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Conflicting Reports Emerge On Nnamdi Asomugha’s Potential Release

NmandiAsomugha5At some point today, we may have an answer about Nnamdi Asomugha’s future with the Eagles. And then again, we may not.

According to, Howard Eskin reported this morning that the Eagles are expected to release Asomugha at some point today, however just minutes later Jeff McLane reported that the former Raider will not be released today.

McLane added that the expectation is that Nnamdi will be released soon, just not today.



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5 Comments for “Conflicting Reports Emerge On Nnamdi Asomugha’s Potential Release”

  1. Their is nothing conflicting about it they either cut him or they don’t. Nnamdi as a Person outstanding as a player alot is left to be desired cut your losses and grow in the draft with players that are hungry to play.

  2. eagles0superbowls

    what ever the reason for the delay it is most likely finical finances in accounting

  3. maybe the 4 million is lodged somewhere and there trying to find a way not to get hit so hard now so they want to make payment installments.

  4. Says alot about him as a person.. Yea.. That he’s a wierdo who eats lunch in his car, won’t take a pay cut knowing he should because he has never lived up to his contract.. He’s leaving with 4 mill regardless. He’s looking at $ signs as his career goes down the tube. He knows he’s done. Teams kno he’s done.. He’s getting his finances ready for the end of his career. They should have cut him last year. At training camp the dude couldn’t cover DJ, Maclin, Djohnson, or avant. Should have cut ties along time ago

  5. It’s not the $4 Million in Question for Nnamdi gets that either way,
    It’s probably the back and forth between Roseman/Asmo Agents about
    the Terms and Level what the Salary amount would be for 2013 & beyond
    I am sure the Eagles had a figure in mind ($6 MIllion per Season) and Asmo’s Agents is looking more at the $7.5 – $8 Million per Season)

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