Andrew Bynum Headed To Weeks Of Therapy and Crutches

AndrewBynum``The Philadelphia 76ers just released a statement about the surgery which center Andrew Bynum underwent bilateral arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday.  They let us know that the procedure was done by Dr. David Altchek with the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Bynum whom 76ers head coach Doug Collins asked fans to pray for the other day, will start his physical therapy on March 22, 2013.  The therapy will be non-weight bearing for about three weeks.  After that period the big center will stay on the crutches spend an additional three weeks, at the recommendation of Dr. Altchek.

The Sixers team will provide additional information when necessary. I don’t think the 76ers have totally eliminated the possibility of Bynum playing for them some day.  It might be wise of them to move on, but Collins seemed to be leaving the door open.

11 thoughts on “Andrew Bynum Headed To Weeks Of Therapy and Crutches

    1. another Jeff Ruland , who at least gave some effort in attempting to play
      but not this Bynum,who is a Puss and an embarrasment to the City of Philly,
      the 76er Franchise and to whatever 76 Fans are left out there…

  1. As I stated back in mid October, Andrew Bynum will never Play a Game for the 76ers.. He didn’t want to come to Philly, strung out his recovery, doesn’t want to play with pain (which he will have forever)
    And wants to Play for NY Knicks/Brooklyn Nets
    Sorry JH, but I was right again all along about this bum-ass..

  2. 2 things that really bother me about this as it has played out. first i understand why they did it, the nba is a brutal league and unwatchable but the game is such that you need to build around that word i hate “superstar”. when they had the 2nd pick the only possible player that may have become superstar is turner, obviously that isn’t going to happen. 1. how did they not even know that vuckavic can play??? how is it possible that he is buried on your bench as a guy who may eventually get 15 minutes a game to a 20-10 guy in orlando? 2. the more reports out of LA that i read are that bynum was always like this, i’m even hearing it from his prep school people..i guess when you are in an nba mangement position you have to just whore yourself out

  3. It’s been no secret about Bynum’s selfish,arrogant and immature personality and behavior since his young days.. and to throw $$$ and a unstable personality that lacks character is a risk that Sport Franchises will lose more often than not.. Best Advice, is to simply stay away from Players who are selfish, uncoachable, and basically a Cancer to your Team.. There are enough Players who would kill for hte Opportunity to Play in the NBA and the Top Team (like the Spurs do) and pay good $$$ to their Scouts/GM to find these type of Players year in and year out that fit their schemes and Team Chemistry.. The 76ers are so disjointed as a Franchise from Ownership, GM,Player Personnel to the Coaching level that they have no “Identity”, they don’t know what type of Team they want to be or the Players that would best suit this “Identity” so instead, they become like the other 20 Franchises in the NBA who are in a similar boat, just 10-12 highly paid, incredible athletes that come and go and play for Coaches that come and go and go thru their Careeers getting bounced around the NBA and play for 3-4-5-6 Teams and collect a Paycheck… The NBA flat out Sucks..

  4. the sixers won 3 out of 4 games. Damian Wilkens really made a difference in the starting lineup. He best emulates the size and strengths of Iggy’s play last year on defense especially. If anything they need to find a suitable player like Iggy and Wilkins this off season to mesh with Holliday, Turner, Young and Hawes. Just repair what they broke and get back to .500.

    1. he needs to go so bad. if i could get one philadelphia athlete out of town asap it would be him by a huge margin.

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