Jaworski On Geno’s Pro Day: “His stock to me clearly went up today”

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith had his Pro Day yesterday in Morgantown and he had some glowing reviews from a number of experts who were there.  This which should vault him up higher in the draft and make the draft more interesting.

“His stock went up, Mike”, Jaws told Mike Missanelli of 97.5.  “I did the Orange Bowl last year when Geno Smith had a tremendous game against Clemson. So I got a chance to see him at practice for three days. In production meetings, how handled himself around his teammates and the coaches and I was impressed a year ago.”

“Now I’ll be honest with you, I thought there was some inconsistency in his game this year.  His deep ball wasn’t as consistent as you would like to see, as accurate as you would like to see. But I will give Chris Weinke, who has been coaching him for the last month, a lot of credit.  He threw the deep balls very well, he threw those tough seam throws very well.  He was very accurate.  He’s got a live arm.  His fundamentals were rock solid.   His stock to me clearly went up today.  It was pretty high as it was, but I think today he showed that he can throw the ball with anybody.”

“You can’t play the quarterback position consistently in the NFL, unless you have a strong arm and an accurate arm.  What Geno showed today he can throw the ball with velocity and accuracy.”

Jaworski said Smith completed 60 out of 62 throws in the workout at his Pro Day, which is quite impressive.

“He said the Eagles gave him a pretty rough workout,” Jaws said regarding what Geno Smith told him about his workout with the Eagles on Monday. “He threw almost a hundred balls on Monday. He said a lot of those were the movement-type throws – sprinting right, sprinting left, coming back against the grain. A lot of those types of throws that we know in Chip Kelly’s offense, he’s going to demand mobility from the quarterback.”

“I think he’s a guy that’s going to play in this game for 10 to 12 years, be your prototypical pocket passer.”

“I would almost say a little bit like Russell Wilson”, Jaws said when asked if Smith reminded him of another QB.  “He’s a guy that will take the running opportunities. And they’ll design some runs for him [Wilson] out in Seattle. But I think when you look at Geno, he’ll play from the pocket, but he can also beat you with his legs.”

“You ripped it”, Mike Mayock of the NFL Network told Smith after his workout yesterday.

I don’t think there’s anyway the Eagles will pass him up at the number four spot, but I’m starting to doubt that he will be there at number four.  The rising of Smith’s stock will eventually benefit the guys at the top of the draft, Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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  1. Dont be surprised if he is the Eagles pick that 4th pick is looking very good. Oakland an Jaxs have other needs they will adress someone will be wanting Nick Foles Oakland seems like a good Spot to go too maybe even buffalo. Either way eagles stick with Nick or Get Geno “Cheesesteaks” Smith.

  2. I don’t see the Eagles taking him at 4, I believe this is nothing more then a smoke screen for teams like the Bills and Cardinals to fight for our pick, I would have no problem trading out of that spot, still be in the top 10 and have a few extra picks, that would be the better move then taking Smith.

  3. Nah we dont need a big, accurate, mobile strong arm QB that football gurus who actually played the position and/or study film are touting as a top 10 pick. Lets stick with the old, brittle turn over machine or the non athletic, 3rd round project.

  4. Yea your right, we do need a QD that’s 6’2 but squats down to 6’0 when the pocket starts to close in on him, let’s take him at 4 because of a good pro day even though all these football gurus had him at the end of the first round only a week ago, your right daggolden, what was I thinking.

    1. You were thinking even a late 1st round pick is better than a 3rd round non athletic project or old beat up turnover machine. You were thinking what would benefit my team the #1 Qb in the draft or the 8th Qb taken in last years draft. What you were thinking was wow Geno Smith had 42 tds and 6 ints and a 70 % comp percentage.

      1. If the Eagles take a QB in this draft its gonna be E.J Manual! He was Kellys guy when he was in HS, nothing has changed since in Kellys eyes to not take him in the 2nd or 3rd

    1. Songs, what are they saying on your Redskin chat boards about RG3’s knee? You think you guys can make the playoffs with Cousins?

  5. Eagles Trade QB Vick & WR Avant to the Raiders for the #3 Pick
    Eagles Trade QB Foles & TE C Harbor to the Bills for their 2nd Rounder (#40 Overall) and a 4th Round PIck in 2014
    Eagles Trade Trent Cole & Jamar Cheney to the Colts for their 4th Round (#115 Overall)
    Eagles Trade Nate Allen and their 7th Round Pick (#200 Overall) to the Panthers for their 6th Round (#170th PIck)

    Now the Eagles have the Following Picks
    #3,#4, 36th, 40th, 68th, 100th,115th, 132nd,164th,170th & 215th

    Picks go a little something like this
    #3 Overall – OT Eric Fisher ( Western Michigan – 6-7 315lbs)
    #4 Overall – QB Geno Smith (WVU 6-3 230lbs)
    #36 Overall – Safety Jonathon Cyprien (Fla Int’l – 6-0 217lbs)
    #40 Overall – Guard Larry Warmack (Kentucky 6-3 324lbs)
    #68 Overall – DT Brandon Williams (Missouri Southern State 6-1 335lbs)
    #100 Overall – ILB Kiko Alonso (Oregon 6-3 240lbs)
    #115 Overall – CB Leon McFadden (San Diego State 5-10 195lbs)
    #132 Overall – WR Chris Harper (Kansas 6-1 229lbs)
    #164 Overall – WR Connor Vernon (Duke 6-0 196lbs)
    #170 Overall – DE William Gholston (Mich State 6-6 280lbs)
    #215 Overall – Center Matt Stankiewitch (Penn State 6-3 302lbs)

    Go Birds..

    1. somebody call an ambulance paul fell in the shower and hit his head. al davis is gone and i don’t even think al davis would make that move. there is no reason to trade out of the top three anymore — there is a rookie wage scale.

    2. Why in the hell would the Raiders give up the 3rd overall pick for an aging and declining QB who is extremely turnover and injury prone? You can’t be serious?

      1. The Same Reason that the Eagles Project him as their Starter in 2013
        The Raiders have fallen behind the Bronco’s & Chief’s big time and need sonme excitement and hope in Oakland.. Vick can be that man for them..
        Plus I have nothing else to do today but to come up with Trade Alerts

  6. Your right HAC, But Al Davis’s Son (Whose name escapes me) is more Crazy tham his Dad was… Just some Wishful Dreaming on my part, but I needed to get another Mock Draft out since It’s been 4-5 Days since my last one and I was starting to get the shakes… Ha..

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