Big Man Steve Zack Given The Go Ahead For LaSalle

The LaSalle Explorers got some good news in Los Angeles as they prepare for their Sweet Sixteen battle tomorrow with Wichita State.   Their 6’11” center Steve Zack was given the thumbs up to play tomorrow.  He will be a game time decision.

Wichita State has a tremendous size advantage on the Explorers, so four or five minutes in each half from Zack could help the Explorers.  If the big center can go, it will give LaSalle five more fouls to use.

Jerrell Wright, the Explorers only healthy and effective big man will need all the help he can get.

“I was surprised how it felt,” Zack said. “When I went up for the first dunk, it felt good.”

Coach John Gianinni said Zack was fatigued after playing for a few minutes.  He says he will play Zack if he can go and it could help the team counteract their height disadvantage.

I don’t think it’s going to make the difference tomorrow night, but it can’t hurt.  The key for the Explorers will be their three point shooting.

If Ramon Galloway, Tyrone Garland and Tyreek Duren are hitting from outside, they can beat anybody in the tournament.  If they aren’t hitting those three’s, they must put the ball on the floor or move it around and take ti to the hoop.



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