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Thoughts On The Eagles And Free Agency

goldsonThe NFL free agency period begins this week, and with a boatload of salary cap room at their disposal, the Philadelphia Eagles are in a position to go after anyone on the open market that they desire. What moves could the Eagles make in the coming weeks? What moves should they make? Here’s my take on the upcoming free agency period.

The Eagles Need To Spend Wisely

As mentioned above, the Eagles have more money to spend this offseason than any other team in football. However, that doesn’t mean that the Eagles should go crazy with their money and sign every top player available.

This team’s biggest additions should come through the draft. The draft is where the core of any successful football team is built. Free agency can be used to improve the team, fill some holes here and there, or provide you with the final piece of the puzzle, but it shouldn’t be where the backbone of your team comes from.

Philadelphia learned from their 2011 spending spree that you can’t pull a boatload of talent off of the free agent market and expect high-priced superstars to gel together.

However, just because the team got burned during their 2011 spending spree doesn’t mean that they should shy away from bringing in more big names. They just need to be careful about who they handout big contracts to.

What Players Should The Eagles Target?

If the Eagles are going to throw big money around, I think they should put into their secondary.

There are a lot of good names that could make a difference in this secondary.

The Eagles have tried to fix the safety position with high draft picks (Nate Allen, Jaiquawn Jarrett), and have failed badly. They desperately need some proven, veteran talent at this position.

DaShon Goldson may be the best name (and the best fit) out there. Goldson has been an important part of the San Francisco 49ers defense over the past few seasons. He’s an All-Pro safety, and a two-time Pro Bowler. He plays a physical style of football that the safety position has been badly missing ever since Brian Dawkins left town. The 28-year old is said to be seeking a huge payday, and the Eagles are one of the teams that could give it to him.

Another option could be Louis Delmas from the Detroit Lions. When Delmas is on the field, he’s been an impactful figure on the Detroit defense. The problem is that Delmas has proven to be injury-prone, and has missed 13 games over the last two seasons.

If the Eagles want to go for temporary fix, Adrian Wilson could be an option. Wilson is getting older, but he’s been a very underrated safety out in Arizona that could provide valuable leadership for a young defense that could use some quality veteran guidance.

At the cornerback position, the Eagles also have a number of veteran options that could bring some stability and improvement to the position.

Charles Woodson would be a nice stop-gap option, but I don’t think he’d have any interest in coming to Philadelphia. At this point in his career, I think Woodson goes to a team that offers him the best chance at another Super Bowl ring.

Aquib Talib’s playmaking ability is intriguing, but he can be an absolute headache off of the field.

Brent Grimes is an attractive name, but he’s a bit of a risk coming off of an Achilles injury. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles take a gamble on him even if he isn’t quite 100% yet.

Sean Smith has been a name that has come up a lot for the Eagles, and of the notable cornerbacks on the market he probably makes the most sense for this team, but he’s not a guy worth breaking the bank for.

What Is Nnamdi’s Fate?

As of this writing, cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is still a Philadelphia Eagle.

There’s been a lot of talk about what’s going to happen to the former highly-paid corner. Will he agree to a restructured contract, or will the Eagles cut their losses and move on from the free-agent bust. The stories coming out of the organization in recent weeks have sent mixed signals about his status.

Chip Kelly doesn’t sound like he wants Asomugha on his team. When the head coach was asked about the veteran, he didn’t exactly give Nnamdi a glowing endorsement, only stating that the former Raider has “a skill-set that can play football.”

However, the front office seems to have a different view on Asomugha. The Eagles have reached out to Nnamdi about a restructured contract, but the two sides have been unable to come to an agreement to this point.

The only thing that’s clear is that Asomugha won’t be making the $15 million that his current contract calls for.

So why haven’t the Eagles released Asomugha yet?

I think the Eagles are waiting to see what happens with free agency. If they can sign one of the top available corners, it makes it much easier for them to release Asomugha. Right now the team’s secondary is just completely devoid of any talent. If they cut Nnamdi right now, your starting cornerbacks would be Brandon Boykin and Curtis Marsh.

Even though Nnamdi’s play was absolutely dreadful last season, the Eagles probably wouldn’t feel comfortable going into the season with a defensive backfield made up of draft picks and unproven players. They want to have some kind of veteran presence, and even though the former Pro Bowler isn’t a leader, he’s still achieved a great deal of success and the past and the Eagles might take a gamble that he’ll be able to regain some confidence this season and at least give them passable performances. I don’t agree with such a line of thought, and I think the Eagles shouldn’t hesitate to move on from one of the biggest free-agent busts in franchise history, but I believe that this is the logic that they’re using to keep Asomugha in the fold for now.

With all of their available cap room, the Eagles should be able to attract one of the free-agent corners, and then nothing will hold them back from pulling the plug on Nnamdi.

Quick Thoughts

  • There have been reports that the Eagles are interested in bringing back wide receiver Danny Amendola. I like Amendola, but I don’t see how that signing makes sense for the Eagles. This team doesn’t need another small receiver, they’ve got too many of those as it is. If Amendola does come here, it probably means Jason Avant’s time is at an end.
  • The Eagles could use free agency to make a number of low-key signings to get some 3-4 defensive lineman and linebackers on the roster. Some names to watch are Terrance Knighton from Jacksonville, Alan Branch from Seattle, and Connor Barwin from Houston. Knighton and Branch are a couple of big defensive tackles that could fill the nose role, and Barwin is a linebacker with 3-4 experience that has played with current Eagle DeMeco Ryans in the past.
  • I’d rather see the Eagles address the offensive line through the draft rather than hand out big contracts to guys like Eric Winston or Andy Levitre.
  • Some other free agents I don’t have interest in? Cliff Avril and Paul Krueger. Quality 3-4 defenders, but both guys are going to get more money than they’re worth.
  • Tight end is another position that the Eagles could look to upgrade, and guys like Delanie Walker or Jared Cook could fit that bill.
  • Anthony Gargano of 94 WIP floated out the idea of the Eagles signing James Harrison today, with the idea that Harrison could help bring some toughness back to the Eagles defense. I’m completely on board with that idea. on Facebook

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30 Comments for “Thoughts On The Eagles And Free Agency”

  1. There has alot been serious reports and rumors that the Birds are interested in Darrelle Revis. Apparently Howie Roseman has been putting together trade proposals to bring the 27 year old to Philly and change shades of green.

    Not saying I’m all in for the deal to happen, but if it did I wouldnt complain. When healthy, he is without a doubt the best CB in the game. Period. He is coming off an ACL injury which he suffered VERY early in the season and has had time to recover. If we do sign him, he would be ready for week 1, and ACLS are not as serious as they used to be.

    My WishList:
    1. Sign D Goldson
    2. Sign Eric Winston
    3. Cut Nhamdi/ DRC/ KK/ Nate Allen
    4. Sign Sean Smith
    5. Draft Defensive PLayer with 4th pick
    6. Possibly bring in Revis (Not Sure on this one) I do think he is highly motivated in this stage in his career, and is wanting to reclaim his throne badly as the best CB in the league however

  2. Along with that Wish List above, I would love it if the Birds did draft Kenny Vaccaro, Or Matt Elam with their number 4 overall. Or Went DE

  3. Paulmans Free-Agent List for the 5th Time

    OT – Eric WInson, Phil Loadholt, Bryan McKinnie
    TE – James Casey, Ben Watson, Ed Dickson
    WR- Mike Massaqoi, Louiis Murphy, Brandon Tate

    DT – A Sopagona, M Keamauato
    OLB – Paul Kruger, Quinton Groves,
    ILB – Larry Grant, James Durant
    CB – A Talib, Keenan Lewis, Tracey Porter,
    Safety – Grover Quin, Sharrod Martin, Dwan Landry, Kenny Phillips or even Adrian WIlson

  4. So many good safeties out there in FA I dont see the need to draft one early on. Revis would make sense and a 2nd round pick for him would be a steal. Percy Harvin went for a 1st rounder and another pick so to get a player thats the best at his position for a 2nd round pick is a good deal.

    With the 4th pick I think you take Dion Jordan. This team is lacking a impactful player. He can be that guy for years to come. Think Adlon Smith and JPP. Eagles have no one on defense right now that coaches need to gameplan for. With Revis and Jordan they’re two men are guys that coaches fear.

    Sign Jerome Harrison. I dont care how old he is. He is a flat out monster. His presence alone would change the teams identity which is something this team desperately needs.

    Sign Jared Cook. Would make a ton of sense because he is one of the fastest Tight Ends in the league. Brent Celek wouldn’t last 5 plays in a Chip Kelly offense.

    Wish List. Revis, Jared Cook, Dion Jordan, Jerome Harrison

  5. I would love Harrison. Bottom line about the money thing… the birds HAVE to spend their money. They cant stockpile it anymore, Teams HAVE to spend. So… spend.

    Harrison, Goldson, Winson and a CB.

  6. That sounds good to me Stevo

  7. And all you Revis haters out there take this into consideration. You are in a division with RG3 for the next 10 years, Future HOF QB Eli Manning, and A QB that throws 30 TD’s a season. Would you not want the BEST player at cornerback to shutdown the #1’s on the opposing team? for a 2nd round pick at that? tell me in the past 5 years a 2nd round pick that made a difference on The Eagles the last 5 years?

  8. ES- I would be fine with Revis.

    • Me too Stevo. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but for me Im taking The Revis deal. Its like a game show where you could either walk away with a million bucks or decide to take door #1? LOL you know what im saying? I have no idea whats behind door #1 but I know what im getting when im offered a million bucks.

  9. Theirs a report out there the Jets have a serious offer on the table for Revis,it’s rumored the deal is Nick Foles n our 3rd round pick, if that’s true, the Eagles better have that deal completed by 401 tomorrow .

  10. If it is true.. Nf9 will end up being A HELLUVA success in ny..

    As for the Eagles that is an amazing deal.. 3rd rounder and Nick for Revis? Take it anyday.. If Mike Vick sucks, Eagles will just draft QB next season. Go ahead and add Dashon, and Winston and were set, especially with the number 4 defensive pick.

  11. A third for Revis? that would be huge. If that is true then maybe the Eagles draft Geno Smith at #4 after all. It would all start to make sense. Keep Vick to teach the speedy Smith how to use his legs. CHIP KELLY IS A GENIOUS.

  12. Dude why is your name EaglesSuck? I mean i know they can all make us go fucking crazy at times, but what’s up with that name? Anyways, I’ve said it a few wks ago that it would be amazing if the Eagles traded for Revis. HUGE upgrade over DRC and “the politician” then draft Dee Milliner at the #4 spot. Would be a nice combo. But I’m still liking Dion Jordan too

  13. Had a quick thought…tell me if yall like…the rumored deal for revis….instead of giving up our 3rd…how about keeping the 3rd rd pick and swapping with jets from 4 to 9…insane? Just a thought…Then we pick either dion jordan or jarvis jones…..

  14. Where are we hearing this rumor? Im on everything and have not seen this. Yes ive seen that a good deal is on the table but i have not seen foles and a 3rd. said that i WOULD do this trade and now its “being reported”.

  15. Seriously tho folks…. if..
    . The eagles landed goldson and revis and landed millner with the 4th? Oh wow would i be happy.

  16. No on Revis, I’m not rehashing why again! Freaking ridiculous! No Veterans, who are in their 30’s, at the end of their career, looking for a final payday. GTFO! So no, to the likes of, Adrian Wilson, James Harrison, Ed Reed, Freeney, Abraham, Urlacher, Umenyiora, Ronde Barber, etc, etc. We need players from ages 24-28, over 6’0”, on the upswing, with talent, that aren’t going to break the bank! No more dwarfs, smurfs, & lightning bugs. So, f^#@ no to WR Amendola! They might sign both Goldson & Landry, from what I’m hearing & what is being reported. My preference would be
    CB Sean Smith
    S Glover Quin
    DE Ricky Jean-Francois
    NT Terrance “pot roast” Knighton
    RT Eric Winston
    Call it a day. Trade Maclin & Cole. Release No-dee ASSomugha. Draft all secondary, both lines, ROLB, & big WR. Bing, bang, boom! Call it a successful off-season.

    • I know he is has been injured but i like derrick cox…and i know he comes with baggage but i wouldnt mind taking a chance on talib…not really feeling sean smith…i live in miami so i saw alot of this dude…and while im no scout…he didnt really impress me…

      • Rhino, you’re correct, but there are red flags, on every Secondary FA, out there. While Smith was inconsistent, & gets burned sometimes, he is young, he is big, hits, tackles, & press covers very well. I like Cox & Keenan Lewis too. I also wouldn’t mind Delmas & Chung as Safeties either. I want younger, up & comers, with grit, that can tackle, hit, & room to improve.

  17. foles for reevis even up , no picks ! jets are getting a cheap QB and dumping a big time salary . i would take him but not give that much for him

    • Go back to sleep, you’re hallucinating! You ain’t getting Revis, for just Foles! Are you insane?!? That’s why I want ZERO parts of him! He’s a Diva, never satisfied with his contract, coming off of a torn ACL, wants $13M-$15M, & it will cost a team, high draft choices, in which, WE CAN’T afford to lose! “Thank you, drive through, Please!”

  18. I am curious. Are FA not even visiting and talking to coaches anymre to see if they even feel comfortable or fit the direction of the team anymore? FA haven’t been allowed to talk to teams only their agents up to this point per league rules. Are team visits a thing of the past? Its hard for me to imagine these players just signing deals without visits. What happen to the annual FA visiting circuit? I know if I was a FA like a Goldson I wanna visit different teams to see if I like the facility, coach, direction of the team and city. Im just not agreeing at 4pm based on my agent making a deal. I cant believe the players are doing this.

    • I agree Dag, I would certainly shop around before signing in a hurry.

    • It’s going to be all about the $$$$ for the younger FA’s & about going to contenders, for the veterans. Most deals, where already set in motion, over the weekend. It’s all about the Benjamins!

      • Reports are that Chad Hall (49ers) Center AQ Shipley and LB Moises Fokou (Indy) are on Planes on their Way to Novacare…as well as 2 Secondary Players coming down from Canada from the CFL who are taking Trains down.. Junior Smith is 5-7′ 162lbs and led the CFL Passes-Defended with 4 in a 18 Game Schedule and the other is Safety Agoiu Isnaiibrei (5-9 181lbs) who just completed his 2nd Year of Playing Football and is originally from the Country of South Africa but has a high motor and really enjoys playing the Game of Football (though he’s still learning the rules)

  19. Players and Teams talk all off-season, there is videos they cqan downlload to
    check out a Teams Facilities whithout physically making a Trip to Novecare..
    Each Team has their Marketing Teams develop DVD’s/Web-Site Information that help Promote their Teams, their Cities, with Housing,School amnd Medical and Fun Activities for Players and their Families to check on before making a Decision on what new Team./City to Play for..
    It’s all the art of the deal and selling not only the Teammates, Coaches, but the Franchise, the City and local Surroundings to Players (at least the smart Teams and teh Smart Players check this information out before relocating

  20. Howie is so busy today Don Smolenski had to help him flush the toilet because he forgot at the Nova Care Center
    Pastrami & knishes today for lunch in the war room – no time to sit down at a restaurant
    fly eagles fly on the road to victory
    E-A-G-L-E-S- eagles!!!!!!!!

    • man i hate that corny eagles “fight” song by far the corniest thing in this cities sports culture

  21. **Panthers just Release OLB James Anderson
    He’s 29 Years Old, 6-2 235lbs, Healthy and a very Good Underrated LB
    as the Panthers continue to cut Payroll for Cap Purposes..
    He’s a 4 Years Starter from Virgina Tech and a very sound player, good in Pss-coverage and a very good tackler and makes plays..
    Eagles should defintitely look into him..

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