Eagles Not Looking To Make Major Splash In Free Agency

SeanSmith1Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has seen the players on his football team perform, but he hasn’t gotten the chance to see them perform in person and there’s a big difference in seeing a player on tape as compared to in person.  He won’t get a look at his players until April 1st and it seems to make him uncomfortable making final decisions.

Due to the situation, Kelly and the Eagles player personnel staff are moving slowly when it comes to making personnel moves.  They don’t want to ship somebody out of town and then later discover that the player could have helped them.

“If you can find someone who can improve your team and get better, but I don’t think there’s, ‘We have to get X amount of players this year,’ or, ‘Don’t get X amount of players,’ ” Kelly told Philly.com’s Zach Berman. “It’s a fluid situation all the time. You can look at what you have on the roster, and you can say we want to get this position, but then you look at free agency, there’s no one at that position who’s better than what you have.”

Free agency will start on March 12th and I expect to see them make moves at the cornerback and defensive tackle positions.  We’ve already seen that there will be activity at those positions.

There have been numerous reports that Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith will be a target. He’s got great size for a cornerback, standing 6’3″ and weighs 218 pounds.  The Eagles will have to compete with a number of other teams, who will seek the services of Smith.

We know with the release of defensive tackles Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins that they will probably make a move at that position, as well.  They’re changing defensive fronts and they want to get younger at the position.

This isn’t going to be a big free agent yea for the Eagles.  They aren’t going to set the world on fire with what they do in free agency this offseason.  Yes, they do have a lot of money to, about $33 million dollars to work with.

Kelly and Eagles GM Howie Roseman will probably look at the cornerback and defensive tackle positions in free agency.  They want to bring in players who will compete for starting jobs and contribute in the upcoming season.

95 thoughts on “Eagles Not Looking To Make Major Splash In Free Agency

  1. I believe the only Player left to be cut/released will be CB Asmo but since it hasn’t happened yet, means they are probably negotiating on a restructured deal for him. I mentioned earlier in the week that I believe this Roster will remain largely intact at least thru mid-summer and camp time when Kelly
    Really figures out on who fits and who doesn’t..I was hoping a couple of Veterans would be traded Dtaft Time for additional Picjs but don’t get the feeling that is going to happen..I believe Eagles sign CB DRC and extend Maclin’s Deal which will take some of their Cap Soace and then add a Safety, LB and DT via Free-Agency but probably not any of the big names that are out there

  2. Bronco’s placed Franchise Tag on OT Clady
    Bills same with Safety Jarius Byrd as the Beats did with DT Melton
    So these Players are not going anywhere as I expected and predicted
    I look for a few more Tags to be placed by next week which will
    Take a few more names off the List

    1. I’m disappointed, my boy Byrd got imprisoned, & I’m not surprised, because it would have been stupid, for them to not to! All that’s left is Goldson, Moore, Delmas, Philips, Quin, Chung, Clemons. Moore, won’t get out of Atl, with them releasing Abraham, Tuner, Robinson, & FA Grimes. With Delmas & Philips, being major injury concerns, I hope that Gamble & Kelly to make a run at Goldson & Chung. Also CB’s Toler & Smith, who ain’t great, but better than the fleabag Brothers, ASSomugha & DRC. We’ll see????

  3. Arizona Cardinals release CB William Gay and LB Stewart Bradley
    Both after underperforming after signing Free-Agent Deals
    With the Cardinals the last couple of Years..

  4. For the Record, I am not much of a CB Smith fan and think he would make a much better Free-Safety than CB in the NFL
    He gets toasted too often when on an island in nan coverage

  5. Reports that Falcons will Re-sign Moore & Grimes since they cleared some $$$
    With the 3 Players they released Yesterday

  6. I could also see some Trade talk between the Eagkes and Falcons about DE Trent Cole availability, since they releasedtheir only true pass-rusher in John Abraham yesterday

    1. Paul, wonder if we can fleece them for their 3rd for him? But at his age & $$$$, I doubt they want him, because he’s due just as much as Abraham was (TC- $3.5M; JA- $4.25). He is 4 years younger than Abraham, so who knows, maybe we can get blessed?

  7. They can talk all the want but the fact remains… they KNOW they need a DT,CB,OLB,SS,FS, AND 1 or 2 o lineman. They have cash and will spend it.

    1. Do they know?!? Will they spend?!? How are you so sure, when up to this point, they’ve given no indication, that they have a F^#@ING clue?!? I hope you’re right Stevo, but I have my reservations, & worries, that they know what they’re doing. Let’s hope Gamble, locks Weaselman & Kelly away somewhere, until after the draft! XD

      1. Watch what they do… the rolled over this money for the cap for what? To resign maklin? No…. they are going to sign some players.

  8. After listening and watching everything combine related. I have come to this conclusion. I would love to have either fisher or warmack in the first round. Then take Jessie Williams in the second round. These two moves solidify both lines. Then we can address the rest of the eagles problem areas.

      1. I project Fluker as a Guard in the NFL
        And have a little concern
        about his foot speed and his conditioning
        To handle OT and the NFL level
        I think he will make a very good NFL Guard

  9. Who’s up? Cliff …Williams is a favorite of mine, built like a tree stump and humble as the day is long. He payed for college by cleaning porta-poties over the summers. The first pick is out of our hands, as much as we would like to mock it, where is the fun?
    The second day is where it should get interesting. I don’t think Trufant get’s out of the first round, but if he does go back and watch the combine tape. Chip is a fan and has seen 20 tackles vs the Ducks in all of Trufant’s 4 years.

    I like Trufant, but if Tavon somehow makes it through the first round and past JAX and SF in the 2nd, I just don’t see us passing him up. You can whine and cry about 175 lb receivers all you want, but Austin is no Jackson. He’s also not as durable as Percy Harvin, as some have compared, but he’s a matchup nightmare, willing blocker, successful over the middle and is the most dangerous in space in this WR class.

    Word to the wise: Don’t fall in love w any S (FS or SS) prospects as they are now all fair game for SF at 34 (Thanks Andy)

  10. I don’t think MdT Brandon Williams makes it out of the 2Nd Round
    An OLB who I like and who is moving up the charts is Jaimie Collins
    From Southern Miss, check this kid out GmCliff and Others
    Something like 22 Tackles behind the line of Scrimmage
    At 6-4 250lbs, and long arms, he can run and is a very physical tackler
    He possibly found last to the 3rd Round but will likely go to end of the 2nd (Steelers, Giants,Bears, Ravens, Pats)

    1. I’m way ahead of you Paul. I have already scouted him…IMPACT!!

      Williams will be drafted in the third. Some players drop as you know, and him coming from Missouri Southern State, there may be some questions about the level of competition.

  11. Ron Jaworski reported at the Maxwell awards that all the Eagles time has been focused to FA and not the draft. Apparently he has heard they will be very active in FA. Now that might not mean the big names but I do expect a lot of mid-level signings for competition.

    1. Sorry to hear this dag….I believe that we need to get back to building a strong team through the draft…trying to build a “Dream Team” like we did 2 years ago or the way that Synder does in DC will never give us sustained success…..I agree with how you stated going for solid mid-level players that will benefit your system rather than the flash of a big name…I would rather win games during the regular season than “winning” the off season only to be disappointed when things do not work out on the field.

  12. I’m thinking this Draft wise
    1st – OLB/DE Dion Jordan (Oregon)
    2nd- DT Kawann Short (Purdue)
    3rd- CB David Gratz (Conneticut)
    4th – OT Dave Bahjtiari (Colorado)
    5th – Safety JJ Wilcox (Georgia Southern)
    6th – WR. Mellott (Elon)
    7th – CB. D McCrary (Appalachian State)
    7th – Guard Jeff Baca (UCLA)

    In Free Agency, they sign
    LB Larry Grant from 49ers
    CB Marcus Trufant
    TE J Finley


    1. Finley Stinks,…so does Trufant……I like Jordan, and Mellette, all the others I see as strictly reserves, not impact at all…..

    1. Dickson stinks too…If they do sign him, it will be based upon the same politics that brought Dennis Dixon here…..Give me Delanie Walker…

        1. He knows Casey Matthews too, but you know he stinks. Not really all that endorsing that he played at Oregon…..Chip Kelly better take note of that…

  13. Pdiddy correct, build up front, warmack or fisher, warmack best guard since fralic or Hannah, it’s not that difficult boys, stop all this over analyzing, you take a guy who will step in right away, solidify your line, then address secondary

    1. Jonathan Cooper is actually better prospect than Warmack……Don’t believe the hype Jake. He’s good, but no better than Cooper, Fluker, Brian Winters, or Larry Warford, and all of them will step in right away.

      You don’t take a Guard in the top 10, because they just do not impact the game enough, unless you are desperate because of injured player…..

      1. DJ Fluker, is the second coming of Art Still, and DeMonte Dawson. Larry Warford is the second coming of Larry Allen. If the Eagles pass on impact like that, I see no hope for Howie, and I question is so called evaluation pedigree…….

    1. Me too E0S. Tom Gamble has to see the lack of talent on this squad, and knows he needs more than what we have, and upgrades from the has been potential of Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, Evan Mathis, and Nate Allen. We need more picks……

  14. Back in the area for the first time in a year or 2 and i flip on the radio and hear howard, i thought we dropped that bum, so sad to waste a chance to hear wip.


    I think they take jprdan with the first pick.
    I also think they trade around and get another pick late it round 1. I think they grab a ot or ss there.

  15. Sunday evening Paulman’s Eagles Mock Draft (#8)

    1st Rd – CB Dee Milliner (Alabama 6-0″ – 201lbs)
    2nd Rd – OLB Alec Ogletree (Georgia 6-3″ – 245lbs)
    3rd Rd – DT Brandon WIlliams (Missouri Southern State 6-1″- 335lbs)
    4th Rd – Safety – Tony Jefferson (Oklahoma 5-11″ – 213lbs)
    5th Rd – Guard – Alvin Bailey (Arkansas 6-3 – 312lbs)
    6th Rd – WR – Corey Fuller (Virginia Tech 6-2 205lbs & runs a 4.43)
    7th Rd – TE – Ryan Otten (Fresno State 6-3 245lbs)
    7th Rd – Safety – Bradley McDougald (Kansas 6-0 215lbs)

    Eagles in Free-Agency Sign an OT (Albert or Loadholt), OLB Paul Kruger and DT Chris Canty and a Safety..

    1. They will still need OLB’s for the 3-4.

      I say the smart thing to do, if they sign a free agent OT, is to trade down, and draft Ezekiel Ansah, and Dion Jordan to play that position, and bring some real athleticism to the roster.

      and I believe Jonathan Cyprian is on their radar, and should be a target towards the end of the 2nd Round.

      1. You keep saying trade down, trade down but the reality is GMCliff that with not many game changers at the a skills position (notably the QB, WR or RB
        Position, the likliehood of multiple Trade Downs is very remote
        So my Mocks reflect the actual picks that they currently have for I do see them trying to trade down from the 4 Spot, but there’s likely
        To be a big demand for teams to give up multiple picks for the Players in the Top 10 Picks..
        Let me see one of your straight-up mock Deafts from Round 1 thru 7
        If you could share with us (no player A,B, C)

        1. Paul, all you need is for 1 team to fall in love with one of the potential top picks. What your saying is reasonable, but you just never know. I doubt, no one wants to move up at all to get a difference maker on their team if they believe he is worth it…..

          We may not see it like that, but perhaps one will…..

          Everybody doesn’t have an eye for talent like you and I they just fall in love with the overhyped players, and that’s what I would be banking on, so someone will make the Eagles a deal ….Preferably the Rams……

          1. “everybody doesn’t have the eye for talent like you and I they just fall in love w/overhyped players” and the inference was that the rams are watching the nfl network hype machine, followed by the espn hype machine and falling in love based on what mike mayock or kiper are saying???? could be the most ridiculous comment i’ve ever read on here…. and thats saying something!

    2. Here you go Paul…….

      1st Round – Ezekiel Ansah (BYU 6-6 274 – 4.68 40) – Dion Jordan, Xavier Rhodes

      2nd Round – Larry Warford (Kentucky 6-3 338) – DJ Fluker, Alec Ogletree

      3rd Round – Jonathan Cyprian (Fla. International 6-0 208) – Brandon Williams, James Collins

      4th Round – Terron Armstead (Ark. Pine Bluff 6-5 312 – 4.73 40) – Sia Moore, Da’Rick Rogers, Brian Shwenke

      5th Round – Ty Powell (Harding Univ. 6-3 243 – 4.52 40) – Xavier Gooden, BW Webb

      6th Round – Michael Williams (Alabama 6-7 274 – 4.76 40) – Alex Hurst, Manase Fuketi

      7th Round – Aaron Mellette (Elon Univ. 6-4 213 – 4.64 40) – Taylor Cooper, Ray Ray Armstrong

      Free Agency – Brandon Albert(OT), Terrance Knighton(DT), Dashon Goldson(S), Dane Fletcher(MLB), Will Smith(DE), Chris Canty(DE), Aquib Talib(CB)

      Possible Trade Acquisitions – Phil Taylor(DT), LaDarius Webb(CB), Charles Tillman(CB)

      1. Looks good GM, like the Draft and Free Agency Aquisitions
        It will be interesting to watch.. Ansah is a very high ceiling type of Prospect

        1. Thats why i say, we HAVE to get more picks. Some that we’ve mocked in some Rounds, we need to have on this team especially the LB’s –

          Alec Ogletree, Ty Powell, James Collins, and Sio Moore are fast, physical players that can cover……and don’t count out Cornelius Washington…..

          Fluker, Warford, Shwenke, and Armstead, would boost the talent, and depth along the Offensive Line…and Manase Fuketi, may surprise in a year or two……

          WR’s like Da’Rick Rogers, Marc Harrison, and Aaron Mellette, bring size, and adequate speed to the WR Corp

          Add Brandon Williams, and we have a solid rotation of DT’s along with the possible free agents, and trade acquisitions, like Knighton, and or, Taylor, and were still young at the position.

          And of course I have already said that if we can get Ansah, and Jordan coming of the edge, this defense will be fine in the next 3 years; barring injury of course…..But possibly dominant….

      2. Any combination of these Cornerbacks, LaDarius Webb, Aquib Talib, Charles Tillman, and ,or Xavier Rhodes is an upgrade for the Eagles….

        1. I agree with building thru the Draft GMCliff..
          There may not be a lot of game changers in this 2013 Draft, but there are are a lot of Solid Players who can contribute, be Rotational Players and compete for Starters Positions by year 2/3 from the 2nd thru 4th Rounds.. The Key is the Eagles need at least 2 more PIcks within the first 4 Rounds whether it’s by trading back, trading Current
          Players or even packaging Future Picks (which I am not a fan of)
          But Eagles have 4 Picks in the Top 100 and if they can get that to 6 Selections in the Top #125 or so, they could make a lot of Progress in updgrading this Roster as well as some key Free-Agent Aquisitions

  16. i cant wait to see the birds draft a guy in rd 1 and PAULMAN says…. “palman reported the eagles would sign_____ 2 months ago”. Keep going pman…. only 25 more mock drafts and youve got yourself covered. lol/

  17. no way paulman, milner a speedster, but not a great nfl cb

    warmack is the most natural at his position as any player in this draft, the best guard coming out since john hannah

    i know the guard is not normally a first round pick, especially high, but this guy is so damn athletic, strong, natural at 300lbs, and smart, humble, plus his oline coach is here

    I am calling it as the guru here now, it is Warmack in the first round, smell my balls paulman and all you other draftnicks, gm wanna bees

  18. I don’t see the Eagles Deafting Warmack at #4
    And I do agree that he will be a greatvAnFL player but won’t be on the board by their 2nd Round. I listened Milliner because if they sign a proven OT
    In Free-Agency, then they don’t need to use their 1st Round Pick to Draft one
    I think we can all agree that CB,OT, DT & Safety are where the biggest upgrades need to be made and they are not any truly shutdown CB’s in Free-Agency.. It really depends on mehich they sign in Free-Agency
    Which will probably dictate the furst 3 Selections made by the Eagles

  19. Paulman, you are too smart to know, you build through the draft, especially at cornerstone positions like oline, free agency is fools gold i would want the eagles to be low on cap space and high on draft picks, experience bears me out here

    Stevo, glad to entertain, that’s part of why we come here, peace my friend

    1. I agree with you Jake Brother, but in a rebuilding year, if they want to stay competitive, there has to be a balance of Draft Picks, Young, and old veteran leadership, which comes from Free agency.

  20. And to my football friends here, be sure to check out the nfl channel series on a football life, Marcus Allen, what a running back, athlete, person, all of the series are great, Steve McNair , jimmy Johnson, if you watch you won’t be disappointed

  21. Okay gm, special order t shirt for me , large, athletic cut , per my beautiful wife’s preference to shoe off my beautiful physique , print whatever the hell you want on it, so long as I look good

  22. Back to the Cap issue, and the Facrt the Eagles have $25-27 Million to Spend and will probably be more when they announce Asmo’s new restructured deal which I expect we will know come tomorrow.
    With the new CBA in place all Teams are mandated to spend 95% of gheir Cap Level on Players Salaries so the question remains, ehT do the Eagles do with all this Cap Space, they will have to spend it.. Draft picks won’t put much of a dent of the amount of $$! Available..

  23. Now watching a football life, the immaculate reception, terry Bradshaw offering commentary modern day, looking like a homeless person, lmfao

  24. Free-Agency a week Away..
    Eagles provably will annouce the restructured deal with Asmo to and will likely have $30+ Million of Cap Space to work with…

  25. exactly PMAN…. they are going to make a splash… they have too.

    What I would like to see/hear is this….

    1. Guys like Vick, nnamdi.. all of them shut up and play football. No talking at all.

    2. The birds sign 2 starting quality D players.

    3. They work on being a team this year. Trust the coaching staff and leave the past behind.

  26. Add a OL,TE, DT, LB & Safety
    Then Focus Draft on CB,OLB,OL, Safety and a Big WR and they can be right back into COntention in the wide open NFC East..
    Giants are having a turnover on their Roster this Off-Season,
    Cowboys going from a 3-4 to the 4-3 and need some adjustments and also have Cap issues with many players (5-6 of Them redoing their Deals to get them under Cap) and the Redskins have some issues on back end of the Defense and major Players like RGIII, Orapko,Fred Davis, all coming back from Knee Injuries/Surgeries…
    This NFC East is wide open with no Dominant Team

      1. gmcliff, Cook has above average talent for a TE in this league. The Titans offense has been a mess the past couple of years. Their O line is terrible and their only WR gets hurt or arrested every other week. Further, Cook has never had a decent QB. Locker is a bum. Hasselbeck should have retired years ago. Fact is when you don’t have a QB you will put up inconsistent numbers. You are smarter than this to know all of this. Talented players all over the league end up with terrible numbers every year because of no QB/system.
        If Cook was in the Saints, GB, NE system his numbers would be extremely better. I wouldn’t be mad at all if we sign him and Walker.

        Everything I read stated that Chip is looking to stock up on TEs maybe have 4 of them on the roster. Which is why we could draft one high. I bet Chip could get really creative with Cook and Walker on this team to go along with Celek. Rmbr Cook plays the slot as well and can be a total mismatch for a much smaller slot corner or LB. The middle of the offense could be completely revamped to go along with the speed otuside of Djax and Maclin.
        Adding those two TEs would likely be cheaper than signing one of these FA WRs.

        1. Hey Pheags, good to hear from you Brother. I have to respectfully disagree with you on Jared Cook. First, if you are an NFL Player, you already have above average talent, but compared to other TE’s in the league, he is just an average talent based on his production, and skill set at this moment.

          People feel the same way about JerMichael Finley. When I watch his games I see someone who is so overrated in terms of talent, it’s obvious he’s getting his Props based upon just being a known named player in the league. To me his talent, doesn’t match his production, probably, because he isn’t as talented as his hype may suggest….but he is better than Jared Cook at this time.

          I will agree with you in terms of his talent. If Jared Cook, was motivated to push himself to realize his peak talent, we may see what you are talking about. But until he does..IMHO, he is just an average player.

          1. I would actually rather have Cook over Finley. Finley drops everything and gets hurts every week. Bitches to the media. He also had the luxury to play with the best QB in the league. We don’t know what Cook could be because he has always had an incompetent QB throwing him the ball…not even an average QB. Which is why Im not establishing my opinion on him by his production, hard to have production when you don’t have a QB. Just ask Larry Fitz who was pretty average production wise this year.

      1. He may have to be the next target, because Brandon Albert was franchised, or the Eagles have to trade down a bit and get Eric Fisher, or Luke Joeckel.

  27. of that $30 million….23 of it is that “carry over” $$. That they “can” carry over if they wish.

    Not sure how the cap works exactly, but I don’t think the Eagles have to count that as part of the “floor”

    So I don’t think they have to spend as much as we think they do.

    I expect a couple of lower tier signings of young, relatively cheap, up and comers…..at least that’s what I hope they do.

    1. I hear you Vinnie and cliff is right you need that balance between the draft and selective free agents when building a good roster but after the last two years I’d be tempted to spend money like a drunk sailor on a weekend pass in the Philippines.

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