Report: Eagles Interested In Rams WR Danny Amendola

DannyAmendola1According to Geoff Mosher of, the Eagles are interested signing St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola. He’s a diminutive, quick as a cat, slot receiver in the mold of New England’s Wes Welker.

The former Eagles wide out is 27 years old and has been in St. Louis for four years.  He has had two 60-plus catch seasons for the Rams.

Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur signed Amendola off the Eagles practice squad when he was head coach of the Rams. Now that the coach is back with the Eagles it’s not a shock that the Birds are interested in Amendola.

This could mean that Chip Kelly and his coaching staff aren’t as high on last year’s slot receiver Jason Avant as Andy Reid’s staff had been.  We will see over time.


28 thoughts on “Report: Eagles Interested In Rams WR Danny Amendola

  1. I think it was a given, once Kelly got here, Avant would be shown the door. I wouldnt mind this pick up. A ton of other needs are more pressing than this, namely on the D.

    It’s a shame Foles will not get a chance to work with Avant. The two of them really seemed to mesh well at thew end of last year. Foles had a pretty good rapport going with maclin also. Both of those receivers seemed to come to life after Foles took over, mainly becasue they knew he would get teh ball out of his hands. I thingthey were all fed up with the QB running around and getting sacked, fumbling and throwing picks.

    1. Considering Desean Jackson was out injured, Maclin then becomes the number 1, of course it would appear that they he came to life, same with Avant both of them move up the depth chart….

      1. yea, its a moot point. Foles didnt have but one game to play with Desean. It was a lot of diffrent factors, but the rapport was there between Jason, Maclin and Foles.

  2. You’re last line is 100% correct Frank (been saying that for years)

    Of all the guys I want cleared from the Eagles, Avant is my #1. Clearly the problem.

    Amendola….5′ 11″ 188.

  3. Every day huh? He has been here how long? We haven’t even gone through FA and the draft yet, not to mention any games so how would you know what his creative innovations are?

    Amendola is like a poor man’s Welker except he can’t stay healthy. For the right price, I am ok with this deal.

    If this is true, I would think it would be more than Avant that goes.

  4. Maclin & Avant need to go anyways, I’d sign him for a low price, but we need size, not more Oompa Loompas! Also, WR is low on the todem pool of needs, & holes!

  5. ****Seahawks just traded for Percy Harvin.****
    GOOD, now I don’t have to hear any more stupid articles, about us getting him! Now, hopefully we don’t sign Kevin Curtis 2.0!

    1. Seattle, 49ers,Falcons,Packers,Saints & Cowboys will be going all in this Year from the NFC ..
      The Panthers,Bucs,Vikings,Lions,Rams are all trying to get there to the Playoffs..
      The Bears, Cardinals and Eagles are Rebuilding

      1. Cowboys have cap problems and coaching problems. They are going nowhere.

        Seattle is looking to build off of what they had last year. All in is the right term for them.,

        49ers have picks out the butt and they will be drafting great players. This is really the gold standard of teams right now. They very well be on top for a while.

        Packers have lots of work to do on the D side and could use a little stability in their run game as well.

  6. Jott…. yup and although avant stepped up a bit at the end of last year… he was nowwhere to be seen for nearly 2 seasons. and for those of you that try and take the simple route and blame the qb….. remember when he fumbled it 2 times that 1 game and it went down as 2 ints?

    I dont mind avant but im not loosing sleep if hes not here.

    1. The Eagles departed from Asante due to cap reasons…They had no leverage in trade talks, it was either cut him and pay him and get nothing or trade him for something…but yea, I feel you 7th rounder wasn’t a good return, for what Asante has done and is still doing…

      1. because the Eagles Screwed up abd waiting a Year too late to trade him and needed to do so in 2011 once Camp broke after they singed Asmo & Traded for DRC, that’s when Samuel could have returned a 2nd or 3rd Round Pick in Return
        (Many reports that Lions Offered a 2nd Round Pick but GM Roseman wanted more, what an Amatuer he clearly is)

        1. Did the ravens wait too long to trade Boldin? Teams Try to think about winning not trade value. When they went into 2011 with three corners they like any team in a passing league thought you can’t have too many guys that can cover.. Once again negative fraud

          1. When GM Roseman was asked immedaitely after signing CB Asmo
            how do you envision 3 CB’s playing , Roseman’s repsonse, I am not sure, haven;t really thought about it, but when you get the chance to acquire a talent like Asmo, you figure how to make it work somehow..
            The real Frauds in Philly are GM Roseman and of course, the silent douche bag Jon Hart, who has been in hiding since the NBA All-Star Break for his 76ers have valled the Fat Lady to Sing and reapd a report today that Bynum actually wants out of Philly after this Season just like Paulman stated some 6 months ago…
            Personally I could give a Rat’s Ass about Bynum of the 76ers and to be honest, I haven’t liked the off-seaon very much for the Eagles thus far outside of Hiring Tom Gamble who is probably a 1 Year Employee before he bolts the Roseman Cuckoo’s Nest and get’s his own GM Position for another Team .. Life will go on regardless..

            1. Right he wasn’t thinking trade value!
              The eagles haven’t done anything yet! The off season hasn’t begun. Give free agency a week, let’s look at the draft. Signing of Vick hopefully means nothing, asmo is gone hopefully… Hey we signed our long snapper and a 150 lb. safety!

  7. Why is Owner Lurie and GM Roseman down in Morganton,WV to check on QB Geno Wilson, but not the Head Coach and QB Coach.. Do you guys understand why this Franchise is so dysfunctionable .. It’s these damn Idiots flying around in a private Jet, touring the Country,trying to learn about Football

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