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Eagles To Meet With And Workout Arizona QB Matt Scott

MattScott1The Eagles continue to add mobile quarterbacks to their roster or continue to look at the potential of adding mobile quarterbacks to their roster.

Matt Scott, the quarterback who took over for the Eagles’ Nick Foles after he was drafted by the Eagles will talk to the Birds on Monday according to the Arizona Daily Star. Scott will also workout for the Birds at a later date.

He played for Rich Rodriguez last year and showed he’s able to run the read option.  The Cardinals, Chargers, and Bills have all expressed interest in Scott and he’s expected to be drafted in the fifth round.

Picking a quarterback in the fifth round would be much less of a commitment to the quarterback position as compared to the first or second round.   They may see Scott’s potential as not that far from West Virginia Geno Smith or Florida State’s E.J. Manuel.

Last year Scott threw for 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions for 3620 yards.   He also showed that he can run with the football by rushing for 506 yards and six touchdowns.

I could see the Birds drafting Scott because it would allow them to address their many other needs with earlier picks.

Doesn’t anybody think it’s accident that Chip Kelly and the Birds continue to add mobile quarterbacks to their roster?  It’s obvious to me that Kelly prefers mobile quarterbacks to pocket ones. on Facebook

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59 Comments for “Eagles To Meet With And Workout Arizona QB Matt Scott”

  1. could we have a practice squad of all quarterbacks ?

  2. When is too many QBs… It’s pretty obvious that Foles is not going to be in the plans…

  3. Side note… this is what our Star Receiver has been up to this off-season. Preparing hard for his increased workload…

  4. Are we to expect 12 QBs over the next 6 years? I think we might.

    I put this post on an earlier thread, but it is more appropriate here……

    I think this “system” is going to chew yup 2 to 3 QBs a year. 3 sacks + 6 hits after throws are normal for an NFL QB. Add in another 4 or 5 tackles on QB runs and then 4 or 5 more hits when QB options to the RB but gets plastered anyway. QB takes 2 seasons worth of punishment every year.

    I think the Birds are going to carry 4 or 5 QBs on the roster.

    Look at what happened under Kelly in college:

    2007 Dennis Dixon was the QB till he got hurt and was replaced by Brady Leaf who was replaced by Cody Kempt who was replaced by Justin Roeper

    2008 Justin Roeper and Jerimiah Masoli began the season platooning, with Roeper winning the job ourtight by week 3 till he got hurt and was replaced by Darron Thomas (with a little Masoli and Chris Harper thrown in for fun). Masoli then replaced Thomas for a few weeks (thomas getting a few snaps a game) until week 9 when Roeper came back for a half, only to be replaced by Masoli again who kept the job through the rest of the season.

    2009 Masoli began as the starter and that lasted until week 4 when he (hurt?)began platooning with Nate Kosta. This continued until week 7 when Masoli took over the reigns once again and finished the year as the starter.

    2010 Platoon time again with Darron Thomas and Nate Costa spliting snaps week 1. Thomas took over as starter week 2 and stayed starter for the rest of the year.

    2011 Thomas rightly began the season as the starter, and led the team all year.

    2012 Platoon it up again with Marcus Mariotta and Bryan Benett splitting snaps week 1. Mariotta won the job and took over as starter week 2 till he got hurt and had to platoon with Benett again in weeks 7 and 8. Mariotta was back in the saddle again week 9.

    So…platooning QBs to start 3 of the past 6 seasons.

    QBs hurt and missing games 4 of the 6 years.

    10 QBs to take snaps in 6 years. And that’s with 70 games. 6 Seasons in the NFL (with a couple of playoff games) is 100 games.

    And the NFL reg season is 5 games longer. And teams can only carry 3 QBs on the roster, and if 3rd comes in, 1st and 2nd can’t re-enter the game.

    Anyone else skeptical??

    Can this work with NFL rules about carrying only 3 QBs on a gameday roster? And the 3rd QB only coming in in an “emergency”?

  5. Kafka, Foles, now another QB —
    stop wasting draft choices on these guys —
    you take the best QB at #4 or none at all
    a 4 win team doesn’t need a clip board holder

  6. well i’m trying to stay optimistic. you are always looking to get good players… however right now i don’t believe they have a proven qb on the roster and that includes 7. if vinnie is right then we won’t have to worry about it being a 6 season experiment kelly will be gone after 2-3…. you can’t win without THE MAN at qb….and we have to find out who the man is.

  7. where is songs?
    this might be a guy songs might be in favor of

  8. Matt Scott is probably the most Athletic QB with upside in this 2013 Draft Class.. He does lack experience, but could be like a Kaepernick in 2-3 Years Time (not as strong or big) but this kid has an Arm and Legs and can move..

  9. By the time training camp gets here, we’re going to have 7-10 QB’s, & none worth $#!T! This is getting asinine, now!

  10. OH, BTW, GCobb, failed to mention, this stiff, lost his job to Foles 2 years ago, wasn’t happy, & pitched a stink, & only “Took over for Foles”, because he left, to the NFL. Report everything GC, not the selective journalism, you used! Just saying….

    • Well at least he stayed, Foles left Michigan State because he couldn’t win the starting job.

      • and joe flacco left pitt for the same reason… point is?

        • I like Flacco cigar, worst contract ever, they will never get back to the Super Bowl in the life of that contract.

          • maybe not but its all about timing….
            wait a minute we signed asmo for a boatload of money…. i’m thinking that worked out well!
            as for flaccos contract we (eagles fans) of all people have to understand the equity winning a superbowl brings a coach and qb– hell vermeil lost the sb and has made a living off his celebrity around here.
            I don’t think any member of the cup flyers has bought a beer in philly in 40 years! and several make their living around here.
            winning the big one is the ticket!

          • If Houshmandzadeh caught that ball in 2010 and Lee Evans caught the ball in 2011 playoffs Flacco might have played in 3 consecutive super bowls —
            Aaron Rodgers might not play in another superbowl — but it might not be because of him

          • “worst contract ever”…Are you serious Biglion? thats nonsense. Flacco got 52 million guaranteed and all he has done is go to the playoffs ever year as a pro (I believe he has never missed a game also) and carry his team to the SB and win SB MVP. Vick got 40 million guaranteed for being a loser but somehow to you Flacco contract is the worst ever. Vick is a straight up bum that Dreams he has half the career Flacco has had this far.
            Vick, Nnamdi are far worst contracts than one given to a guy who carried his team to a SB ring..
            or how about that fat fuck Albert Haynesworth, he got 50 million guaranteed to take a nap on the field. Please stop with the ridiculous comments.

            • pheags its just gcobb nonsense check flaccos playoff record to p. mannings

            • Okay you guys win, Flacco is the best QB in the league. I’m talking QB’s here. How much of that money did Vick an Nnamdi see? Too much of course but Vick’s deal was team friendly.

              • i think vick will see $40 mill or so for his time here.
                flacco may not be the best but the qb positionis about post season wins– whether thats fair or not is an entirely different thread but the reality is that in the only position player that has a W/L record is the qb…

              • Vicks pathetic resume makes Flacco look like a HOFer

            • flacco $52 guaranteed and vick $40…. damn thats $12 million more well spent!!!!

      • Foles left Mich St. because he couldn’t win the starting job???? Being eligible for, & going to the NFL had nothing to do with it, HUH? WTF are you talking about? You make ZERO sense! O_o WTF!!! LOL!!!

  11. The point is somebody said he wasn’t happy and pitched a fit like he was supposed to be happy sitting on the bench, and leaving almost always is a sign of quitting or not having the balls to compete.

    • well when a college KID makes a decision for his future at 18 years old i don’t think so … maybe it says he does have the balls to compete and is not getting the chance– you don’t think it took balls to go from D1 Pitt to 1AA UD when your dream is to become an nfl qb? wonder how that would work out for him? i can only hope it works out in the same way for foles!

      • That’s why j said almost Cigar, some of these kids are mislead by these coaches.

        • having coached i know i’ve ‘fallen in love’ with a certain player for whatever reason and he may not have been better than the backup- maybe i didn’t see it or had my reasons– coaches are human too.if a young man sees himself in that situation…i’d go to.

    • So leaving College, to the NFL, was a sign he didn’t want to compete, in COLLEGE! Big, are you high, bruh?!? WTF are you talking about? How did he quit? You sound like a nonsensical, goofball!

  12. There are lots of reasons some win tbe position and it isn’t always ability, flacco was behind palko at Pitt, its not open for discussion whose the better qb, by biglon reasoning, there would never be a transfer, its obvious flacco and foles made the right decision, flacco super bowl mvp, palko selling shoes, foles nfl starter, cousins back up

  13. That’s not what you said big, read it above, you clearly said leaving is almost always a sign of quitting or not being able to compete, now you are saying almost the opposite, c’mon big, you are now sounding like that flip flopper paulman

    • LOL let me correct myself. It can be seen as a sign of quitting or not wanting to compete. But I will also admit, some of these guys have valid reasons to transfer. I will however flip flop on Flacco’s contract he went out and earned that damn money.

      • Good man lion and in a by the way I think that the hens have more SB QBs in the last 15 years than any other school… Gannon and flacco! Understanding that Brady (michigan) has been to more but I mean different qb’s…

  14. And flacco not my favorite but he earned that contract

  15. Hell if we get a damn qb to win the Super Bowl I’d kiss him on the lips! Now I know some gcobbers ave no sense of humor and will take that literally so I will pre-emptively state that it was figurative. Since there have been some grammar and spelling arguments lately I thoug the quick lesson on figurative language as appropriate

    • hac, watch it, mhenski, might like that! Fits right up his alley, with the homo kissing & grammar/ spelling nazi garbage! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  16. GMCliff’s desired draft…The Eagles must get more picks

    1a. Eric Fisher OT
    1b. Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB

    2a. Jamie Collins OLB
    2b. Larry Warford OG
    2c. Jonathan Cyprian S

    3a. Blidi Wreh Wilson CB
    3b. Sio Moore OLB
    3c. Brandon Williams DT

    4a. Da’Rick Rogers WR
    4b. Ty Powell MLB/OLB
    4c. B.W Webb CB

    5a. Michael Williams TE
    5b. Marc Harrison WR
    5c. Mike Scott QB

    6a. Manase Fuketi OG/OT
    6b. Aaron Mellette

    7a. Alex Hurst OG
    7b. Ray Ray Armstrong S

    • Right along the lines, of what I’m thinking. We got to get at least 3 more picks, in the 1st half of the draft, so we can get many of these dudes!

      • What I want, if we don’t get other picks.

        1- Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB
        2- Jonathan Cyprian S
        3- Brandon Williams DT
        4- Da’Rick Rogers WR
        5- Michael Williams TE/ Baccari Rambo S
        6- Manase Fuketi OG
        7- Ray Ray Armstrong S

        • If we get another 2nd- Xavier Rhodes.

          • Rhodes may go in the 1st. I have scouted Blidi Wreh Wilson, and BW Webb, and have concluded them as the most underrated CB’s, in the draft.

            Its easier to trade down from the second round, if you have extra picks, which I think they can accumulate, by trading trash truck juice players LOL!! IN THE 2ND, 3RD, AND 4TH Round and get more pick

        • I like that DCar!!!!. Now watch who Howie Picks, and how their careers turn out. Its very important to nail it on some available free agents, and potential trades.

          I am on the record for being for, trading for Darelle Revis if he is healthy, and if he comes with a reasonable price tag. But ,I don’t think anyone should make that trade until after the draft is over, to evaluate him further….

          • Hells no, to Revis! Coming off ACL, will take multiple high picks, & he wants $12M-$14M+ per. No Thanks! “Thank you, drive through please.”

            • I disagree. He isn’t the last player to come off of ACL Surgery, and the compensation may not be as bad as you think. I stand still, ask questions, pay attention, and benefit.

              I disagree bigtime.

              • Not smart. No thanks. Not worth the risk, compensation, & headaches, every year, with him not happy with his pay status! NO WAY! Sign, 25-27 up & comers, that are good, & ain’t going to fleece you. NO MORE DIVAS! Don’t want him. He’s more suited to go to a contender, anyways, although if he’s traded, he don’t have a choice. I don’t want any Diva migraines.

        • BTW, I love Rambo, but I’m not sure where he falls in the forecast of the draft. I also have my eye on Terron Armstead OT – Arkansas Pine Bluff

        • Getting Jamie Collins to me is a must have.

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