Evaluating The Eagles’ Free Agent Signings

connor barConnor Barwin

What I Like: The Eagles needed to get some linebackers that were suited to play the 3-4, and Barwin is a guy who not only can play in this system, but he’s actually thrived in it under Wade Phillips in Houston. Two years ago, the former Texan had 11.5 sacks. That number dropped to 3.5 last season, but part of the reason for the decline was because his position and role on the defense changed. He’ll return to his natural position as the rush linebacker in Philadelphia. I also like the fact that he’s played with DeMeco Ryans before.

What I Don’t Like: There’s not really anything that I dislike about the Barwin signing. He’s a complete player with good size and good speed, he’s in his prime.

Overall: Barwin should step in right away, and make an immediate impact on defense.

Cary Williams

What I Like: Williams is going to be a sight for sore eyes in terms of tackling; the former Raven is as good tackler as a you could hope a cornerback to be. He missed just three tackles out of a possible 75 year ago. Compare that to Nnamdi Asomugha, who missed more than 20 tackles in two years with the Eagles. He’s mentally tough, and plays aggressive and physical.

What I Don’t Like: With his lack of size and elite speed, can he really be counted to shutdown elite receivers in this division like Dez Bryant, Victor Cruz, and Hakeem Nicks that the Eagles will face twice a year?

Overall: A lot of people are excited about the Williams signing, but I wonder whether or not some people are getting a little carried away. Williams is a legitimate NFL starter, and there’s no doubt he’ll be an upgrade over what the Eagles got from Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie…but don’t expect this guy to be a shutdown corner. He’s going to get burned from time to time, and he’s going to frustrate fans by taking a dumb penalty every now then. But all that being said, there’s no question that he’s an instant upgrade at the position.

Kenny Phillips

What I Like: If Phillips is healthy, he could be a difference-maker on this defense. When he’s on the field, he finds his way to the football and creates turnovers. He has eight career interceptions and three fumble recoveries.

What I Don’t Like: Phillips has battled knee problems throughout his career, and played in just seven games last season. If the Eagles decide to count on him as one of the answers to the safety position, they could easily find themselves forced to put Nate Allen or Kurt Coleman back in the lineup if Phillips’ knee isn’t healthy or acts up at any time.

Overall: The potential is there for Kenny Phillips to make a positive impact on this team, but he’s one of those guys who is always going to have the word “if” hovering over his name. There’s a reason he couldn’t command anything better than a one-year deal on the open market even though he’s only 26. As easily as he could give the Eagles a good season, he could also give them nothing. Still, its a low-risk, high reward deal, I just hope the Eagles add at least one more player to the safety mix.

Bradley Fletcher

What I Like: A couple of years ago, he looked like he could be a player on the rise out in St. Louis. He’s got decent size, and had a season where he intercepted four passes a couple of years ago. He’s a guy who might not have been on many teams’ radar screens, but could really flourish with a fresh start.

What I Don’t Like: If the Eagles count on him to be a solution as a starting corner, it could backfire. They need to bring some additional depth to the position in case Fletcher doesn’t work out. If they just hand him the job and expect him to succeed and he proves he’s not up to the task, teams will look forward to abusing him every week. We’ve seen this organization hang young players such as Casey Matthews out to dry in the past, so I hope that they have a Plan B and C in place in case Fletcher isn’t the guy they think he is.

Overall: Solid low-risk signing. If Fletcher can get himself back on track, he could potentially be an answer as one of the team’s starting cornerbacks. Right now, he’s probably going to end up starting opposite of Cary Williams. Maybe former third-round pick Curtis Marsh steps up and challenges him, or maybe the Eagles draft someone else that can push for a starting role. Worst case scenario, he adds decent depth to one of the thinnest positions on the team.

Isaac Sopoaga

What I Like: The Eagles went out and got a proven nose tackle, filling an important hole on their defense. Sopoaga is an experienced veteran who has been on some good teams, and he could be a valuable leader in the locker room.

What I Don’t Like: Sopoaga can play the position, but he’s far from a game-changer. He isn’t a guy that’s going to be a disruptive force.

Overall: Sopoaga is probably just a one-year stopgap at the nose tackle spot. He’ll fill the role for a year until the Eagles can get someone better.

Patrick Chung

What I Like: Even though Chung fell out of favor with the Patriots, he has at least one really strong season under his belt. This year came in 2010, when Chung had 96 tackles and three interceptions. He’s fallen off since then, but at least the potential is there for him to give the Eagles some kind of production. He’s also got a reputation for physical play, something that has been missing from the safety position in Philadelphia since the departure of Brian Dawkins.

What I Don’t Like: Chung has had his share of struggles in coverage, and is occasionally out of position against the run. He has also been a little injury-prone over the last couple of seasons.

Overall: He’s better than Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen. Although he’s had some problems the last couple of years, he still has some upside, and it’ll be great to see a fresh face get a shot at safety.

James Casey

What I Like: Casey’s versatility should serve this offense well. He’s a guy who hasn’t hit his ceiling yet as a receiver, and if Chip Kelly is the offensive genius he’s supposed to be, he should be able to make good use of Casey’s talents.

What I Don’t Like: The Eagles needed to improve their depth at the tight end position, and while Casey will contribute offensively, I don’t know that he’s the upgrade people were looking for.

Overall: He’s a welcome addition, and could potentially save the Eagles two roster spots…the Eagles could decide to keep just Casey and Brent Celek as their tight ends, and also use the former Texan as their primary fullback, replacing Stanley Havili.

Jason Phillips

What I Like: Phillips is another linebacker with 3-4 experience, and can play special teams.

Overall: Low-key signing that adds some depth to the roster. Probable replacement for Akeem Jordan.

Final Thoughts

I like what the Eagles have done so far in free agency. In just a couple of days, they managed to go out and add six potential starters on defense, they rebuilt their secondary from the ground up, added a difference-making linebacker, got themselves a true nose tackle, and found a nice role player on offense.

They have a legitimate pass rushing 3-4 linebacker that should help out right away. The secondary that was painfully soft a year ago is now made up of a group of guys that for the most part have come from winning organizations, and have reputations for being physical players.

However, that being said, I think it’s important to keep these moves in perspective. These moves make the team better…but I don’t know that the improvement that we’ll see from having these players on the roster will be enough to make the Eagles a good team.

Of the moves that the Eagles made, Connor Barwin is the only signing that I’m completely in love with. I believe he’ll be a great fit, and he’ll be a player on this defense for years to come.

As for the rest of the signees…while there’s certainly plenty to like about them, I think there’s a limit to how much better they can make this team. While the secondary may be rebuilt and better than they were, there’s still a lot of questions about this group and I don’t know that any of the four guys that they signed represent long-term solutions. I think a lot of people are excited because they’re going to see four guys that aren’t named Asomugha, Rodgers-Cromartie, Allen, or Coleman take the field on Opening Day. However, Cary Williams is a good but not great corner, Bradley Fletcher is really an unknown, Patrick Chung has issues in coverage, and Kenny Phillips has issues staying on the field. A year from now, the Eagles could easily be looking for two or even three upgrades in their defensive backfield again.

Another to thing to question about this group is that you have a lot of guys coming off of bad seasons. As much as I like the Barwin signing, he did see his sack total drop significantly last season from what it was in 2011. Kenny Phillips played just seven games. Patrick Chung did not have a good year for the Patriots. Isaac Sopoaga didn’t set the world on fire for the 49ers. Bradley Fletcher fell out of favor with the Rams. There’s a reason that some of these players were let go by their respective teams, and that they came here on mostly team-friendly contracts.

The best compliment I can give to this free agent class is that most of the guys that have been added come from winning organizations, and could help change the attitude of this locker room. I think these players that Howie Roseman and Tom Gamble have brought in can help make the Eagles a much tougher team than they were a year ago, but just because they’re a tougher group than they were before doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to translate into a dramatic improvement in the win column.

Give the Eagles credit for addressing a number of needs on defense, and for doing it by getting a number of character guys on good contracts. Expect the team to be better because of these moves, but don’t look at these moves and put the Eagles back in the playoff hunt.

249 thoughts on “Evaluating The Eagles’ Free Agent Signings

  1. Great reticle Denny. I think James Casey will prove to be the best signing of them all.

    What people need to realize is that these signings instantly make us better but to expect anything more is not realistic. We were 4-12 last year and we’ve now officially entered a rebuilding period with new coaches and a new defensive scheme. I think they are absolutely headed in the right direction. Theyve aet themselves up to have a great draft. Now we just gotta find a QB.

  2. Barwin Good.

    The rest? I dunno. I am glad the birds are not signing any expensive guys that will hurt the team long term. Most these signings are of young cheap guys (though still don’t get 4 mill/yr for Casey)

    But I have a hard time seeing what they bring that draft choices wouldn’t have. Seem to be just stop-gap players. Improvement from what was there before, but what’s the point in marginal improvement?


    Again…if we roll into the season with Vick at the helm of a squad of Patrick Chung and James Caseys to a 8-8 record I’m going to be pretty annoyed.

    Better to roll to anothr 4-12 with rooks and another round of high draft picks next year.

    1. So you want to finish 4-12 which would mean after everything we’ve done, we didn’t make any progress? Finishing 8-8 would be a step in the right direction for a rebuilding year. We’re not going to go from 4-12 to Super Bowl contender in one year. You guys need to tailor your expectations.

  3. Its a good young crop. It changes the locker room. Hardly anyone that played in philly last year is promised anything now. I love love love the Casey signing… as far as draft goes….. i still think they could really use a guy like Millner. Im not sold on our secondary at all.

    1. Stevo- you really think the birds should go Defense again with high draft picks? That is all they have drafting the last 3 years.
      2 – trade up 1st round draft picks ( Cox, Graham)
      4 – 2nd round draft picks ( Kendricks, Curry Jarrett, Allen)
      2 – 3rd round draft picks ( Marsh, Te’o-Nesheim)
      plus 7 of the 8 Free Agent signings defense this year.
      They only made 2 offensive draft pick early the last 3 years ( Watkins, Foles) Time to go offense and often — more points, more points, more touchdowns

      1. most of those guys arent even here anymore. In the draft i would like to see them get a CB, RT, SS early and take best players after that.

  4. Love the Barwin and James signing. But the secondary signings are a big question mark. The Eagles continue to go after guys who have talent, but are injury prone and have fallen out of favor with there previous teams. Sure Phillips might workout, but that’s a big if. Can’t rely on him. And same goes with Fletcher. I like Cary Williams and think he is a solid upgrade. But i felt that there were other free agent DB’s on the open market that are better players. But I’m sure they got Williams at a bargin. I really don’t mind going after players that you can get for cheap and hope your able to reserect there career, but this seems to be the nature of the Eagles. Always going half ass and hoping to find a diamond in the ruff.

  5. I look at it like this every change they made was an upgrade from last year. So depending if these guys can stay healthy and gel together. This D should at least be tough. As far as saying Cary Williams is not a shut down corner, well those guys don’t come along to often. I think Williams can be more along the lines of a sheldon brown type corner. Good and physical, say what you want I bet we all miss Sheldon these days LOL.

  6. What CB doesn’t get burned once in a while, stay aggressive and hit and tackle
    The Receivers often enough and soon they will drop passes, fumble or give up on routes. The Eagles Secondary has been so passive the last few years
    That mate and Receivers were not afraid to cross the middle or fight for the ball
    Now with this group (on paper anyways) at least opposing Receiever will have to think about the hits that are coming and that’s a start for me..
    I believe they a draft a CB & Safety both within the first 4 Rounds in addition to who they currently have on the Roster

  7. Collectively, I like want they have done with Free-Agency
    I wasn’t expecting nor did I even want the “big names” who generally get over paid and under-perform as we have seen with the splurge of big names signed in 2011 and as we have with other Teams in the past..
    Bring in hungry, physically tough, and fundamentally sound Players and them Coach them up and have Schemes that best utilize their strength’s
    I listed before Free-Agency that the Eagles would pursue the Casey, Barwin, Soapaga and K Phillips signings as good Players who fill a need and who are tough and good Lockeroom guys.. I am more positive about the Eagles rebuilding process than I was a week ago.. Still need to add an OT
    Then can Focus the Draft on Best Player available to strengthen the Roster and raise the Level of Competition at all Positions

    1. I think Connor Barwin is ok, and just ok, because he isn’t all that, We still need more speed and talent coming off the edge in that 3-4. What do we do if he gets hurt? Count on Brandon Graham? I don’t think so.

      The other free agents I’m in wait and see mode, Forget all the speculation, I want to see how they play for us.Although I do think James Casey, will be the most valuable pick up.

      Now I need Sebastian Vollmer signed as our RT, and Andre Smith, as our RG.

  8. We don’t need Smith. Vollmer is who we need. Slide Herramans to his natural guard position and were good to go. Can you imagine how the Eagles will perform when the players we have stick to there natural positions and not have to play in something there uncomfortable playing? Ya that’s right, IMPROVED PERFORMANCE! And could you imagine how the secondary will look if the front line can get pressure off the edge and create forced throws? Ya that’s right, TURNOVERS! I can see it

    1. I like Vollmer or Eric Winston and then Draft Guard Cooper, Warmack if the Eagles can trade back a few spots or Draft Warmack in the 2nd Round
      I can’t understand why most fans think Herremans is a lock for a Starter Spot (whether it’s OT or Guard), his body has been breaking down the last few seasons and I see him as a solid back-up at best anymore..

      1. We don’t need to draft Warmack, or Cooper. They could trade down, and draft DJ Fluker, who I think will be the better pro, to back up Andre Smith, and Larry Warford in the 2nd to back up Herramans, Brian Schwenke, to back up Jason Kelce, and Terron Armstead, to back up Vollmer…..Now thats what I call depth!!!

        1. DJ Fluker would not be good in Kelly’s up tempo scheme whether at OT or Guard, he’s not quick enoug.. He would make a great guard for a heavy pound the ball type of Offense, but we won’t see that in Philly under Kelly..

          1. Now Kyle Long from Oregon who played OT in College would be a better option at Guard for Kelly’s System than Zfluker or Free-agent Andre Smith, for these guys are narginally conditioned and would struggle with pace at which Eagles will play at..
            Kyle Long is used to this Style/Tempo

          2. You said the same thing about Kelechi Osemele last year, and you were wrong Paul, Its always about talent, and Fluker would fit just fine in his system. Even more so, because you don’t know what that system would entail exactly.

            Kyle Long, isn’t half as talented as DJ Fluker, or Larry Warford, and I wouldn’t compromise quality just because Kelly is partial to his former players; Those players, may not prove to be pro caliber players, when it comes time to put up, or shut up in the NFL. His system can’t hide their shortcomings

            He is a run first Coach, so in order for him to do that it the NFL, he better have a line that is in shape, and can pound the ball.

            Can you guarantee that his system wouldn’t keep Andre Smith, Fluker, or Warford in shape? Or even Peters, Herremanns, or Kelce?
            I think your wrong again on what the Eagles need on the Offensive Line. I don’t want any mediocrity on this team.

    2. We need better Guard domination up front. Andre Smith, at 6-4 336 lbs, is not a tackle, he is a guard, and would do a much better job than Danny Watkins, or Evan Mathis.

      Playing Herremans at guard is fine, but you have to sure up the right side of the line first. Both of those guys are the best on the market, and just in case they do draft some lineman, they don’t have to rush them into starting, because you already have talent, and experience in front of them, that they can learn behind.

  9. We all know that the draft is where you get your beast from. They did good in free agency I mean they needed to upgrade the talent, and they did. Now it’s time for gamble to really put his stamp on it and get that talent out the draft. It’s time for the draft class to from last year to step up and become prime time players. Cox, Kendricks, and boykins it’s time to play big boy ball. If those three guys can take that next step, that will really make our defense good. Especially Cox, he really needs to be even better than last year. Cause all kinds of havoc up front.

  10. A lot of people are going to disagree and get at me for this one, but I personally feel we can compete this upcoming season. Like Diddy said, what if Cox, Kendricks, and Boykin (Rookies who all showed great promise) all break out and become monsters? That will really help out us out tremendously, especially with what these promising FA additions are going to bring to the table as well. Go ahead and have a great draft along with everything and were now were really talkin..

    A lot of people are going to disagree with me on this one also, but this will be the year Mike Vick breaks out..Yea I know you have all heard that before and BLah bLah blah…Behind a good Oline, with Chip Kelly running his skills, and him putting in hella work this whole offseason is going to really make this man flourish.. I’m not saying 30+ tds either… I’m Sayin around this range of 15-22 tds, and 6-9 ints with 5-7 rushing tds. The gameplan this season is really going to benefit him with Shady and Bryce pounding it on everyones ass..

    Could be my fanhood talkin though…

    1. CT, compete for what, a top 5-10 pick? If you think they can compete for a playoff spot, you need to get your head examined! They are rebuilding, changing schemes on both sides of the ball, have NO QB, an O,line that still needs to be rebuilt, just signed minor upgrades, with many ????’s, & have a severely suspect coaching staff, & not to mention, we haven’t drafted yet! “This will be the year Mike Vick breaks out..” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How can you make such imbecilic, delusional, statements, coming off of an abortion of a season, with as of now, have only made, minor upgraded, wholesale changes, with many ????’s We still have NO O-line! This is a rebuilding, throw away year, nothing more! That’s why bringing back Vick, is so stupid, frustrating & mind boggling!
      Dude, there’s a difference between your fanhood talking & delusions of grandeur!

        1. So, I guess you’re another goofball, in LaLa land? No I’m not Nostradamus, but I have a brain & 2 eyes, that actually works, so if either of you, think they will contend for anything next year, you’re F^#@ING imbeciles!!!!

  11. Signing Barwin gives them an experiences OLB who is primarily a Oass-Rusher and allows the Eagles to possibly Draft a Jordan, or Ezekial Andah to help develop and then have 2 outside Pass rushing threats from the 3-4 Scheme
    (Similar to what Broncos had with both Von Miller and Dumervil)

    1. @Paul – I said he was ok. He’ll serve his purpose, but my point is, if he gets hurt, what is plan 2? You will HAVE to draft 2, or 3 OLB’s to play in that 3-4.

      Trent Cole, and Brandon Graham are not going to get it!!! Ansah, Jamie Collins, and or maybe Dion Jordan – who BTW, I am moving further away from more each day – have to be drafted by the Eagles, or they are making a mistake thinking they are going to dominate with Graham, and Barwin coming of the edge, and in coverage.

      They need more NT/DT help up front. Issac Sopoaga, is a reserve role player; so he will be on the field temporarily. Brandon Williams, 6-2 343lbs, or a Dontari Hughes, 6-5 352lbs, would be players I would have on my radar in the draft. This would make for a nice rotation of DT’s

      We still don’t have anybody behind Cox, and Thornton. Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotululeui, or perhaps, a player like Haloti Ngata, is released, or waived during traning camp? There are still needs.

        1. Barwin is the Strongside Outside Linebacker. The rush OLB should be Ziggy Ansah, and one of our ILB’s should be able to drop into coverage as well as rush the QB, my choices are Jamie Collins, and or Sio Moore – who I still say would make an All Pro Strong Safety someday…..

          You also need a future solution for when Demeco Ryans moves on. Do your research on Ty Powell of Harding University 6-4 254lbs
          4.59 40……..

  12. I was not sold on Boykin but do think he was MJ’s-cast as a slot CB and think his best spot is playing as a outside CB where he can utilize his strengths which are Speed and Ball Gawking Skills that he displayed while College.
    He is too small and lacks physicality to pkay the slot where he gets lost across the middle of the field.. Shift him as outside CB and then I think he has a chance to shine, but nomt as a slot CB

  13. Good analysis as always gm cliff, I don’t think the eagles staff knows how these signings pan out, Casey though seems to be the best pick up

    The more telling move is what they do with the fourth pick, take smith, a mistake in my view, I would take on of the three o linemen, trade down, or draft the big guy from Oregon, I would not draft the Philly kid, nor the cornerback from Bama

    Shore up the oline, build around nick foles

  14. But I’ll bet any one here the eagles first pick of the draft will be geno smith, maybe move up to get him

  15. Dcar, go easy on ct he said it was just his fandom speaking , it’s Sunday morning, show some charity my friend

  16. just because the Eagles didn’t spend Mike Wallace or Nnamdi Asomugha money doesn’t mean they didn’t over spend on the players they did sign —- the Eagles massively over spent for James Casey by 2 million a year — James Casey is not a 4 million a year player LOL – giving him that kind of money is insane. The Eagles are paying DJax 9 million, Shady 5 million, Maclin 4.5 million, Celek 4.5 million now Casey 4 million ——– that is 27 Million for one football not including the QB who is going to get 5-10 QB runs a game now —- DJax,Shady,Celek,Maclin,Casey are all also below average blockers — the average NFL teams runs 63 plays a game, since the Eagles weren’t a big play offense last year they ran more plays than average. If Casey is getting paid to make plays, then who is he taking the ball away from? More QB runs and more James Casey plays then whose play load is being reduced? ( DJax, Maclin, Shady, Celek) who would rather have Casey take the ball out of the hands of ( DJax, Maclin, Shady, Celek) ? I don’t get the signing or understand the James Casey signing.

    1. Why do you care what they spend on a player? Have the eagles ever not been able to sign someone due to cap constraints? Simple answer.. NO. You pay James Casey to make sure you get him, if in fact, that’s who you target.

  17. James Casey was the best signing of this Class in my opinion and has legitimate Pro-Bowl potential. He will be listed as FB and replace Havilli
    And be on the field for 40-45 Snaps a game as FB, HB & in Double TE Sets
    And will be a very valuable, versatile asset in Kelly’s fast tempo offense
    I see him with about 45-50 Receptions, 4-5 TD’s but the key is he will be an excellent blocker in pass protection as well a lead blocker on running plays and a nice sized red-zone threat and target with his size, hands, & toughness that they lack from the WR position and is more athletic and quicker than Celek for the tighter field once in the red-zone. A great pick-up

      1. Casey becomes the best overall Blocker in the Backfield out of the current RB, FB & TE’s on the Eagles Roster and it’s not even close as this has been a weakness since Weaver was injured a few years back

  18. The 2 Wilcards are CB Fletcher and Safety Kenny Phillips
    Both should be 100% healthy for 2013 being a complete year removed from their knee injuries in 2011.. If these 2 Players are 100% Ready, then this will be a very good Free-Agent Class, if not, then the Eagles still will have issues
    In their Secondary and will need to Draft at these Positions within the first 4 Rounds.. Chung is a 3rd Safety and Special Teamer in my opinion

    1. They brought Chung in to start right away, not to be a special teamer. Think before you type. He had a down year as a starting safety for the NE Patriots last yr. The Eagles say its an open competition but they expect Chung to start at Safety and the way his contract is reveals that hes not just a 1yr and done here in Philly and that they expect to go into the future with Chung. Will it all work out? That remains to be seen. But to call him a player that will come off the bench and is merely a special teamer is ridiculous.

      1. Chung is a major liability in Pass Coverage JH which is why he fell out of favor and was demoted by the Pats, yes be has a relationship with Coach Kelly, but he will have to compete for Starters Time
        As of Today Kenny Phillps is Stsrting Strong Safety and Nate Allen will be the Starting Free Safety.. Chung/colt Anderson will be back-ups and pushed by whoever else they Draft At Safety

  19. I don’t think Geno will get pass two teams that need quarterbacks. His pro day and his 40 time at the combine made him this years workout warrior. The eagles will have to make a deal with kc to get him.

  20. Once again you build thru the draft, these free agent pickups were necessary they filled voids. They didn’t go out and pick up bums, they picked up football players. Guys that have helped their former teams win big games for the most part. Now about the offensive line actually we only need one other starter on the O-line. Along with much needed depth, we do need a quarterback tho now that we can’t get around. I personally believe we have that man (Nick Foles). But he will never get the chance to play here because of kelly’s system.

  21. Why no article on no more lehigh

    You are seeing a vastly different eagles team, approach, Lurie said as as long as Reid was the coach, the eagles will be at lehigh

    Reid loved going to camp, had players under control, now th players will drive home to cherry hill, etc, there will be loss of community, for as much as its more convenient to be in Philly, there will be a loss in other, perhaps more important areas

    And there will be even more secrecy , less transparency, this was chip Kelly’s decision, yet another misfire

    On balance there’s not a lot to like about the eagles, Roseman, Kelly,

    If he blows this draft by going with smith the house is gonna fall on him, hard

  22. Jake they are taking away from the fans who enjoyed going up. The fans who would make a day of it. But for the players it really doesn’t matter. I have family in baltimore, and my cousins tell me the ravens don’t even go to a camp. And you see what that got them, it comes down to the coaching and the talent. Not where they have camp at.

  23. I can’t say i don’t agree with you Jakedog. I was thinking the same thing. There most definetly will be some sort of disconnect. And the reality is that the Eagles will most likely try to grab Geno Smith. I can’t say I’m bothered by it, but i do very much like Nick Foles and feel he is our future. But not in Kelly’s O

      1. I couldn’t disagree with you more E0S, my friend. I think Foles is our QB of the future, and won’t be surprised if he proves that this year in Kelly’s system.

        I believe him when he says he wants to coach Nick Foles, but some are speculating, and reading too much into the fact that he will be implementing the Oregon College style offense, He can’t if he wants to be a successful NFL Coach, and I believe Foles will be his QB of the future, after Vick gets his opportunity, and he becomes acquainted with what he needs to do in this offense……..Tom Brady does the same thing, with no speed.

        And I also disagree with your assessment of Foles arm strength. He has a very strong arm; not as strong as Vicks, but strong enough to be effective.

              1. Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton, Josh Freeman, Colin Kaepernick,
                Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, Mike Vick and possibly Romo and RGIII all have Pure Stronger Passing Arms and length on their passes than Foles
                QB’s Bree’s,Eli Manning,Russell Wilson,Matt Ryan, Ponder and the Arizona Cards QB’s do not..

              2. Nor does Sam Bradford, and I disagree about Romo. Add the AFC QB’s – Tannahill, Sanchez, Shaub, Alex Smith, Weeden, Locker, and Terrelle Pryor.

                As he gains experience, Nick Foles arm will get stronger. We agree to disagree my friend when it comes to Nick Foles.

  24. I think the Eagles Trade down to the Bills or Jets with their 4th Pick and maybe even throw in a Trent Cole to them for their Teams 1st & 2nd Round Picks
    For Buffalo it would be the #8th & #40th Selections
    And for the Jets, it would be their #9th & #41st Selections
    The other Trade Scenario I can see happening is with the Rams who still need that OT since they decided to pass on OT Jake Long and would love to have a shot at Joeckel or Fisher and have the 16th & 22nd Picks in the 1st Round
    So maybe the Eagles can send their 4th and WR Avant to the Rans for their 16 & 22nd picks

    I would do any of the moves if I am the Eagkes and would take the Rams deal first

  25. That’s still my pick paulman, but the eagles will not go that route, you can book it, geno smith is the eagles guy, to me it should be warmack, or the other tackles, build around nick foles, who right no is way better than geno smith, and don’t give me that system bs, we heard Kelly say he builds the system around the talent, but unfortunately he either bs us on that or more likely his hands are tied.

  26. Hey paulman, apply state plays Cornell toda in baseball, should be a good game, get out, get the stink off, and watch some baseball, give me a scouting report on Cornell pitcher Brent jones

  27. Foles will not be on the Roster by 2014, he just doesn’t fit Kelly’s System right and simply not athletic enough to succeed in it in my opinion
    They may keep him around to work with him in 2013 since he was a 3rd Draft pick last year and work with him, etc,etc.. But I do not believe that Foles or Vick Re Kelly’s long-term answer at QB

    1. Agreed. Too bad. We get to watch QBs run/scramble around and get hammered for a couple more seasons. Chip Kelly with Oregon: 11 QBs in 6 seasons. With Eagles: ??? Good times.

      I see the Jets in Foles future.

    2. I have a t shirt for you when it turns out your wrong. You also said DeSean Jackson didn’t fit this team – How’d that turn out?………

      Many if not all said Vick wouldn’t be on this team – Your still whining about it….

      Foles isn’t going anywhere……..

  28. A possible Trade with Jets involving Foles, Avant and Eagles 2nd Round Pick for CB D Revis I could see happening especially if Eagles Trade down from #4
    With another Team to acquire an additional 2 Nd Rounder which Gives Roseman the flexibility to Trade one of the Away for Revis..

    1. I agree with the trade with the Jets, but it won’t include Foles. They’ll sign Kevin Kolb – idiots….

      I still think Revis is still in play for the Eagles. If so, he will be the starter on the other side of Cary Williams, not Bradley Fletcher

  29. Look defensive coordinators are game planning right now for that read option shit. Trust they will figure it out then it gets back to reading defenses and making the throws. @Eos Nick foles didn’t have problems throwing outs, he just don’t have the big arm. I admit he’s not like Vick who can flick it and it goes 60 yards with no problem. He doesn’t have that 70 yard bomb type of an arm.

  30. Pman, look I personally love your draft scenarios and I know your having fun with it. But dude you always throw in the players that are washed up thinking they will get high return. No pman nobody wants cole, tapp etc.

  31. Jets need a Pass-Rusher and would take Cole in a heartbeat as a Throw in for
    Foles & a 2nd Round Pick to Revis to sweeten the Pie so to speak.. They also need a WR besides QB,DE,LB & Safety ..(they are more of a mess than Eagles and until the move Revis they are tight in Cap $$)
    I would up the Offer and hrow in all 3 (Foles,cole,Avant) and Eagles 2nd ROund PIck (#36) for Revis for all 3 Eagles Players just do not fit the Eagles Schemes moving forward and may not even make the Eagles 53 Man Roster though they are still young and healthy enough to help some NFL Teams who have these needs

      1. 2013 will be the final Season for Cole & Avant as Eagles anyways BTC24, they just don’t fit the Eagles/Kelly’s new Schemes..
        Revis has 4 more good Seasons in him as a top level CB.. It may be worth the move ..

          1. Do you really believe that Foles is the QB of the Future for Chip Kelly and his System.. If Kelly felt that strong about him, then why keep Vick or add QB’s Rinnie and then fo spend all Day down in Morgantown checking on QB Geno Smith..
            I can see bringing in QB Dennis DIxon as a learning curve for the other QB’s and even the Recievers to help educate the other Players and help them as they all will be learning Kelly’s system and schemes together for the first time..
            But if Kelly truly felt Foles is the Future of my Team, then most of this wouldn’t have been done,,

            1. Geno Smith is a smokescreen in hopes someone will want to move up and make them a deal.

              Chip Kelly is the one who stated that he wanted Nick Foles to be his QB, all the other moves are for insurance purposes.

              I can see all of you eating your words, like you did last off season with DeSean Jackson………..

  32. Smith will be a Raider so this conversation is dumb. If Smith is worth the number 4 pick he is worth the 3rd possibly second. The Chiefs will likely make out as a team like Buffalo or Arizona may be willing to move up for smith. Who knows maybe the Rams move their 2 1st round picks and get smith then move Bradford..

    With out trades Smith is in Raiders Black and Silver. I would not move up for smith either. I would move out of four asking for a one this year and a one next year.


    Thomas Robinson – Traded to the Houston Rockets, in the middle of his rookie year for virtual NBA Garbage….I told you he was nothing special, and would be a bust….

    Jared Sullinger – Out for the season, with the same back issues I said would come into play with an NBA Schedule, and was only averaging 6 points, and 5 rebounds during the regular season. Hardly Superstar numbers, He wasa semi beast in college. that doesn’t;t always translate to the pros…..I told you he would be a bust, and somebody owes me a case of Kirin Ichiban.

    Dion Waiters – Nothing close to superstar status, and never will be. I told you he would be a bust,

    Tyler Zeller, Myers Leonard, and John Henson, all hyped by some of you, and all BUST.

    My name is GMCliff – recognize

    1. Only 3 good players a year come out — it is not hard to find fault with 20 plus first round picks per year.
      GM the 2010 & 2011 drafts produced one All-star ( Paul George -2011 Kyrie Irving )
      the 2009 draft produced 3 All-stars ( Griffen, Harden, Holliday)
      the 2008 draft produced 5 All-stars ( Rose, Westbrook, Love, Lopez, Hibbert)
      the 2007 draft produced 4 All-stars ( Durant, Horford, Noah, Marc Gasol)

      1. Your making my point E0S,

        Remember E0S. all those know it alls that, crucified me because I would not submit to the hype of these particular players, that were successes in college, but they couldn’t see that they weren’t exactly guaranteed NBA Talent. What do you fellas think of these guys now?

        They Don’t have the eye to see beyond the obvious, and how there true talent really translates to the NBA. Some still have that same problem with NFL Prospects as well. I may not be right 100%, but there are some who are worse that get paid for it. But, I am no slouch in identifying talent.

  34. Paulman, you are assuming that Kelly can and will run his Oregon offense. I think he knows that won’t cut it in he NFL – unless he plans on having 5 or 6 QBs on his team. I think he will evolve but the essence will be up tempo. If I am right, Foles can be a fit. He is tall, gets rid of the ball quickly, and made good decisions for a rookie (especially with a porous oline). In a perfect world, he would love to have a mobile Foles (Geno Smith?), but for the time being let’s take the man at his word.

    1. Thank You Dixie!! I don’t think Chip Kelly’s Offense will be designed the way that some think it will be.

      Paulman, is my ace, but we do disagree schematically at times, and this is one of them. I think Foles will be fine. He just needs some more time, experience, and seasoning.

      1. We can run any offense.

        Re-signs run-around Vick.

        I want to work with Foles.

        Signs run-around Dixon.

        Every QB will get a fair shot.

        Signs run-around Kinne.

        I don’t need a running QB.

        Private workout with the fastest run-arund QB at the combine.

        You keep on keepin’ on with the whole “I’ll take him at his word” business GM. Right now I’m leaning to actions over words as the more logical position.

        1. But Vinnie I believe that 9 is still the best QB on the roster at this moment. If Kelly is as good a coach as we are asked to believe he is…He knows this. Smith will not be available to us at 4.. we will have to move up to 2 at minimum and that is LUNACY.

          An average QB will take a great team to a Superbowl and win it. -Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer.

          A Great QB can be crushed by an average team. Dan Marino, Warren Moon.

          1. That’s true Regal but very few teams in history have win the SB with an average QB. Those that did had ELITE defenses which ours is far from.

  35. Gmcliff you are the best, I hope you are are damn right, but you are damn wrong, geno smith is the eagles quarterback

    1. You said your t-shirt should be sized extra sexy right Jake? LOL!!!

      If I am wrong – WHICH I WON’T BE WITH THE DRAFTING GENO SMITH – I will be the first to call you the man Jake.

      If not – WELCOME TO THE CLUB BABY!!!!

  36. Who was it that said that if Jared Sullinger was a bust, that they would buy me a case of my favorite Beer?…………Its time to pay up!! a Case of Kirin Ichiban Please!!!!……..and don’t ever doubt me again.

  37. OT Jake Long signs Deal with the Rams making the Rams unlikely to have to trade Up to get a Stud OT… Rams now need a WR & RB which they can sit tight with their 2 Picks (16 & #22) ..

  38. I think they draft Geno Smith, they have a bunch of guys still on this roster that don’t fit. Starting with Foles,Cole and Curry who it turns out becomes another wasted draft pick. I guess we’ll see how this all shakes out during the draft weekend.

  39. gmcliff, there’s a story on the NFL Network, that our boy Ziggy Ansah, might really be 28 years old, lied & is saying he’s 23. His agent is fighting to find the truth. That’s a huge discrepancy in age! WTF is up with that? On top of him being raw & now this, in no way do I want him now!

    1. Wasn’t Ezekial Ansah on the Jamician Bobled Team in Turin,Italy back in 2004.. I remember bumping into him at one of the Night Clubs outside the Olympic Village where he was attempting to sing David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” at Pepe’s Bar on Open Karaokie Night and Ezekial was not too good of a Singer from what I recall.. ..

  40. I don’t see the Eagles working out Matt Barkley anytime soon.

    If Chip Kelly really can “suit his offense tot he players” as he claims, then why not also look at Barkley?

    Clearly Kelly thinks there’s an issue at QB (Vick $$ reduction, 2 new signees, working out draft QBs)…..but every QB brought in or looked as is a scramblerr (and while Smith was generally a pocket guy iin college – he won’t be if brought in here)

    Nick Foles is toast around here.

    1. Barkley was never all that Vinnie, just hyped, and Philly would crucify him if he was drafted last year because the expectations would have been higher for him than it was for Foles…..and Foles still would have preformed better.

    1. BoB, it was scrolled at the bottom of the screen. I’m trying to see what’s going on. I hope it ain’t true. I like the kid, well I mean man!

  41. Here’s another thought.

    What if a player/agent refuses to come to this offense?

    I don’t think it will happen this year, but if the eagles grind through 3 QBs next season + RGIII destroyed again next season in Wsh. (he will be if continue to run same read-option) I wonder how many QBs will want to hitch their wagon to this style of O in the pros.

    Bill Barnwell wrote a good article a while back about how Kelly in the NFl represents a potential huge change…no $15mill QB, but rather 4 $3mill QBs on the team.

    We’re seeing that develop right before our eyes.

    This is an attempt at a radical transormation – (and albeit at the right time with new limits on rookie contracts – top picks become much more despensible)

    The signing of Dixon, and Vick, and Kinne and now the examination of Smith and Manuel…these are the Eagles QBs going forward, and they will be interchangable (will have to be).

    This is a coach who went through 11 QBs in 6 years and who sometimes played 3 Qbs a game.

    Don’t give me that Kinne is just a “camp body”…already had league minimum Trent Edwards as that. He is part of the transformation.

    This is an attempt at re-defining the QB position. Lurie, of course, is on board, because its what he loves. Innovation. New unis. New cheerleaders. Green stadiums. Everything new is what he wants, and that’s why he’s in love with Kelly. He wants to do everything in his power to be remembered as the great NFL innovative owneer. To be the first….at something….anything.

    My, I’m not a flavour of the month guy. I like tradition, and I have a feeling, we’re going to be sitting back watching 5-7 QBs over the next 3 years while old statues like Brees, and Brady, and Ryan, and Flacco keep playing the first Sunday in Feb.

    1. That is interesting Vinnie but the bottom line is this you better win if your going to go through QB’s that way. Kelly will be back in college by year 3 if he plays more than 4 QB’s in 2 years.

    2. I agree with that Vinny, and I’ll take it a step further…. I think Kelly will also have a second squad that uses a traditional QB and runs a fast pace spread offense. I also don’t think it will be unusual for Kelly to switch schemes during the course of the game.

      Remember that I said this in March – Pat Shurmur is here for a reason. The Eagles will shock the world by switching between two totally different offensive schemes throughout the entire season.

  42. Vinnie nailed it with that post, it explains the chip Kelly hire over a traditional, defensive hire of Bradley but for as innovative Lurie wants to be it clashes with the fan base, we are sick of gimmicks.

    And correct big, Kelly will be back to school in two, three years, and hopefully Lurie will sell, that’s our hope

    1. After Teo’s performance in the Championship game – Months ago – I realized he was exposed for not being what he was advertised to be – That’s why game tape is so important.

      I watched the Senor Bowl, and saw a potential star in Ansah, and haven’t wavered from it since.

      – He is on every Mock that I have posted since the Te’o debacle – Not 30, like Paul does with 9 different scenarios, and 15 different players at different positions…LOL!!

      I don’t see stupidity in that. If the Eagles had recognized there was flaws in their thinking, and Philosophy, and made an adjustment, before T.O, GOT SOME LINEBACKERS, AND BIGGER D-Line players – They may have won a few Superbowls….I don’t see your point E0S

  43. we sill see i guess. I gave up crying about the coach 4 days after he was hired. I am waiting to see what he does. They havent even stepped on a field yet. Im hoping Foles blows him away… but im not holding my breath.

  44. Sorry haveacigar, the nightmare is upon us, per vinnie, the evil Dr. Frankenstein, Lurie, and his sidekick Egore, Kelly, are building the disposable quarterback, all for profit, innovation.

    1. Yea that’s a shame about Westbrook already showing symptoms of memory loss he’s not even 35 right? Anyway until they hit the field I’m not to worried about what Kelly does remember Foles could actually beat out Vick if Kelly is a man of his word.

  45. Heres what I think is funny about all the QB fear…..

    How many of us for years have been begging for the eagles to run the ball?
    Now they will do it…. this HELPS the qb because he is not sitting back in the pocket 65 times a game waiting to be killed.

    But some will cry…. “but he will be running with the ball alot more and get hit more”…………………

    First I ask this question…. is it possible for a QB to be hit more than our QB was last year? Also…. Id rather have my qb running a quick option and scrammble up the middle for 4 yards than the drop back wait till they get down field 80 yards option.

    Lastly…. MY hope is that Chip Kelly will be wiser than shanahan. Shanahan put WAYYYYYY too much on the QB in washington last year. There is no reason we have to do the same. Quick reads and move. That will be the key to philly.

    1. i don’t worry that the qb will run a bunch– i have no real issue with that because i know that the threat of the run is all you need. if the RO is run correctly or should i say defensed correctly then the qb doesn’t really run much. my worry is that they may go with a 2 headed or 3 headed monster…
      but at this point it is all speculation and banter for a blog.

    2. I would use the Seattle Seahakws model as far as breaking in a Rookie QB
      Russell Wilson was asked to do very little the 1st half of last year as they ran the ball, threw short,quick outlet passes to help his confidence and to help prevent him feeling he had to win the game.. They ran the ball, controled the clock, got their OL in a nice rhtym and kept their Defense Fresh.. It was a boring Offense to watch ar first but effective and as WIlson gaines control of the Huddle,Team and his Confidence, then Seahawks began to give him more to work with and was playing as well as any QB was in the NFL over the last 4-6 games of the Season..
      This is what separates good Coaches to Great Coaches and that is the ability to build Game Plans that your Players can be succesful in and something that Andy Reid never learned how to do.. His motto was was, put the next Player in and keep the Train Roliing regardless if that Player was ready or not to succeed, Hopefully Chip Kelly is more like Pete Carroll than Andy Reid but time will tell..

  46. What I am hoping for…..

    The eagles step to the line with QB (whoever) Shady, Casey in the backfield, Jackson, Maklin, and a slot WR all out wide. The eagles see a mismatch… exploit it… strike… and quickly go no huddle. Keep beating teams down with their mismatches. Use Jackson in the backfield…. use Casey at TE, move shady in motion… exploit over and over.

    The Pats run a very limited number of plays but can run those plays from any formation. So its basically the same play from 5 different formations. I hope the Eagles can find a way to do this. Thats what I think they are going to do.

    1. we can certainly hope this is the scenario that plays out- i was hoping for that the day he signed. but the RO is his trademark and since the rest of the league is copying it why wouldn’t he run it…

  47. Foles is not beating out anyone in camp, lets just get that out of the way. He can’t run the read option and that’s going to be something Kelly implements almost immediately.

    Maybe thats the reason Kelly wants to keep Vick around one more year, because he’s not in love with any QB coming out of this draft. He is going to tailor his system to Vick’s strengths for this year and then we’ll go from there.

    The Birds are AT LEAST a year or two away from truly contending for a championship so this year is the preliminary year where Chip finds out if the system he wants to run is going to work in the NFL. If not, he’ll adapt. But for this one year, as the defense is overhauled, Chip is going to tinker with a couple things.

    This offseason and next offseason are vital to Chip’s long term success.

    1. Foles might not beat out Vick, but any of the other 5 QBs that Kelly has in camp might. Let’s face it, Vick will be an old 33 years-old next season. And he has never played in a zone/read offense. There’s no reason to think that Michael Vick will be better than EJ Manuel when you put him in a system that he never played in before.

      Don’t forget, Vick has the tiny hands too, and he likes to put the ball on the ground. Kelly hates guys to turn the ball over.

      I think it would be a mistake to think that Vick will automatically win the starting job.

      1. Irish, anybody behind Foles on the depth chart is not better than Michael Vick. Not Geno Smith, not EJ Manuel, not Matt Barkley, not Dennis Dixon, CJ Kenne, or Trent Edwards…….Vick will be the starter until if and or when, he is injured, and Foles will be his replacement.

        1. Thesee guys feel they’re better than Vick, because they don’t like him, but that doesn’t hold squat to the pot, when it comes down to actual talent performing on the field…which none of these rookies have done yet…..

    2. There is no guarantee that he’ll run the read option. I think it will look very similar to New England’s Offense.

      San Fran runs a version of the Patriots offense, but with a mobile QB, which allows them to have the read option as part of their package.

      But Chip Kelly doesn’t have to have a mobile QB to run his version of his offense – which you haven’t seen in the NFL anyway….Like it or not, – agree with it or not, – Foles is the better talent behind Vick at this time.

      1. gmcliff, Michael Vick is completely incapable of running New England’s type of offense. Why would Chip not run the read option? It’s clearly worked for teams like Washington, Seattle and San Fran. He’s going to run it. Not sure why you’re over thinking this

        1. I didn’t say he wouldn’t use it BTC Brother. I said it may not be the focal point of the entire offense, but he could use it strategically when needed.

          Defensive Coordinators, will catch on to the read option, and when they do, teams like San Francisco, Washington, and Seattle will have to go back to the drawing board. I would hope that Chip Kelly is smart enough to have more in his game plan than just purely the read option.

  48. On the positive side of things, The NFC East has no clear dominant Team
    Yes the Redskins have improved and look good with RGIII, but let’s see how he returns from Injury, Giants have issues still at OL, Secondary and have some issues at RB and even at WR depending what happens with Cruz/Nicks Contract deals.. and then we come to the Cowboys who are switching to the 4-3 Defense employed by Kiffin/Marinelli and will need a makeover of players along the DL and LB and still need Safety help and remember that they asked 6-8 Players all to restructure their Contracts to get them under the cap (Whitten,Ware,Austin,Carr,etc,etc) and this sometimes can have a negative effect on Players stating why am I taking a cut when the Front Office screwed up and overpaid player xyz.. If they get off to a rocky start, expect some angst in that locker room and especially if we all ready that the savings of Salary went to give Tony Romo a new Big Contract which could rufffle some feathers in the locker room and especially if they are not winning…
    So bottom line, Eagles can compete with these Teams in the NFC and have a shot for Playoff SPot but winning the Division outright, again, I don’t think the Eagles are anywher enear the class of the NFC which has moved West to San Francisco.Seattle, and still have very solid Clubs in Green Bay,Atlanta, NO Saints and it appears improved clubs like Tampa Bay,Vikings… but as a GM and HC, You have to build your Club first to win your Division and right now the Eagles have made the most improvements of their compeitiors in the NFC East who all have Salary Cap issues..

  49. pman. I agree 100%.. thats why im not saying this is JUST a rebuilding year. I have no expectations for us winning much but at the same time…. i really like what the eagles are doing. My hope…. is that the vets that are here are nervous and eating humble pie. One of the biggest problems ive had over the last couple of years is all the talking done by players. Just go out and play.

    The eagles D will be tougher. Im still not sold on the secondary BUT…. they all have lots to prove. Im hoping for a few more pieces to work with in the draft.

    On O- i am excited about a run game. Im excited to see the eagles work on timing and quick reads. No more bombs away… we will actually play some football and use gameplan and adjusting to what is in front of us instead of ramming our superior thinking system no matter what.

    Special teams- well… Bobby April is gone so…. we are already light years ahead of last season.

    No more doom and gloom…. its time to dream.

  50. I honestly think we should trade Cole, Graham and Curry. None really “fit” the system and I dunno if I want to wait around to find out.

    We have Barwin/Kendricks/Ryans/?????

    My guess is that they draft a stud OLB at #4, one of the many that can come out and make noise (Dion Jordan, Jarvis Jones, Ezekiel Anzah) and then we go from there.

    If we can get a 5th for Cole, a 3rd for Graham and a 3rd for Curry…..then go ahead and trade foles for a 3rd/4th — I think that will give us the ammunition that we need moving forward with this team.

    1. birdo. we have NO idea what those guys can give us. No clue at all. Maybe they will be better in a 3-4. you never know. I can see trading Cole but the other 2 stay if im the eagles.

    2. Why on earth would we trade Brandon Graham? Did you see the production he had last year when he played? Graham is going to be a beast this year.

      1. Babin had 18 sacks the year before, a lot more impressive than anything Brandon Graham did last season, and I was screaming to trade him while some were still overhyping his facade season.

        You are actually overvaluing a guy who has only had 1 good season, and ok season at that. He is nothing special…Yes trade him,. He isn’t an OLB.

    3. Curry’s game is made for the 3-4 rush OLB; Just purely rushing the QB. The others, I agree with you should be traded. I’m just tired of the same old production from mediocre players like Cole, and Graham. Get rid of them.

      1. Scouts are saying just the opposite that he cannot play LB, that is why he lasted so long in the draft. Green Bay worked him out and concluded he was a 4-3 end and that was that.

        1. He was drafted in the 2nd Round, and most scouts had him rated as a 3-4 OLB, that need more experience playing in it coming from Marshall. That’s not correct at all Biggie.

          Green Bay was just one team. The Eagles felt Brandon Graham was a 4-3 DE, but some scouts felt he was 3-4 OLB…Who was correct?….Neither because he can’t play either one.

          1. Cliff, Graham will start Curry will be moved again he cannot drop into coverage at all if he just stands up and rushes the passer then he’ll be here. Graham should have been a 3-4 OLB. That was on Andy.

              1. Vinny Curry was a rookie who was barely given playing time, he is still on a learning curve anyway, and I am confident he will get better, and be much more productive in the long run than Graham has been in his career.

  51. Stevo, I’m just going by what I see and what I hear that Chip Kelly likes. He wants a big strong defense. Graham doesn’t fit that bill. Curry has never played standing up. Cole is long in the tooth. If we go OLB with #4 or even in the second, what would be the point of keeping either of them around? We need to build this defense and acquire depth. We started through free agency and now we have to see it through with the draft. Getting a bunch of 3rd rounders would be good for this team and the competition it will entail.

  52. I don’t even think Kendricks fits as an inside LB, Curry was a wasted pick he cannot play standing up. I think Graham finally breaks out as an outside LB. Just my thoughts.

      1. gmcliff, Graham was rated as the best defensive end in the NFL on a per snap basis this past year. I’m really confused. Perhaps you’re talking about a different Graham or maybe you just don’t watch many Eagles’ games.

          1. Uh, not sure where you got that from but if you really think Brandon Graham is garbage, I honestly don’t think you actually watch the games. I assure you Graham is not going to be traded.

            1. of course he won’t be traded, he has no value. The Eagles fragile egos won’t allow themselves to be laughed at for the impending paltry return. He’ll wither into obscurity like Freddie Mitchell or Jerome McDougle. You don’t sign expensive players like Jason Babin, Connor Barwin; give generous extensions to Trent Cole; and use 2nd round high draft picks on Vinny Curry because they believe “Graham is the best defensive end in the NFL on a per snap basis ” Go try your company line propaganda somewhere else.

              1. Barwin had 11 sacks, Babin had 18 sacks the year before, that isn’t in the same category with Brandon Grahams DECENT – aka ok season –

                Barwin had 4 last year – GMCliff, would have never pursued him, because watching him play, I can see he isn’t all that, and his 11 sack season was ala Babin, was an aberration.

                Graham hasn’t had as season like either of those scrubs, so to me, it’s easy to see that you guys are in the dark, as to who can play, and who cannot.

              2. If you put Babin, Barwin, Trent Cole, or Graham into the ideal situation they will produce sacks.

                It’s no aberration that Babin had 12.5 sacks in 2010, and 18 sacks in 2011. If you put him in the same defense he’ll do it again. If you ask him to do something else (like set the edge) he will fail.

                Same thing with Barwin. Move him to the strong side for half the games and his sacks will go down.

              3. So what how do you go from an 18 sack season to a 4 sack season in the same defense, and get cut the next year?

                Aberration, or just lucky?….you choose….

              4. Barwin, had 11 sacks one year, the next year 4, and less tackles. The Texans, knew they had better talent already on the team, and aren’t crying about losing him…………..Jason Babin take 3…..click

  53. Everything I read said Cole is not going anywhere. Maybe its BS, but most people close to the Eagles are saying they want him here. OR maybe they just can’t trade him for shit so they are saying they want him here.

  54. This is what happens when guys just go on here and see people crying over and over and dont watch the games themselves. Graham was very good last year. You have to pay attention to detail boys. Did graham lead the league in sacks? no… clearly not…. but he was a bright spot on a bad team.

          1. You can’t compare Graham to JPP, a guy that carried the Giants to a superbowl championship and was in consideration for league MVP. Fact is JPP is game planned for.. double teamed and triple teamed at times. Nobody is game planning for Brandon Graham and nobody is even double teaming the guy.

            That being said, Graham did play well in that small period of time and I will give him one more shot this year to prove himself.

            1. Just saying you can’t just look at some numbers and say he outplayed him. JPP affected opposing offenses and had a bigger impact on their game plans much more than Graham did this year. And i bet those opposing offense players/coaches would agree with me. One guy is a major focal point on trying to stop all week while the other isn’t.

              1. I’m talking about last year, neither team made the playoffs so I guess it really doesn’t matter who was more effective. For what its worth with the Giants dline JPP wasn’t double and triple teamed that often.

              2. Graham, outplayed JPP?!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Come on Big!!! There’s being positive, & then there is being delusional! What about the 2 years prior, I guess they don’t count, when Graham was an injured bust, & JPP helped carry the Gnats to a SB win.
                Career stats
                JPP- 27.5 Sacks; 182 total tackles; 1 interception, 5 FF, 3 recovered; Played every game (48).
                Graham- 8.5 sacks; 55 total tackles; 4 FF, 1 recovered; 32 of 48 games played. 0 SB’s, & has been mostly a non-factor, borderline bust. So let’s not get carried away! Most of us wanted Earl Thomas, not JPP anyways, so let’s not even get into that discussion! Graham doesn’t fit, now that we have Barwin, because he will be the predator ROLB, & Graham, can’t drop into coverage. Too big & slow, & has never done so! Cole also isn’t a fit. He couldn’t do it 2 years ago, when McDermott asked him to be a hybrid predator/ joker, & did nothing but publicly bitch about it! Curry also has never done so. All should be trade bait.

              3. Take it even further, if you base Grahams stats, per average, if he didn’t miss any games, as JPP didn’t Graham would have-
                12.5 sacks; 83 tackles; 6 FF; For 48 games. So he isn’t close to JPP’s level! Just saying……

              4. Frank22, thats what I said. Read my post. LOL! He will be the ROLB, in which 90% of his responsibility is rushing the passer & containing the run. The opposite LB’s responsibility is to drop into coverage & contain in the box 90% of time, in which Graham, Cole & Curry, has never done. Also, they didn’t bring Barwin in here, at $36M+ to drop into coverage, like he did last year, where it took away his play making abilities. The Birds would be wise, to trade Cole & Graham, for draft picks, rotate Curry with Barwin, & bring in a couple more LB’s through the draft. Bring in Shaun Phillips as a stopgap, opposite Barwin.

              5. Well you did say ROLB, my bad! I’ll be willing to make a wager, friendly ofcourse, that Barwin lines up as the cover backer this year. His deal is only worth 13.5 million over three years.

              6. Frank, I don’t think anybody knows 100%, what these nimrods, on the coaching staff is going to do! But from Weaselman said, he’s playing the ROLB/ predator. So your guess is as good as mine, but, he’s way better suited as a ROLB/ predator/joker hybrid. Graham & Cole are 4-3 ends, 1 is a has-been, & 1 is a wannabe. Neither of them fit in a 3-4 scheme, & need to be traded.

        1. For whatever it’s worth about Sack Totals,
          How many Games did the Eagles have in 2012 where they actually had
          A decent lead making opponents be 1-Dimensional.. Not many if any at all.. Graham was the Best DE on the Eagles Team last year which may not be saying a who he lot, but it’s the truth and he was one of 3-4 Players on Defense (Cox, Ryan’s and Kendrick’s) who did not quit and lack it in the last half of the Season
          I strongly believe that Kendrick’s and Ryan hit a wall by early November and were on fumes that last 6 Weeks or so.. Cox started out slowly as most Rookies do and then came on and played well with little help surrounding him..
          I expect all 4 of these Pkayers to be better in 2013

    1. So that makes him untouchable. Maybe you should pay closer attention to the talent already established at his position, and come to the realization that we can do better.

      You can glorify his okay season if you want to…I’ll even congratulate him on having a better season than usual….but I still need a stronger presence at his position.

      He is an average player at best. Talk that nonsense to someone who doesn’t know any better…because it’s obvious to me that you don’t.

  55. Okay

    It was confirmed today, the last time Jeffrey Lurie attended a private work out was for one Donovan Mcnabb

    It is a certainty and a huge mistake that Lurie is directing his coach, either directly or subliminally who to draft with this high pick, the highest since Mcnabb was selected, again directed by Lurie

    More futility like we had with mcnabb. It’s all because of the owner, who will not let the best player start at quarterback because he’s white

    1. oh jakey jakey jakey… the Birds have the 4th pick and want to trade down. Only way to do it is to make people think they want this Geno. Do you think the Eagles are really going to show their hand?

      Welcome to the game my friends.

  56. The best qb on the eagles roster is foles, he’s better than geno smith, but this owner will not allow a white qb to start, he directed the mcnabb draft, he directed the kolb benching, he is now directing the drafting of smith

    Don’t give me your race bull shit, it’s what the hell is going on, this owner is a progressive, he will win only if it suits his agenda, wake up

    1. haha…. and this is where you have clearly departed reality. Last I checked… Kolb got blasted against the packers and was down for the count. and the talent thing… dont let the fact that Kolb sucked ars stand in the way of a good story. haha.

      As far as Foles goes….. settle down buttercup. He was a 3rd round pick and he has a chance to be the starter. If he really is the best qb.. he will easily win the job.

    2. I have to admit Jake, I am totally surprised that this post is coming from you, someone I have grown to respect, ……and still respect, and enjoy talking sports with.

      I don’t think that Geno Smith will be drafted by the Eagles anyway, and I don’t want him, but I would like them to draft Mike Scott, possibly in the 4th – a white QB, but a major talent to groom for the future, and I am a Black guy saying this……..

    3. jake, you ripped Songs as a racist, but you sound just as racist as he is. WTF! Why can’t all of you boneheads, look at it as football acumen, skill, IQ, & not race! Why does the f^#@ing race card, always have to be thrown out, when people don’t agree with $#!T! COME ON!!!!!!!

    4. Can you please explain why Lurie cares what color his QB is? If you know anything about business, which is essentially what this is to Lurie, you should know that it’s about production (aka money) and Lurie not playing a better player because of his race would be the absolute worst business decision ever. Lurie didn’t get to where he is by making those kind of ignorant decisions. You really screwed the pooch on that one Jakey.

  57. so… Jake…. McNabb was drafted because he was black? And then McNabb was traded because….. Lurie had a plan to hurt Kolb so Vick could start? I bet Lurie was really mad when Kolb was starting and playing well? And Foles didnt play the last game against the Giants because he was benched? did he not hurt his finger?

    I was taught to not fight with the mentally ill so…. im going to step a way now. Good luck to you kind Sir,

  58. Jake if Geno Smith is drafted 4 it won’t be because of Lurie or the fact that he’s black. I actually think if he were white he would hands down be drafted #1. With his skill set he should be a franchise QB. If Kelly really wants to run the read option he shouldn’t draft this kid because I don’t care how fast he is this kid wants to play from the pocket.

  59. Yes Stevo I agree if he is serious about doing what’s best then draft Smith and then run your fast break offense with a true pocket QB who if everything breaks down can use his legs.

  60. Aren’t you guys tired of having black Quarterbacks? Randle Cunningham, Donovan, Vick and now maybe Geno Smith. The Eagles always tease us with the white guy under center (Kolb and Foles) but once you go black you never go back I guess.

  61. I like Foles Propects to end up as a Good NFL QB, but I just don’t see
    It happening in Philly with Kelly as HC. If he sits all year, his Trade Calume goes down the tubes, if Kelly does not believe he is the QB of the Future
    Then they should trade/package him during this Draft Year to get maximum return For him.. and Only Kelly knows this answer at this time so time will tell
    On a ball control offense where it’s a 55-45 Run to Pass ratio, I think he can be effective, but I do not think has the skill set to drop back and pass 35 + times per game in a fast paced, sone variation of a RO type of Offense that Kelly most likely employ moving forward..

  62. I am not stating what I prefer in this context, I have been closely following Lurie for years, it’s obviously an inference I have drawn, and it’s a strong one, if you can’t deal with it, and I expect many here can’t because it destroys your perspective on reality, skip over the post as from the fingers of a lunatic, but the facts and the strong inferences speak otherwise

    1. How have you been following him? He rarely speaks. Do you know him? He lets his coaches lead. Do you think Andy Reid would let ANYONE tell him what to do? Did the man NOT get a new deal hours after being fired? And that is after 5 years of bad football.

      Do you think Chip Kelly takes the Eagles job if Lurie tells him who the qb is? Be real.

      I think its funny that everyone was thinking that the new coach would be told he had to agree to Foles being the starter…. and no…. Jakedog says its anyone BUT foles.

      Jake, I respect your posts but you are out to lunch on this one. There is nothing to suggest that any of what you say on this topic has any truth to it. Its like one of those Pman trade alerts

      1. the local sports franchise owners are protected in the Media. Probably for good reason with the over zealous Philly fans. Lurie has 2 children who are kept far away from any public view yet are around at the same time. The Phillies owners identity is not discussed. Lurie is purposely presented as aloof and impassive toward the eagles which reasonable people can conclude is nonsense since he shows up to every practice, game and league event.

  63. @gmcliff, you are one of the most knowledgable, unbiased posters on this site, keep up the good work, peace

  64. @Dcar good stuff on the comparison with Graham and JPP. Again I was just talking about last year and you mean to tell me Eli wasn’t the guy who lead the Giants to the Super Bowl victory that’s just crazy talk. LOL I get your point career wise these is nothing to compare. Let’s see where they both end up.

  65. I stated a couple of times that 2011 was a lost Year for Graham after having the late 2010 Season Knee Injury (December) and subsequent Surgery.. He would have been better served to sit out and be placed on the PUP for the 2011 Season to regain his confidence and strength.. so to me, he’s only been healthy for 1 & 1/2 Seasons as a Pro so far and I am giving him this 2013 Season to shine as a NFL Player and Eagle..
    By the way, ask anyone who watches the Giants on a regular basis will tell you that last Season,that JPP really disappeared the final half of 2012 and was disappointing to most.. Maybe the headlines got to him, or he was worn down or what, but he was no where near the same Player as he was in 2011

  66. ***76er News**
    Center Andrew Bynum to finally have Surgery ending any hope of seeing the Court this Year for the 76ers.. I believe I stated back in October that Bynum would not play a single game for the 76ers.. Sorry JH.. but I was right again about this POS Bynum.. I also stated that he will not remain a 76er and will move on to the NY Knicks or Brooklyn Nets for that’s where he’s wanted to Play the entire time.. Good Riddance (any Poor Acquisition by a Philly Team)

    1. He played well his first year and when given the chance last year he shined. He didnt fit the system last year….. the system is gone.

        1. When a team is losing….. you have to break down what each player is doing and look for players that are doing their jobs well. This is the reason losing teams dont release every single player at the end of the season. Whoever is doing their job well…. and giving the effort needed is allowed to stay. Whoever is hurting the team (or giving up) usually leaves. That is why guys like Andy are gone. Thats why guys like Nnamdi and DRC are gone. Graham played well. You can say what you want but its true.

          To go by your logic…… we have the worst kicker in the game. The worst RB in the game. The worst WR in the game. The worst waterboy in the game. and so on.

  67. I don’t think Jeff Lurie cares what color the Eagles QB is… In general, I don’t think too many people care. But on this website it seems to be a hot topic. I know that many people on this site think you are a racist if you are at all critical of Mike Vick.

    I get around town quit a bit and I get the sense that most Philadelphia fans don’t even consider the color of the Eagles QB – it means nothing to them.

  68. Hey dcar, stfu, I don’t get involved with your battles, don’t get involved in mine, experience taught me the fool who gets involved as a third party gets his ass beaten, you dig?

    I have my opinion on things like others, some of you are so mamby pussy types you can’t take an opinion given based on strong inferential evidence, and I will speak the truth

    Jeff Lurie will draft geno smith because he’s black, that has nothing to do with what i think of the decision, nor does it reflect on me personally when I correctly predict thus, all you douche bags can smell my balls

    1. Jake, nobody has ever beaten this @$$, so that’s a non-factor in this discussion, in my thinking, nor do I fear whatsoever. So don’t suggest such an asinine thing. YOU DIG?!? But when you state ill-advised, non-factual statements, with no proof, nor anything to back up your comments, they are nothing but your skewed opinions. In Songs case, all of his prior posts, prove you where right, but you have no evidence to prove you are correct, in Luries case, but your hate for him! I can’t stand the dude either, but you’re wrong here, my man! As for getting involved in your battles, when you make dumb comments, on a blog board, you set yourself up for criticism & rebuttals. Let’s keep it as discussion, not childish, stupidity, & wannabe d!@k measuring!

      1. BTW, you should know better than to include me as a mamby type, when you know I rip everything, & everyone accordingly. I call a spade a spade, including Songs, Jon Hart, Schiller, Navy, Vinnie, etc, etc. I’m the brutally honest one on here, so you should know better than that.

  69. Geno smith should be the pick.. Hes moving up draft board and if hes there at 4 we should take him. However, I would not advocate moving up to draft him, The eagles need every single draft pick they have in the first 4 rounds.

  70. We already have our QB, we need to rebuild the defense……..None of the guys brought in are guaranteed to make an impact……..

    Geno Smith isn’t worth a top 5 pick, but will go in the top 10 out of sure need because he is rated the best in this years draft, But don’t confuse that with Franchise QB……….

  71. We already have our QB, we need to rebuild the defense……..None of the guys brought in are guaranteed to make an impact……..

    Geno Smith isn’t worth a top 5 pick, but will go in the top 10 out of sure need because he is rated the best in this years draft, But don’t confuse that with Franchise QB……….

  72. Good wisdom gmcliff, but you are incorrect, lurie wants geno Smith

    Nick foles was Andy’s pick, not tbe franchise qb lurie covets

    I have stated this ad naseum, been attacked as a racist for expressing the ownerships clear preference, well when I am right the detractors can smell my balls

    Hey gm, I will have a shirt made for you my friend when I am right, “I smelled jakedog’s balls “, lol

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