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Not A Great Year To Draft A Wide Receiver

Cordarrelle-Patterson1The Eagles could use a talented, speedy with receiver with some size, but I don’t think they’re going to use one of their top picks to draft one of them.  They have so many needs on the defensive side of the ball as well as the talented offensive and defensive lineman are much better than this year’s crop of wide receivers.

The most talented wide out prospect coming out in this year’s draft is

Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee – 6’3″ 205 – 4.42 –  At 6’3″ 205, he’s also and outstanding punt returner, which says it all.  This guy is by far the most talented wide receiver in this year’s draft.  sgot good hands, 4.4 speed and he has great size.

On top of his size and speed is his ability to run with the football after the catch.  He would be a great pick up, but I don’t see the Birds grabbing him with their first pick and I don’t think he will be available after that.

Keenan Allen, California, 6-3, 205 — Allen seems to have 4.4 to 4.5 speed which is good but not great on the NFL level.  He will run at his upcoming Pro Day and will affect how high he’s drafted.  He’s the most developed wide out in this year’s draft because he can run every route required by an NFL coach.

Allen is also a smart receiver, who is capable of reading defenses and finding the opening. He’s got the size and toughness to go across the middle.  Allen has shown us he can go up and take the football away from defenders. Although not a burner he can get deep on defenders.  Allen isn’t the ball carrier that Patterson is, but he does have the ability to pick up yardage after a catch.

Robert Woods, USC, 6-1, 190 — 4.51 – Woods is an ideal slot receiver, who doesn’t have great deep speed, but he has the quickness and running ability to be outstanding slot.  The USC standout is capable of making the great catch in a crowd, plus he’s a smart savvy football player, who should be able to decipher the nuances of playing the slot in the NFL.  The Birds could draft Woods as an upgrade to Jason Avant in the slot, but that’s unlikely because the Birds have so many needs in other places.

Tavon Austin, West Virginia, 5-9, 174 — 4.34 – Austin is nearly impossible to cover man-to-man because of his 4.3 speed and amazing quickness.  He’s a threat to make a play if he’s lining up at WR, RB or in the slot.  The young man is electric when he has the football in his hands.  He has game breaking speed and big time play making ability.  The West Virginia product would flourish in Chip Kelly’s system because of his ability to utilize speed and versatility.  The Birds already have the diminutive Damaris Johnson, so I don’t see them drafting Austin, who will likely go in the first round.

Justin Hunter, Tennessee, 6’4″, 196 – 4.44 – I see Hunter as a guy the Eagles could go after because he’s got great size, speed and most importantly unlimited potential.   This young man could be a bonafide top ten wide receiver in the NFL in two years. He suffered a knee injury a couple of years ago and still hasn’t regained his confidence and fearlessness, but he will go up and make the acrobatic catch.  In a couple of year, this young man could be an awesome player on the NFL level because his size speed leaping ability are very impressive.

DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson, 6’1″, 214 — 4.57 – Hopkins is a strong, tough and physical all around receiver, who can contribute to a team in many ways.  He will block for teammates and catch the football in a crowd.  He’s willing to take a big hit but hang onto the football.   Hopkins is effective running with the football after the catch.  He’s not blazing fast but he runs good routes and can get open deep.

• Terrance Williams, Baylor, 6-2, 205 — 4.52 – Williams is very much like Hopkins in that he has good size and is a tough, physical receiver.  The young man has deceptive speed and has shown he can get open deep, but that’s not his strength.  He can make the tough catch, but he has also shown he can drop the easy one.   He will need to learn a more complex passing attack, but he could a good third receiver. on Facebook

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13 Comments for “Not A Great Year To Draft A Wide Receiver”

  1. How is it not? Unless you suggest that we pick up a FA or trade for one or just stay pat

  2. i would be okay with Robert Woods or DeAndre Hopkins but yes i agree the DBs, Oline- Dline LB is the need first and for most maybe BJ cunningham can prove something or McNutter since they will be using the RBs more fluidly i see them sticking with 4 Rbs in my estimation or just 3 Mccoy, Brown, Lewis

  3. There’s just no clear cut, bonified beast. I think you take a WR with size later in the draft, if at all.

  4. There is a big strong receiver that wasn’t mentioned in the article above…DaRick Rogers 6′ 3 217lbs, Tenn Tech been compared to a Julio Jones…strong and physical receiver, what we are lacking…maybe he drops a little bit and can be had in the 3rd/4th round or so…But I dont see the Eagles selecting a WR in the 2nd…

    I definitely like a DeAndre Hopkins or Justin Hunter

    There are a few pretty good WR’s that can be had in the later a Corey Fuller VT who ran a 4.4
    Cobi Hamilton ARK 6’2 210lbs
    Ryan Swope, Texas A&M who ran a 4.3 6ft 200 lbs
    Rodney Smith Florida State 6′ 4 220 lbs…
    but they lack that physicality that we want at this time.

    • Da’Rick Rogers also ran 4.54, and 4.47, at the Combine, just a flat out football player, who would be a good pick up for the Eagles. Also:

      1. Quinton Patton Louisiana Tech 6-1 – 206 – 4.48
      2. Marc Harrison Rutgers 6-4 – 218 – 4.38
      3. Aaron Mellette Elon College 6-4 – 212 – 4.47

  5. Like all of these WR GMCliff,
    Good Players for the NFL level
    Also there is a kid from Duke believe it or not who is a good NFL prospect
    (Conner maybe) who I like..

  6. Da’Rick Rogers/ or Justin Hunter in the 3rd round. That’s why we need more freaking picks! There are ZERO, big talented WR’s in FA. More of the same crap we have! Mike Wallace is good, but is not much different than DJAX.

  7. Can we draft Da’Rick, just because his now is Da’rick. I assume that that is Derrick, but I prefer to call him Duh Rick.

  8. I just think that it is funny Da’CAR.

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