than you hot the quandary of Evan Mathis, do you trade him? Slide herremans to LG and bank on Danny Watkins to play RG? Plug the RT you get in free agency, and there’s 5. Look to the later rounds of the draft for depth on the line? These are all directions yet could go. Than you can concentrate on a LB, DE, corner and safety. My opinion would be to take a Ansah or Jordan, I think you need that big, fast athlete that can cover in space and also create pressure on the qb.
        But, can you pass on a tackle with tht #4 pick?

        • You have OT Jake long who wants bad out of Miami per most Reports
          (I see him siginging with the Lions to be closer to home) and a chance to be on a winning Team.. lions need a OT badley and it would be a good match for both Team.. Long does have some back issues which the Eagles went thru enough of with Shawn Andrews
          Brandon Albert is an intersted choice, an excellent Player who only gave up 1 Sack last Year per NFL Stats with no real QB behind him.He’s an excellent Run Blocker and Pass Protector..
          Not sure is Cheifs go out and resign Ablerts to a big Contract and then Draft a OT with the 1st Pick.. It’s one or the other I believe,.,
          I don’t see Pats letting Vollmer go which is one of the reasons they they are clearing up Cap space to sign him with possibly releasing WR Brandon Lloyd as reported and the new Deal with Brady that free’s up some Cap SPace..
          I see the Cowboys making a push for a Free-Agent RT to replace the bum Doug Free who is like a King Dunlap Status but has a big Contract.. The Cowboys are restructuring lots of players Contracts (Whitten,Ware,Austin all restructuring and have Spencer,Ratliff and ROmo’s Deals to have to figure out)

          • All 3 of them would be a welcomed addition. I ESP think Alberts would be the top target, an insurance policy for Jason peters also. If one of these guys could be had in FA, I’d jump on it. Focus on D in the draft, where it is very deep.

          • I like OT Phil Loadholt from the Vikings, Still Young, Healthy and probably an under the Radar type of Player who would not cost a lot of $$$.. Him at RT and Peters at LT could give the Eagles some Flexibility and use that #4 Pick on a Denfesive Game Changer..
            If Peters were to get injured , then Loadhold could shift to LT and Herremans to RT in a worse case.. and then Draft an OT in the mid-rounds for they’re a Deep in the Draft and could get a good one in the 5th Round to develop in 2 years Time..

    • That’s why they have to consider moving down to get a Dion Jordan, and Ezekiel Ansah to solidify our 3-4 OLB core……Both would bring more Athleticism than we’ve had in decades..

  73. Best line of the day comes from LeSean McCoy perpetuating the myth…..

    “People forget- this is Michael Vick.” (with proper emphasis…”This. IS. Mi-chael. VICK!”

    Ummm…actually, no they don’t forget. People who think he stinks haven’t forgotten anything. The exact opposite. They remember everything.

    The only people who “forget” are the apologists. Not only do they forget, but they create (with lines like this) that VIck has every accomplished anything, (This is Michael Vick!!, said as if its Joe Montana or something) or has even ever been anything more thatn a mid-tier QB who occaisionally pops off an ESPN highlight run or throw once every 3 weeks.

    Difference between the pretend elite Mike Vick and the real elite QBs….is no one ever felt they had to say,

    “People forget – this is ____________________” about them.

  74. quote from McCoy about Eagles being in rebuilding mode…

    “I wouldn’t say it’s a rebuilding year,” McCoy said. “That’s why this kind of coach (Chip Kelly) was brought in. He’s meant to coach our team. He has the players he’s looking for- speed guys with tons of talent. It’s just a matter of unleashing it. He can win with this roster. The talent is here and the guys have the will to win. We just have to go out and do it.”

    • Ugh! I worry this is the 70’s
      This team has talked this way for the last three years and have been awful, they kickass in the press, the proclamations and the promises… They are the best at that! How bout refuse the interview, stay off twitter and win some games!

  75. lesean mccoy stuck in hero worship, we talking about vick, we taliking about vick, gtfo lesean, stfu and play football, once again, the problem with the eagles is not as much their ability, but their juvenile attitudes, from the pope of it all mv7, oooh, aaah, we talking about vick, get your hood on

  76. If the EAGLES STAY AT #4, Their pick should be Eric Fisher. If they want to acquire more picks, then trading down would make sense,{ grabbing Ansah, and Jordan} and also trade garbage players, like Cole Graham, and Mathis, or even Maclin, and future #1’s for more picks, in the1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Rounds

  77. I don’t believe the Eagles are cutting/releasing anymore Players
    From the Current Roster. I do think they will look to Trade Trent Cole and Guard Evan Mathis come Draft Weekend for Mid-round Picks (3rd or 4th Tound Picks if they can..
    Asmo and Eagles must be crunching the numbers for his new deal or he would most likely been released already
    I do think they ask Herrenan’s to restructure his Deal also
    And possibly LB Demeco Ryan’s..who Kelly Serbs to like and who they have no replacement for at the time..

  78. Eric fisher should be the pick

  79. On a side note about the Free-Agent OT’s out there on the Marjet
    A bad sign is that the Giants just signed their LT William Beatty to a 5 Year $38. 5 Million Deal and Beatty, while a solid player is not among the Top Tier OT that will be out their so whoever hits the open market land is not Franchised
    Like Long, Clady, Vollmer, Albert or Liadholt will probably be asking for more than Beatty’s Deal I am sure.

  80. Which brings me back to the point of Eagles Selecting OT Eric Fisher at #4 which makes Fibancial sense as well as Football senses once they do not have the crazy rookie bonuses with the new CBA so the aeagkes are able to lock up a “Premimum Position” with a young and Top Prosoect but at a Rookie 4 year Deal.. Remember that Peters is due to earn almost $15 Million in 2013m, does anyone think they will go out and pay a Free-Agent OT $10-12 Million
    On top of Peters Salary.. This would the up 10% of the Entite Team’s Salary Cap with 2 Large OT Salaries.. Drafting OT makes the most sense shirt Term and Long Term when you look at the #’s .. Just food for thought..

    • Peters will not be back, especially at $15M, at 31, coming off of 2 torn Achilles tendons! Why do you, & everyone else on here, just have him penciled in, & take for granted, he can even play again! He will need to take a major pay cut, or he’s gone too! IMHO, he should be gone anyways! Just saying!

    • True point. Haven’t really put that together.

  81. Make that 20% of Teams Cap if you add another $10-12 Million Salary to Peters $15 Million..

  82. Paul, it all depends on what they can land in FA. I bet they make a run at an olb UNLESS thats their target in rd 1. So… get the lb, get the ss in FA and add a ot in draft. Thats whT i would do.

  83. Read the Eagles just signed another QB. G.J. Kinne.

    Why no one on here touting him? Seemed to be all over Dennis Dixon. What’s the difference?

    This is getting really exciting.

    • Vinnie, GMCliff and I were talking about this kid last night, another mobile athletic QB, he also ran the pistol/read option at Tulsa.

  84. I think what we are seeing is that Kelly will not draft a qb this year, Kinne will battle it out with Dixon, Edwards, for the third qb, it will be either foles or Vick, as gmcliff has been proclaiming, if Kelly can tailor his offense to foles it should be foles, it will be interesting

    • Jake in your opinion what the heck is on Kelly’s mind? He has 3 mobile QB’s and a 4th in Edwards who is somewhat mobile and then Foles.Is he going to have two different offenses how can he honestly evaluate Foles if he has Vick/Dixon/Kinne running read option stuff and Foles just running traditional hurry up stuff is it all a smokescreen? Foles is going to be here so I’m trying to make sense of what Kelly is doing.


  85. btw, Kinne played for the new offensive quality control coach Press Taylor at Tulsa.

  86. It is hard to figure all this out big, but ultimately he has to go with the best qb, which will be foles, I think he’ll go with hurry up with foles with some read option elements, maybe wildcat with the others, who the hell knows except for gmcliff, lol

  87. I see in no scenario, where both Vick & Foles are on this team, by training camp. IMHO, 1 of them are gone, before the draft concludes. This Kelly era, has all the inclinations, & signs of a colassal train wreck!

  88. Haha… We talk like Nick Foles is crippled.

  89. as far as the new QB signed….. google the words “camp arm” and you will get it. Its another qb to work with this team…. no big deal.

    This obsession with the qb’s in laughable…. lets flush out what CB’s, OLB’s, and SS’s are gunna shake free and how we could use them.

  90. Also…. i dont get this fear about Nick FOles. If he is nearly as good as some think (im holding my opinion until…. well… he wins a few games/ or shows that he should have won a few games if the d didnt suck so bad)

    Foles should be able to run a little if needed, I believe that if he is the best qb on the roster he will show it and win it. I believe he can do it. So again…i dont understand the fear.

  91. Exactly Irish, like foles is Herman Munster on his feet

  92. Jakedog — shutup. Vick is going to be the QB of this team in 2013. Foles will not beat him out because Foles is simply not better than Vick at this point in his career. He certainly is not better than Vick in Chip Kellys offense either. Chip wants an athlete at QB, not a pocket passer. He wants a guy that can keep defenses on edge with his ability to run — Foles is not that.

    I like Foles, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not the guy for this team. In other news, I have compiled a list of free agents to be that I would like to acquire. Paulman, Stevo, anyone else that is capable of discussing intelligent football, grade me:

    Quentin Groves — We need some serious linebackers. I’m looking at Quentin Groves who is scheduled to be a UFA. This guy is big, strong, and fast. Perfect fit for this 3-4 we’re supposedly switching too. I think we can get him relatively cheap. Looking for him to replace Akeem Jordan.

    Greg Toler — he tore his acl in 2011 and missed some games last year because of injury but when healthy, he’s a great DB that makes plays. We can get him on the cheap as well. Word is the Redskins and Giants are looking at him — we can outbid both if need be.

    Dashon Goldson/Jarius Byrd — you know the deal. No explanation necessary. I can live with Delmas.

    Kevin Boothe — big STOUT athletic guard that can solidify that RG spot. Not sure where we are with Watkins but don’t think we should waste time finding out. This guy knows the NFC east and should be able to come in and produce immediately. Giants had a heck of an o-line and this guy was one of the reasons. Solid pro, shouldn’t cost much.

    Ricky Jean Francois — There’s already word that we are looking at him. I like him. Solid player, needs his opportunity. Tom Gamble had a hand in getting him to SF so he knows what he brings. NT moving forward? We’ll see. Another low risk high reward signing if you ask me. Won’t have to break the bank.

    Justin King — use to be the #1 DB for Penn State. Ran the .40 faster than anyone at his combine EXCEPT for Chris Johnson. Tore a ligament in his first preseason game causing him to miss his rookie year. 6 feet tall. Nothing more than a camp body that I want to see get a chance. Low risk high reward. Won’t break the bank.

    Jermon Bushrod — depending on Jason Peters, and even if he comes back healthy, I want to add Bushrod to our tackles. If Peters doesn’t come back to what he use to be, Bushrod takes his spot at LT. If Peters does, move Bushrod to RT and Herremans inside (or cut Herremans). This move may cost us a little bit more but I want to solidify that offensive line. I don’t want any holes with that starting 5 in place and I want some depth.

    Last but not least, Reggie Bush — signing Reggie will give us the top two cutback RB’s in the league and a one-two punch like no other. I like Bryce, don’t me wrong, but his fumbling issues concern me. Right now I only want him stepping in if McCoy gets hurt. In Chip Kellys offense, you’re going to need playmakers. You can line Reggie up in the slot, you can move him around anywhere really….and he can return kicks/punts. I think he brings a lot to the table that intrigues me for some reason. And I had a dream once of Reggie scoring a TD for us in the Super Bowl. It’s real man, it’s real. We might have to come out of pocket here but we won’t break the bank. Think about that, Vick, Maclin, Jackson, McCoy, Reggie — in Chip Kelly’s offense. Ya gotta be kidding me.

  93. In the absence of a qb drafted this year, no way Kelly goes with a has been, vick, whose career has been very mediocre, turnovers, poor decisions, or never has beens, Dixon, Kinne, just makes me sense, unless some other agenda going on with Lurie, Kelly would be an idiot to try to change an old dog or attempt to go with these practice squad, arena qbs

  94. **NFL nEWS

    Atlanta Falcons release RB Micheal Turner, DE Jon Abraham and CB Dunta Robinson saving them about $16-$17 MIllion off their Cap.. These 3 players were all Starters on a Team that made the NFC Championship Game..
    Pretty ballsy move, but it’s the right move since they have replacements for these 3 aging,overpaid players… Looks like the Falcons now have the $$ to go after some Free-Agents and reload with a pretty solid Roster ..

  95. Birdo, Im all for grabbing whatever shakes free from san fran because we need some winners on this team. Its culture change time and thats 1 of the reasons i would be fine if Vick was not here but….. i think he starts day 1 because Foles would have a huge hill to climb and its not going to happen,

    I like your list Birdo. Lots of great names on there. They need to land the best OLB out there i think for what they are trying to do with the “predator” D. Truth is…. if Ryans went down they would be screwed… we will need to land 2 starting quality LB’s.

  96. Eagles Free Agents- any worth trying to resign?
    Jon Dorenbos, OL; King Dunlap, OL; Akeem Jordan, LB; Derek Landri, DT; Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB; Jake Scott, OL; Darryl Tapp, DE

    • Akeem Jordan is an excellent special teams player, and can play every LB position on the field when we are in a pinch..good Bandaid Player, for temporary start.

      • Jordan, is a failure & a stiff! Broom him with the rest of the stiffs!

        • Wow..that’s an asinine statement. He’s had a solid career for an UDFA out of JMU. He hasn’t lit up the NFL, but the dude has had a solid role filling in and special teams. He’s also come up with some big plays when needed.

          • Frank, how is that an asinine comment? I don’t care if he’s an UDFA, 7th rounder, or the 1st pick, he’s been given 6 years, to hold down 1 of the 3 LB positions, too many times, & has FAILED miserably, to beat out anybody! Why the F^#@, do you think we overhauled the LB corp with Ryans & Kendricks, & Kendricks, was moved to the WILL, from SAM, because he’s an natural WILL in 4-3, & Jordan, Chaney, could do anything! He’s the poster boy for the past failed regime, undrafted FA’s, undersized, no true position, makes no plays, on the roster TOO LONG! He is a Special teamer at best & shouldn’t be here! So where in all of those facts, can you find anything asinine? Broom him with the rest of the stiffs!

            • Also, you saying he’s had a solid career, is asinine! He’s a non-factor & a non-entity!

              • Im just saying that for what he was, he was a solid player. You need guys like him on your team. He can fill in at all 3 LB spots, not the most effective as a starter but a good special teamer and team guy. Eagles didn’t have enough of them the last 2 years. Can he be upgraded? Ofcourse. I feel there’s a lot of other places the eagles need to look at first.

              • If there is a time to get rid of him, the time is now. With a new regime and style. I wasn’t giving him a vote of confidence going forward, as much as, he being the least of the eagles problems looking back. They got a lot out of a player that was borderline talent. I’ll take that from an unstated free agent.

              • One year left on his deal? I’d def give him this year.

              • Frank, I understand where you’re coming from, but is a man without a position, & doesn’t fit! He couldn’t win a spot in a 4-3 DF, where is he going to play in a 3-4? He’s 6’1″, 220 lbs, soaking wet, with lead clogs on, for Christs sake! We have to rebuild the entire corps, with Big, physical, quick, versatile LB’s, that can tackle, drop in coverage, blitz, & get to the QB! He fits none of those qualities. The only guys on this team who will be back are MLB’s Kendricks, Ryans & Matthews, & ROLB Graham, Hunt, & Curry. Unless Cole is traded, I don’t know where he plays, & the ONLY reason Matthews is back, is he all but begged, for Lurie to hire his former coach Kelly.

              • D, I think you are rite and he is without a position and the transition mite not suite him well. If I were Kelly, I’d take him to camp and give him a chance to make the team. Coaches like guys Akeem, they know what it takes to make it. Not like that DBag nambdi

              • Frank, you ain’t getting it, where on the team, is he making the team? He doesn’t have a position in the 3-4 conversion. Even the ST’s have to be either 3-4 MILL, 3-4 ROLB, or be a joker/ phantom hybrid, & be able to drop in coverage. HE DOES NOT FIT! Don’t wanna be so rough on you, but why so much Bro-love for this stiff?!? He’s a non-factor. I’m not wasting any more time on him.

              • No worries. All I’m saying is I don’t cut him. Let him get to camp and if he dosent measure up. Cut him. Now, I understand that he is not an ideal fit, but that’s my take. No man crush, I just appreciate guys that worked there way up, not the most skilled but made it work. All the good teams have guys like Akeem Jordan on them. They know there role, do the dirty work. I’d just let him get cut in camp if he dosent make it, rather than just packing him up. I’d be more worried about Nambi and the other cancers that were on this team.

  97. Not a single one of them.. Maybe Jon Donebros but not for a $1 Million a Season for a long-snapper.. and possibly Jake Scott in case the Eagles try to Trade MAthis/Herremans or Watkins which is probably doubtful
    The 2013 Eagles will look Roster Wise very much like the 2012 Eagles I am afraid and Lurie/Roseman are thinking a Chnage in Coaching is going to be the big Difference, to me Kelly will help energize some players, but his schemes,play calling and style of COaching are a un known and bottom line, this Roster for the umpteenth time is not as Good or Talented as Lurie/Roseman, local Media or some Fans think it is, which is evident with their 12-22 Won-Loss Record since Dec of 2010 with most of the Nucleaus of the Team still intact..

    • We already saw w2ith the “dead $$” issue…there is really no way the Birds can release Cole, Desean and a bunch of the other vets some of us would like to see gone.

      I’m not sure if its that they don’t want to release those guys, its just they can’t.

  98. I’ve stated this several times:

    Vick may be on the team week 1 (I hope not)

    Foles may be on the team week 1.

    But Foles and Vick together will not both be on the team week 1, because that will not work.

    If both are on the team, neither will be in a position to succeed, for the first mistake will result in fans and players doubting and calling for the other. It is not a situation where either will be able to flourish.

    (that’s kind of funny, I actually made an elusion to Vick “flourishing – which we all know will not happen).

    Again, week 17. Vick back. Play 3 fumble. Play 4 int. He does that week 1 (and that should be expected) with Foles as the #2 QB and the first sound you’ll hear is a giant ‘not-again’ sigh, followed quickly by the “We. Want. Nick. Foles” chants.

    It won’t work.

    As for the other question….”why talk about Vick again?”….well because….on the other thread I bring up a list of Eagles interviewees, and potential picks and everyone is in agreement. Everyone agrees.

    How dull is that?

    Vick is polarizing. And that’s more fun.

    • Good point Vinnie. Good point.

    • it wont matter who the backup is here…. the way this team has played there will ALWAYS be people calling for the bakup. I dont get how they both cant be here…..

      1. Is a vet that should just be glad to have a job.
      2. Is a young guy that has LOTS to prove.

      Both will be here… Both will be fine.

    • translation- I vinnie like to be a pain in the ars.

  99. I think it will Vick/Fokes and Dixon as the Eagles 3 QB’s for the Start of the Season.. I think Kelly & QB Coach Lozart will focus on Vick/Dixon
    And the kid they signed today while Shyrmur focuses on a more West-Coast Versin with Foles.. I think they will emoloy 2 Vase Offenses where
    Vick and Foles Wee Snaps during a game based on Opponent, Score,
    And who has the Hot Hand..
    I also think that if Dixon/New Kid perform well in Camp and Pre-Season, then Vick becomes trade-bail to a Team that sustains a QB Injury
    Or has an unsettled QB Situation
    (Vikings/Raiders for example)
    I thing Foles is going nowhere this Year..

  100. Wee snaps, okay, but with most everything else I agree, except that foles will be the starting quarterback

  101. Help me out here gmcliff, paulman is on a bender again

    • Yes it’s Friday night and it’s been a helluva week..I admit to drinking msone Stelka’s which make my spelling even worse..

    • Jake, you know Paul, when he gets a theory he hangs on until, like Mardy Gilyard, he has to trash that theory. I generally let posters have their say; Some you respond to, some you just roll with, without responding.

      Vick, Foles, and Dixon are your three QB’s unless Trent Edwards is undeniably lights out which I doubt. Kenne, is a reserve on Practice Squad,unless he is lights out in preseason – Which I also doubt.

      The Eagles, will not draft QB this year, If they do, it wont be in the first 5 Rounds.

      Vick, and Foles are the talent, and Dixon is Kelly’s security blanket if they get hurt….When the season starts is when reality will kick in Jake. They won’t be reasonable until then.

      I expect Vick to be the starter until he gets hurt, and Foles will be ready to be who he was destined to be – the Next Tom Brady of this Offense…..

      • But are they ready if Vick, has a decent year, and the Eagles decide to resign him again…….ALL the hating will begin all over again……

  102. Maybe Foles will be here next year, and maybe Shurmur and Kelly will have Foles running a fast pace, two tight end offense and if Vick is injured 12 plays into the pre-season that’s what we’ll see next year.

    Or, maybe they’ll trade Foles… It will be fun to see what happens.

  103. Yawn.. morning girls… vick will be the starter, foles his backup and dixon #3. This will be the depth chart. Only way this changes is if the qb they like in the draft falls to them in the 3rd or something.

    I will be rooting that foles is lights out in camp but my bet is that vick does well with a quick read and/run style. I believe the biggest issue vick has is that he has been asked to think too much. Now… its read and respond.

  104. I believe Vick is going to struggle in Kelly’s Offense for his lack off decision making, his lack of height, remember that the read option Offense has the QB pkaying closer to the line of scrimmage a I believe that Vick struggles seeing his Receievers and reading Defenses that close to the action with Defenders that much closer to him. Vick is best when dropping back deep to allow him the time and space to see the field, in Kelly’s Scheme, it will be a lot of 3-step and rolling left or right and throwing. I believe that Vick will also struggle with the terminology and reads as he has his entire Career

    • Paul once again you make it up. Vick will struggle because he sucks. The RO starts 5 yards from the LOS and the reads are simple. A true RO offense puts the ball in the best athlete hands and gives him a simple read.

  105. I think you’re rite…

    Also, if I see one more stupid 76ers article, without a phillies article, I’ll jump off the fuckin bridge.

  106. Absolutely paulman in a hybrid hurry/ read option that Kelly will implement foles will beat out Vick, who will be the back up for one year, Kelly will draft a qb next year and it will be between foles and the new qb unless foles lights it up as some think he will, then eagles have their qb with foles, the next Tom Brady

  107. the top 10 draft pick QB deficient teams that pass on Geno Smith are going to be in a dog fight for EJ Manual in the 20’s & early 30’s

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