Can Eagles Say No To A Potential Franchise Quarterback Like Geno Smith?

GenoSmith4Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie didn’t take the trip to Morgantown, West Virginia last week just because he had some free time or wanted to do some sight seeing.  He was there because the Birds are taking a long, hard look at Mountaineers signal caller Geno Smith and they’re seriously considering drafting him.  It wasn’t a coincidence that Lurie decided to make the trip.

“I don’t know that we want to get into specifics about who’s coming to the trips with us,” Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman said when asked about Lurie’s presence on the trip. “We’re going to see a lot of people here in the next few weeks. We’re going to make sure that we get as much information as possible to make the No. 4 pick in the draft the right one for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

For years, Lurie has talked about the importance of a franchise quarterback.  Numerous times during his years as owner of the Birds, he has expounded on the correlation between franchise quarterbacks and Super Bowl titles.  He hasn’t changed despite the fact that he’s changed coaches.

There’s an excitement in his voice and mannerisms when he starts talking about a “Franchise Quarterback”.  Some guys are weak to long legs, other have problems resisting healthy breasts, while others can’t walk away from a big butt.  All you guys know what I’m talking about.  Sometimes it can make a guy break all the rules.

Jeffrey Lurie loves “Franchise Quarterbacks”.  I think he probably has pictures of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on his computer.  “Franchise Quarterbacks” turn this owner on.

In addition, Lurie and Roseman as well as head coach Chip Kelly know that they probably don’t have the quarterback on their roster who is going to lead them into the future.  Michael Vick has taken a tremendous beating the last couple of years and he’s 33 years old.   Nick Foles is young but he isn’t mobile.   Dennis Dixon knows the offense, but he has barely been able to play in the league.  We all know Trent Edwards isn’t the guy.  G.J. Kinne has been brought in as fodder for the Eagles defense during training camp.

Smith and his outstanding skills are hard to ignore.  He can make every throw and he does it like a future superstar.  That ball looks so good coming out of his hand.  Smith throws a gorgeous, tight spiral with heat on it on the slant routes.  His delivery is quick and precise.

He takes the heat off the ball and puts some air under it on fade routes.  At times his footwork is sloppy, but he’s got a beautiful touch.  The former Mountaineer throws a great deep ball and he’s also able to fit in that corner route to wide receivers outside the numbers.

Smith was mostly a pocket passer in college, but he was running versions of the read option while at West Virginia and when he pulls the ball down to run with it, he looks like a RGIII, Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick, smooth, fast and quick.  Remember he blazed a 4.59 at the combine.

You know that got Kelly’s attention. He can tell a hundred times that he will tailor an offense to the talent of his players, but in his dreams at night, the quarterback has great speed.

Just like it’s hard for a dude who loves blondes to resist taking a long look at one, it’s going to be difficult for Lurie and the Eagles to resist drafting Smith.  His stock has been climbing since his strong showing the NFL Combine and he must have put a pretty good performance for the Birds in Morgantown on Monday.

“Obviously, he’s an impressive guy,” Roseman said yesterday when asked about their evaluation of Smith.

“You’re going through the process, you’re trying to get as much information as possible,” Roseman said. “I can’t comment on anybody else’s draft board, and at this point I can’t comment on ours.”

“We’re going to look at anybody and everybody to see if we can win games,” Kelly said. “Does that mean we’re going to draft a quarterback in the draft? I don’t know.”

Remember what I said, Lurie dreams of “Franchise Quarterbacks” every night.

138 thoughts on “Can Eagles Say No To A Potential Franchise Quarterback Like Geno Smith?

  1. G they better be right on this one i still love this kid milliner but after hearing you describe genos attributes I’m like a big bass int he weeds watching the lure go by lol

  2. As we get closer to the draft and dont get me wrong i want Millner but i think G. Smith would be a long term solution and a smart move if and when they do this then we will know the reasoning for Vick and Dennis Dixon and Nick Foles will be a draft day expandable piece that will garner us a second rounder or 3rd. i Say go for him remember those QB for next year alot can change for them in 1 season i say lets start the process now an make smith the Future of the Eagles. why not

  3. Things may be changing but in the past you can’t win consistently without a franchise quarterback. I wanted Tannhill last year and if Smith is that type of player I think he would be a great choice. That way the Eagles can get passed the Michael Vick era.

  4. It is the safe bet if we get another 2nd round pick we can possibly trade both picks and go up into the first round if we have to but other then that get the Franchise started now why not If we do not pick up a corner in FA that is well regarded then we will be getting him in the draft in Millner but if not Jonathan banks will be available in the 2nd and or Cyprien there is depth what will really help our secondary is our Dline an LB work an special teams play. all a factor. But i think it would be smart to take Geno Smith let vick do his thing let dixon help geno get acclemated an then vick will be a FA next year G. Smith will be our Starter Dixon our pack up GJ Kinne 3rd string or other project QB. we are set. he is there for the plucking why not we dont know what we will get with Millner; smith seems to be more the logical target.

  5. I have no problem with Geno Smith he completed 70 percent of his passes and fits well in Chip Kelly offense in this league if you have no franchise QB you can’t win.

  6. That game changer could be Bradley Fletcher or Curtis Marsh for all we know but we are assuming he isn’t on our roster just yet he could be Xavier Rhodes or Jonathan Banks. or a CB via Trade that we aren’t aware of I know that Eagles are looking at Volmer OT, Smith OT, Barwin OLB, Cary Williams CB so we shall see. RJF didnt sign with us i think he wants more money so let him look elsewhere if we sign him great if not then no loss in sleep their.
    I rather have a Franchise QB an Mediocre CBs then the other way around why because we can always get better CBs we can’t always get a Franchise QB. Oh and Geno Smith though Mobile isn’t really a Mobile QB. He is More Pocket but it works for what Chip wants and it will

  7. Pip …why would you have either or?

    what’s wrong with a franchise QB and a franchise corner?

    Your statement epitomizes the losing mindset of Eagles fans.

    “I would rather have this rather than that?

    winning organizations don’t settle.

    remember that.

    1. Songs, you can’t have pro bowlers at EVERY position. You’re going to have mediocre guys even if you’re a Super Bowl winning team.

      1. We didn’t have any Pro-Bowlers this year! Where are the Pro-Bowlers, at every position, that you speak of?!? Dude, get a MoFo clue!!!!

  8. another thing…if you believe the game changing corner is the guys you’ve named that are currently on the team….then you have “0” credibility going forward when there’s a game changer discussion.

    The guys on this team at corners are damn bums….the quicker the general manager realize that the quicker they’ll address the positions that will actually improve the team.

    Fletcher is garbage too.

    1. Fletcher is not garbage. If you read some of the scouting reports on him, he’s actually a pretty solid corner and a massive upgrade over Nnamdi.

      1. Exactly thank you btc24 in the last 2-3 yrs while playing as the starter in all the games he played he only missed 6 total tackles that crazy no one in the league has had that stat since he came into the league. He is Fluid an he has a point to prove. St. Louis should of never released him an he will prove it.

      2. I think he’s garbage as well……as a starter; He is best served in a reserve role for depth.

        I also think they will draft 2 corners in the draft, none of which named Millner.

        You can’t make the statement that he is a MASSIVE upgrade over Nnamdi, when the guy was a reserve on the Rams. I know he was hurt, but he soured that coaching staff on him, which led to him not being offered a contract, But you think he was an unappreciated star?

        I give less than a darn about scouting reports, this guy is not a starter. If the writer is bias toward the prospect he’ll keep it positive, but if he doesn’t really like him, then you hear overly critical comments. The guy is a reserve at best, and no better than Nnamdi.

      3. massive upgrade over Nnamdi? Fletcher a guy I’ve hardly ever heard about…you actually had to go read some scouting reports to get information on him…that tells you what you need to know right there, how you have to read a scouting report on a veteran NFL CB….Nnamdi has at least proven himself to be a top CB in this league…massive upgrade, I think not…But with a new head coach, new DC…the entire defense may look better in 2013…

  9. I am not saying to settle but you dont always get all the Big time Franchise type players all in one year thats why its a rebuilding phase. I think the QB is much more important then any CB at this point in time would i like a Better CB sure i do but Song whats more important CB or QB. Some teams hit lightning in a bottle or 2 birds with one stone but if the eagles aren’t all in why go after an Aging Big name FA CB if we are rebuilding an hold off on getting someone younger an develop them to become the pro bowl or shut down type CB. i dont want to wait to get a teddy bridgewater or manzel hey i be happy with EJ Manuel, and though i know we need help in the secondary i think we need to get our QB of the future now instead of later.

  10. We dont know much of Curtis marsh boykin is in his second year an was solid last yr in the nickel SONG we dont know about Fletcher because we just signed him an he was buried under Janoris Jenkins and Corteland Finnegan why because he was injured an prior to that was a starting caliber pro bowl type of CB but his injury scared off the rams an they had to move forward thus making him expandable.
    Curtis Marsh was behind Nnamdi an DRC and those 2 as we know suck.
    My point is this their is the likely hood the CBs we have can shine an help an there is the possibility they can blow lets not assume stuff before hand.

    But if Song you are one to want the big name FA CB/S etc then you my friend have not learned anything from the Big FA signings from years past. You win some you lose some.

  11. Pip..there’s not a discussion of what position is more important here..ok?

    Both positions are important.

    No franchise QB you lose.

    Bum ass corners you lose.

    again…winning teams that aspire to win Superbowls have both!

    Fletcher is a pass interference waiting to happen…hell with his scouting report…look at him getting pass interferences regularly last season.

    then get back at me…he’s ass, and this secondary still is garbage…Boykin or Marsh is nothing special either.

  12. Here’s what Tommy Lawlor (very respected) had to say about Bradley Fletcher:

    CB Bradley Fletcher – 6-0, 200 — You may look at the stat sheet and see that Fletcher wasn’t a full time starter in 2012 and wonder what the Eagles were thinking. Watch the tape. I wrote a few times about this guy recently. He had the best pure cover skills of any CB on the market. Is there risk in signing him? Only in the sense that he hasn’t started at CB for 16 games in his 4-year career. Before you get fired up about durability, Fletcher played in 16 games in 2010 and 2012. He started 15 in 2010. He started 4 last year. Why just 4? Because the Rams spent big money on Cortland Finnegan and an early pick on Janoris Jenkins. Fletcher was coming off an injury and they made him the #3 CB. The twist here is that STL put one of the other guys in the slot and Fletcher played LCB. He faced top flight competition. I watched him in several games. Fluid player. Good speed. Good coverage instincts. I wanted the Eagles to get him because Fletcher was the best cover guy available. Simple as that. He gives us a very talented starting CB.

    Note from ProFootballFocus: ”FWIW Bradley Fletcher gave up 0.52 yards per snap in coverage last year. Lowest of any CBs with at least 250 snaps in coverage”

    1. I give less than a darn about scouting reports, this guy is not a starter. If the writer is bias toward the prospect he’ll keep it positive, but if he doesn’t really like him, then you hear overly critical comments. The guy is a reserve at best, and no better than Nnamdi.

    2. YEAH, & conveniently his ACL tears, in 2009 & 2011, & the fact he lost his job to a rookie, are Houdini’d out of the “Scouting report!” You mindless, stepford, lemmings, crack me the f^#@ UP!!!!!

      1. Fisher and new Coaching Staff Drafted 2 Young CB’s last Draft (Janoris Jenkins nad Trumaine JOhnson) and was decided mid-way thru the Season to play Trumaine Johnson over Fletcher since Fletcher was not in their long-term plans.. Trumaine Johnson was high on Cliff/Paulman’s Radar last Year out of Montana.. a 6-1 205lbs player who I still think could make a great Free Safety in the NFL… Remember him Cliff..

  13. Geno Smith is not a franchise quarterback
    His arm is not great on the deep route

    He is not that big, He played awfully poor against Syracuse, bad decisions, flustered in the pocket

    His foot work, per scouting reports, is “beyond inconsistent, and contrary to what you may here, that is nearly impossible to fix at the pro level when the game quickens, his “happy ” feet will get happier

    He is a running quarterback that wants to be a pocket passer, but he’s not equipped

    Nick Foles is a better quarterback, way better than Geno Smith

  14. btc….remember this when he’s getting toasted this season.

    Then I want to hear the excuses when the NFC East Receivers is abusing his weak ass.

    1. songs when they finished last year at 4-12, fired reid– lets say january 5– no matter who they brought in as coach and with no franchise qb in the draft or on the roster what did you think their best possible record could be next year? this has to be a 2 year process to respectability and playoff hunt

  15. Song wants the Big Names that his beef. that is what i assume. He wants Sean Smith and Darelle Revis. the headache type of CBs that will only take us backwards. I just think its funny how you think someone like Fletcher is garbage obviously he isn’t a top Corner we all know that there is no debate and i am not siding to think that the corners we have are the best but they have to kick the tires on everyone because we never know. That is my point don’t kick it until you try it. Overall Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown with a Younger Asante Samuels was our best CBs in the league better then nnamdi drc better then ellis hobbs. Troy Vincent Al Harris were tops as well. I believe we will get better at the CB position via trade or draft an better with the safety position, but it takes time. Not every CB plays a 3-4 scheme or a 4-3 under scheme.

  16. pip..again..Don’t put words in my mouth.

    I don’t want the big name…I want the better player…got it?

    When we got Troy Vincent…he was the better player who had the big name.

    got it?

    When we signed T.O. he was the better player with the big name.

    same with Jevon Kearse….

    Again there’s no excuse for ignoring the safety position with so many real good safeties who were on the market..and yes Chung is ignoring the position.

    Coleman have been better than Nate Allen yet everyone here is saying Chung is an upgrade from Coleman….

    Chung is the same as Nate Allen who is less than Coleman.

    Why did Chung get benched?

    Can someone answer why Chung bum ass got benched by Belichick?

  17. I dont watch NE games to answer that question i think Chung can play the FS or SS spot easily an replace N. Allen but i am talking about CB not safety thats another story though i agree we need the secondary help trust me i know but i think for now i rather go the safe route.
    I would like Eagles to pursue CB Cary Williams or EJ Biggers and DT Roy Miller both from Bucs or former players that are FA wont demand much and could be those statement players we need.
    Sean Smith isnt the answer, someone suggested Antoine Cason an Winfield No… I be okay with Pollard or trade a team for one of there safeties.

  18. Pip?

    How in the hell Marsh was solid at Nickel?

    He was getting torched at Nickel….what the hell were you looking at?

    Teams torched our team all day up the middle of the defense and id didn’t change when he played Nickel.

    Another thing….Bucs corners were ass last season, so why would you want them here?

    1. Whos fault is that? that the bucs Dbs sucked last year not the eagles i am just throwing out names of CBs the eagles can go after. Who do you want as CBs? Song

  19. Marsh backed up Nnamdi SONG what are you talking about Boykin was our Nickel CB not Marsh i am reffering to whenever marsh played in for nnamdi obviously he didnt play shut down but he played slightly better then nnamdi

  20. I am not Schiller i am someone else.
    So song who would you like for the birds to get at DBs? I agree that they sucked both had the blame the safeties and the Corners the corners made the Safeties look bad and vice versa but my point is those that sucked DRC and nnamdi were big names and they didnt pan out. Boykin had a solid rookie season with what we had colt anderson did better then what we had with the safety position but you tell me who do you want the eagles to get?

  21. TB Bucs now have Safeties Dashon Goldston and Mark Barron as their Starters
    Does anyone see D-Jax,Maclin,D Johnson running across the middle against the Bucs..I don’t.. Don’t the Eagles play the Bucs this 2013 Season..

    1. Mark Barron is a bust he was mediocre. and if you cant exploit there Safeties you exploit there LineBackers and there CBs those 2 Safeties aren’t faster then our WRs, TEs(Casey) and our Runningbacks eagles can easily beat Tampa Gay

      1. Bucs are trading for Revis and Have CB Eric Wright on the other side
        D-Jax/Maclin/d Johnson won’t even get 10-12 YArds Deep against this new Bucs Secondary, they are too “Soft” and “Weak” to do so..

  22. Chung gonna have big problems with tall receivers grab milliner and stop the bullshit The guy is friggin 5ft11 give me a break

      1. unreal gotta agree with you on that one… one of the top 5 greatest eagles ever #20 was 6′ 210, chung 5’11” 208…and for all you who struggle with reading comprehension– I AM NOT COMPARING THEM AS PLAYERS– dawk is a HOF, chung is a stopgap player. just saying his size is not his problem– maybe other things but not size.

  23. If the Birds went after some CB’s during free agency, then I can see them drafting Geno Smith, but I think they are using him as a smoke screen to get more picks.

  24. Sorry back from Lunch, i am okay with Millner at #4 but i would be okay with getting G.Smith and or Trading down and getting an extra pick(s) from a QB needy team any indication of Buffalo Releasing Ryan Fitz means they are going hard after G. Smith or Barkley an will probably trade up to get him. I think Cards may try to take up Fitz or draft a qb the number 4 pick is even much more intriguing then it was weeks ago. It is win-win for the Eagles either way.

  25. Antoine Cason for any one that may be interested is 26 will be 27 in July. 6-1 Has played in 4 seasons All 80 games so he is Healthy, he is Young he probably wont demand much Alone he has made 262 Tackles with 46 assisted tackles. 4 forced fumbles 12 ints. Would you take a flier on Cason as a CB for the eagles?

  26. Nnamdi was really bad the last two years, why are teams lining up visits with this guy? He has like 5 teams interested already. What the heck is going on here? And we still gotta pay him 4 million. Geez I need a Dcar rant right about now.

    1. because he’s a ‘big’ name and blog fan bases need to make a splash or they will go on rants, call them ‘ass’ ‘clowns’ etc– it is just so funny….

  27. Because since he already has that $4 Million in his Pocket, the good Teams
    will low-ball him with a $1-$2 Million Deal to play for a chance to WIn now..
    San Francisco,Arizona, San Diego or even back in Oakland would probably be his best landing Spots for a chance to Play..
    He’s a West-Coast Guy and belongs out on the West Coast just like I stated in Jully of 2011 and had no business trying to Play on the East City with the harsh East Coast Fans and Media.. He’s not mentally strong enough
    I said it then and I still say it 2 Years later.. .Good Luck to him, but glad he’s gone and never wanted the Eagles to sign him in the first place (I wanted Carlos Rogers and or Richard Marshall instead)

    1. and the gm and coaches will say “namdi wasn’t used correctly, we think we can play to his strengths, he’s a real good football player”… coaches speak! thats why what they say means NOTHING!

  28. Eagles are putting a lot money on offensive skill positions
    Vick 7 Million
    McCoy 5 Million
    DJax 9 Million
    Maclin 4.5 Million
    Avant 2.7 Million
    Celek 4.5 Million
    Casey 4.8 Million
    Peters 10.7 Million
    Herremanns 4.3
    Mathis 4 Million

    there is only 2 players on Defense making money
    Ryans 6.7 Million
    Cole 5.3 Million
    Hence why Songs is mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. He probably got to philly before Issac Sopoaga did an signed before hand or intially agreed over the phone remember chip is an offense guy first defense second it was necessary because we were using our TE as blockers instead of unleashing them as viable weapons. Chip will do that Reid on the other hand will not do that.
        I think Reid will Misuse Tony Moeaki an overuse Fasano.
        What would you rather have just a Above Average TE/Blocker or a Verstaile TE like a Hernandez or Gonzalez an be able to play the slot.
        Rumor has it that James Casey actually has a good throwing Arm maybe as a trick play the pass is vertically thrown to Casey an he then throws it to a Receiver.

        Inovative offense is what we will see in the Eagles.

  29. *Breaking NFL News* Sean Smith is A Chief and The Saints are closing a Deal with Keenan Lewis. CB formerly of the Steelers. all reported by Adam Schefter on Twitter.

    1. Sean Smith is one of most overrated CBs out there. 4 INTs in 4 years; no thanks. I did want the Eagles to make a move on Keenan Lewis though.

        1. Look who his offensive cast was bro. Andre Johnson, Arian Foster Owen Daniels Kevin Walters the back up to Foster Jacoby Jones. Its not like it was James Casey, Freddy Mitchell, Greg Lewis, Billy Mcmullan and LJ Smith.

  30. I don’t even know why the Eagles had a press conference for these bum ass situational players.

    The Dorenbos resigning was more exciting.

  31. Actually its a part of there contract what there expected to be paid not necessarily what they the FO wants to pay them its the deal they signed. Outside of those 2 Defensive players there is a handful that played solid even through the worst defense in the league last year. a handful not much

  32. Whats the Scary part in all this (Positive Scary for Eagles, not so positive for others) James Casey hasn’t reached his cieling point he was not used properly in Houston has been pretty healthy for the most part in his career, was used more as FB an not his natural TE position where as you can see he flourished when O. Daniels was Side lined i think he explodes in Chips new Offense.

  33. Adam Schefter Reports: RJF signs 4 yr 22 Million with the Colts i dont know how much is grntd. but glad the eagles didn’t sign him to that much.

  34. ESPN reports KC Chiefs sign CB Sean Smith..
    Chiefs are a Playoff Team in 2013 going 10-6 and earn a WIldcard Spot

  35. NovaCare Sources are that the Eagles are kicking the Tires of Sheldon Brown and Dmitri Patterson.. Details at 11pm

  36. -Eagles Breaking-
    Eagles Sign OT Sebastian Vollmer to a 6 year 40 Million contract 20 Gntd.
    Eagles Sign OLB Connor Barwin 3 yr 21 million contract 11 gntd.
    Eagles Trade Nick Foles to Buffalo for there 2nd round pick 3rd pick this yr and there 3rd next year.

  37. Kenny Phillips – DB – Eagles
    Eagles agreed to terms with FS Kenny Phillips, formerly of the Giants, on a one-year deal.
    Phillips stays in the division on a one-year deal as he tries to rehab some value after battling knee issues for the past couple of seasons. A fine coverage safety, the Eagles will pair Phillips with fellow new acquisition SS Patrick Chung on their back end. There were whispers the Giants were thinking about franchising Phillips last week.

  38. Cary Williams – DB – Eagles
    Eagles signed CB Cary Williams, formerly of the Ravens, to a three-year contract.
    Mar 14 – 4:11 PM

  39. ••••Share

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    Eagles Add CB Williams, S Phillips
    Posted 3 minutes ago

    By Bo Wulf

    The Eagles signed two more players Thursday afternoon who will immediately compete for starting roles on the defense in cornerback Cary Williams and safety Kenny Phillips.

    Cary Williams, 28, joins the Eagles on a three-year deal after starting all 16 games for the Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens in 2012. He recorded four interceptions with 17 passes defended and 67 tackles for the Ravens last year. A seventh-round pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2008, Williams joined the Ravens in 2009 and earned a starting role in 2011. Williams, 6-1, 185, has started all 32 games since 2011. A Miami, FL., native, Williams played collegiately at Washburn, where he was a two-year starter after initially beginning his collegiate career at Fordham University.

    Sticking in the secondary, the Eagles added former New York Giants safety Kenny Phillips on a one-year deal. The 31st overall pick in 2008, Phillips started 41 games for the Giants over five seasons, including 36 over the last three seasons. He missed nine games in 2012 thanks in part to a sprained MCL. The playmaking safety has eight career interceptions.

    Williams and Phillips join Bradley Fletcher and Patrick Chung as much-needed additions to the Eagles secondary.

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter @EaglesInsider.

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  40. YESSS these i like this will solidfy our Defense for now until we get some more players for depth an competition Cary Williams a Plus and Kenny Phillips at safety chung an phillips better then Nate an Coleman

  41. Good that they signed Phillips to a one year deal. With his injury history, no sense in pro longing the relationship if he doesn’t play much…But Phillips when healthy is an upgrade to the safety position, easily…maybe we get lucky with this one…
    Cary Williams, solid CB…I like this move.

    1. I agree. Guys like Landry as just as big of an injury risk and he got a huge deal compared to Phillips. I was not thrilled at all about this Corner class in free agency. Other than Goldson (he got a monster deal tho)…
      Add ELam and Rhodes to this mix and our secondary looks much better than it did last year.

      1. Yes Pheags88…my fingers are crossed that we can get Rhodes in the draft…If we can get Elam to go along with it…I will feel pretty good about our secondary…

        We also have to remember the possibility of Boykins being moved from the slot…Fletcher played majority of his time in the slot last season so that could be possible too.

          1. From Mock’s I’ve seen Rhodes is projected to go around the 10 – 15 pick of the draft, 1st round…which doesn’t make it realistic that I’ll get my guy…
            But I’m seeing the Eagles taking Milliner with the 4th pick of the draft, if so they need take a serious look at Rhodes…if the Eagles use that 1st pick on a CB, it should be Rhodes.

            But I know we can’t have everything we want…We need to improve that O Line too. Slim chance we’ll get Rhodes in my opinion, but I hope somehow some way we do.

            1. But I’ve also read, its possible Rhodes could be available early 2nd round…I don’t see it though…I think he’s gonna be gone early.

              1. Yes sir I do…I’ve been able to watch a few FSU games over the last few seasons…every time I’ve been impressed by Rhodes…He is physical, I think he can be that type of CB that we expected Nnamdi to be…(maybe not right out the gate, but in time) his long arms, size, speed for press coverage, athleticism…I remember him snatching a ball right out of the air with one hand, one of the best picks I’ve seen…Rhodes is more experienced at the college level also…

  42. I hope Nate Allen is a goner. Can’t stand watching him play anymore. I like the pickups of Williams and Phillips. I still think they draft a stud safety (Elam please). Phillips is only a 1 year deal.

  43. The Eagles also signed FS Kenny Phillips, setting up their spanking new starting secondary. Williams will start opposite Bradley Fletcher while Phillips and Patrick Chung handle the safety spots. While Williams was a starter on the Super Bowl champion Ravens and posted four interceptions along with 17 pass deflections, he struggled mightily while under the microscope. During the regular season, opponents threw for 1,000 yards, six touchdowns, and a 91.6 quarterback rating while targeting Williams. This shouldn’t stop the Eagles from considering Alabama CB Dee Milliner at No. 4 overall.

    1. Sounds like Williams is a cheaper nnamdi. I have 0 confidence Dez Bryant, nicks, Cruz & garçon won’t have dream matchups twice a year

      1. Mhenski, there were no shut down corners in Free Agency to begin with. Hopefully that guy comes from the draft. I like Xavier Rhodes the more I watch.

    2. You don’t know who the starting CB’s or safeties will be…Fletcher may have been brought here to play the slot…which means you’ll need another CB opposite of Williams…

  44. I am more stoked with Cary Signing then anything i dont think this will stop the pursuit of CB in the draft or safety Kenny is on a trial basis show his worth an stay healthy if not no harm no foul they definitely will draft a Safety early in the Draft i coleman or allen may be on the way out

    1. You never can tell. I won’t be too upset if they go out on a limb and take Geno Smith.

      That’s a ballsy move if they do it. I don’t know if anybody in this new organization can evaluate QBs. And I don’t know is anybody on the coaching staff can develop a young QB, but it will be interesting to watch.

  45. The Eagles are “on the verge” of a deal with free agent pass-rusher Connor Barwin.
    The Eagles are in search of an edge rusher as they remake their defensive line, and Barwin would fit the bill. Greeted by a soft market, Barwin is probably wishing he didn’t twice turn down extension offers from the Texans.

    1. Barwin, I spoke on this hours ago…LaConfora reported it…
      Barwin, is looking for 6-8 mil a season…IMO that is a bit too much for the production he had last season…But new year, new team, who knows

  46. Okay now they need to release or trade some guys they just resigned Colt Anderson so Coleman is a goner the only reason why Allen is still here is because Howie drafted him. I think they try to move Cole what happens to Vinny Curry? Lot of moving parts now. They need to sign Winston at OT and I’ll be happy. Cary Williams stats from last year are worst then Nnamdi’s that scares the hell out of me, If Kenny Phillips can stay healthy he’ll be that guy that kills receivers over the middle.

  47. Connor arwin another tough, fundamentally sound player out of the University of Cincinnati.. Is very active as a Pass Rusher from the OLB Position, can also play with his hand down on the ground as a Pass-rushing DE and can actuially drop back out in the flats to cover Backs out of the Backfield which neither Trent Cole,Brandon Graham,Phillip Hunt or Vinny Curry have proven they can do at this point at a NFL Level ..
    Word is the Coaches told Brandon to lose weight and prepare to move to OLB, but I think Cole,Hunt are goners for sure and that the younger,cheaper Vinny Curry will be used as a Pass-Rushing DE on Passing downs

  48. If Geno Smith is sitting there at #4 the Eagles would be stupid not to draft him given the question mark at the QB position. If they do draft Geno Smith I can see them immediately releasing Vick, I know that.

    I definitely like the Cary Williams signing. I’m glad about the one year deal for Phillips to…seems like another Steve Smith situation to me. The draft is deep with safeties so I hope the Eagles FO can get one from there and I’m hoping all the competitive fires being lit now push Nate Allen into being the well regarded safety he was supposed to develop into.

  49. if we drafted geno smith which i think we should .. i would start vick until smith could take the position from him.. plus if chip kelly runs the offense like he did in oregon we will need more than one QB

  50. With all the players, coaches on the Defensive side,
    I would not Draft a young QB this Year (Geno Smith)
    Go with the experienced Vick and Co and try to get off to a good Start
    Offensively until the Defense has time to mesh..
    Look for future/franchise QB in 2014 Draft
    It may take 4-6 Weeks into the Season until the Defense begins to play well and if at least the Eagles Offense can hit the ground running with their experience and familiarity with each other, then they have a shot in a wide open NFC East.

    1. the tea leaves are starting to say that the eagles will take smith, let vick start the season, maybe finish it (yeah right) and then have geno take over — its old school but a little like the kaepernick situation

        1. lion i have a feeling that all the draft games have started– it may take the #4 and foles to KC- raiders and jaguars need a QB at 2 and 3
          i don’t know a lot about him other than what i read so i can’t say i’m with him or against him i’m just judging by all the ‘misinformation’ out there that i read.

  51. So based on misinformation, you would give away a qb who has proven he can play, potentially star at the nfl level for a project nffl qb whose best attribute is his speed, that he doesn’t use since he’s a pocket qb with happy feet

    Nick foles is a better qb than geno smith

    1. i would not but i like you are not in a position to make any trade. as i said i don’t know a lot about smith, only what i read- and i am reading he is todays hot commodity-
      as i preached yesterday, be patient this is a work in progress.
      I do know that the true read option requires at least the threat of a qb who can get to to corner- foles cannot do that. if kelly is going to run the RO then you have to have a QB that can threaten the edge.

  52. when they first hired kelly i was on here saying they are going to run a variation of his RO and look more like the pats. as i think about it why would you bring in a guy known for this new (gimmick) offense and then he not run it. its a copycat league and why not hire a guru in what they are copying– remember harbaugh played oregon every year. I AM NOT ENDORSING THE KELLY HIRE BUT AM TRYING TO BE REALISTIC THAT FOR WHATEVER REASON THIS IS NOW OUR COACH AND HE WANTS A QB TO GET TO THE EDGE.

  53. Gonna take 2 years to really transform this defense, so I don’t want a young QB now. Plus what has changed with this guy over the last week? He had his pro day and now he is a franchise QB? Effin JaMarcus Russell had a great pro day which boosted him straight to the top and look how that turned out.

    HAC is right. This guy doesn’t fit into a RO system and neither does Foles. And Jake you are way overselling Foles here. I think that he has potential too, but I am not ready to say that he can be a star in the league.

  54. I said potential to be a star, his rookie stats bear this out

    It doesn’t matter though because Lurie can’t help himself, he will draft geno smith at 4 if he’s available, maybe even move up as haveacigar suggests, to go for the flash, the guy who won the underwear Olympics

  55. I am with you Jake. I don’t want Smith either. I think that they can do so much more with that pick then take a QB. Depending on if they make a run at Andre Smith or Volmer, I would look to move back to get more picks. They can move back and still get CB Rhodes and I know that a lot of guys are really high on him. But if they don’t get an OL in the draft, then I think that they have to go with Joekel, Fisher or Warmack.

  56. Andy Reid with first pick goes for one of the three big lineman, probably Joekel

    Anyone else notice how different Andy’s decisions are far different now free of lurie’s influence

    Does anyone think that andy would have traded for Alex smith if he were still here in Philly, no way no how…..

  57. I look to trade Nick Foles, who I like and think he can be a very good QB in the NFL, but just doesn’t fit Chip Kelly’s system Short-Term or Long-Term in my opinion..
    I think a Trade to Buffalo for their 2nd Round (#40th Overall) and a 4th/5th Rounder in 2014 would be good Compensation.. If Foles doesn’t get this Kelly’s Offense and rides the bench most of the Season, then he will have little Trade Value next Off-Season.. I move him over Draft weekend to a Team in need of a QB (Bills,Jets,Cards,Jags,Raiders)

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