Eagles Could Look To Improve Their Tight End Situation Via Free Agency

The Eagles aren’t going to be doing anything major on the free agent market this offseason, but I could see them making a subtle move at the tight end position. They can’t be thrilled about the production they got from their tight ends in 2012.

Eagles starting tight end Brent Celek had an off year in 2012 by dropping the football far too often.  He’s never been a great blocker, but he was always thought of as a reliable pass receiver, but you could say that about him in 2012.

Celek caught 57 passes for 684 yards and one touchdown a year ago, and his backup Clay Harbor caught 25 passes for 186 yards and two touchdowns.

The Eagles aren’t awful at tight end, but they could add some size and speed to the unit and it wouldn’t cost them a bundle of money to do it.  There are a couple of tight ends, who they could decide to target.

I’m sure Eagles new Player Personnel Director Tom Gamble has told the Eagles about 49ers backup tight end Delanie Walker.  He’s a great athlete with outstanding speed for his size, who has the ability to block and can beat linebackers and safeties on pass routes.  Walker has played in the shadow of Niners All Pro tight end Vernon Davis.

Martellus Bennett who played the first four years of his career for the Dallas Cowboys before being signed by the New York Giants, would be a good target for the Birds.  He had the best year of his career a year ago with 55 catches and five touchdowns.  He is a better blocker than any tight end the Birds have on their roster.

Getting better run blocking from the Eagles tight ends could move the Birds to sign a tight end in free agency.

139 thoughts on “Eagles Could Look To Improve Their Tight End Situation Via Free Agency

    1. Because if they do an they dont pick up the big time players some fans will bicker and complain oh why didnt they draft a player or trade why they had to go after all these players. it is those whiners that make being a philadelphia eagles fan look bad i can’t stand those fans. Now let me make it clear i do get upset when they dont win i want them to be the best year in and year out but hey if FA isn’t the route to go then don’t go it at the end it isn’t what we say its what the FO says.

    2. Would you rather they made a big “splash” in FA….have everyone say that they “won the off-season”….have another “Dream-Team” assembled …OR have a low-key FA period….sign players who will fit Kelly’s system but may not be “stars” or flashy names to improve key positions…have a plan in the draft to provide similar types of players ….and actually start to build a franchise that can win on a consistant basis?

      I want to see what Tom Gamble can do….Howie has given the team a strong position with respect to the cap…let the veteran palyer personnel man go and start building a team…..I don’t care about “high profile” FA’s…give me players who will contribute to the TEAM winning.

        1. And what exactly is this “going to the SuperBowl formula”???

          Are you saying you want them to spend like Snyder and the Redskins for “big name” free agents is the way to build a successful …read: SuperBowl Championship team?

  1. I would like to see then possibly pursue CB Darrell Revis if it doesn’t cost them too much in return. Get rid of DRC and Asmo and start fresh. Then pursue a DT in free agency and maybe some O line help. Tight end would be nice too, but that can be addressed in the draft. Youth is what i want. And that’s the direction the Eagles are going in

    1. You want to make the biggest possible splash we can for a guy who is going to command a king’s ransom, coming off ACL surgery, and turning 28?

  2. If they don’t sign Walker (another short guy), then I’m still holding to my call that the Eagles take Eifert with their 2nd round pick (if he’s still there – and he might be).

      1. gm, Dwayne Bowe resigned with KC! Told ya! I’m sending you a shirt now & you have to join the “I worship everything DCar says” club! LOL! You where right about them, being able to franchise him again, if they wanted! It would just have been a higher tender. So it’s a tie, damn it! XD

        1. I never wanted Dwayne Bowe. What are you talking about DCar? But it’s always good that you recognize, when your inaccurate. Should I send you a shirt?

          1. Those where comments from the franchise tag debate we had, & how I said it didn’t matter, because they were renegotiating anyways. No thanks on the shirt! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  3. I’m not worried about the ACL injury. And i said only if we can get him for a decent price. The guy is by far the best in the business and is leaps and bounds better than DRC and Asmo. The Eagles are known for making bold moves if its someone they think will help the team

  4. I could also see the Eagles take a TE, but Ertz from Stanford in the second. Kelly has seen him for the last few years. His production didn’t drop off after Luck left, the kid is a real player from the 4-5 times I’ve watched him play. I’de have no problem with Cook as a free agent pick up either. I think they need to improve the TE position if they arn’t going to get a big WR.

    Another Draft note; I think it’s between Floyd and Jordan with the 4th pick. They are both absolute freak athletes that I think will be Pro bowlers. I’de rather Jordan, he may be unblockable in a few years with a 34 defense. Kelly knows him better than anyone else in the NFL.

  5. Try to run screen over the 6’7″ Jordan who grew up a TE. He runs almost as fast as the RB’s. Pick 6 the other way. Let’s have him play some TE in the red zone and really have some fun.

  6. It would be so funny to see Revis getting roasted on this site if he can here and had a subpar season. A lot of cats on here would be ready to kill him if he gave up even one touchdown- considering what he will cost. Be careful what you wish for.

  7. No eifert, another golden boy overrated player, I would stay away from most notre dame players, concentrate on the sec, the minor leagues of the nfl

      1. By default. He wasn’t originally voted in. Tony Gonzales, and Jason Witten, were the voted in. Rudolph replaced Gonzales due to injury.

        He had a good season, but I wouldn’t count on him being consistent throughout his career. To me he’s just adequate.

              1. As far as Trent Richardson goes, I don’t find a bunch of 1-2 yard Touchdown runs impressive, and I don’t think that makes you, an all pro either……..

                I saw Bryce Brown, make some very impressive long yardage, runs, and touchdowns that were more impressive than any runs by Richardson, and I think he is more impressive.

                Yeah, YEAH YEAH, his fumbles, but the talent, and potential is obvious. Richardson will get no better…..average

          1. Kyle Rudolph is a very promising up and comign TE and has had an excellent start to his Career.. Some observors state that he’s a little like a Jason Whitten type, that he doesn’t “wow you” with his athleticism, but all he does is run good routes, gets open and catches the ball and make plays for the his Team.. you have to remember he has put up good Stats in his 1st 2 Seasons with
            QB Cristian Ponder playing QB.. I believe Rudolph is a definite Pro-Bowler Candidate

            1. And Tyler Eifert is going to be better paulman. You are correct if he had Brady throwing to him instead of Ponder he would be all pro every year.

  8. You do not “build around” a 28 Y/O player. Revis was/is a great player however injury concern- check, high cap number – check, will make the team a winner in the next 12 months – NOPE not by himself. If this were a 2004 situation and he was the TO type piece that puts you over the hump then Yes. This is a young team and in football 28 is middle aged.

    1. I agree 100%, forget the Big-name, Expensive older Players that have probably already peaked, probably been injured.. I would rather the Eagles sign some quality back-up/rotataional players from very Good Teams and give them get a chance to become Starters on the Eagles..
      Players like TE Delanie Walker, LB Larry Grant of the 49ers, LB Paul Kruger from Ravens, etc,etc.. Stay away from Short-Term,Expensive Players..

  9. The eagles need to go warmack , best guard since John Hannah, best athlete at his position I called it before and am calling it now, the eagles oline coach will heavily influence this pick

    The eagles pick chance warmack with the fourth pick, bank on it see you in April

  10. I think cook was franchised. My question to you guys about D. Walker is what would it say about a player who leaves a team on the brink (49’ers) to go to a team rebuilding (eagles). I know it’s a business but I would think truly wanting to win a championship would would be a trait I want in future eagles vs winning in my their paycheck (namdi).

    1. Jared Cook was not franchised. He isn’t worthy of being labeled a franchise player(at this time). He has talent but, it hasn’t shown in his play. I know some blame his QB, and that is a valid point, but he was in the league before his QB currently was established. Kerry Collins was his QB for 2 years, before Locker, and Hasselbeck, and he has had the same production throughout his career thus far.

      I have given him some thought, and I think he would be a nice addition to the Eagles, but our expectations have to be tempered, because he needs to find some heart, improve his blocking, and just work to max his potential.

  11. Middle of the road F/A that come in to compete can help make you better. Guys who have big payday’s and know they have a spot on the roster net you a season like last year watching guys get run out of other teams stadiums.

  12. My bad cook is a FA not tagged. He would be a nice addition but I would not back up the truck for him. I wanted the birds to draft him a few years ago.

  13. I liked and still TE Jared Cook, but he will be pricy
    A nice under the radar Tae out there is Paul Casey from the Texans who can do a little bit of everything and would be relatively inexpensive
    He’s been 2nd String for Texans behind #1 Owen Daniel
    But is younger, quicker and very versatile from playing FB, H-Vack and getting out in the Passing Game..

  14. Chiefs place Franchise Tag of OT Beandon Albert which orovably jeans they soliloquy not Drsft Joeckel or Fisher with the # 1 Pick and will instead probably go DT (Shariff Floyd or even at CB Milliner) to shore up their Defense

  15. Chiefs also Signed WR Derrick Bowe to a 5 Year Deal..
    And All Pro Punter K Colquitt. KC is having a kick-ass Off-Season
    Getting Coach AR. DC Scott, Special Teams Coaches from the Bears
    And also GM Dorsey from the Packers..

  16. I would love cook… they need a big body and frankly… what has b.c. done these last 2 years. Let the two push eachother.

    G… i dont know why u say they wont make a splash. They have to spend their money and it looks like they will have 30 million. Who the heck will they sign from their own team with 30 million?

    They have needs everywhere. Expect 2 or 3 new starters.

  17. I like Walker as a second tight end. he is physicall fast and competitive. He is not the best pass catcher but he is great after the catch. He would be the perfect compliment to Celek’s slow sure handed pro wrestler style. our offense is fine if we add Walker and another bigger target. i like the ND TE bc he can fit a dual role TE/WR Jimmy Grahm esc he may be too pricey in the draft.
    1st rd trade down and get Wolmack or Jordan i think they both will be there around the 8th pick. Ship Trent Cole out of town please! he alays was an overachiever and never played at a high level for 16+ games what makes them think that will change now that he is older and in a new system. Solid pro but move on! Graham can play his role in the 4-3 under and draft Jordan to fly around. LB’s of Jordan, Grahm, kendricks, and Ryans.

  18. Jared cook.. He plays the slot, lines up all over. I really think the eagles make a run at him. We still really have not been able to see what the guy can do, he’s been in Tennessee with shity qb after shitty qb.

  19. Jared Cook? OK look, I understand the Titans QB situation was only marginally better than the Eagles’ over the past 3 years, but Jared Cook is one of these guys who continually never lives up to his “potential”.

    What are these? 6, 30, 37, 9, 29, 49, 44

    Those are his total catches through college and the pros

    What are these? 1, 3, 3, 0, 1, 3, 4

    Those are his total touchdowns through college and the pros.

    Jared Cook is “meh”. We already have this guy on the roster. His name is Celek.

    The TE position is now a centrepiece in the NFL. Kelly’s offence, if predicated on what he says (getting the ball out at 1.5 seconds), is going to have to feature a game changer at that position. Cook is not that.

    Eifert might be (and I think is). BTW – ND, while it is overhyped, has a good track record on producing TEs.

  20. Eagles sign WR Randy Moss, OT Jake Long, TE JeMarcus Finley,
    CB Dunta Robinson, Safety Laron Landry and spend all their Cap $$$ and
    still Finish 3-13 for the 2013 Season,,

  21. Rumors out that Buffalo Bills are interested in Tradind down with the Eagles
    To QB Geno Smith (Bills are likely to cut the chord with Fitzpatrick per NFZl
    network) and the Bills want move down to get ahead of the Cardinals who may may want to select QB Smith also..
    Eagles can slide back 4-5 Spots and pick up the Bills 2nd Rounder
    And maybe another pick in 2013 or 2014 Draft..
    Lots of moving parts as usual

      1. Why not GM? That’s what we want, more picks, & we can still get a good player at 8! We ain’t getting both the Rams picks, so you can forget about that! We would have to get more than just their 2nd though. If we got #8, their 2nd (#41) & 4th (102), I’ll take it! That would give us, practically 6 top 100 players. Not to mention, we still have trade assets in Maclin, Cole, Mathis, & 1 of our QB’s (which I still believe will be traded).

          1. Thats who I want DCar, but I’m thinking 8 maybe out of reach of him, and I want another #1 – so that we can grab Dion Jordan as well later in the 1st…..

            The Rams trade would actually warrant more picks, in the 2nd, and 3rd, because they are moving up so far.

            I would only take that deal with Buffalo if I was guaranteed, I had a shot at Ansah, and I could make a mega deal with the Rams, and trade down from there to accumulate even more picks.

              1. You think Ansah can be a stud at ROLB, I do, but many pundits are saying 4-3 DE? I don’t like Jordan even a little bit! Got project/bust, written ALL over him! He’s too skinny & is all ready, going under the knife! No way, at #4, & no way in the 1st, unless we get multiple 1sts & he’s still there! We don’t have the luxury, of wasting ANY, of our top picks on projects & ???? Our top 4 rounds, need to be studs-starters-contributers. You know that Mr. Dorsey. Regardless, we agree, mostly all our targets, & hopefully this is a fun, productive, positive FA period & draft, because thus far, I’m underwhelmed, unimpressed & disappointed…… B(

              2. I think Ansah is going to be a star. I know you don’t like Jordan, but I would take a chance on him, or Jamie Collins to play the OLB….

                Yes, you are correct Mr. Dorsey knows we need impact in the first 4 rounds.

  22. Paulman- moving from 4 to 8 is a difference of 300 trade value points which is a 3rd and 4th round picks not. 2nd which is 500 pts

    I can see the Eagles moving back to get picks and draft Dion Jordan at #8

    1. that would be a great move if they could land him at 8! Nobody would blame them if they drafted Dion Jordan at 4 so to add extra picks would be gravy

    2. jott, you are correct, but teams that get desperate, every year, tend to not follow those dumb @$$ trade value garbage! Happens every draft & teams hardly ever follow it to a T.

  23. anybody like Martellus Bennett as a free agent signing? they need some red zone size badly! no secret why they have sucked in the red zone for so long! easiest touchdown of Mike Vick’s Eagls career was jump ball pass to Riley Cooper get Vick or who ever is the QB this year some size at receiver

          1. Yeah Jared Cook could be a beast if used properly. I like Delanie Walker in addition to adding Cook or Bennett. Feel like Bennett is more of a true tight end than Cook though. Better blocker. Delanie you add just because he does a little of everything well.

        1. Whats so good about him? When has he ever shown himself to be more than what he is……an average – below average talent…..don’t like him

          1. there is not a chance that Bennet is a below average talent. HE might not have it all up top, but he does not lack the talent. Could be a good compliment to Celek. I would rather the eagles look at Walker and Cook fist. Thats if htey go TO in FA.

  24. New Coaching Staff and whole new group in Buffalo,
    They need a Feanchise QB or at least the potential to get one
    And if they think that ageno Smith is that Player, they will need to move down to #4 to get him before the Cardinals do.. Even if they hVe to give up their
    2nd Round Pick to do so which is the #40th Selection
    Eagles could by spring bamck 4 Spots could end up with
    #8, 36 & 40 which could be 3 Hogh Quality Prosoects
    (Maybe the Eagles could thrown in a Nate Allen since Bills cut George Wilson and will be looking for a Safety or WR Jason Avant who probably does not fit Kelly’s Scheme too well with his lack of Speed)
    I would do this Deal in a heartbeat for Bills need a QB to rebuild their fan excitement and give them hope for the future and Eagles & Bills have a history of Trades (Jason Peters deal a few years back)

    1. I HAVE heard that the Jets, may also be interested in Geno Smith, and the Eagles are a possible trade partner, but they also wouldn’t mind taking on Trent Coles contract, If the Eagles, would consider taking on the contract of Darelle Revis as well, which would also warrant, a 2nd, 4th, and future #1.

      Who would do that deal?

      That would open the door to trade Maclin, Evan Mathis, Todd Herremans, Brandon Graham, possibly Bryce Brown, and 3 future #1’s, dangling to the Rams, for their two 1st Rounders.

      1. gm, if we can get Revis, their 1, 2, & 4, for #4 & Cole, I’ll volunteer to drive Cole there & pick up Revis, then I’ll come on here & publicly call Weaselman, GM of the year! Include Maclin too, & get their 3rd. Ain’t happening! LOL!

  25. Cards, Bills, Jets all interested in Geno Smith tells you all you need to know about Geno Smith.

    I feel sorry for Bills fan, I really do….and on top of a perennially crappy team they play in a giant cement hole they have as a stadium, and then run off to another abomination of a stadium for another “home” game in Toronto. Add in lake effect snow and the never-been Sabres, and geez…..poor Buffalo..

  26. Dcar, if you were willing to drive to clunk mhenski could you please drive Nnamdi back to Oakland. Thanks

    1. ***jake, you got your wish, WIP just reported ASSomugha, to be released today*** HALLELUJAH!!!!! ***Also Ravens FA ILB Dannell Ellerbe tweeted, he’s coming to visit the Birds this week*** AWESOME NEWS DAY!!!!!!!!

        1. Eagles Moving to a 3-4 DCAR
          Ellerbe and Ryans will play ILB, Kendricks slides to OLB which is where he belongs..

          1. Would be nice, then get a proper ROLB, & we have the makings of a great 3-4 LBing corps! But, as of now, the Dannell Ellerbe tweet, was misconstrued, by Dumb@$$ Ike Reese. He’s at NFL Films!

          1. e0, are you surprised? Most of us have been harping on the ineptness, & stupidity of the front office, for years now? LOL! Kendricks & Curry are going to be fine, & Cox will be even better as a 3-4 DE.

  27. Great news on both fronts. I wonder how Baltimore could let Ellerbe and Kruger walk? Did That Flacco deal bind then up that bad financially?

    1. The Dannell Ellerbe tweet, was misconstrued, by Dumb@$$ Ike Reese! He’s at NFL Films! I knew he couldn’t meet with teams, until after the 10th! F^#@ING Ike Reese is an idiot, he got me all excited for nothing!

  28. Now Jeff McClain tweeted that Eskins tweet is wrong, & ASSomugha, ain’t getting released today! WTF!!!!!!! I have a migraine now!

      1. e0, watch it! Don’t feed into that @$$MINER! I just reported what the dingleberries in WIP reported! I HATE THEM! LOL!! Baldy said, he’s at NFL Films this week, working on SB & FA stuff. He can’t make contact with teams *WINK,WINK,NOD* until after the 10th.

  29. IWhy all that excited over Dannell Ellerbe.

    Why you guys get your panties all in a twist over mediocre producers like jared Cook, and Ellerbe is beyond me. (though it does explaing the irrational love for one former superstar)

    1. Vin, Ellerbe is a good, young, up & coming ILB, that fits what we want to do, & fits the scheme. Do you feel 100% comfortable, with Kendricks & Ryans in the middle, with all their???? Get Ellerbe, move Kendricks to LOLB & get a proper ROLB, & trade Graham & Cole. Ryans is a stopgap, for this year.

      1. We need good, young, upcoming FA’s, with high ceilings, no more big name, mercenaries, that are dogs collecting a paycheck.

      2. I’m going to say it again Kendricks should be moved to Strong Safety…..
        Yes, he can play Safety DCar – I can hear you already….lol

        Danelle Ellerbe, isn’t coming to Philadelphia…..

        and we need Ansah, and Jordan, or Ansah, and Jamie Collins to play the OLB Spot in this 3-4 alignment…

      3. i remember wehn we got ryans the talk was ‘he wasnt comfortable in the texans 3-4’ now we talk like we are happy he is going to be an ILB and a piece of this d…
        as for upcoming FA’s… problem there is not many get away from their teams while the ceiling is high, they are usually descending

  30. All the bogus reports that Texasn stated that Ryans wasn’t comfortable in their new 3-4 Scheme were garbage.. If anyopne remembers or reads behind the lines, the Texas were over the Cap last off-Season and basically moved Ryans since they had a suitable player costing them a ton of less $$$ then Ryan’s Contract did, just like they Released OT Eric Winston because of a High Salary..
    Teams when trading or releasing players will simply state the “well this Player doesn’t fit out scheme, so we are moving to another option” instead of just say, Demeco Ryans is a good player, not but not worth the $6 Million Dollars per Year for Average Production, since he’s not a game changer or cuases turnovers,etc,etc..
    Ryans is simply a good Inside LB regardless of it’s a 4-3 or 3-4 Scheme, his level of play is not going to be much different, it’s a matter of a Team feeling he’s worth his big salary.. My feeling on him is that he’s not worth $6 Million and easily replaceable production wise if I am strictly looking at the numbers

    1. paulman
      March 20, 2012 – 10:44 pm
      He did play the final 8 weeks Rocko so it could not have been that serious of a tear, with afull off-season and back playing at his natural MLB spot in a 4-3, he should bounce back and be ready for a big season.. I like the pick-up and he’s a big upgrade than anyone else that is on the Eagles Roster and even who was availalbe in Free-Agency in my opinion (as long as he’s healthy)

      there you are again fraudman… so i guess the ‘bogus reports’ include yours! what a dick!

  31. Kendricks is not going to Safety, he’s not quick enough in his hip movement to adjust and move well enough to drop in pass-coverages at the NFL level..
    Kendricks played ILB in a 3-4 Scheme at Universisty at Cal and was also moved around alot in their Blitz Packages where he was very succesful getting after the QB and into the Backfield disrupting plays.. He should play at the Line of Scrimmate in the NFL and attack,attack,attack to be most effective.. Having him over at the SAM Spot for most of last Season was not the best situation to utilize his skills, but again, since the Eagles LB Corps has lacked in quality players the last 5 Years, Kendricks was forced to play SAM since no one else on the Roster could …

    1. He runs a 4.4…….How is that not quick enough? Most Safeties don’t run that fast. more like in the 4.5 – 4.7 range……

      Last season there were plays where he got overwhelmed by Offensive Lineman, especially when they ran at him. He shouldn’t be on the line attacking, {When he did that last year it didn’t work out that well}, he should be in space utilizing his speed and strength, to support the secondary, and in coverage.

      I disagree with you big time.

    2. screw hip movement. When your covering speed burners, or your coming up for run support, and making a stop who cares…He’s a football player. Thats all I care about. He can play safety.

        1. as I have stated many times,
          You line up Kendricks right on the line of scrimmage and get to the backfield,.. He’s too small to be 4-5 Yards off the the line of scrimmage where he gets gobbled up by O/L or FB in the Running Game
          Line him up at Line of Scrimmage (like Clay MAtthews Jr, Von Miller,Terrell Suggs,James Harrison and attack the backfield whether it’s a Running or Passing Play is how I would utilize him..

  32. gm, you’re getting as bad, with the Kendricks to Safety crap, as Paul is infatuated with Mardy Gilyard! ROTFLMMFBO!!!!

    1. But do you see my point DCar? He would be best served moving into the backfield with his speed, and limited power, because he would have some skills, and measuables that most SS in the league don’t have.

  33. There goes paulman with the hips, I agree with gmcliff that he could be a safety, but enough of this experimenting, moving parts, you drafted him to play linebacker, put him on the weak side, unleash him

    1. Trent WIlliams dominates alot of LB’s and is a very good OT
      Teams over the last 3-4 Years have Targeted the DE’s/OLB,CB & Safety when Running the Ball and short Passing Routes due to the Eagles being “Soft” in all these Positions against the Run.. The Wide 9 just exasperated this lack of size and talent and put even more pressure on Eagles LB and CB’s to come up and make Plays which the Eagles don’t have the Personnel to do so or the Physicality to stop Teams from taking advantage.. Watch how the Teams that play the Eagles consistently like Giants/Cowboys/Redskins and even NFC Teams like the Bears,Falcons,Cardinals,PAckers have attacked this Eagles Defense.. It’s always at the Edges.. Used to run at Trent Cole, or Assante Samuel, then starting running at Jason Babin, M Fokou and then lasy year it was run at DRC,Chaney,Babin, etc,etc …

  34. In the end you have to look at it as another dumb pick, undersized linebacker who mades his bones at the college level with his speed, but not big, strong enough to shed nfl lineman

    In the ivy league they have what’s called midget football, football for guys who are fast, but not big enough to play div 1 football, that’s what the eagles have become, midget football, fast guys who aren’t big, strong enough to play in the nfl

    When was the last time you saw an eagles team impose their will on another team, and this is born of the draft strategy that howie Roseman continues to have a major hand in

    This draft will tell us a lot, and I want a big, nasty interior lineman, take your pick, I’ll go with chance

    1. Phenomenal post Jake! I agree 100%. Wasn’t Bobby Wagner & Lavonte David, still on board, when we drafted Kendricks? Wouldn’t they be nice here? They’re who I wanted. I like last years draft, but Kendricks, is another Smurf, in which I said from the beginning, he was too small to play the SAM, & they waited too long, to put him at his better fit, at WILL. Now he really doesn’t fit, especially if they sign Ellerbe.

      1. last I saw them impose their will on a team was when they beat the sttelers in that 16-14 game. One of the best games I have seen them play. Either in 08 or 09.

  35. Gm cliff, my man, we haven’t seen big, nasty dominant since John Paul Bunyan Runyan was here, we need another like him, it all starts at the foundation , the interior lineman, dominate at the moment of initial contact, then all your secondary players look , play better.

  36. Kendrick’s is no NFL Safety, play him outside to rush the Backfield and cover backs out in pass situations, by 2014, he’ll likely be moved back inside the departed Demeco Ryan’s who will be a goner after 2013
    Kendrick’s is a LB, not a Safety

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