List Of Young, Talented Free Agent Corners For The Eagles

SeanSmith5NFL free agency will be starting next week.  The Eagles will be looking for a young cornerback or two, who have size and the ability to cover man-to-man as well as the willingness and skill needed to come up and tackle in the open field.

They already have a talented young undersized cornerback on the roster, Brandon Boykin, who they expect to be playing for them for the extended future.  He’s very small, so they want to sign cornerbacks with size because you can only afford to have one or at the most two runts in your secondary.

Here’s a list of young free agent cornerbacks with size, whom they may want to target.

Sean Smith, Miami Dolphins – 26 years old – 6’3″ 218 pounds – Smith will likely be a target of the Eagles because he’s young and he has ideal size as well as the mental makeup for the cornerback position.  The young corner is aggressive, physical and confident, which make him attractive to numerous clubs.  Smith can matchup with just about any wide receiver in the league and has no problem lining up and playing man-to-man.  On top of that he’ll come up and tackle with passion.  Billy Davis will be able to blitz if they let Smith come up and jam the receivers at the line of scrimmage.  The Birds have the money to get him if they want him bad enough.

His buddy in the Dolphins defensive backfield, Vontae Davis tweeted recently, “I seen my dude Sean Smith last night he said he talking to KC him & B Flowers will makes a good Duo.”  If the Chiefs were talking to Smith it would be a tampering violation.  Of course Smith denied it because they kind of stuff doesn’t go on in the NFL.  Ha! Ha! Ha!

Keenan Lewis, Pittsburgh Steelers – 26 years old – 6’0″ 208 pounds – This young man flourished under the radar this past season.   He’s an outstanding young corner, who got the job done in the Steelers secondary without perennial Pro Bowl safety Troy Polamalu, who was injured and without a pass rush.  The Steelers pass rushers were banged up.  Lewis is an all around corner, who will come up and tackle in the Steeler tradition.  The youngster is tough physically and mentally.  He was targeted quite often, but he was able to breakup the majority of the passes coming his way.  This was his first season starting, so I could see bigger and better things ahead for him.

Derek Cox, Jacksonville Jaguars – 26 years old – 6’1″ 191 – Cox is a young, up and coming cornerback, who like Lewis has been playing very well under the radar.  After only 47 games in the league, he’s picked off 12 passes and broken up 32 intended passes. He’s done this while playing for a Jaguars team, which has no top level pass rushers.

Cox’ main problem isn’t the wide receivers or the quarterbacks, his problem has been injuries and he won’t get the big time contract until he proves he can stay healthy.

Antoine Cason, San Diego Chargers – 26 years old – 6’1″ 195 – Cason was a first round pick,who was expected to develop into one of the better cornerbacks in the league.  It seemed to be happening until last season. Going into the 2012 season, Cason was a good, young cornerback, who has been getting more consistent as he became a seasoned starter.  Unfortunately he and the Chargers had a dreadful 2012 season and he is being said good-bye to by the Chargers because of his poor play.  I don’t see the Birds going after Cason unless their pursuit of other players fails.

Bradley Fletcher, St. Louis Rams – 26 years old – 6’0″ 200 pounds – Fletcher is a young, raw up and coming cornerback, who hasn’t played a great deal, but when he has played, he has played very well.  He stood out in the St. Louis Rams backfield this past season and is considered an all around cornerback, who can play up or back as well as tackle in the open field.  I don’t know if you could count on him as a solid starter just yet.  To his credit, quarterbacks had only a 55.8 quarterback rating when they threw his way.

32 thoughts on “List Of Young, Talented Free Agent Corners For The Eagles

      1. Not for long. Bank on it, he’s outta here. Coleman & Anderson ain’t going anywhere though, because they are valuable ST’s. I believe none of ASSomugha, DRC, & Allen, won’t & shouldn’t be back!

  1. I wouldnt Mind S. Smith, or Fletcher from the Rams or Keenan Lewis, we either keep DRC or Aso or none and draft a top CB to compliment so we have youth and veteran presence, but i think the eagles are looking to pass rush so the CBs and the Safeties dont have to put to much pressure. and now our DE will be OLB etc. we shall see.

  2. I wouldn’t touch him. He got burned too many times. And from what i heard from a few customers that he spends too much time clubbing and partying. Pass

  3. I like Keenan Lewis the best out of this bunch..
    Remember the Steelers just re-signed CB William Gay to a 3 Year Deal
    after gay was released by the Arizona Cardinals over the Weekend
    They are probably preparing for Lewis to move on
    If I were a GM, HC or DC, I would convert Steve Smith to Free-Safety and have him roam the centerfield and pop guys over the middle.. I don’t like him at the CB for he gets turned around and gets beat deep too oftern, but back at Free Safety, he could become a very good Player with his long arms.reach and ball skills ability.
    Derek Cox biggest problems have been his off-the field issues with women,spousal abuse and the law.. He’s always been a talented problem but has has a couple of run ins with the law since his College Days..

  4. A couple of Players I like that have Potential and are looking for that Chance to become Starters

    Mike Jenkins 27 (Cowboys 5-10 200lbs) – has had some leg injuries and fell out of favor with the Cowboys Coaching/Front Office about lack of a long-term deal..and has since lost his Starting Position to Claiborne & Carr.. Could be a low risk-high reward signing, has some baggage but would love the opportunity to compete for a Starters Spot.. only 27 Years old

    Tracy Porter – (Broncos 5-11″ 186lbs) Has had some injuries, lost Starting spot in Denver after the Super Bowl Run with the Saints the year before..
    Is 26 Years of age and again could be had on a short-term deal with low risk
    with the upside of being a big-play CB..

    Marcus Trufant (Seahawks – 5 11″ 197lbs) At age 32, would strictly be a stop-gap for 1-2 Seasons but lost his Starting Job to the best Cb Tandem in the NFL (Sherman & Browner) the last 2 seasons, so he is not beat up and is relatively healthy to help compete for a Starters Spot in Philly, again would be a low risk, high reward and a good mentor for Younger Players as a 9 Year Vet..

    1. I’d like for the Birds to get their hands on Marcus’s Brother Desmond, in the draft! No more CB’s under 6’0″.

  5. curious why no one or if anyone has mentioned moving Nnamdi to free safety? Most veteran corners have had some success making that move when they could not play corner anymore…Troy Vincent, Rod Woodson and recently Ronde Barber. think he would be an upgrade over what they have and he could be paid like a starting safety and making the restructure a little easier to reach. then bring in these young corners and let DRC walk. DRC some much talent but not a player…too bad

      1. He is bad but not Asante bad……DB’s are not allowed to hit anymore anyways so they need to cover in this pass happy league. Devin Mccourty for Pats is another okay corner who moved to safety and played well. plus he would do well against most big tight ends. he just can’t cover speed receivers anymore

        1. joe, he can’t play CB, & you him to be the last line of DF? In no way, shape, or form, do I want him, ANYWHERE, near this team! Take your $4M & choke on it, you MUTT!

  6. Been saying all off-season, that Smith would be 1 of my 1st targets. Unfortunately Byrd was franchised! Keenan Lewis & Derek Cox would be good alternatives also. They’re better than the trash truck juice that we are getting rid of! They don’t have to go hog-wild in FA, but they do need a CB, Safety, O-lineman, & a NT. I say SS William Moore, CB Derek Cox, RT Phil Loadholt, & NT Terrance Knighton! All but Moore, won’t be too expensive.Trade Maclin & Cole, for more picks. Trade down to a willing team (Rams- 2 1st’s), for more picks & build the rest through the draft!
    2 of Ziggy Ansah/ Warmack/Mingo/Werner/Ogletree/Jones/Moore, in the 1st
    FS Eric Reid & OG Larry Warfield in the 2nd round.
    CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson & WR Rogers/ Hunter in the 3rd.
    Rest of the draft, all linemen, Secondary.

    1. Trade Mathis too, if you can find takers. Move Herremans back to LG, & restructure Peters contract. Because, in no way am I giving him $10.4M. If he doesn’t want to, cut him. It;s not guaranteed. He’s 31, 350+ lbs, & coming off of 2 torn Achilles!

      1. I hear you, joe! I want him off this team, in the worst way! I’m sick of him turtling, & getting hurt every time he gets touched, & his sulking all of the time! We might be able to get a 2nd from someone. I had hopes for KC’s 2nd, but the Smith & Bowe deals, put a kabosh on those hopes. We shoul be able, to get at least 4th’s for Cole & Mathis. Lets hope we have an actively, positive, FA period & draft.

        1. I am not saying that I disagree with you guys, but who is the 2nd WR then? Cooper? And what happens when D-Jax misses 2-4 games like he usually does?

          1. bugs, if we can pull off our trade scenarios, we can get Da’Rick Rogers, Justin Hunter, Terrance Williams, & Robert Woods, with 1 of our 2nd’s, or 3rd’s. Also, there are a lot of WR’s on the FA market. We have nothing but 2’s, 3’s & 4’s anyways, so if we can get a high pick, for an under-achieving, pending FA WR, you got to do it. In no way does he get re-signed here.

          2. DCar and GM love to dismantle especially this time of the year.
            Assante was worth a 7th and Winston Justice was worth a switch of 6 round draft picks, that is the trade value of the current Eagle players.Unless a team calls them for a player like the Eagles initiated talks for Demeco Ryans or Chiefs called for Alex Smith.
            Anquan Boldin was worth a 3rd and 4th meaning Maclin is worth much less most likely a 5th or 6th.

  7. saw a couple minute interview with Howie Roseman with Howard Eskin on Fox29 news – and Howie said he doesn’t want to get to cute moving to far down and miss the player they want—
    the post interview synopsis by Eskin insinuated they are having trade discussions for that 4th pick with the back end of the top 10 and have targeted Dee Milliner CB as their guy and are weary of dropping away from their guy.

    1. Too late Pip, I beat ya! LOL!!! The Dannell Ellerbe tweet, was misconstrued, though. He’s here fof NFL Films. Ike Reese is an idiot! He got me all excited for nothing!

  8. Asmo being release means the Eagles will most likely overpay and re-sign DRC
    They still need to sign a Free-Agent CB and also Draft one, but maybe in the middle/later rounds if they can add a Free-Agent CB

  9. Paulman’s List of Free-Agent’s the Eagles will Pursue

    CB – Keenan Lewis (Steelers), Aqib Talib (Pats) Tracey Porter (Broncos)
    Safety – Grover Quin (Texans), Sharrod Martin (Panthers) Jame Ihebego (Ravens)
    LB – Paul Kruger (Ravens) Qunton Groves (Cardinals), Justin Durant (Lions) , Erik Walden (Packers)
    DT – Isaac Sopoaga (49ers) Maake’ Kemoeatu (Ravens) Chris Canty (Giants)

    OL – Eric Winston (Chiefs) Phil Loadholt (Vikings) Bryan McKinnie (Ravens)
    TE – Paul Casey (Texans), Ben Watson (Browns) Delanie Walker (49ers)
    Ed Dickson (Ravens)
    WR – MIke Massaquio (Browns & knows Fred Shurmur’s Offense)
    Brandon Tate (Benglans and an very good Return-man) Louis Murphy (Panthers)

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