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Report Of Eagles Releasing Nnamdi Asomagha Today Is False

NmandiAsomugha4First there was a report and tweet by Howard Eskin of 94WIP and FOX29 earlier today that the Birds were going to release cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha today.  Then there was a tweet by’s Jeff McLane that the Eagles weren’t going to release Asomugha today.

Now Eskin is admitting that his tweet this morning about the Birds releasing Asomugha today was a mistake.   Now we find out, it’s not going to happen today.  Still it’s likely to happen in the future.

There’s no question that Asomugha isn’t the same player he was in the past.  The cornerback can’t run with the faster receivers in the league.  He used to shut receivers down by walking up into a press technique and not allowing them to release from the line of scrimmage.  The cornerback can’t do that any more.  In addition, he isn’t comfortable in zone and combination coverages, nor is he a consistent tackler.

Still, there’s no reason for the Birds to let him go right now.  They know they will have to pay him $4 million if he’s here or somewhere else, so they’re keeping the door open for Asomugha to play here because they have nothing to lose. on Facebook

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39 Comments for “Report Of Eagles Releasing Nnamdi Asomagha Today Is False”

  1. I still want his sorry ass gone. He doesn’t care about playing football. We need a player who wants to play hard nose football. He’s done.

  2. I agree DMAN and did not like the signing of Asmo from Day 1 and cringed the day they Signed him… Release him, it didn;t work out for him or the Team and move on, not sure why it has to be this complicated, he got 2 Years ot Top $$ for below average Play, cut the chord and wish him well and move on..

  3. I agree DMAN and paulman. The guy is stealing money and sting up the stadium. He has no shame. This guy doesn’t represent the Eagles. He represents himself. Watching him play the ball in the air is bad for your health.

  4. From Article titled:
    “Roseman On Asomugha Signing: You Can’t Have Too Many Cover Cornerbacks”

    reply by:
    July 29, 2011 – 11:23 pm

    I am right here fellas and haven’t gone anywhere…I am shocked, but elated of the Asmo deal (like 99% of everyone else after the Trade of Kolb getting the CB DCR..) .. I think have 3 quality Pro-Bowl CB’s is fantasitc and unbelievable..
    I do think that Samuel could be on his way out though.. Looking around the NFL Teams in the AFC who need a CB (you wouldn’t want to trade him to a NFC Competitor

    Bengals — Get a LB R Melauaga or a LB Keith Rivers + and a High Draft Pick in Return…
    Jaguars — Get one of their uyoung OT in return (Eben Britton) and a high Draft Pick
    Broncos — Get LB DJ Williams and a High Draft pick
    Panthers — Get OT Jeff Otah and a Draft Pick..

    Today’s reply:
    March 6, 2013 – 1:25 pm

    “did not like the signing of Asmo from Day 1 and cringed the day they Signed him”

    …hmmm seems like revisionist history to me.

    • hahaha yeah Average_J…hahahaa nice! I knew it…Paulman was elated with the Asmo signing…I didn’t recall anyone on these boards saying anything negative about that signing when it happened…There were some that preferred a LB at the time like myself, but I still was happy to have Nnamdi…although I expected more from him, than we got..

    • as usual Paulman’s full of shit

  5. Go serach and look at my other multiple Posts about Asmo, I wanted nothing of him before they signed him and wanted CB Carlos Rogers or Richard MArshall in Free-Agency..,
    Of course once after they had signed him,there was probably 10 articles about how great Asmo was going to be and I am sure that i had some positive posts about the guy after the fact that they already signed him and hoping for the for the best.. Check my other posts if you want to go back in time.. .

    • right you take both sides all the time and say ‘i’m right’ or ‘like fraudman said blah blah”
      the proof is right there in AJ’s post! and you are still trying to justify it. the funniest thing i’ve ever seen on here!

  6. Haaaa! He gotcha Paulman. You’re such a fraud it’s comical!

  7. Paul just admit it. You’re full of shit. Most if it excreted right here on this site. Do you have to be right about everything? I’ve been reading this site for 5 years and I have never once read a post where u admit to being wrong. In fact you seem to make sure that you give conflicting opinions on every subject just so you can say that you were right regardless of outcome. It’s really pathetic. Be a man, take a side and stick with it.

  8. Plus I was right again about Samuel being the odd man out, dumba-ass Eagles took 1 year too long where his Value fell .. They could have had a 3rd Round for him if they moved Samuel in Summer of 2011 instead of waiting to Draft time of last year (2012) the damn stunods…

  9. Paulman you now sound like slick willy trying to weasel out, did you coach Clinton during the Monica blewclintskie scandal?

  10. Hey I comment 10 Times on every post, so go ahead and nitpick a particular comment here or there . I’ve probably said everything about everything at one point and time..and who cares anyways… The bottom line, is that I did not like the Asmo , never did and never will and the Eagles need to release his Ass immediately and move on and the fact that they have even taken this long will hurt them with other Players.. Sometimes things don’t won’t out and when they don’t, be a man and a Gm and Organization and move on.. but ty dragging this out, you will see other Veteran Players like Trent Cole, Todd Herremans,Brett Celek, Demco Ryans, JHason Avant start thinking .. “hey when is this going to happen to me, and may turn off other Potential Free-Agents who will get the word and feeling that Eagles Front Office does not keep their promises and that they don’t stand behind their word.. Believe me, fellas, these Players talk, these Agents talk ..
    Eagles should have went to him right after the Season and say here’s your $4 MIllion per Contract Agreement, but we are releasing you and your free to become a Free-Agent and moved on… but this ddicking around back and forth whether they want him or not and at how much or not sends a bad message to current Players and Potential Free-Agents and really shows again tat Chip Kelly is still not running the show as I expected him to be at this point.. I would think Kelly comes into Roseman/Gamble and says either I want this Asmo or not. and then move on..

    • so when you said ‘shocked and elated at the Asmo deal’ on july 29 2011 that doesn’t count. see you profess to be a football genius and a better gm than roseman and amaro but you see they don’t have the benefit of saying they are elated to get someone and then 2 years later say ‘i never liked that guy’… they live in the real world where they have to say ‘boy when we got him we thought he’d help put us over the top but we were WRONG’– that is why you are a fraud and the people who defend you and actually thinkyou know some football are wrong as well.

  11. Paul I got love for you bro. It’s obvious you know football just ease off the need to be right about everything.
    Let me ask you this. What do you think about Sharif Floyd? I’ve actually heard one prognosticator say he could go 1st overall. Is he that good and if so can we get him?

    • I like Shariff Floyd big time and think he will be a very good DT in the NFL
      I hate to even mention this as not to jinx the kid, but he reminds me of a young Warren Sapp as far as his quickness, nasty attitude and overall agility to make plays all over the field for a large player..
      I believe Floyd goes #1 to the Chiefs or #3 to the Raiders who both have issues at the DT Position..I believe if he falls to #4, that the Eagles may go ahead and select him..He is clearly the Best All-Around DT in this Draft hands down
      A surprise Pick for the Eagles at #4 if Floyd is gone is OT Lane Johnson of Oklahoma who is more athletic and has more upside in Kelly’s quick pace offense than Joeckel & Fisher.. mark this one down..

      • I can see that Paul. Don’t worry about what those guys say. Your still the man Brother.

        • Floyds going to be good, but he doesn’t fit the 3-4, & we already have a 3 technique in Cox. He’s too small to play NT (295 LB’s). Maybe opposite DE to Cox, but that would waste his abilities!

  12. and I Predicted Obama wide margin of Victory over Romney
    only missing on 2 State’s Results (New Hamphire & Florida) which I had both for Romney.. Who cares… Ha..

  13. A healthy “Star” would be nice in that 3 – 4 D. Dion Jordan is intriguing too…

  14. The day of the signing you say Fraudman was elated then today you say you were against it from the beginning… Full of shit. Contradict yourself then praise yourself for being right. Day 1 predict a win day 2 predict a loss. You will be right it’s why you are a fraud sayoing you evaluate talent and call them as you see them…. In the real world you don’t have the luxury

  15. Maybe the Hold up with Nnamdi is they have a suitor to trade with maybe a 6th or 7th round pick. an they will be free of paying the 4 Million

  16. We can only be so lucky if that were true. Bottom line is that if you sign a player from the Raiders, or be signed by the Raiders, you DIE!

  17. And that goes for the Cowboys too

  18. did anyone see the interview with the guard from alabama ? guy looks like a beast ! looks exactly opposite of our 28 year old canadian fireman . your OL coach needs him , i believe he will be the guy .

  19. Exactly what I have been preaching mr. Nev856, and when we are correct we will swing our big ding a lings

  20. Nice gm you will be eating crow, this chance warmack is an nfl beast, I will be swingiing my bird like chance does

    • HAHAHA I’ve been on the Warmack bandwagon for weeks. I would be all for selecting that beast than some question mark who has a health condition or surgery to worry about. Again, in THIS DRAFT, selecting Warmack with the 1st round pick would be a good pick.

  21. Andre Smith? Eric Winston?…Smith was rated as the best RT in football last year by many…Winston was a stud on the Texans, don’t really know what happened to him on the Chiefs. Imagine Shady running behind the tag team of Warmack and Smith. just a thought..
    Because the Birds have to spend some money in FA they could easily fix the Oline with all these quality Olineman available. Even though I don’t want another FA spending spree, Free Agent Olineman seem to work out pretty well (Runyan/Peters)…I think its a safe way to go in FA if you have to spend. Nicks was a great FA move for the Bucs, really helped Martin in his rookie year.

  22. Andre Smith is Soft and not a NFL Caliber Starting OT in my opinion
    He has Weight,, Stamina and Conditioning problems, stay away from him at all costs.. (Think of Stacy Andrews)

    • Smith is a fat, lazy, tub of $#!T with man boobies, playing on a contract year. What do you think going to happen, when he gets that huge contract? Same thing with Brandon Albert! He didn’t get the name “Fat Albert”, for nothing!

  23. Now Eric Winston is a player I always liked, smart, tough and
    A pretty good story athkete, not a great one, but as a RT,
    Could be a solid Player for the next 3 Seasons or so..

  24. And you can Pluto me on the Record about boyh of these Players
    I see the Cowboys going after Winston for they need a RT too..

  25. Brandon Graham had one good game in his entire NFL career and it was against Andre Smith for 2.5 sacks –
    did Stoutland coach Smith at Alabama? If Stoutand wants him, I’m OK with an Andre Smith signing
    If Coach Reid cuts Eric Winston then he can’t pass block

  26. Gcobb video on FA safeties – No more Nate Allen, he gets run over by everyone — Chad Hall even deposited a cleat mark on his forehead in practice
    Keep Howie’s calculator away from the FA safety evaluation room

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