Pursuing Darrelle Revis Would Not Be A Wise Move For The Eagles

DarrelleRevis1There’s no way in the world the Eagles should be pursuing the Jets Superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Yes, he has been the best cornerback in the league for a while, in fact he’s been the best player in the National Football League for a number of years.  Who else could blanket the best wide receivers in the league game after game without any help.

He’s shown that when healthy he can erase the league’s very best, plus he’s able to play up in the receiver’s face or off of him and get the same results.  He’s a very good tackler and has no problem mixing it up with anyone.

Still right now, it makes no sense at all for the Birds to pursue him because of his knee injury and his contract situation.  Revis’ season ended a year ago with knee surgery.  I think he will recover from it and he thinks he will recover from it, but he has just started to run on a treadmill.  Nobody knows for sure that he will return as the same Revis.

Will he be just as good when he returns to action?  You can’t answer that right now, so there’s no way the Eagles can make that move.

Acquiring him now could have the Eagles in another Andrew Bynum-type situation.  If Bynum was healthy, we all would applaud the Sixers trade, but the fact that he hasn’t played yet, makes the Philadelphia basketball franchise look foolish.

It would make no sense at all for the Birds to give up a low first round draft pick or the fourth pick in the second round for a guy who you’re not sure is able to play the way he did previously.

If he’s healthy, he would be worth a mid-first round value for some teams, who think they are a player or two away from winning it all.

As for his contract, he will be a free agent after the 2013 season.  If the Eagles acquire Revis right now, he will play here for a year then he’ll be a free agent.  It would make no sense at all, to give up a first round pick or a high second round pick for Revis and have him play here for only one season.

24 thoughts on “Pursuing Darrelle Revis Would Not Be A Wise Move For The Eagles

  1. Not when the Eagles are rebuilding as they are this Season
    Revis belongs to go to a Team that’s a legitimate Super Bowl Team like the 49ers/Falcons/Texans/Bronco’s not the Rebuilding Phikadelphia Eagkes that are a good dozen-15 Players away from being a Serious Playoff Team with a chance .. They need 8 Pkayers on Defense and at least 4-5 or more on Offense

  2. Not saying this will happen, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you could get Revis for Foles, our 2nd round pick this year, and a conditional pick next year (which would depend on his recovery) – would you do it? The Jets have to trade Revis. Few teams will be willing to take him for the reasons above and very few teams can fit him under their cap. If the Eagles did land Revis, and if he is 80% back, he could help change the culture and anchor the Secondary for years to come. If he doesn’t make it back, you let him walk next year and all you have lost is Foles and a 2nd. Is that worth the gamble? Time’s yours

  3. The Eagles waiting 3-5 years to be competitive doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t make sense in the 21st century NFL. I don’t know that trading for Revis is the right move, but being scared to pull the trigger is. A lot of the success of the team this year comes down to how many starters the Eagles think they might be able to draft this year and on which side of the football. If they aren’t going to draft Dee Milliner it might make sense to get a veteran corner and the Eagles can determine if Revis is worth a big contract.

    With the way the front office is set up now they may very well get two starting corners out of the draft, or one of the corners that were behind Nnamdi and DRC may show that they should have been starting over big name players that showed up small in games. Regardless of who’s in camp there aren’t going to be any defacto starters and as long as the front office drafts well rookies and non-starter free agents will push starters for playing time all season long.

    One other element of the Revis factor is that before Nnamdi came here there was a lot of talk about him going to play with the Jets specifically to be paired with Revis…maybe that’s what this new found interest in Revis is all about that and Roseman not willing to completely put his previous personnel strategy up in flames…I just don’t know.

  4. You cannot count on any Draft to give you more than 2-3 Starters or so..
    The Learning curve for College Players to the NFL just takes longer than many Fans realize.. If you can get 2 Starters, with 2-3 Rotational Players who contribute on Special Teams and add Depth, then you’ve had a pretty good Draft but each Teams circumstances are Different.. Look at the COlts, they Started 5-6 Rookies on Offense, but most were out of neccessity since they cleaned house last off-season and they have many Positions up for grabs.. I was hoping the Eagles were going with the same blueprint but it appears it will be status quo with Vick,Asmo,Cole,Celek,Herremans,Allen,Maclin all likely to remain as Starters for a Team that’s gone 12-22 in their last 34 NFL Games

  5. Even if the Eagles don’t compete this year, they’ll compete the following year and Revis will still be in his prime and ready to contribute. He’s two years younger than Nnamdi was when we signed him to be our “savior”.

    Move Revis Island to the 215 IMMEDIATELY!!!

  6. Sources say Jets prefer to trade Revis to an NFC team and that first round pick is not necessary!! We can’t sit on our tails because Nnamdi didn’t work out! WE MUST MAKE A PLAY ON DARRELLE REVIS!!! WE MUST!!

    1. WE MUST DO NOTHING! You don’t waste high draft picks, on a diva, coming off of ACL surgery, who is never happy with his contract, who wants $13M-$15M per, to a team that has MANY holes, that isn’t 1 star away from winning! We need all the draft picks we can get & need to spend wisely, & NOT fall in love with the Darling names! There is NO guarantee, that he’ll ever be the same. We would be taking an extreme gamble, on an unknown, who you would have to trade for, while he’s still in rehabilitation. It’s a stupid move, & shouldn’t even be considered!

  7. Eagles will not Compete Birdo until they have a “Real GM in the Front Office”
    If Roseman is at Novacare for 4 more Years as his Contract states, then the Eagles will be bottom feeders in the NFL ..

  8. Chip Kelly will last 2 Season’s in the NFL and will take the U-Conn HC Job once
    they move to the ACC Conference in 2015 or so..

  9. Shutup Paulman. You’re an idiot.

    They will compete because they have a coach that is an offensive genius. The jury is still out on Howie, we’ll see how he does in the next 2-3 years.

  10. The Jury is dead on Howie Roseman, he’s become the Al Davis of the Hip-Hop, Social Media Ass-Wipes of 2010’s .. He’s unfit and unqualified to be GM
    of an NFL Franchise that’s trying to Win a Championship.. No one needs to give him 2-3 More Years..

  11. >>>>>>Dream a little dream<<<<<<<<

    1. Eagles Land S Goldman at 4pm
    2. Eagles Land RT Winston at 4pm
    3. Eagles trade the #4 pick, player, 2nd rounder for Revis, #9 pick.
    4. Eagles land several role players and 2nd tier guys to fill our roster.

  12. I will continue to call them as I see them Birdo, unfiltered and the way it really is from afar, unlike many of the Kool-Aid Drinking Masses from the Philly Area with the continual Hpye Machine that is the Philadelphia Eagles and from the Local Media..

  13. havea- we cannot be sucked into thinking that Nnamdi, DRC, and the rest of the “dream team” gang was the biggest issue. There were so many problems with the team the eagles built.. let me recap….

    1. No DC- they had no plan at all. Just grab a bunch of players and assume it will all work out.
    2. Draft- YEARS of bad drafts did this. Jarrett is a prime example of EVERYTHING that was wrong with us. They had no identity on D and they grabbed wrong guy after wrong guy.
    3. Draft part 2- they drafted NEED instead of best player. I do not want my first and second round picks to HAVE to start on day 1. We did this to them every friggin year.

    The eagles will have to deal with this “dream team” term longer and longer but they need to get players that fit their systems. If our new DC wants a guy like Revis…. i think we go for it.

    Ill say it again.,… i didnt want these coaches but Im getting behind them. They have a system in place and if its….. get a run game going and hit like hell on D…. I for one am not going to complain,

    1. seems like the players that ‘play furthest from where the ball is snapped’ tend to be the worst players to bring in and build your foundation of ‘team’ together– they tend to be head cases, me first guys– WR’s and CB’s come mostly to mind- you don’t often hear a QB or certainly a lineman even RB’s tend not to be me first guys– a RB will hold out for $ but there career is so short they have to if they are a stud. i just don’t like the idea of a hyped QB being the centerpiece of our defense.

  14. Havea…

    Rb’s hold out all the time.

    Wr’s and Cb’s are often the most vocal “me first” guys in the league. I think 1 reason this is true is that those guys have ALWYAS been focused on since grade school. They were always the fastest, always the most athletic and people praised them forever. I understand where you are coming from but it does not change the fact that we NEED CB’s. I dont want to hear about boykins or marsh or anybody else because as bad as our starters were last year… we would have seen those other guys.

    1. re-read what i said RB’s do hold out because their careers are so tenuous, but they tend to be more team freindly’. — i just caution about me first guys they tend to have a short self life before blowing up and acting like a total jack a$$

  15. sorry havea- i misunderstood.

    I think the vikes are going for him (i live here in MN and hear and see this stuff)

    Im not sold on going for Revis either but we need some players and I would not be gunshy because the crop we got last time didnt work out.

  16. Eagles released CB Nnamdi Asomugha.
    It’s fascinating to examine where Asomugha ranks among the biggest free-agent busts in NFL history. He’s awfully high up there. Signed to a five-year, $60 million contract in 2011 that made him the league’s top-paid cornerback, Asomugha gave Philly one season of mediocre play and another of truly putrid performance. An easy burn victim in 2012, Asomugha came away with 55 tackles and one interception. Going on age 32, Asomugha’s recovery speed and confidence seem to have evaporated. There were rumors in Philadelphia that he’s also lost his passion for the game.

  17. Based on last years draft, I would rather have Roseman as our GM than a middle aged fan like Paulman who is all over the place and rarely right.

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