Eagles Pursuing Former Chiefs Right Tackle, Eric Winston

NFL: Preseason-Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay PackersRight now, there’s a decent chance that the Eagles will select an offensive tackle in the first round, but that could change if they’re able to sign former Kansas City offensive tackle Eric Winston, whom the Chiefs released on Wednesday.  The move was reportedly done to save cap money because releasing Winston will take $6.5 million dollars off the Chiefs salary cap.

Winston is considered a good tackle especially as a run blocker, which is what the Eagles will likely major in on the offensive side of the ball.  The former Miami Hurricane was drafted in 2006 by the Houston Texans.  The Texans ran the ball behind a zone blocking scheme which is expected to be He’s 6’7″ 302 pounds and only 29 years old.

Signing Winston would allow the Birds to slide Todd Herremans back to the guard position where he is most comfortable and it would allow them to address their defensive needs in the first round.

The fact that the Birds are interested in signing Winston tells me that they want to draft a defensive player in the first round, but they’ll probably draft one of those tackles if they can’t add a good one through free agency.

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  1. i am actually starting to like this idea. i just always assumed drafting a stalwart O.lineman would be what we do but an impact defensive player would be nice– can’t really think of the last defensive impact player we had— holy crap i think it was dawkins… ugh that seems so long ago! – anyway it makes us ‘old’ on the o.line with an injured and aging peters (i’m not convinced he can play anymore) and winston is 29, herremans isn’t young. anyway the read option runs that zone stuf… so who knows.

  2. havea- For some reason OIline seems like the only spot on the field that you can be old and fine. I have no idea why that is but Olineman seem to age like wine.

  3. Haveacigar who cares lets get a strong solid oline and draft later for depth and let them learn and grow so they can be the future oline of the eagles, patience is a virtue bro i want winston and he can help solidfy

  4. Please happen! It would allow them to get Jordan or Floyd if they are there at 4. If both a taken, then another team would probably want to trade up for either Fisher or Joekel and get several good picks. I’de like to see the front 7 get some impact players before using pick on the CB, although he looks to be a real player.

    1. jp, Jordan is NOT a #4 pick, & Floyd doesn’t fit our 3-4 scheme. We already have a 3 technique 3-4 DE in Cox. Floyd is too small, to be a NT & ain’t a 5 technique 3-4 DE to play opposite Cox. We’d virtually be wasting, his playmaking abilities as a 5 technique 3-4 DE. I love the kid, but he don’t fit, unless you want to trade Cox? That would be, flat out RETARDED!

        1. Because, he himself said it, when he was interviewed on Mike & Ike. He said, he’s better & would rather be a 3 technique. I myself, would still draft him, & play him there, because he is built like a 5 technique 3-4, DE. But his talents would hindered, IMHO, as a 5 technique 3-4, DE. He’d be a monster 4-3 DT, as similar to, & maybe even better than Cox was, last year. Can he play there? I believe so, & would do it, because I love the kid, & he, & my Nephew hung, in the same circles, & made it out, so I have soft spot for the kid, but I don’t know if his skills will flourish, in a 3-4.
          A front 3, of Cox-Knighton/Brandon Williams-Floyd, does look nice though, for the next 5+ years! LOL!

  5. Why do you even post here eagles0superbowls, he is healthy and a top 10 RT as you say this Houston wants his services once again the team that dumped him so what does that truly say

    1. i didn’t know the Houston Texans were interested in reacquiring him, I hope they achieve their goal. I would rather the Eagles select an OT with #4 selection in the draft and target Andy Levitre in FA.
      I enjoy kicking the Eagles while they are down as much as you seem to like to cheer for them when they are up. I also invest by shorting the stock market, it is much easier for me to find losers than winners. Different strokes for different folks.

      1. So you’re a clueless, vampire then? LOL! e0, just admit it, you don’t know who he is, & are just going by his 2 salary dumps, for your opinion. Houston, dumped Ryans on us, for the same reasons, how did that work out? He was our best defensive player, & the only 1, who showed up every game! I guess you think he wasn’t good either?!?

        1. absolutely I didn’t watch one single KC Chiefs game last year— I am clueless but still on even par with Jeff & Howie who are both equally clueless
          the last time I paid Eric Winston any mind was the year he was drafted in 2006 when there was speculation the Eagles would use their #1 selection on Winston Justice.( the prognosticators had Eric Winston in the top five OT that year) I didn’t like him then either but cluelessly thought the Eagles got a steal in Winston Justice with a 2nd round pick. I was equally naive when the media & Jeff Lurie’s bums convinced me that Brodrick Bunkley was a much better fit for the Eagle Defense than Haloti Ngata. Not any more — Jeff is a dingbat and his little companion is too!

  6. IMHO, they need to sign a OT in FA & draft 1 high. Peters in no way, is a given to be penciled in. Herremans & Mathis should be fine at OG. for a year. I’d go after Schwenke, later in the rounds, to give Kelce a run for his $$$$, also. They HAVE to take the approach, of getting 1 & 1, in FA, & also in the draft. Same goes for CB & Safety. 1 & 1 is the way to go. Can’t build this team solely on the draft, nor FA. Give me Winston, Quin, & Sean Smith in FA, & draft Fisher, Cyprian & Rhodes in the draft. Use Maclin, Peters, & Cole as trade assets, for more picks! They have to balance their approach, this off-season, & have no choice, but to spend the shekels, that they hoarded from last year.

  7. I say go after Barrett Jones for OT later in the rounds unless they go after fisher right off the bat.
    Alot of people are commending the Chiefs as most should but fast paced decisions dont always pan out, Chip is being maticulous and deciding the right fit an the right players to help us and also want to play and win.

    I do think the chiefs will succeed but this is andy reid we are talking about i see chip as the next Jimmy Johnson( ie. Dallas) but you dont have to take my word for it.

    1. Pip, Jones is a mostly a Guard/Center, not a OT. He doesn’t have the footwork. He only played 10 games at T. 26 at RG, & 14 at C. He is built & is better suited, to be inside. No more freaking square pegs, in round holes!

    2. Barrett Jones played Center at Alabama and projects as a Center/Guard in the NFL but is not an NFL Caliber OT Fyi…

  8. ***Per Twitter @Adam Schefter- Breaking News****

    Jacksonville Releases Safety D. Landry 30 years old.

    Would you kick the tires Eagles fans or no?

  9. Winston was a Salary Cap issue with the Texans and was DeMeco Ryans
    last Off-Season.. He was playing at a Pro-Bowl Level for the Texans ..
    Now last year for the Chiefs, he struggled a bit as their entire Team did when you go 2-14.. Similar to the Eagles in 2013, name one player who had a good season on 4-12 Teams.. Chiefs released him due to COntract and the fact they will most likely Draft OT Joeckel to replace him..
    Similar to the Eagles situation who release Cullen Jenkins with a high salary and replace him with a younger,cheaper players…

          1. Because he is such a conceited asshole that takes both sides of every issue and when one of those contradictory sides is right he crows about it. And you and others seem to think he knows football. He has said AR couldn’t win in Dec. but facts prove him wrong. He says Kelly’s offense has three step drops when in fact it stars 5 yards behind the LOS etc and on and on. He just throws shit against the wall.

  10. I liked Safety Dwan Landry and wanted the Eagles to pursude back in the 2011 Free-Agnecy Period, he signed a Big Contract with Jags and hasn’t played as well as he did with the Ravens which again, not having the talent surrounding him as he did while with the Ravens, He’s probably about 30 Years old and definitely would bring him in and check him out..

  11. Yeah i would pick him up he seems like the better Landry and more down to earth then his brother. It seems Jacksonville will eventually let him go he isnt released just yet, but my source is adam schefter he is usually on point. Also, he probably wont demand money and would rather go to a team that plays man to man

  12. its sad when fans are salivating over any decent player that gets released…. haha….what has happened to the Eagles….

    at #4, best player on the defensive side available, regardless of scheme…..good coaching puts the player in the position to be successful, DCAR – you dont pass on a future all pro like Floyd at #4 because he doesnt fit…the kid played 3-4 DE at Florida and did well…. move him all over the line and create mismatches…. NFL defenses play in the nickel a majority of the time now anyway so he would play DT inside most of the time… dont buy the fit BS….

    1. jott, our salivating is warranted, & we should take any upgrade, anyway we can. Also, I didn’t say pass on Floyd, read my posts. He played 3 technique 3-4, DE, not 5 technique 3-4, DE. Cox is our 3 technique 3-4, DE. Just saying, but I’d still take him. A combination of Cox, Thornton, Floyd & possibly FA Jean-Francois, would be a great rotating 4some!

    2. I doubt Floyd will be an All Pro. I think he is overhyped just a little. He’s too small for me, to play for the Eagles. He’s smaller than Mike Patterson.

  13. Winston played all 16 games last year – gave up 6 sacks – had 5 false starts – and was called for holding 2 times…. That’s not too bad!

    The guy played every game for the last 6 years, which is nice. You could do alot worse then Winston – course I was a Marlboro man… lol

  14. Sign him! Love the dudes integrity. Stands up for his teamates. Winston, Kruger and Landry would be a wonderful addition to the team

  15. The Eagles need SAM, NT, 2 S and 2 CB. I have been saying that we need a RT in FA because Herremans sucks at RT. He needs to play G. So getting a RG like Warmack still leaves a hole at RT. If you sign Winston and move Herremans, problem solved. O line is our top priority because there is no helping that defense right now. So we better at least be able to try to out score people and control the clock. Can’t do that with a so-so O line and a bum protecting the blind side.
    Starting to warm up to the idea of Jordan. I know he is a project but the whole defense is. So he will be ready to dominate in three years when we have the other players we need. Right now I would get RT, S and Sean Smith in FA. Then we can draft Jordan as SAM and start looking for other CB and S as well as NT after that. 3-4 DE is not a high priority. That is a blue collar job and those guys are a dime a dozen. Cox will be a special one so the other guy just needs to eat space and do his job. You can find that in the 5-7 round area or a cheap FA next year. But I think Thornton might be very good in that role. He is tall and over 300. I am so glad we will have DL all over 6’4″ next year. Tired of these short DLs.

  16. Jott so who should we salivate for the diva spree we had in 2010-2011like vince young ronnie brown is that who you rather us have these are low risk high reward signings and wont cost the team much. but its all in wishful thinking.

    Breaking news
    Adrian Wilson Released by Cards.

  17. Irish…..Andre Smith is better but there are character red flags for me with him. He is just the kind of guy who gets paid and slacks off. Not sure if O line coach had him at Bama. May have been before his time.

  18. Pipolo…Isn’t Wilson like 47? They will not be signing guys over thirty this time around. THAT will be the difference from 2011.

  19. I am not hoping they sign wilson i dont want him on the Eagles im just making NFL breaking news posts just so people are informed and aware.

    I know what the eagles need they need to go younger thats the best route i know they will go that route.
    Please dont confuse my posts as a sign of someone i want because i don’t. LOL

  20. You can say all you want about winning now, but Kelly realisitically has a four year plan. He wants to win the SB by 2016. With that in mind, you only sign guys that will be an intricate part of the 2016 team. Therefore, you would not sign a 32 yo place holder. You sign the guy who can be the FS in 2016, bot the safety for now. That’s the difference between rebuild and “win-now.”

  21. You can say all you want about winning now, but Kelly realisitically has a four year plan. He wants to win the SB by 2016. With that in mind, you only sign guys that will be an intricate part of the 2016 team. Therefore, you would not sign a 32 yo place holder. You sign the guy who can be the FS in 2016, not the safety for now. That’s the difference between rebuild and “win-now.”

        1. Why can’t you, have a 7 game starter & a rookie, when you say Kelly has a 4 year plan, & clearly rebuilding & implementing scheme changes, on both sides of the ball? I don’t seem to remember, any problems with SF, Indianapolis, Wash, Seattle, this year, & Baltimore, Atlanta, Detroit, Stl & Carolina, under those circumstances, in years past! VICK, has no business, nor intelligent reasoning, to still be on this roster, I don’t give a f^#@, how much of a pay cut he took! That isn’t going to change his age, size, durability, & lack of QB intelligence! We need to MOVE ON, from the FAILED VICK EXPERIENCE! It’s a fresh start, a new regime, & we should have no reminder, or failures left, from 2010-2012! BROOM THEM ALL!!!!

  22. Jbird* who are you reffering too? I know its a process i dont expect it to be win now but who are we only chip kelly knows.

    And Irish Our Oline coach only coached Alabama from 2011-2012 so no he wasn’t with Andre Smith. but if Smith Came out in this years Draft under Stoutland he would be unanimously 1st round pick top 10 him with Warmack as well. Plus under Stoutland i dont think Smith would be over weight as he currently is now.

    1. I like the idea Pip. I’d rather have Andre Smith, rather than Eric Winston. But I’v’e been saying that I’d play Andre Smith at Guard, rather than OT, since the year he was drafted.

      1. No Andres Smith GMCliff, he’s another “heavy & soft” player and does not fit Chip Kelly’s Profile of having a more athletic type of OL who can get out and move and play at a fast pace, roll-outs, screens,,etc,etc…

        1. Last Year, a certain buddy of mine insisted that Kelechi Osemele, didn’t fit our blocking scheme, and he shouldn’t be drafted by the Eagles. He too was thought to be an OT, and when the Ravens played the pre-season, it became apparent that he would be best suited as a Guard – What GMCliff said should be the position for him on the Eagles – started at that position right on into the SuperBowl.

          Andre Smith, would be best served at Guard, not OT, and DJ Fluker, is this years Andre Smith in the draft, who also would be best served as a Guard.

          It doesn’t shock me he’s had his troubles handling the RT position, he shouldn’t be played there. His best attribute, is as a Runblocker, and being physical, – AND HE ISN’T SOFT PAUL- at the line of scrimmage – GUARD

  23. Pipolo…I understand. We are on the same page. I am actually looking forward to just watching something grow again. Having no other goal than to win the SB for ten years was actually a lot of pressure for us as fans as well. And I think it ruined the game for us. We could not take joy in little things. October games didn’t even matter. It was lets just stay healthy and wait for January because nothing else matters.

  24. I personally want Elam or Cyprin or Jefferson as our Safety or Rob Lester. for our Future Safety. Also there is a promising Safety from Denver as a FA he is 25-26 David Bruton could be interesting pick up.

    Unless Chip wants to focus on the O in the FA and use the draft to build the Defense. i predict we will have 9 draft picks instead of the 7 or 8 we have.

  25. ? what do you mean JBird? Also, i predict FA Watch 2013 Eagles will take DE Cliff Avril and convert him to OLB for the Eagles and they will draft CB Millner in the 1st round or Eric Fisher if they drop down to gain a pick they will go after elam or J. Banks or Kenny Vaccaro.
    Cliff Avril is in a stand still with detriot and reports out there is that Cliff wouldn’t mind playing 3-4 now keep in mind eagles may play that scheme or 4-3 under which is loosely based off of the former scheme up top. Keep and eye on this move.

    I dont see eagles going after D. Jordan they will go DB 1st or OT in the first S is the third option and or OLB (J. Jones) NT will be had in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. the rest is BPA and for depth.

  26. Pip….I was talking about the safety from Denver that you liked that will be a FA. I was asking if it was the kid that blew the coverage in the Ravens game.

  27. Pip…I am fine with whoever they draft at four as long as it isn’t Jarvis Jones. That guy will be the next Mike Mamula if we take him. I can’t stand him since he laid an egg in the SEC title game.

      1. I get your point, but some guys don’t get stopped. Do you think Lawrence Taylor would have been stopped by someone’s game plan in the biggest game of his life? Or MJ? Hell no! That means he’s not a gamer to me.

        1. Not just stopped but invisible. That tells me ou are not up to the big boys in Bama and can only dominate 275 lb high school boys you usually play.

  28. Moore was predicted to be the next brian dawkins as being under his tutelage in Denver and we were clamoring for him. Solid player better then Jarrett but yeah he was the one that got burnt. Plus it doesnt help the CB that is right in front of Moore it wasn’t David Bruton because he plays behind Champ Bailey and Champ had a great game aside from the Bomb TD to Smith. but yeah Bruton is 24 to 25 yrs old and is a FA would be a good under the radar signing.

    Breaking News- Panthers Release INTS leader Chris Gamble 29 will be 30 on Monday i know this because its my bday on Monday.

  29. David Bruton- S 6-2 219Lbs also special teamers in league since 2009 will be 26 in July 65 tackles 1ints 6 pass deflections in a limited role play remember this guy would eventually replace dawkins as moore played across dawkins before his retirement.

  30. Pip….I actually thought Champ had kind of a rough outing that day and questioned if it might be time for him to hang it up. Those Ravens speedsters made him look kind of old to me. But I think someone else got burned on that last one. Champ gave up a bomb TD in the first half. But I would have remembered if he did it again. Brady would have another ring right now if not for that play. I know its not popular around here but the Pats are my second team and I am a big Brady fan. I can understand the sentiment though because I’m in my forties and still don’t forgive the Raiders for taking what should have been ours.

    1. Pip…What I meant was that Brady would have beaten Peyton like he always does. The Ravens and Giants are two teams that have his number. I knew when I saw that guy go into the end zone in Denver that the Ravens were going to the SB.

  31. I have a funny feeling the Eagles are gonna move out of that #4 spot. I could be wrong, but don’t be surprised if it happens..

  32. Breaking News Eagles have come to an Agreement with CB Nnamdi Aso. 2 year 13 million 8 grntd. Eagles will be moving Nnamdi to FS a position he has been clamoring to be in since his days in Oakland Ala Woodson. details at 4pm.

    1. LOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! Don’t f^#@ around like that! I just got out of a bar in Florida, in my hotel room, on my ipad, & thought I missed something, you BASTID!!!! XD………. BTW, weather is niiiice down here. Me & my twins, & my Bruhs, going to Phils 2day. Thursday’s game blew! 10-6 L to Twins. Brown/Ruf, good game. Pitchers, P..U..!

  33. But in all seriousness i read i think through profootballtalk that Louis Delmas Safety from Detroit was expecing contract talks the last 2 months the club doesn’t seem to budge so he may be a possible FA has had injuries but has been solid none the less and will be turning 26 this year at some point. Yay or Nay

  34. D Goldson

    Back to back pro bowl seasons, and all pro 1st team 2012…

    He is 29 years old howvever…Probably will still be in his prime however another 2-3 yrs

  35. CT- we are not going to be able to sign a FA class of 21 year olds this year. Plus…. in todays NFL it does not have to take 5 years to rebuild. 2-3 years to turn things around is the norm… heck…. even the Vikings and Colts did it in 1. IF…… IF…… IF….. they land a few kep players and have a good draft AND…. if last years draft keeps progressing…. we COULD… COULD… COULD….. be on the upswing faster than we think.

    this is not me thinking more of this team than is. They were lucky to win 4 games last year… but who knows what an NFL DC and a run game can do.

  36. The Eagles should sign this OT and two safeties in FA. That allows them to go after impact defensive players in the draft. Dion Jordan or Dee Milner at the 4th pick. Or better yet trade down and get an additional late 1st, early 2nd if they can find a trading partner. So many holes to fill, you have to at least address some positions in FA. Lower price positions like S and TE make sense here.

      1. Sign Winston, Quin, Cox, Jean-Francois, trade down to get Buffalos #8 & #41. Trade Maclin to Jets for #39. Trade Cole to Ten for #104.
        #8- LT Lane Johnson
        #35- CB Xavier Rhodes/ Jonathan Banks
        #39- OG Larry Warford
        #41- ROLB Alex Okafor
        #67- SS Jonathan Cyprian
        #98- WR Justin Hunter/ Robert Woods
        #104- NT Brandon Williams
        5-7 line & secondary depth. Bing-Bang-Boom! Good off season

        1. DCar, what players are you assuming are off the board at 8? Lane Johnson at 8 seems like a reach when we have so many holes on defense. I’d like Jordan, Ansah, Milliner, etc if they are there at 8 but perhaps you’re assuming they are already off the board?

          1. Johnson is a top 10 pick, how is it a reach? If you read my post, I filled the defensive holes, with FA signings & the rest of the drart, I forgot to include my boy, NT Terrance Knighton, too.

        2. Like it DCAr
          OT lane Johnson is probably the best fit at OT for Kelly’s fast paces offense as he is the most “athletic OT” in this Draft per most Observors
          I do believe that Rhodes & Crypien go sooner than u have listed but like all these players but am not that high on LB Alex Okafor, though he has big time talent but his motor and strength are ??
          Good Job

          1. e0, Kelce hopefully heals, & draft Schwenke/Frederick/Quessenberry/Cave/Freeman/Holmes, in rounds 5-7. Interior O-line, is deep this year, & Centers aren’t expected to go high.

            1. Reynolds, will be a BU. Don’t worry. What you should be worrying about, is Stoudland thinking he can save Watkins, & bringing him back!

  37. Just watched a few highlight films of Dashon Goldson…that dude lays the wood! Gotta check that shit out. “BABY DAWK!”

    1. dman He is legit! That would be a great signing if they can get him.

      Give me Winston, Goldson, a young corner now that there are a ton to choose from and go steal Danario Alexander from the Chargers (RFA but Would not lose a draft pick if they signed him) some much needed size at receiver. Throw in an upgrade at tight end (Bennett ) but that is probably asking for more than they will actually do in free agency.

      1. I believe they are doing much of this. Goldson, winston, young corner and and perhaps even an older pass rusher. Lots of those lying around too.

  38. I just hope some of Players have played in the NFL and have not been out if Football or most recently played In the Canadien Football Leauge

  39. Dcar- smoking the good stuff…

    Rhodes, Cyprien and Hunter will all be gone top 50

    Cyprien is being talked first round to the patriots and hunter first round to the 49ers or Colts…..Rhodes is top 20

    1. We’ll see jott? That’s why I love this time of the year! Debating water cooler talk, Spring coming, FA, draft, Baseball (even though Phils are cooked), my Boys will be home from school in a few. What’s not to love, we just want improvements, bright futures & a f^#@ing SB, before we die, right?

  40. The Philadelphia Inquirer passes along a rumor that Eagles GM Howie Roseman is “crunching numbers” and “putting together an offer” to acquire Darrelle Revis.
    It would make plenty of sense. The Eagles are sickly thin at the cornerback position with the impending and inevitable departures of Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and they have a boat load of cap space in order to meet Revis’ salary demands. Beat writer Jeff McLane speculates Philly could package the No. 35 overall pick with a future pick to entice the Jets. New York is reportedly “determined” to trade Revis prior the the draft.

    IMO I love revis talent but his injury history especially the hammy makes me nervous as does his annual crying about his contract. If he could stay healthy this would be a great fit. Revis if he plays would take away Pierre garçon, Dez Bryant, Cruz… If eagles got him and goldston they would be pretty damn good.

  41. No Revis, coming off major Injury, best years are behind him and will be
    Awful expensive at 29 Years old.. Makes no sense in throwing in a ton of $$$ for 1 Player who has ? About his Health
    GM Roseman sounds like he’s following the 76ers Plan of putting most of your eggs in 1 Basket and we all know how that has played out
    Stay away from Revis, Welker, James Harrison, Ed Reed, Charles Woodson
    Jake Long, John Abraham, Chris Gamble and Free-Agents who are close or over 30 and history of Injuries ..
    Build the zfranchise the right way and for the long-Term
    Get younger Players with the opportunity to Start who are hungry, healthy
    And have upside, not Re-tread Overpriced Pkayers for they have done this the last couple of off-seasons with Terrible Results and a lack of energy and passion..

    1. Revis is 27 dude and when healthy has a proven track record of eliminating teams #1 wr. Depending on the price he could be a great addition the best cb in the nfl in his prime years.

  42. Over used phrase of 2012-“moving parts”.
    Over used word of 2013-” retread”.

    I dont really want revis but i wont cry if he comes.

    Hes a baller and we need a few of those.

  43. When Healthy, who knows when that is, probably 2014 until he’s 100%
    And probably a half-step slower.. No f’n way, let him sign with the 49ers

    1. Revis half step slower still makes him the best cb in nfl. U ever watch him play ? He is 2 steps faster than every wr in nfl. So losing half step would be irrelevant. He is in his prime and 27 not 30 he is worth something to this organization just not sure what. 1 thing is for certain he would be a major upgrade to our team and a great fit as he would eliminate Dez Bryant victor Cruz and Pierre garçon. He won’t get u picks but he won’t let victor Cruz salsa dance either.

  44. Revis Turns 28 in July and will be 29 when 100% Healthy by the 2014
    No thank Henski, you can have him, how about I stick with
    Drafting and developing Top CB’s and Safeties

        1. AP is a freak of nature, physical specimen. Reeves is a baller when healthy, I just don’t think birds should give up a second round pick, plus more for him.

  45. Henski, Revis is a great Player when heatlthy and we do not know his status for 2013 yet.., but Eagles need 8-10 New Players on this Defense
    So shoring their wad on CB Revis is not the answer for 2013
    Eagles shoukd Purge the entire Starting Secondary from last Year
    Acquire a Free-Afent CB, draft a pkayer or two at each Position and build thus time right, not another $15-18 Million Dollar Player who will make little impact the filter half of 2013, that’s more foolish, short-sighted thinking from Risenan on how to build and sustain a winning Team

  46. No better way to screw up a good set of rookies pman. You want the birds to field 3 or 4 rookies in the secondary? In philly? Where fans are hard even in the good ones? Wow.

    Enough with this madden video game gm-ing. Birds need players. Both vets and rooks and thats exactly what they will do.

    Land the big name s.
    Land a cb… a stud like revis wiiill do fine if they can pull it off.
    Land some role players.
    Land a rt
    Draft the best players and let them learn and contribute here and there.

    We are not starting the all rookie team guys.

  47. This weekend sucked, I def thought there would be a load of action. What a disappointment. Trying to make Tuesday a college signing day.

  48. Who said Starting 3 Rookies Stevo .
    I stated Eagkes to sign a CB & Safety but not a$15 Million a Year Player, play Boynkin on the Outside and Draft. CB & Safety
    It looks like the Eagles are keeping Asmo so why bring in another high-priced CB coming off major Knee Surfery when there are 20 Free-Agent CB’s they can Sign for reasonable Deals..

    1. I don’t think Boykins has proven he can play outside fulltime yet. He was burned numerous times last year. I really don’t think he is ready. That maybe Howies reasoning, in acquiring Revis; to at least have one solid veteran who could be a leader, and possibly draft some talent like Blidi Wreh Wilson, and or BW Webb, who he could assist in developing.

      1. Why would Revis want to play for the Eagkes..
        He’s already played for the dysfunctionabke Jets who have under achieved the last 2 seasons and wants to come to Philly to play for a rebuilding Steam with A College Ciach, – lot if Wishful Thinking on your parts.. If he’s leaving NY it’s for a chance to win a Super Bowl not a rebuilding Franchise

      2. I don’t think Boykin has been given a full chance to play outside CB
        He’s not a slot CB and gets lost in all the traffic, I want to see him play the outside where he can utilize his best asset which is his speed and ball-hawking ability which gets lost playing the slot
        Give him a Season on concentration working the outside and then can nake an better analysis on whether he’s a bonafide CB in the NFL

          1. Only 1 way to find out GMCliff and that’s to Play him..
            I personally don’t think he has what it takes to be a Starting CB either, but you may as well play the kid and find out for sure..
            What does Revis do for a 4-12 Team ??

  49. Revis with his Sakary and Steep Plrice to trade for needs to go to a Team that’s ready to contend for the Super Biwl right now
    (Texans, 49ers, Falcons) and not to a Team rebuilding as the Eagkes are
    If GM Rosenan is spending time crunching numbers then he’s simply wasting his time and energy and should be focusing on the longer term and that’s acquiring more Draft Picjs and not trading them away
    Eagles are not close to a contending Super Bowl spot..
    A Playoff Spot in the open and weak NFC East, but the Eagkes are not even close close to the elite Teams of the NFC
    (49ers, Seahwaks, Packers,Falcons) and are behind Teams like the Vikings, Rams, Panthers, Redskins as far as Talent and Playoffs go

  50. Look the rebuild started last year with kendricks and cox on this defense. It will continue this year with more help. But look fellas we are not going to get every piece we need overnight. It’s going to take this draft and maybe next year too. Once again you are not going to have pro bowlers at every position. Every team has some average to just ok type players. The eagles are not an exception to this.

  51. I dont know why you guys cry day in and day out about the salary. Honestly… i dont understand it at all. The birds are the best in the biz at making the cap work for us. This is not the nba…. if they need room… they rework or cut. Im not saying we should buy buy buy every year but guys…. wake up call…. we fing suck on d. And we are lucky to have an owner who is willing to spend. Listen…. ii dont want revis either but i am damn sure not going to cry at the fact that my team is trying to land the best cb in the game… and hes like 27… not 30 for crying oit loud.

    1. Stevo
      March 10, 2013 – 9:26 pm

      I dont know why you guys cry day in and day out about the salary. Honestly… i dont understand it at all. The birds are the best in the biz at making the cap work for us. This is not the nba…. if they need room… they rework or cut. Im not saying we should buy buy buy every year but guys…. wake up call…. we fing suck on d. And we are lucky to have an owner who is willing to spend.

      Is that why we blew last year, & are $35M under the salary cap, in which $28M was carried over from last years abortion? Likes to spend???!!! He wins the Salary cap bowl, every year! He okay-ed the spending 1 year, & his inept retards signed all of the wrong guys, that we didn’t need, leaving the Safeties, LB’s, a black hole. GTFO!

  52. My Free-Agent Wish List

    OT – Winston, Loadholt or McKinnie
    TE. – Casey, Walker or Dickson
    WR – Massaquoi, Murphy, Tate
    DT – Sopanga or Keomeatou
    LB – Kruger, Grant or Groves
    CB – Talib, Lewis or Porter
    Safety – Quin, Wilson or Martin

    1. Looks like Kruger is likely going to the Browns or Colts. No thanks to those WRs you just named. Neither of them are an upgrade over what we have. I do like your other names on there; specifically, Keenan Lewis who I think would be a great fit here in Philly.

      I agree with Paulman in that I do not want Revis. Those of you who think since AP came back so quickly that other players will too are nothing shy of delusional. AP is an absolute freak of nature, once in a generation type player. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if AP had some “assistance” along the way in forms of medication/PEDs.

      Going after Revis type guys is how we got ourselves into this mess in the first place. Seems like he’s hurt quite often (as of late) and is always causing drama before the season starts because he wants more money.

      I disagree with the fact that he wouldn’t want to come here because he’s not a free agent so he doesn’t get to pick where he gets traded, if he gets traded.

  53. btc24, nice post. I agree with you about Revis 100%. Who cares if he wants to come here, I don’t want to pay a CB that kind of money. Especially one coming off of major surgery.

    I am fine with Lewis, but I would also like to see Talib in Philly. Quin, or Moore at safety.

    1. Bugsy, Moore was probably the FA I wanted most but he was re-signed by the Falcons. Quin would be a solid upgrade and would likely come at a good price.

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