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Notes From The Sixers’ 93-82 Loss to Chicago

sixersbllsThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their fifth straight game on Thursday night, falling to the Bulls 93-82 in Chicago. The loss drops their record to 22-34 on the season.

  • Although tonight’s game was fairly close throughout the game, I wouldn’t say that the Sixers played all that well. Sure, they were much better tonight then they were against Orlando on Tuesday, but they had nowhere to go but up after that horrid performance. Tonight’s game was close because Chicago wasn’t on top of their game in certain aspects.
  • With the exception of Joakim Noah, few players on the Bulls played particularly well. Look at the shooting numbers for some of these guys. Luol Deng shot 5-14. Carlos Boozer went 5-13. Marco Belinelli hit just 3-10. Kirk Hinrich 5-15. Nate Robinson 3-11. That’s a ton of missed shots. The Bulls aren’t a strong offensive team without Derrick Rose, and they have plenty of nights like this that they struggle to generate offense.
  • Noah was absolutely sensational for the Bulls. He put together a 23-point, 21-rebound performance, and also blocked a career-high 11 shots. It was the second time in a week that the Sixers have allowed an opposing star to put up a triple-double, and the second time in the last two games that the opposing center pulled down at least 19 rebounds.
  • Jrue Holiday led the Sixers with 22 points, rediscovering his offensive game after a rough night against the Magic. However, he was only able to put up three assists.
  • Spencer Hawes had nowhere to go but up after pulling down just one rebound on Wednesday. Tonight he put up good numbers (20 points, 15 rebounds), but it was a pretty unimpressive double-double. While his numbers look good, Hawes was pushed around and abused by Noah throughout the game. His rebounding numbers were boosted by Chicago’s exceptionally poor shooting, and he needed 18 shot attempts to put up his 20 points.
  • For the second straight game, Nick Young hit just one shot in six attempts. Young has just two made field goals in his last 16 shots. on Facebook

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59 Comments for “Notes From The Sixers’ 93-82 Loss to Chicago”

  1. Denny — Spencer had 15 rebounds not 12
    yes he was outplayed by Bull C Noah but at least his hands were dirty and in the fight
    Spence had 6- 6 FT attempts 20pts(7-18)FG, 15 rebounds
    Hawes, Noah, and Boozer all had good stats

  2. Conversely
    Thad Young was massively over matched inside
    (4-13) 1-4FT 10 rebounds 9pts.
    Carlos Boozer
    (5-12) 11-12FT 12 rebounds 21pts
    Thad Young was giving free dunks at the basket all night afraid to step in front of penetraters off the pick and roll

  3. Free Throws —
    Holliday & Turner’s refusal to dunk the ball after a PF/ C high pick screen left Noah free to swat shots all night long never to worry about foul trouble. Every game Turner cries to the refs for lower body contact fouls and still won’t accept after 3 years he is not getting that call. He needs to stop his two hand set shoot layup and start to one hand dunking to get foul calls.

    Boozer(11-12) FT, Noah (7-9)FT, Hinrich (4-5) FT Deng (2-3) FT
    T.Young (1-4 )FT Hawes(6-6)FT, Holiday(1-3)FT Turner(0-1)FT
    with the exception of Hawes, the Sixers starters have no scratches or bumps or bruises or black eyes because they AVOID CONTACT

    • Completely agree. This team’s failures to get to the line just kills them.

      • That’s waht happens when your Team is made up with Jump-Shooters..
        This has to be one of the “Softest” Teams in the NBA..Just like the Eagles
        Philly is now known as the “Softy Town” for their Sport Teams,Pretzels, MR Softee Ice Cream Trucks, and a large Population of Soft Bellies around the Tri-State/Philly area..

  4. No more talk about that BUM BUST Evan Turner Mr. Basens?

    He’s a bum! Laughing when his teammates get dunked on! Joking around with Carmelo after he swung at his teammate!

    He’s a clown and doesn’t have the heart to play for a city like Philadelphia. Denounce him NOW Denny, NOW!!

  5. Back To J Noah
    He would make the HOF if he played the 76ers nightly.. Look over Noah’s Career and he plays like Superman versus the 76ers since no one challenges his physical style of Play.. Unbelievable ..

  6. Andrew Bynum (knee) admitted that he does not want to play through pain.
    “I’m 25. It’s my life,” Bynum said. Considering the lack of cartilage in his right knee and his degenerative condition, he may not have a choice. But fighting through pain for an atrocious Sixers team is not on Bynum’s agenda — even if it could affect his impending unrestricted free agency. “If I am healthy, then I’ll get a deal,” Bynum said. “But I have to be able to play. I need to get to the point with my body that I’m able to play. However long that takes.” At this point, it would be a shock if Bynum plays in a single game this season.

  7. paul nobody cares what you predicted unless you are predicting outcomes of games to which then if you’re predicting winners I’ll follow u. otherwise nobody cares about your predictions

    • mh, speak for yourself! Also, do you really think Paul gives a F^#@, whether you follow his predictions? You guys make me laugh, with your lack of intelligence to realise, that most of the times, he’s having fun, & being sarcastic!
      Paul, I think you & I, are the only 2 that stay grounded in realism, with all of the teams! It’s frustrating!

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  8. the Philadelphia Inquirer has the Sixers favored by 2pts. tonight at home against Golden State, LOL
    well the Warriors are a finesse team off a game last night in Boston on a long road trip
    no excuses
    Doug Collins’ favorites Jrue and Thad are going head to head against Steph Curry and David Lee ( no hiding tonight mano-a-mano )

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  11. if anyone gets any cell phone footage of this big brawl event, post it under “GCobb fools duke it out” on youtube for all to enjoy LOL

  12. hahahhaha eagles, that would make espn, deranged eagles fans now turn on each other, see what losing does to a city

  13. can someone please tape this and put it on youtube?
    as for paul being a whipping boy… he does kind of deserve it. making 1000 ‘predictions’ of which one has to come true and then crowing about it. or making stuff up like ‘AR’s offense wasn’t built to win in DEC” when in fact he had a fine winning % in DEC. and stuff like that. he brings it on himself.

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  17. What a major breakthrough for this Sixers organization. Almost 50 comments on a Gcobb Sixers article. History in the making…
    Even though about more than half of these comments are about shit talking btwn Dcar and Mhenski, this pathetic organization should take what it can get. I’d rather watch these two converse with each other than watch this team play basketball while that 17million a year cheerleader bum laughs on the bench with his crackhead gaze.

  18. Beautiful pheags, exactly how I feel, dcar and mhenski provide more entertainment than moe Bynum

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