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Doug Collins Deserves His Share Of The Blame For The Sixers’ Failures

Philadelphia 76ers v New Jersey NetsThe day Tony DiLeo was given the general manager’s title, we all knew it really meant that Doug Collins was hired as the GM. There were rumors of Rod Thorn and Collins having a power struggle during last year’s offseason. I am not sure if Collins was the reason for Thorn stepping down, but I guarantee that Doug helped push Thorn out the door.

So basically, Doug has the final say (Captain Obvious).  I do feel bad for Doug the coach, but I don’t feel bad for Doug the evaluator. I did enjoy that World Class rant by him after the loss to the Magic. Here is two of the best quotes just in case you missed it.

Can he change their mind sets:

“Can I tell you something? If everybody looked inside themselves as much as I did, this world would be a CAT scan. OK? I mean, believe me, there’s not two days go by that I don’t to go Rod [Thorn], I don’t go to Tony [DiLeo] — what can I do? Can I do anything different? How can I be a better coach? How can I be a better leader? How can I help these guys? Sometimes you’ve gotta help yourself. You know? Sometimes you’ve gotta help yourself. Youth is a very blaming thing.” via CSN

Does his players ask for help:

No. I usually go to them.

“And, you know what, after a while, the talk gets old. Man, it gets old. It just does.

“At some point and time, you just gotta play. I told them at halftime, the game’s not about X’s and O’s. We went up 29-20 — it wasn’t about X’s and O’s. [The Magic] scored 14 out of 20 possessions going into half. We came out, we were going to be all fired up, and it was a 7-0 run before we could blink. It was almost identical to New York. We were down 12 and we gave them an 8-0 run.

“And it’s incredibly frustrating, yes, it is. But my job is to not put that kind of product on the floor. I’m incredibly hard on myself. I love it when the fans start yelling at me — I’m not playing. You didn’t yell at me when I played. Why are you yelling at me when I’m coaching? via CSN

No Doug, they aren’t booing Doug the coach. They aren’t booing Doug the player. They’re booing Doug the GM. I get that without Andrew Bynum playing it leaves a huge gap on this team, but the rest of this roster is a mess.

Maybe, Dorell Wright and Nick Young would look better if Bynum was here. He would open up the court for them. He would not help them become better defenders and stop them from being soft as hell though.

Speaking of soft, Spencer Hawes. Need I say more? Bynum would not change him. Kwame Brown? Forget it. Would he help Turner? I think Turner could benefit big-time from having Bynum around. Though Turner would still be a head case.

I still think trading for Bynum was the right move. I also believe that the Sixers knew that Bynum was not completely healthy. They obviously didn’t know he was hurt this bad. They took a shot and they came up empty. I don’t blame them at all for trying. They were trying to get relevant again.

Honestly, I don’t think it even matters if Bynum comes back. I don’t think anything can help with this roster. Collins, that is where the blame falls on you.

Well, at least everyone is talking Sixers. Even, if it means that they are making fun of the them. Here comes the Lottery! Tank Season has begun! on Facebook

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14 Comments for “Doug Collins Deserves His Share Of The Blame For The Sixers’ Failures”

  1. Last Years Team into the 2nd Round and lost a Tough Series to the Celtics which is as Relevant as this Franchise has been in 10 Years, they Doug Collins and Gang F’ed it up, plain ans simple, they were starting to build something and could have been even more exciting this Year with Vucevic & Harkless and at least would have been entertaining if nothing else..
    This 2013 Roster is one of the worst in the NBA and they will finish with about 30-32 Wins after a decent Start… This Franchise is 3 Years away which they could have been competing for a 6th/7th/8th Seed this and next Year without the Bynum Deal and still could have traded Iggy.. Plus they have no 1st Round Draft Pick comign in 2013, and what up and coming Free-Agents want to come and join this Organization.. not many that I can see…

    • Their first round pick they gave Miami for Arnett Moultre, is lottery protected. It is still possible that they finsh in the basement 5 of the east/ or even the league………

      • Very unlikely they finish in bottom 5 of the NBA
        There are a lot if bad Teans in the NBA
        (Wizards, Bobcats, Kings,Timberwolves, Magic,
        Hornets, Cavaliers, Suns to name a few with less Wins)

  2. Why give Doug Collins a pass as Coach? —
    Not getting to the foul line is coaching — His players chose to avoid contact and not challenge the help defense — He lets his players role away from the paint for jump shots instead to the basket on pick and roles and help defense. He preaches ball safety to the point his players run to the 3 point line instead of the basket for alley hoops in transition —

  3. he walked off the court before the buzzer, he then trashed his players, he should be swept out before the garbage players he had a hand in selecting, retaining, not trading, the most disgraceful press conference by any coach I can ever remeber, its not about you coach, its about wins and losses, and you take the fall for your failed team, fire doug collins

  4. If u want to blame anyone….look at GM DiLeo and the other morons in the front office….the team is filled with garbage…..Phil Jackson woulnt do any better with this group of misfits and selfish pieces of dog crap.

    DiLeo has no business being a GM and Thorn should be in a nursing home….this new ownership better wake the f up and get their act together

    • We might have 4 of the most clueless, inept GM’s, in all 4 sports, in the Country! It’s embarrassing! How the F^#@ DiLeo still has a job, is beyond me?!? He must be under someones desk! Amaro, should have got fired this off-season, Weaselman should have never gotten the job, & Homer is completed lost anymore! GOOD GOD!!!!

  5. And to all who think Collins calls the shots….you are clueless….Collins already stated he was given the hand to deal with and it wasnt his choices

    • jott, he brought back Brown, & had final say of the Stinky trade, & the re-signings of Lavoy & Mr. Softie Hawes! WTF are you talking about? He’s a F^#@ING coward hypocrite, who has checked out, is burned out, & is looking for a way out. You dealt your own hand Collins, now swallow the trash truck juice you assembled, you non-coaching nitwit! I don’t get all the man-love this guy got, over the years, because he’s never shown me that he could coach that well! He has the balls to bitch about not having Vuch & Harkless, when he barely played Vuch last year, doesn’t even play Moultrie, with the black hole we have at 5, & would’ve inevitably benched Harkless. He buries kids, & is an overrated BOOB! Just because he’s a likable guy, he gets away with murder! Go ahead Collins keep bringing your Grandkids at the podium, to show what a SWELL guy you are, to cover up your ineptness, & lack of Coaching ability! YOU & THE DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS DILEO, NEED TO GO, WITH THE SLOP YOU HAVE PUT OUT ON THE FLOOR!!!!

  6. It’s about freakin time some journalist called Collins out. It’s like they think he’s protected by the prince of darkness or something. Any other coach of any other sport in Philly will get lambasted quicker than a journalist can grab a free sandwich at a given media event.

    He wanted the players he has, he was happy as a clam with the personnel even knowing Bynum was a question mark. He never dealt with the problem he created in breeding out the aggressive offensive tendencies of “Sixers Basketball” that reward players for slashing to the rim. Now the team philosophy is innately limp and passive on offense and since that’s failed the players aren’t willing to buy into surrendering their bodies on defense..

    Collins needs to be jettisoned ASAP.

  7. The Sixers, management made he mistake of thinking that Bynam was going to personally cure all their shortcomings. They lack vision!!!, and overvalue players like Evan Turner!!

    GMCliff, feels this can be fixed but:

    1. I want Collins moved to an executive position with the Organization.

    2. Hire Jerry Sloane, as Head Coach

    3. This Offseason, I will say it again, make a strong run at acquiring both LaMarcus Aldridge, and DeMar Derozen by using the money under the cap they will have, and their #1 pick this could be a bargaining chip, because there really is nothing coming out of the draft this year. The year after is the Andrew Wiggins Sweepstakes.

    4. Sign Bynam, with a conditional, incentive ladened contract.

    5. Make an effort to get Donatas Montejunas, and Royce White from the Houston Rockets, and the rights Andre Miller, Jordan Hamilton, and Quincy Miller, from the Denver Nuggets to strengthen the bench talent.

    6. Trade Evan Turner – Cant shoot. Tries to be too pretty with the rock in his hands, so much that it always being a turnover, and a wasted possession. I’m tired of his nonsense.

    7. GO back to the 1977 Uniforms, but make them looser. { I just had to throw that in there} LOL…

    GMCliffs Vision for the 76ers

    G – Jrue Holiday 6-4
    G – DeMar DeRozen 6-6
    C – Andrew Bynam 7-0
    F – LaMarcus Aldridge 6-11
    F – Thaddeus Young 6-8

    G – Andre Miller 6-3
    G – Jason Richardson 6-6
    C – Tiago Splitter 7-0
    F – Spencer Hawes 7-0
    F – Donatas Montejunas 7-0

    G – Jeremy Pargo 6-2
    G – Jordan Hamilton 6-6
    G/F – Dorell Wright 6-8
    F – Royce White 6-8
    F – Quincy Miller 6-10
    F – Arnett Moultre 6-11
    F/C – Kevin Saraphin 6-9

    A solid mixture of Youth, and veteran Leadership…..

    • In no scenario, no way whatsoever, do I bring back, that Tootsie, mutt, Bynum! NO WAY! He’s everything that’s wrong with sports today! Derrick Coleman 2.0! I hope that POS gets black-balled, for the F^#@ING garbage he pulled this year! Stew on this a minute……. He’s making $200,000.oo per game, having never been on the court once!……. CUT HIS MUTT @$$, NOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! AND DON’T LOOK BACK!

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