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Eagles Sign Texans TE/FB James Casey To 3-Year Deal

JamesCasey1The first move the Eagles made in free agency today was to get a versatile lead blocker for LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown.  They signed Houston Texans free agent fullback/tight end James Casey to a three-year deal.

He’s 28 years old and a tweener at 6’3″ and 240 pounds.  That’s not big for a tight end or fullback, but he’s versatile and a decent receiver out of the backfield.  This past season, he caught 34 passes for 330 yards and three touchdowns.

That versatility angle is a major part of Chip Kelly’s offensive system.  He likes to have the offense come to the line of scrimmage, then he has them look to him on the sideline and he signals the play.  A guy like Casey who could line up in the backfield as a fullback, or at the tight end position, or at the H-back position, in the slot, or further outside at a wide receiver spot, would be a valuable chess piece.

Casey will be matched up with linebackers and safeties for the most part.  He’ll have to block defensive linemen, linebackers and blitzing safeties as a pass blocker.  He will need to beat linebackers as a receiver with his pass routes and he will need to block them when he’s leading McCoy and Brown into the hole on running plays.

The fact that he played in a zone-run-blocking schemed offense didn’t hurt his appeal to Kelly, who believes in the zone blocking concepts. on Facebook

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7 Comments for “Eagles Sign Texans TE/FB James Casey To 3-Year Deal”

  1. 3 years 14.5 million, (5 million a year )
    that is a lot of money for 34 pass receptions last year
    massively overpaid for this guy.
    he has 2 total rushing attempts in his career
    and 4 total TD at 28 years old — if he hasn’t done yet why pay him so much money

  2. He’s a very good ball player and was under utilized in Houston where they have become a run first Offense by RB Arian Foster
    Think of a young Dallas Clark and that’s what you see from Casey with the Eagles more pass offense. He plus FB/HB but is naturally a Pass Receiving TE
    Who will be moved all Rounf different Firmations and will creator some nice mid-matches out of the slot, when in motion and down in the Red-zone
    I expect 45-5o Eeceptions with 6-8 TD’s and a lot of playo g time in different formation like the Colts did with Dallas Ckark in his prime and the guy becomes the aeagkes best blocker in the backfield that they really haven’t had some FB Keornard Weaver was injured

  3. Eagles went for quantity not quality…Chung lost his job to a rookie because he was awful in coverage….Casey will surprise people

  4. Chung is the equivalent of Bum ass Nate Allen. I know Chip Kelly believes he can coach up Chung because he’s a former Oregon player, but if Belechick failed trying so will he…..This is the pros not college.

  5. I like what the Eagles have done this far,
    Creating Competition at every Kevel of the Defense
    I believe they will acquire another CB. LB, OL and a WR for sure
    And then wo go OLB, Safety, CB and OT with their first few Picks in the Draft
    Not a lot of Risk of bringing in 6-7 Free-Agents who are quality Players and Quality People and versatile..
    No long-term big $$$ Deals which is the smart way to go
    In rebuilding this Roster..I rather have 7-8 quality Players than 1-2 Studs
    For the Team needs Depth and Versatility at every Position outside of RB

  6. ? 3 years 15 million for Casey? Did I read that right? Lucky guy.

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