Andy Reid Isn’t Showing His Hand Yet With The First Pick

GenoSmith7Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid knows he’s got the best hand in the NFL draft, so he knows at some point, teams are going to start calling him to see what it will take to get the first pick in the draft.  I don’t think he has any intention of taking West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, but he’s leaving that door open to make teams who want Smith sweat.

According to Tim McManus of  Reid says he’s got between 8 and 10 players he’s still considering for the top spot.  I agree with McManus when he says that’s a large number of players to be considering at this time in the draft process.  I think Reid is positioning the Chiefs to take one of these teams, who is desperate for a quarterback, to the cleaners.  The Chiefs will end up getting at least a first and second round draft pick for letting a team move up to get the first pick.

Despite have made a trade with the Niners to get veteran quarterback Alex Smith, Reid says he is still considering drafting Geno Smith with the first pick.

“That doesn’t mean Geno is out of the water,” Reid told McManus and other reporters at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, Arizona.  “I’m going to keep my eyes open on everybody. I think Geno is a good quarterback. We’ll just see how it all goes, get this workout thing going.”

“You can’t force a pick there. You can’t say, ‘I need this position’ or you’re going to miss a good football player, and that’s what you want to get from that position right there.  So we’re going to work everybody out and see what’s available.”

Reid is skilled at trading quarterbacks and getting a lot for them.  I know you remember the deal he worked out with the Dolphins for A.J. Feeley, with the Redskins for Donovan McNabb and with the Cardinals for Kevin Kolb.

He probably celebrated when he heard how well Smith had performed at his Pro Day.  He knows how teams get worked up about quarterbacks and knows it will increase as the draft draws closer.

Big Red is probably waiting for the call from Joe Banner and the Browns.  LOL.

15 thoughts on “Andy Reid Isn’t Showing His Hand Yet With The First Pick

  1. I think the buffoon named Andy Reid tipped his hand when he released Eric Winston. You dont just do that unless you are certain you are replacing him with a stud. The writing is on the wall and it is clear as day he is drafting an OT.

  2. This so- called buffoon reid will out perform this gay guy Kelly any day, any season, Reid is unshackled from Lurie and Lurie’s interference, unlike Kelly , wait until you see the difference, chiefs in playoffs year one, eagles, with Vick and geno smith in the wings, doomsday

    1. Chippy’s alternative lifestyle is just the PR new commish Pinky Goodell is all about the last few years. I don’t care if Chip is gay but I will if the media blows it up. Ray Lewis crying and praying was annoying in the playoffs. Victor Cruz getting salsa music added to his TD dances by TV producers in annoying, If Chip being gay is made bigger than the game it will be annoying. Harbaugh vs Harbaugh was annoying. I just want to watch football not the TV behind the scene TV producer nonsense during the game. I hate the pink uniform additions. I hate the Pittsburgh throw back uniforms. Just play football.

      1. Did I miss something here? When was it announced that Chip Kelly is gay? Seems like Jakey is just bitter about Reid being gone and already has it out for Chip.

  3. Getting Alex Smith means their NOT taking Geno Smith, even the dumbest GMs know that, no way they take a guy who the’ll have to pay guaranteed money to sit on the bench for three yrs, I think your right mhenski, Reid tipped his hand when he got rid of Winston, their taking an O-Linemen with that pick, Smith is not worth moving up to one for.

    1. I don’t think the term “tipped his hand” really applies when you have the first overall pick. He can publicly interview about a guy he’s likely to take and it makes absolutely no difference what so ever.

  4. jakedog,
    Do you really believe Andy’s 80% passing every game and his clock mismanagement is Lurie’s fault. I mean i realize that they got help for people like McNabb in his glory days too late. Reid Never established the run with shady and brown and you want to believe thats Luries fault? I believe that you have to have guys who won’t accept losing as easy as AR did. Look at the changes and toughness on defense that Chip is bringing here, Reid would of accepted the same defense and maybe added 1 or 2 players. You have to really understand football seriously to still want AR as your coach rather than Kelly. Kelly is gonna come here and get our guys in shape and they’re going to be fast and physical.

    1. You can blame the players on that one Biglion. Their baseless law suits are forcing the NFL to change the game we all love to watch. As if they don’t know football is dangerous to their healthy well being. Thats like fat people suing McDonalds for getting them unhealthy.

  5. I think its a good rule. NO ONE should be allowed to lower their head to deliver a crushing blow. You should not be able to use your helmet as a weapon, whether its offense or defense.

  6. Man o man, you people just don’t stop, but I guess I can to some degree understand why, Philly reporters still questioning Reid, still reading articles about him in Philly news LMAO

  7. The headline is so dumb and so false this Neanderthal brain Reid couldn’t tip his hand any more than he has. The guys a complete buffoon

    USA Today reports the Chiefs are “actively shopping” LT Branden Albert.
    SI’s Peter King reported this week that Kansas City would “listen” on Albert, but it appears to be the Chiefs seeking out listeners. They’re going to replace him with the No. 1 pick in the draft. Albert, 28, is completely fine with the trade rumblings. “I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do,” he said. “I don’t know if I’m being traded, but I understand it’s a possibility.” After losing Jake Long, the Dolphins have been mentioned as a possible suitor.
    Source: USA Today Mar 21 – 3:40 PM

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