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Who Could The Eagles Target In Free Agency?

charles woodsonAfter the Philadelphia Eagles signed new Head Coach Chip Kelly, the next round of activity for the Eagles is just around the corner. Free Agency hits the NFL on Tuesday March 12th and looking out of any coach’s window at the Nova Care Complex I imagine is as thrilling this year as it was in the last two seasons, but of course for different reasons. This is the first Free Agency of the Kelly era and expectations for a winning season for he and his new staff might not be as high in his first year. But don’t tell him that! Coach Kelly wants to win now and since he has his coaching crew on board Tuesday starts Phase II… and it’s about to go down!

We’re all looking and wondering how Chip is going to address the team’s most glaring needs in the post-Andy era. Depending on who you are and who’s glasses you’re wearing there are three, maybe four pressing needs and they’re all disputable in Philly. Do the Eagles go after the new Diva of the NFL – Darrelle Revis – to stop the leak at the left corner spot? Do they pluck up Cliff Avril, the best defensive end in Detroit to rush the passer off the right end in the new 3-4 defensive alignment? How about Ed Reed at safety? Maybe they snatch Alabama’s right guard Chance Warmack in this year’s draft to replace the bust that is Danny Watkins?  The choices are numerous. Much to Philly’s chagrin, Mike Vick so far, is your Quarterback.

Does Chip go by the biggest need or best chance at getting what he needs? There are two issues with the offensive line and they’re both on the right side at guard and tackle. But to me, the biggest need on my list is left corner. There is, first of all the assumption that Nnamdi Asomugha will be gone perhaps by the weekend and even if the team picks up a DB after Tuesday the starter is coming out of college.

I see the Eagles meeting that need with the fourth pick of the draft this year by selecting Alabama Blue Chipper Dee Milliner.  Regarded by many as the best corner coming out of college the former All American comes in at 6’1” and 200 lb’s. Milliner’s size and speed (4.37) matches up well with the Calvin Johnsons’ and Andre Johnsons’ (or any other big receiver named Johnson) of the NFL world and his upside should be off the charts. This gives the Eagles two speedsters on the corners – yeah they’re keeping DRC – and they could be looking at the best defensive back they’ve had since the last Super Bowl era and an ALL-Pro for years to come.

There is however a priority at safety since Nate Allen hasn’t shined like the former administration would have hoped after a very good rookie campaign. Some eyes are on San Francisco’s Dashon Goldson, but mine? Since Milliner is the starter on the left side he’s going to need some real veteran tutelage and there’s probably no chance to talk #20 into leaving the ESPN desk, and Ed Reed will be either in B-More or with Bill Belichick so… Charles Woodson is the man I would sign as a quick fix for a year or two and look for a stud safety in the next couple of drafts.

“Can’t miss” tackle Luke Joeckel out of Texas A&M will be going to former head Coach Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs, and Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher probably won’t be there either. But there are a few other tackles whose stock has risen since the Combine, so the team will have a good shot perhaps at snatching a starter in the second or third rounds.

The team will need upgrades to the defensive end and outside linebacker positions as well as depth to the offensive line, so it will be very interesting to see how the next several weeks develop leading up to the draft.

Now, as is usually the case, the Eagles will do none of the above and surprise us all with moves we’ll either love or hate. But now that Chip is in the house maybe he’ll surprise us in ways we haven’t been accustomed to. Some think he’ll become better acquainted with some of his players from Oregon, namely defensive end Dion Jordan or tackle Kyle Long out of Oregon, or both.

I say, it’s at least time to get the juices flowing and let that anxiety build. The next thing you know her come OTA’s and Training Camp. After the last two dismal years for the Philadelphia Eagles, football season (for me at least) is about to go down!!! on Facebook

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98 Comments for “Who Could The Eagles Target In Free Agency?”

  1. The Eagles will be sorry, if they drafted Dee Milner. There are some CB’s in the draft that will be better as pros the him, that can be had later in the first round, second, or even the third round.

    1. Xavier Rhodes
    2. Blidi Wreh Wilson
    3. BW Webb

    Notice that I didn’t mention Desmond Trufant. I think he is a good prospect, but he reminds me of Asante Samuels; a penalty waiting to happen, an attempt to be physical, but getting burned in the process. I know he has had some good games, but GMCliff sees him as no – slightly better than his brothers. A second round talent, that may be drafted in the 1st, based on his Senior Bowl, and Combine performance, but not translating to the NFL.

    I really feel the media, and the so called experts are overhyping Dee Milner, a player who won’t be much different as a pro, than any of the previously drafted cornerbacks out of Alabama…..Buyer Beware.

    • BTW – where does the whole Alabama CBs suck come from?

      The last 2 1st round Alabama CBs were:

      2012 Dre Kirkpatric…jury still out. Barely played last year as knee injury in pre-season, followed by concussion later. He’s penciled in to be the starter this year for Cinci.

      2010 Kareem Jaxckson…been a 3 year starter for Houston. Not great, but pretty solid player. 7 ints including 4 this year.

      • Jackson isn’t solid Vinnie. Houston tried to, and is still trying to trade him, and he isn’t a starter anymore since halfway through his sophomore season.

        With the exception of when the starter Glover Quinn was injured, and they had to play him, otherwise Kareem Jackson has been relegated to the bench.

  2. Man I miss the days of troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor and Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown.. too bad DRC and Nnamd couldn’t get it done. Horrible year with the D coordinators ya know. I would it mind giving it one more year.

  3. I don’t see the Eagles drafting Milliner with the 4th pick. I also think Fisher will be there because Oakland and Jax have far more pressing needs. I do like the thought of picking up Woodson to be the leader of what is likely to be a very young secondary.

  4. I have been on Rhodes bandwagon since December and like him alot
    and actually think he would make a great Free-Safety in the NFL with his length, physicality and play-making abilities on the ball..
    at CB – I Like David Amerson from NC State who has probably the best hands as far as making INT’s goes in this Draft at the CB Position

    Jordan Poyer (Oregon State) Logan Ryans (Rutgers), Darius Slay (Miss State) Dwayne Gratz (Conneticut), Leon McFadden (San Diego State),
    Josh Johnson (Purdue) Demetrius McCray (App State) & Aaron Hester (UCLA)

    • David Amerson, in his junior year had 13 interceptions, but since then, has given up more big plays and TD’s than any Cornerback in the draft. I wouldn’t touch him, but those who are impressed with his measurables, or his fortuitous junior year, will waste a draft pick on him.

      Can you imagine how the Eagles fans will react, if he was to have that type of up, and down consistency? They already feel that way about Nnamdi.

  5. Milner with the 1st pick and Eifert with the 2nd.

    And how will Eagle fan respond to that? Because I think there’s a pretty good chance it will happen…..

  6. Milliner is a totally different corner the previous corners from Bama, if the concern is he’s a system corner okay but this kid barring injury has star potential. In free agency they have to address the lb and safety positions. I like the fact they are keeping a low profile heading into free agency.

    • I think they should also target Rickey Jean Francois that would take care of the nose tackle position.

    • Bama never played man to man. I believe they were primarily a zone coverage D.

    • Based on what Biggie? I think most of the sense of security with this player, although a decent player, comes from him playing for Alabama. Based on what are you reasoning?

      • On what I have seen from him Cliff this kid is more talented then every kid everybody brings up including Rhodes who if people actually watched Florida State play is very inconsistent. He can run he can hit and I believe he can shut guys down one on one.

        • Thats the same reasoning that most have of every prospect going into the draft Biggie, and I’m telling you good Brother that, the ones that are the most highly touted, are generally the ones that don’t fullfill those expectations.

          But once they get into the pros, and have to go up against, a more talented WR, reality sets in that this person isn’t as good as I thought.

          That has been the case of most CB’s coming out of Alabama, because now in the NFL, you don’t have the same advantage of playing with the most dominant Players on the Defensive Line, and Linebackers, in the country, and a college system, to really camouflage, your real weaknesses.

          I will throw out a guarantee to all of you…..Dee Millner will have a career NOTHING like you imagine, but will be viewed as an average corner, when it’s all said and done.

  7. Vinnie, why on earth would we draft a TE in the 2nd round given that just about every other position is a far more pressing need? Milliner and Eifert would be an awful draft.

  8. All depends on if solid O Line help is available. I think that 1st pick should be spent on the line. With that, I don’t think Rhodes will be available in the 2nd..
    If Eagles go CB in 1st, Xavier Rhodes is my pick all day every day of the week. I’ve watched a few games of FL State over the past few seasons, and he’s always impressed me. Long arms, strong, athletic, physical, has speed.
    In a scouting report of Rhodes: and an analysis was done on his weaknesses, report followed with “Rhodes tends to get too physical”…say, what?

  9. As I was reading this article, before you got the part of the eagles possible taking Jordan and Long, I thought the same exact thing.

  10. Sign *NT Terrance Knighton, *FS Patrick Chung, *CB Sean Smith, *RT Eric Winston, * Dannell Ellerbe, & call it a day. All young, up & coming, low risk-high reward, & none will break the bank. Trade/release Peters, trade Cole (4th) & Maclin (2nd & 6th).
    Draft if no trade down.
    1st- LT Eric Fischer
    2nd- SS Jonathan Cyprian & CB Xavier Rhodes
    3rd- Da’Rick Rogers/ Justin Hunter/ Baccari Rambo
    4th- NT Brandon Williams & Gavon Escobar
    5-7 depth at both liines & OLB.

    • O-line would be-
      D-fence would be-

      • Offense-

        • Dennis Dixon at QB for the Eagles as they finish at 1-15 in 2013 and end up with the #1 Pick in the 2014
          They Select QB Teddy Bridgewater from the University of Louisville with the Top Overall Pick of the 2014 Draft

          • I would think Howie is smart enough to draft Clowney from South Carolina Paul………..Foles will be the starter next year at some point, and beyond.

    • I really don’t think the Eagles can sign all those FA’s. Some of you guys seems to think that the Eagles can and will just sign any FA they want. While they can in theory, most teams don’t sign five of the top FAs.

      • All of what guys? That’s 5-6 guys & all are NOT, top FA’s! All of my FA’s are young, up & coming, 2nd/ 3rd tier FA’s! We only have 8 draft picks. Also, when ASSomugha is released, we’ll have an entire secondary to replace, on top of needing a NT, 3-4 DE, ROLB, ILB, & at least 2 O-lineman, Not to mention, a TE & Big WR. That’s 12 roster spots that need upgrading. How you filling the roster out with 8 draft picks, with 3-4, realistically/hopefully going to make an impact. There is a cap floor, & we have no choice, to spend the $$$

        • Fair points DCar. My next question then would be how do you plan to draft both Cyprien and Rhodes in the 2nd? I’m willing to bet that both of those guys are first round picks.

          • Rhodes is a late 1st-2nd round pick, who may drop due to some thinking he’s better suited as a safety. Cyprian, IS NOT a 1st rounder. He ain’t going from a 3rd-4th all the way to a 1st, all over a good Senior Bowl & he didn’t do much at the combine. It’s a moot point anyway, unless we pull off the Maclin trade.

            • Most mock drafts have Rhodes as a mid first round pick. I’ve also seen Cyprien in the first round in a number of different mock drafts.

              • Cyprian drafted in the first round is wishful thinking BTC. Many of these mock drafts, flow from all the hype around a prospects play at on of the Senior Bowls, and or the Combine.

                When Cyprian decided not to run at the Combine, it soured some teams on him. Coming from Florida International, that wasn’t a very smart move , and it will effect his draft stock.

                He will be drafted late 2nd to mid 3rd…

  11. Think adding Tom Gamble will be huge!

    Eagles really are in the position if they add a few key free agents and draft wisely they are right back in the playoff picture. These past 2 years have been poor coaching and players giving up on bad coaching. So many options hope they don’t screw it up!

    Sign a right tackle in free agency and draft Chance Warmack with a healthy Jason Peters and their o-line becomes very good!

    Draft Kirkpatrick and sign someone like Ed Reed and sign a free agent corner and the secondary is light years ahead of what it was last two years…

    point is there are so many options for this team to make the right moves and jump right back into playoff contention this year and build a solid team then solidify the Quarterback position next year either draft or signing a young free agent QB with a solid team around him..

    Free Agency and draft can’t get here fast enough!

    • joe, you have a better chance to make the playoffs, don’t get your hopes up. WAAAY too many holes to fill, no proven/ viable QB, total scheme & strategic overhauls, on both sides of the ball, & clearly a rebuilding year. They aren’t going to sign any has-been, Veterans & why are you taking for granted Peters health, & that he’s just going to step right back in there? Don’t get ahead of yourself! Take a breath!

      • 75% healthy Peters is a better left tackle than what they had all last season no? He was the best left tackle in football. I am going to go ahead and assume he will still be a starting caliber left tackle after injury…

        Vick sucks, but in 2010 with a very good offensive line he played pretty well so it is not like he is not capable of a good year. Good coaching can make some players look pretty good…I am from Boston and I do remember the Pats going 11-5 with Matt Cassell running the show and he looked pretty good under good coaching.

        Texans defense went from worst to one of the best a few years back when they grabbed Wade Phillips and mostly the same players. Same thing happened in San Fran same players with the right coaches and they become one of the best defenses…

        A few of the right additions through free agency and draft fix a lot of the holes

    • Who is Kirkpatrick? Ed Reed isn’t coming here, and drafting Warmack at #4, is stupid, when you can get the same player or better in the 2nd Round.

      • Exactly GM! Too many people get caught up with the hyped names, that the so called, experts & pundits hype up! Many of the guys on here, probably don’t even watch, or know most of these players. I do watch a lot of NCAA football, a have an inside source (Baldy), that gives me heads-up, on what players to watch, & look at. Warmack, is Max Jean-Giles 2.0, & should NOT be taken that high, at #4! I don’t give a F^#@, what Mayock is hyping! I’d take Cooper, Fluker (I think is an NFL OG), Warford, Pugh, & Winters, over him, all of who, with the exemption of Cooper, can be had from rounds 2-4.

  12. **Chiefs release RT Eric Winston to free up Cap $$$ and to make room for 1st
    Round Draft Pick (OT Joeckel or Fisher)
    Eagles would be smart to scoop Winston up who struggled last Season with the Chiefs but had a nice 3-4 Years with Houston Texans
    Sign him up, then slide Herremans to Left Guard to reunite with Peters and then let Watkins/Mathis fight it out for final Guard Spot and release the one who doesn’t cut it..
    This Takes the pressure off the Eagles to have to Draft an OT early and instead can concentrate on Drafting impact players on Defense the first 3-4 Rounds…

    • sounds too much like signing demetrius bell

      • hac, he’s much better than Bell. He hasn’t missed a game, in 96, I believe, is a great run blocker, solid pass blocker, is going to be 29, & won’t cost as much as the others. Only down side, is he’s a hot head, & takes dumb penalties! He is an instant upgrade & starter day 1. We actually missed out on getting him, when KC did.

        • just worried.. AR is big on good lineman and you know he’s watched a mile of tape and decides to dump him…. maybe he truly is just a cap casualty but usually there is plenty of room on the roster for lineman who can play… after the abortion last year he knows that better than anyone!

          • HAHAAHA!!! Makes sense to me Ciggy. I agree Bigtime……

            You know how these guys get when a realtively known name becomes available. Everybody thinks that player is the answer for fixing the Eagles woes.

            Eric Winston, would make a good backup on the Eagles…..ONLY!!!

          • HAC, Reid lost his damn mind the past couple of years. Just because he let Winston walk tells me nothing about him. Since when did Reid become this talent evaluator God. Just look at the state of the Eagles. If anything, Reid is big on lineman that can’t play over guys that are actually good.

            • I admit that the last two years were a disaster and AR paid dearly for them. I expect him to go back to his fundamentals and the o. Line is his major detail… Don’t forget how many really solid players on the line we have had before the MUDD experiment!

    • F^#@ Watkins! Let that dog, waste, go put out fires! Don’t want him anywhere near this team. After ASSomugha, he & Matthews are next!

    • Does winston really fit what the birds are going to be doing along the O-Line? Winston had his success in Houston with the Zone blocking. He struggled once he left it.

    • Grab Winston for RT draft Warmack at 4 pick for RG move Herremans to backup who can play both tackle spots in a pinch and get Peters for LT back healthy. Watkins makes for a okay backup guard.

      Build a dominate offensive line first!

      If AR did anything right it was always having a huge and good o-line until last two years.

  13. If at #4 they go O, I think leave it up to their Sutherland to advise weather to go Warmack or Fisher. We all know the thing about not drafting guards so high, but Warmack is at whole different level than Watkins, and is probably more NFL ready than any other OLineman in this draft, including Joeckel who I’d not take anyway. If Eagles decide to go D at #4, I’d not pick Milliner either… I’d take either Dion Jordan (so versatile whether rushing, run stuff or coverage) who is so much better than other LB’s, or Sharif Floyd. Think this D will not be strictly 3-4 so don’t see necessity of drafting a nose tackle. If they can drop back and gain another first rd pick, a very high 2nd at least, they may still be able to fill both OL & D needs early. Kelly said he wants an attacking D so why waste #4 on Milliner who is nowhere near level of Patrick Peterson. Get a couple safeties later in draft or FA.

    • My sediments exactly. I know Dcar is the anti on this, but I really like the idea of Dion Jordan as a SAM. Long, quick and can cover in space. Def needs to refine his skills as a rusher, but looks to have unlimited potential.

      • Frank, there isn’t a SAM, in a 3-4 scheme. He would be, what is considered the Jack LB, which is a hybrid, DE/ROLB, that lines up just off the line, as a pass rushing specialist, & pass cover, in zone coverage’s. I am not opposed to Jordan, & think he has a high upside, but he IS NOT a #4 pick! If we can get multiple 1st’s, then hell yes, grab him, down further. We don’t have the luxury of PROJECTS, & HOPEFULS! He is a project, too frail & awkward, & will be manhandled in the NFL, until he fills his body out. The #4 pick, needs to be a starter, from day 1, especially with all of the holes we have! What aren’t you getting. And all of the comparisons to Ware, JPP, & Von Miller, are premature, & preposterous!

        • Comparisons are just that, noone is saying Ansah is any of these guys, rather a similar situation to JPP.

          D, we are still not sure that it is a true 3-4 that this team will be running? I keep referring to SAM because he would be playing a similar type roll where he will be your main cover guy. Old habits die hard, thanks Andy.

          I agree that the #4 pick should be an impact starter from day 1. This draft just dosent have that clear cut # 4 pick.

          • Honestly, I think both Ziggy & Jordan are projects, but Ziggy has the size & frame, to be a bigger impact player & Jordan is already going under the knife & ain’t going to be able to workout. Can you imagine, how much more skinny & frail he’ll be at training camp? He would be a wasted pick, & a non-factor his rookie year! In regards to the LB’s coverage responsibilities, in a 3-4, both ILB & the OLB that plays what would be the WILL, in the 4-3 has most of coverage responsibilities. The Jack LB, in which is on the side of the SAM, in the 4-3, plays close to the line, & his purpose is to be a stand up, rush LB, that only covers in zone coverages. So, you are WRONG! If we were, to draft Ziggy, or Jordan they would be the Jack/predator/ROLB!

            • I disagree completely about them being the predators. Ansah most likely will end up playing a DE in whatever formation he is in. I have never heard of a “Jack” linebacker in this new proposed defense.

              I have been figuring this whole time Jordan would be the LOLB if we had drafted him. Notr the predator or Jack as you call it. I will bet thats the position he plays.

              • Jordan is a guy you want covering the TE and RB out of the back field.

              • Pred – Trent Cole ……… Brandon Graham … Vinny Curry … Phillip Hunt

                3-Tech – Fletcher Cox … Ronnie Cameron

                NT – ________________ … Antonio Dixon

                5-tech – Cedric Thornton

                SAM – _______________ … Chris McCoy

                WILB – Mychal Kendricks … Casey Matthews

                SILB – DeMeco Ryans ……. Jamar Chaney …. Ryan Rau

              • I stole that. but that is the alignment for the eagles new defense, from what is being said.

              • Casey Matthews has no business on this team Frank

              • Cliff, could not agree more. I just thinks he hangs on due to his tie to Chip Kelly. Nepotism at its finest, but that’s life man.

  14. Milliner is so OVERRATED!!!!! He will be mediocre in the NFL.

    The Eagles need a play maker, a la Dion Jordan who can make an impact like Demarcus Ware…. he can play OLB and cover people and rush the QB….

    • I’m starting to agree with DCar, in reference to Dion Jordan, a little bit, just a little bit. Ezekiel Ansah, is more like DeMarcus Ware, because his measurables, and his athleticism give more evidence of that then with Jordan.

      Jamie Collins is the OLB I’m loving now. He didn’t run a 4.53 40 like Jordan, but ran a 4.58, and he is 6-4 248.

      • or work a deal to get all three. The defense has to be addressed.

      • I’d be happy if we can get Collins if we take Fisher in the first.

        – Ansah does make me a little nervous. No doubt he has the athletic ablilty, strength and speed to be a beast. Some have questioned his football accumen and hustle. Red Flag to me. People also did the same thing to JPP tho

        • Exactly Frank. Some players are drafted on potential alone. You can see the possibilities with Ansah. He’s not at where JPP was at during his draft year, but the comparisons are legitimate.

          • Exactly right cliff. I really feel the eagles should go D in the first round. In this order, I’d like to Floyd, Jordan than Ansah. But I ponder if you can pass on Fisher I’d he is there.

  15. I would love Winston why not use him as our RT Mathis at Guard Kelce at Center Herremans LG and Peters LT, and keep any depth players like jake scott and barbre washington as depth draft OT late in the draft for depth and your set for 2-3 yrs while drafting more an building up for the future. i say Winston should get a 4 year deal 28 million 15 guraunteed thats 7.5 a year not bad( 2 years) or 5 million for 3 years or 3.75 for the 4 yrs. which ever way they want to work it out. After that focus on the D in the draft an maybe per trade or 1 or 2 FA no more no less.

  16. WIth the 4th Pick of the NFL Draft
    The Philadelphia Eagles annouce they have Traded the #4 Pick to the Buffalo Bills for their #8th and #40th Selections (2nd Round) .. Bills select QB Geno Smith
    With the 8th Selection of the NFL Draft, the Eagles announce a Trade with the St Louis Rams for their 16th Selection and 80th Selection (3rd Round Pick)

    Now the Eagles are Ready to Select Players and have the 16th,36th,40th,66th,80th and 100th Selections in the first 4 Rounds
    and the Draft goes something like this

    16th – DE Datone Jones (UCLA 6-4 284lbs- a true DE in a 3-4)
    36th – OLB Alec Ogletree (Georgia 6-3 242 lbs)
    40th – SS Jonathon Cyprien (Fla Int’l 6-0 217lbs)
    66th – Guard Larry Warford (Kentucky 6-3 322lbs)
    80th – TE Gavin Escobar (San Diego State 6-6 255lbs)
    100th – CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (Connecticut 6-1 195lbs)
    132nd – ILB Nico Johnson (Alabama 6-2 248lbs)
    164th – CB Josh JOhnson (Purdue 5-10 199lbs)
    196th – DT Josh Boyd (Miss State 6-3 310lbs)
    215th – C Matt Stankiewitch (Penn State 6-3 302lbs)

    And the rest, they say, is History…

  17. I thought the Chip Kelly Hire was going to mean more points and an explosive offense with creative changes but all the same players seem to be returning with all their same deficiencies.

    Contrary to the offense they seem to be gutting the defense and switching the remaining personal to new positions — I could understand if they hired a Gus Bradley and he went to work gutting the defense but hire an “offensive genius” and the first thing they do is change the defense – perplexing

  18. E0S- its actually the smartest thing they can do. I referenced this before, look at what Brian Kelly did a ND. He is an offensive mind that completed an overhaul of that D. He knoew in order to compete at a national level hed have to stack the DLine with athletic, tough D Tackles and a revampted secondary. I realize this is not college, but philosiphacly, its the rite move.

  19. e0s, what is clear is that our D is is the problem. Ive been screaming this forever. Andy was fired NOT because he couldnt score points…. but because he couldnt replace j.j. and he couldnt just wing it on the d anymore. The o will improve right away by this new tactic created called “the run”. Think how much better our line will be when they are allowed to push for once. Think how much better we will be when Mccoy is given the ball.

    You cant fix this entire team in 1 offseason… start with the D this year… maybe add a TE but we have enough here to bake a cake on O, Im not eating ANYTHING served from this current D.

    • Eagles have been one of the lowest scoring teams in the league the past 2 seasons….esp when you know who was under centre.

    • Thats absurd. Our pathetic offense was just as big of a reason for why Reid got fired. In a league where scoring a lot of points is becoming the norm, we were terrible. How many true shutdown defenses are there today? maybe a couple at most. You have to score points or you will lose your job, end of story.

      • clearly pheags…. clearly. But you’d have to be blind to think the D is better than our O. Im sorry if i gave some impression that our o was fine. Our O sucks for many reasons… first reason was Andy. But i think they will be better (as i said) with a threat of a run game.

  20. FA signings…
    RT- Winston
    LB- Kruger
    S- Gholdson, Moore or Quin

    All are huge needs and then give you more flexibility in the draft to take best available. As Stevo said, they won’t be able to fill in all holes, but that is a start.

    I also wouldn’t mind TE Ertz. Big strong and good hands. Or if they want to wait UCLA TE Joseph Fauria who is more slender, but he is 6’7 and had 12 TDs this season playing for Jim Mora Jr. Fauria is not a good blocker because of his size, but he has really good hands. I have seen him projected as 4-5 round. He is a bit of a project, because he needs to bulk up to be an NFL TE.

  21. Matt Scott – QB – Wildcats Arizona Daily Star reporter Daniel Berk was told Arizona QB Matt Scott will be meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles.
    Scott is scheduled to visit the Eagles on Monday and work out for them later this month. Scott also revealed that he has been receiving interest from the San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills, among other teams. Scott has a strong arm and shows good accuracy but is very raw. He needs to improve his mechanics and footwork.

    Ezekiel Ansah – DL – Cougars NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said in an interview that BYU DE Ezekiel Ansah will take two- to-three years to develop.
    “I love Ansah’s upside but for me, he’s not ready to play. I think it’ll take him two to three years to develop,” Mayock said. This is an interesting thought from Mayock, who added that Ansah would only be a “situational” rusher in his rookie year. Ansah’s raw but shows the instincts, closing burst and athleticism to perhaps make a bigger impact in his first year than Mayock’s giving him credit for.

    Ezekiel Ansah – DL – Cougars NFL Films’ Greg Cosell says BYU DE Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah is worthy of a high pick.
    “I think he’s worth a pretty high pick because I think he can become that guy, and pass rushers are at a major premium in the NFL. Don’t forget at Brigham Young he wasn’t necessarily used as an edge-rusher,” Cosell said. “He was used all over the defensive line, even at nose tackle. So you didn’t necessarily see a ton of snaps in which he was rushing off the edge. But that size, six-five plus, 271 pounds, that kind of body movement and athleticism, there’s not many guys like that. I know he’s raw but I don’t you can let that guy slip into the second round.”

    Dion Jordan – LB – Ducks NFL Films’ Greg Cosell says Oregon LB Dion Jordan can become a “very good” pass-rusher in the pros.
    “He looked like a wide receiver at the combine. I think Dion Jordan is very flexible for a big man,” Cosell said. “And we saw what flexibilty does with someone like Pierre-Paul for the Giants when he came out of college. Now Jordan is not exactly the same guy but I think he has that kind of flexibility and body control that he could become a very good pass-rusher.”

  22. lengthy, but informative. copied from rotoworld

  23. anyone know much about Scott? RO type?

    • He was Nick Foles Backup at Arizona…Could be one of those guys that develops into a quality starter in the league, and have a better career than a Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, and definitely EJ Manuel.

  24. As for Offense…Lets look at the Ducks…..

    2007 Dixon was the QB till he got hurt and was replaced by Brady Leaf who was replaced by Cody Kempt who was replaced by Justin Roeper

    2008 Justin Roeper and Jerimiah Masoli began the season platooning, with Roeper winning the job ourtight by week 3 till he got hurt and was replaced by Darron Thomas (with a little Masoli and Chris Harper thrown in for fun). Masoli then replaced Thomas for a few weeks (thomas getting a few snaps a game) until week 9 when Roeper came back for a half, only to be replaced by Masoli again who kept the job through the rest of the season.

    2009 Masoli began as the starter and that lasted until week 4 when he (hurt?)began platooning with Nate Kosta. This continued until week 7 when Masoli took over the reigns once again and finished the year as the starter.

    2010 Platoon time again with Darron Thomas and Nate Costa spliting snaps week 1. Thomas took over as starter week 2 and stayed starter for the rest of the year.

    2011 Thomas rightly began the season as the starter, and led the team all year.

    2012 Platoon it up again with Marcus Mariotta and Bryan Benett splitting snaps week 1. Mariotta won the job and took over as starter week 2 till he got hurt and had to platoon with Benett again in weeks 7 and 8. Mariotta was back in the saddle again week 9.

    So…platooning QBs to start 3 of the past 6 seasons.

    QBs hurt and missing games 4 of the 6 years.

    And the NFL reg season is 5 games longer. And teams can only carry 3 QBs on the roster, and if 3rd comes in, 1st and 2nd can’t re-enter the game.

    Anyone else skeptical??

  25. I am Vinnie…. im with you… Thats why i said that Vick will start the season but not end it. THATS why they need to have 5 guys on the roster to start anyway.
    It would not surprise me 1 bit if the eagles end up with 4 or 5 guys on the depth chart for the year. NOT ALL AT 1 TIME…. but throughout the year I think 4 or 5 guys wear the Eagles QB jerseys.

    BTW…. THIS is the reason I didnt want him hear Vinnie. I wanted a D and an O that is not a flash in the pan kind of team but a solid team. That said….. Im getting on board cause….. well…. what else am I going to do? Im an Eagles fan.

  26. On O…… we have speed all over and thats what Kelly wants. Our Olineman can run and our wr’s can zip. Add to this the fact that we will now have a run game and boom…. i think its going to be exciting. Great? no. But exciting. Honestly…. i dont care who the qb is. The entire unit has to buy into Kelly. They will have to embrace it or sit. Thats that. Will it work? I dont know but…. im excited to see something different after screaming for Andy to be fired since the Cards champ game.

    On D….. its a mess and will take time to fix. First off….. we have a D.C!! possibly the first one we’ve had in 4 years… its 1 guy…. not 7. They need talent here. Part of the problem we had with bringing in DRC and Nnamdi is that there were NO safeties to back them up. Those guys are not NFL caliber back there. Add to that we were thin at LB for year 1 and sucked on the Dline last year. Those arent excuses for either of them…. they can both leave for all I care BUT….. what im saying is…. they need talent both drafted and signed through FA.

    Point is….. there are holes ALL over this team but none more clear than on the D.

  27. Watch laviollette s decision to pull Bryzgalov blow up, the absolute worst fucking manager of goaltenders ever, burn out Bryzgalov, play shitty d in front of him, then pull him, flyers will lose this game unless very lucky

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